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  2. OKKNQM: See introduction at OKKLLV
  3. OKM1F2: for ‘2017.01.30Mon Meeting :OJ70WA’ :OKM1F2
    1. OKCZU6: NHB, call him 1st time:
      1. OKBLY5: try to call his GV, but placing call hangs plus no volume control: some software bug.
      2. OKH8PN: ‘David: Wed, 3:22 PM: Being dyslexic, I try to avoid reading. You write too much “soft” information for me to follow. I prefer “Hard” information, i.e. information that either asks a question or that has application. Otherwise I prefer to have a conversation. The only phone/text number to use is 949-..720 I have the 2 movies for you. :OKH8PN
        1. OKH909: Me Wed, 6:51 PM: Thanks for the heads-up on the dyslexic. I’ve suspected this or similar reading disability from a number of techies I’ve worked with, but you’re first to ever to promptly, including without prompting, admit any disability (indeed all others tried to hide it to some degree or another), so that shows integrity & balls. So what can you do as far as increasing your ability to read electronic writing? -as use one of those screen audio readers that is built-into Windows? -which in our call you indicated you knew of but weren’t using. Because, like people increasingly do today, SimulSquad remotely operate via electronic writing, not voice calls. And because I’m probably not going to change my writing style especially because it’s already very careful including already dense to fit into today’s small message sizes; still what you mean by ‘soft information’? -please quote examples.
      3. OKD03G: having not yet seen :OKH8PN, I call, log ‘(949) ..720 \ 3:33 PM Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017 1 hr 6 min’
        1. OKD66Q: he had just SMSed me, so wondered if I was replying to that; actually I’m calling because I hadn’t gotten a SMS, so it must be psychic.
        2. OKD66L: he said he had made the 2 videos for Janin as files, just had to check they play.
        3. OKD666: I explained that finding us light bulbs is definitely not a priority; rather first priority is that he is replying to texts every day.
        4. OKD66W: And that apparently foremost means getting himself a tablet plus hotspot.
          1. OKD671: So most of our call was focused on that.
          2. OKD6BO: For hotspot, I recommended T-Mobile & Metro PCS or Walmart; not Version. He agreed.
          3. OKD6BZ: For tablet I recommended against non-names, emphasizing bad parts (including weak GPS), including expect it to break by 6 months and be costly in time else money to repair. He still said he wanted to get a no-name first. because of his low income.
          4. OKD6C4: Our call ended when the cleaners came in to my area to clean. He said that was fine, he was now off searching for tablets.
        5. OKD0HB: he turned on call recorder. Google still works. I recommended he use an Android recorder app to record calls in all directions; sounded like he would look into it.
        6. OKH90K: Me: Wed, 7:13 PM: Also, though I hope we can do most things via electronic writing especially SMS & web posting, nonetheless a great first phone chat we had earlier 🙂 –to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5750#OKD03G –note that post & siblings is where I share all my sharable SimulSquad comms. Including I’m pleased you really want to help with SimulSquad 🙂 🙂 …including for starts thanks much for those vids (remember to also verify playback, and, if easy, also place them on DVD). BUT …when you left SimulSquad on Monday, you proudly shared ~‘I only check my text messages once per week’ –eeks, NO! —KEY for me & most people is being able to get replies from anyone, especially SimulSquad helpers, which are {fast: as within a few hours} + useful, ideally via texting/SMS else as last resort via voice call. SO I’m delighted you’re now working to get that happening for yourself, including by finally getting yourself a mobile OS tablet else smartphone -also lots of fun. As you are doing, let me know how it goes.
    2. OKH8SJ: Me: ‘Wed, 4:12 PM: Here is Tablet where I got the $10/5GB plan http://1.JotHere.com/4502#NL2H0Q but the tablet itself a total pain and I’ve taken the chip and put it into a hotspot and now use the Samsung S2 Tab 8 and love that.’
