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O9GG8Z: period 3 (2016.07(Jul) thru .08(Aug)~) in reverse order of
US.92654(Laguna Hills) Laptop SimulSquad™(portable Co-Working/Training&Socializing on Your Topics)
now also offering #SpreadTheBern! especially Calling-for-Bernie with Training especially for Upcoming Votes

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  2. O4V3WQ: more TBA here
  3. O9GGOP: 2016.07.25Mon#4 –see O6K9RG(latest intro)
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. O9WXJC: relisting
      1. O9WXG0: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/232390751/: additional yes so far: 1 (Janin)
  4. O9GGNT: 2016.07.18Mon#3 –see O6K9RG(latest intro)
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. OAI9CB:  hours
      1. OAI9CM:  14:00-24:15
    3. O9WXJV: relisting
      1. O9WXK4: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/232227689/ additional YES so far: 0; note Janin can’t come to Mon#3s
    4. OAIXVU:  participation of
      1. OAJIZZ:  Bremt
        1. OAJJ0B:  as a Del Taco customer he passed by and became interested.  He wants to start learning programming and maybe get into chemistry, plus also into geoology. He is on perpetual disability due to a serious heart attack at a young age due to a genetic disorder, but has now recovered most of his function but is never expected to be beyond 90%.
        2. OAJKE2:  At 7pm, he returns to join us as promised
          1. OAJKEG:  introduces himself to everyone.  He’s quite happy to join us & we’re happy to have him.
      2. OAIXVZ:  Jerry
        1. OAIXW5:  /5558#OAIXW5: from my http://voice.google.com {redacted as needed: ph #}: quote: +161..69 Add – San Diego, CA 7/13/2016 12:15 PM 4 days ago  Inbox
          1. +161..69: This is Jerry, sending from google voice. Just testing. 2:37 PM
          2. Me: Whoa! Glad to hear from u. And congrats, Jerry. So u are SMSing the most powerful way, http://voice.Google.com ? And we read each other’s mind, as I just came here to send you my GV intro http://1.Jothere.com/857#M723DM — if u use it and need it updated, I’ll update it. 3:20 PM
          3. Me: Also what caused u to pick a 619(San Diego)#? And, like mine, does ur ph# spell anything? Also pls soon reply on your thread http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232227697/#event_comment-467666779 to, for starters, to let us know you saw it and if it looks good. 3:25 PM
          4. +16..69: I wanted a number with oxbow in it. Google spit out 61973″OXBOW”. So that is how the San Diego area code got selected. 3:46 PM
          5. +16..69: I went here and confirmed hours, cell, zip: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232227697/#event_comment-467666779 5:33 PM Me: Why ‘cell, zip’? -as that URL doesn’t have it. And per ‘reply on your thread ’, awaiting ur answers as reply-comments on that URL, not in private msg (our universal standard: post not msg), including since we’ve got multiple event hosts. 7:38 PM Me: -this docs that ‘our universal standard’, actually great for most everyone: http://1.JotHere.com/3975#MKDX9S -there click the ‘WHEREVER PRACTICAL’ for the complete details. 7:41 PM
          6. +16..69: RSVP with a comment else message telling… your cell # (send privately) and zip code if we don’t already have it if you’re a MAYBE, How-likely & Why when will you join us: what begin & end time and how many hours if we offered this event at ALL hours, when would you join us: what begin & end time and how many hours For example, ‘I’m at cell 1.949.555.4315, zip 92630. I’m MAYBE (80% likely): if I don’t attend event at URL __, I’ll join 9am-noon (3hrs) but, if u were all hours, I’d join 7am-noon (5hrs).’ 7:54 PM
          7. +161..69: I copied and pasted what I read in the URL … It said to put in the extra stuff. As a new person, you could make this any more difficult!! 7:56 PM
          8.  Me: Your last statements & response I see as worrisome & key, so I’m composing you a detailed reply, but I now need to do another task today. Meanwhile, as I see you sign up fast to stuff I recommend (to Google Voice), here’s again the cloud9 link but now in your GV as the full URL takes time to type: https://c9.io/c/FSBNSCX4cba -I want my deserved NON-monetary-value referral credit, so pls make sure I get it, ok? C9 is key for ur project as soon as u do further coding; no rush until u resume ur project, but when do u expect to join? 9:39 AM
          9. +16..69: Can you show me exactly what you want when I see you on Monday? That might be much easier. 🙂 10:36 AM
          10. Me: Sure. So we set up up on C9 on Monday mtg, including create ur crediting-me account? 10:41 AM
          11. +16197369269: Regarding C9 on Monday, sounds good. See you on Monday. 12:15 PM
        2. OAJIZI:  SMSing via my https://www.google.com/voice#history, quote: Me to +16..69 Add San Diego, CA7/18/2016 12:16 PM 75 seconds ago
          1. OAIYEZ:  OAIYEZ: Jerry, I’m looking forward to seeing you at http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232227697/#event_comment-467666779 (our mtg today, your thread there), where as we planned at last mtg, I’m specially coming to assit you 2pm to >=6pm.  Sound good? A few heads up on that:
            1. I just learned that, starting last week, to stop spam bot hosting, Cloud9 is requiring credit card verification to set up even a free account w/o $0 charge, so for our plans there to set up your account, please bring a CC you can use for that good?
