Apr 172016

O5FDSN: period 2 (2016.05(May) thru .06(Jun)) in reverse order of
US.92654(Laguna Hills) Laptop SimulSquad™(portable Co-Working/Training&Socializing on Your Topics)
now also offering #SpreadTheBern! especially Calling-for-Bernie with Training especially for Upcoming Votes

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  2. O9GGJ3: continued in {next post: /5558#O9GG8Z}
  3. O9GEI8: 2016.06.27Mon –see intro below
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. O9GGRE: hours: 19:30-24:30 –matching recent demand
    3. O9GEOY: date chosen per repeating recent
    4. O9GEPD: relisting
      1. O8QOYI: http://meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/232057952/: 0 additional
      2. O9GEUK: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/232057955/: 0 additional
      3. O9GEWG: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232057956/: 0 additional
      4. O9GF0N: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/232057951/: 1 additional (Janin)
  4. O9GGU8: 2016.06.23-25: Bernie’s influence on Democratic platform
    1. O9GHFG: original significant report I happened upon in the 2016.06.26Sun LATimes page A(first section)20 –so effectively buried; only saw it when looking up another article adjacent; and not posted on the LATimes.com and only the first 5 pagraphs given and not telling the source –terrible reporting especially for rather important news:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/draft-democratic-party-platform-shows-sanders-influence-article-1.2687783 (from ‘THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [at]Saturday, June 25, 2016, 12:13 PM’)
    2. O9GGX1: report: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/committee-720449-members-sanders.html (‘June 24, 2016 Updated 8:41 p.m.’)
    3. O9GGVG: report http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-trailguide-sanders-lists-convention-demands-1466693861-htmlstory.html (2016.06.23 ‘7:57 A.M.’)
  5. O9GH29: 2016.06.23: Bernie on Colbert show
    1. O9GHDL: per my SMS quote:
      6/24/16 2:04 AM 3 days ago
      ..”Bill”..: Bernie Sanders is on Colbert show RIGHT NOW. 11:52 PM
      ..”Bill”..: https://m.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/4pjmvr/bernie_sanders_where_we_go_from_here_speech_new/ 12:00 AM
      Me: Just tuned in, thx. Missed until now. 12:03 AM
      Me: What makes u find these things? Delighted u following the Bern 😇 12:09 AM
      ..”Bill”..: Rumor has it if he runs for president as independent, Trump will get elected. So I’m very interested in what he plans to do. 12:12 AM
      Me: Glad u curious. Not just rumor, it’s a real risk. Yep we all curious. Per Colbert’s q, seems like if he gets enough concessions he will endorse her, but I haven’t heard that direct from him and it cd just be Colbert pushing. Best likely wd be a Hilary+Bernie ticket but Hilary expectantly sounding No, esp by hints of Elizabeth as VP who I now respect much less due to her not endorsing Bernie matching her values and evading Qs why. 2:04 AM
  6. O5FHC8: 2016.06.20Mon –see intro below
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. O9GEGF: was canceled to give a break, plus since Janin skips normally this one
    3. O5FHCV: date chosen not for primary votes (as no more!) but to chill out & assess & celebrate all that work we just here did!
    4. O9GEJJ: relisting
      1. O9GEK9: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231888918/ : 0 additional
      2. O9GELI: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231888923/: 0 additional
      3. O9GEMH: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/231888922/: 0 additional
      4. O9GENI: http://meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231888919/: 0 additional
  7. O9GH9D: 2016.06.16~: Bernie gives final-ish national address on his campaign
    1. O9GHAR: quoting my SMS thread:
      6/16/2016 8:39 PM 10 days ago
      Me: Lucy&Bill: Lucy thanks for telling me that Bernie will stream a national address this eve. I find it now at https://berniesanders.com/stream/ -> https://youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=RzHSNjctOCk ; ~10 min ago started playing; hope it will record. 6:03 PM
      ..”Bill” ..: Thanks! Watched it, too bad he didn’t really say anything. 8:39 PM
      CONSTRUCTING: Covered at min of http://www.msnbc.com/transcripts/rachel-maddow-show/2016-06-17 TBA reported at 0:17:00 ~1 min https://berniesanders.com/press-release/thousands-potential-candidates-respond-sanders-appeal/ :; covered http://www.yidio.com/show/the-rachel-maddow-show/season-9/episode-119/4953301601 ; clip would be around http://www.yidio.com/show/the-rachel-maddow-show/season-9/episode-121/links.html http://tunein.com/topic/?topicId=107014654
  8. O5FGKF: 2016.06.13Mon –see intro below
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. O5FGLG: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.06.14Tue vote :O5FCMG (046 delegates of DC)
    3. O8QOXZ: relisting
  9. O5FGI6: 2016.06.06Mon –see intro below
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. O8DN7T: participation
      1. O8DN8D: me Destiny plans
        1. O8DN8Q: voting planning for tomorrow’s vote, with data shared with all: see the famous spreadsheet
          1. O8DNSD: Lucy’s joining in, too
        2. O8DN9O: show & tell of many types of hot tablet cases (for the Samsung Tab S2, but are made for other) to figure out which to keep
      2. O8DNBB: Lucy
      3. O8DNBH: Janin
      4. O8DNBM: David
    3. O5FGIZ: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.06.07Tue vote :O5FC2Z (806 delegates of 6 states)
    4. O87QLW: relisting
      1. O87QWE: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231539310/? : 1 additional so far
      2. O87QMR: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231539312/ : 0 additional so far
      3. O87R1J: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231539311/ : 0 additional so far
      4. O87R3J: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/231029175/ : 0 additional so far
  10. O5FGFL: 2016.06.03Fri –see intro below
    1. O6LA0G: Pretty Link direct /O5FGFL
    2. O87PS2: cancel
      1. O87PWQ: now 2016.06.03Fri1318
      2. O87PSV: due to
        1. O87PUY: we’ve got no YSE RSVPs, including:
          1. O87PTG: primary host me: have a ton of work to catch up on, behind to a large part due to hosting these events
          2. O87PU1: Lucy (associate host) and & Janin (regular attendee) can’t make it.
        2. O87QWT: last mtg was 3 days ago and next is just 2 days later
    3. O5FGH0: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.06.04Sat-05Sun vote :O5FBV2 (079 delegates of 2 territories)
    4. O6LA3Y: re-listings/ads
      1. O87QKT: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231472612/
      2. O87QGF: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231472618/ : 0 additional
        1. O87QI1: 1 RSVP NO: ‘Charles Scalfani[ 195769706]
      3. O87QEH: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231472611/ : 0 additional
      4. O87QBZ: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/231472616/ : 0 additional
      5. O6WAZ8: http://www.meetup.com/OCPython/events/2016-06 : ‘missing: .. :O6KNAD
      6. O6LA4A: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503071459/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8g9 of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8g9 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103490 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8g9 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8g9 –‘mal-deleted: .. :O6QHSK
        1. O6LA4V: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(2ter,079 del) via 9am-midnit 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6L9IV :O6LA4V
  11. O5FGDM: 2016.05.31Tue –see intro below
    1. O6L9F0: Pretty Link direct /O5FGDM
    2. O87R90: results: 4 attend
      1. O87R9C: successful meeting.
      2. O87R9O: To loyal attendees Janin & David, I give the keychain headlamps I invented, so now all attendees have one!
        1. O87RC3: funny picture of us TBA here
      3. O87RCC: Janin says she’s willing to contact OCAndroid pending members to get them to show, so we can get more attendance & make them members.
        1. O87RDX: so I show her & start her on the job & have her start a thread for it and we make her an {OCAndroid organizer, including a little higher role so she can access the pending}
    3. O7Z825: when
      1. O87R6V: due to work I’ve had to do (including updating my voter registration myself due to State bug)
        1. O87R86: delay start (but not end) to 18:30~
      2. O7Z82E: accommodating for ‘2016.05.30Mon: US Memorial Day :O7Z80D
        1. O7Z87U: now I do that move
        2. O7Z86J: 2016.05.27Fri~ Lucy said same
        3. O7Z85F: at our mtg ‘2016.05.23Mon :/O5FG73’, Janin said she wouldn’t want to meet on this holiday and would prefer to move it to next day
      3. O5FGE8: date 2016.05.30Mon chosen not for any immediate votes (as are none) but to keep the ball rolling including for votes soon
    4. O6L9I5: re-listings/ads
      1. O7Z89Y: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231368126/ : 1 additional attendee: Janin
      2. O7Z8Z0: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231368128/ : 0 additional so far
      3. O7Z8US: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/231368130/ : 0 additional so far
      4. O7Z8LQ: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231368131/ : 0 additional so far
      5. O6L9IE: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503065725/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8g2 of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8g2 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103489 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8g2 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8g2 –‘mal-deleted: .. :O6QHSK
        1. O6L9IV: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(in 5+ days) via 9am-midnite 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6L8U5 :O6L9IV
  12. O7Z80D: 2016.05.30Mon: US Memorial Day :O7Z80D
  13. O74NLC: 2016.05.27(Fri#4) for a moment within the LW GOP Club meeting at 11:00-13:30~: I speak briefly with that club: proposed/considering :O74NLC
    1. O74NZB: message:
      1. O74O03: body
        1. O74O0D: Dear Bob, president of LW GOP Club cited above,
        2. O75302: Congratulations on this your club meeting’s main topic here, of ‘Our speaker will be .. a member of .. the Jewish National Fund Speaker’s Bureau. He has been involved with Israeli causes his whole life. .. The Middle East situation .. [he] will give us the view of what is happening on the ground over there.’. Why? GOP is traditionally & still heavily (mostly?) Christian, so it’s great the featured speaker is from Christian’s 1st competitor: Judaism. Even better would be more distant & now even bigger & much more feared competitor: a featured speaker from Palestine or other Muslim perspective. And even better would have religion notably supernatural entirely out of politics per separation of church & state plus healthy increasing irreligion in US & ideally more. But I realize one must take it in steps.
        3. O753CS: ‘The cost is $16.00 for members and $18.00 for [me] guests.’ has some problems:
          1. O757VN: on 1st read the price sounds notably high for a general meeting especially because the ad doesn’t first mention it includes lunch. The ad also doesn’t say if it’s catered, which then (seemingly-poorly O758N1) explains a higher price.
          2. O757XA: it’s notably pricy at least…
            1. O757JF: for me: $5 would be my max for this, NOT including lunch as I would prefer to buy that myself, including insuring fair prices & great selection, such as from Del Taco.
            2. O757JL: in contrast {the last LW Dem Club main meeting :O715W0} charged each guest $3, plus informal pot-luck fruit & coffee & lemonade; that sounds much more appropriate.
            3. O757LO: for attending general meetings. Rather I suggest you not require such higher spending here,
              1. O7586Y: including not: {buying substantial food and with limited selection & from an unknown source}
              2. O75877: else then you could suggest else effect targeting the wealthy instead of, as any good political party should do, being inclusive of all constituents.
              3. O7587R: rather I suggest
                1. O758EX: model say after say what the LW Dem Club does: see O757JL.
                2. O758GF: and if substantial food is required beyond what a pot-luck will acceptably supply, as your food source, use a low-priced & routinely-affordable, popular, ideally wide selection, fast-food restaurant (Del Taco, Chipotle, In-and-Out, Carl’s Jr., Chick fil A, popular pizza outlets, etc.):
                  1. O758M8: if a small meeting, just meet there at the restaurant: what I do every week at Del Taco & similar.
                  2. O758MD: For a large meeting,
                    1. O758MH: order & bring this food to your venue & resell there (I’ve done this for Round Table pizza; Chipotle also would work)
                    2. O758MM: if it’s affordable, have the restaurant cater at your venue, ideally selling-direct to your attendees. I recall Carl’s Jr. doing this.
                    3. O758N1: any catering companies your venue might require you using (as from the cater having tricked the venue owner into awarding them exclusive contracts), fight against that including circumvent to the degree possible, unless (as I’ve never seen happen) they are as good as this other choice, including low-priced & routinely-affordable, generally well known & liked, & ideally wide food offerings.
        4. O74OC5: On why you brought up this meeting to me: my proposal to you for me to speak briefly with your group, to see if some would consider going Blue, ideally Bernie, especially now that Donald is all GOP has to offer
          1. O74O0Y: Thanks big for considering having me do this, per our call point O71DBS. Per that call, I’m contacting you in writing as you asked, though not as soon as we’d hope (by Friday day), as I now realizing this much more ambitious mission than I realized, specifically…
          2. O74O3H: I’m now reluctant to do this,
            1. O756KA: Why? My reaction from my 1st attending one of the club’s meetings that day, well the portion I could make, the last 1/3rd. Specifically,
              • O74O86: The general reasons I detail in {my review of that event: O735AU, something which will hopefully also find quite helpful}.
              • O753X3: More specifically it appears the work would be notably high or just not possible, so making any ROI likely notably negative.
                1. O753ZG: I now realize that {getting significant club attendees to vote Blue especially Bernie, especially without high costs} appears a bit like trying to teach Junior High School students trigonometry. Sue D. also adds that LW attendees older & set in their ways, so then it might be like trying to teach elementary students trigonometry.
                  1. O754IA: Can it be done? I think so.
                    1. O754MA: How? Most notably by providing a much more {wholesome “therapy session” O74VBJ} than Joe did (noting Joe makes honorable start, indeed gives me the idea), at least to the degree such good medicine would be accepted by present attendees, so likely in very small doses at least in he beginning,
                  2. O754N9: Would I be up for the task? Quite possibly
                    1. O754TW: Indeed at the nationwide Chick fil A demonstrations, at ground zero (where it all started) which was our local Chick Fil A, I got key players of from sides to become friends: the OC Tea Party head (protesting most loudly against the demonstrators) and a out lesbian girl {sent to Excalibur then disowned by her parents. The OC Tea Party head was anti-lesbian, but even more upset to find the lesbian girl’s parents had disowned her for it, and agreed to speak with them so they would re-own their daughter. It was a remarkable feat no attendee thought possible.
                  3. O756EV: Would I be willing to do the task? Actually Yes, I’d be happy to…. given proper support from you, detailed next:
                  4. O754NO: But my doing the task would require your belief in and support & featuring of me probably more than you’re willing to give me, especially
                    1. O755AJ: to me as
                      1. O75503: a much younger person
                      2. O75508: a newcomer
                      3. O7550C: someone coming currently from mostly {the leading opposition party’s perspective}, though do note me & historically Bernie are “no party”.
                    2. O755B1: as many club leaders do not have the wisdom, else the humility & selflessness, to not mis-interpret such an offer as patronizing and to educate their members to the point where they might even leave the group to join another group
                      1. O755F7: most notably to here the LW Dem Club (which I’m not a member of either, so neutral) or perhaps even better a new ‘No Party’ LW political club.
                      2. O755GT: though good teachers do this all the time when the educate their audience to move up the next class & grade.
            2. O759P0: (so) this doesn’t mean I won’t do it. Rather, ‘I’d be happy to .. given proper support from you .. :O756EV’ as that explains, so it’s up to you.
          3. O759SW: What’s your thoughts? 🙂 I’d like to repost them here.
    2. O74NVF: for background, including why this is listed here, see O71DBS
  14. O5FG73: 2016.05.23Mon –see intro below :/O5FG73
    1. O6L8P7: Pretty Link direct /O5FG73
    2. O7PGA2: results

