Jan 182017

OJ6EE0: period 5 (2017.01(Jan)) in reverse order of ‘US.92654(Laguna Hills) BYOD SimulSquad™(portable Co-Working/Training&Socializing on Your Topics)’ ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5750#OJ6EE0

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  2. OKODME: at & after 2017.02(Feb): see {next period: /5818#OKODJF} :OKODME
  3. OJ70WA: 2017.01.30Mon Meeting :OJ70WA
    1. OKD5QC: advertising
      1. OKMBM7: poster
        1. OKMBLW: file.
      2. OKH2V6: SMS derived from last meeting announcement OK7XAD:
        Me: 29Sun 9:07 PM: ‘OKH2V6: Hi!, Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin & Dave, +newbies Greg, Joan, Gabe, David, Sharone, Vince, +[to be ]1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Marco, Eric.
        Lkg fwd 2u joining us at ur meetups TOMORROW 2017.01.30Mon http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKH2V6#OJ70WA & UPCOMING MONDAYS’
        US.92654(Laguna Hills) BYOD(Bring Your Own Device esp laptop else desktop) SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics)…’
        Me: 29Sun 9:20 PM: ‘…happening ~weekly since 2014! (here’s last week’s pics: angle
        20170123_211538.jpg & side 20170123_211554.jpg20170123_211554.jpg), currently every Mon 4pm til midnite~ (join for as many hrs as u’d enjoy) at nearby Del Taco (home of the late nite coders!) on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball!
        RSVP a little: ensure hosts Lucy or I know the times&duration to expect u. Then bring your devices, projects, & tech toys and prepare for food, friends, fun, & gettin a lot done![™]
        See ya there!
        -Michael’ plus additional in order happened:

        1. OKM4E4: Me: Mon 1:42 PM: Like these our 1st time ever group pics via SMS? Also Sharone & Joan, thanks much for your automatic & prompt RSVPs for this today’s happening. 🙂 …Everyone else, especially {the other not yet regulars: ‘newbies Greg, Gabe, David,.. Vince, +1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Marco’}, grrr! …as my announcement asks, for planning, we event hosts are waiting for your answers to at least our RSVP question. So just hit reply-to-{sender/me, not the whole group} and share you plans & thoughts …as we all wanna see ya again! 🙂 including know what time period to expect you.’
        2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. OKPGKL: yesterday spot ‘angle 20170123_211538.jpg20170123_211538.jpg’ is displaying its pic now an invalid symbol whereas ‘side 20170123_211554.jpg20170123_211554.jpg’ is still displaying its pic properly.
            1. OKPH1C: diffing the source via awesome http://cacycle.altervista.org/wikEd-diff-tool.html, the significant difference appears to me to be URL component after ‘https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/’ where {’VCE_-5-’ fails but ‘V-’ still works}.
            2. OKPIYR: fix by replacing the broken with same as last for OKPHQ5
          2. OKLXQ4: note https://photos.google.com/search/20170123__211554.jpg gives no results: a Google photo bug?
          3. OKLXEF: for account privacy, decide to cut 2 picture links (so with URL as https://goo.gl/photos/t9H..nG6)
          4. OKKU3Q: using the new GV interface, send message to all 14 recipients with cell #: ‘Group Message.+V+cUVm++1d3iTBFr7/Few’ part 1 29Sun ‘9:07 PM’ then part 2 ‘9:20 PM’
          5. OKKTNK: ~5min ago, send out sample as non-split SMS to both Janin & Gabe to see if it could avoid cut-off; no reply thus far.
          6. OKKPWB: Lucy reviews and says ok but suggests splitting into 2 SMS; (yet still keep each SMS within ‘440 characters :OKKQZG’; so split at just before ‘happening’ plus expand out some of the words in the end.
          7. OKH3HK: new: trying to keep to ~600 characters per last SMS; now 1101, then 981 then 890, then 835: it appears impossible to get shorter & still be complete, Fortunately essential stuff is generally 1st and 600 characters ends with ‘Lake Forest Dr’.
      3. OKD5S3: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/237177646 : 3 additional (Bill, Janin, & Dave)
      4. OKD5V4: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237177648 : 0 additional but 1 potential: RSVP NO {Marybarbara meetup.com/members/189934620}.
      5. OKD5VP: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/237177647 : 0 additional
    2. OKPNJS: results overall
      1. OKNO4E: me: 2017.02.01WedPst 9:52 PM: ‘OKNO4E: Wow, SimulSquaders™! including prospects (‘regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin & Dave, +newbies Greg, Joan, Gabe, David, Sharone, Vince,’ +to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Bill C., Marco, Eric) plus our 2 added recruits Chris & Scott.
        MONDAY 2017.01.30 WAS indeed ANOTHER HOT MEETUP of Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKNO4E#OJ70WA ! See our attached group pic: angle 20170130_222653.jpg + side 20170130_222704.jpg & angle . And this time it went to 3am! –indeed until the Del Taco nite staff finally started playing loud mariachi apparently to drive us home 🙂 Including we had {again {8 happy attendees: sorted by strongest sub-squads: Greg & Gabe (talked to 2:27am!), David & Dave, Lucy & Bill, and Janin & me}} plus {2 more passer-byers wanting to join us: Scott & Chris}. See ’My tribute individually to every one of you our 10 local community persons participating in this happening : http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKNO4E#OKNR00 ’ as it’s too big to fit in SMS, thanks to all 9 participating! Indeed, with also {all the tech toys attendees brought, including a 24in monitor + a desktop computer + now 2 projectors}, we’ve grown to where we now were overflowing Del Taco’s south wall seating! We even had our 1st event banner! –on a diagonal on window 2 of 4. If you’re not already doing it, Reply To Messages, as it makes coordinating dramatically easier & more enjoyable plus shares & customizes our events for you, plus if you haven’t attended recently it ensures you’re not dropped from our invites; specifically please Aim To Always Reply, at least to my SMS or other messages, at least when the message has questions or otherwise suggests reply, even reply to an announcement (just ensure you reply-to-{sender only, not group}) even if you’d RSVP NO (as then hosts can plan & learn including often turn your & others’ RSVPs to YES especially when you share why); plus I aim to, & usually do, give a caring personal reply back. Looking forward to our next adventure together… SEE YA MONDAY! -Michael’ –2066 characters

        1. OKNR00: My tribute individually to every one of you our 10 local community persons participating in this happening :OKNR00 . THANKS TO…
          1. OKNQX3: 3rd timer Greg for joining us even though it meant driving to us after a 6:30pm big funeral way out in Pomona plus still again bringing & sharing his hot vids plus new tiny projector, plus pleasing several attendees for hours with his walking Wikipedia of specific-tech plus national & international political knowledge, most especially with Gabe.
          2. OKNQXE: secondary host Lucy for, to my design, creating our 1st meeting banner! (see it on the center window in the pic; looks sharp!) plus as always {setting the standard for using our SimulSquads to get the most work done on personal projects: this time here she got a website updated and wrote 2 roasting songs for a choir to sing at Joan’s 80th birthday party this Sunday!}
          3. OKNQXV: regular Bill, for {fully proactively, including fully documenting what he did in Google Writely/Docs} installing {my chosen replacement OS for MS Windows: Linux Manjaro KDE :OCU5FL}, indeed 2 different installs, on {my much newer & fancier & mostly more reliable computer, a 21.5in Lenovo tablet} which has just been collecting dust since {~2016.01: when its hard drive spontaneously crashed ~1 month outside of its 1 year warrantee}
            1. OKOI76: …since for about a year now I hadn’t gotten around to fixing it, even though my present laptop (an old backup) is literally falling apart (due to my years ago community service where someone “helped” me pack up by carrying my backpack to behind my car wheel!), probably a case of ~‘cobbler has no shoes’(JoniDaniels.com), since {MS Windows bugs have understandably & long burned-me-out on doing more computer admin} so I’ve instead been busy {organizing these SimulSquads} + {developing advanced creative solutions as {knowledge automation :OKLMXK}}.
          4. OKNQWQ: Regular Dave for helping newbie David get his desktop driver’s working and providing him fun interesting company for his entire visit.
          5. OKNQWX: 2nd timer David, a techie who has apparently been technically-isolated, so wisely coming to SimulSquad and indeed very busy using it & our help to get all up-to-date{all his computing devices: a buggy older desktop plus a non-booting laptop plus an ancient non-smartphone} even if it meant, as it does, both hauling his desktop to SimulSquad plus (harder) increasingly learning to trust the tech advice of others with more experience including mine, including, as he did at this meeting, buy Lucy’s backup Nexus 7 2013 (and at her cost: $63 –a steal for a still working one) which she just very carefully bought & didn’t want to sell but because I showed her David indeed really needed it more.
          6. OKNQWT: Regular Janin, a professional full-time Android coder, for opening up to our new types of good beyond tech.
            1. OKPFEX: Historically she’s had a strong desire for technical meetings to be {only technical and definitely avoiding political}, which sadly is indeed still the norm.
            2. OKPFFH: But despite this, she heard my & Lucy’s goal for SimulSquad to be much more than pure technical, indeed is, else aims to be, a comprehensive topic {outlet & renaissance} sharing & balancing ideally all aspects of life which can be constructively covered within our venue, in both talk & even writing, and indeed saw {other participants, as Gabe, Greg, me, & Bill} enjoying & needing this exchange, so letting this be, and even having some fun talking across the isle with Gabe & Greg, even checking out & laughing along with a little {Michael Moore :-), notably his documentaries which are all comedies on American politics and how to fix it, specifically the great films ‘Where To Invade Next’ & ‘Trumpland’ that David & I had brought as a gift for her & Dave}.
          7. OKNQXA: 5th timer Gabe for sticking to coming to SimulSquad even though, especially due to me, that always means his not {just venting, so readily getting the reputation of being ‘a do nothing’ or ‘wuss’ or ‘just a complainer’} but {foremost taking top corrective action, especially “no pain, no gain” targeted working-else-focusing on improving himself & our society}, including…
            1. OKOH3I: Understandably & expectantly Gabe said a big thing which had him join us this time is to have a constructive outlet to share {the unprecedented stress & unease {most of us, including he, me, Lucy, David, Sharone, Joan, Bill, Greg}, like many if not most Americans, are currently going thru, from being aptly concerned the American government is now on rapid decline, due to the beyond-expectations unprecedented changes, mostly hellish according to polls & now daily protests & personal experience, which our new {US president: Trump} is subjecting America to in only his 2nd week on the job, which {Real Time‘s host: political comedian Bill Maher} calls ‘Yes, last week really happened!’ and which I describe it as ~‘I don’t like this political fiction movie about America; please let me out of the theater!’}; well Gabe found that outlet here, having long talks about with me & Bill & especially Greg, plus using his phone to discretely share many of his comic-relief political videos on one of our big screens.
            2. OKPF9E: Also smartly & entirely-on-his own for the first time {Gabe brought real work to do here, and important, too: doing his Covered California dental plan signup due next day} so while with this crazy last week,
          8. OKNQXJ: 1st timer Sharone for being the 1st to YES RSVP and indeed automatically.
          9. OKO73E: 6th timer Joan for her 1st time to SMS RSVP.
          10. OKNQXO: founder & primary host me Michael, for hosting & coordinating the whole thing as I always do with regular improvements, even though that often means spending several times as many hours behind the scene doing prep & improvements.
        2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. OKQDA6:  compose new group SMS conversation https://voice.google.com/messages?itemId=F8652B01-0FBF-4AE1-B4F2-B5A8F7BB6AE1  with 17 (note Codie & Eric are missing because we’ve no cell and Scott hasn’t enabled SMS but sending in case he does).
            1. OKQGDF:  now send getting https://voice.google.com/messages?itemId=g.Group%20Message.ayG%2FM7UwVTA%2FHIiAuDPJ8w  & ‘Group Message.ayG/M7UwVTA/HIiAuDPJ8w Add \ 2/1/17 9:52 PM 9 seconds ago’
          2. OKQ4E6: starting now, Lucy proofs this section: makes about 5 small corrections; agrees.
          3. OKPHPB: add pics:.
            1. OKPHQ5: ‘side 20170130_222704.jpg’: simplest{from album view: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WSikq..BtOjj_Dug=w1006-h566-no} has no ‘VCE_..’ so use it even though got ‘Get link’ https://goo.gl/photos/Ti4..dT6 ; do same for ‘angle
              20170130_222653.jpg’ except put 1st and skip ‘Get link’. :OKPHQ5
    3. OKCHLT: participation additional in alphabetical order by 1st name:
      1. OKPLSC: new prospects: interested customers:
        1. OKPLT6: Chris
          1. OKPLW6: took our pics for this
          2. OKQ78N: 1st SMS: Me: 01Wed: Chris, awesome 1st meeting you at the end of {BYOD SimulSquad 2017.01.30Mon http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKQ78N#OJ70WA } …including thanks much for taking our picture: they came out great & I’ll be SMSing out to u & everyone in just a few minutes! Good luck with those Cal State Fullerton studies. We quite look forward to seeing you again this coming else soonest Mondays -) -Michael’
          3. OKQ7GO: now I create Google Contact & eTag from 1st comm ‘Me to +1949..871 Add – Laguna Beach, CA \ 2/1/2017 6:39 PM 49 seconds ago ’
        2. OKPLSV: Scott
          1. OKQ6YL: now I create Google Contact & eTag from 1st comm ‘Me to +1949..753 Add Saddleback Valley, CA \ 1/30/2017 8:21 PM 46 hours ago
      2. OKQ1IJ: Bill Z.
        1. OKQ1KG: SMS & other remote comms:
          1. OKQ1LD: 30Mon:
            1. OKQ23T: Bill: 1:45 PM: What “grrr”? There was no question! Last week you asked please update via sms, this week not. Also, don’t like pix via mms, Voice doesn’t support it, and they should be posted to Meetup. Also also, bring your giant tablet and favorite Linux, this is just bugging me. 🙂
            2. OKQ24E: Me: 1:57 PM: There’s Bill! And thanks for the detailed feedback; replying to all it, over a few SMSes: The RSVP Q is implied: ‘ensure hosts Lucy or I know’; so what’s your ‘times&duration to expect u’? I would appreciate you coming right at the start, or at least 15min before 5pm, as I hope to say hi again to the brand new store manager, (as we barely see him as he leaves at 5pm) to help build our venue relations, so it would be good to have another attendee with me then.
            3. OKQ24L: Me: 2:03 PM: And yes I’ll bring the huge tablet: thanks for reminding me; as I’ve no BitTorrent here, can you bring https://downloads.sourceforge.net/manjarotorrents/manjaro-kde-16.10.3-stable-x86_64.iso.torrent ?
            4. OKQ24Y: Me: 2:08 PM: You reply: ‘Voice doesn’t support [pics]’ –actually it now does, so how I sent them: via GV’s new interface’s feature ‘‘photo sharing’ :OKB3DJ’ –search JotHere internally for those details. So as it would seem to, does that fix your ‘don’t like pix via mms’?
            5. OKQ257: Me: 2:19 PM: You reply ‘[instead group pics] should be posted to Meetup’ -actually, per our painfully-slow but smart trend to never rely on Meetup, starting this meeting especially, I’m now foremost posting our pics on JotHere within the appropriate event’s section, so here within that event URL additional details which should be public later today. And delightfully increasing of our attendees are not on else really using Meetup, as I’m finding folks from elsewhere; this also notably reduces prospects & attendees from doing the usual crappy Meetup behaviors, such as like remotely wrongfully {quitting us and/or complaining about us especially behind our backs} (notably instead of having to do the right thing: interactively talk with us, ideally in person}. Still I plan us to secondarily & eventually upload our pics to our multiple Meetup groups, too. Thoughts? Sound good?
            6. OKQ25H: Bill: 3:00 PM: Re: MMS in GV: Yeah, I heard that rumor. No, mine does not. Neither the rumor nor my GV say how to access MMS. The ones you sent appear as “MMS Received” with no pic or link.
            7. OKQ25Q: Bill: 3:02 PM: Re. meetup: I’m not asking you to *rely* on Meetup, but to *use* Meetup. If you’re so impressed with the pics, post them to Meetup. If you haven’t switched away from Meetup yet, then post them to Meetup. Don’t do things half way; you have Meetup now, so use it!
            8. OKQ25Y: Me: 3:10 PM: Yes Lucy’s Android phone showed just ‘MMS Received’, too. But what version of the of the Android GV app are you running? -as I imagine updating will fix that; does it? -at last Monday’s SimulSquad my Samsung Tab S2 auto-upgraded to the new GV interface, and is now at version 5.0.144897884, which works fine including displays SMSed pics.
            9. OKQ267: Me: 3:22 PM: RE your ‘Re. meetup: ’: it looks like you missed where I wrote ‘I plan us to’, yes? -else what else? Do also realize it takes uploading each pic to 2 to 3 groups as the groups don’t share any info by Meetup’s {horrid design: their #1 complaint}. Also do u see any particular urgency to put pics on Meetup? –as do you or significant persons you know want the pic {download links or tagging or commenting or something}? …as I don’t especially as while we’ve kept the listings current, increasingly we’re getting {almost nobody from Meetup: only ~1 person per 4 months!}; including the last one was Jerry W., and while participants from Meetup have routinely {exploited our especially my help: took hours of time helping them but then gave nothing back}, as you know, Jerry {beat them all: did much worse} by ~21x!
            10. OKQ2AD: Bill: 4:03 PM: Website. Haven’t checked the Android app.
            11. OKQ26J: Bill: 4:56 PM: I’m noticing a distinct lack of Michael at Michaels meetup …
            12. OKQ2AH: Me: 7:34 PM: Yep, as you didn’t say your ETA Lucy & I made our cool poster. But thanks much for holding down the fort 🙂
      3. OKCZ74: David B.
        1. OKCZ7B: SMS & calls & email :OKCZ7B: see ‘for ‘2017.01.30Mon Meeting :OJ70WA’ :OKM1F2
      4. OKI7AM: Dave V:
        1. OKIV1B: SMS & calls :OKIV1B
          1. OKIUX9: Me: Tue 10:56 AM: ‘MORNING, SimulSquaders™ & prospects! .. :OKAM6U
          2. OKQ2QR: 28Sat:
            1. OKIV0T: Me: 7:19 PM: Dave, RE my last SMS (1/24/2017 10:56 AM 4 days ago’: ‘DO U HV ANY OF MY TXTS TRUNCATED?..’): await your answers to this. -I’m especially worried because Janin has a severe limit (‘can only receive 603chars’) so if u 2 share the same phone carrier (as same phone plan), u’ll have it, too.
            2. OKLYDH: Dave: 10:08 PM: I haven’t seen any truncated messages except the last one that ended with “(Aside” just after the second URL. My messaging app can receive messages of at least 6000 characters, and maybe much longer. But it can only send messages of slightly over 2000 characters. The length of messages in Janin’s phone may depend on which protocol is actually being used, and which app is receiving the messages. I know I can go over 603 characters in a message when I send to Janin, but I am using SMS with the more compact character set.
