Aug 012017

OBD76E: DVCS git ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :

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    2. ‘history in reverse order’

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      8. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. .
  2. OBD78Y: entry :OBD78Y
  3. OHJ8PF: usage
    1. OHJ8PP: starting 2010~, notably the most popular ‘VCS(Version Control System) :OHJ8R3’, especially in open-source
  4. OBD7SS: commit/check-in/revision
    1. OBD7BT: digital signing :OBD7D8’ :OBD7BT

      1. OBE90X: how to
        1. OBE91B: official
      2. OBE8VR: amount of use
        1. OBE8JQ: lower than usual (if it happens) could be caused by ‘‘Cryptographic authentication of history’ .. :OBE8TXper inventor Linus
  5. OBE8TL: history
    1. OBE8TQ: authentication
      1. OBE8TX: is cryptographic per ‘Cryptographic authentication of history’ in OBD78Y :OBE8TX
  6. OHJ8YT: repo
    1. OHJ8YI: over ~1GB :OHJ8YI
      1. OHJ9GH: git fails here
        1. OHJ9H8: official declaration?
          1. OHJ9KK: doesn’t seem to find any
      2. OHJ9TK: (from #4 of OHJ91G) has good/great info
      3. OHJ91G: search :OHJ91G
  7. OC9OGR: client
    1. OC9OIP: my goals
      1. OC9OK0: supports including does ‘‘digital signing :OBD7D8’ :OBD7BT’ :OC9OK0
      2. OC9OLO: runs on Windows, Linux, & ideally Mac :OC9OLO
    2. OC9OGX: CLI
      1. OC9OH3: native
      2. OP4MYO: in ‘PowerShell :OA68LB
        1. OP4N8V: notable pros thru cons
          1. OP4QLZ: what ‘GitHub Desktop :OC9OHI’ picks at least for Windows
        2. OP4NAN: GitHub Desktop’s Git Shell :OP4NAN
          1. OP4NAV: of ‘GitHub Desktop :OC9OHI
          2. OP4RUE: includes ‘posh-git :OP4RJR
            1. OP4RZU: official acknowledgement/mention
              1. OP4RUV: none so far it strongly appears per OP4RZZ
              2. OP4RZZ: search :OP4RZZ –extends OP4RH4
            2. OP4RVC: confirmed by {code match OP4KTS} and { ‘2017/01/24 v3.3.4 ..Posh-Git updated to the latest version.’ of #OP4S9X}
              1. OP52BX: this falls within Posh-Git releases ‘on Jan 30 v0.7.0-pre1 6fd6a31 [and] on Mar 29, 2016 v0.6.1 a9466dc ’so Desktop coders may have grabbed 1 of the latest say ‘master’ code around that date
        3. OP4RJR: posh-git :OP4RJR
          1. OP4RN4: make
          2. OP4RLP: source
          3. OP4RNY: entry
          4. OP4ROF: I ref’d #1 by & at OP4KLX
    3. OC9OH8: GUI
      1. OC9OHI: GitHub Desktop :OC9OHI
        1. OP4NKZ: make
          1. OP4NGB: help make
          2. OP4RH4: search OR :OP4RH4
          3. OP4S68:
            1. OP4S7X: dynamic (so key) content is not captured by & successors!
            2. OP4S9X: archive now :OP4S9X
        2. OC9OHM: entry -Likes currently 4 in ~27
        3. OP4QR4: release 1: ‘August 12, 2015 ’
        4. OP4NHU:
        5. OC9OMY: notable pros thru cons
          1. OC9OPB: has special GitHub support (of value I’m not sure)
          2. OC9ONK: lacks Linux support
            1. OP4NJD: official
          3. OP4QWP: closed-source
        6. OP4QMR: shell
          1. OP4QMZ: in Windows, ‘‘Git Shell’ :OP4NAN
          2. OP4QO2: in Mac, ‘Command Line Tools’
            1. OP4R5K: in program I only see related: ‘Repository -> Open in Terminal’ (which opens bash) and ‘Settings->Advanced->Install Command Line Tools’
      2. OC9OHW: SmartGit
        1. OC9OI1: entry likes currently 133 so #2 of ~27
        2. OC9OXB: notable pros thru cons
          1. OC9OWV: in next version: ‘Sign Tags and Commits’ in version 8 per