Nov 292011

(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst1943) (LT2VER version 2.0) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM

(LT34FB=_ track leader requirements & responsibilities )  )

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LWUCZD=This track the design used by Developers & Users specialty tracks, as _ Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers’ Training and a few others.)
    2. (LT34H3=Virtually everything practically possible is handled for leaders, making their job maximally easy while still insuring top quality of every meetup.
      1. (LT34OJ=Common group-management tasks fully else nearly-fully handled for leaders includes: event design (mostly), event advertising, event notice design & circulation, RSVP collection, review collection, working-out and publishing basic guidelines & rules, member profile design & standards, member database design, venue finding (often), and more –then allowing leaders to instead put their full focus on the topic & sharing it with their members and insuring everyone has a good quality time.)
      2. )
    3. (LWUCJ4=But there is work to do: Read (LWU0BK=_ event leader/host requirements & responsibilities).)


  2. (LSZCMP Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar


  3. (LSZMOT Motivation

    1. (LWUFR8=Originally to be used for but general enough to be used on any most any local tech group.)


  4. (LT2HIS Additional History, in order

    1. (LVFZGU=at time of its ID, I created (quote=(LT34FB Leader requirements & responsibilities: …)) in ((the OCAndroid (Advanced+Intermediate Developers’ Meetup=formerly Bash for Advanced+Intermediate Developers) 1 listing))
    2. (LVFZ85=
      (so to have better storage for this info)
      (I created (this post )
      1. copying ((LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.11.13(Sun)pst2029) (LT2VER version 1.1) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM (LUMDBI=an optimized agenda for in-person group teaching when (topic takes many cumulative sessions) and (students are at different skill levels & attend unpredictably)  ))
      2. then removing all that didn’t apply and correcting the rest
      3. then set its ID to LT34FB matching the original source
      4. then moved content from listing 2 to here’s LSZDEF’s LVG1FV
    3. (LVG24S=set to (version 1.1))
    4. (LWU2P8=now at quote=(LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.14(Wed)pst1355) (LT2VER version 1.2) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft)))
    5. (LWU2QO=Removed content moved to (LWTU1D=_ group leader requirements & responsibilities and (WU0BK=_ event leader/host requirements & responsibilities


  5. (LT2PLN Additional Planned Changes, in order

    1. (LVG1EY=organizing text)

    LT2PLN )

  6. )