          3. OKQ2RN: 30Mon:
            1. OKQ2RW: Dave: 1:46 PM: Janin and I will be there after a 7:00pm doc appointment. Maybe 8:00pm at the earliest.
            2. OKQ2SF: Me: 1:47 PM: 🙂 Yeah. Looking fwd to you guys. And did u see: you came out best in the pics, especially Janin!
      5. OKCIOK: Gabe
        1. OKCIOP: SMS & phone :OKCIOP
          1. OKCIGJ: Me:
            1. OKCIMJ: Tue, 10:59 AM ‘OKAM6U’
            2. OKCIMO: Tue, 4:40 PM: So, Gabe, thanks for saying late at the SimulSquad. And notice how I credited you in my last SMS to the group? 🙂
          2. OKCIGO: Me, Tue, 4:47 PM: But much much more important: remember what Sharone gave you as her parting words to you: ‘No, yabuts!’. At that time, I didn’t recognize the word ‘yabuts’; however Lucy did and this morning told me. And I think Sharone read you correctly, indeed Lucy & I were both impressed how fast Sharone read you. What did/do you think about that? Could maybe through the years you caught yourself an infection of ‘yabut’s? As I enjoyed, check out http://phoenixmasonry.org/yabuts.htm –the best description of ‘yabut’ I find from http://google.com/search?q=yabuts .
          3. OKCIGU: Me, Tue, 9:22 PM: Hey, Gabe. Awaiting your replies. Don’t be a ghost again. And don’t shy away. Gabe loves to talk! Surprised you haven’t replied already.
          4. OKCIH0: Me, Tue, 9:24 PM: Also, thinking of you, including your financial hardship now, I got an offer for you. Lucy pointed out this morn that I’ve given hours & hours of effort to help you, but (besides what every non-helper attendee does: your $5 for SimulSquad each recent visit -thank you), you haven’t helped back. Well so far that’s not on you, but on us, as nobody’s asked you to help …and rather I’ve been spending most all your visit time directing you to help you, but that seems pretty completed now. …
          5. OKCIH6: Me, Tue, 9:26 PM: So here’s a fun way u can now help back: at our SimulSquads, do our VJing! As u saw, it’s fun! And it should be mostly automated, so still leaving u plenty of time to also do your own projects & socializing there, too. And we hosts will provide {the equipment, esp. projector, stand, speakers, Fire Stick, Chromecast, & a little more} and can teach u to do it. You just do the setup & running & pack-up of this equipment. So to degree that u handle this for us, since you’re short of money now, we’ll waive part to all your normal attendance fee, plus give you regular praise. Your thoughts? 🙂
          6. OKCIHI: Gabe (mobile)
            1. OKCIHN: Tue, 10:50 PM: I did stay a bit later than planned last night. Yes, I did notice you had mentioned me in regards to the SMS.
            2. OKCIHT: Tue, 10:53 PM: As far as ‘yabuts’ possibly?
            3. OKCIHX: Tue, 11:00 PM: I do appreciate your help by the way. It was not my intention to monopolize your time however and take away from the group.
            4. OKCII1: Tue, 11:06 PM: As far as VJing I will think about it. Thank you.
          7. OKCII6: Me:
            1. OKCIIE: Tue, 11:21 PM: Good to hear back from you, Gabe 🙂 And thanks for addressing at least a little on each of my Qs. In my reply here, rather than start a parallel sub-thread on each, in a natural order I’ll reply back on each and aim to finish discussing that before moving onto another, so…
            2. OKCIIJ: Tue, 11:21 PM: First, thanks for again saying ‘I do appreciate your help’. You reply ‘It was not my intention..’; no one is saying it was. -So why do you state that? -Did you miss where I wrote you ‘so far that’s not on you, but on us[ event hosts], ’?
            3. OKHYV9: no reply from Gabe, so…
            4. OKHYVL: 5:53 PM: Await your reply (~16hrs). -Where’s Gabe? Gabe can gab faster than this: please do.
          8. OKHYWD: Gabe: Wed 10:47 PM Yes Mike , I did see that you wrote that’s not on me. I can gab faster than this in person or on the phone. To be honest I’m really not much of a texter.
          9. OKHYY7: Me:
            1. OKHZ17: 26Thu 8:34 AM: Thanks for reply finally. Expectantly I still await your answer to my primary of 2 Qs: ‘-So why do you state that[ especially if you before saw what I wrote you]?’
            2. OKHZ1D: 26Thu 8:38 AM: +thx much for sharing ur communication preference (& RE ur ‘to be honest’, very important for generally everyone: overall pls never hold back on ensuring the persons u’re interacting with know when & why u have an obstruction hurting ur interaction w/ them). When communicating remotely (as we are), I prefer ewriting, as texting, as it records everything in a searchable way & is async; however I’ll do verbal comm (as ph) whenever I see readily uncorrectable need for that; so, when remote, why do u prefer verbal over texting? -incl do u lack fast keystroke input? -something fixable 4near free.
            3. OKHZ1L: no reply from Gabe, so…
            4. OKHZ1T: 28Sat 7:50 AM: Gabe, RE my last comm (2 SMSes ending ‘1/26/2017 8:38 AM 46 hours ago ’ in response to you): Naturally await ur replies.. for ‘46 hours’… grrr! And my Qs should be easy for you even for texting. So u ok? -And what’s been going on that this week u’re suddenly snail-slow-if-that at texting back? –a real Q, as esp for helping us back as is right, as it wd be for anyone, it’s important that u’re reliably & usefully reachable).
            5. OKHZ1Y: 28Sat 7:51 AM: Me: Also I just last wrote u ‘I’ll do verbal comm (as ph) whenever I see readily uncorrectable need for that’, so if that’s the case & u want ‘on the phone’ as u last wrote, just tell me a time ideally for us to talk on the ph & then we’ll do a quick ~15 min ph chat. As ideally say 1 day before Mon SimulSquad (so now within a day), naturally I want to sync with u esp to prep u for ur any VJing & more.
          10. to send else reuse:
            1. OKBLU4: where running is VJing, specifically consists of {assisting any attendee who wants to project onto our big screen their {device screen or web page or video}, notably for their mini-presentation to all or part of our attendees} else, when no need for that (which so far is almost all the meeting), then {project continual background video {playlists and similar auto-play} to both show it’s cool to belong here and especially attract joiners, say via videos of sexy technology including gadgets & sexy-code & say 3D CAD fly-through else charming/cutsie cat & pet & animal vids or space voyages or fireworks or other non-sexual eye-candy, ideally with background music/sound if not distracting & nothing else playing, say foremost from YouTube even from your smartphone} –being our VJ should be fun! The VJer is the cool guy! And could help us a lot.
          11. OKQ2FO: 30Mon:
            1. OKQ2H0: Gabe: 6:27 PM: Hey Mike, I’ll be there at about 7:00.
            2. OKQ2H3: Me: 6:42 PM: There’s our Gabe. Great stuff. We here ready for ya so see ya then soon!
            3. OKQ2H8: Me: 6:43 PM: Be sure to bring that great laptop.
      6. OKPZFP: Greg
        1. OKPZFY: SMS and other remote comm esp to ‘Greg (949) ..168 – mobile’
        2. OKPZIL: 30Mon:
          1. OKQ0YQ: Greg: 1:51 PM: If I make it this evening will be late. Attending a funeral in Pomona.
          2. OKQ0YS: Me: 2:02 PM: Cool beans to see ya again, Greg! Yes we’ll be here late for you; what times are you thinking of coming? And can your bring your hottie vids and/or projector again? 🙂 Also sorry to hear about the funeral; I just had one, too: this month for {OC band performer Gabby}, my sis’s virtual bro.
          3. OKQ0YX: Greg: 2:05 PM: Funeral is at 6:30.
          4. OKQ0Z7: Me: 2:32 PM: So I guess we’ll see you at say 9:30pm, maybe 10pm. Meanwhile, best wishes on that. And hope u’ll have a chance to ‘ bring your hottie vids and/or projector’ 🙂
          5. OKQ0ZD: Me: 9:23 PM: Hope funeral’s going ok. We’re all here for you, even Gabe, waiting for our Greg to be in our group pic. 🙂 But drive safe.
          6. OKQ0ZU: Greg: 9:24 PM 42 hours ago:: On road, about 20 minutes
      7. OKB7ZK: Janin
        1. OKI7BD: SMS & phone: :OKI7BD (by default via ‘(949) ..500 – mobile’)
          1. OKQ15B: 24Tue
            1. OKI7N7: Me: ‘10:56 AM: MORNING, SimulSquaders™ & prospects! .. :OKAM6U’
            2. OKI7NR: ‘Janin: 2:27 PM: Yes, I have had some cut off too 1
            3. OKI7PL: Me: Thanks for reply, Janin. 🙂 ‘pls tell me last ~3words+chars up to cut-off &ur ph carrier’. 2:25 PM
            4. OKI7QY: Janin 2:51 PM: As relisti \2:51 PM: Metro PCS
            5. OKI7SS: Me: 3:27 PM: Thanks for answers. Ahh, Metro PCS, along with parent T-Mobile, is my choice, too, as I’ve found it to be highest bang/buck from a top carrier. Also coincidentally ‘As relisti’ actually could match 4 SMSes I sent you this month; so do you mean ‘as re-listi’ of message ‘OK7XAD’(I sent u ‘2017.01.23MonPst‘9:06 AM..’), else what?
            6. OKI7SW: Janin: 3:46 PM: Yes, 9:06am
          2. OKQ188: 28Sat
            1. OKI7TP: Me: 11:02 AM : Thanks. You have the same cut-off as Gabe. Switching to {awesome free GV http://1.JotHere.com/LZPSDV } fixes this and so much more, while still keeping your phone carrier indeed you can then easily switch carriers, too; SimulSquaders Lucy+Bill+Daivd B, even former Jerry, all use GV & love it. Thoughts? Indeed, as a geek especially doing Google, why haven’t you switched already?
            2. OKIFQA: Janin: 11:04 AM: Call quality is less, & it rings on my computer. Hangouts does the same thing.\ 11:05 AM: Most of the time, I don’t have wifi \ 11:06 AM: Plus, when I tried to call you, you even said it doesn’t work very well, don’t call
            3. OKIFQD: Me: 11:32 AM: Actually I tell folks {calling me ‘doesn’t work well’} as short-hand for {I don’t bother to get my voice calls working well because, like Millennials & increasing others, I strongly prefer texting & other ewriting instead, specifically as I want {a searchable record of all my conversations plus not to have {unscheduled interruptions to have a conversation “else” play phone tag} plus not to have to have a quiet & private environment to converse plus neither of us to have to wait for each other to figure out our thoughts plus the ability to easily send URLs & similar tricky text} and that’s all a TON easier via texting & other electronic writing instead of remote voice as calls}.
            4. OKIFQJ: Janin: 11:36 AM: That’s all a T – end of your message \ 11:36 AM: I like both, texting is more tedious than talking, & phone sex, you have to talk \ 11:37 AM: I like to hear someone’s voice, hear their giggles, & other things \ 11:38 AM: Janin: I don’t text while driving, & sometimes I do a lot of driving.
            5. OKIFQN: Me: 11:48 AM: Yep, better to sexing than phone sex 😉 And, ugg, I forgot u can only receive 603chars (per ur cut-off point there). Ok, end of my msg is ‘and that’s all a TON easier via texting & other electronic writing instead of remote voice as calls}. 11:32 AM’. +yes it’s useful&fun +sometimes essential to hear tone of voice, but if we can just become good readers & writers (a big if), we don’t need to, plus voice is much more problematic to record (including legally & customarily) plus transcribe & index. And Android has voice-to-text (& perhaps text-to-voice) which big helps esp when driving.
            6. OKIFQS: Janin: 11:50 AM: Still can’t read texts while driving, & talking is much faster
            7. OKIFQX: Me: 11:59 AM: Android may have text-to-speech so one can read while driving, though I’ve found most people’s texts are generally {so short it’s not a problem to read them while driving} (and rather the much bigger problem is to safely write texts &while drive) else have another passenger read & send texts (indeed should be carpooling anyway) else pull over. And yes ‘talking is much faster’ IFF {don’t ‘have to wait for each other to figure out our thoughts’ and it’s possible for all parties to then take a voice call} which is a sizable if.
            8. OKIFR1: Janin: 12:02 PM: Most people I know don’t have trouble figuring out what to say on the phone, & I can’t read my phone with my sunglasses on, & difficult at night too. So, when I’m driving, no texting. \ 12:03 PM: We all have our little quirks, don’t we? \12:03 PM: I’m just imagining something reading your texts out loud with all the weird stuff in between – really funny
            9. OKIFR6: Me: 12:09 PM: Yea, reading my texts requires smart reader -would be funny. And I certainly don’t want anyone to do something that requires unsafe driving. And I’m not suggesting you replace ph calls all together, add GV as most of ur other SimulSquaders have. 🙂 On that… \ 12:09 PM: Why is it ‘Most of the time, [u] don’t have wifi? Regardless, as implied Good News 4 U: GV call quality is less sometimes but only if one uses _VOIP_ from a slow {mobile ph or {laptop esp w/o a close mic/headset} (for instance, if like me, one really want min phone calls so doesn’t subscribe to any phone line carrier), NOT less quality if one uses Android GV app as that then uses one’s cell phone carrier (just calling a local number internally) to place & receive ea call so then one also {don’t have to have wifi -except maybe for texting via GV; easy2test}. So, _sound_ better? 🙂
            10. OKIFRD: Janin: 12:11 PM: I used GV when I was interviewing. I found it annoying. Don’t have wifi at work
            11. OKIFRL: Me: 12:38 PM: ‘found [GV] annoying’?! Please elaborate. And u’re saying your personal devices don’t get ‘wifi at work’? -well again, good news: per my last SMS, that’s fine for GV (even for SMS as now I tested: Lucy w/her ph wifi off just received & replied ‘Yes, I got it.’ SMS via Android GV app) IFF ur smartphone/tablet/hotspot can get ur ph carrier’s signal (as can place/receive calls if ph); can it? -If no, why not?
            12. OKIE2X: Me: 1:30 PM: Await ur answers. Also u write ‘Hangouts does the same thing’ as GV: Thx for reminding me of Hangouts. Yes that or similar might better than SMS …to remove the length limits + add group-chat + it’s a pain to {copy each SMS chat to where I can share it with other members, as example this message (to appear) at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKIE2X#OKIE2X }. But I’ve almost never used Hangouts. So how do I reach u via it? How hard is to share conversations? -what if redaction is needed? And what obstacles do u foresee if SimulSquad did ideally all our remote talk via Hangouts?
            13. OKITZX: OKITZX: Janin: 5:25 PM: I use hangouts a lot less than SMS – I tend to ignore it a lot \ 5:26 PM: I have Hangouts automatically with my Android phone, but Gmail is closely tied to it. I use it when I forgot my phone. \ 5:27 PM: You can do video calls with it too.
            14. OKIU0H: Me: 7:04 PM: ‘I use it when I forgot my phone.’ -you mean when you forget to bring your phone? –then what device do you use to Hangout? -elaborate, pls. Also overall your stream on conscious on Hangouts is interesting, but naturally foremost I’d like you to answer my Qs to u {on it, plus on my SMS prior to it}, ok?
          3. OKQ1BG: Sun29:
            1. OKKDB2: OKKDB2: Janin (by way of Dave V’s cell ‘(949) ..300 – mobile’) vmail: ‘1/29/2017 2:34 AM 12 hours ago’
              1. OKKDEZ: transcript automatic: ‘Hey Michael. This is Janine. I want you to remove my name off the job here. I want you to put just a if you would please. Especially since you put something on there about me saying something about phone sex. I don’t appreciate that. I thought our conversations are private, but I guess they’re not. So I will be very guarded and anything else. I ever text to you. So anyway if you do that, that’ll be fine. Otherwise. I don’t know if I even want to come to any more meetings. Especially since you mentioned idiocracy on my part. Thank you. Bye. Bye.’
              2. OKKDF8: transcript corrected: ‘Hey, Michael. 🙂 This is Janine. I want you to remove my name off the JotHere. I want you to put just ‘J’ if you would please. Especially since you put something on there about me saying something about phone sex. I don’t appreciate that. I thought our conversations are private, but I guess they’re not. So I will be very guarded and anything else I ever text to you. So anyway if you do that, that’ll be fine. Otherwise, I don’t know if I even want to come to any more meetings, especially since you mentioned Idiocracy on my part. Thank you. Bye. Bye. :-)’
              3. OKKDSY: reply (in addition to OKKDMP) –constructing, very rough:
                1. OKKE53: SimulSquad’s needs’ to share participant knowledge so all can benefit where practical, yet still notable redaction already done?
                2. OKKE5A: one’s right to share one’s conversations, esp w/name redaction
                3. OKKE5N: Yet even with them, by default, no uniquely identifying info is given on SimulSquad participants. Currently only first names are used.
                4. OKKE2J: And there’s no need for you or anyone to worry, for many reasons, including:
                  1. OKKE2P: I’m here, as I always have been, to find solutions so everybody wins (just don’t panic!), also
                  2. OKKE2S: did you see the redactions we do? -detailed more below, as correct me if I’m wrong but it seems you & all attendees privacy is already appropriately protected, as it seems to me only other SimulSquad attendees would know who is being talked about and only they remembered the other attendee by name. And
                  3. OKKE2Z: if you don’t already know, web posted content is so much today that, even with web search, seemingly most of never gets meaningfully human-read unless other person’s are pointed to it (including often requiring one to pay Google or other advertiser to advertise it!, where Google makes ~95% of it’s money), and so
                  4. OKKE36: if indeed JotHere still actually needs to be updated, all we have to do is work out a win-win fix and then do the update, so I’m also here to talk about that. Besides privacy, so you also see our needs here?
                5. OKKE3H: I’m spending hours every week remotely talking with SimulSquad where almost continually it’s 1-on-1 conversation on stuff that could help the group, as this our SMS thread on Google Voice & Hangouts, so I share my conversations to benefit other SimulSquaders plus JotHere plus the world
                  1. OKKE3P: it’s no secret, indeed I just talked with you (via SMS) about Hangouts assisting with this feature and pointed you to that message on as an e(at ‘I can share it with other members, as example this message’
                  2. OKKE3Y: but only with notable reductions (did you notice them?) including by default:
                    1. OKKE42: {only those attending can know who’s being talked about, by {only minimal name: notably just 1st name plus, when still ambiguous, last name initial},} and
                    2. OKKE4A: no phone numbers & emails & other contacts.
                6. OKKE4K: Yes JotHere posts are correctable, so let’s work out some mutual changes.
            2. OKKDMP: OKKDMP: ‘Me: 2:49 PM: ‘RE ur vmail 2me today ‘2:34 AM’: I just saw it. Came via ur hubby Dave’s ph -odd; why? Very saddened 2hear u were alarmed; naturally we don’t want alarm 4anyone!, so let’s try 2work out systems 2more avoid. I hear u, so aim 2find us something so _everybody_ wins, and with no panic & sudden negative requests&changes, I expect we can. Do u also well-see the balance? -as SimulSquad’s needs,+ 1’s right to share 1’s conversations? So yes us also offering handles may work! I wrote u more but as this sensitive&balancing &u cant get SMS >600chrs, let’s handle in-person right-away at ur next SimulSquad.