      1. O7PGK9: pics TBA here.
      2. O7PGCE: Went well. Including had a nice homely buddy feeling which seems to be attracting others, notably separate customers Donnie & later Lauren.
      3. O7PG9C: Participants, from biggest 1st:
        1. O7PGDR: Me Destiny: coordinated things. Also worked on updating my voter registration to here in S. OC. Due to a web page bug on their site, I had to redo the whole thing causing it to get posted 8 seconds after midnight.
        2. O7PGE0: Lucy: watched some tutorials, stayed until eyes tired.
        3. O7PGEE: Janin: stayed until finished a working 1st pass of her Android app! -just the skeleton. She was pleased. Said she took a nap earlier in the day which helped her out.
        4. O7PGNF: Lauren: a customer who noticed us, taken by our Bernie promo. Stayed only for a few minutes as she was with another group, but we quite liked her and she said she’d pass out Bernie stickers and may well join us at later meetings.
        5. O7PGE5: Donny. A venue customer who seeing us there now 2x, decided to join us. Stayed for a couple hours, quite enjoyed it and said he’d come back at our next meeting (1 week later) and also bring some of his buds.
    3. O5FGBR: date chosen not for any immediate votes (as are none) but to keep the ball rolling including for votes soon
    4. O7N1HI: Today is last day to register to vote in California! (for upcoming 2016.06.07 Bernie vote) Go to SoS.CA.Gov/Elections :O7N1HI
      1. O7NJG3: If homeless register to vote in California
        1. O7NINM: GS ‘homeless voter registration California’ find 1 (official) says ‘Courts have ruled that a homeless person may register to vote at a location they state is the place where they spend most of their time. The person must provide a description of the location that is clear enough for the elections official to establish that person’s right to vote in a particular precinct. This ensures accurate elections materials can be provided to this voter. In these instances, a mailing address needs to be provided in order for the voter to receive election materials.’ Says find 2 (official), this is per ‘Elections Code section 2027’; find 3 (reputable, covering US) concurs on at least quick look.
        2. O7PEPI: So what physical address to use?
          1. O7PEU9: Especially since OC poll (finder) http://electionmapping.ocgov.com/pollfind/index-new.asp appears not to accept
            1. O7PEYH: business & office addresses, including even a post office street address.
            2. O7PEYP: fictitious addresses, including even if the street exists and the street # would be between two valid residential ones
          2. O7PF1T: so it would seem one would be forced to use somebody else’s physical street address, indeed that is what LA staff vote registrar recommended around 2010.
          3. O7PEEE: But the form now offers ~‘I have no street address’ whereby one can specify the general location, as cross-streets, so the homeless do not any longer have to use someone else’s residential address.
    5. O7N1G1: when
      1. O7N1N6: start time (but not end time) move to later