    3. OKH8TV: ‘David: Wed, 6:05 PM: I’m looking at this tablet – Any thoughts?— https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Teclast-P80H-8-inch-Tablet-PC-Android-5-1-64bit-MTK8163-Quad-Core-1280×800-IPS-Dual/32698046929.html?spm=2114.01010208.3.1.oTzdbS&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10065_10068_10000032_119_10000025_10000029_430_10000028_10060_10062_10056_10055_10054_301_10059_10099_10000022_10000012_10103_10102_10000015_10096_10000018_10000019_10052_10053_10107_10050_10106_10051_10000007_10084_10118_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_10112_10113_10114_10115_10037_10032_10000041_10000044_10078_10079_10077_10000038_429_10073_10000035_10121,searchweb201603_1,afswitch_2,single_sort_2_price_asc&btsid=2e069a48-8c6c-49e1-a2a5-14b4087ed3eb
      1. OKH901: Me: Wed, 6:41 PM: But isn’t this too big to fit in your pockets? It’s probably bigger than my Samsung S2 Tab8 which is max for my pockets. As you probably know, it’s got high features for {the money: just ‘US $56.09’}. The max camera res of 2MPix is a little disappointing given the lens is probably weak, but passable, but don’t expect quality easy pics. Somewhat expectantly at that price, at ‘0.597kg’ it’s quite heavy (indeed 32% more than my heavy AXS I just SMSed you) so almost certainly will break when dropped just as my AXS did multiple times; so an always-protecting case for it is essential (so find one before buying) and, at that weight, may still not be enough to protect it from falls. An inductive charger receiver (or magnetic-attach USB cable) may help the USB from wearing out fast but the USB still failed after ~2months on my last AXS.
      2. OKH905: OKH905: Me: Wed, 6:43 PM: Looks like the usual no-name. And, as I shared on the phone, from experience of me (~3 AXS so no-name tablets) and Lucy’s (~3 various no-name tablets), a no-name tablet will break and/or have bugs (worst is weak GPS), so expect to be {repairing, including being without for a month} or/and buying something better…after ~3 to 6 months of use, so readily paying more than buying a name brand. But even if you end up paying more in the long run, a no-name is still awesome for me & others you communicate with if it causes you to ASAP finally get some usable tablet/smartphone Android device so be up to sync with the rest of the world! Also, regardless of what you pick, once you’ve got a hotspot and/or tablet you’re pretty confident on, I can SMS Bill to get his opinion, too.
      3. OKH90I: Me: Wed, 7:09 PM: 2 more problems on that tablet: ‘Estimated Delivery Time:19-39days’ –way too slow for something as essential as one’s primary smartphone else tablet. Plus only 5 reviews including just 2 with comments, so few enough to be readily forged. For one’s primary, smartphone else tablet, I’d recommend: {a source that you can get within 4 days if not faster} + {if getting a no-name tablet (so playing Russian roulette), {something that has {>=25~ customer reviews, as from Amazon or maybe BestBuy or Walmart} and/or {a >=60~ day return policy}}.
    4. OKH8UY: ‘David: Wed, 6:23 PM: I’ve sent you 3 emails. DB’
      1. OKH90Q: OKH90Q: Me: Wed, 7:51 PM: You write: ‘I’ve sent you 3 emails. DB’ {Peeked at all 3; look good. I’ll get back to you on that say tomorrow}, also {on it’s ‘DB’ and on your previous message’s ‘David B..’, FYI, since you’re new to SMSing, {signing texts after ever recipient has significantly conversed with via texts with the sender} looks silly and isn’t done as by that time the recipient is assumed to have saved the sender’s phone number in the recipient’s phone contacts so the sender’s is already displayed adjacent your messages}.