          4. OKQ1CN: 30Mon
            1. OKQ1FQ: Janin: 4:43 PM: I have a doctor’s appointment, should be there by 8:30
            2. OKQ1FW: Me: 7:27 PM: Thanks. Looking fwd to you two.
            3. OKQ1G1: Me: 7:46 PM: SimulSquad (me & David B. & Bill) are making you a gift of 2 comedy full-length movies. What formats can you play especially on your big screen at home? –what data format (as file, or DVD or Blu-Ray), and on what storage media (as thumb drive or DVD or Blu-ray)
      8. OKLY2L: ‘Joan .. (323) ..272 – mobile’: SMS only, quote:
        1. OKLY5F: Joan: 30Mon 11:06 AM: Can’t come tonight. Sorry.
        2. OKLY5U: Me: 11:28 AM: Thanks for your 1st SMS RSVP 🙂 Ok, hope to see you at next ones. And meanwhile, in my SMS you’re replying to, did you get our 2 pics? -like em? 🙂
      9. OKIFUQ: Lucy
        1. OKIFV4: SMS & calls :OKIFV4
          1. OKIFY3: Me: 10:56 AM: ‘MORNING, SimulSquaders™ & prospects! .. :OKAM6U
          2. OKIFY8: Me: 12:29 PM: Lucy, per my earlier SMS to Janin of ‘except maybe for texting via GV; easy2test’, I’ve just turned off your wifi on your phone to see if you can receive this SMS, coming in thru your GV app, via just your phone carrier’s Internet connection. So reply if you get this.
          3. OKIFYB: Lucy: Sat 12:30 PM: Yes, I got it.
          4. OKPYYR: 30Mon:
            1. OKPYW0: Lucy: 1:29 PM: Sorry to be late. I went to lunch with Betsy and a friend at the 19. Bringing you fish and chips. I have one more stop to make. ETA 2:15 pm. 1:28 PM
            2. OKPZ14: Me: 1:29 PM: 🙂
            3. OKPYRB: Me: 5:46 PM Sign is good. 😉 Bring the Del Taco coupons, OK?
            4. OKPYU1: Me: 30Mon 5:57 PM: And bring say 4 more signs.
      10. OKLXSZ: ‘Sharone (OK8TB7) (818) ..839 – mobile’
        1. OKLXVJ: ‘Group Message.YheWu8aOtviKu/iUttlpgQ :29Sun 9:29 PM +1818..839 – Not sure what time I’ll be there, but I plan to be there’
        2. OKLZXP: ordinary SMS
          1. OKM00M: Me: 30Mon 11:58 AM: Sharone, thanks for the RSVP YES ‘Sun, 9:21 PM: Not sure what time I’ll be there, but I plan to be there’ –as always, we’re delighted u weekly join us! So for u, it’s nicely back to work to work on that novel {and, & ideally via} your publishing via http://1.JotHere.com/author/DoctorGingee –complete your bio there! Plus had a tad of back pains to ask u about 🙂
          2. OKM00R: 12:07 PM: Via your reply, which was responding to my SMS group message to 14 people, you group-messaged your reply to 9 people. Did u intend that? How & why did u do that? Why just 9 not the full 14? Is it hard on your phone to reply to just the sender? …as, while no big here, a group-message reply to a SMS group-message announcement appears to me almost never needed & desired. This is the 1st time ever I’ve sent out official SMS group-messaging {embarrassingly –well due to before this month, Google Voice never having that full ability} and it’s looking like it may be an improvement, so it’s important to work out these answers for everyone.
  4. OJ70W6: 2017.01.23Mon meeting :OJ70W6
    1. OK77HL: advertisement

      1. OKAM6U: SMS derived from last OK7XAD:
        ‘MORNING, SimulSquaders™ & prospects! Just like our Sat March trip, yesterday’s weekly SimulSquad AGAIN A BIG SUCCESS! Thx incl 2participation of 8 of u joining. +This time the customer takin our pic turned out 2b the CIO of a famous worldwide corp, &was so taken by our group he said he’d suggest his CTO join us! Also Bill&I setup our VJing again, inspired by Greg’s initiative. +Thx Gabe told me my SMS/txts gettin cut off(2only~608chars) by his Verizon cell; so DO U HV ANY OF MY TXTS TRUNCATED? -ASAP pls tell me last ~3words+chars up to cut-off &ur ph carrier. +SEE YA MONDAY! -Michael :OKAM6U’ –601 characters

        1. OKASLX: SMS to same group as last OK7XAD: ‘1/24[Tue]/2017 [Pst] 10:56 AM 16 seconds ago’ + ‘10:59 AM’ + ‘11:06 AM’ + ‘11:17 AM’ :OKASLX
        2. OKAS92: 608=average(599,615,611)
        3. OKAOV1: Lucy just proofed & agrees. She didn’t yet know the term ‘VJing’ but sees I didn’t have the characters to spell it out.
      2. OK7XAD: OK7XAD: SMS derived from last OK1P72 & prior OJVPFB}:
        OK7XAD: Morning!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin, & Dave, plus newbies Greg, Joan, Gabe, Vince, plus first timers David, Sharone, Jessica, Tom & Codie, Jonathan, Eric, Marco, Danon[Damon], Yvonne, & Courtney.
        Wonderful our Golden State is finally getting some solid rain to aid our water shortage! Drive safe: no rushing. As rain or shine, we’re looking forward to you joining us at your TODAY 2017.01.23MONDAY’s and UPCOMING weekly’s
        SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics) BYOD(Bring Your Own Device especially laptop else desktop) of US.92654(Laguna Hills), as re-listing http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237002775 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OK7XAD#OJ70W6 …happening ‘2 to 5 times every month since 2014!’, currently every Monday from 4pm until ~midnight, come for as many hours as you’d enjoy, at nearby Del Taco (home of the late nite coders!) on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball! So bring your devices, projects, & tech toys and prepare for food, friends, fun, & getting a lot done. Important: RSVP a little especially kindly make sure an event host (me or Lucy) knows what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you. And see ya there! -Michael’

        1. OK97JV: until now, this included a hidden character within ‘Work­/Learn’ that corrupted in SMS; removed it. :OK97JV
        2. OK8STP: sent in bunches of 5 per GV: 2017.01.23MonPst‘9:06 AM 2 seconds ago ’ + ‘9:09 AM’ + ‘9:23 AM’ + ‘9:27 AM’

          1. OK9LE4: before :OK97JV, Gabe’s phone cut off at ‘re-listi’ so 599 characters
      3. OK77GZ: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/237002772 3 additional (Janin, Dave, Bill)
      4. OK77K6: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237002775 (0 additional)
      5. OK77NI: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/237002773 (0 additional)
    2. OJNLV9: participation, from longest 1st:
      1. OKB7YL: Destiny
      2. OKB7YZ: Bill
        1. OKCZ96: at my request, did our VJing 1st time.
        2. OKCZ9F: assisted Lucy a lot with correcting the sound of 1 of her video edits
      3. OKB7ZW: Lucy
        1. OKCZA1: did video editing
      4. OKB7ZY: Gabe
        1. OKB82F: SMSes TBA here
          1. OKCHIU: Me: Mon, 9:09 AM ‘OK7XAD: ..’ \ Mon, 3:53 PM: Gabe, saw this SMS? As naturally we’re awaiting your reply. Even if college doesn’t work out for you, there are still great stuff as I’ll share there. Most urgent, ‘what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you’ today? We need our Gabe!
          2. OKCI4I: Gabe (mobile) • Mon, 5:23 PM: G \ Hey Mike, I’ll be there around 6:30 and probably leave between 8:30-9.
          3. OKCIGF: Me, Mon, 5:37 PM: Great! Bring your laptop. Stay longer, u night owl. 🙂 What’s pulling you to leave so early?
          4. OKCIKT: –no reply
        2. OKBMPO: I spend most of his time here with him trying to direct him to help him.
          1. OKBMPS: Notably, as his last mission didn’t work, I direct him to join US Military.
            1. OKBMPY: including I search for nearby recruiters via https://www.google.com/maps/search/Army+near+92629/@33.5592106,-117.7037693,13z
            2. OKBMQF: But he doesn’t want to, for all sorts of reasons none of which are solid
              1. OKBMQM: this is rather upsetting & depressing to me (as he can see), for I tell him I know no options.
              2. OKBMS0: The next morning realize his reasons are almost certainly Yabuts.
          2. OKBMSM: more TBA here
      5. OKB81L: Sharone
        1. OKCZAP: 1st time joining, ref’d by OKCZMN
        2. OKCZBF: at my direction, created her 1st JotHere (so also WordPress) account: http://1.JotHere.com/author/DoctorGingee , and started her 1st post.
        3. OKCZRB: She had a great time and let me know she definitely wants to come weekly.
      6. OK7HYE: David.
        1. OKCZOM: 1st time joining, ref’d by OKCZMN
        2. OKCZOR: he has no working laptop, only a desktop now, still decided not to bring any computer because of the rain.
          1. OKCZPW: as this always does, this puts additional burden on attendees to talk more with him and prevents him from getting big work done, but it went ok.
        3. OKCZS2: he had a good time, wants to get more involved with us, and plans to come again.
        4. OK8WJQ: my relevant SMS in chronological order per start time: :OK8WJQ: see ’for ‘2017.01.23Mon meeting :OJ70W6’ :OKM1S0
      7. OK99MX: Marco: invited and said he would make it.
        1. OK99NF: planned vmail based on last OK99NF: Hey, Real estate agent Marco, this is Michael. On Monday you told us you’d definitely wanted to join our Monday SimulSquads, indeed you even joined in our group picture. So did you get my last text messages? As we’ve gotten no replies from you, so I’m calling to see if we have the wrong phone number, but, nope, we got your number right. So what’s the deal, Macro? 🙂 What your thoughts? -Don’t be a ghost. Text back soon. I’m at my usual #, 949..356, and text back. We’re meeting today!’
        2. OK99QO: OK99QO: place call: get OGM, This is ‘Marco M.. . (then again in Spanish)’. I leave planed vmail. Log ‘Marco (OK452A) Marquina (949) ..779 – mobile \ 1/23/2017 3:12 PM .. 2 minutes long’
      8. OK1OYK: planned: Greg, but only max ~3hrs as he has his daughters. Said next week.
      9. OK2FZY: planned: Tom: canceled.
        1. OKI6XE: SMS & calls (‘to Tom (OK45HY) (801) ..555 – mobile’)
          1. OKI6QH: Me: Mon 9:23 AM: ‘OK7XAD: Morning!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ ..’
          2. OKI6SX: Me: Mon 3:44 PM: Tom, awaiting your reply. Most urgent, ‘what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you’ and Code today? -on Monday you said you definitely wanted to make it. Also bring your neat pics!
          3. OKI6U5: Tom: 9:50 PM: I might not make it out today but I’m definitely excited to meet up one of these days. How was the march?
          4. OKI6VC: Me:
            1. OKI747: Tue 11:06 AM: ‘MORNING, SimulSquaders™ & prospects! :OKAM6U’
              1. constructing: Tom, awaiting you reply to my last SMS ‘OKAM6U \ 11:06 AM’: see question there.
            2. OKI6VG: Tue 4:08 PM: Regarding your last comm (SMS ‘1/23/2017 9:50 PM’ ~18 hours ago): just saw it, as having so much fun & a big nite at the SimulSquad, I’m just getting caught up answering texts from the few who missed it. Tom, yes the March was awesome, including better than expected, indeed 20K attended plus happened all over the world (just watch the news); plus 2 of the marchers I carpooled now also joined SimulSquad, loved it, and plan to come weekly …so we’re growing, even despite the rain! …we may run out of contiguous table space soon!
            3. OKI6W0: Tue 4:21 PM: So most important: eeks, I’m sorry to see you & Codie didn’t make it yesterday. You missed out! –see the write-up above. And with all you two’s enthusiasm, we expected you two to join. So smart you’re planning to join-in in the future, but What kept you & Codie from joining-in this time? -Know, per SimulSquad’s unique design, attendees get all sorts of work & study done here, including routinely better than they get it done at home & the office (so often why they come, including why newcomer Sharone now says she’s definitely coming weekly), so often ‘I have to do work/study’ means one should _especially_ be joining SimulSquads. And I thought you wanted to work on & share your art pics, yes? And Codie had possible SimulSquad stuff to do, too, yes? So then, Tom, ‘What kept you & Codie from joining-in this time?’
            4. OKI6WW: no reply from Tom, so…
            5. OKI6X0: Sat 10:43 AM: Tom, RE our last comm (my 2 SMS ending 2017.01.24TuePst ‘4:21 PM 3 days ago’), awaiting your replies, now ‘3 days’. U ok? -What’s up?
          5. OKIDOI: ‘Tom • 12:31 PM: I really just love your organizational concept. Did you by chance study under Noam Chomsky?’
          6. OKIDRF: me: Sat 1:11 PM
            1. Tom, there u are! Thx 4 the compliment, and Chomsky was there at MIT when I was there but didn’t meet him as both I busy organizing school events and…
            2. there I got turned off by philosophy depts from them often faking proofs & logic, as both {my 1st philosophy prof ran class titled ~‘Can machines be intelligent like humans?’ where actually only way to get A was to say ‘No’(&even tho there’s no proof!)}+{I heard MIT philosophy dept said ~‘Machines aren’t intelligent. As they can’t do calculus.’ so EECS dept proved em wrong (w/ Macsyma that aced freshman calc) so philosophy dept said ~‘How? Oh that’s not intelligent. Intelligent is where if we knew how it worked, it wouldn’t be intelligent anymore.’ (so relying on indefinable by definition!)}.
              1. OKIDN4: cut text ‘& EECS had an argument that when thus: ‘Machines can’t think.’ ‘What do u mean?’ ‘For instance, they can’t do calculus.’ ‘Oh really, let’s see… Ok, we just wrote MACSIMA which aces freshman calc’ ‘How’d u do that?’ ‘It’s’
            3. But, Tom, …are u spaced right now? …as I just SMSed u I’m ‘awaiting your replies’ to my Qs to that I reference from ‘3 days ago’!
        2. OK45HY: I now create Google Contact from ‘Me to +1801..555 Add – Salt Lake City, UT; 1/20/2017 8:48 PM 79 seconds ago ’
      10. OK45IQ: planned: Codie
      11. OK1OX0: planned: Jessica
      12. OK463X: Damon: planned; said he couldn’t make it.
        1. OK463R: now Create Google Contact from ‘Me to +15628524029 Add – Long Beach, CA \ 1/20/2017 9:01 PM 79 seconds ago ’
        2. OK98Z3: planned vmail: Hey, DJ Danon[Damon], this is Michael. On Monday you shared you may be interested in joining our Monday SimulSquads So did you get my last custom text messages? As we’ve gotten no replies from you, so I’m calling to see if we have the wrong phone number, but, nope, we got your number right. So what’s the deal, Danon[Damon]? 🙂 What your thoughts? -Don’t be a ghost. Text back soon.
        3. OK99DD: OK99DD: place call 1st time: after 4 rings, got ‘This is Damon’s voicemail. Please leave a detailed message.’ Left the planned vmail. Call log ‘Damon (OK463R) Stone (562) ..029 – mobile \ 1/23/17 3:04 PM .. 2 minutes long’
        4. OKAR7O: the script font on his bcard is tricky to read so until I had his name as ‘Danon’; it’s Damon’: make global updates
      13. OK2G00: planned: Marco
        1. OK452A: now create Google Contact from ‘Me to +1949..779 Add – Irvine, CA 1/20/2017 8:38 PM 83 seconds ago’
      14. OJNLVF: planned: Jonathan –to meet Janin & Dave as Trump voters.
      15. OK90KB: Courtney: invited last time.
        1. OK90KJ: have only tried to reach her via SMS, and never gotten any reply. So now 1st time call her:
          1. OK95N1: planned vmail, quote: Courtney, this is Michael. As I shared in my text to you then, we meet at the last LW Democratic Club meeting, January 11 (Wed), where we both happened to attending with our mothers, as they are both LW residents; in fact at one point there all 4 of us met each other, I met your mother and visa versa. Well then this is a message to you from both me & my mother. As there afterwards, you said you were interested in joining our local SimulSquad community meetings, currently every Monday 4pm-midnight, indeed happening weekly since 2014, it’s a great group. So I’ve custom SMSed you 3 times but have gotten 0 replies from you; so am now calling you, as we’ve another meeting today which I just SMSed you of but still no replies from you. What’s the deal, Courtney? Please reply and share what you’re thoughts are. And, if you changed your mind, tell why. Otherwise you’ve mislead us, and wasted our time, as not only are you a no-show but as to why we learn 0. So please explain this. As until then, we’re uninviting you. And if whatever you’re doing to us is nothing personal as you do it to others, too, then quit mistreating others as well.
            1. OK95VW: my mother, plus Lucy, also reads this message and say ‘yep, send it’.
          2. OK98EO: call ‘(949) ..551 – mobile’ after only 2 rings, got OGM ‘Hi, this is Courtney. Please leave a message’. Left that planned vmail in an appropriate stern voice. Call log ‘Courtney (OJW42Z) (949) ..551 – mobile \ 1/23/2017 2:45 PM .. 2 minutes long ’ :OK98EO
  5. OK1KXM: 2017.01.21SatPst08:15~-13:45~ Women’s March – US.CA.Orange_County {main one: in Santa Ana downtown} –big! :OK1KXM
    1. OK1OZM: advertisement
      1. OK1P72: OK1P72: SMS derived from last OJVPFB, quote:
        1. OK3TM0: OK3TM0: (Alert: this leads up to my next SMS: a special invite to you for a huge OC event happening tomorrow Sat 8am-2pm.)
          Hi!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin, & David[Dave], plus newbies Joan, Greg, Gabe, Vince, plus first timers Marco, Jessica, Tom & Codie,[ Danon[Damon],] Amy, Courtney, Bill C., & Jonathan.
          I’m wishing you & all people well on today Friday’s huge change of Leader of The Free World, specifically the ending of the leadership of Obama (with a now ~61% projected(0-spread) favorable (above average for exiting presidents) and rising (per all-major-poll tracking, averaging, & charting by RealClearPolitics); indeed a president I ~85% approved & found one of our best), well today he’s being replaced with the beginning of the reign of Trump (with in contrast ~a now ~46% projected(0-spread) favorable rating and overall falling (also per RealClearPolitics), so ‘the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years — by a large margin’ warns The Washington Post, indeed ‘America has never greeted an incoming president with more disapproval –now far fewer approve .. than voted him’ warns The Last Word 2017.01.19. And US citizens are increasingly disapproving of Trump for good reasons, as before even officially starting his job as US President, Trump is seriously faltering even the job’s prep work …as Trump’s routinely hiding from the press, warns NPR 2016.12.15, even wanted ‘to remove the Press Room from the White House’ and ‘WILL pick who gets in’ warns USNews, and also hiding from classified security briefings warns Politico. Possibly worst of all, many sources especially TRMS 2017.01.1819 warn Trump has fallen dangerously behind in making the normal 690 US presidential appointment replacements to oversee our government yes even though the ones doing the job now, Obama’s, are, as is normal, scheduled to have their jobs terminated today as Trump is supposed to have his own by now, including ‘no [National Security Council] staff in place to respond to crises’ (1st alerted by Politico) so even nobody in charge to maintain our nuclear arsenal (1st alerted by Gizmodo). Overall, of the 690 nominations needed to change US President, Trump has only completed 30 (1st alerted & tracked for every one by The Washington Post. And despite Trump nominations appearing dangerously few plus slow, Trump nominee quality normally appears bad if not downright corrupt and/or destructive: they’re routinely unqualified if not anti-qualified for overseeing what they’ve been put in charge of (just 3 examples: EPA appointment famous for leading anti-EPA via exploiting his former government job (attorney general) to actually be pro oil biz, also Energy (so overseeing US nukes) appointment who notoriously couldn’t remember the name of the Energy department nor knew what it did just thought it should be scrapped, and even a $500 billion oil deal for Russia & Exxon via Secretary of State appointment (the Exxon CEO) then removing sanctions on Russia as now oil biz runs even US government (warns TRMS 2016.12.07) –I _wish_ I were joking!). And, as you’d probably guess by now, they also routinely have ‘weak {vetting [notably background checks, or rather the lack of them] producing flawed nominees’ including with bad deeds that used to bar such persons from even getting nominated but under Trump they’re now slipping thru to be confirmed! Finally, from writing this for you this morning I then spotted a truly terrifying pattern plausibly explaining these and many other of Trump’s odd bad actions; ask me.). So today is a change of power which the increasing majority of US citizens, and much of the world, are worried by if not frightened of, including me.

