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My name is Mickey. 連絡 me!

I came from Japan 11 years ago to California. I like walking, watching  movies and talking with my friends.

I like Italian and Japanese foods.

More coming soon!

Thank you.

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  1. I am always confused the sound “L” & “R” when I pronounce them.
    Logically I understand how to do but physically, it looks sometimes difficult.
    I know practice is very important but if you know some good web. site to improve this,
    please let me know!

    Thank you.

    • * (LWTQTJ=Good to see you adding more content)
      * (LWTQID=Because this is a separate topic, this MAY deserve its own post rather than a comment on an existing post: when logged into this site, just pick New Post instead of comment.
      (LWTQVH=However, since this is a short note, and still on the topic of you, and since this site allows threaded comments, creating a separate post might be unnecessary. In this case, I would just be aware of the option to have a new post but only use it that indeed indeed works out better.))
      * When hearing you speak, while it’s quite clear you have a Japanese accent, I have not found your pronunciation a problem. However seems to find websites & and possibly software to help here. Enjoy!

  2. Holiday season
    I sometimes feel being lonely even in holiday season that my favorite season.
    But once I realized how to enjoy it, I am stablized.Being with people who I am comfortable with, it is important. Just drinking and dancing… It sometimes has no meaning.
    Is this holiday blue??
    But I will try to enjoy it from bottom of my heart this year!

    • * LWTQID & LWTQTJ apply here.
      * Am sorry to hear you are feeling lonely but glad to hear you want to make the best of things nonetheless.
      * Yes being with people you are comfortable with rids loneliness, not just drinking & (dancing alone) which, yes, often has little meaning if done alone, a false sense of correcting the problem of loneliness. ** (LWTR5P=Even more important than being with people one is comfortable with is being with people one can learn from & doing so; this often not as fun, but more fulfilling, appreciative, & loving.)

  3. Friends
    I realized that I am comfortable with my true frieds even we haven’t seen for while.
    Just happy with talking and laughing.
    I am lucky to have like the friends. In this season I have been receiving greetings from my old friends in far place, I feel that we are still friend. When I realized that I have many nice friends on this planet, it make me feel happy!

    • * I am glad to hear you’re happy.
      * Your wording “I am comfortable with my …frieds” again reminds me of (where you used it prior & (my reply to that LWTR5P –see that)).
      * (LWTRF9=It is easy for one to be pleased by “receiving greetings from [one’s] old friends in far place”, and certainly this makes the postal service, the phone company, and Facebook great money. However often I find that long distance friends are easy, and “easily facade-friends”. For this reason I look first to in-person friends, as there is typically no-substitute in being respected having friends physically with you. Yes people can help one remotely, but especially when it comes to friendship, in-person help is still key.)
      * (LWTRPA=You (casually?) mention “true friend”. What do you define that to be?
      ** (LWTRQV=I believe a true friend is is often NOT a person who will make me happy *for the moment*, but a person who will be honest & open, especially telling me what I need to know but don’t want to hear, who would risk my anger & our relationship in order to insure I know the truth & do the right thing.
      *** (LWTRVI=Famous example: “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” –instead friends even take the car keys away from a drunk person if necessary, even if that causes the drunk person to get very angry at them.)
      *** (LWTRYS=Do you have this notion of friendship? Why or why not?)))

  4. Freedom
    I can feel the freedom in this country compare with my home country.
    It means good things. However my home country has unique sandwich in the culture.
    We put freedom and consideration in the bread and finally nice sandwich there.
    I am proud of this good blance since the taste is like profound message.
    Freedom is great but good blance is better with consideration.I sometimes feel that I misunderstand the freedom and being selfish are very similar..
    I express in abstract terms this time…

    • * I think your analogy of making a good sandwich is a good one, indeed I might use it. Though in this rendition it needs more development.
      * What do you mean by balancing freedom with consideration? It sounds potentially interesting, but I don’t get it.
      * I have long written: with greater freedom must come greater responsibility to insure overall good is accomplished by the freedom. Indeed this is a big subject of http://LoveRules.Info . Notable examples:
      ** nuclear energy brings us freedom: to do good (nuclear power) and bad (nuclear bombs).
      ** condoms bring us freedom: to do good (freely enjoy sex) and to do bad (to be uncommitted & too quick-to-run away in our sexual relationships. Indeed, with me, could you be abusing that freedom now? I think likely.)