Apr 172016

O4V3RD: period 1 (2016.03(Mar) thru 04(Apr)) in reverse order of
US.92654(Laguna Hills) Laptop SimulSquad™(portable Co-Working/Training&Socializing on Your Topics)
now also offfering #SpreadTheBern! especially Dialing-for-Bernie with Training especially for Upcoming Votes

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  2. O4PSIR: 2016.04.25Mon :/O4V3VB#O4PSIR see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O4PSJ4: date chosen for especially a key activity: Bernie dialing for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.04.26Tue vote :O4PQ4O (384 delegates of 5 states)
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  3. O4PSFD: 2016.04.18MonPst09:00-24:00 :/O4V3VB#O4PSFD see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O4PRWY: a key activity: ‘Bernie Phonebanking’ for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of at least 2: ‘2016.04.19Tue :O4PPYU (247 delegates of NY)’ else next week ‘2016.04.26Tue :O4PQ4O (384 delegates of 5 states)’ :O4PRWY
      1. O5JUDU: Per the polls, doing ‘Bernie Phonebanking’ at this happening is especially key to ensure Bernie does well in New York ….per details in ‘2016.04.19Tue :O4PPYU (247 delegates of NY)’
    2. O4PSG1: date chosen for the key activity
    3. O5B8QN: re-listing
      1. O5B8R6: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/44v55 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/44v55 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/44v55 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=90245
        1. O5B8S1: title: same as before
  4. O4PRUN: 2016.04.11MonPst09:00-24:00 :/O4V3VB#O4PRUN see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O5QROO: results
      1. O5QT3P: normal evening thru night SimulSquad went beautifully, including…
        1. O5QT5Z: delightful buddy feeling
        2. IMG_20160411_223854.jpgO5QT66: pic
        3. O5QT6F: At end, David & Brenda both promised to come coming Monday for Bernie Dialing.
      2. O5QRSJ: via my SMS quote: with: Sarah .. O5I30O (76x) xxx-xx46 – mobile
        4/13/2016 10:47 AM 3 days ago
        1. Sarah .. O5I30O: Hi Michael, it was great to meet you Sunday. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it last night but I plan on coming out next week to phone bank for Bernie! Have a great week and I’ll see ya then! 9:53 AM
        2. Me: Great to hear from u, Sarah! RE ur last comm, SMS ‘4/12/2016 9:53 AM 24 hours ago, here’s 3 quick SMS msgs of latest news: I’m just catching up on my sleep after running Monday’s 15-hr #SpreadTheBern! To be candid, it was quite stressful for me personally as terrible news: OC4Bernie’s head D’Marie has shockingly continued to do her darndest to not support but effectively sabotage my Bernie support events –including this time BernieSanders.com got tricked into anonymously deleting our future listings– …per D’Marie long history of undermining other OC self-starting Bernie supporters. I _wish_ I were joking, but just ask http://Meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup founders who _formerly_ tried to video-for-Berne in OC4Bernie… but D’Marie canceled their events, and especially ask north OC, the http://Meetup.com/NOC4Bernie founder&head, D’Marie’s _former_ best friend… who shared w/me for an hour on D’Marie’s want to control-else-destroy. So I’m really saddened to see D’Marie, an _apparent_ big Bernie leader & supporter, secretly do the reverse against other self-starters for want of undeserved power or fame, …especially against ordinary folks like us in the trenches. 10:46 AM
        3. Me: Still our Monday’s Bern support event I told u of Sunday was remarkably cool! …including we started registering voters, and IMG_20160411_140434.jpgstarted a Syrian refugee hygienist Bernie-dialing NY (I kid u not; I got pics [right]), and on my 1st call I flipped a NY callee, he at 1st so burned out on politics he tried to hang up on me by telling me ‘wrong #’, I got him to stay on the line & flipped him into a strong Bern supporter!, as he really was touched by my being an Iraq combat vet backing Bern 🙂 It’s a nice buddy feeling there as u heard when we called you. 10:46 AM
        4. Me: I impressed by ur enthusiasm, we’re delighted to hear from u. Hope u been well. And Yes we really can use & need your enthusiasm & dialing support on our next mtg 2016.04.18Mon09:0-24:00 http://1.JotHere.com/O4V3VB?N46Ref=O5GCOX#O4PSFD –What hour range can u join us? -esp as I yesterday learned on so alerted Bern is trailing 14 pts. in NY polls so now he _really_ needs our dialing help, so it might even start as early as 8am and any hours u can make will be super appreciated. And _we_ welcome all, and have a ball doing it! 10:47 AM
    2. O4PRW1: date chosen for not any immediate vote (is none) but to ensure weekly consistency, and to prepare for the big vote of next week.
    3. O5B8AP: re-listing
      1. O5B8BB: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/44v5h aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/44v5h aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/44v5h aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=90244
        1. O5B8CH: title ‘#SpreadTheBern esp Dialing esp for Upcoming Votes(NY+5 states), via 9am-0am 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’
      2. O5FHRQ: due to an apparent Meetup bug, some of our Meetup listings still have spurious generated entries on Tuesday, so cancel these with redirect.
        1. O5FICI: examples:
          1. O5FIJL: from http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/2016-04/ : 2016.04.19Tue: done
          2. O5FIPX: from http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/2016-04/ : 2016.04.19Tue + 2016.05.04Tue + 2016.05.17Tue: done
          3. O5FIUN: from http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/2016-04/ : none
          4. O5FIWE: from http://www.meetup.com/OCPython/events/2016-04/ : none
        2. O5FHU0: event comment message: ‘
          *This re-listing
          **was auto-generated by Meetup
          **is outdated as per {our new calendar http://1.JotHere.com/O4Bern?&N46Ref=O5FHU0#O42CM0 } we are no longer offering meetings on Tuesday for at least the planned future –after careful consideration especially in {the WHEN thread http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/229467961/#event_comment-462687271 of our final Tuesday meeting 2016.03.22Tue}, so…
          **is currently replaced by re-listings for this on every Monday & some Fri, offering an outstanding hour-range choice of 9am to midnight: see the group’s calendar.
          **and we appreciate your RSVP YESes and comments, so please move them ASAP to these other good listings.
          *This is comment http://1.JotHere.com/O4V3VB#O5FHU0 .’
      3. O5FIWT: cancel spurious Meetup re-listings (all Friday) created by the {every Mon&Fri} repeat pattern
        1. O5FOTF: did it for all 2016.04 for all Meetup Groups (AsianFriendster, OCAndroid, OCJavaScript, OCPython, and Bernie video)
        2. O5FIYQ: event comment message: ‘
          *This re-listing
          **was auto-generated by Meetup using a repeat pattern which can’t be more specifically set, so…
          **so is on a date which actually is being skipped per {our new calendar http://1.JotHere.com/O4Bern?&N46Ref=O5FIYQ#O42CM0} so…
          **we’re now canceling it, so…
          **if you RSVPed YES or commented here already, we value that, so please move that ASAP to our many other active relistings for this, all of which should be listed in the group calendar.
          *This is comment http://1.JotHere.com/O4V3VB#O5FIYQ –that has more details of interest to event hosts.’
    4. O5G5HA: messaging :/O4V3VB#O5G5HA
      1. O5G5II: SMS
        1. O5G5IY: main msg, quote:
          It was great mtg u recently. Thanks for ur interest in ‘US.92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ now including #SpreadTheBern!’. Yes we’d love u to & really cd use u joining us! I probably sent u an email (search for those keywords) but in case u don’t see it, we’re currently meeting every Monday (so tomorrow!) & every ~1st Friday from 09:00 to midnight at http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 ; RSVP with the begin&end hour range u’d enjoy joining. Full details including Google Calendar, what to bring, & even this msg at http://1.JotHere.com/O4V3VB?&N46Ref=[user]#O5G5IY -[in-person name] aka Destiny
      2. O5G5HK: email
        1. O5G5GI: main msg, quote:
          From: Destiny Architect http://1.JotHere.com/M6Dest <MVDest@jothere.com>
          Date: Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 7:32 PM
          Subject: O5CDI8: your interest in US.92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ now including #SpreadTheBern!
          To: “US.92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ now including #SpreadTheBern.interested” <O5CFGV@etag.jothere.com>