          1. OK4464: SMSed in bunch of 5 per GV: ‘‘1/20/2017 8:26 PM 106 seconds ago ’ + ‘8:38 PM ’ + ‘8:48 PM’ + ‘9:01 PM 3 seconds ago ’
            1. OK9L63: Gabe’s phone cut off at ‘averaging, & c’ so 615 characters.
          2. OK43LX: ~10 min ago, Lucy proofed this
          3. OK1RGI: ‘favorable’ rating sources:

            1. OK28W0: for Trump
              1. OK1RYJ: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/trump_favorableunfavorable-5493.html (continual graph)
                1. OK1S0V: currently shows overall falling and ‘RCP Average 1/5 – 1/18 — 41.3 50.0 -8.7’ so projecting out the gap would be 46 (=41.3+8.7/2) vs. 54. :OK1S0V
                2. OK28HB: includes
                  1. OK28H8: Quinnipiac 1/5 – 1/9 899 RV 37 51 -14’
                    1. OK1T1M: cited by http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/01/10/donald-trump-barack-obama-quinnipiac-poll/96397974/ from #10 of OK1RGB
                  2. OK28J2: CBS News 1/13 – 1/16 1257 A 32 42 -10′ so projecting out the gap is 61(=59+(1005936.1)/2) vs. 39
                    1. OK292C: cited by ‘The Last Word 2017.01.19’ –they picked the lowest of the last 10 so biased IMHO.
              2. OK1RL4: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/trump-low-approval-rating-transition-233678 (‘Polls show Trump with historically low approval ratings \Majorities of Americans view Trump unfavorably — and also disapprove of the way in which Trump has built his incoming administration. \By STEVEN SHEPARD 01/17/17’) from #3 of OK1RGB
                1. OK1SGW: ‘That, according to The Washington Post, makes Trump the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years — by a large margin’ :OK1SGW
            2. OK28V2: for Obama
              1. OK28UW: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/obama_favorableunfavorable-643.html#polls from #4 of OK1RGB
                1. OK295F: ‘RCP Average 1/3 – 1/18 — 59.0 36.1 +22.9’ so projected
              2. OK1ROL: http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/obama-favorable-rating (continual graph ) from #4 of OK1RGB
                1. OK1RSI: currently shows rising and at ‘56.0 vs. 39.7’ so projecting out the gap would be ~‘58 vs. 42’ :OK1RSI
            3. OK1RGB: search http://google.com/search?q=Obama+OR+Trump+approval+or+favorable+rating :OK1RGB
          4. OK25B7: cut ‘so ‘Trump set to take office without most of his Cabinet’ warns Politico
        2. OK3TK0: OK3TK0: But GOOD NEWS: tomorrow Saturday morning there’s something very positive you can do about it, plus ‘Meet up & hang out with 1000s of other OCers wanting a better America!’ –Join us ‘2017.01.21SatPst08:15~-13:45~ Women’s March – US.CA.Orange_County {main one: in Santa Ana downtown} –big!’: ‘It’s one of 673~ sister marches happening at the same time worldwide!.. At this particular march/rally, it is ‘peaceful, family-friendly.. aims to unite the many diverse communities.. Men [and all ages, indeed] everyone is welcome.’.. I’m guessing ~4000 to 15000 marchers! It’s supporting rights for women foremost plus other human rights including civil, LGBT, & labor, plus human climate change prevention, per {its 19~ (many!) sponsoring orgs ..}; it’s NOT a ‘protest’ at least officially per OK1M6F but I expect most marchers will be foremost seeking notable improvement in our new US presidency’ quoting our re-listing, especially OK1LS3, to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OK1P72#OK1KXM which is based on ‘‘re-listing http://facebook.com/LWDemocraticClub/posts/816540605151968 . Main listing http://OCWomensMarch.Org –see that. Please RSVP to let us know your interest. Ideally dress to promote women/human/earth-rights or other political. Also bring cell phone, water, snack, plus outdoors weather protection from sun/rain/sun/wind as appropriate per say http://google.com/search?q=weather+of+92701 . ‘See also http://facebook.com/OCWomensMarch/photos/gm.286230755113640/396396514040694 ’. {Also naturally carpool if possible including ensure every driver+passenger has each other’s cell phone #. I and many others (volunteer!) will be offering rides leaving Sat08:15 sharp from LW(Laguna Woods) Clubhouse 3 near the bus stop where LW organizers will also be handing out signs (with your RSVP, we’ll approve you to get into LW gates).} But, however you get there, hope you join and hope to see ya there! -Michael’ quoting OK40AB

          1. OK44GU: SMSed in groups of 5 per GV: ‘1/20/2017 8:28 PM 106 seconds ago ’ + ‘1/20/2017 8:38 PM’ + ‘1/20/2017 8:48 PM’ + ‘1/20/2017 9:01 PM ’
            1. OK9L7Y: Gabe’s text got cut off at ‘supporting rights f’ so ~612 characters
          2. OK43KQ: ~5 min ago, Lucy proofed this
          3. OKQ86C: at earlier time noted, sent out but with replacing ‘quoting OK40AB’ & ‘, especially OK1LS3,’ with ‘..’ since these details can be found at that source.
    2. OKQ89F: results overall
      1. OKQ89Q: huge peaceful success. Stage announced that 20K attended, ~2 to 3x more than they expected & were prepared to handle. See local media as OC Register & local TV for extensive reports.
      2. OKQ8BY: my pictures
        1. OKQ8ZG: favorites inline: 20170121_102612.jpg + 20170121_100341.jpg + 20170121_114108.jpg + 20170121_121229.jpg
        2. OKQ8CA: album ‘http://1.JotHere.com/5750#OKQ8CA (all Michael’s (25) pics of the 2017.01.21Sat Women’s March {in US.CA.Santa Ana} then {MSNBC coverage of the march worldwide})’
    3. OK8T1P: participation additional
      1. OK8T24: in my car pool
        1. OK8T4Z: all Laguna Woods Village residents who didn’t have bus tickets (perhaps since it filled)
        2. OK8TEJ: instance
          1. OK8T2F: Toni
          2. OK8T2L: Sharone
            1. OK8TB7: now I create Google Contact from ‘Me to +18185160839 Add – Van Nuys, CA 1/23/2017 9:09 AM 5 minutes ago ’
          3. OK8T54: David
            1. OK8T5G: now I create Google Contact from ‘Me to +1949..820 Add – Saddleback Valley, CA \ 1/23/2017 9:09 AM 3 minutes ago’ :OK8T5G
              1. OK8T8U: He seems to say this # is Google Voice.
              2. OK8UT7: I now add Google Voice number ‘+1949..720 Speaker Add – Irvine, CA \1/23/17 8:57 AM 48 minutes ago ’ :OK8UT7
        3. OKCZHB: after March I took everyone to eat at Nina’s Indian of 92630 (Google)
          1. OKCZKD: except
            1. OKCZKO: 1st dropped off Toni as her 20yr pain condition was acting up
            2. OKCZLB: picked up Lucy to join us
          2. OKCZLO: my carpool guests (David & Sharone)
            1. OKCZMI: this was their 1st time there, and they loved it.
            2. OKCZMN: I & Lucy sold them on SimuSquad, and the decided to join Monday :OKCZMN
      2. OKCHDU: from my announcement
        1. OKCH4Q: Gabe: only did SMS
          1. OKCHE4: Me: ‘OK3TM0: ..’ Fri, 8:38 PM \ ‘OK3TK0: ..’ Fri, 8:39 PM
          2. OKCHE6: Me, Fri, 9:42 PM: So, Gabe, so what do you think of this? Indeed I bet my write-up on Trump really caught your positive eye 🙂 So are you thinking of going? Speak up… Don’t be a be a ghost!
          3. OKCHEA: Gabe (mobile) • Fri, 11:04 PM: G \ Hey Mike, I haven’t read your write-up on Dump. The event sounds interesting. I’m out ubering right now, trying to get back home. And yes I’m still alive. Sorry for not getting back to you.
          4. OKCHED: Me: Sat, 1:17 AM: Yes, ‘Dump’ 🙂 Good one! Why haven’t I heard that before? Yes read the write-up, you’ll like. You should check out the event, leave it up to you. Carpool is easier. Glad you’re getting back to me; more soon. short is: seems your next step is US military recruiter.
        2. OKECDV: Dave V. only did SMS :OKECDV
          1. OKGE09: Me: ‘Fri, 8:26 PM: OK3TM0: .. \ Fri, 8:28 PM: OK3TK0: .. \ Fri, 9:50 PM: Hey, David, hope you enjoyed this my write-up. Did you know these political stats? –I’ve done a lot of research on them over these last few days. Any thoughts? On the March, I’d imagine this event would not be you thing but it would still be fun to have you join. Do realize the march says ‘everybody is welcome’ so that would include Trumpers, too, indeed I’d insist on it[‘everybody is welcome’] for you.’
          2. OKGE1S: OKGE1S: ‘Dave: Sat, 9:16 AM: No, I didn’t know these stats, but I haven’t been paying much attention to them. I’ve been paying more attention to how the media behaves, and how the protests progress. I don’t see much point to the protests, in that I don’t see any goals of the protests, other than to vent anger. Some of the earlier protests had some purpose in trying to influence the Electoral College, which was not likely, but there was some chance. There was also some chance of protests influencing the House to not accept the results of the Electoral College, but people didn’t seem to put effort to influencing this step of the election process, probably because most people don’t know this step exists. Unfortunately too many protests during this election cycle have turned bad, probably because of just a few people. Even when the organizers tried to have peaceful protests, a few people ruin the intended protest and get the media attention on the bad part of the protest. For Saturday’s protest, I just don’t see any goal they hope to obtain, other than catharsis, which I doubt that few of the angry attendees will achieve. Even if the protest remains peaceful, which I expect it will in OC, the protest in linked with many other protests across the country today. I expect there will be destruction and violence at multiple of these protests. I would not add my support to such a negative cause. It is frustrating to see a few people destroy the hopes and plans of the people who organized the event. My expectation is that there will be a noticeable number of people expressing their anger in words and body language. I don’t need to be around so much negativity which has no purposeful goal. I don’t like the choices we had for candidates this election, but the only ways to change it at this time are violence to the winning candidate (which I strongly disagree with), or successful impeachment (which I haven’t yet seen any grounds for), or overthrowing the government (which would bring chaos).’
            1. OKGE3M: Me: ‘Sat, 9:57 AM: Thx 4 reply. Cant fully read yet . Marching now. It shows politicians to take environment [protection] et al serious. \ [so] Join!’ :OKGE3M
            2. OKGEBL: Me: 7:43 PM: OKGEBL: Dave, RE ur SMS ‘OKGE1S: ..Sat 9:16 AM’, thx4 ur {nicely detailed: 1984 char!} explanation (w/ ur No RSVP 2my Women’s March invite); this is
              MY REPLY 2 (now I gotten time 2reply fully) -Lkg fwd 2ur replies! 2B complete, it’s {long: 13556 chars (so near 7x more in appreciation!): 2302 words} & structured, so won’t well fit into SMS, so see it starting at this very msg/pt at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKGEBL#OKGEBL but when opening that URL, B4 SCROLLING its window tab, 1st ensure ur web browser scrolls to that pt OKGEBL; help at http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=OKGEBL#NVTR95 . (Aside: this msg is a OK8RV9 copy-then-edit)

              1. OKECPT: While I was saddened by your not joining us, still this is your 1st detailed sharing about your relevant political feelings that I’ve known you’ve to give SimuSquad: please keep them coming! …as we need to know to who everyone is in order to find win-win-win solutions, and while you’ve come to many of our meetings, I and likely other attendees got the feeling they didn’t know you as, while you talked good tech, you apparently weren’t sharing your feelings in detail as this, so I much prefer this your new direction as that gets that fixed.
              2. OKEXUS: BTW, I can receive seemingly unlimited length SMS (as one would guess by my sending them) due to my using free great Google Voice, but do know if you don’t already that {some can’t receive long SMS per my last SMS alerting & asking ‘SMS/txts gettin cut off(2only~608chars) by his Verizon cell’} and {if you send a long SMS, especially when I’m prepping-for & running events, it might take me up to say 1 week to reply}. Still, especially if you get to your main point fast, as you do here, I’m still able to give you a useful quick reply, indeed as I did here –by having another attendee read your text to me as I was driving then I texting you back even as I was marching! So in, long replies about something needing timely reply (as this event), it’s worth prefacing with say ‘I realize you’ve probably very busy now’ and/or some intro as ‘Appreciate the invite; I’m RSVPing NO; what follows is Why.’.
              3. OKG7BK: OKG7BK: Still, especially when you’re RSVP is NO, yes please do send detailed explanation where practical! -as that helps SimulSquad understand you and find win-win-wins. Indeed you thankfully gave me a lot of material I’d like to reply to you on, so I’ve actually drafted you more reply to you than I send in this my reply 2 to you, as to prevent overload of you, allow me in this 1st pass to leave out the additional & tricky, so here keep focus on the most core: the reasons (which are actually quite mistaken) causing your decision to not to join us for the march, as if they’re corrected as seems proper, that should have you joining us in the future plus {even bigger good by you: improving your voting & other government directing. as that affects all of us}. Specifically,…
                1. OKGH71: I was fortunately able to start {addressing your reasons, showing you key points of the march I then was able to see you were missing} even while I was marching(!), by {replying then ‘..‘Thx 4 reply. Cant fully read yet . Marching now. It shows politicians to take environment [protection] et al serious. \ [so] Join!’ :OKGE3M’} plus, had I gotten to your ending point, I also would have sent say ‘…as actually significant legal & moral correction against what Trump’s attempting CAN be immediately done so IS being done, starting especially at this march.’ So that my fast reply to you is actually on target to the concerns you raised (so I was hoping to hear your reply to it); indeed,…
                2. OKEXUX: I’m pleased & thankful you’ve committed to detailed writing your foremost reasons for not going to our march, even including your relevant predictions about the march. As, in due respect, unlike my march predictions & participation basis, yours appear the opposite of truth/accuracy (as I just mentioned by ‘quite mistaken’, and as I’m about to explain in case you haven’t already realized this), so your ewriting me your reasons including in advance, then much better enables acceptance of your having made mistakes here in this random sample …so I, and hopefully especially you, can work for towards correcting your {estimates so plans, so corrections including {votes, as per above ‘voting quality standards’}} for our country’s future, as what you do there affects all of us. Indeed
                  1. OKGW8H: such correction applies for me, too: whenever I’m mistaken, I can & do correct mine (though sometimes slowly, as nobody’s perfect), and where I don’t, especially where it harms others, I prey for & appreciate someone telling me ideally constructively.
                  2. OKGWIS: moreover, commands our present president, ‘We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.’ quoting http://cnn.com/2017/01/20/politics/trump-inaugural-address
                    1. OKGXKW: so one of his rare constructive statements and {yet another goal from him far-beyond what he’s constructively able to live up to, as by his deeds are stark contrast: to cite just some he has a history of defrauding his contractors and even {his customers in running casinos & Trump University}, uses & exploits migrant workers in Dubai, knowingly falsely for years lead the effort to claim (our & his) US president was not US born so impeach him then when exposed as a faker then fake-blamed it on his leading opponent candidate Hillary, in his campaigning for president {he hid & faked his medical reports, still uniquely refuses to release his tax returns (so we can’t really know him, especially his actual financial success & tax-paying honesty) and cites reason (audit) that doesn’t actually stop release, and worst supported if not colluded with the Russians to successfully rig the election against {his leading opponent: Hillary} while (with unpreceded hypocrisy) still falsely claiming it was rigged against him (so also making him a sore winner)}, so as far his ‘honestly’ his lying ‘is in a different category. The sheer frequency, spontaneity and seeming irrelevance of his lies have no precedent’ as far as US presidents & even candidates, even Nixon, reports Politico (and, to this effect, many others, which has gotten worse compared to earlier Politico), indeed days ago his administration pioneered an “official” term for it, the term ‘alternative facts’ (as the latest Trump Newspeak); and similarly he has ‘pursue solidarity’ so “well” that today America never been more divided since the Civil War!}, so well deserving of this twitter response to Fox News tweeting this (‘so I guess Fox News has to shut down then, and you have to shut up ’ (and resign)) …but still…
                    2. OKGXK5: a remarkably well-phrased goal everyone should strive to live up to.
                    3. OKGZBX: but back to the subject…
                3. OKEXV1: Specifically your here reported primary reasons for your not going to the march appear mistaken {substantially, as based predictions where reality is roughly the reverse}, as they appear to be these 3 reasons:
                  1. OKGDJ9: ‘I don’t see any goals of the protests, other than to vent anger.’ –well then what do you think about your missing, else not mentioning, these 3 other big reasons for it?
                    1. OKGEUQ: –of
                      1. OKGEVK: ‘It shows politicians to take [protecting] environment et al serious.’ (which I texted you back, but you haven’t yet replied to) +
                      2. OKGEVP: {beyond politicians, it gives both supporters & opponents a measure of how big support is so to know what to do next} (and here this march is among the largest, if not the largest, worldwide overall non-violent political demonstrations in all history!!)
                      3. OKGEVU: {(per US Constitution’s & more’s Freedom of assembly ,) this like any demonstration allows supporters to find each other so they can then plan further support action} (and as a consequence, I hear joining into organizations doing further follow-up has surged since this march)
                    2. OKGEUZ: –all 3 are reasons for marching which, as smart as you are, you it seems you should have figured out yourself, else mentioned. Why did you see else mention these? I’m guessing because foremost you had missed the ‘significant legal & moral correction against what Trump’s attempting [that] CAN be immediately done’ (quoting me above) as you reply in ‘your ending point’…
                  2. OKGDKV: your reason ‘the only ways to change [who is our US president] at this time are [3]..’; that is correct except there’s 3 more significant methods, and all legal & moral:
                    1. OKGEYF: since the present president is one of those bad ‘choices we had for candidates’, as far as his impeachment and keeping him from {mis-misbehaving especially as he’s infamous for}, we can and rightfully should then keep a watch out for him doing wrong & notify him we’re watching, and indeed ~‘put the president on notice’ was a key rallying cry during this march, plus
                    2. OKGEYL: something the people continue to directly control, the president is (very) sensitive to his popularity (indeed was/is this very week disgustingly narcissistically obsessed with mis-claiming {the most people ever showed up for his inauguration} and {he also won the popular vote, as just voter fraud claimed otherwise} –stuff even fellow Republicans leaders are telling him to stop mis-claiming), plus
                    3. OKGEYR: something the people continue to indirectly control, the president routinely needs the support of congress to get his appointments & other changes to stick especially permanently, and every US citizen is entitled to peacefully pressure his/her congress members at any time, and the leading follow-up on the march is to do exactly that ASAP.
