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General Review

CamScanner is my favorite only compared to other apps. It missing a few things I would like, but generally produces better scans than any other app. Most apps I’ve tried have trouble when the lighting is not perfectly flat, which is disappointing as that sort of lighting is normal for a phone camera. CamScanner does the best job of compensating for this.

Other favorite feature is ability to scan multipage docs to PDF files. Other apps have this; I don’t remember how well they do it, but CS does it easily and well.

Documents are maintained in an internal database as original photos plus metadata. This allows user to alter processing settings and cropping at any time. Only when a document is exported is the image finalized.

Default mode is to scan and process one page at a time, but can be put into a “multi-scan” mode where it stays in the camera and you can shoot all your papers at once. It will actually crop and color to default settings in the background while you work, giving you usable results immediately, but you can go back and fix settings for pages that did not turn out well. (Cropping is the most common thing to need to fix.)

My own use case is to scan all papers needed; upload the new files as PDF to Drive when done; delete files from CS; then rely on Drive as my repository of scans.

Export and Sync/Upload

CS includes ability to export scans to PDF or sequence of JPEGs and:

  • save on local device. Folder can be chosen. Especially useful to work around limitations in the share and upload features.
  • send thru Android’s ‘share’ feature. Use this to email, post to social networks, etc. Some file-management apps appear under ‘share’, allowing you to save directly to another computer on your local network.
  • directly upload to an online service. Supported services are: Box, Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and OneNote, as well as CS’s own cloud service. I did not see an option to specify a sub-folder, but could be mistaken. Note that if JPEG files are uploaded, they will actually appear as zip files containing the images, one zip file per CS document.

Sync feature is untested; CS appears to be able to sync to CS company’s own cloud service, but not any other. A small amount of storage is available, but significant storage requires a monthly subscription.

Response to Destiny’s §OEL5OC “My Goals”

Re. “readable scans which can effectively replace the original”
Yes, this is what I use it for, and have been happy with the results. I have not experimented with printing the results though; I believe the scan is a little less sharp than the original, and this has a visible effect on a printout, nonetheless result is easy to read.

Re. “preview including zoom of the scan”
Zoom is only allowed while browsing finished docs; zoom is forbidden during crop and color adjustment.

Re. “ability to correct for lighting especially shadows”
Works well with non-flat lighting and high-contrast, plain drawings and text. Does not appear to contain any kind of localized contrast enhancement; if page itself is low-contrast and has variable lightness (i.e. a bad photocopy dark on one side) then CS will have some trouble with this; you will need to adjust sliders for best compromise. For especially bad scans, you might use the CS deskew only, but you’ll want an external tool to fix brightness and contrast.

Note if page is actually a photo, you will want high-quality lighting to capture that as computer has no way of know what shading is part of photo and what is due to lighting.

Re. “ability to correct skewing”
Yes, and a very good quality feature. Crop and de-skew is the first step, and it even maintains proper aspect ratio. CS auto-detects corners, but this can be manually adjusted if needed.

Re. “color unless the user unselects it”
Has general coloring modes, and each has sliders to tweak. Most modes are color; but there’s one grey-scale and one black-and-white.

Re. “easy displaying of recent scans on ones mobile OS device”
Built-in feature.

Re. “capture of scan time into scan”
Unknown; date and time are captured, but I don’t know how they’re incorporated into exports.

Re. “easy ideally automatic upload of scans”
Reviewed above.

Re. “OCRing of scanning”
Yes, but unknown quality. The few I’ve closely examined have not been very good. Tolerable for search purposes, but you cannot rely on it.

Re. “capture of scan location”
Unlikely; I’ve never noticed such a feature, though also never looked for it. It may exist as a side-effect (jpg files capture from camera may have location embedded, and CS may copy this info to export jpg files.)

Re. “fast double-sided scans”
No; human intervention is required.

Re. “ability to assemble pages into a single web-document”
Not as such; can export PDF or series of jpg, but not HTML.