        1. O7N1TI: as
          1. O7N1OO: to allow me Destiny to distribute {Bernie stickers, which alert of today’s O7N1HI} to high demand-for-them places, notably nearest colleges as IVC, plus some other related tasks
          2. O7N1TZ: no votes tomorrow (requiring special calling)
        2. O7N1RJ: so 1800 instead of 0900
    6. O6L8T2: re-listings/ads
      1. O7N119: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231193504/ : 1 additional
      2. O7N1AL: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231193507/ : 0 additional
      3. O7N1FG: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231193505/ : 0 additional
      4. O6L8TF: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503064423/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8gd of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8gd aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103488 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8gd aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8gd –‘mal-deleted: .. :O6QHSK
        1. O6L8U5: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(in 12+ days) via 9am-midnite 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6L74E :O6L8U5
  15. O7PF40: 2016.05.22Sun- Bernie (starts?) rallying live across California

    1. O7PG0O: some of my SMS on it:
      1. O7PG1B: To Joy, ‘
        Me: Joy, I’ve 4 ph #s for you(!): ‘..-8888, ..-8427, ..-5096, ..-5435’; I wish it was just 1: Google Voice. Which #s are you no longer using? Hope u’ve been well. I write you now as FeelTheBern? Hopefully by now u r big time! Well as great luck would have it, in a probably once-in-a-lifetime event, per the official schedule at http://facebook.com/berniesanders/events , BERNIE VISITING YOUR AREA RIGHT NOW! –NOW speaking near you in Riverside http://facebook.com/events/1066600570088876 and then TODAY 4pm at your now famous city San Bernardino http://facebook.com/events/128603294221880 . These Bernie rallies have been shockingly popular here in the OC, including pretty much filling Irvine Meadow Amphitheater just 2 days ago and making all the major news. Thoughts? I hope you & your brother & friends can make some. [Tue] 12:46 PM
      2. O7PFZW: To Mike, et al: ‘
        Me: Mike, Alexa[-typo; Azalea],, Tom: FeelTheBern? Hopefully by now u r big time! Well hrs ago I just saw Bernie in Irvine, where a shockingly high 12000 supporters showed, nearly filling S. OC’s biggest amphitheater, yes here behind the Orange Curtain, indeed all 4 local TV news channels just notably-favorably covered it many times! Well advertised is ur chance tomorrow; https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/rally/gpgj9m . Thoughts? 🙂 [Mon] 12:02 AM’
      3. O7PFYL: to Bill ‘
        Me: RE ur last com (SMS ‘5/19/16 8:15 PM 2 days ago’): thanks for your many helpful links, & remembering me. I’ll catch up w/emem[-typo; with ’em]. Meanwhile I’m headed out to http://www.ocregister.com/articles/sanders-716813-clinton-party.html ; would have let folks know but I’ve been understandably quite depressed due to continued abuses to me, incl by hiding Bernie admin; I’m expecting that the exception not norm but it’s hard to see peace in ground 0. [Sun ]5:42 PM
        Me: RE my last comm (‘5/22/16 5:42 PM 41 hours ago’): so I kind of dragged myself to the tail end, and… It was great! To my pleasant surprise, I saw 0 the OC4Bernie leaders (all now who have notably mistreated us so painful to see); instead I saw an unbelievably high # of Bernie supporters, yes even here Behind the Orange Curtain!: ~12,000 fresh faces showed up(!), independent Bernie supporters like me, great spirited with the creative Bernie signs & even costumes & creations, and of all sorts of ages & races, pretty much filling S. OC’s largest amphitheater! -very inspiring. (And naturally there was no limit to those wanting my Bernie stickers! Having only ~60 since I hand-make & give them away at my expense, I had to hide them (as any who spotted them generally wanted some!) and give them out selectively, as to the little kids plus the rarer minorities, headscarved Muslims, showing up to big support Bernie.) And the event made great positive news: went top center front page of next day’s OCRegister, and multiply covered by all 4 local major TV new show, indeed 110+ articles so far https://news.google.com/news/story?ncl=dNflNYa_gJP7zBMd37GqTbSyBZPkM&q=bernie+sanders+irvine+meadows&lr=English&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjS9s_Br_PMAhUj04MKHVFQBFIQqgIIJTAA . [5/24/16 Tue] 12:11 PM
        Me: Thoughts? Bernie is again now this morning by you in Anaheim https://www.google.com/search?q=Barnie+Sanders+Anaheim&oq=Barnie+Sanders+Anaheim&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2.9181j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=Bernie+Sanders+Anaheim+Convention+Center&tbm=nws ; complete rallies seem to be at https://facebook.com/berniesanders/events with only remaining ones (so far scheduled) before CA 2016.06.07 vote happening near u in Riverside right now then at 4pm in now famous San Bernardino. Wish you could join some. 12:29 PM’
    2. O7PF64: more coming this week
      1. O7PG5O: Official rally schedule seems to be at https://facebook.com/berniesanders/events
    3. O7PF5E: 15:00 to ~19:30 in Irvine Meadows: see results above.
  16. O5FG3H: 2016.05.16Mon –see intro below
    1. O6L6V2: Pretty Link direct /O5FG3H
    2. O5FG4N: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.05.17Tue vote :O5FDH1 (134 delegates of 2 states[OR+KY])

      1. O6XHPH: Note for KY, per http://www.timetemperature.com/tzus/kentucky_time_zone.shtml , ‘some EST so needs you esp before 6pm our time indeed we start before 9am if interest.’
    3. O6XFSK: card ‘O6XGA4 so 2016.05.16 back of 5164 of US.92654 of Laptop SimulSquad™
    4. O6L71O: re-listings/ads

      1. O7ASU3: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/231019257/: 1 additional
      2. O7ASRD: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/231019259/ : 0 additional
      3. O7ASMU: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231019260/: 0 additional
      4. O7ASG6: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/231010462/ : 0 additional
      5. O6L71O: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503062848/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8j4 of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8j4 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103487aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8j4 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8j4 –‘mal-deleted: .. :O6QHSK
        1. O6L74E: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(2st, 134 del) via 9am-midnit 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6L5SM :O6L74E
  17. O715CV: 2016.05.11Wed –additional Bernie promotion & related
    1. O7159T: joining {the Laguna Woods Democratic Club & Republican Club monthly meetings today: Dem & GOP} to get Bernie else Blue votes & support
      1. O715DC: per
        1. O715E4: at the Dem mtg last I attended (March 9 detailed) were ~80 attendees and a leader told me ~1/2 were Berners, so we could pass out at 1 to 2x 40 Bernie stickers
        2. O715GZ: as of last ~week’s Indiana vote, the GOP has only 1 candidate left, Donald, and as many GOP hate Donald, that means many might want to vote Blue, possibly Bernie
          1. O715N5: indeed some of the Dem club members might also want to come for this
        3. O715LA: next monthly meeting will seemingly be after CA’s Jun07 primary, so will be seriously too late.
        4. O715M9: It’s super-near for us
      2. O715W0: Dem mtg today 19:00-21:00~ :O715W0; archive now; events in reverse order:

        1. O734EJ: attend mtg :O734EJ
          1. O738BF: probably more TBA here
          2. O734MC: I attend from closing to ~2 hours after
            1. O73537: Most all the time, including until I drive away, I 1st meet & talk with Ron. We seem to hit it off.
              1. O7356N: I’m delighted to hear he tells his Bernie support, including
                1. he’s a Bernie Delegate,
                2. His platform appears pretty much the same as Bernie
              2. O7354L: During this, I briefly 1st meet Kate (white, thin, ~30), another Bernie Delegate but for district 46.
              3. O7357Y: I give Ron & Kate all my remaining Bernie stickers, 1.5 pages each.
              4. O7354B: More TBA here.
            2. O734PV: talk to Sue there
              1. O734W5: only briefly as she is busy & rushed (still?), and while she’s responsive, she’s not what I would call warm or friendly (why?)
              2. O734XK: Regarding our SS cards, she says absolutely no way she can distribute them because they display just Bernie, and doesn’t care that begin with ‘FeelTheBern?’. Indeed she appears to take little interest in them.
              3. O734R8: For inside club distribution, she again says No to sticker distribution, I respond
                1. O7350S: What about the other stickers & buttons & cards/flyers being distributed here? She says they either appear to be just general democratic or else candidates that spoke here tonight. Indeed this appears to be the case.
                2. O734RR: disappointed, knowing many Bernie fans really want them.
                3. O734RV: ask her why. She says the board voted on it
                  1. O734VQ: It seems she doesn’t disagree with them
                  2. O734VU: appears to say the ‘reason is producing/buying the stickers is too costly’. I say ‘But I’m giving them away free at my expense.’ But she doesn’t want to talk about it.
            3. O734N6: 3 of the ~10 people I ask who are outside leaving want my Bernie stickers, including 2 really want them.
          3. O734G0: Lucy attends from 2min before till ending, taking notes
            1. O734LZ: more TBA here from her notes.
            2. O734LC: the group’s official vote recommendations, to be published tomorrow in the Globe, is passed out.
            3. O734GD: ~5 candidate speakers
              1. O734GP: Ron, running for House this District 45
              2. O734HB: 3 judges, (running for this district?)
              3. O734I8: a lady running for Irvine Council
            4. O734IS: a group leader John Alderman ensures each candidate is in time limits and speaks a little himself
        2. O717SM: ask leader(s) about this plan: use recommended follow-up ‘call Sue Dearing at 949 855-6965.’:

          1. O71HDV: I SMS & verbally tell Lucy ‘Me to Lucy 5/11/2016 5:18 PM’
            1. O71HH8: ‘Me: Yes, I’d like u to go to http://1.JotHere.com/5498#O715W0 (the LW Dem Club main monthly mtg today 7:00pm-, to promote our SimulSquads for campaigning of ANY candidate plus (when accepted) our Bernie promo as stickers; Sue D. knows of this & is hoping u’ll come.). For that, pls bring plenty of our SS cards for _her_ to maybe pass out there, notably put on the door table to attendees to take as they arrive (for her many mbrs who want to do campaigning especially dialing & voter reg & discussion); for that, as there will not be another Dem club main mtg until 2016.06.27(so AFTER the CA primary vote) and we don’t have time to improve our SS cards before this today’s mtg, to sell her our on existing & quite good SS cards: to reiterate to her that u attend all these our SS msgs and are even the assistant-leader &and in the card pic 🙂 and especially that our SS allows campaigning for ALL candidates and that our SS cards already imply this indeed do NOT even assume one FeelTheBern, as these points are key for her to ok distribution of these cards. +Bring our Bernie stickers to just show her & the leaders, as she says no candidate stickers until after convention. For that, pls arrive ideally a few minutes early to bring this to Sue & the other leaders. I especially write this out for u as I can’t come until late as I’ll be at the 6:30pm- LW GOP mtg where the pres. Bob also knows of my proposal (to help the now many disillusioned Republicans consider this time voting Blue) and (share this next with Sue) he actually IS open to it & lkg fwd to 1st mtg me. 5:18 PM’
            2. O71HHJ: She verbally replies ~‘great, I’ll do no problem’.
          2. O71B6L: I create Google Contact & eTag ‘Sue Dearing’ from call log ‘+19498556965 Add – Saddleback Valley
          3. O717UT: I call, log ‘+19498556965 Add – Saddleback Valley, CA ; 5/11/2016 2:37 PM 55 minutes ago 18 minutes long
            1. O71ANR: overall very productive & fast; which we could have covered in more detail but she said her time was short then, likely so because of this big upcoming meeting she hosts in just hours.
            2. O71932: I get OGM ‘you’ve reached the home of (man’s name) & Sue.’. Start leaving a msg then she picks up, saying she just walked in the door.
            3. O71AEJ: I say I’m Michael, you may remember me by face; I attended one of your meetings; I refer to Lucy. She immediately remembers me.
            4. O71AEY: I mention that ‘1/2 of the attendees were Bernie supporters, so I’ve got Bernie stickers for them’
              1. O71AFB: she says, ‘no stickers’. She says she wants (so the group allows) no stickers distributed until after the convention.
              2. O71AFK: she says I always endorse all democratic candidates equally.
            5. O7193E: aside: her rush & even tone of voice sounds almost identical to D’Marie, a very unpleasant memory for me, though pleasing unlike D’Marie she seemed notably balanced & fair.
            6. O7199X: She adds she’s been distributing stuff about Bernie, when she also gets similar stuff to distribute about Hilary,
              1. O719MA: she mentioned ‘Del Singer’ – I don’t recall the context.
              2. O719MK: She says Hilary does have paid staffers in California, Bernie does not.
                1. O719MP: I say I think Bernie does now. I heard a Hollywood office just opened up ~3 weeks ago.
                2. O719MX: She replies ~‘well I haven’t heard of any. Spoke to Bill Hogan’
              3. O719NB: She says for Bernie there is phone banking by & canvassing Effie (who I don’t recognize) who is in Lake Forest, CA. I ask is this linked to Jen H.? She says Yes.
              4. O71AH3: I say ‘I haven’t been following much the Hilary OC campaigning, but if you have to wait for both candidates support material, you might delaying due to Hilary. As about 4 weeks ago I saw the FP Register article ‘OC Bernie Supporters Roar, while Hilary supporters (just) plan’.
            7. O719DI: I mention I’ve been running an event doing support including phone banking & voter reg, Monday, Lucy also attends every one.
              1. O719QB: She says the group has already been doing voter reg at Saddleback, IVC, & others. (I’m not sure why she said ‘already’ as there is always additional support needed)
              2. O719QG: she says if I send her the info she will consider it for pub. I say I will send it today. I ask if I can text it. She says ‘No, then I have to retype it. Instead email it to LWDemoClub@Yahoo.com’ Ok I say.
            8. O719RW: She adds they the club will be recommending local candidates for the ballot. That will run in the Glob tomorrow. I say I’ll ask Lucy for that.
            9. O719S1: I say also had the idea of encouraging the new disillusioned republicans (the anti-Trumpers now that Trump’s the only choice), including in the LW Republican Club, to instead vote Blue
              1. O719VN: She replied sarcastically ‘Good Luck with that’.
              2. O719VR: I replied, ‘But Rachel Maddow reports that 21% of Republicans are uncomfortable with Trump as their nominee’
              3. O719VY: She replies
                1. O719WM: Rachel Maddow is biased, or at least MSNBC. I asked how. She said like Fox, but she didn’t have time to explain.
                2. O719X1: Does not see the Dem club wanting to do that.
                3. O71A74: If you want to do that, check out the Rep Club web page (I say I had)and contact there Bob Berra, a nice guy and moderate Republican. I say I was planning to now, just wanted to run it by the Dem Club first.
            10. O71A7A: says dem club won’t be having another mtg until Jun25.
            11. O71A7R: She said ‘No passing out of items & announcements at mtgs, unless I do it. I will look at the flyers and see what they say, and if ok we can leave them on the table.’
            12. O71A7V: I say ‘Oh, one thing which will concern you big. The prior Dem Club activities have been deleted of their LW site. This is not the way modern event sites as Facebook & Meetup do it. Lucy’s been editing LW sites and knows how to do that properly & been doing it.’
              1. O71AAL: She says ‘we were asked to delete the old stuff’. I reply I’m sure you were, but that’s because the way it is now it clutters. But if done properly, as FB & Meetup do, then it doesn’t clutter and serves as great records.
              2. O71ABT: She says we also have another site, DPOC, but that has not been maintained.
              3. O71ACR: She says we also have a FB site.
              4. O71ACY: She does not seem yet much interested in fixing this problem, for reasons I don’t yet know.
            13. O71B29: I say Lucy will try to come this evening, I may be late because of going 1st to the Republican mtg for that. She says ‘that’s ok’
            14. O71ADZ: She is short of time. She thanks me for calling.
        3. O71721: Lucy says she will try to join for this
      3. O71710: GOP mtg today 18:30-; archive now, events in reverse order
        1. O735AU: I attend; here’s my review & much of what I saw: :O735AU
          1. O756NZ: Attendees & especially Club President, thank you for inviting & having me.
          2. O735B9: preface: do realize I only witnessed the last ~1/3rd, which was all could attend due to setbacks (I had a lot to do beforehand, I couldn’t find my keys, I couldn’t find venue including Google Maps not working (not finding Clubhouse 6 and not allowing paste))
          3. O74QMJ: my review: it was mostly a somewhat-frightening disappointment to me :O74QMJ, as
            1. O74RQZ: was shockingly well attended (as detailed at O735E4) even though
            2. O74QOT: worst of all, on political matters, most statements were not good, as they were mostly extreme so debatable yet mostly still made the whole group :O74QOT
              1. O74RWI: indeed, from most problematic
                1. O74QR1: including the speaker Joe concluded the meeting on an apparent obvious falsehood O735WT
                2. O74R91: mostly favoring the most extremist in the election (Donald) else the other party (Democrat, notably our president) downing
                3. O74RW7: my guess & findings so far is they are seriously inaccurate/misleading –and that’s as someone registered ‘no party’ and extremely in making accurate statement
              2. O74QUE: which, if truly needed, could still be ok to express this way except also no rebuttal to the group was ever made, instead these expressions were all applauded to small or big degree :O74QUE
                1. O74RI7: which would then appear to be fanning the flames of insanity so inciting long-term & bigger political fighting
                  1. O74S48: so not the way I would allow such a group to be run –given I’ve not run such groups before.
                2. O75005: so overall the meeting, especially {the biggest portion I saw: O735T7}, seemed to me like a therapy session