            2. Lucy is starting making doc & esp promo video of us, and we’d like to include you. She probably can’t arrive sooner than 6pm. How long could you stay after 6pm, especially for that?  12:16 PM
          2. (more tba here)
        3. OAJDE0:  at the meeting
          1. OAJDEJ:  I & Jerry figure out why we’ve had communication snags in setting up his meeting with us, and clear them up.
            1. OAJDGE:  why, from biggest first
              1. OAJDGL:  bugs in Meetup whcih Meetup likely will never fix due to their arrogance or carelessness, including
                1. OAJDHT:  When Jerry clicked on URLs to Meetup event comments as the one above, instead the Meetup app sent him to the overall event and w/o error, so wrong place and where he didn’t know it.
                  1. OAJDQR:  and when trying to open the link on his Verizon Android phone, his phone forced redirected that to the Meetup app (so still causing the problem) and we didn’t offhand know how to fix that, so in response
                    1. OAJFCT:  Jerry decided just to uninstall the Meeutp app & keep it off. -indeed seemingly best until he knows Meetup enough to know all he’s missing on the app.
                    2. OAJFBW:  I realized we probably can’t be using these links -a possible notable setback.
                2. OAJDND:  When Jerry went to reply, even on desktop, Meetup featured the ‘Start the conversation box’ (new thread) at the top and minimized the existing thread reply buttons, so, like many/most, also then predictably replied where one couldn’t tell if he saw what he was to reply to.
              2. OAJDPP:  As I guessed from the way he was replying to our writeups,
                1. OAJFH1:  he wasn’t used to the (most?) intense picky details of coding, as his life job as EE:  the most of the detail was if his circuit diagrams were calculated right (indeed complex), but then were handed off to others who handed the picky & extensive details of sourcing the parts, laying out the boards, getting them assembled, etc. And when he became manager, these particular details were even more removed from him. But in coding, even typically the architect is, is expected to be, also laying a lot of the bricks –at least to get things started.
                2.  OAJGW0:  he didn’t like to read, even short messages, so would just quietly not.  Indeed to my suprise even my message today of just the essential for his prep, #OAIYEZ of ~just 700 characters which he agreed couldn’t be reduced, he said said he silently passed over mis-assuming he couldn handle this when he got there, saying he normally only tunes in if he gets the big picture in say the first 50 characters, as ‘I’ve got 3 Qs for you’.  He said he got this way as a manager when staff would send long emails where the point was burried within. Notheless he seemed a bit embarassed about being so extreme, and mentioned he would be a little less picky on this in the future.  I pointed out to him now as a coder he will have lots of reading to do to get library & tool specs & match them. He said he thought he could adjust and handle this as he reads some books, included recommended a book
              3. OAJHV3:  he is new to using Meeutp, so still learning all how it works.
          2. OAJHWC:  When I saw he was using GV on his phone via the web browser so didn’t get live links, I reminded him of the SMS I sent asking if he installed the GV apps, and got him to install the Android app, fixing this & more.