    5. OKH8VG: Me: quote:
    6. OKH90W: Me: Thu, 8:13 AM: I found for you tablets that{will fit in pocket, so 7in, since you said 8in too big} and {plausibly-trustable: as 4.0 or more stars plus likelihood of detailed reviews and Q&A} and {very fast delivery (Prime) as many options there and medium-fast not selectable} and via price-increasing (for low price) at https://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=tablet&fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A172282%2Cn%3A541966%2Cn%3A13896617011%2Cn%3A1232597011%2Ck%3Atablet%2Cp_n_size_browse-bin%3A7817236011%2Cp_85%3A2470955011%2Cp_72%3A1248879011&qid=1485445159&sort=price-asc-rank giving MANY choices except (1) again {don’t trust customer rating if not ‘>=25~ customer reviews’: for example, 1st (so lowest priced) item is $44.99 https://smile.amazon.com/RCA-Touchscreen-Quad-Core-Processor-Marshmallow/dp/B01MZYSNRH but has only 3 reviews so I searched the make & model via https://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=node%3D1232597011&field-keywords=RCA+Voyager&rh=n%3A1232597011%2Ck%3ARCA+Voyager and indeed there find similar/same with more (51) reviews rating only 3.5 of 5 ( https://smile.amazon.com/RCA-Voyager-7-Inch-Quad-Core-Android/dp/B01MXGPIZW )} and (2) skip those w/o GPS (as no way to ‘refine’ by ‘with GPS’) including tragically Fires except 8.9 lack GPS. So 1st fast sure bet via my listing is at only $54.99 for 2 choices (https://smile.amazon.com/NeuTab-Lollipop-1280×800-Bluetooth-Certified/dp/B01N1SE4EP & https://smile.amazon.com/NPOLE-Tablet-Android-Camera-Supported/dp/B01K4HDXD4 )–note those ads I haven’t further reviewed, including note to avoid breakage I’m {not limiting to low-weight, as requires multiple search URLs} and {not limiting to those with protective case option I detailed as that search needs to be done separately}. Thoughts?
      1. OKKGHU: ‘David: Fri, 1:01 PM: :OKH918’ [part 2 of 3]: I do not have Amazon Prime but maybe someone could let me use there’s. —
    7. OKH918: David: Fri, 1:01 PM: :OKH918 –3 parts, per links to here.
    8. OKKGHL: ‘David: Fri, 1:01 PM: :OKH918’ [part 1 of 3]: Checked dimensions found that a width of up to than 5.4″ would fit in my pocket. Therefore I’m looking at 8″ tablets. —-
    9. OKH91C: Me:
      1. OKH91J: Fri, 9:35 PM: I forgot to mention: 16:9 screen ratio is not great especially for reading text with non-ideal eye sight; better to follow iPad’s lead and get ~4:3. This means my 8in tablet (Samsung S2 Tab 8in) even being {{optimum compact: thinnest in world} so pricy} and thinnest always-on case (for safety) is still annoyingly wide-for-pockets at 5.5in, so still to big to fit in your pockets per your ‘5.4in’, and only fits in mine by getting appropriate clothing. …So, in getting a device, unless one wants {not have pocket-able} or {spend bigger device bucks for super-compact and buy clothing}, one needs one with always-on case which width for men’s pockets {slightly under 5.5in, say ~5.3in if pushing it}, which then means under 8in screen and/or no better as ~4:3 screen ratio.
      2. OKH91R: Fri, 10:04 PM: Doing Amazon orders on behalf of someone I tried & don’t recommend, including it makes returns & reviews complicated so without a commission to cover costs, {I & probably others do not want to do an item over ~$20 that {might need returning and could have return limits, as computerized electronics; and I certainly wouldn’t want to do it just to save somebody a few bucks of S&H}. Fortunately an item which has https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Prime is available & good for everyone even without a Prime subscription, as it helps assure the item’s popularity and guarantees it will arrive within 2 days of ordering via S&H which, to Prime Subscribers is free regardless of order size and to others is still reasonably-priced including free if order over $45. Still Prime Subscription appears well worth it: as just $99/year last I heard, plus sharable with all members in household, plus includes great Netflix-like streaming video and some other features, plus Amazon is the overall best online seller I know & terribly useful especially due to the reviews.
    10. OKHXAD: David: Sat 2:40 AM: Thanks – You’ve given more good info to think about. At the moment switching to a tablet is not terribly urgent. I communicate with all my friends via email. — I will get one but I’ll keep researching it more before I do.
      1. OKHXAX: Me: Sat 7:15 AM: U reply ‘switching to a tablet is not terribly urgent’: yes but again iff you do ‘KEY for me & most people is being able to get replies from anyone, especially SimulSquad helpers, which are {fast: as within a few hours} + useful, ideally via texting/SMS’ –will you do that reachability for SimulSquad? (await your reply) -with GV it is possible without a smartphone/tablet: one just has to, as I do, check & reply to http://google.com/voice every few hours; plus till do ‘keep researching it’ so you also can respond in the apparently-rare times u’re away from an Internet-connected desktop/laptop.