                  1. O75084: and like a therapy session weakly-run so overrun as I further explain at O74VBJ
                  2. O7508B: my bet largely from attendees upset from the rest of the world stomping on them for the preposterous political statements they make, so then taking solace & relief in this club meeting of others similarly being stomped on, but there then making the long-term problems worse, by
                    1. O750LL: doing the easy, pleasant, make-people-like-me but only short-term fix –so like using credit cards to pay one’s monthly bills!– of mis-leading attendees by showing them their {preposterous sentiments are just fine, indeed should NOT be checked}
                    2. O750LP: and NOT at all doing, indeed apparently even avoiding, any real notably long-term fixes of addressing the core problems here, or at least addressing the attendees’ core responsibility so what they need to be fixing, and hopefully can: not just act on instant gut & instinct and instead slow down so to check-your-facts & logic, or at least to balanced discuss it, so to instead make & have balanced especially accurate statements & sentiments.
                      1. O7512S: –not what I was hoping to see; I was hoping for the best when attended, especially inspired by the club’s president’s words to me ‘Regardless of party, we’re all fighting for America’, but instead I saw the attendees matching what tragically today’s Republican constituents are famous for –deciding poorly as I described (by mostly only first-reactions)– indeed have IMHO been taught to do so by their leaders (as some leader’s don’t care if their constituents learn, they just they just want to get the easy votes, so they run GOP –a self-fulfilling prophecy), again fitting the pattern, dangerous to voice here behind the Orange Curtain, of ‘The GOP has tragically become typically the greedy exploiting the stupid’ (my summation, actually from years before), but I still find it shocking & upsetting to witness it, such constituent behavior, locally and in such great numbers.
                        1. O7529U: But again that I & most way under-estimated Donald’s present fame, indeed thought he’d be out in just weeks or months, …from way over-estimating the ability of average Americans to realize Donald would of course be “Throwing out the baby with the bathwater” –especially when right in this election very still very serious change IS now offered but which is also dramatically more carefully thought out and from dramatically more stable & here-proven & experienced person: Bernie. But then when Republican constituents are upset, being untaught indeed picked for being so (‘I love the uneducated’ Donald famously admitted), they naturally respond extremely by just picking the most extreme.
            3. O735OG: the attendees
              1. O74URF: seem blindly GOP following, per O74QOT
                1. O735OU: except notably for the president in his talk with me
                  1. O74UYE: however, in the live meeting, I didn’t even know he was the president –in person, I didn’t even know he was president until, still not spotting him, afterwards I asked someone to point him out.
                    1. O74VBJ: that seems quite bad, especially given things were out-of-hand intellectually as I detail at O74QOT. So in contrast, I would like him to behave alpha, starting first by demanding {all participants make, especially to the whole group, more accurate else appropriately balanced statements, in grave contrast to {what I saw: O74QOT}}, so providing wholesome “therapy sessions”. :O74VBJ
                2. O735JS: so appears pretty unlikely anybody there is going to switching Blue even though Donald is their only choice now, so my 1st goal to have any results
                  1. O735KZ: so I don’t even mention my Bernie stickers, since it seems no one would want them nor probably even want to see them.
              2. O7385X: were quite friendly to me, possibly explained at O735JB, but still I weigh in all the rest in this section O74QMJ,
            4. O74S9R: among the attendance, there appeared no diversity in terms of
              1. O74SBN: race: all white it seemed –from O735E4
              2. O74SBQ: age: all ~65+ (as O735E4). Yes that is to be mostly expected in a senior community, but in contrast {the community’s Dem meeting at the same, per us attending too O734EJ} had a few younger attendees (Bernie Delegate Kate about 30s, maybe a few more) plus ~5 younger speakers, and having at least some younger there makes a big positive statement.
          4. O735S6: I witnessed 3 parts, in order:
            1. O735T7: the biggest part: pass-the-mic political sentiment expression, which I think the president accurately afterward described to me as ‘venting’
              1. O736TA: On the plus side, yes it’s good to allow people to vent their feelings, but a bit to my shocking disappointment,
                1. O736KW: all I heard were seemingly extremist sentiments in support of Trump ;-), including
                  1. O736ME: {it’s perfectly fine that he doesn’t have solid plan for Presidency.}
                  2. O736NF: (non-sarcastically) {He must be doing this job because he loves it, as Air Force One is 1/5th as good looking as his normal private plane that I saw}
                2. O736QS: Most of the sentiments were extreme & highly-debatable yet nonetheless were merely applauded by the audience, to some degree or another. None were ever retorted, which appears seriously bad, so which I explain at O74QUE
            2. O735VD: very brief talk by some attendee named Joe, saying
              1. O735WQ: especially how doing art heals vets, showing 2 paintings: accurate but not specifically GOP
              2. O735WT: How ‘President Obama went to visit Hiroshima this week to disgustingly apologize for Hiroshima’ :O735WT
                1. O735Z9: This caused quite a stir among the attendees, and appears quite negatively untrue, as I had noticed that morning that this day the LA Times just ran a front page article explaining how Obama during his visit was making a point not to apologize but rather back Truman’s decision plus not to seek an apology for Perl Harbor.
                  1. O7362P: However none of the members called him on it, at least not there.
                  2. O7365B: But I called him on it
                    1. O736C6: afterwards, and since he had snuck off early w/o my seeing, by then telling some of the remaining leaders.
                      1. O736HE: One attendee had replied apparently agreeing me saying from his work by Perl Harbor, the Japanese and Americans had actually being at peace per the annual games there involving both since 1965. I wish he had announced this response to Joe at the mtg.
                    2. O736CE: and not immediately right there (as was my 1st desire), as it not being an emergency and it being public and embarrassing to the speaker, and my not knowing who this speaker was (the group president who invited me?), and that then being my 1st words, and I being an un-paying non-member new invited guest and notably younger, as I suspect that would have then appear to most all I was actually there to disrupt things.
            3. O736IF: a ~10 minute juice-bar social afterwards that ~1/4th stayed for.
              1. O736VI: Per my goal, there I was pointed out to a woman who was a former Rubio supporter, but still it was clear she was not about to go Blue.
                1. O736WS: In response to Bernie, she said ‘He only paid 13% income tax year. That doesn’t sound like an honest socialist to me.’
                  1. O7371U: I now find what was referring to: news of say http://www.nationalreview.com/article/434194/bernie-sanders-tax-returns-reveal-hypocrisy (latest archive)
                    1. O7374C: from reading the article, the problem is fake conclusion ‘Bernie Sanders Does Not Practice What He Preaches…’ and its title’s false implication that he’s a hypocrite here, as by the article’s own data, Bernie’s here behaving the opposite of a hypocrite, as the article says his ‘deductions are all perfectly legal’ but ‘his .. tax plan’ notably would ‘ban’ ‘many of the tricks’ that are saving even him taxes. So while the article’s data isn’t false, it’s conclusions are obviously false, as rather it’s data clearly show Bernie is proposing a fairer system which would notably raise even his own taxes.
                      1. O737OJ: So the article is an example of outrageous twisted false logic, which by its popularity, seem to show we’re not doing a good enough job to inform people that not only do articles need to get their facts straight, they also are bad if they do false logic, indeed shameful as in this case as the authors likely know it’s twisted.
          5. O735E4: in attendance: about 50: full room including only open seats along the wall, and this is a satellite meeting for the overflow who can’t make the main meeting! I’m notably the youngest there. All white as I recall. :O735E4
          6. O735JB: I hide my Bernie bling mostly to avoid stirring a ruckus, and am low profile unless asked. Perhaps from not seeing my positions, the attendees especially welcome me, perhaps happy to see a notably young face. :O735JB
        2. O71B2Y: ask leader(s) about this plan: use recommended follow-up ‘Bob Berra, President, (949) 616-8315’
          1. O71C7H: I call, log ‘+19496168315 Add – Saddleback Valley, CA; 5/11/2016 4:09 PM .. 14 minutes long’
            1. O71D4C: A lady answers. He xfers me to him.
            2. O71D4M: I propose him my idea. He’s open to it.
              1. O71HK4: Indeed he says ~‘We’re all American, meaning we all doing this to support America, so in the big picture I look beyond party’
                1. O71HNR: I reply: Delighted to hear! Indeed Sue said something kind of similar, as she works not to favor Hilary vs. Bernie. And indeed to go even further, I would like to eventually see no Parties in American Politics (Bob replied like he might agree), indeed Bernie for all his 30+ years as a politician was independent meaning no-party, and only went to Dems for just the presidential run, but I’d bet he’d would still want ‘no party’ too when that were possible.