          O5CDIK: hi, neighbor! (1 of about 20 nice folks)

          1. O5CDIX: It was nice 1st meeting you a few days to weeks ago at http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 (or another near Del Taco) when & where I was running one of regular meetings of ‘US.92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ now including #SpreadTheBern!’.
          2. O5CE8L: Here’s the latest overview of our meetings.
          3. O5CDN9: Thank you for your interest there in joining this our meetings, to get good stuff done, including for most of you, to help further #SpreadTheBern! On that,
            1. O5CDP2: Currently we’re normally at these meetings you to join us from 9am to midnight every Monday and a few Fridays; check our electronic postings for the latest details…
            2. O5CDY2: For years we’ve advertised on Meetup.com (example: http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid ) and now on BernieSanders.com, but to be open to everyone with an email address and to work great with eCalendars, we today added a Google Calendar (take a peek) and, via that, I will soon attempt to share with you our events. This is a first time for me using Google Calendar for sharing general community events, so your feedback (& a tiny patience 🙂 I’d appreciate to help get that smooth.
            3. O5CE2S: Meanwhile, here’s our full schedule centrally posted — not as easy to read as the calendaring apps & sites, but has the details.
              1. O5CEKS: and as you can see, we’re having a meeting right now!
          4. O5CEJY: I’d love your personal reply & thoughts. 🙂 And meanwhile, looking forward to you joining us at these great events!

          MFB199: Sincerely, -[in-person aka Destiny. Asides:

  5. O4PQWO: 2016.04.08FriPst13:00-24:00 :/O4V3VB#O4PQWOsee ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O5QSRG: results
      1. O5QSS6: more TBA
      2. O5QSRT: via my SMS quote:
        1. with: Me to Michael .. O5HP3P (94X) XXX-XX86 – mobile
          4/9/2016 7:27 PM 6 days ago
          1. Me: Ok, I wanted u to at least know. Also I notice u’re brand new on Meetup.com (joined 2016.03.26), and u’re only on OC4Bernie; so I gather u joined Meetup for them? But how dependent are u on OC4Bernie for ur OC Bernie events? –how u found us I see. As since we met Monday I’ve learned & doubly-confirmed OC4Bernie’s founder & head D’Marie deliberately excludes many good OC Bernie events, even BernieSanders.com-approved ones: as the OC Bernie video production group, where she canceled their events, her deciding that all OC for Bernie should instead do dialing, so much that it caused that group to separate; and she’s getting worse: just Thu nite she _now_ said she also won’t allow listing on OC4Bernie of even our events, even though their primarily dialing, even though they’re approved by BernieSanders.com no problem, and even threw me off her group, and ordered me excommunicated. And why? No joke: because I shared with her I was uncomfortable with her having posted my phone # w/o my permission (and even though posting ph #s is NOT the norm on Meetup nor the default on BernieSanders.com nor had she presented any rule stating she requires it). So while I’m sure there still are many good folk in OC4Bernie, most of them probably don’t know that sadly its head D’Marie routinely does substantial destruction, including notable anti Bernie-support, in her self-appointed need to dictate Bernie for OC. So I would recommend u & everyone also depend on other sources for ur OC Bernie events, as BernieSanders.com, us, and if u like Meetup, other Meetup groups such as, for starters, http://meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup I just mentioned and the 2 other OC Bernie groups listed on http://meetup.com/topics/bernie-sanders/us/ca/mission_viejo . Ur thoughts? 1:38 PM