          3. OAJHYA:  I set him up on C9 as I recommended
            1. OAJHYU:  creating an account using my referral link: http://c9.io/jerrywiltz
              1. OAJI1U:  we almost couldn’t do it because, on his Chromebook, the page prompting for credit card details wouldn’t allow typing in the required ‘postal code’ box but required this info to continue.
                1.  OAJI3A:  so I tried using Inspector to drop into the HTML to manually insert the answer but the React framekwork hid the raw data.
                2. OAJI4M:  finally he tried completing the signup on his Android phone and fortunately it worked.
            2. OAJI5O:  I introduced him Meter and all the many layers behind that.
            3. OAJIUC:  I then showed him how to set up his 1st Metero workspace, and he did it:  https://c9.io/jerrywiltz/oajdev
          4. OAJIWC:  he had to get back home to his wife, but he stayed just long enough to
            1. OAJIYB:  have Lucy do a quick video of us, in which he said ‘I’ve been learning so much here it’s like taking a drink from a firehose’
            2. OAJIYK:  take a group picture, as Dave & Janin had also arrived.
  5. OAIZ2K:  event series changes
    1. OAIZNC:  Meetup now allows only 1 RSVP Q, so I’ve made it now just For info event hosts not have: (1) What your CURRENT CELL# & EMAIL (at least 1 reaching u during the event; all kept private) + ZIPCODE? Also (2) what days & hours can u make this? –allow time for hosts to reply to u that that they will host then.
      1. OAIZQK:  formerly 1 & 2 were seperate questions.  But, as now needed, I’ve combined them and also improved the wording making it simpler & shorter & more accurate.  Previously folks regularly answer the first Q but {not the 2nd, probably due to its former complex wording}; so hopefully this update will get more answers on all this info essential to event hosts.
    2. OAIZK3:  RSVP YES deadline now 4 hours before, was 24 hours before, but we could use more attendees and event hosts think they can make due with just 4 hour notice
    3. OAIZ3D:  posted (meaning offered) hours now

      1. OAIZ5W:  starting 14:00, –formerly 09:00 but now reducing to when we’ll actually be there (since many people don’t read else expect these would be just potential hours), so starting for when Jerry prefers to arrive, so event host Destiny will also, at detailed at http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232063827/#reply-246489581
      2. OAIZB8:  ending 24:15, just 15 min later to cause event listing to also list on another day so hopefully will come up in more searches
      3. OAIZCG:  so duration 10:15 –formerly 15:00 but again that was only potential, and formerly actual was just starting 18:30.
  6. O9GGMC: 2016.07.11Mon#2 –see O6K9RG(latest intro) :/5558#O9GGMC
    1. Pretty Link direct
    2. OA4Z7R: hours
      1. OA4Z85: 18:30~-25:00~ plus additional time earlier iff {Johnny of O9VRDL} asks for it in time
    3. O9VRDR: relisting :O9VRDR
      1. O9WXME: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/232063824/ : additional yes so far: 1 (Janin)
      2. O9VRDL: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232063827/? : additional yes so far: 1 (JohnnyFive participation thread) : O9VRDL
      3. O9WXW9: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/232063826/ : additional yes so far: 0
      4. O9WY6K: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/232427546/ : additional yes so far: 0
  7. OA186Z: RSVP YES cut-off time on any event listing which has low RSVP YES from non-(event hosts) so may be canceled for those {portions: here time ranges} where it’s not for sure there’s enough interest for that portion
    1. OA187K: from none to 1 day
      1. OA2IQ2: during OA1855, I also proposed & discussed this and we agreed to do it.
        1. OA2IUM: Now I start updating our Meetup listings to match. Done for tracks starting with those of {next ‘relisting :O9VRDR’}
    2. OA2J16: where all means should be set so the event listing/announcement is still listed, most notably by event search results (as done on Meetup.com search for upcoming events) even if after RSVP YESes have closed :OA2J16
      1. OA2JBU: except that otherwise matching events still open for RSVP YES might-be/are listed first
      2. OA2J55: as/such that ensures people who most always searching for, so just focused on {events happening now, or about to happen as that day}, which is probably most people, will still commonly see this event, but as a potential event they’ll need to look for the next one for or (or perhaps get on the waitlist in case
    3. OA2JHA: waitlist in case someone RSVPed YES in time then says NO, opening it up for someone RSVPing YES after time.
      1. OA2JHK: only if the event hosts are willing to special fast sync work with the replacement when someone cancels
        1. OA2JL5: as that’s readily a reasonable amount of work (with us, getting the replacement’s expected attending hours) which is interruptive (as to be done immediately, so individually) and hard in the usual case we’ve not communicated with them before, so seemingly usually not worth it unless it’s automated.