    11. OKI5XH: OKI5XH: tablet offer
      1. OKIG5I: me:
        1. OKI5U6: Sat 2:05 PM: David, I got a tablet offer (id OKI5XH) to help you out since you’ve never had a smartphone/tablet but now want one for your primary use and want to spend very little. I can get you a 7in tablet, indeed quite possibly a make & model you might smartly want to have permanently, basically on loan until you find one you like or for you to keep.
        2. OKI5UU: 2:06 PM: And it’s a quality proven make & model: the exact same that Lucy still happily still uses for ~3 years after buying & returning 3 no-name units: a http://google.com/search?q=Nexus+7+2013 – so a model which Google (makers of Android) used co-developed with Asus and feature, so high quality Android support indeed, despite its age, currently updates to Android 6.0.1 (so very usable and indeed {near latest & most popular } Android version per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)#Platform_usage ). Specifically it is the larger 32GB, so model 2B32, so at http://amazon.com/Nexus-Google-7-Inch-Black-Tablet/dp/B00DVFLJKQ?th=1 starting used at $180.99 and at http://www.ebay.com/p/Nexus-7-2nd-Generation-32GB-Wi-Fi-7in-Black/168303745 starting used at $123. But here you can get/borrow it 1/3 or ½ those prices respectively. How?…
        3. OKI5VQ: 2:06 PM: Last week Lucy bought a backup tablet, so {this one: exactly matching her current make & model which she uses daily & loves} and so {currently is not in use}. As she got it used and a notably low price, it’s usable but could use some repair: from most serious 1st roughly: inductive charger pad is weak but others available for ~$5 on Amazon & I might have an extra + screen is cracked almost invisibly which probably causes {small fixed portion(s) of the screen: seems to be the upper-left 1/8th} to not respond to touch so is fixable by rotating unit (so could use a new touch screen or at least the touch part) + battery only charges to ~90% (so could use a new one) + USB port is reportedly broken (I believe I’ve got the component to fix it but that requires soldering) so which has been fixed by her seller by a supplied {inductive charger: so fixing it nicely except for HDMI output}. Also with this inductive charger plus a hard case with stand, she just got it from eBay for $63.69 –which appears to be good if not very good deal especially given even at that price (at under ½ of above normal working used prices) it still works; says she shopped a bit.
        4. OKI5WK: 2:06 PM: Lucy would prefer to keep this backup tablet but since she nor I have no immediate use for it and you’re in need, she can be accommodating. So here’s your offer: at that price she paid. you buy this tablet from me (as I will then buy it from her, as she doesn’t want to deal with offering any MBG but I will for you). But, unlike buying from anywhere else (where such electronics have at most 1 month MBG if new), you’ve got up to 10 months to {return it, as I will buy it back} for a full refund iff {it’s returned in significantly better condition including at least keep it same condition except fix at least 1 of its broken items, and I may still need it because I haven’t yet {bought another backup tablet because I or Lucy later needed one but you don’t (as can’t or whatever) return this in under say 2 days}}. Also realize, indeed probably better, you may very wisely NOT want to return it, just keep it permanently, as it also seems to match what you’re looking for and with this top & proven make & model for a very low price. Your thoughts?
        5. OKIU1Z: David: 4:57 PM: I’ll think on it. Thanks
        6. OKIU42: Me: 6:10 PM: Welcome. It took a while to write that offer up for u, and get Lucy to agree to it; she was convinced because I said it would help you out a lot since you’ve never had a smartphone/tablet, so with some no-name device, you wouldn’t even be able to tell whenever a feature was missing (in max contrast to Nexus 7 (this model), where, per Google’s design, it has working & demonstrating ever bell & whistle Android does). …all as a favor to you. Also I’ll bring it to this Monday SimulSquad for you to check out; please bring cash for it if you decide to go for it.
      2. OKIU4L: OKIU4L: Me: 6:12 PM: Meanwhile, I await your answer to {my 1st SMS question to you today, of ‘..–will you do that reachability for SimulSquad? ’)? -did you see that?