          2. Michael .. O5HP3P: Holy crap! Duly noted. Thanks! I was wondering why some listings had disappeared. 2:38 PM
          3. Me: Welcome. Appreciate your understanding. And, yep, truth is crazier than fiction: a hidden Bernie-supporter killer and whom you’d least expect. It was so Bernie undermining that I never saw it coming –and who would?! As D’Marie knows, with us having up to 15 hours for every meeting, plus good exposure to public (as not just in a home), we’re the readily biggest weekly Bern dialing event in OC, esp here northern S.OC, indeed only thing here on Monday + some Fridays. Yet despite all that that, in the weeks we’ve been doing it (before I even knew of OC4Bernie), D’Marie came up w/ one-thing-after-another (seemingly-infinite) of new requirements for our already BernieSanders.com-approved events to be re-listable on OC4Bernie (‘oh, all you have to do is x; ….no, now all u to do is y,…’), which we met, to only see then see the listing promise reneged, and our event go unlisted and then when I asked she would say ‘oh that’s not good enough; now one more’ requirement’ …so only 1 in our about 6 events OC4Bernie actually listed (and only ½ day before!), that last 1x u saw, and only after I finally told them, if they prevented 1 more of my events from going unlisted, I would complain to the campaign; and in all those weeks, my still visiting most all the OC4Bernie events, so all the OC4Bernie leaders met me several times, including since they leaders up to each other’s events routinely, but D’Marie effectively kept suggesting {oh, it is not yet clear if my event in popular Del Taco could be trustable as safe (!)}), and/so in all those weeks 0 of the many OC4Bernie leadership ever bothered to show up my event! …all possibly by design: as it fits a simple pattern: ‘if its not the brainchild of D’Marie, and built & controlled by her minions, it generally shouldn’t exist’(!). (Sorry to go on, but when I see someone sabotaging Bernie, including other big supporters, most especially hypocritically, so clearly for her own ego & self-appointed power, and not just doing it to me but doing it to other caring good supporters as well, as the OC Bernie video production before me, well it really pisses me off.) 6:20 PM
          4. Me: -Any reaction? 🙂 Also, so Michael, what do u do when u’re not supporting Bernie? 🙂 -meaning, What’s ur normal occupation? 7:27 PM
        2. with: Michael .. O5HP3P (94x) xxx-xx86 – mobile
          4/11/2016 10:03 AM 5 days ago
          1. Michael .. O5HP3P: I’m a retired Letter Carrier & trying to divide my time between fun, activism, and all the sh*t I gotta do. 10:01 AM

          2. Me: Cool deal! (And well put 🙂 10:03 AM
          3. Me: I respect letter carriers as they’re like me in the Army: doing the basic ground job with often no special praise but just needs to get done. So what’s ur thoughts about fighting injustice, protecting those mistreated, as ACLU type stuff? -at least on stuff u personally witness. For Lucy & I expect D’Marie is probably going to continue to try to undermine me, because she knows I now know the abuse does and that I don’t give into it and that I might speak up, …so I could really use some battle buddies. 10:13 AM
          4. Michael .. O5HP3P: I fought the good fight against mgmt abuse @ the PO for 32 yrs & I’m kinda battle weary. I’d much prefer at this point to ignore her, find the best way around her, & do it in spite of her, if possible. But I’ll keep my ears open & talk w/ others about it, & see. Life’s too short & there’s too much work to do. Sorry! 6:02 PM
            Me: Thanks for sharing & follow-up & considering. I do my best going around[ her], but unfortunately so far (weeks now) OC4Bernie appears to hold all OC’s top Berners, and they stop checking BernieSanders.com, so then OC4Bernie becomes the gateway to get reasonable attendance. Thus most any OC Bern event she won’t list, she effectively sabotages. Well others there[ at my events] or not, I got to hit the sack to do my 9am-midnight shift tomorrow. Wish u’d .. join some 🙂 10:09 PM
          5. Me: Also, thanks for sharing, Michael. 10:03 AM

    2. O5B5N9: when
      1. O5B5O2: start
        1. O5B5OR: 1pm
        2. O5B5VJ: normally 9am, but here start later as
          1. O5B5VQ: advertising didn’t get out yet, and won’t have time
          2. O5B5VX: host needs to get some sleep as has been working for days preparing the new listings for this
          3. O5B5WV: noon hour is limited use as it’s too busy & noisy then
      2. O4PRSA: date chosen for especially a key activity: Bernie dialing for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of at least 2: ‘2016.04.09Sat :O4PPWO (014 delegates of WY)’ else ‘2016.04.19Tue :O4PPYU (247 delegates of NY)’ :O4PRSA
    3. O58454: re-listing
      1. O5G8T1: Google Calendar entry O5G8T1: edit, created by duping O5C849
      2. O5B57S: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/44v7j aka https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/44v7j aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/44v7j aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=90243
        1. O5BAAD: zip code: 92654 search
          1. O5BNES: lists this & all 3 upcoming events –good.
          2. O5BAAU: does not lists the events
        2. O5B5H9: title:
          1. O5B5HN: ‘#SpreadTheBern esp Dialing esp for Upcoming Votes(WY+NY+), via 1pm-0am 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’
          2. O580YR: ‘9am-0am #SpreadTheBern esp Dialing w/Training esp for Upcoming Votes(WY+NY+) +Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’
      3. O5B3UH: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/230087113/
        1. O5B4DS: new: gave it title O51XWX as lighter Bern-push is long-term appropriate there.
      4. O5B2WB: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/230194678/
      5. O5B1J2: http://meetup.com/OCPython/events/230159430/
      6. O5B0IT: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/2c30087188/
      7. O5845A: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/230163052/
        1. O5AJ74: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O5AJ46: archive now.HTML.Chrome.O5AJ09.htm :O5AJ46
  6. O4UB4D: 2016.04.06Wed14:05-17:05 similar (subset) nearby event 4424t
  7. O4PQEG: 2016.04.04MonPst :/O4V3VB#O4PQEG see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O5QSTJ: results
      1. O5QT3A: more TBA here
      2. O5QSTU: via my SMS quote: Me to Michael .. O5HP3P (94X) XXX-XX86 – mobile
        4/9/2016 7:27 PM 6 days ago