      2. OA2JUE: in limited cases, that’s handled by OA25OR
    4. OA25OR: where after, ideally right-after, the cut-off, iff certain condition, then the cut-off is removed :OA25OR
      1. OA27ZR: as
        1. OA273F: by design, only then is this removal really safe
        2. OA27Z4: this only requires a quick action at that time by event hosts, so is not too costly
      2. OA27TX: where the ‘certain condition’
        1. OA27UP: is, in our case so far, not likely to be met, as OA27D2 details explain
        2. OA27D2: is the combo :OA27D2
          1. OA276Z: sufficient interest has been shown to host the whole time being RSVPed for :OA276Z
            1. OA27IR: –something we’ve mostly never see so far but {could readily see as {with our good event design, the event hosts are productive even for periods of no other attendees except-usually when that starts or ends with a big gap}}
          2. OA277Z: there is no more event-hosts prep needed, detailed in OA261K, which, given OA276Z then means no more {OA2639: prep (for) each participant} RSVPing YES after this
            1. OA27R5: –something we usually regularly see, due to our good event design
          3. OA2797: it wouldn’t cost to much, notably non-machine time, to do {this change: the removal}, as notably there aren’t too many event listing & relistings to update

            1. OA27RJ: –something usually don’t well see, due to the lack of automation currently easily afforded to us
      3. OA274E: an improvement I {now & a few days ago} though of especially when trying to fix the bad situations of OA25IX
    5. OA18AF: notable pros thru cons
      1. OA261K: needed to ensure hosts have adequate prep time :OA261K
        1. OA1C3V: specifically (event-hosts to get ready for) non-(event host) participants…
          1. OA1C2H: all of them when event hosts might not be expecting any
            1. OA1Y9P: indeed, without this RSVP YES cut-off time, to still offering, notably calendaring, a wide (possible) event hours, in the case of low or no interest for portions (when then happens regularly), event hosts are placed in a bad predicament of either
              1. OA1ZRD: OA1ZRD: doing gobs of extra work in order to be respectful to usually nobody, as they must
                1. OA1YO7: do either
                  1. OA1YQG: show up & set up for portions where there is no interest
                    1. OA1YZN: –ok if they find being there alone works better than other locations, BUT, while conceivable, we’ve never found that to be our case.
                  2. OA1WY1: not show BUT right before and during the offered event period, for each say 3 hour portion for which no interest has been gathered, to be respectful to {the ‘anyone who could show at any time’ –in hindsight, someone we shouldn’t be asking, from experience, never worth this work}, an event host still has to be checking for RSVP YES, else monitoring say email, AND if still no interest within .5 hour of the event start (the almost certain case), canceling that portion AND posting this on {every relisting, where we typically have ~5}, then repeating this check & post for every subsequent portion until finally interest (real example /5498#O6X2LP ) or the whole event was skipped so eventually canceled (real example /5498#O6S7VR) –an enormous amount of work, which must be done manually as we’re far from any automation, and just for almost certainly negative results which also are constantly self-posted, so does not look self-respecting …possibly even if done by automation! :OA1WY1
                2. OA1ZL0: so, either way, requires and seemingly wastes substantial extra work, only to have & indeed exhibit negative results, so looks bad & is demoralizing
              2. OA1ZVB: or conscious potential disrespect: where it seems low interest, plan on having event hosts not show but skip {all the checks & updates, detailed in OA1WY1}, as we also did several times recently, but then this guilt & problem-risking that some non-event host could show up per the announcement but find no host an likely nobody there, which happens at least occasionally: and gets reported either properly (incident O9V91I happened 1 in about 6 times) or improperly or not at all –just complaints or dissatisfaction with we can likely never know how much & where & when.