              2. O71D4T: He says the meeting today is just a satellite meeting.
                1. O71DDK: and it’s agenda is full, so no need for something else.
                2. O71D4Z: He had no idea it conflicted with the Dem main mtg. He asked where that was. I told him: he said the mtg distance is far, so if you want to attend both, it will be rough.
              3. O71DBS: Says the main mtg is the 4th Fri [so O74NLC], so indeed there is time for that. :O71DBS
                1. O71DDV: He says to send him my proposal in writing, at BBerra@Comline.Com, as it would need approval by the board, which meets this Friday.
        3. O7172I: Lucy says she doesn’t want to go to this due to the unpleasantness of soliciting GOPers.
  18. O5FG0C: 2016.05.09Mon –see intro below
    1. O6L5IY: Pretty Link direct /O5FG0C
    2. O5FG1V: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.05.10Tue vote :O5FBD8 (037 delegates of WV)
    3. O6X2LP: when
      1. O6X2M6: duration: shorten by delaying start
        1. O6XPBH: now 18:30
        2. O6XMD2: now 17:30:
        3. O6XFVF: now 16:00
        4. O6X870: now 14:00
          1. O6X8SW: also to avoid lunch crowd where we likely won’t get our seating area if not there at the beginning
        5. O6X2SX: now 11:00 instead of 09:00
        6. O6X2MN: due to same ‘serious setbacks :O6THD0’ but {slightly less: I now have an un-setup phone} due to progress made since
    4. O6YX46: participation
      1. O6YX4W: me Destiny
        1. O6YX78: showed to attendees the carefully selected, including at amazing low price, replacement phone/tablet he got: pocket-able {Samsung S2 + origami case + stylus + keyboard}
        2. O6YX6V: passed out new stickers for Bernie: as many as could be passed out, which was “only” ~30 it being a very slow night at the venue.
        3. O6YXBL: Visited the next door Best Buy
          1. O6YXDL: briefly, from 2050-2110~, so just as they were closing
          2. O6YXDQ: also brought Dave, who needed to get a battery for his garage door opener, and got it there.
          3. O6Z1A8: ‘to further check my new S2 & warrantee I got just 2 days ago from the Mission V. Best Buy. I got that done. :O6YXEF
        4. O6Z1AM: created a sticker self-distributor
          1. O6Z1D3: for use: originally on drive-thru trash can, but seemingly could be used tons of places
        5. O6Z1EM: 1st spoke with Jason
          1. O6Z1HO: an interesting 1yr Best Buy computer & tablet rep on a bike, after work visiting Del Taco for a smoke
          2. O6Z1HQ: He was interested in politics natively but has tuned out, because {as a former prisoner, he was not allowed to vote: this seemed very wrong}, unless he paid a lot of money to get his record expunged.
          3. O6Z1JR: to work around Del Taco’s wifi turning off every 1 hr for next 20 min, instead of what we’ve been doing (using a hotspot as a back up for at least the time-out periods), he suggested to me using 2 wifi-adapters
            1. O6Z1MI: naturally: so alternating between them: when 1 expires, switch to the other, & repeat, so only to get say a 1 min interruption each hour.
            2. O6Z1NJ: brilliant!
            3. O6Z1PF: Why didn’t I think of this? –especially after being there 2 years –eeks! I guess because I’m not a criminal, specifically because I don’t in terms of how to hack something against its intent. But…
            4. O6Z1WC: While defeating the mechanism, the bad is so tony it’s likely not worth countering, as the Internet costs them near 0, and one still get interrupted every hour.
            5. O6Z1QD: I plan to give this a shot for us. Specifically get an extra 802.11 adaptors, 1 for every of our devices which will take it, including some to loan.
              1. O6Z1RY: ideally tying it with a built-in Bluetooth adaptor, for the frequent cases where laptops lack Bluetooth plus the rare case one needs it there (but it could be handy for call headset)
        6. O6Z1DJ: got new Bluetooth keyboard & touchpad working on my spare laptop (which until then lacked Bluetooth)
      2. O6YX51: Lucy
        1. O6YX5C: as usual, very productive; this time writing Friends of the Village website
      3. O6YX63: Janin V.
        1. O6YX6I: worked on her Android app
    5. O6XD98: stickers
      1. O6XD9I: improved design ‘O6XCAJ so 5164 of ‘Berniebr2016’’
        1. O6XNTT: latest
          1. O6XNUL: pdf left_2_32nd_in,
        2. O6XEX1: pdf standard+left_2_32nd_in
          1. O6XNX2: Lucy proofs, finds ‘also ensure reg’ unclear, so
            1. O6XMQF: ‘California: Vote for Bernie 2016Jun07Tue 7am-8pm! For that, by May24 http://RegisterToVote.CA.Gov as ‘Democrat’ else ‘No (disclose) party’, also to ensure reg; only ~4min. More: Vote.BernieSanders.com/CA’ replacement present value.
        3. O6XD9V: Pretty link /O6XCAJ
          1. O6XDW7: for common typo, Pretty Link/06XCAJ
          2. O6XDAP: to: temporary initial: ‘http://1.JotHere.com/O4BPro#O4V8HM’
    6. O6L5FT: re-listings/ads
      1. O6X8RX: on Go.BernieSanders.com
        1. O6X8U3: If anyone knows who is {abusing or/and deleting our listings :O6QHSK}, please let event hosts know ASAP.
        2. O6L5OB: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503054054/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8j2 of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8j2 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103472 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8j2 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8j2 : so far 0 additional –‘mal-deleted: .. :O6QHSK
          1. O6L5SM: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(WV w/037 del) via 9am-midnit 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6L448 :O6L5SM
      2. O6X2YJ: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/230844682/? : 0 additional
      3. O6WBFL: text for Meetup & email: use ‘body text template (for at least BernieSanders.com, now also SMS & email and soon Meetup) :O6KMNP
      4. O6L5G7: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/230834154/ : so far 2 additional
      5. O6WB3F: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/230763576/ : 0 additional so far
        1. O6SGNT: 1 RSVP NO: Charles Scalfani –I don’t recognize person.
      6. O6WBBK: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/230844685/ : 0 additional so far
  19. O5FFXD: 2016.05.06Fri –see intro below
    1. O6KV7D: Pretty Link direct /O5FFXD
    2. O6TIO0: results for this happening
      1. O6TIQH: very sadly ‘cancel :O6SGGW’ as that explains, however…
      2. O6TIW7: at the end, Sat000 to 0300 (yes thru 3am!), I still nonetheless broke away from my high needs O6THHC to do about 3 hours of Bernie calling to Guam where
        1. O6TKWD: This was my 2nd time calling Guam. I also had called a few hours at one of our events a few weeks ago as Guam is the only the only Bernie calling open late.
        2. O6TJTL: I got several long phone calls made
        3. O6TJ2K: I realized I was helping out the Guam folk a lot (by informing of their rights & the election, & hopefully of Bernie Sanders; as in contrast to other US areas, most Guam didn’t even know of all or sometimes any of the presidential candidates names!), which made me
          1. O6TJ5R: sad I couldn’t do more for them now, especially {due to the evil within the campaign :O6RJJI}
          2. O6TJ5Z: notice the people of Guam
            1. O6TJ7L: are overall much nicer than the US folk, at least to strangers, us callers from the US, at least to me, including
              1. O6TJRW: nobody rudely hung up the phone on me (where that happens to all routinely when calling other areas) and
              2. O6TJS0: all spent considerable time talking with me, dramatically more than other US areas (as say 15 minutes instead of 1 or 2)
                1. O6TJAY: indeed the only non-citizen I apparently reached still ~15 min talking with me just because he was interested and seemed to wish he could vote
            2. O6TLOM: seem to mostly have a different non-English language :O6TLOM, so
              1. O6TLKI: appear to have a much harder time understanding English (though really try!); it appears Filipino or Tagalog is the norm
              2. O6TLMC: have names I’ve never heard of and are hard for me to say
            3. O6TJA8: appear overall forgotten by the US, and feel forgotten
              1. O6TJHU: as should be anticipated as
                1. O6TJD8: Guam is way alongside E. Asia, not remotely near (as 1000s of miles away) any other US territory
                2. O6TLN6: ‘seem to mostly have a different non-English language :O6TLOM
                3. O6TJI4: ( the non-citizen I reached told me) {Guam is allowed to vote in the presidential primary, but is not allowed to vote in the general presidential election}, which appears to me very unfair & wrong, and would explain why another callee I reached, probably like many, mis-thought Guam citizens weren’t allowed to vote to vote for president at all.
              2. O6TJGB: is quite sad, indeed US IMHO has no business holding Guam as a territory if they allow them to feel & apparently be treated this way.
          3. O6TK1T: impressed at the Bernie Sander’s campaign’s extra support of Guam shown by the official resources Bernie calling to Guam and BernieSanders.com/Guam(archive now std & manual), especially the dialer script informing me ‘He is the only Presidential candidate to have an official policy platform for Guam, which I think is really important. You can read it at Bernie.To/guampolicy’ and ‘our [Guam] VOTER HOTLINE: (671) ­488­-2510’
            1. O6TQ9B: https://www.google.com/search?q=Goodwill+of+Orange+County%27s+Tierney+Center finds much info including
              1. O6TQ5O: #8: the program, introducing it well on 2015.11.06 is http://www.ocregister.com/articles/county-690833-goodwill-orange.html -warning: page uses up all my CPU so be sure to kill Shockwave.
    3. O6RJ3F: when