                  3. OKGDLN: and finally, your reason ‘I expect there will be destruction and violence at multiple of these protests.’ Well I wouldn’t be recommending if I thought it was problematic there, and appears I was right, and your prediction was the reverse of true, as by all creditable reports I’ve seen it was shockingly peaceful, as ‘Never has a U.S. presidential inauguration inspired so much protest. .. with more than a million people in the streets of America to oppose his stances’ reports OCRegister plus thousands in 60 countries worldwide, even Antarctica! …yet virtually all ‘peaceful’ indeed even in the {reportedly most massive indeed ~3x overloaded} location of Washington DC, {not a single arrest was made} reports TheHill.com and reports NBCNews.com; indeed after watching ~4 hrs worth of MSNBC, which spent all Saturday reporting on the march across the nation indeed the world, I heard 0 mention of any arrests or violence.
                4. OKEXVF: So, you appear to making some big mistakes, specifically estimating the reverse of true, per your strong negative mis-assumptions of it, here on this march which you see is big worldwide political movement so affecting me and you indeed all us Americans (so why I respectfully grill you it: to get it right going forward); indeed you here show you quite noticed & thought about the march, but still didn’t go, even when I shared to with you going was important …so also not trusting me! So my 2 big Qs for you, Dave:
                  1. OKGHG2: Why did you make your mistakes here?
                    1. OKGHGJ: ….both before & after the fact, so
                      1. OKGF1V: Why did you do these mistakes in the 1st place?
                      2. OKGF1R: Have you already realized your mistakes here and appropriately auto-corrected? (I kind of suspect you haven’t, including since you haven’t replied saying so.) If not, most importantly, why haven’t you? –why have you not appropriately auto-corrected?
                    2. OKGHK0: Since you’re intelligent, I suspect all your answers (for why you made these mistakes, possibly even after-the-fact) are foremost {because you have {been and/or let yourself be} mislead from your not following political news sources which is good and/or you’re following news sources which bad}. Thoughts?
                      1. OKGK6D: I suspect this for many reasons, the latest of which is {your march estimate here being the reverse of true} + {your writing ‘No, , I didn’t know these stats’ even though these are vital stats on the Leader of The Free World who you presumably just voted on! –as these stats were well covered by responsible news media, per my citations to them}.
                      2. OKGI1F: FYI, US political news sources which I’ve found good so follow, listed from fastest first (so not much time to keep up!): KPCC (just keep all your radios set to it by default, as least for whenever you drive), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (just ~25 comic minutes/week), Vice Media especially Vice News Tonight (~20 minutes/weekday), Bill Maher (I mostly agree) especially Real Time (~50 half-comic minutes/week), TRMS (~42 minutes/weekday) and other {MSNBC else CNN –good for seeing what happening right now}, then {respected newspapers as Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, OC Register –good for individual issues but not big picture unless you keep up}. Plus in general, whenever one wants to look into an issue in detail (plus contribute to those details!), foremost Ballotpedia else Wikipedia.
                        1. OKGJTP: Since US government has been significantly deteriorating in recent years, I spend ~2 hrs every day following these, so quite a bit of investment; but again someone could get a lot with almost no time by just by following the fast ones I mention.
                      3. OKGIZG: So what US political news sources have you been using recently?
                        1. OKGJAP: At our last SimulSquad (Monday), you were vague and seemed reluctant to answer, which worries me. There you finally mentioned one, KFI, but {by your style of answering, I didn’t get the feeling that was your leading source} {while KFI is probably not bad, I suspect that doesn’t nearly have the completeness & accuracy of KPCC}. So please elaborate.
                        2. OKGJAY: You’re answer I also want to for my concern for Janin: as {she voted Trump without discussion I saw apparently because of news she got} and {Where does she get her news? Well she SMSed me ‘(2016.09.19) .. News.. I get what I need from [only] Dave’ –which is also worrying}.
                  2. OKGF1Z: What have you learned from your mistakes here? Including how to you plan to correct yourself moving forward?
                5. OKGJVS: And of course, if you see any significant relevant mistakes I’ve made, here & elsewhere, please let me know, too!, ideally constructively.
                6. OKKX5C: subsequent SMS
                  1. OKLWXT: Dave V:
                    1. OKLYDO: 28Sat Sat, 10:55 PM: Dave [bolding & br added by me] 10:55 PM: I caught up with the mother’s comments.
                      There was a miscommunication about the Saturday march. By far, the biggest reason I didn’t go, and the reason which is multiple-times more important than all others, is that you would have to give Janin a very important (to her) reason to do anything at 8:00am, especially on weekends. All the other political stuff is minor in comparison to my spending weekend mornings with Janin.
                      As for my news sources, and being vague about it, I couldn’t tell you the source for much of my information, because I usually don’t remember the sources. However, I do remember the reliability-factor that I attach to remembered information. Some of the information I have, is the result of an analytical composite of other information in my head. A good example of that is when a co-worker asked me about a circulating email warning about liquid heated in the microwave in a new, clean mug, where the very hot liquid can explode when the mug is removed from the microwave. The co-worker asked me if the email could be true. I rattled on about the physics of super-heated liquids, and nucleation of gas bubbles, and cascade reactions, and said that it can happen. The co-worker asked me how I knew all of that info about super-heated liquids. I said I didn’t know it until I was asked, which was true. When asked, I assembled, analyzed, and combined other information already in my head, to deduce the cause and action of a super-heated liquid in this case.
                      The Saturday March did result in arrests and violence in some areas, although much less than many other protest marches.
                      As for Janin voting with me because I provide her with the information I choose: I provide her with news that she would probably be interested in, which I have learned about her over time to know what interests her. And sometimes she votes opposite of my choices. Which is OK with me because that is her opinion, and I prefer being with a woman who thinks for herself.
                    2. OKLX3N: [bold added by me] 29Sun 9:15 PM: For your two questions in reference to my not being in the Saturday march:
                      1) “Why did you make your mistakes here?” My only mistakes are that I didn’t follow your choice of voting, which is not a mistake in my mind, just a difference of conclusions, priorities, and opinions used to process available information. If it is mistakes for not being at the march, then my mistake is giving higher priority to being with the woman I love, over being where others want me to be.
                      2) “What have you learned from your mistakes here? Including how you plan to correct yourself moving forward?” Being that my “mistake” is to not follow your voting, I have learned that you are a fervent, involved, and informed voter (which I already knew), and which I prefer to voters that get a few sound-bite political commercials or use strict party loyalty to make their decision. How I plan to correct myself moving forward, is to not discuss my political views at SimulSquad gatherings, and thereby I may be exempt from political pressuring.
                  2. OKLX57: Me:
                    1. OKLX68: 29Sun 11:22 PM: Thanks again for a detailed reply, Dave! Plus giving it so quickly (though please ensure you’re not too reading too fast what I wrote for you, as it seems you might per my next point). I especially liked ‘ I prefer being with a woman who thinks for herself’. When time, I will respond more to what you reply with; there’s lots of good info about you that you shared.
                    2. OKKX5S: 29Sun 11:23 PM: Me: But 2 negative mis-readings of what I here wrote you which I see you’ve gotten are quite important to ASAP correct, as then then understandably lead you to mistakenly {get upset probably plus decide ‘to not discuss my political views at SimulSquad’}: (note if stuff gets cut off here because your SMS can only get <~603 characters, this text will also soon be in my posts so you can read it in full there).
                      1. OKLX6G: 11:23 PM (1) While I very strongly suspect it, I am NOT and would NOT _assume_ that Trump is a mistaken choice for US President –because nobody can know that for certain so soon in his presidency, so assuming either way would be wrong & rude. So the mistakes that I write you of are absolutely NOT, and would not be, on that question, but ‘here on this march’ (quoting OKEXVF: where I asked you ‘my 2 big Qs’ on mistakes), because all 3 of the reasons you gave (which you beforehand suggested was what was keeping you from going the march, and even if they actually weren’t still clearly they were important enough for you to detail up-front in nearly 2000 character SMS!) well all 3 are relevant big political/march ‘predictions where reality is roughly the reverse’(!) quoting & detailed at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKKX5S#OKEXV1 , so those 3 of 3 reversed predictions are the mistakes I’m talking about, and even if you’re reasons for not going were non-political, these reversed estimations appear undeniable and on significant matters, else I wouldn’t be asking you these 2 Qs. So that should be good news. So kindly just answer my 2 Qs with regards to those 3 reversed estimations.
                      2. OKLX8L: 11:24 PM: (2) by that & more, while here I’m very much discussing & asking about political matters, as I explain there, it is per your initiating by rightfully sharing your personal political viewpoints, and also I am not doing ‘political pressuring’ of you or anybody here since, by design, I never tell you what or who to vote for; rather, seeing you apparently {politically reverse predict 3 of 3 and suggest you decide based on these or at least that’s notably on your mind}, I’m merely seeing how much you saw those mistakes and encouraging & challenging you to see & correct them especially to avoid more, for as I explained, as well as initiating by rightfully politically sharing your thoughts, {your vote counts as much as mine so becomes (logically & hopefully culturally) my business, too. –stuff I explain at starting at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKKX5S#OKG7BK and much more in {upcoming point http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKKX5S#OKEXVO –currently there but collapsed to ~.1 line}}.
            3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. OKG72T: Reply 3+
                1. OKGEQ9: –UNDER-CONSTRUCTION & additional TO BE SENT LATER, as noted in OKG7BK:
                2. OKEXVO: I should preface by saying that (IMHO tragically) US law for voting is (still) {not epistocracy (Google Search it), indeed popular voting requires no license showing ability to constructively vote, indeed requires 0 knowledge/expertise on the issues, candidates, & government being popularly voted on in order fully vote on them …but still publically celebrates even a random or destructive voting with ‘I voted!’ sticker}
                  1. OKH2JO: –unlike other most other activities which readily can & significantly do hurt others, as driving, being a doctor, or even being a plumber, so which all require proof notably license showing constructive ability before allowing doing.
                  2. OKH2JR: So expectantly our present culture (IMHO tragically) considers it rude for one to hold even a fellow citizen to any voting quality standards; for instance,
                    1. OKH2K1: on every popular vote, someone who waits to the last hour to consider & decide on the say 60 answer options or who just bulk copies someone else’s recommended votes (as their party’s) even without a moment of asking if each is right (as people commonly do when they join a party), or even puts random or destructive votes in spite, has his/her vote counted as high as the person who more properly does days if not weeks of careful research & thinking for his/her vote –something clearly unfair.
                    2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                      1. OKG1VX: replaced this child section with a generalization I anticipate this example would be too sensitive for Dave as Janin is his wife who he advises on news and probably voting:
                        1. OKG1SD: to go after ‘any voting quality standards’: for instance I was saddened to see Janin apparently wait to literally the last hour to review & decide on the ~80 ballot choices of this last popular vote (though thankfully in _her_ case, she came to meet with me 1st to get my advise, but on only the ballot issues), so likely lowering overall vote, as her vote carries as much weight as mine or others who had spent weeks researching & considering the choices.
                    3. OKH2K4: Most real for me, after this last election, I was shocked to see all 3 of my 3 closest local Trump voter friends be shocked when I shared with them Trump was now expectantly strongly including immediately working to stifle the EPA, as they had all severely mis-assumed that, like them and most intelligent Californians, Trump wanted to protect against human climate change –yes even though Trump famously campaigned against such protection even called climate change a hoax by the Chinese! –so I hadn’t bothered mentioning to them Trump’s position that during the election because _I_ mis-assumed they would know at least their own candidate they were so strong for, at least on the issues that they cared about …but no, all 3 of 3 didn’t! because of US’s present tragic lack of any voting quality standards.
                      1. OKH2KI: Well that shocking reality caused me to independently invent epistocracy (before I found out a month later someone already had) as epistocracy is the only technique I can see which would {nip that in the bud, by ensuring voting only if appropriate knowledge or at least training}, so why IMHO epistocracy is US’s voting #1 long-term need.
                  3. OKH2KP: But meanwhile I imagine you expect of yourself some knowledge/expertise to guide your vote, as I certainly do, yes? So, to degree practical, I will do some of this presently-rude but healthy activity of holding you, just like any citizen, up to voting quality standards
                    1. OKH2KY: …just as I would want you & them to hold me to, so including just as one so I should & do hold them to good standards for safe driving, as, like driving, voting puts ones neighbors at risk, so
                    2. OKH2L5: …just as it is responsible indeed commendable to accurately call people on risky driving (as ‘friends don’t let friends drink & drive’), it’s about time we start calling each other on risky popular voting,
                    3. OKH2LA: …just as we increasingly do for behavior which readily puts others at significant risk.
                    4. OKH2LF: Sure it’s novel, but makes sense, yes?
                3. OKEXVS: Thanks for sharing ‘I don’t like the [US President] choices we had for candidates this election’ (also neither did I!), as that suggests even though you presumably voted for Trump, you weren’t a fan, yes?
                  1. OKH2LQ: As you not being a fan of Trump suggests you’re not as ‘far gone’ as I worried you may be –a complement of you! But sadly ‘far gone’ here comes off disrespectful in our present culture, but that is not how I intend it and I wish our culture would catch up, as today it would certainly not disrespectful but commendable for even a stranger to accurately say ‘hey this person appears too gone with drugs or alcohol to be safe to drive’, and similarly it should be for risky voting,
                    1. OKH2LV: as I and millions of Americans I never have I seen any US presidential candidate risker that Trump, not even close, so much he was allowed to run simply because modern government never conceived else prepared for such a risky candidate being nominated (inventors of the Electoral College foresaw it, but their prevention has long since been nullified).
                  2. OKH2LZ: FYI, I certainly wasn’t a fan of Hillary, either. As Hillary had a few mars, including possibly most serious, she (like Trump) also never apologized, including refused to apologize for even her ‘deplorable’ reference so which itself was deplorable. The only candidate I was a fan of, and still am, is Bernie. But after 2016.06 he wasn’t an option.
                    1. OKH2M5: So, since the Electoral College wasn’t going to stop Trump per its original design, like millions of other careful Americans, to prevent Trump winning, I voted for Hillary.
          1. OKCHGN: more TBA here
      3. OK8TX1: people I 1st met there
        1. OK8TXO: Yvonne
          1. OK8TXY: now I create Google Contact from ‘Me to +1714..887 Add Anaheim, CA \ 1/23/17 9:27 AM 4 seconds ago’ :OK8TXY
        2. OK8U21: more, possibly TBA here
    4. OK1LS3: description: It’s one of 673~ sister marches happening at the same time worldwide! per OK3YB9. At this particular march/rally, meet up & hang out with 1000s of other OCers wanting a better America! It is ‘peaceful, family-friendly.. aims to unite the many diverse communities.. Men [and all ages, indeed] everyone is welcome.’ says OK1M5X. I’m guessing ~4000 to 15000 marchers! It’s supporting rights for women foremost plus other human rights including civil, LGBT, & labor, plus human climate change prevention, per {its 19~ (many!) sponsoring orgs :OK2HQZ}; it’s NOT a ‘protest’ at least officially per OK1M6F but I expect most marchers will be foremost seeking notable improvement in our new US presidency, including I expect to see protesting of most of Trump’s present means for change; more at OK1NAI; I hope to be driving people there, too’ :OK1LS3
    5. OK1L9Q: maker’s entry: http://facebook.com/LWDemocraticClub/posts/816540605151968
      1. OK1LUF: Hundreds of demonstrations around the world are being planned for Saturday, Jan. 21 in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington, which is expected to be the largest inauguration-related demonstration in United States history.
      2. OK3ZYP: logistic details in emails https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/Women’s+March+lwdemoclub%40yahoo.com+2017 (qty 3) :OK3ZYP
        1. OK41SV: says stuff debatable else applicable only to bus riders: :OK41SV
          1. OK41LV: {marching starts at 09:40 and at 12:40 the rally is over} but this differs from official.
          2. OK41V0: ~‘then at the end of the rally we’ll drive back to Gate 3, arriving at 13:15~.’
          3. OK41OW: ‘Don’t engage [with protesters of the rally], just keep walking.’ says OK3ZYP.
          4. OK41S9: ‘There may be fake news reporters. Best to direct anyone who says he/she is a reporter to the media area.’
          5. OK41W0: ‘‘Find a buddy to stay with, as there might be over 5000 people!’
      3. OK40AB: essential details: ‘re-listing http://facebook.com/LWDemocraticClub/posts/816540605151968 . Main listing http://OCWomensMarch.Org –see that. Please RSVP to let us know your interest. Ideally dress to promote women/human/earth-rights or other political. Also bring cell phone, water, snack, plus outdoors weather protection from sun/rain/sun/wind as appropriate per say http://google.com/search?q=weather+of+92701 . ‘See also http://facebook.com/OCWomensMarch/photos/gm.286230755113640/396396514040694 ’. {Also naturally carpool if possible including ensure every driver+passenger has each other’s cell phone #. I and many others (volunteer!) will be offering rides leaving Sat08:15 sharp from LW(Laguna Woods) Clubhouse 3 near the bus stop where LW organizers will also be handing out signs (with your RSVP, we’ll approve you to get into LW gates).} But, however you get there, hope you join and hope to see ya there! -Michael :OK40AB
        1. OK40OA: logistic details now include those OK3ZYP except ‘stuff debatable else applicable only to bus riders: :OK41SV’.
      4. OK1M54: ‘See more on the Women’s March in Santa Ana: https://www.facebook.com/events/266741163729266/
        1. OK411M: OK413O: See also it’s http://facebook.com/OCWomensMarch/photos/gm.286230755113640/396396514040694 (from OK3ZYP) as that has important additional details unfortunately embedded in pic so not easily found there
          1. OK415S: includes essentially (so just read it there) ‘At the rally location, the plan is: at 09:00 marchers gather at the start of the march then at 10:00 .’ also ‘‘No backpacks. No signs with sticks.’ says OK3ZYP
          1. OK2HQZ: sponsoring organizations: listed under ‘Who is organizing’: currently 19 ‘community organizations’ :OK2HQZ
          2. OK1M6F: archive created now: http://web.archive.org/web/20170119195935/http://ocwomensmarch.org/ :OK1M6F
          3. OK1MGI: official form for {RSVPing: optional but ‘encourag’ed per ‘Do we need tickets’ of OK1M5X} & event description including the 16 of {the 19~ sponsoring orgs :OK2HQZ}: https://eventbrite.com/e/womens-march-on-washington-orange-county-registration-30141611371 :OK1MGI
          4. OK1MLA: primary world headquarters entry https://www.womensmarch.com/faq#sistermarches (archive http://web.archive.org/web/20170119171455/https://www.womensmarch.com/faq/#sistermarches)
            1. OK1MWJ: note it says ‘no official or legal relationship between The Women’s March on Washington and the sister marches around the country and world’
            2. OK1P0S: National March (in Washington DC)
              1. OK1P1R: maker’s entry http://WomensMarch.com
              2. OK1P1Y: ~10min ago, MSNBC aired they estimated ‘200,000 expected to descend on DC for’ it
            3. OK1N29: directory including map of sister marches: http://womensmarch.com/sisters (archive http://web.archive.org/web/20170119171053/https://www.womensmarch.com/sisters)
              1. OK3YB9: currently ‘NUMBER OF MARCHES: 673; SISTER MARCHERS (EST): 2,226,540’ :OK3YB9
              2. OK1N80: currently ‘NUMBER OF MARCHES: 616; SISTER MARCHERS (EST): 1,364,010’ so average marchers/march: 2214 :OK1N80
              3. OK1NAI: review http://ocregister.com/articles/march-741490-trump-women.html (‘Saturday’s marches could evolve into anti-Trump movement’) :OK1NAI
              4. OK1NJM: in US.CA.Orange_County, from estimated biggest 1st:
                1. OK1NJJ: Women’s March – Orange County, CA January 21, 2017 • 9:00 AM Calle Cuatro Downtown Santa Ana (Corner of 4th and French)Santa Ana, CA 92701 Get Details & RSVP
                2. OK1NL2: Laguna Beach Standing Solid with Sisters in March on Washington January 21, 2017 • 10:00 AM Main Beach and Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651Get Details & RSVP
    6. OK1EP2: planning for
      1. OK1EQX: in chronological order
        1. OK1ER9: 2017.01.15~ Lucy gives me a green Post-it reading ‘Check w/ Betsy 707..955. Sue Model of Concerned Citizens at M..el@Gmail.com organizing cars for Women’s March Jan 21’
        2. OK1EXZ: verify Lucy’s van seat belts will work fine: yes.
        3. OK1F68: for Betsy
          1. OK1F6L: planned vmail. ‘Hi, Betsy. This is Michael .., Lucy’s … I hear from the LW Democratic Club meeting on Wednesday last week that drivers are needed Saturday for the {local, so I suppose Orange County}’s edition of National Women’s March, especially Sue M.. of Concerned Citizens needs drivers, especially since Cece has no more room on her many buses. So I’m calling to let you know I’ve got a nice van and can drive 6 people plus myself …if someone just tells me the itinerary and gets people to fill at least some of my seats. Lucy suggested I contact you first before contacting Sue, just so that Sue wouldn’t be surprised a non-LW resident was offering to do the job, perhaps because I may not know Sue. I’m at my usual #, the # I’m calling from, 949..356. Ideally let me know soon so I can prepare.’
