Oct 062016

OEJIO1: image scanning ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5661#OEJIO1

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  2. OEJIU8: near(est) superset(s)
    1. OEJIVE: a person’s general media management
  3. OEJIOC: doer especially device
    1. OEJIOR: is called quote: image scanner
    2. OEJIP5: entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_scanner
    3. OEL5OC: my goals, from biggest 1st:
      1. OEL5OL: readable scans which can effectively replace the original, including:
        1. OEL5PW: if there is reasonable chance the scan may not be of this quality,
          1. OEL5RF: which is the normal case when done by a device NOT specifically designed for this task, most famously for ‘by converting a mobile OS device .. :OEJK3R
          2. OEL5QU: preview including zoom of the scan
          3. OEL5WK: ability to correct for lighting especially shadows
          4. OEL5VL: ability to correct skewing
        2. OEL5Z2: color unless the user unselects it
      2. OEL60V: easy displaying of recent scans on ones mobile OS device
      3. OEL65W: capture of scan time into scan
      4. OEL68W: easy ideally automatic upload of scans into reliable online inexpensive storage, especially cloud, storage, especially if to a leading general-purpose provider, especially Google Drive
      5. OEL6CU: OCRing of scanning
        1. OEL6DB: note Google Drive scanning does OCRing of certain types, including .jpg
      6. OEL66S: easy to carry scanner & do scans on the spot (so scanning gets done) :OEL66S
      7. OEL66D: capture of scan location, notably geotagging, onto scan (especially important if OEL66S)
      8. OEL63O: fast double-sided scans
      9. OEL6JE: ability to assemble pages into a single web-document
        1. OEL6KC: ideally with the ability each collection merely reference source images (as done by the html img-tag) rather than include a full copy of each (so waste storage and be not centrally updatable)
        2. OEL6LI: note this can be partially or entirely a feature of separate software
    4. OEJQ9X: if not also a general purpose computer
      1. OEJQA9: is traditionally true
      2. OEJQ85: superset ‘peripheral device ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5621#OCA2H6
      3. OEJK3R: by converting a mobile OS device (as smartphone or tablet) using its camera :OEJK3R
        1. OEJK3V: software, from most preferred, constructing :OEJK3V
          1. OEJK75: CamScanner
            1. OEJK9D: make http://CamScanner.com
            2. OEJK88: used & recommended by Bill since 2015 or 2014.
            3. OEJKC1: I 1st try now: 1st installed. :OEJKC1
          2. OEJK4O: section: motivation: #1: OEJJRY
      4. OEJISN: by make then model then SN-equivalent
        1. OEJJDL: (make) Brother
          1. OEJJDX: model DS-920DW
            1. OEJJW6: maker’s FAQ :OEJJW6
            2. OEJJF6: my 1st
              1. OEJJPB: feeding
                1. OEJJRY: grumbles and won’t feed anything well maybe only a little when pushed :OEJJRY
                  1. OEJK11: maker’s FAQ :OEJJW6’ best match ‘17 My scanner is connected but it will not feed my document or do anything else.’ doesn’t address issue.
                  2. OEJJYX: battery monitor reports it 100% charged; cleaned rollers with Windex-equivalent but no change.
                  3. OEJJTL: 1st noticed 2016.09.29ThuPst17
                2. OEJJPK: started to get weak 2015~
              2. OEJJO4: USB input
                1. OEJJOF: broke off internally 2015~ due to normal wear-and-tear
              3. OEJJLQ: purchased to fix #OEJJH0 which it mostly did except had no PDF assembly & OCRing
        2. OEJJ7D: Fujitsu
          1. OEJJ8V: Fujitsu ScanSnap (scanners & software)
            1. OEJJGA: S1100
              1. OEJJGM: my 1st
                1. OEJJ9C: review of my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 scanner
                2. OEJJH0: incapacitated, so-far permanently, by N31VVI(car running over backpack containing it) :OEJJH0
  4. OEJQEX: input
    1. OEJQG6: specifically copies does not seriously-if-at-all alter
    2. OEJQGE: the image
      1. OEJQGY: on, from biggest 1st
        1. OEJQHY: paper :OEJQHY
          1. OEJQU8: so near ‘post category’ ‘paper NN9OTB’
        2. OEJQI4: cardboard
        3. OEJQM2: potentially more
        4. OEJQMG: sometimes most anything that can get a camera positioned over it
      2. OEJQHJ: of, from biggest 1st:
        1. OEJQN8: text
        2. OEJQNI: pictures
      3. OEJQNZ: in color else black-and-white
      4. OEJQOD: at 1 or more resolution(s)
  5. OEJIZK: output (electronic file)
    1. OEJIZX: type, from most popular roughly
      1. OEJJ08: PDF
        1. OEJJ0J: see ‘on PDF
    2. OEJJ1J: metadata
      1. OEJJ31: see ‘file & folder metadata stored in its contents, especially for organizing
    3. OEJQUU: so if {the source ‘paper :OEJQHY’} is no longer depended on, enables going paperless
      1. OEJQWD: so pseudo ‘post category’ ‘ paperless NN9PAT’