                1. OA20LE: While this is probably a better solution than ‘OA1ZRD: doing gobs of extra work in order to be respectful to usually nobody’, ‘conscious potential disrespect’ is still seemingly overall something not to be doing per our own normal scheduling.
          2. OA2639: OA2639: (for) each of them, as get …
            1. OA18AN: the desired participation time range from those wanting to attend who don’t tell it (despite it being asked by our event listing, plus private Qs when possible)
              1. OA1BNY: where that’s ~90% of new participants!
              2. OA2KYT: increasingly important (to have time to get this info) as Meetup listings now allow only 1 automated (private) RSVP Q (besides the standard: Are you attending (YES/NO)? and How Many Guests?), which is used up by our most essential Q currently worded ‘What is your CURRENT (1)CELL# +(2)EMAIL (at least 1 reaching u during event), (3)ZIPCODE? –unless we already have it. This is so we can find everyone +give u data-access+local-alerts+carpool;­ and all-but-zip is private (only event hosts can see it).’, which is indeed essential including for this use as normal Meetup prompting doesn’t normally get them to tell us their planned time range; so we no longer have a slot for our time-range Q (currently worded ‘If u might not be there start-to-finish (as arrive or leave late or early, or for some do something else), so everyone prepared for that, did u put ur guess of what+why u do different (as`arriving@7:00pm not 6 as off work 6:30pm’) in a evt cmt for u?’).
            2. OA22EE: when the event location isn’t yet announced or/and is hidden or/and changes (where, {changes regularly} is what usually done and plan to return to), get the participant informed of the event location, especially {when, even when it’s posted on the event listing and they’re asked to check the event listing before they leave to the event, they still don’t check it –which many if not most people do!}
            3. OA2685: the necessary resources at the event –generally doesn’t apply to us
              1. OA268T: most commonly, if each isn’t buying (what we do) else brining sufficient food & drink, have this.
        2. OA1BYV: including for most memorably & recently just 3 days ago: Jerry {who RSVPed YES not quite 24 hrs before O9V91I} (also not telling the hours he’d come, but giving his cell & email) and {uniquely came at the start even though 9am, detailed in his thread}: had we had more RSVP time, we’d have time to ask him the hours, plus would have more notice someone would be there.
      2. OA21QF: OA21QF: All basic outcomes look good, providing the RSVP YES notice-time is not excessive
        1. OA1CEC: as, to run thru every case, some, probably most, people will only check events happening that day, see the RSVP YESes for that day are already closed, and, provided the cut-off date looks reasonable, either:
          1. OA1CH9: then check for upcoming ones, and likely RSVP YES, and say
            1. OA20QX: ~50% not show: but at least they then attracted more YES RSVPs.
            2. OA20R1: ~50% show: and these are the planning & committed in-advance types we want!
          2. OA1CLH: are in a rush, just happen to have some free time and want a fast fix, so no time to check else commit to our future events even though it’s obvious they’re repeating, so skip our event listing and either:
            1. OA20SE: return to us when they’re checking for events not last minute, which then are notably more likely to be in a healthier mindset for everyone, especially as we’ve not for “just happening to pass thru”.
            2. OA1CO3: don’t come back, because they, 1 or more:
              1. OA21EL: found it impractical or/and annoyed we required some YES notice: but then they’re very likely not good for us, as we’re not setup and paid as an emergency room.
              2. OA21FJ: were just passing thru so already would not be interested in our subsequent events, probably never even looking at them, but then they’re definitely not good for us as 1x attendees net cost us big as don’t even start to pay back for the big startup time they take.
      3. OA1C4T: probably endears respect by showing standards: we’re not going to deal with last minute RSVP YES. Definitely shows us not {being desperate, which humans typically flee from, for better or worse}.
      4. OA21V6: empirical evidence of:
        1. OA1C6V: At Ed’s H’s. Villa Park house parties (advertised in Meetup.com/OCGoodLife and more): it was done and they were successful: RSVP YESes closed 24hrs before, presumably so the address of the party could be mailed out, which might also cut-off attendees which say where only 12 hrs before but would be good, but still ~50 people came every time, making it one of the largest regular OC Meetup events.