        1. Me: Morning, Michael! Thanks for joining us Monday 11:35 thru 15:30 for Bernie Dialing. How u doing? I was sending u news of that yesterday but your email address Mi..er@Hotmail.com failed with ‘mailbox unavailable’ -a typo? What is a working email address for you? Thanks, -Michael 8:29 AM
        2. Michael .. O5HP3P: mi,,er@hotmail.com 8:40 AM
        3. Me: Thanks for that fast reply. Eeks …I should have guessed that correction. For easy reading, I’ve put it as Mi..er@Hotmail.com as SMTP email addresses are case-insensitive. So how are u doing since Monday? 8:53 AM
        4. Michael .. O5HP3P: Generally well, but hungover today. How are you? 8:55 AM
        5. Me: Hope the drinking was worth it. 🙂 Instead of drinking, I go hard-core dancing! I’m well, thanks. We had another nice mtg yesterday; was there till after midnight again! And we’ve got another Mon (actually every Mon) 09:00 to midnight which I’ll hope u will join. Ur thoughts on that? 9:08 AM
        6. Michael .. O5HP3P: I was actually I might do better for now w/ another phone bank @ a private home nearby, but I’ll keep yours in mind especially if I can get/borrow a tablet. Thanks again for the intro & maybe I’ll see you there. 9:22 AM
        7. Me: I’m very glad to see u continuing Bern dialing (more on that in a moment). Which ph bank are u thinking? -Liz? -Jen? How much have u done so far? 9:26 AM
        8. Michael .. O5HP3P: Jen. She actually has 1st dibs on me anyway. Met her just before I came to yours. Think her next one is Wed. 9:35 AM
        9. Me: I went there, too, one time. She & hubby are nice. I enjoyed it. And specifically set our events so not to conflict with her Wed event. If that works better for u and u’re able to do a lot of dialing there, then do it. Only problem is it’s just 2hrs (last I checked; I recommended she go longer), so very little dialing time. *If u hv more hours to spend dialing (which it looks like u might,yes?), campaign needs that above all else.* 9:47 AM
        10. Michael .. O5HP3P: Right now, 2 hours sounds just about right. But I’ll see. I appreciate your commitment. 9:54 AM
        11. Me: Welcome. Well, so u can think about how many hours per week u’d feel good to commit to u Bern dialing, here’s what happened on & after ur Mon visit: My old laptop (which I set up for u use, but had self-power-down problems in the beginning) actually continued to work reliably after u left; it may have been the internal fan stuck because of dust, causing overheat, as once I blew out the dust, it worked fine. Still not knowing in advance when u’d be arriving & leaving and especially that u wouldn’t have a laptop or other computer to use (you should have posted of these!), put a huge burden on me, that ended up costing not just u the 3 other noon-shift dialers. Normally hosts don’t have a spare laptop, and tho I did, mine wasn’t ready as u saw. So trying to get a laptop up & running for u then cost me as a dialer during that noon shift. And then my helping u, as u being a total beginner, instead of foremost helping other more experienced attendees, as Susan & Tom, ended up costing them as dialers, too. I mis-thought that since they had done a little successful dialing before, they’d then be able to figure it out their smaller bugs on their own, but that was a mistake; they were too new. And sadly before I realized it, Susan left frustrated, tho the problems seems to have been the lunchtime noise (which is fixed by a headset, but I was then so busy I didn’t think of that) and not us but the Bernie dialer system having a temporary pin-recognize bug or perhaps she mis-typing her pin (but I then so busy, I didn’t think to try to type it myself on her phone). And then Tom (from knowing dialing’s key but not really liking to do it I’m guessing, from his video production preference, what is he gratefully did talk long with Lucy of), then not seeing anyone else already doing dialing, took off before I knew it, too, as soon Lucy said she had to go (as was planned; she later returned that evening). And then, after all that, when I finally got u trained & got the computer reliably working for u, u said u had to go ….eeks! So as u see, though I’ll take the hit from my inexperience with this combo, by my Monday helping u foremost, then u leaving just as u were ready to dial, cost us big: all 3 of our other dialers during that shift, and so no calls made. So all that cost, including training u to do Bernie Dialing, will go to waste, so will be a set-back rather than contribution to the campaign, if u then don’t go do some serious dialing …with us preferably (foremost as we seem to be in more need of dialers; plus obviously really invested in u), but at least with somebody. Thoughts? 10:06 AM
        12. Michael .. O5HP3P: Sorry about that! I’ll know better next time. Glad to hear the laptop’s working. I don’t want to commit. I was thinking 2hr/wk on phones. Then I’ll see. 10:20 AM
          Me: Ok, I wanted u to at least know. .. 1:38 PM
    2. O4WA2O: title:
      1. O4WA33:9am-0am #SpreadTheBern esp Dialing w/Training esp for Upcoming Votes(Tu:086,Sa:014) +Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ -1 character left :O4WA33
      2. O4W3TK: ‘9am-0am #SpreadTheBern esp Dialing w/Training esp for Upcoming Votes(Tu:086:WI,Sa:014:WY) +Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ –about 5 characters too long
    3. O4PQFU: date chosen for especially a key activity: Bernie dialing for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of at least 2: tomorrow ‘2016.04.05Tue :O4PPWO (086 delegates of WI)’ else vote Saturday ‘2016.04.09Sat :O4PPWO (014 delegates of WY)’ else ‘2016.04.19Tue :O4PPYU (247 delegates of NY)’
    4. O4W2KI: relisting on…
      1. O53D5Q: tech group
        1. O52WY8: http://meetup.com/OCPython/events/228298770/
        2. O52WKX: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/228924293
        3. O51WX9: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/229922210/
      2. O53FKP: Bernie else Bernable places
        1. O53FKH: http://meetup.com/OC4Bernie/events/230101634
          1. O53I9D: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. archive now.HTML.Chrome.O53JB2.htm
            2. O53JAD: end time from 6:00pm to correct
            3. archive now.HTML.Chrome.O53IZZ.htm
            4. O53IG7: description from ‘It’s Super Monday! This is an Open House event (Note the hours 9am-6pm) Join for as many hours as you will enjoy! We will be making GOTV (get out the vote) calls into Wisconsin. If you haven’t already, please go to www.berniesanders.com/phonebank to be up to date on campaign calling information. All are welcome regardless of training or experience. The process is easy, fun, and you will be supported. Be sure to bring your laptop, phone, and earbuds if you have. Spread the Bern! ’ to present :O53IG7
            5. O53IA2: title from ‘OC4BERNIE Phone Banking Party for Bernie–IRVINE’ to present
            6. O53I9P: ‘How to find us’ to present (as accurate & complete)
            7. archive now.HTML.Chrome.O53EFA.htm
        2. O4ZRH3: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/229727877/
        3. O53CYY: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/230108182/
        4. O4W2L1: BernieSanders.com: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/44d8s aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/phonebankevent/44d8s aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/44d8s aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/44d8s aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=85866 :/O4V3VB#O4W2L1
          1. O54BSP: from https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/44d8s, RSVP YES
            1. Susan W. Address: , 10am-12pm, CA 92677 , US Phone94xxxxxx73
            2. Rob R.
            3. Lucy P. Address: , 3hrs starting at 7:00pm; normally do more but been sick, CA , US ;Phone you have it
            4. Michael B. Address: , 15 hours, say 9am to midnight, CA , US ; Phone you have
            5. Harold B.
          2. O4WTYC: now 1st seen in search, as ‘1.9mi Apr 04 (Mon) 9:00am; 9am-0am #SpreadTheBern esp Dialing w/Training esp for Upcoming Votes(Tu:086,Sa:014) +Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics; Phonebank event; http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 16211 Lake Forest Dr. Irvine CA 92654’
            1. O4WU06: since as same search as zip, I would at least initially expect ‘0.0mi’ but perhaps actual result ‘1.9mi’ is the zip radius.
  8. O4PSUK: 2016.03.30WedPst18:00-24:00 :/O4V3VB#O4PSUK see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O4UBFL: 2016.03.29 title: ‘2pm-0am {#SpreadTheBern, esp Dialing w/Training, esp for Upcoming Votes}+{Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics}’ based on new wording O4UC69
    2. O4W7DX: results