          2. OK1FQ1: I call ‘Betsy 707..955‘: call log ‘ +1707..955 Speaker Add – Santa Rosa, CA \ 1/19/2017 9:43 AM ~11 minutes ago 5 minutes long ’
            1. B: I’m just about to jump in the pool.
            2. M: Oh, well my message is short. In fact I wrote it down already in case I got your voicemail as often happens these days. I’ll read it to you: [do so]
            3. B: Yes, we would love to have you. All you need to do is show up at Clubhouse 3 on Sat 08:15am. Will last until ~1pm. We’ll give you instructions there. Just show up and wait to fill your car. No need to bring signs, I’ve got plenty.
            4. M: What to wear? I was thinking of wearing my Bernie 2020 t-shirt if I can find it.
            5. B: Wear anything you want except it might be rain.
            6. B: Yes I now what your van looks like. No we don’t need your extra car if you’ve no driver. No need to email Sue; I’ll be meeting with her later today and tell her.
            7. M: Great. And also to let you know I go by Michael B..
            8. B: Thanks so much [and I’ve got to get into the pool]
          3. OK4HE9: I now create Google contact for ‘+1707..955 Add – Santa Rosa, CA \ 1/21/2017 1:08 AM 2 seconds ago ’
  6. OK6TRT: 2016.01.21FriEst1200: United States gets its new (last?) President: Vladimir Putin …going by the name of Donald Trump. —maybe a joke
    1. OK6TSS: For intro to this, see {next event’s SMS announcement message 1 of 2 :OK1P72}
  7. OK026Y: Bill helping Lucy on Love Letter’s video –constructing
    1. OK0398: OK0398: SMS conversation: quote: Me to Bill Z..

      1. OK1B5O: Me: Bill, refer/remember my SMS ‘10/26/16 10:16 PM 2 months ago’? (you will, just read on). Well that situation has occurred again: to quote that SMS, with updates for present in ‘(..)’: ‘Lucy’ is editing stuff (this time some Love Letter’s footage, shot by someone else, which needs to be aired for before Valentine’s Day, specifically is due 2017.02.08 for broadcast on Laguna Woods’s {LW Cable Channel, so channel 6 + HD channel}), which (this time among other smaller problems, again) ‘there {needs volume-raising & then ’ probably ‘ideally white noise removal}. What wd be ur interest & availability in doing this video editing?’. She also would like to learn more about this sound editing, especially how to do herself in the future. And though she has more urgent things she’s committed to, for reason she won’t explain she wants to work on this now, including before our upcoming Monday SimulSquad where you could help her, so mentioned if you did help, she’d have to somehow get you the 13GB of files. Thoughts? Answer? 2:56 PM (2017.01.17WedPst)
      2. OK1B5U: Me: Additional background on this for the record, including some which will interest you: That 1st time you helped her, apparently because I told you about her need for help against her will not to ask you, you ended up helping her ton indeed getting the job done, which she realizes and is grateful for. But, apparently from not learning from that (including that ‘Michael was right’ per her saying ‘He may be odd, but odds are he’s right’), once again she’s gotten into a mental-snag, probably the same one, so where she {knows she needs to but only half-assed wants to} ask for your help here, and in this case she needs to not only because sound fixing is still hard for her but even more because she’s {now overcommitted herself (again), as she’s also {making an entry (based on the Mimi Walters Die-In footage) for the upcoming LW Video Club annual video-making contest (where entries are due 2017.01.24~) where that looks like it will still take a ton of work} + {scheduled to go the big 2017.01.21Sat National Women’s March (protesting the new Trump agenda; I hope to be driving people there, too)} + {assigned to write a LW Globe newspaper announcing and/or reporting on the march} + {more stuff I can’t immediately remember}} so committed to degree of {problems: she‘s too busy for {anything, including barely time to talk with anyone so including help/SimulSquad me on anything} plus {some of these other projects she’s taken I expect are going to fail if she doesn’t get some help}}. 2:58 PM
      3. OK1B5X: Bill Z..: Sure, I’m willing to help. Busy right now for a while, tonight or another day is good. 3:14 PM
      4. OK027K: Me: Awesome! And actually Lucy quite likes the idea! (so apparently was just too shy-or-similar to ask). Asking her, she tells me: There is no budget for this video but she will add you to the credits and take you to dinner and would quite appreciate your help. She can meet you ideally now thru tomorrow 11am, else on a later soon day. If you come to her place (her preference), bring your relevant editing equipment, you’re more than welcome to stay the night. There are also many great restaurants nearby. Else she could come visit you, but doesn’t want to stay the night there, despite my encouragement to, as finds your house too ‘bachelory’. She thinks most of the work will be in Audacity, but is also finding PowerDirector very slow when editing the 13GB file. Also to ideally help video collaboration beyond LAN distance (so relevant to this & more), I just published (foremost to Greg) http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OK027K#OJYKJY (anchor is temporarily broken so Ctrl-F for ‘OJYKJY’). Your thoughts? 4:05 PM
      5. OK1B68: Me: Awaiting your replies. Lucy is wondering. Should she be leaving when? Or better, what would be your ETA? 5:07 PM
      6. OK1B6D: Bill Z..: Recommendation is to use YouTube if you want to store videos online, you get unlimited storage there. If you want stuff to stay private (as I do with in-progress works) use ‘private’ or ‘unlisted’ modes. If you need even more privacy, you can store videos in Google Photos (unlimited if you let them recompress) or Google Drive directly (counts against quota) as (cont’d) 5:48 PM
      7. OK1B6G: Bill Z..: (cont’d) both these options have YouTube-like widgets to play the video without downloading. 5:49 PM
      8. OK1B6O: Bill Z..: Will respond to meetup request in a bit, I’m still busy. 5:49 PM
      9. OK1B6S: Me: Great to know, passed to Lucy, but hat about version and xc 5:51 PM
      10. OK1B6W: Me: and configuration of one video or esp a collection? 5:52 PM
      11. OK1B71: Me: But naturally most urgent, Lucy needs and is asking u and she meetup times to plan, so including for optionally dinner very soon. 6:06 PM
      12. OK1B75: Bill Z..: I’ve had dinner already, so if you’re hungry, do the food thing, then let me know when you’ll be done. 6:08 PM
      13. OK1B7M: Bill Z..: I don’t understand the ‘xc and config’ question. 6:09 PM
      14. OK1B7R: Me: Ok, in last 1hr Lucy has gotten suddenly quite tired (and a tad grouchy), probably from over-committing herself, so doesn’t think she is up for working this eve, and now doesn’t think morning would be good for reasons unclear. She does quite appreciate your interest, though. Her next opportunity would be apparently all day Friday so IMHO kindly pencil that in. Meanwhile, in her scraps of time free before then, she says she will try to do the sound-editing per Tom Nash’s direction. 6:24 PM
      15. OK1B85: Bill Z..: You might try posting just the audio, that’s much smaller. 6:28 PM
      16. OK1B8A: Me: (Be sure not to miss my previous SMS.) And that’s a great idea. She says the first problem is she’s never stripped audio off of video and doesn’t know how PowerDirector does it so Tom Nash told her how to do it in Corel. So unless she gets stuck on the stripping, once stripped if she gets yes she’ll upload it to Google Drive for you. 6:37 PM
      17. OK1B8E: Bill Z..: Yes, received ‘tired’ post. 6:38 PM
      18. OK1B8M: Me: My ‘xc’ was from my tablet’s send button being too easy to hit; just ignore that. But in answer to your Q of essentially {What does ‘version and configuration [management]‘ mean here for video projects/collections?|, did u read my text I linked you to? -as by your replies, Lucy & I suspect u don’t realize my ‘video collaboration beyond LAN distance’ includes notably if not foremost via sneaker-net, not necessarily online, yet still having full git standard capabilities, so cool stuff to get your thoughts on. 6:39 PM
      19. OK1B8R: Bill Z..: I can send you the FFmpeg command if you’re willing to install it and do it for her, cuz she ain’t gonna wanna do no command line. 7:45 PM
      20. OK1B8V: Me: Thanks for the thought. Why is this necessary here in particular? How would you send it? But http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#How_do_I_download_and_install_the_FFmpeg_Import.2FExport_Library.3F says that has a .exe ‘installer’, so why couldn’t she just follow & use that? Also she does do command line if given step-by-step instructions, but sure I could help. Also await ur replies to my last SMS. 7:52 PM
      21. OK1B90: Bill Z..: Good points there. I suggested FFmpeg as the audio is already compressed in her files, so this would give me a copy in that exact form. But yeah, she might be able to load them into her favorite sound program (I think power director has one) and save a wave. More data to upload, but easier. 9:56 PM
      22. OK1B94: Me: Useful to know (to rephrase: that Audacity will need the FFmpeg add-on in order to edit the video audio in its original so compressed format). But she says she wants to first try doing the sound editing in her PowerDirector else Corel tools for that, so will save that plan until then. 10:12 PM
      23. OK1B9B: Bill Z..: Sounds good. 10:16 PM
      24. OK1B9F: Me: Good. Ok, so what about using those git extensions to manage video {projects & collections}? If plausible (as you suggest by ‘Good points there’ -thanks!), then how soon could you give them a try and let all know what works? -as naturally that would be big! Indeed Lucy thinks you could go into the consulting biz managing the data for vid projects, and recipes like that could be crown jewels. 10:22 PM
      25. OK1B9K: Bill Z..: What got extensions? 10:30 PM ’ \ -g it 10:31 PM
      26. OK1B9P: Me: -again ‘did u read my text I linked you to?’: see the SMS I quote plus that link/URL it refers to. 7:49 AM (2017.01.19ThuPst)
  8. OJYC48: SMS & writing with Greg on his contribution and getting us VJing standard :OJYC48
    1. OJYD10: This text, except where it notes: is written by Michael aka ‘Me’ and is has been read over, minorly improved, and agreed-to Lucy. :OJYD10
    2. OJYC89: OJYC89: ‘Me to Greg .. (949) xxx-x168 – mobile \ 1/17/2017 12.41 PM’-
      1. OJYC8I: Me: Hey, micro LED video projector man Greg …a friggen awesome job you did at yesterday’s SimulSquad!!! And by you proactively bringing (indeed a total pleasant surprise of) not only a most sexy vid projector, but also matching speakers, plus irresistible (by design?) vids for it –so collectively what I term ‘customer catnip’ :-)– and also bringing _you_, spirit! –even auto-selling our new participant prospects, especially Marco, a passer-by venue customer who got so involved with our fun he decided he wanted to be in our group pic, too(!), notably by you just being your beautiful geeky self ..whoa! You raised our SimuSquad bar …yeah! Indeed the proactive innovation & spirit you brought us were tops. And the resultant positive energy, which you really helped create, was awesome! –Hats off! 12:41 PM
      2. OJYC91: Greg ..: Anyone ever tell you your enthusiasm is higher than average? LOL! 12:44 PM
      3. OJYCAO: OJYCAO: Me: Thanks for your reaction. On that & more, my complete 1st-pass {reply plus relevant follow-up on that plan} is too {{long: 1800 words} & structured} to well fit into SMS(es), so please see it starting at this point which is at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46RRef=OJYCAO#OJYCAO ‘–when opening that URL, before scrolling its window tab, first ensure your web browser scrolls to that point #OI7AVH; for help, see http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=?N46RRef=OJYCAO#NVTR95 ’~ 10:26 PM
        1. OJYCZM: Preface: still like an SMS you can just SMS back, else have/create a JotHere account there to post comments, else email –normally all to be included there. Also like an SMS, please try to send else write-down your reaction as you read so you’re reaction isn’t not heard by the writer. See also OJYD10. Thanks! Looking forward to your thoughts & replies.
        2. OJY57O: I usually get called ‘passionate’, but ‘enthusiasm’ works, too, as I’m _absolutely_ that way. Yeah as an MIT undergrad, my intelligence was below average –it was often harder for me to see the abstract patterns especially in advanced math & physics– …but yes way above average was my enthusiasm …and resultant accomplishments for my whole department (most notably the annual MIT Autonomous Robot Competition: ending student nerds/geeks there being viewed negatively and now copied world-wide), indeed for my whole school (as getting the first symbolic math software for all MIT students & faculty) –so maybe being enthusiastic is a smart idea. Indeed, why be any other way? -As what’s the point of life if one doesn’t give a shit?
        3. OJY573: And indeed here, what I, and also Lucy, too, are praising you on: something big. Though in hindsight, especially as you’re new to SimulSquads and perhaps other similar community tech meetings, I’m starting to guess you may understandably not fully see all the good you’ve lead us to.
          1. OJY5DA: As did you just intend to demonstrate your projector & matching sound system only to us attendees? But, by it naturally being big screen (well getting there) plus especially by via your ‘irresistible (by design?) vids for it’ (chosen that way Why? Because you worked for a projector company so who wanted to sell projectors? Because you want/wanted to start a biz making sexy store displays via projectors?), well the result is you so we also happily attracted literally 100% of the venue’s inside customers!! (and when in the past that was expectantly only ~10%, including most only after my best & hard including subtle sales efforts (as store customers are only expecting & intending to get food, and by normal restaurant regulation of {no soliciting}, we can’t seem to be significantly approaching them rather it must feel the other way around. So the result is you then brought our meeting unprecedented (as in 10x greater) positive customer attention, indeed 100% of inside customers! Which then of course brought positive energy to the group (as everyone was positively noticing how cool they were), then having attendees super happy to be there and be a part of it, so then bringing several customers also anxious to join in.
          2. OJY569: But still don’t see why that’s a big deal? Well I’ve worked hard on these SimulSquads for years (since 2014), plus other types of local community tech meetings for ~10 years prior to that, and have found building that positive energy you hopefully saw, notably when it’s {for a group of buds and what they do together}, NOT {as it commonly is: just for some few person(s) and/or their presentation(s)}, that is VERY hard to get. Perhaps you didn’t note the difference? So my enthusiasm (and also Lucy’s: she also agrees indeed first saw & improved what I wrote you) is IMHO quite is deserved. (So the reply I was hoping to hear was a ‘Thanks.’) But if one didn’t notice the difference, of positive energy for a group of buds one does else could belong to, not just for celebrities & projects, without that one may not realize the appropriateness for our happiness.
        4. OJY27U: Actually for years SimulSquads, and especially my other prior community meeting types I’ve designed & run, have done this projection screen & speakers before …except almost entirely to only display our own tech presentations to ourselves and generally only when we had our own private room/area to do so.
          1. OJYMYU: Indeed as I shared for you, for years now we’ve got a projector (an Epson EX51) plus sound (nice portable stereo speakers), but used only for that job.
          2. OJYMYZ: So when our meetings stopped doing general presentations, plus then we no longer really needed so didn’t have at least semi-private area, and had a smaller groups, I stopped using the projector, naturally finding it easier to just bring that free-standing 24in LCD screen you see I always bring, for the then fairly rare screen sharing need.
            1. OJYMZA: And while I occasionally did use that display to project to attract customers (a few times during the Bernie campaign to project Bernie promo stuff), I found that mostly didn’t catch much customer attention (and was a tad awkward, being naturally controversial) so I quit. :OJYMZA
        5. OJY27L: So what you, perhaps inadvertently, just demonstrated and made me realize is how such a projector setup can also really work to sell the adjacent foot-traffic on us (unlike what I found) and even make us look sexy to them, by doing 3 improvements over anything I did, from most important roughly:
          1. OJYML5: even when not normally doing a presentation, still projecting, instead of my free-standing 24in LCD screen, probably since that displays a much bigger picture plus on & filling a window or wall –so then while it might not be of great use to attendees, it DOES attract passer-buyers whenever not in a at least semi-private room, as we now are! –unlike {where my 24in screen mostly failed :OJYMZA}
          2. OJYMKP: using very generally sexy ‘customer catnip’ vids, so attracting all sorts in a happy way.
          3. OJYMQY: and last but maybe still big, using a projector which is small & cute including noiseless (as yours), what seems to be called a Handheld projector, so also offering the extra nice promo of {getting attention without looking like you’re out to get attention} 🙂
        6. OJY20G: So naturally Lucy & I have been buzzing about this morning thinking about how to ensure what you Greg brought is now SimulSquad standard fare.
          1. OJYCEZ: Overall, from your demonstration with us, it occurs to me, we SimulSquad need, during most if not all of our meetings, a mostly-automatic standard tech VJing(Video DJ(Disc Jockey)ing)
            1. OJY217: so consisting of both responsible software & person(s), plus matching equipment (projector + sound).
            2. OJY229: Actually coincidentally just before you arrived I attracted to us a interested customer (Damon) who is a (music) DJ, so someone who might be able to fill in the {every other week and other times} where you mostly or at all can’t join us to do the VJing (and show off your stuff!).
            3. OJY22Z: And as I suspect the projector’s built-in player software would be limited and/or readily outdated (yes?), what external software, likely Android else Linux based, would be good for VJing, including for the equivalent of Chromecasting from attendees devices?
            4. OJY277: And for the possibly many times we’re meeting where you’re not there…
              1. OJYE9X: most key (as most work to replace), we could really use your video selection you’ve put together :OJYE9X
                1. OJYL9Y: as I shared we could use before you left the meeting :OJYL9Y
                2. OJYEDN: we need this ideally {before upcoming meetings, so fast}.
              2. OJYL0O: What of your equipment could we lend? How would we make that happen?
              3. OJYL1C: for equipment we don’t lend from you…
                1. OJYEIV: for a good or at least starter collection custom for us (starting as a copy/development of ‘your video selection you’ve put together :OJYE9X’)
                  1. OJYECR: at OJYL9Y, you nicely offered to provide this and even suggested enhancements, catering it to us –thanks!
                  2. OJYEFQ: as for (video {project or collection}) storage,

                    1. OJYEK4: how big would that be?
                    2. OJYEGN: yes, for field usage, ideal seems a Micro SD so everything, including projectors as yours, can use it.
                      1. OJYFSG: a great start’s let’s do it ASAP.
                      2. OJYKHF: but, as soon as practical, we could use sync and versioning: see
                    3. OJYKJY: for (video {project or collection}) versioning and/or online sync
                      1. OJYKM4: for long-term and even short term development, it should have support for these features, specifically file & folder revision tracking and ideally online sync
                      2. OJYEKA: I expect it would be big, notably from big video files, so then not well suited for ordinary online sync, possibly storage, and especially revision management …without tricks.