          1. OA21WK: He actually would me, and my guess others, who didn’t RSVP YES in time but where he lived to nonetheless attend, and without complaint, but he never posted this (as I might have then done, to avoid the worry that, if you didn’t RSVP YES in time, you would not be welcomed). But, in thinking about other regular details of his party he intentionally didn’t post, he might say, possibly rightfully, that if he posted this, it would then be abused by many regulars that wouldn’t then bother to YES RSVP or else late RSVP YES, which, though might not be costly in for event planning as since it was pot-luck, would be costly on Meetup which unavoidably features YES RSVPs so then that (for worse) becomes the number 1 attractor of more YES RSVPs & attendance.
        2. OA1C63: We’ve never tried it before and we have had plenty of plenty of low & weak attendance problems.
      5. OA22CN: it suggests correctly:
        1. OA1WYM: more accurately than ‘please RSVP’ (what we’ve been doing), that {one must advanced RSVP YES else s/he might not get event hosting[true, now regularly] or might not be allowed to join [potentially true]]}
        2. OA227W: shortly after the RSVP cut-off, there might be announcements from event hosts, most notably the portions which were canceled due to low-attendance.
      6. OA21BO: easy to set on Meetup event listings; indeed a feature I recall offered since <=2008~

      7. OA22TB: the RSVP YES deadline
        1. OA22VI: if too early, it readily silently cuts off much to all non-event host attendance
          1. OA25MH: –seems solvable by careful selection and incremental changes
        2. OA25IT: is somewhat arbitrary (if 24 hours, why not 23 hours or 25 hours?), usually never a optimal choice
          1. OA25IX: indeed, under normal & easy enactments, especially automated, this means someone just a little over deadline gets 0 (in this case, can only do a future one) :OA25IX
          2. OA22XT: I coming from a last-minute family (unfortunately) and loving optimal algorithm designs, that has bugged me considerably, but probably shouldn’t.
      8. OA2LIA: could be serious, maybe killer, if OA2J16 isn’t done
      9. OA2GZR: at least for me, likely due to some bad upbringing which subconsciously instilled in me, {to be acceptable, you must save the day} (including {… you have to save everyone}, which I recall is a leading mis-belief codependency) plus {last minute pull off jobs are most honorable}, I’ve had, & still have, a notable negative emotional (mis-) reaction to {this solution: RSVP cut-offs, even if reasonable} because it indeed violates the rule {you never want to turn away anyone you could possibly accommodate} –which, to be honest, is itself is mostly there because of the rule {… you have to save everyone}; but these 2 are destructive rules, as intellectually shown here by the pros maybe especially {OA21QF: All basic outcomes look good} and {needed to ensure hosts have adequate prep time :OA261K}, so I need to remind myself my fear is mis-founded.
    6. OA218F: also achievable also via a ticket purchase price which increases near event date or at-the-door, but we’re a long way from being able to set this up especially as people unfortunately expect most all Meetup events to be free else near free.
    7. OA26O6: this idea came to me from I think thinking on how to enact {the ‘notably beforehand… :OA26RV’}
  8. OA0SMN: offering events “by-appointment” instead of (just) pick-from-what’s scheduled
    1. OA0SR5: is what we plan to start now in writing
      1. OA17PD: in particular, new terms would be say ‘WHEN: by appointment with event hosts (contact us), usually weekly, usually Monday evening & night and readily more
        1. OA181A: we will update our printed event cards accordingly
          1. OA1855: about 2 hrs ago, proposed & discussed this with co-host Lucy and we agreed to do it :OA1855
      2. OA17OY: this occurred to me from & right-after my writing O9VDW8
    2. OA0SNV: is what we’ve been verbally offering ever since our huge extended hours
    3. OA26PH: compared to typical events which are >~2 people, notable pros thru cons
      1. OA26QQ: ‘by appointment’ suggests 3+ accurate things, specifically if wanting to join/meeting, acting
        1. OA26RV: notably beforehand… :OA26RV
        2. OA26S8: in reasonable detail, including sharing & syncing on the particular custom time ranges
        3. OA26TC: by communicating, notably synchronizing, with the advertising party notably event hosts
      2. OA26Q2: non-standard indeed never-heard-of for general community meetings
  9. O9V81J: On event hosts showing & hosting things at the event. :/5558#O9V81J :
    1. O9VDW8: We event hosts offer many possible event hours for your convenience. So do your part, too: To ensure we’ll be there to host for the particular hours you will join us if we agree, make sure we’ve seen & agreed-to them. :O9VDW8
    2. O9VASF: The time ranges we offer…
      1. O9VATY: are broad for non-hoster’s convenience, to allow for all sorts of schedules (as day workers & night workers)
        1. O9V87P: Event host will generally always host IF they know in advance non-hosts are likely to attend; but…
      2. O9V9MC: any portion of it will likely NOT be hosted if event hosts don’t know at least 24 hours before that at least 1 non-hosting person will be coming for it. Consequently,
        1. O9V838: if you want event hosts to host for a particular portion, they usually need to know what portion you’ll be there at least 24 hors in advance of it
          1. O9V89D: If this happens, 1 or more group hosts will definitely be there for the time range you ask for, else, if they can’t, which is rare, will message you in advance to let you know.