      1. O6RJEZ: duration: shorten:
        1. O6TIM3: so those interested in doing Bernie calling today are also encouraged to do it on their own.
        2. O6S7VR: of time start but not end: change…
          1. O6SGGW: now cancel :O6SGGW
            1. O6TIOO: ‘ due to :O6RJCL ’ now also including still no RSVP YES and I have so doing non-stop work as detailed at O6THHC.
          2. O6S7WZ: now from 1800 to 2100
          3. O6RU2J: now from 1300 to 1800
          4. O6RJ3P: now from 0900 to 1300
        3. O6RJCL: due to :O6RJCL both
          • O6THD0: serious setbacks :O6THD0, of, in order:
            • O6THHC: I’m really busy now from upsetting & unexpectable stuff :O6THHC
              • O6THM0: of
                • O6RJD2: I primary host having unanticipatable total failures of his primary-laptop & cell/tablet, stuff I depend on daily almost like food, so which I now need, so whenever possible, am need to correct, and somewhat understandably takes full-time indeed all time where practical as these are huge & key for my daily life.
                • O6RJJI: shocking: ‘some BernieSanders.com admin anonymously & silently deleted all 6 of our future BernieSanders.com listings :O6QHSK‘, :O6RJJI, so I now need to undo that likely serious sabotage and, since this is the 3rd time such as happened, seriously defend against it, all which take days of work
                  • O6TI32: Indeed, as would be expected, it is highly demoralizing for us to be continuing to support the campaign while knowing the very campaign we’re supporting (well at least some evil portion it, including official in hiding, is actively & seriously & ongoing seriously sabotaging us, and the official campaign is not responding to us, seemingly because of this).
                    • O6TIBQ: Yet by amazing strength & belief, and hopefully NOT foolishness, we continue to support the campaign, and outwardly in near full spirit.
              • O6THSF: which understandably is keeping me so busy
                • O6TH7Z: I being notably messed up by continuing to host these events this high rate for Bernie (before every vote, which is at least weekly), as now this other key stuff for my own basic protection & welfare is not being cared for
                • O6THT7: all jobs are hurting, and indeed
                  • O6TITA: my own welfare is being by far hurt most: ~3 weeks passed and my broken key things I’ve not been allowed time to fix
                  • O6TIUK: when dealing with my own things, don’t even fully have time to update all these going on with this serious, let alone run it.
            • O6RTXZ: we’ve gotten no RSVP YES besides the hosts, naturally partially because of O6RJJI
            • O6S7ZS: assistant host Lucy is not available until evening earliest, also in part from having to deal with these setbacks so also now having to catch up with her real life
          • O6RTVI: today’s featured calling https://go.berniesanders.com/page/content/guphonebank/ has time range ‘5:00pm – 4:00am PT’
    4. O5FFYZ: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.05.07Sat vote :O5FB72 (012 delegates of GU)
    5. O5G94A: re-listings/ads
      1. O6RILY: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/230769040/ : 0 additional
      2. O6RIIS: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/230769041/ : 0 additional
        1. O6SGNE: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/230769041/# : so far 0 additional
      3. O6L5F4: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/230769037/ : so far 0 additional
        1. O6SGVW: 1 RSVP NO: Janin Vann
        2. O6RIJU: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/230769037/ : 0 additional
      4. O6RIX1: http://www.meetup.com/OCPython/events/2016-05 : ‘missing :O6KNAD
      5. O6RJ0V: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/230769038/
      6. O6L3XY: https://web.archive.org/web/20160503050650/https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8vf of: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8vf aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8vf aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8vf aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103464 : so far 0 additional
        1. O6L448: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(GU w/012 del) via 9am-midnit 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’ based on last one O6KSRV :O6L448
        2. O6QHSK: mal-deleted: some BernieSanders.com admin anonymously & silently deleted all 6 of our future BernieSanders.com listings :O6QHSK
          1. O6RKGA: this listing thru ##O6LA4A
          2. O6RJZR: discovered this20160505(Thu)1915~, the evening before this event when going to check our RSVP YESs to instead find all our listings had been wrongfully & apparently malignly deleted
          3. O6QKBL: even though:
            1. O6QHU4: they were all officially approved hours after listing, so 4 days ago
            2. O6QKCB: all the other notables the last time it happened
            3. O6QKIX: they were clearly not spam. Indeed each had a unique title according to the vote happening the next day, and each pointed to a different specific happening on this article. Indeed it took me ~4 hours of work to list them all.
          4. O6QHXD: as happened before: ‘my next 3 BernieSanders.com event listings were mysteriously including anonymously deleted by BernieSanders.com admin :O6QIBZ
            1. O6QHY8: except this time w/o any explanation nor notice before or after
              1. O6QK9W: so now I don’t even know when exactly it was done.
          5. O6QKED: done anonymously & now silently, not without any attribution nor explanation
            1. O6QKES: as would be done by a saboteur
          6. O6RK3D: so is crazy-making, demoralizing, & serious harassment, indeed to not just one person but a group.
          7. O6QKF9: so I strongly suspect sabotage, as last time, but now stronger
            1. O6QKM3: as now repeated, it’s clear, almost certain, this isn’t a freak event to just us, but rather we’re being deliberately and stealthily abused
            2. O6QKXT: so in defense, as my messages to BernieSanders.com, asking for help on these sorts of abuses & who to contact, have gone unresponded, I’m now planning…
              1. O6QL41: again contact NOC4Bernie head Carol for help: done at /5495#O6QL7D
              2. O6QKYH: even more strongly to post a web article exposing this so it can be corrected.
              3. O6QKZQ: file a police report against BernieSanders.com for cyber harassment against us
      7. O5G94M: Google Calendar entry O5G94M: edit, ‘Monthly on the first Friday, 2 times’, created by duping O5G8T1:
  20. O5FFG9: 2016.05.02Mon –see intro below
    1. O675L0: Pretty Link direct /O5FFG9
      1. O6KTPL: ‘Parameter Forwarding Enabled’ from 1 to 0 as following http://JotHere.com/O5FFG9?O6KNOL & similar forwarding to http://1.jothere.com/5498#O5FFG9?O6KNOL and the ‘?..’ preventing scrolling to the entry
    2. O5FFQT: date chosen for especially a key activity: calling-for-Bernie for ‘upcoming presidential primary vote date :O4PPVX’ of ‘2016.05.03Tue vote :O5FB0W (092 delegates of IN)
    3. O6K9AE: card
      1. O6K9AT: ‘O674BX so 2016.05.02 back of 5164 of US.92654 of Laptop SimulSquad™’ content for this happening :O6K9AT
        THIS MONDAY 2016.05.02’s complete & near-latest details & pics always at
        http://JotHere.com/O5FFG9?O674BX .
        Our #SpreadTheBern! then especially needs you for Bernie-calling to Indiana (w/92 delegates) as it votes Tue! & on EST so needs you especially before 6pm our time indeed we start before 9am if interest.
        Might you join us? What days and hours are best for you? ASAP RSVP to O674BX@JotHere.com & see you here!