      1. O4WURO: about 60% of my time there was spent selling Bernie to interested customers & employees.
        1. O4WUTD: Seemingly all of them enjoyed it.
        2. O4WUTV: A ~2 (2 older men, 1 a Clinton leaner and 1 a Latino tow driver and inmate for 20 years) wanted to talk a long time (~25 min) to me a random guy they just met, indeed delighted to have me to talk but mostly wanted to vent it appeared so it felt I wasn’t selling them on more action on Clinton
      2. O4W7H9: we distributed our 1st promo items: sticker ‘‘Bernie 2016’ :http://1.JotHere.com/O4BPro#O4V8HM’: 5 sheets that Lucy has printed then sprayed with protective cover. These went over very well, including
        1. O4WUR4: nearly all people who took them seemed to quite happy to get it
        2. O4WUOW: handed out 4 full sheets, including venue employees took ~1.7 sheets. Seemingly would have handed out much more but the inside customer qty then was very low compared to my many other visits.
        3. O4WUFS: Janin remarked she was surprised how many (seemingly ~70% of) the customers who passed us took an interest in Bernie Sanders and happily took one of my stickers (when I solicited them after they noticed us). I replied that ‘yes, this location has a lot of Bernie supporters’ (though the truth is, my approach was also a big part of it: Bernie makes it easy by just saying to the passer ‘Have you FeelTheBern? :-)’)
      3. O4W79E: participants
        1. O4W7D0: had a good & productive time
        2. O4W7BN: only 2 (me & Janin), due to :O4W73K especially plus Lucy sick
    3. O4U5SA: re-listing
      1. O4W73K: –none got out :O4W73K, due email point ‘O4VGY6: The low notice in this initial period is from startup’ to plus O4VD8Z
      2. O4U5SP: on BernieSanders.com: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/44yzs aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/phonebankevent/44yzs aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/44yzs aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=85125 –was blocked w/o saying why. History has details
        1. O54BR1: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O4VD8Z: O4VD8Z: ~10 min ago I see this now has on this re-listing something we’ve never seen on our event listings here: the RSVPs have been turned off and it says ‘This event is awaiting approval from our administrators. You will be able to signup upon this event’s approval.’; the page still displays publically but I gather it’s not listed in search.
            1. also the event description has been reformatted apparently to take out the outlining, and perhaps rewritten, now reading
              1. O4VDY6: raw HTML: <div class=”description”><p><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O48B3V” id=”O48B3V” name=”O48B3V”>O48B3V</a>:</p><br><ol>”<a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O487Q9″ id=”O487Q9″ name=”O487Q9″>O487Q9</a>: <strong>Join us for as many hours as you will enjoy.</strong> <ol><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O49M4Y” id=”O49M4Y” name=”O49M4Y”>O49M4Y</a>: Plus this appears to be one of the rare community events which offers not just weekday <em>evening</em> participation but also <em>night</em> and even <em>afternoon</em> and <em>morning</em> participation.” </ol><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O49FNP” id=”O49FNP” name=”O49FNP”>O49FNP</a>: <strong>Also this event repeats 1 or 2x per week, especially the day before any vote</strong>. <a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O49H79″ id=”O49H79″ name=”O49H79″>O49H79</a>: This <a data-mce-=”” href=”/O3Bern#O49ZC9″>website Go.BernieSanders.com/page/event strips out {pictures, specifically img-tag}</a> but we provide <strong>pictures on <a data-mce-=”” href=”#O487PA”>the “event details” page below</a></strong>. “<a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O43FTP” id=”O43FTP” name=”O43FTP”>O43FTP</a>: <strong>Please RSVP YES ASAP</strong> …as soon as you can say YES or MAYBE; early or other RSVP YES is <em>not</em> required but <a data-mce-=”” href=”/5419#O49NLL”>very helpful</a>” “<a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”/wp-admin/post.php?post=5467&amp;action=edit#O4M1MY” id=”O4M1MY” name=”O4M1MY”>O4M1MY</a>: <strong>Have</strong> another time, place, activity, or <strong>suggestion which, if we did, would cause you to join us?</strong> Then suggest it to us!” <a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O487PA” id=”O487PA” name=”O487PA”>O487PA</a>: <strong>See <a data-mce-=”” href=”/O4Bern?&amp;N46Ref=O4U5SP#O4PSUK”>the full details for this event, which we update regularly especially around the event time</a>&nbsp;</strong>–<em><strong>wait for your web browser to scroll you the entry for this date</strong></em>, which generally takes 20 to 40 seconds, so wait to see the details that opening that URL scrolls you to <em>before</em> you scroll that&nbsp;page. <ol><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O49E44″ id=”O49E44″ name=”O49E44″>O49E44</a>: <strong>If you don’t get scrolled to that,</strong> please use&nbsp;<a data-mce-=”” href=”/5037?&amp;N46Ref=O49E44#NVTR95″>the complete guide for opening powerful links</a>. <ol><a class=”aself_KENC7Z” data-mce-=”” href=”#O49E7W” id=”O49E7W” name=”O49E7W”>O49E7W</a>:&nbsp;If still trouble, please email <a data-mce-=”” href=”mailto:O49FB2@JotHere.com”>O49FB2@JotHere.com</a> the trouble you’re seeing, especially any errors or odd displays, as we want to fix that promptly for you &amp; everyone, so aim to reply to you promptly, too. </ol></ol>O4U95E:&nbsp;<strong>Looking forward to you joining us!</strong>&nbsp; …for Laptop Co-Work/Learn&amp;Social on Your Topics, including helping&nbsp;<em><a data-mce-=”” href=”https://www.google.com/search?q=%23SpreadTheBern”>#SpreadTheBern</a>!</em> </ol></div>
            2. O4VDD8: Why? And why no notice nor explanation?
              1. O4VDDJ: I’ve no explanations in my email except what appears generic form letter same as I’ve gotten for the last 3 listings (‘From: Liam Clive <li..ve@berniesanders.com> Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 2:14 AM; Subject: IMPORTANT: Next steps for hosting your phone bank’)
                1. O4W77Y: reply to that asking: email O4VFI0
      3. O4U5T2: Meetup.com/OC4Bernie/event/ TBA
      4. O4U5TN: SimulSquad groups
        1. O4U5UH: Meetup.com/OCJavaScript/event TBA
        2. O4U5UU: Meetup.com/OCPython/event TBA
        3. O4U5VF: Meetup.com/OCAndroid/event TBA
        4. O4U5VR: Meetup.com/AsianFriendster/event TBA
    4. O4QF4Z: when
      1. O4QFCT: possibility
        1. O4QGIM: .31Thu
          1. O4QHIK: notable pros thru cons
            1. O4QHJ8: Lucy least likes this day; may be able to make morn.
            2. O4U7CF: http://www.meetup.com/OC4Bernie/events/2016-03/ has already {a lot: 3} events (though all at least 25min drive away from us)
            3. O4QGJA: conflict: ‘Tech In Motion: Orange County; Mar. 31, 2016, 6:00 pm[-20:30]; Immersive Technology: VR/AR Demos & Drinks [Presented by ThotSpots]
              1. O4QGNO: ‘496’ RSVP YES!
        2. O4QGHO: .30Wed
          1. O4U7T9: notable pros thru cons
            1. O4U7GY: pro: http://meetup.com/OC4Bernie/events/2016-03/ has no other events on this day
              1. O4QGFR: including conflict: ‘6:00 PMOC4Bernie Phone Banking/Tra­ining Private Home/Lake Forest’ –now find it deleted.
            2. O4U7PU: con: SMS ‘Rio ..: I’m good any day that isn’t Wednesday. Pretty much any time works for me, though I prefer during the day. 11:43 PM’
            3. O4U7UE: this is so soon, I will not be able to get the ads up until about noon. :O4U7UE
              1. O4VE0F: now, especially per O4VD8Z:, to be save, move start time to 18:00
              2. O4U7WQ: so now to be safe, pick start time 14:00 :O4U7WQ
        3. O4QGI9: .29Tue
          1. O4QHGQ: notable pros thru cons
            1. O4U7LX: SMS ‘Mani ..: I’d prefer Tue 4:06 PM
            2. O4QHH4: still not great for ads O4PSTN
            3. O4QHEH: SMS ‘Janin ..: Tuesday is my birthday
        4. O4PN1N: 2016.03.28MonPst09:00-24:00 :O4PN1N
          1. O4QHKS: I SMS ‘given no reply from em so far, I plan to scratch Mon so not to be in a rush.’
          2. O4QFFR: notable pros thru cons
            1. O4PN3U: I especially mentioned this at ‘2016.03.22TuePst18:15-24:15 :O4PMDX’, as being the next, so 1 week later after, ‘2016.03.21MonPst08:00-23:00 :O47HK4
            2. O4QFHV: lightly conflicts with http://www.meetup.com/OC4Bernie/events/229918435/ phone mtg ‘ to
            3. O4PSYE: does not allow me proper time to advertise {this, as it hasn’t yet been advertised} .. :O4PSTN
      2. O4PT88: SMS last attendees :http://1.JotHere.com/O3Bern?&N46Ref=O4PT88#O4PT88
        1. O5R9RV: real example SMS quote: Me to Janin ..(949) 8xx-xx00 – mobile
          3/27/16 10:05 PM now