        2. O9VB9Q: If you include in your RSVP YES what we ask, notably what hours you’ll be there and your cell # if we don’t have it, there’s a notably better chance you’ll get your hosting.
        3. O9VB6Y: Be aware Meetup RSVP YES notification failed on 2016.07.04.

          1. O9V91I: Specifically when Jerry Wiltz RSVPed YES ‘Jul 4, 2016 12:30 PM’ for our event next day, Meetup.com failed to notify us of this despite all of http://www.meetup.com/account/comm/OCJavaScript/ being turned on including ’Member RSVPs to a Meetup I’m hosting’ :O9V91I
          2. O9V93A: Why this happened, and how much if ever it happened before, we’re investigating.
          3. O9V93K: Us then not being there when he was, he then messaged us, which did get emailed instantly, but then as this was understandably late and we weren’t expecting it, we didn’t see it until ~7 hours later.
        4. O9V8B4: Relevant, please be appreciative of our situation:

          1. O9V8IM: If we don’t know additional RSVP YESes, we often don’t update that the event time range is changed or canceled, it’s a lot interruptive work, especially with us having many relistings, which is then wasted work in the normal case one else was actually going to show.
          2. O9V8IC: Until further publicity as is coming, we get so few RSVP YESes that event hosts…
            1. O9V8CS: often times show for only a small subset of the times offered. Even still, a number of times the event hosts were the only ones who showed, which, while they still got stuff done, was very disappointing.
            2. O9VCK1: often don’t check frequently for RSVP YES (as they’re so few), so need more advance notice of RSVP YES.
  10. O9GF6J: 2016.07.05Tue –see O6K9RG(latest intro) :/5558#O9GF6J
    1. O9V8DK: hours: updated: 18:30 to 25:00~ per ‘my SMS with Janin :O9VBQE
    2. O9VLCF: participation:
      1. O9VLDP: Joan & Lucy busy working on producing a video
        1. O9XC1S: Lucy is producing the video for Joan. Lucy assembles it on her laptop while Joan oversees & directs.
          1. O9XC24: to deal with the noise of our venue (Del Taco),
            1. O9XC3B: they both wear ear-covering headsets to clearly hear the video playback.
              1. O9XC8L: They are able to work this way and get quite a bit done, but then they also have a harder time hearing each to talk to the other to the degree that they would rather just be editing in a quiet room where they don’t have to wear headsets so can hear each other, which would then have them not come to SimulSquads for this kind of work, which would be tolerable as Lucy doesn’t do a lot of this work but not good.
                1. O9XC9Q: so I suggest the combo
                  1. O9XCHI: of :O9XCHI
                    1. O9XCDP: via RDS (comparison), as maybe classic VNC, Lucy shares her laptop console to Joan’s laptop with Joan still able to point back onto Lucy’s screen
                      1. O9YMEP: where screen/video transfer must be peer-to-peer –at least when using our paid hotspot (so not to cost a fortunate) plus for ideally for performance
                    2. O9XCEF: they both run on their laptops a voice call app, ideally part of that same software
                    3. they each have ear-covering headphones as before, but now also with mics and plugged into their respective laptop
                  2. O9XCHZ: as it would
                    1. O9XCII: solve this problem: also allow each to hear each other talk; see also O9XCO6
                    2. O9XCIZ: allow them to do collaborative video editing remotely
                      1. O9XCML: …if the video playback transmission was responsive, which
                        1. O9XCO6: for sitting next to or near each other, so via a peer-to-peer LAN, it should be, and even if it’s not, they could just look onto Lucy’s screen :O9XCO6
                        2. O9XCOO: if remoter, esp via the Internet, it might not work unless video playback resolution & frame-rate reduced or other cleverness.