        1. O6XHT3: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’

          1. O6XHTQ: What days and hours would you enjoy?’ replacement ‘What days & hours are best for you?’ per O6WF1P
            1. O6XI13: considered ‘would be’ replacement ‘are’ as out of characters there but instead expanded margin a hair.
    4. O6KMNI: relisting
      1. O6KNOL: https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/gpg8j7 aka https://secure.berniesanders.com/page/event/share/gpg8j7 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/manage/gpg8j7 aka https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/edit_details?event_id=103435
        1. O6KSRV: title ‘#SpreadTheBern! esp Calling esp for Upcoming Votes(IN w/92 del) via 9am-midnit 92654 Laptop Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics’: based on last O6KSLP :O6KSRV
      2. O6KNK2: http://meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/230664082/? : 0 additional
      3. O6KNIH: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/230664084/ : 0 additional
      4. O6KNCO: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/230664085/ : 0 additional
      5. O6KMWE: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/230664081/ : 2 additional
      6. O6RIT4: http://www.meetup.com/OCPython/events/2016-04 : missing :O6KNAD
        1. O6KNAD: misdeleted by Dan w/o permission –appears likely
        2. O6RIUM: more follow-up to be done & announced here
      7. O6KMNP: body text template (for at least BernieSanders.com, now also SMS & email and soon Meetup) :O6KMNP
        1. IMG_20160411_223854.Crop_AutoCorrect_O6X6AG.jpgO6L53J: Thanks for your interest in this happening of our well-established event series.
        2. O517JL: For maximum attendance, this is one of several advertisements for this happening, each with its own partial RSVP count.
          1. O6KU3L: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. O6WD9M: move ‘ So centrally…’ away per and ~to O6WCDJ
            2. O6KZLR: advertisements’ replacement ‘advertisements for this happening’ for clarity
            3. O6KU5L: copy from /5467#O517JL then append ‘So centrally…’ to follow to O6KMQ9
        3. O6WC99: Might you join us? What days & hours would be best for you?
        4. O6KMQ9: complete central details for this happening, and for our series (including for each happening, what’s happening there and how it went, which we update regularly especially on the days before & after each happening) at
          http://JotHere.com/O5FFG9?[relisting KCGUID] wait for your web browser to scroll you to the entry for this happening, which generally takes 20 to 40 seconds, so before you scroll that page, wait for opening-that-URL to scroll you to the happening.

          • O49E44: If you don’t get scrolled to a happening, please use the complete guide for opening powerful links.
            • O49E7W: If you’re still having trouble, please email O49FB2@JotHere.com the trouble you’re seeing, especially any errors or odd displays, as we want to fix that promptly for you & everyone, so aim to reply to you promptly, too.
          • O6WBPP: If there you don’t get scrolled there to a matching date, then there just scroll-to/select the matching date.
          • O6KMOS: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’

            1. O6XJ3I: unbolded wording improvements.
            2. O6XIP5: Also, when convenient, see the ’ replacement ‘’
            3. O6WCDJ: especially in response to O6WCZO, replace ‘See the latest details for this event’ with present value ‘Also, .. series’ :O6WCDJ
            4. O6WBTV: #O6WBPP: added to handle the cases of at least 1:
              1. O6WBXO: (on Meetup & Google calendar & elsewhere) where auto-repeated entries aren’t updated.
              2. O6WC3C: The reader’s scroll-to-anchor still isn’t working
            5. O6KWKH: ‘wait to see the details that opening that URL scrolls you to before you scroll that page’ rewrite to present for clarity.
            6. O6KWJC: ‘exactly ’ replacement ‘’ as no longer needed in this context where we don’t give much details
            7. O6KMP1: now copy /5467#O487PA then edit to fit.
        5. O6WCYN: ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. O6WD4E: pic: add it, for use in places as Meetup which support pics.
  21. O6K9RG:

    introduction card

    1. O6KB4P: source ‘O672V1 front of 5164 of US.92654 of Laptop SimulSquad™’ content ‘Laptop Logo&text
      Work on a computer? Maybe have some hard tasks there?
      Make it more
      fun & productive & companioned

      our event series Laptop SimulSquad™
      Co-Working/Training & Socializing on Your Topics)!

      –near US.92654(Laguna Hills)–

      ►We’ve been running Laptop SimulSquads™ 2 to 5 times every month since 2014.
      ►We work together in squads of 1 or more on your topics & courses & projects: on anything do-able on laptops! –training, coding, designing,
      biz/org-starting, research, homework, study group, office hours, writing, campaigning, hackathon, even gaming.
      FeelTheBern? We now also offer Bernie2016.graphic.1.scan.cleanup.O6KG5O.jpg#SpreadTheBern!
      esp Calling -for-Bernie w/ Training! ►We also do great flipped-classroom co-training (self-paced & all-levels & level-sorted) on topics Node.js, Python, Android, even Bernie-calling, …any topic with online tutorials we readily do! ►We’re there for you currently every Monday & 1st Fridays, 9am to midnite (15 hrs)
      At all hours you join, and for all sorts of projects you
      bring or volunteer-for or seek,
      you get stuff done, and have fun & great meals, with other local buds!

    2. O6K9S3: source ‘O674BX so 2016.05.02 back of 5164 of US.92654 of Laptop SimulSquad™’ content relevant repeating ‘
      Bring Your Laptop! (or tablet, ideally with keyboard) plus hotspot-if-handy. For calling, also bring cell phone or Google Voice or equivalent with headset else earbuds. We have 1 laptop to lend plus a few earbuds to lend or sell. ►We meet currently at your neighborhood http://Yelp.com/biz/Del-Taco-Irvine-4 (16211 Lake Forest Dr. near 5 Fwy) which works great for this plus staff & several customers love us.
      ►Just $5 except $0 for #SpreadTheBern!
    3. O6KHAA: full details start at ‘overall :/O4Bern#O487Z4