          1. Me: Dear {my last mtg Laptop SimulSquad attendees besides me: Lucy+Mani+Rio+&Janin}, I’m proposing our next mtg instead be ‘‘2016.03.29Tue or .30Wed or .31Thu :O4PSUK .. as replacement for meeting ‘2016.03.28MonPst09:00-24:00 :O4PN1N’ in order to allow me more time to properly advertise {this, as it hasn’t yet been advertised} & future meetings. ..so for my original proposed date plus for each of these (3) alternate dates, please reply letting me know what time hour range you could join us then, so I can firmly schedule our next mtg date & time. This message & reposed-replies to be at http://1.JotHere.com/O3Bern?&N46Ref=O4PT88#O4PT88 ’ 1:58 PM
          2. Janin ..: Happy Easter 2:25 PM
          3. Me: (Also Happy Easter[ to u, too]! –just got back from family dinner.) A simpler way of phrasing my Q: We can have our mtg 2016.03.28Mon or 29Tue or 30Wed or 31Thu. For each of these 4 days, what hour range could u join? -so I can schedule the date&time firmly. I cd do full thing any of these days but prefer later for better ads. Lucy answers: ~4 hrs. before 10:30pm on any day except probably {Thu &maybe Wed}. Awaiting _your_ answer. 7:18 PM
          4. Janin ..: Tuesday is my birthday, & Thursday is Tech In Motion, so either Monday or Wednesday would work for me 7:20 PM
          5. Janin ..: 6:30 to 11 pm 7:21 PM
          6. Me: Perfect kind of answer, thx. Thx for alerting me to http://meetup.com/TechinmotionOC/events/227460949 ; w/ so many (496!) RSVPed YES: (1) u think the venue can handle? (2) I’m tempted to join, too. Also Happy BDay! Still waiting for votes of Rio&Mani; given no reply from em so far, I plan to scratch Mon so not to be in a rush. {Wed conflict has been deleted :O4QGFR} so that may be it. 10:05 PM
      3. O4POM8: hours adjusted per ‘hours of day :O4PKSR
  9. O5CGJ3: 2016.03.25Fri :/O4V3VB#O5CGJ3 —proposed by Nina; met did Bernie Dialing from home
    1. O5CGLK: My SMS to D’Marie ‘3/29/2016 .. 9 days ago ’ ‘Me: BTW, I spent Fri 3pm~ to midnight solid and Sat ~9am to 2pm solid doing Bern Dialing of WA+HI, tons of calls (hard work!) …and WA+AK+HI won by a 3 to 1 landslide! 🙂 Plus Fri night I called all my WA & HI friends to show up for the Sat caucus, including my Seattle cousin Michael and got him all excited and now he’s been elected for his local area as a Bernie delegate! 5:55 PM
  10. O4PMDX: 2016.03.22TuePst18:15-24:15 :/O4V3VB#O4PMDX see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O4PN5C: at http://yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Lake-Forest-5
    2. O4PMGZ: listings http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/229467961 , http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/229411260 , http://meetup.com/OCPython/events/227908415, http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/229655478/
    3. O4PMLV: RE being a Bernie event
      1. O4PMMF: I covered Bernie considerably, including brought in one new supporter recruit Mani in OC4Bernie –got that signup
      2. O4PMO5: because of the shortage of time to add feature Bernie events (just 1 day), listings did not yet advertise Bernie though {planned for it, as indicated by ‘incl {Bernie Support esp Dialing w/Training}’ in WHEN thread}
  11. O47HK4: 2016.03.21MonPst08:00-23:00 :/O3Bern#O47HK4
    1. O489YD: see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    2. O4CU58: ad(s), from most important
      1. O49VWZ: main ad: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/4g4f8
        1. O49X8X: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O49XFQ: O49XFQ: text search for target (92654) in 5mi finds as ‘< 2.0 MILES
            Bernie Support, esp. Phonebank w/training, esp. for tomorrow’s vote, along with laptop co-work/train+social on your topics
            Mar 21, 2016 8:00 AM PDT’ HTTP://YELP.COM/BIZ/DEL-TACO-IRVINE-4 (Irvine, CA)