                  3. O9XCR0: Lucy responds No, she wants an immediate fix (to work from a quiet room, even if it means not doing this at SimulSquad), but eventually says she will consider this, maybe not here but for other apps.
                  4. O9XE8V: so my further design :/5558#O9XE8V
                    1. O9XE9L: search for latest best: then ‘Google Hangouts :O9YMAA’ finding & trying /5566#O9YMLH :/5558#O9XE9L
      2. O9VLDK: Janin busy further coding her pet-maintenance app (so in Android Java)
        1. OA4IOZ: When I bring up the problems {I’ve experienced on Stack Exchange :/5571#OA4F0R}, she says she disappointedly has only ~30 points. :/5558#OA4IOZ
      3. O9VLEW: me & Kermit talking of my review of his book.
      4. O9VLHP: working on updating newcomer Jerry O9SUDM and {the resultant new notice O9V81J}
      5. O9VS9T: I update partially the upcoming listings, including
        1. O9VS9O: event comment ‘Now that {calling for the presidential campaign http://1.JotHere.com/5467#O499US} is over as of 2016.06, canceling this Fri series –point http://1.JotHere.com/5558#O9VS9O ’ on http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/231989025/ (2016.07.08Fri) & variants
      6. O9VLJ2: more TBA here
    3. O9SU6P: relisting
      1. O9SU8I: http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/232227965/? : 1 additional: Janin
      2. O9SUDM: http://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/232227969/: 1 additional but Meetup didn’t notify us: Jerry
      3. O9SUHE: http://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/232227968/? : 0 additional
      4. O9SUQI: http://www.meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup/events/232227966/ : 0 additional
    4. O9VBQE: my SMS with Janin :O9VBQE, quote:
      Me: Hi Janin! Hope u’d great 4th 🙂 So what hours wd u like to join today’s SimulSquad? –TBA @ http://1.JotHere.com/5558#O9GF6J . -I’d enjoy seeing u & swap updates, but as u’re our only likely attendee beyond Lucy&me, we’ll cancel if, like last time, u don’t want to go. Also how frequently, + what days&hrs, wd u now like our mtgs -as we’re now considering doing say just 2x/mo, instead of weekly, until our publicity enhanced. 4:20 PM
      Janin ..: I should be there between 6:30 & 7. See you both tonight! 4:22 PM
      Me: Great; yes see u there. Pls answer my 2nd Q as time. 5:29 PM
      Janin: Let’s talk about that tonight 6:24 PM
      Janin: I’m running a little late, be there by 7:30 7:01 PM
      Me: Ok, just now at the mtg u tell me you’d prefer to keep our same schedule, just as before u can’t make 3rd Mon as in the earlier eve u attend http://abwa.org/chapter/wind-song-charter-chapter/wind-song-charter-chapter-may-16-2016 then after are tried. And with this news, Lucy confirms she’ll also attend weekly, adding she gets a lot done, tho might skip occasional. So we’ll continue our present schedule. 9:56 PM
      Janin: Cool! 9:57 PM
      Me: As convenient, pls see read our central notes URL I SMSed u (1st SMS) and reply with any comments; in particular, note our new clarification http://1.JotHere/5558#O9V81J . 10:00 PM
      Me: Per my mention in person, for general coding, including eventually Android Java u do, I cdn’t more highly recommend https://c9.io/c/FSBNSCX4cba –use that referral link to give me credit + 1 free premium month if u buy that -but even the free service is outstanding. I’m publishing a full review & missing docs of this best-ever IDE @ http://1.JotHere.com/5565#O9QG43 . Let me know how it &ur use goes: indeed I’ll publish that, too, there 🙂 10:26 PM
  11. O9GF84: 2016.07.04Mon –4th of July Holiday, so replaced with next entry
  12. O9GGH2: continued in {previous post: /5498#O5FDSN}