                        1. OJYKA1: so how about using ‘DVCS git :OBD76E’ with extensions for large files?
                          1. OJYFSW: as leaders https://Git-LFS.Github.com or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git-annex or equivalent; http://google.com/search?q=git+annex+vs+lfs helps choose.
                          2. OJYELQ: and ideally using, to centrally store coordinate that, {our GitHub: ‘http://GitHub.com/JotHere :/5587#OAO907’}?
                          3. OJYES7: my guess is this would be a great approach, but only long-term unless you’re familiar or fast to learn how this works.
                2. OJYKZ3: on us having our own projector…
                  1. OJYLHU: We can & plan to use our present one, the ‘Epson EX51’, until we have strong need for and can find & afford something better
                    1. OJYLKA: –which seems like it could be several weeks else months.
                  2. OJY24M: What exact projector were you using? -Lucy found AAXA Technologies (Google Search), and recalls 300 lumens, but we’re not sure of the model #.
                  3. OJY254: Most importantly, as projector cost appears proportional to lumens it outputs, how many lumens min would we need to quality light one of those windows?
                    1. OJY25N: Note the pull-down window screen mildly porous as you recall, so reduce this min-needed lumens, we should be able to cover that screen with a proper projection screen material IFF the store likely wouldn’t spot this mod. But what material?
                  4. OJY25Y: Also, and possibly best, what about AAXA, being {local: Tustin} and {you formerly working there}, and/or another mini LED projector company (which do you recommend?), giving else lending us their modern projectors in exchange for us naturally promoting them at our SimulSquad meetings?
                    1. OJYCK2: –as unlike all other work meetings where projectors are used, our meetings are always among indeed within the public foot-traffic, indeed have been successfully pulling that of ~weekly since 2014(!), so would be sure to indirectly sell some projectors (possibly speakers, too); we can’t sell them there, but we can, indeed certainty would, be effectively demoing them, plus can place flyers on our table (at least in Del Taco
                  5. OJYCJS: you else/and I could be our rep(s) for that, indeed that might also lead you to a job! Thoughts?
                3. OJYLME: on us having our own sound system.
                  1. OJYLNR: I’ve got a pretty nice pair of portable stereo speakers with subwoofer I carry always in my car.
                    1. OJYLNV: And should we need better, I’m considering say 1 or 2 of say the JBL Charge 3 (which I saw 2016.12.22 for just $129.99 each at Target)
      4. OK0HAC: Greg: Oops, wrong channel! 10:27 PM
      5. OK0HAH: Me: No, that’s all custom for you, Greg. 🙂 Can you read that page subsection ok? 10:28 PM
      6. OK0HB0: Greg: Holy cow dude, that is crazy pants detailed! LOL! it is bed time but will look at it more in the morning. 10:34 PM
      7. Me: Thanks for your reactions. And gland you were able to see it. And realize for this it’s only one section of that page: the part pointed to. And actually it’s less detailed that other stuff we & others talked about at yesterday’s meeting; it’s just that people often just don’t realize how much they communicate verbally, and how much little bits of communication add up. But since we’re not at the moment meeting in person, indeed it sounds like you might not be able to join us again until 2 weeks, BUT you unearthed something important, something Lucy & I both want to start continuing doing right away, but voice calls are a major pain, including error prone, to write down all discussed fairly completely, we then just write it down –no big deal: every day I write about 2x that amount, and for publishing. Is it perhaps you don’t like reading much, even when the text is super well organized into outlines? (please share) –as that wouldn’t be the 1st I’ve heard of that among techies. Also Lucy proofed it, too, we both worked on it for you, impressed with what you brought to us! And certainly no rush to work on it tonight; yes tomorrow morning (thanks), or any time tomorrow, would be great to start enjoy reading it. 🙂 11:01 PM
      8. OK0HBA: Greg: True verbal is poor substitute for written records. Glad you liked the micro projector. It is a fun and useful piece of tech that draws people in. 11:06 PM
      9. OK0HBJ: Me: ‘True verbal is poor substitute for written records’ –regularly but actually not always (indeed in the case of code and especially math, verbal is regularly a disaster), but yes regularly verbal and especially in-person are irreplaceable –indeed the core reason I created & we run SimulSquad– yet I also push the envelope in the other direction, too: so writing can also replace more verbal …and clearly I’m the only one as today SMS has heavily replaced phone calls. And yes the micro projector, and especially your demo of it, were awesome and quite did that attracting effect! …why we wrote all this to you 🙂 11:27 PM
      10. OK0HBR: Me: …but (as only now occurs to me: sorry), should you be suggesting you’d _prefer_ to talk verbal (were are?), and even after perhaps now seeing there are case where writing is be better you still prefer verbal (do you?) ,… then yes of course we can talk verbal, too! –On the phone or even via a special in-person meeting –just tell me good time(s) for you for that 🙂 11:47 PM
      11. OK0HBZ: Me: 11:03 AM (2017.01.18WedPst)
      12. Me: Oops, my bad: just this morn (actually at my last SMS at ‘11:03AM’, which is blank as I accidentally bumped send), while rereading your last reply to Lucy (as partially surprised by it so trying to make sense of it), I realized, and told her, my mistake: that when you last wrote me, notably saying here ‘True verbal is poor substitute for written records’, I then 12hrs later saw you meant ‘True, verbal is poor substitute for written records’ (so, acknowledging my point; thanks). But, likely because I replied to you promptly so when I was getting sleepy and still unsettled from your writing ‘Holy cow dude, that is crazy pants detailed! LOL!’ as a 1st reaction to my writing to you, I misread that as if continuing along that your 1st sentiment (of apparently ‘crazy pants’ to write so much) so as ‘Writing is a poor substitute for true[good] verbal’, so responded as if you wrote that: my bad. Still my statements about what I imagined was said still are accurate (especially explaining how I like & develop both deep verbal & deep writing) , plus also still applying is my offer to of course also verbal talk with you wherever that would help. Plus again thanks for acknowledging on one of my earlier points, via seeing one the good points of also writing. 5:01 PM
      13. OK0HC9: Me: Yet I still don’t understand why you would have 1st reaction to my writing for you of ‘Holy cow dude, that is crazy pants detailed!’. Why is that? Is it you don’t expect careful notes? Or appreciate that? ‘Is it perhaps you don’t like reading much..’, or think reading is only for paid work; or, please, what? …as your reaction is strong and seemingly readily negative, indeed suggesting I’m crazy, plus a reaction I especially don’t get given you are a writer yourself (of fiction), so should know that it regularly takes significant non-redundant words to fully & accurately describe most any situation (unless writing poetry, but that’s mostly just imagery), indeed per the saying ‘A picture is worth 1000 words’, indeed by that, at just 1800 words, I only wrote you under 2 pics 🙂 5:02 PM
      14. OK0HDA: Greg: It is no biggie. I have never encountered before something that is casual with such detailed notes. I do sometimes trend toward summaries and bullet points. In startup culture you have only a couple minutes to pitch. But long before that I did technical writing for software documentation and that always involved synthesis from raw code. 5:10 PM
      15. OK0GWS: possibility
        1. OK0GU9: v1 (DRAFT): Greg, thanks for useful & fast reply. My reply Executive Summary (since you share you like those :-): to respectfully cover all you shared there, of the 5 sentences you gave, 1 reaction + 4 explanations, 3 of them I don’t get but 2 I kinda-do; so to explain I’ll cover each of them, in not the same order but a natural one: (1) You write ‘It is no biggie’: actually, your 1st feedback of ‘crazy pants detailed’ was a notable ouch to me, as you hopefully would infer else guess; but more importantly from your writing ‘no biggie’ I read you’re saying you can readily talk about what you mean by & how you came to say what you said –thank you, as that’s great as is key to then figure our out what all happened there so to then end any such ouches, including any done by me, too. (2) You write ‘In startup culture you have only a couple minutes to pitch’ –yes I well know (indeed I used to be a member of both Cal Tech & OC Enterprise Forums), but here I was & am writing not VCs(!) but to a fellow attendee, and notably not so much to propose but to thank again and especially to work out the details of an already basically proposed project, and in fact a project proposed and offered not so much by SimulSquad leaders but raised and offered by you the writing receiver (most notably to use a projector with cute vids at our meetings and even custom make the vids for that –your suggestions), so naturally I wasn’t writing an elevator speech but instead naturally something more like a project discussion board (yet I still wrote it quite a bit better organized). So why do you mention VC pitch here? (3) You also write ‘I do sometimes trend toward summaries and bullet points’ but yes actually everyone loves that; however as you would know that takes more time which may very well not be worth it, if not look weird, if just talking to 1 colleague and if only working out the details including foremost what he offered (as is the full case here), so why, _for this situation_, would you suggest/need ‘summaries and bullet points’? (Well unless you have an especially hard time with reading details, would you? –But how would that be possible if you’re a fiction & technical writer? Whatever the reasons, please explain why not indirectly but directly.) Nonetheless, by writing in outlines, as I do whenever practical, while that still lacks such summaries or at least collapsing (well without automation, coming soon to JotHere!), actually that still very much, indeed naturally, breaks the writing into bullet-ed indeed numbered points already, indeed on a multi-level as an outline, so the root of ‘bullet points’ are already right there. So then why would you mention the need? (4) You write ‘But long before that I did technical writing..’ –that’s great to know, but, also why do you mention it? As that then suggests, you would instead understand & appreciate lots of tech details as I gave (well provided not redundant, as they aren’t), not 1st react as you did ‘Holy cow dude, that is crazy pants detailed!’. So I still mostly don’t get why you reacted that way –kindly elaborate. Notably other than (5) your saying one thing: ‘I have never encountered before something that is casual with such detailed notes’ –yes, and for (of course) great reasons: I keep high quality standards for SimulSquad; plus I’m a fast typist and write ~4000 words per day, so such notes are easy for me, nearly as easy as verbally talking, and a ton easier than clogging my brain having to remember all that stuff! So the probably most important question, especially to ask you as having such 1st reaction: How should we preface SimulSquad writings so, as it should be, any surprise from the average Joe 1st looking at them would ideally never be unpleasant but instead good if not delightful news?
          1. OK0GXF: Lucy reviewed. Concluded that what Greg meant but didn’t say is that he’s been in a mode of VC proposals so didn’t realize this was different. So said not to send this, at least as is. I bought her explanation so agreed.
        2. OK0HEQ: v2:
          1. OK1OQD: ~5min ago, Lucy reviews and agrees, including thinks it’s improved a lot plus the small back-poke is well done with humor & deserved.
  9. OJYOBB: my follow-up here with Gabe so getting him into 4-year college :OJYOBB
    1. OJYOF1: more TBA here.
    2. OK1B2Q: our (well mostly my) SMSing & calls: quote ‘Me to Gabe (949) ..698 – mobile 1/17-18/2017’
      1. –2017.01.17Tue…
      2. OK1BNJ: Me: Gabe, I’m delighted to see yesterday u came to yesterday’s SimulSquad, so causing u, as thankfully I had had time to help, causing u to turn yourself around, after on entry thinking it was now impossible, to instead then pick out, and today start, ur exciting 4-yr degree classes tat Saddleback …as I and ur other buds have been telling u is essential! Pls be proud of following those who know & indeed who have done it, especially when following seems unpleasant, so having u turn over a new leaf in your life towards a life u want, a life it’s a appropriate to give a serious try at getting as millions around you have it, a life to be a college grad! …a life ur siblings, us SimulSquaders, and millions others enjoy & benefit from. 7:45 AM
      3. OK1BNN: Me: Now wake up! Bright eyed & busy tailed! Time’s a flowing! As print ur class schedule so far….today u’ve got to pick up Add-cards (for adding urself to wait lists) from Saddleback admin building, then (if u can make it today) History 4 (one of ur favorite topics!) in 08:00-08:30(leave early for next) in room BGS-134, then Matriculation Testing (which is key!, just be on time else get there, take it, and on it do ur best whatever that is) 09:00-~13:00 at (find room!), then lunch and flirting with girls on campus until evening, then Math 351 (which now u’re gonna master by just doing free fun Khan Academy!) 19:30-20:45 in room SM 302 –let me know the fun u have, seriously. And sleep –u’re gonna (learn to) conquer that!, so it doesn’t rule u, u rule it! So where’s Gabe at now? U awake & running?… 8:04 AM
      4. –silence
      5. OJXM2D: after texting him motivation, now I 1st call him to ensure he’s getting today done: …; log ‘Gabe (949) ..698 – mobile \ 1/17/17 8:07 AM 2 days ago 2 minutes long’
      6. OK1BR2: Me: WHAT’S GABE UP TO THIS EXCITING DAY? Just SMSed u 2x (see it: at 07:45 then 08:04) then, to make doubly sure, at 08:07am called u! –got your outgoing-message ‘Hi, this is Gabe. I’m not available right now. Leave a message.’. So left vmail ‘Gabe!, Hey! I hope Gabe’s not available right now cause he’s busy driving over to Saddleback! or because he’s busy in the middle of his history class! so they can’t answer the phone right now, or busy in line talking to administration picking up add cards! So, ah, as you guess, this is Michael! And I am wishing you well. Just automatically woke up this morning thinking about you. And so check your texts, and get a cracking! As today is, whatever it is, you’ve gotta get over to Saddleback, you got to get this stuff done, you got to get moving, you’re gonna feel so great about yourself after doing it! Talk to you soon, and let me know how it goes. I’ll be here!’. 8:27 AM
      7. –silence
      8. OK1BR8: Gabe: Hey Mike, I’m just getting ready to go over there. I set my alarm for 8 but, didn’t get up till 8:45. I didn’t fall asleep until a bout 3. 9:18 AM
      9. –silence
      10. OK1BRE: Me: There u are, Gabe. Well glad u’re getting ur butt over there. Hey I kept working (on math logic) after we parted so hit the sack ~2am, then slept deeply, but then woke up 7:30am _automatically_ (no alarm) thinking of _ur_ mission as it needed to start then. Now pretty much never do I need to have a wake alarm: instead, before going to sleep, I just think about what time I want to wake up, then sleep deep, then wake up then (actually usually exactly at my desired wake time, on the minute). And yeah I’m a tad tired, cause I didn’t get a full ~8hrs sleep; but I get involved with the task at hand increasingly so I just forget I’m tired as I’m really involved …until I have a chance to sleep again, then I sleep deep again. College & US military indirectly trained me to do that, so u hopefully u can learn to do it, too. 10:34 AM
      11. OK1BRJ: Me: So, most urgent, deep inside u know u got to knock off that Matriculation Testing …even if u only get some, as much as possible, done today then come back tomorrow to knock out the rest. So where u at now? 10:36 AM
      12. –silence
      13. OK1BRO: Gabe: I’m at saddleback now. I’m going to get as much done of the matriculation as possible. 11:16 AM
      14. OK1BRS: Me: 🙂 What’s the 1st test you’re about to take? 11:20 AM
      15. –silence
      16. OK1BRW: Gabe: I finished my testing. I had to turn off my phone . 3:23 PM
      17. OK1BS1: Me: Great. All? What next? 3:47 PM
      18. OK1BSA: Gabe: Yes all. 3:49 PM
      19. OK1BT3: Gabe: Next is online advice and first semester plan 3:51 PM \ I mean Advisement 3:51 PM
      20. OK1BTA: Me: Congrats!! Go for it now. And when soonest u can see counselor? 3:52 PM \ Matriculation results are not official until 24hrs she said. I won’t be able to register until after that. 3:53 PM \ Although she said it might post after 7 tonight 3:54 PM \ I’m still at school now. Gonna try to see if I can talk to a counselor right now. 3:55 PM
      21. OK1BV0: Me: Great. So meanwhile do the online and then ur 19:30- Math class. 3:57 PM
      22. –silence
      23. OK1BVJ: Me: So where u at & how’s it going? And, when u’ve time, what the counselor(s) say? 5:54 PM \ …and how are the girls there? 🙂 5:54 PM
      24. OK1BWV: Gabe: I’m at saddleback, just took a break to get some food. It’s going ok, starting to feel pretty tired though. 6:30 PM \ Too much to discuss in text regarding the counselor. 6:30 PM \ And the girls are pretty fine. 6:31 PM
      25. OK1BX1: Me: Good. Especially glad to here u’re starting (so will) make ur new home Saddleback campus 🙂 For energy, just pick up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5-hour_Energy -one dose will work wonders, just don’t get addicted. Delighted and a tad envious u’re swimming in eye candy; any possibilities u spot? 6:34 PM
      26. –silence
      27. OK1BXG: Me: Awaiting ur reply 🙂 Also, Gabe, starting in 4 mins: your ‘Math 351 (which now u’re gonna master by just doing free fun Khan Academy!) 19:30-20:45 in room SM 302’ -what’s ur ETA to there? 7:27 PM
      28. OK1BXR: Gabe: I’m at math class 7:29 PM
      29. OK1BXY: Me: 🙂 Got ur add cards? -need em? 7:31 PM \ Oh, remember that instructors are hard on, & scary to, students on the 1st day of class to show they can be tough at to scare off the flaky students. Don’t get scared; get strong! 7:33 PM
      30. OK1BYJ: Gabe: Class is full, no luck 7:40 PM \ Gabe: Teacher said to email him tonight will let me know if there’s an opening because I showed up. 7:42 PM
      31. OK1BYO: Me: Good. Best to stay so u don’t miss the class esp in that case, plus to know about the class in case u get another section of it. 7:43 PM
      32. OK1BYV: Gabe: Couldn’t stay as there were no more seats and I wasn’t officially on the waiting list. 7:45 PM
      33. OK1BZ8: Me: Sure. Ok, before leaving campus, finish up things, including grab your testing results then fast ‘add to cart’ those classes that the testing suggests (plus any more u think u might want); some of these classes may still be having sessions this evening, else likely tomorrow. Good? 7:46 PM
      34. OK1BZD: Me: Indeed I see u only have 1 choice for ‘ENG 300‘; so seems u might add some more in case that also fills, yes? BTW, when u ‘add to cart’, does that reserve a space for u, or what does? 7:48 PM
      35. OK1BZN: Gabe: Adding to cart doesn’t reserve that space. 7:50 PM
      36. OK1BZQ: Me: So what do u need to do to reserve the space? (Oh, and what happened else when did u go to financial aid?) 7:51 PM
      37. OK1C13: Gabe: I can’t add any classes until matriculation posts on website. 7:51 PM \I figured I’d show and try to get in 7:52 PM \ Haven’t done financial aid 7:52 PM \ Looked like there was huge line for it earlier as I passed by. 7:53 PM \ Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to officially ad classes. 7:54 PM
      38. OK1C19: Me: Definitely, but do ASAP as sooner: remember, for testing, ‘she said it might post after 7 tonight 3:54 PM’ and that’s past, so check online now. Also showing up to classes nonetheless yes sounds like a plan: got u to possibly get that math class. And nonetheless l ‘add to cart’ so u can find & plan for those classes -u doing that now? Else when? — Also no surprise for FA: Free is popular! -just do in your big break between your classes tomorrow. 7:57 PM
      39. OK1C1M: Gabe: I’m headed to my friend’s now, he’s going to help me with a few things. 8:06 PM \ Of course financial aid is popular. You’re right. 8:07 PM
      40. OK1C23: Me: BUT what if u’re test scores are now posted, so u can select classes?? Also good ur bud’s helping u; what’s he helping u with? Also, get sleep soon as ur classes tomorrow start at 08:00! -now best to aim for {early-to-bed, early-to-rise} 🙂 8:19 PM
      41. –silence
      42. OK1C2H: Me: Gabe, u ok? Awaiting u replies. 9:29 PM
      43. OK1C2O: Gabe: Hey Mike, I’m fine thanks, still working with my friend. 9:43 PM
      44. OJYOCZ: status at 21:53: so far lots of work, with so far good-looking results
      45. OK1C2W: Me: ‘good ur bud’s helping u; what’s he helping u with?’ 9:59 PM
      46. –silence
      47. OK1C36: Me: Await ur replies. But until then, and most urgent: good work today, Gabe!!! So time to sleep …as last I know, u’ve got a big day of classes & registration & financial aid & counselors tomorrow Wed. So sleep time now and good luck! 11:53 PM
      48. –silence; continues next day 2017.01.18WedPst…
      49. OK1C9C: Me: Morning, Gabe. Exciting day to wake to. Normally I would never text this early (and would probably be asleep myself!), but I hope you’re awake now else quick, as you don’t want to miss 1st class sessions and you picked classes starting today at 08:00 (so only 1.4.hrs from now!, and you gotta dress, drive, & park & find it): ‘ENG 300’ and w/o picking alternates (likely because others were filled?) so you best make it else make the other one your yesterday Testing recommends, which will also likely be starting at this time. How you doing? 6:39 AM
      50. OK1C9H: Me: Also you kinda disappeared on me yesterday evening with that friend -what happened there? Know I’m NOT going to (and can’t!) keep giving you these messages in hopes of you finally getting your college done as I and your other buds & world recommends …for as you can see, it takes hours away from me, too, and when I’m got other work –so I’m just doing it momentary in the beginning, in hopes of getting you over the hump of just getting started …as you seem like you just might now be getting smart and turn your life around into the way you want, so to make sure your days as the family’s black sheep are over. Hope that work by me is appreciated. 6:42 AM (2017.01.18WedPst) 25 hours ago
      51. –silence
      52. OJZD03: after texting him motivation, I now call him to make sure he’s a wake; get his vmail; left ‘Morning, Gabe 🙂 Check your texts; I’m calling because I got no reply. And you said yesterday you overslept yesterday 45min so making you miss your 1st class, and you suggest oversleeping has been normal for you, so I’m calling to make sure you don’t miss your first classes again today, which you say begin just about 1 hour from now. So get a crackin, friend –exciting day a head. Good luck!’ Review it plays. Naturally send it marked ‘urgent’; call log ‘ Gabe (949) xxx-x698 – mobile \ 1/18/2017 6:52 AM 3 minutes ago 3 minutes long ’
      53. –silence
      54. OK1CFF: (nothing further so no reply for Gabe now for) ‘25 hours’
        1. OK1CKI: While at 1st late but still apparently working to get himself fully registered for classes, after his SMSing ‘I’m headed to my friend’s now, he’s going to help me with a few things.’ he quickly & fully disappeared except appeared to avoid my Q ‘what’s he helping u with?’