            O487PA: See the full & latest event details at http://1.JotHere.com/O3Bern?&N46Ref=O487PA#O47HK4 quote: O49H79: Bernie Phonebanking similar to ours… [picture here –not yet displaying in https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/] O49DUE: most essentially
          2. O49X96: O49X96: map search for target (92654) in 5mi finds at ‘1.9mi Mar 21 (Mon) 8:00am; Bernie Support, esp. Phonebank w/training, esp. for tomorrow’s vote, along with laptop co-work/train+social on your topics; Phonebank event; http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 16211 Lake Forest Dr. Irvine CA 92654; RSVP
      2. O4CU8G: relisting http://meetup.com/OC4Bernie/event/TBA
        1. O4CU9V: group head says they will put it up manually by 2016.03.20SunEve :O4CU9V
      3. O4CUEN: relisting http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/229467961/ –updated content not yet there
      4. O4CU7R: relisting http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/229727837/
      5. O5C849: Google Calendar entry repeating M&F :O5C849
        1. O5CC29: edit –URL seems un-reusable.
        2. O5G8BP: unable selectively cancel entries, so repeat only M and add Fri individually where needed
    3. O4A3Y8: RSVPs in reverse order
      1. O4BAHD: more TBA here
      2. O4CSDZ: yesterday Lucy RSVPs she’ll be here ~13:00 to 18:00
      3. O4A3YL: I now RSVP YES me
        1. O4CSH0: for the whole happening
        2. O4A403:YES, I WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER’ from N to Y
          1. O4A40K: info: ‘Laguna Hills, CA; 1.949.you-have, plus here’s some extra text to see how big this field is’
      4. O4BA9X: Tony, who found us via {our 1st happening ‘/445cv :O4294Z’} where he RSVPed YES, also RSVPs YES to this one by SMS ‘[Yes, ] Mon morning should be ok for me to help. .. 2016.03.18Fri10:28
    4. O49X35: conflicting event:
      1. O4BAKH: nothing big so far.
      2. O49X43: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/phonebankevent/4g4sm in Mission V, but {only 3 hours compared to our 15 hours} + {less capacity}
        1. O4B7EH: host is likely Meetup.com/OC4Bernie/members/12656333/
          1. O4B7P0: as same name (first) and zip-code plus answer ‘3- Wouls[Would] like to host a phone banking party’
          2. O4B7P0: so CoderBud messages her 2016.03.19SatPst1714: ‘Liz, I’m contacting you about your upcoming Bernie event as it’s now listed https://web.archive.org/web/20160319231334/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/phonebankevent/4g4sm (2016.03.21Mon16:30-18:30 in nearby Mission Viejo). I’m contacting you thru Meetup as that your listing gives no way to give a custom message to you (our Bernie listings fix this without any loss to privacy by providing the public a forwarding email address). In particular I’m contacting on what I’m suspecting you didn’t know: your event potentially conflicts with our event https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/phonebankevent/4g4f8 ; specifically yours time-wise overlaps (occurs within) ours (which goes 8am-11pm, and actually every Monday) and is somewhat nearby: about 3 miles radially & a 12 to 15 min drive per https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Ventosa,+Mission+Viejo,+CA+92691/Del+Taco,+Lake+Forest+Drive,+Irvine,+California/@33.6200047,-117.7067654,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dce97a6b663d67:0x510b2d25278c5659!2m2!1d-117.6532537!2d33.6295558!1m5!1m1!1s0x80dce86552287869:0x99fdb6794cfcf8c3!2m2!1d-117.7251977!2d33.6293523 . So I wanted to alert you; plus we were wondering how much you & your potential attendees might want to instead join us for our event? (which would please us 🙂 And we’ve got plenty of extra room. Plus you then still could keep your residence private. And we could quite use your help, especially someone like you who is also an event organizer.) Also, should you do that, it is readily possible to update your listing to instead redirect to ours: that’s fairly easy, well once one knows where the Edit Button is, …which fortunately is detailed, along with other BernieSanders.com site tricks, on our http://1.JotHere.com/O3Bern?&N46Ref=O4B7P0#O45JWK (be sure to wait for your browser to scroll to that point: ~20 to 40 seconds). Looking forward to hearing from you.’
  12. O4294Z: 2016.03.15TuePst0700-1900 :O4294Z see ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4
    1. O42O11: main ad: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/445cv :O42O11
      1. O43H53: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. O45NR8: at time of bug reports in next ref, fixed ‘quoting :O451RX
        2. O43NZZ: did all Lucy’s edits
        3. O43KE8: {added /445cv#O43FTP inspired by http://email#O43F8X} + {added /445cv#O43GMZ inspired by http://email#O43EY0}
        4. O49I8A: edit link https://secure.BernieSanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=77547
      2. O45Q10: {target zip code: 92654} search result: #1 with ‘

        1.9mi Mar 15 (Tue) 7:00am: Bernie Dialing including for 5-state vote today, plus Dialer training & more

        Phonebank event; http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 16211 Lake Forest Dr Irvine CA 92618; RSVP

    2. O471BB: results
      1. O471XR: overall: much accomplished, looks good & to be repeated except for a few clear adjustments from good lessons learned.
      2. O471CS: notable pros thru cons
        1. O471D5: a great test run of this series, specifically the logistics including venue, listing, advertising, with much learned, including
          1. O471HZ: should run much {less time-costing & more stress-free} next times due to all learned & designed
        2. O471GC: venue works out awesome except when corporate meeting which appears to be some Tue 0900-1130
        3. O471UZ: 1st ad write-up & plus Bernie signs took hours to make, with ~80% of this reusable
        4. O471P0: had 1 of 2 respondents saying he was available seemingly all mornings to help.
        5. O471IE: neutral
        6. O471Q5: informed 2 buddies of mine of this and got 1 to vote that day for Bernie, per ‘additional promotion :O43PI5’’
        7. O471K7: made 0 Bernie Dialer calls due understandably to, this 1st time, only me running it last minute and having to work out all the snags
      3. O45NSH: what happened (in fairly full detail because I don’t want the trouble of making additional notes elsewhere) in order happened,
        1. O45NSW: Getting ready for this fast per the need, I was up to 5am when the event starts at 7am, and 1hr of sleep was not enough, so since no RSVPs, I slept a “full” 3 hours.
        2. O45NYQ: That meant that I wasn’t there until ~9am, which as predicted worked out ok since again no RSVPs.
        3. O45O06: so at that time I arrived, to find 1/2 the restaurant full with a corporate meeting!
          1. O45O1R: (I later found) for 12 restaurants!, apparently picking this one it indeed was cool
          2. O45O3D: so I instantly concluded we couldn’t meet there now, not until these corporate folks had cleared out or at least the meeting was over
            1. O45O48: as not only could there be {the controversy O45O8K}, just doing the normal for my meetings there {plugging in my extension cord or setting up my 21.5in all-in-one} would unavoidably cause immediate distraction likely negatively.
            2. O45OAP: so I ordered {something carry-able & quick: a Strawberry Lemonade} and took off to do {a local errand I fortunately had nearby: a visit to S.OC NSCoder facility}, and after completing that,…
        4. O45OD7: I returned about ~10:45am. The meeting had ended but top corporate leaders were still hanging around.
          1. O45OF1: The manager Angel said it was now safe to put up my laptop but not any extension cords nor signs & just me, so I did that, running on batteries.
          2. O45OGE: Got some work done, but entirely just coordinating the one RSVP YES & starting up update the listing.
          3. O45OH4: Just before the General and then District Manager left, I “ran into them” in order to compliment sincerely the manager & store.
            1. O45OIL: The district manager was quite nice and I shared with him my LS(Laptop SimulSquad) plans, except of course the Bernie squad stuff per O45O8K), including let him know LS will hopefully slowly expand & use more of his venues, and he was quite pleased & agreeable. And he gave me his card.
        5. O45P72: put out ~4 of the ~8 8.5x11in Bernie promo artwork pages Lucy had put together for these.
          1. O45P8L: this caught the attention of ~4 customers, positively for all except 1 who was just strange.
        6. O45OPT: finished updating & correcting event listing, including incorporating Lucy’s edits. Took notably long, about 2 hours, due to {site bugs, which I documented & report: now in ‘custom info #O44Z4U’}
        7. O45OU2: for my lunch break, instead spotted a cute gal, Irene, and joined her for lunch.
        8. O45P6L: the cashier who had sold me my strawberry lemonade, Mitch, was quite taken by both LS and Bernie promo, so he then spent his lunch-break with me. He didn’t have time then but gave his contact info for future events.
        9. O45OV0: I did the remainder of ‘additional promotion :O43PI5
        10. O45P2U: I kept following up my 1st & only helper respondent but he then said he couldn’t show today, but would try later days.
        11. O45P3V: late at ~4:30pm, I got my 2nd helper respondent RSVPing YES; I immediately emailed back delighted but got no reply.
        12. O45PNE: more TBA
    3. O42CRW: when
      1. O42CTP: start
        1. O4295F: 0700 per https://go.berniesanders.com/page/content/ncphonebank/
      2. O42CUA: end
        1. O4298B: no sooner than 1600 as that is 19:00est and NC polls close 30min later.
        2. O42O28: set to 1900 (so 12hr event) to allow maximum possible eve time while still allowing me to make at that time
    4. O42DF5: venue –see details at O42INU
      1. O42CUW: venue manager
        1. O42CV6: at /3883#O428BR, gives event unofficial go-ahead provided it’s kept low-profile, specifically ‘no signs/banners’ besides small & only on our tables
        2. O42D01: appears would love to endorse the event officially but
        3. O45O8K: O45O8K: suspects corporate may not like it; he didn’t say why but my guess is, from most likely:
          1. O42DRW: not like in any way helping a candidate that endorses a significant acceptable ($15/hr) minimum wage, yes even if here the help leads them to proportionate food purchases & customers.
          2. O42DS5: since it’s tied to a politician & party, helping us might appear a corporate bias; but of course with no stated policy against such events, it would appear other parties/politics could also do events.
    5. O43PI5: additional promotion :O43PI5
      1. O43PIF: SMS by me to some buds of mine:
        1. O43PIO: to Janin
          1. O45P0I: she replied she couldn’t help, explaining, to my great shock, she was a Trump supporter.
        2. O43PM3: Mahesh
          1. O45OZ2: he replied he was going to vote today for Bernie, in response to my contacting him.
        3. O45P1M: more TBA