        2. OK1CL0: Lucy & I now suspect he’s gotten into a snit of some sort killing this attempt to get himself into college.
          1. OK1CTU: which is not, or at least goes beyond, hard time with academic topics (so at least also a fear of them, or something) as from above he didn’t even go as far as complete a 1 class session.
          2. OK1CV1: It could be an addiction of drugs or similar as that would explain this sudden change.
        3. OK1CVD: Would talk to him more about it but he’s clearly not responding and probably avoiding talking, so will try to wait until he appears again or at least a few days.
        4. OK1CNQ: As I was planning if he fails to get into college –as here he’s appeared to–, he should next be joining the US Military, maybe even full time, well if they allow him which so far seems plausible, as that’s has a chance, and the best solution I know, to put him into shape so he can start following thru on basics in life he needs to do.
          1. OK1CZS: not to say I, and probably everybody, have been stuck on some of the basics, I still am on a few things, but I & most others have gotten much farther.
  10. OJ70W1: 2017.01.16Mon meeting
    1. OJV5LQ: advertisement
      1. OJVPFB: OJVPFB: SMS derived from last OJI1CX: ‘Happy MLK Day!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin, & Dave, plus newbies Joan, Vince, Greg, Gabe, & Amy, plus first timers Bill C., Jessica, Courtney, & Jonathan. We’re looking forward to you joining us at TODAY 2017.01.16MONDAY’s and UPCOMING weekly SimulSquad™(Co-Work­/Learn&Social on Your Topics) BYOD(Bring Your Own Device especially laptop else desktop) of US.92654(Laguna Hills), as re-listing http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236494904 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OJVPFB#OJ70W1 …happening ‘2 to 5 times every month since 2014!’, currently every Monday from 4pm until ~midnight at nearby ‘Del Taco –home of the late nite coders!’ on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball! Important: RSVP especially ‘Kindly make sure an event host [me or Lucy] knows .. what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ and… See ya there! -Michael’
        1. OJW3GL: SMSed out in batches of 5: ‘1/16/2017 12:26 PM 1 second ago’ +‘12:30 PM’ + ‘12:34 PM’ +
      2. OJV5PE: https://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/236494901/ : 2 additional: Dave & Bill
      3. OJV5PT: https://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236494904/: 0 additional
      4. OJVPCW: https://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/236494902/? : 0 additional
    2. OKQ9Q4: results overall
      1. OKQBV0: my pics: best: 20170116_230854.jpg + 20170116_192044.jpg
    3. OJ70WY: participation additional
      1. OJX256: possibly our most successful meeting ever!
      2. OJYOJ3: Destiny (me): advertised & coordinated everything as usual.
      3. OJJJOU: planned: Jessica: new.
        1. OJYNXV: custom SMS with me, quote:
          1. OJYNY2: Me: Jessica, where u at? What’s ur ETA? We’re all here at the SimulSquad. 8:23 PM
          2. OJYNY6: Jessica (OJW3V3): Sorry can’t make it tonight 8:24 PM
          3. OJYNYA: Me: Aww, we need our mechanic. U missing a lot of fun. Ok, we’ll see u next week. 🙂 9:08 PM
            Jessica (OJW3V3): OK looking forward to it, bummer I couldn’t make it today. Thanks for reaching out! 9:55 PM
          4. OJYNYE: Me: RE ur last comm (‘1/16/17 9:55 PM 12 hours ago’): Welcome, Jessica! You seem to love ur work speciality[specialty], so that’s why I reach out. And, yes our weekly meeting was a blast! Getting better & better; one of our best ones …got pics which I’ll show u when u come join in our next one. Indeed we were having so much fun it started attracting the happy curiosity all sorts of customers (‘Hey, what fun is going on here?’ was the unanimous question buzzing about, and came to check out the fun), indeed 3+ decided to join us for upcoming weeks! And one (Marco) even decided he wanted to be included in our group pic! In fact another (Codie) even said ‘You guys are having so much fun soon all the customers in the store will be joining in!’. The positive energy was awesome! So, Jessica, gather together your computers & portable automotive nerding and see u in our next one! 10:57 AM
        2. OJW3V3: I now create Google Contact from ‘+1949..31 Add – Newport Beach, CA’
      4. OJX2CW: Greg
        1. OJYO6T: latest: ‘SMS & writing with Greg on his contribution and getting us VJing standard :OJYC48
        2. OJX25U: the biggest success of the meeting was Greg spontaneously bringing a micro projector (even battery operated) with built-in flash card player, plus speaker, on which he projected onto the Del Taco window all sorts of fun animal & tech graphics videos, even drone flying thru fireworks, all stored on the flash card. This attracted about 50% of the store’s customers at any given time, resulting in 3 new SimulSquad signups, including one which Greg even did the sales pitch for!, plus more interested.
          1. OJX33X: His projector specs: got it as a developer so discounted to $350. Said it was 720p. Looked like (was?) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MANV1CQ?psc=1 (‘Lumex 500 Theater Android Pico Projector’)
          2. OJX2X6: from this success, I concluded we must bring a projector every time which at minimum auto-protected fun stuff.
            1. OJX2YX: Greg offered saying he would work creating a looping playback list that also had SimulSquad logo!
            2. OJX2Z2: I said I would now bring my projector for when he wasn’t there, but it’s not nearly as sexy as his lacks a media player and takes a lot more power.
        3. OJX2W8: Greg talked tech stuff with a lot of attendees. Seemed to have a great time. Said he would be back at least every other week when he didn’t have his daughters (age 10 & 13), and on the other weeks when he had them, he would hope to bring them say 6pm-9pm for ~2 hrs if he was in the area.
      5. OJX2HO: Gabe
        1. OJYOG0: latest: see ‘my follow-up here with Gabe so getting him into 4-year college :OJYOBB
        2. OJX2HV: Showed up thinking it was all too late doing this semester at Saddleback. I told him it was just last minute, and, after way too much talk, finally got him to select a cart of ~9 possible classes which all start immediately, with plans to drop the one (he wanted to cut down to 2, I hope he’ll go a few more). Once he started to pick classes into his cart, he did things much faster. And to go tomorrow Tue possibly for his first class then, 0800-0915 history, and especially Tue 0900-1300 for his matriculation testing then another class in the evening, then many more classes on Wed.
          1. OJX2Q7: While this would seem like no big deal, he had a big block from taking college classes, especially standard 4-year, so hadn’t done it now ~15years after most people. Much of my meeting was spent getting him to do this, even though it makes great sense and he said other friends were telling him also to do it.
          2. OJX2RF: As I guessed, he says he’s the black sheep of his siblings, as all the others have gone to college and have families & kids. Well with me I hope, that’s about to change!
      6. OJ70XA: Janin: as this is 3rd Mon, she will be at ODRJXM; if Dana won’t join her there she’ll meet Dana at a sports bar after.
        1. OJW2K4: SMS includes …drafts
        2. OJX2GT: after her ABW meeting, as Dana didn’t reply saying a firm yes, she returned to our meeting and had a great time.
        3. more TBA here.
      7. OJX2DM: Lucy
        1. OJX2EY: projected onto Greg’s projector her 3 Wishes video which she & Bill made. All watched & enjoyed.
      8. OJW4F1: planned (remote): Jonathan
        1. OJW4F6: I now create Google Contact from ‘+1949..169 Add – Saddleback Valley, CA’
        2. OJW92S: since he said he normally doesn’t do SMS, also now call: get his vmail in his voice but no name, saying ‘leave # even if you thin we have it’. Leave OGM ‘Hi, Jonathan. This is Michael from the Democratic Club. Per your interest, I’m calling you about the SimulSquad meeting every Monday 4pm-midnight, which I SMSed u about at ‘12:34 PM 115 minutes ago’. I we normally don’t make phone calls about it but since you said you almost never check your texts, I’m calling you. Please check your texts. Just text me back as I usually can’t answer the phone unless scheduled, else leave me a voicemail. I’m at my usual # the # I’m calling from, 949-xxx-x356. Looking forward to hearing from you and hope to see u there.’; call log ‘Jonathan Adler (949) xxx-x178 – home \ 1/16/2017 2:29 PM 5 minutes ago 3 minutes long’
      9. OJW426: planned: Courtney
        1. OJW42Z: I now create Google Contact from ‘+1949..551 Add Laguna Beach, CA
      10. OJJJP8: planned: Bill C.: new
        1. OJW2U7: I now create Google Contact from ‘+1612..61 Add – Minneapolis, MN’
  11. OJNLJ2: 2017.01.11WedPst1900-22:30~ LW Democratic Club Meeting
    1. OK1LDU: maker’s entry
      1. OK1LE3: http://lagunawoodsdemocrats.org/event/january-meeting?instance_id=2
      2. OJNLF6: listing: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.lagunawoodsvillage.com/section.cfm?id=277 isn’t getting archived enough so use http://archive.is/hKgT1
    2. OJNLC6: participation
      1. OJNKFU: full room, I guess ~100 people.
      2. OJNKFX: Michael & Lucy
      3. OJNKGA: Courtney & her mom
        1. OJNKGF: 1st met
        2. OJNL71: Live in Laguna Hills.
        3. OJNL6V: Courtney
          1. OJNL66: works doing data entry from home via jobs gotten thru https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Mechanical_Turk –doesn’t like it or is not proud of it, not sure why.
            1. OJOSGS: now on ‘The Sound 100.3FM’ ad I 1st hear of Takl.com, as a small job app site
          2. OJNL6C: liked the idea of checking out SimulSquad, also likes movies
          3. OJNKPG: SMS her 1st time.
      4. OJNL7G: to leaders Sue D. then Jonathan, shared epistocracy that I heard from http://google.com/search?q=Against+Democracy+Book+by+Jason+Brennan that I had seen on BookTV , but was an immediate no-go with them: ‘anti democracy. Give us practical ideas‘ Sue thought.
  12. OIG96M: 2017.01.09Mon meeting :OIG96M
    1. OJI17H: advertising
      1. OJI1CX: OJI1CX: SMS derived from last OJ6DMU: ‘Again Happy New Year!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill, Janin, & Dave, plus newbies Joan, Vince, Greg, Gabe, & Amy, plus first timer Kim, plus possible newcomer Greg’s brother Doug. We’re looking forward to you joining us at TOMORROW 2017.01.09MONDAY’s & UPCOMING weekly SimulSquad™(Co-Work­/Learn&Social on Your Topics) BYOD(Bring Your Own Device especially laptop else desktop) of US.92654(Laguna Hills), as re-listing http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236370971 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OJI1CX#OIG96M …happening ‘2 to 5 times every month since 2014!’, currently every Monday from 4pm until ~midnight at nearby ‘Del Taco –home of the late nite coders!’ on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball! Important: ‘Kindly make sure an event host [me or Lucy] knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ and… see ya there! -Michael’
        1. OJI2QR: text all I had # for: 10 (all except Doug): via SMS bundle ‘1/8/2017 10:41 PM’+‘1/8/2017 10:44 PM’
      2. OJI19L: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236370971 : 0 additional
      3. OJI1BO: https://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/236370969 : 3 additional: Bill + Janin + Dave
    2. OIG96Z: participation additional
      1. OIG979: Amy
        1. OIG99N: expected per OIG98M: SMSed she had a cold.
      2. OJ71PQ: Kim: no show.
        1. OJJITK: create Google Contact from ‘+1714..343 Add Anaheim, CA’;
      3. OJ71PV: Vince
        1. OJJHUN: create Google Contact from ‘Me to +1949..602 Add Newport Beach, CA
      4. OJ71QC: Greg
      5. OJN00A: Lucy
        1. OJN00K: didn’t get her normal website work done as was instead very productively worked on something more urgent.
        2. OJN00N: had to return 3 32GB SD cards at Best Buy has found them for $20 each with coupon at Office Depot. I pointed out Micro Center normally sells them (via microSD) for $10 and that Bill will pick up stuff if he’s told in advance. But she counters she needs them this Friday.
      6. OJ71QK: Janin & Dave
      7. OJJLIH: Bill
        1. OJMSUY: likely mostly worked on how to restore his 3yr old car battery, I guess as he found that amusing. I encouraged him to foremost replace it with one with good warrantee, as I had done 10s of times.
        2. OJJLIX: says Robert got a place to store his huge motorhome: in Orange, at $220/mo. Planning to move it there Thursday.
        3. OJMS85: I mostly verbally him my work on ‘math foundations especially for {automating it :OJH8B1} & knowledge ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5748#OINJHL’
          1. OJMSAE: including it’s been taking up ~80% of my waking time, and been making my brain sore as so hard
          2. OJMSBN: he hadn’t heard of SPICE, so show him http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/reference/chpt-7/example-circuits-and-netlists/
          3. OJMSEQ: didn’t know of, and perhaps hadn’t studied in college, POs, so I showed him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partially_ordered_set
          4. OJMSEY: told him my latest work, ‘follow collection constraint OJJD0Y’ and sub-ops, especially per its goal ‘favoring bulk-mechanical universal operations not ‘deep trees of pairs of many types’ :OJJUGV’; he had a hard time to see reason for that, foremost that goal. So, to give him analogy he’d rate to, said ~‘this is like game designers came up with {polygon and texturing} display operations, instead of little updates, that could be handed off to the up 1000s of additional cores on personal computer video game board’. That he kind of understood, but just interested on the surface.
          5. OJMSS4: while it tried to understand for ~10 minutes, mostly he said it was too abstract to get into, not because I was making it that way but just its very nature. I understood, but was sad I didn’t have someone to really talk to about this.
  13. OIG96I: 2017.01.02Mon meeting :OIG96I
    1. OJ6DGW: advertising
      1. OJ6DMU: OJ6DMU: SMS derived from last OIG926: ‘Happy New Year!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars Lucy, Bill, Janin, & David[Dave], plus newbies Joan & Gabe, plus possible newcomers Vince plus Greg & brother Doug. We’re looking forward to you joining us at today 2017.01.02Monday’s & upcoming weekly BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) SimulSquad™(Co-Work­/Learn&Social on Your Topics) of here US.92654(Laguna Hills), as re-listing http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236488339 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OJ6DMU#OIG96I …happening ‘2 to 5 times every month since 2014!’, currently every Monday from 4pm (but TODAY 6PM) until ~midnight at nearby ‘Del Taco –home of the late nite coders!’ on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball! Important: ‘Kindly make sure an event host [me or Lucy] knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ and… see ya there! -Michael’
      2. OJ6DIF: https://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/236488339 : 0 additional
      3. OJ6DIZ: https://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/236488337 (3 additional: Janin & Dave & Bill)
      4. OJ6DJ5: https://www.meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/236488338
    2. OKQC7A: results overall
      1. OKQC4I: my pics: best: 20170102_221035.jpg
    3. OJ6F2L: participation additional
      1. OJ71RZ: Bill: found the new guys inspiring. Stayed late working.
      2. OJ71R8: Lucy: got a lot done on her website.
      3. OJ71GR: Vince
        1. OJ6QZB: recommends Karman Bar
        2. OJ71GX: just got into Laguna College of Art & Design, going for Video Art bachelors; got a $5K scholarship against $30K/year.
        3. OJ71IJ: Showed the light saber he did 3D in Blender: very impressive
        4. OJ71TD: Runs Linux Mint
      4. OJ71IT: Greg
        1. OJ71J1: doing Unity game developing with daughters who he has on the weekends. Possibly visible on his website at http://armiesofmanyearths.weebly.com/flood-fill.html with plugin https://unity3d.com/webplayer
        2. OJ71KS: Nick Olson is his showy bearded friend from Apple; he last SMSed him but hasn’t heard back.
        3. OJ71LU: Google develops TensorFlow AI for driving cars, Google is now using it to make art as seen here
  14. OJ6EOJ: 2017. before that: see starting ‘period 4 (2016.08(Aug) thru .12(Dec)~) in reverse order .. :/5694#OGLAU9