      3. OKIVER: OKIVER: Me: 7:37 PM: Also search your SMS for my SMS about link OK8RV9 sent ‘Mon, 8:57 AM’, as the link’s content (a special message for you about Janin project) will appear within 10 minutes so take read; looking fwd to your replies 🙂
      4. OKKF0P: David B:
        1. OKKF20: 9:26 PM: [part 1 of 2] It appears that none of these tablets have GPS or HDMI. GPS is essential.
          1. OKKF2M: Me: 11:04 PM: Which are ‘these tablets’? (which lack GPS & HDMI).
          2. OKKF4X: David B.: 11:15 PM: I look at the tablets you sent me links for. They didn’t list HDMI or GPS as features.
        2. OKKFSE: 9:26 PM [part 2 of 2]: Also the 8″ 9×16 format is larger and still fits in my pocket.
          1. OKKF39: Me: 11:04 PM: Also from my tablet research of last year, in 8in I don’t find any with screen ratio 16:9 but instead 16:10 (as my entry ‘{ SGH-i467 NKPA8I}’) which then has a screen width of 4.23in but if picking a slightly less than 8in screen as 7.85in but with the iPad 4:3 screen ratio I recommended (per Apple picking it (pioneered with the iPad) then Samsung (copied with the Tab S2 & others) plus copied by my 3 AXS tablets), u get width 4.71in so {notable:~.5in} wider even on a smaller screen. In other words, I search for biggest screen width instead of diagonal, as when reading a page of text in normal portrait mode, with not great eyesight, one wants wide as u don’t want to have to enlarge the text so 1 line is wider than the screen else u have to scroll the screen left & right with EVERY line of text u read. However yes larger width appears not else increasingly-not essential, as it’s notably harder (if even possible) to put into pockets plus requires big hands to grasp and (so?) increasing text is being formatted for narrow width; indeed top model Nexus 7 has the 16:10 width which Lucy reads ~2 hrs a day and {loves it so much she just bought another as you know from above}.
        3. OKKF25: 10:57 PM: Would this work? — https://www.walmart.com/ip/Total-Wireless-Unimax-U240C-Mobile-Hotspot/43924488
          1. OKKF49: OKKF49: Me: Sat 11:15 PM: ‘Would this work? — https://www.walmart.com/ip/Total-Wireless-Unimax-U240C-Mobile-Hotspot/43924488 ’ –this is only ‘$12.00’ so are you just finding the cheapest new hotspot then asking me to investigate if will work? -if so, I don’t like that. If you want to buy dirt cheap electronics (as you are suggesting), then their is good chance they’re going to cost the buyer more elsewhere in some way that isn’t obvious (as this one might be only for Verizon) so you should do the work to figure what the catch is then report on that then only ask others to investigate after showing them your report.
          2. OKKF5D: OKKF5D: David B.: 11:22 PM: Hotspots – I can only look for a catch after I know what the possible catches are. It’s like me telling you not to buy life insurance that has a catch. Unless you know the 5 things to look for you’d never see the catch coming. I am totally ignorant about hotspots, that’s why I’m asking you. Your answer appears to be “If it’s cheap, it’s bad.” In which case I”’ just stay the way I am.
        4. OKKF2B: 11:03 PM: How about this? — Too long for text check email
      5. OKKF5J: Me:
        1. OKKF5Z: OKKF5Z: Sun 12:00 AM: [replying to OKKF5D & earlier as OKH905] Listen, David: I know what works (what enables me to pay just ~$10/mo for a quality tablet with phone service plus 4G hotspot) and have already told you what, indeed published it years ago in my AXS link I gave you. So if you deviate from what I works, I don’t know and it costs me a lot of time to investigate which you’re not paying me for, so there you’re on your own. Most annoyingly, from my & Lucy’s & Bill’s experience, I tell you to stay away from equipment brand names that aren’t know to be trusted, especially when doing something bleeding edge as I do here yet still to serve as your primary mobile. But you still insist on investigating no-names to save a few bucks (so then I’m quickly not going to help) as you seem to forget that the real cost here is one’s monthly service (notably to get 4G Internet), NOT the equipment (most especially if you don’t need a tablet or smartphone with 4G; a quality 5in smartphone can cost $500 but here a quality 7in tablet can cost just $200, so why do you keep nickel-and-diming more?!). If your mobile phone service costs you just $10/mo instead of $50, that means essentially $40/mo you have to spend on equipment, which quickly pays for even the most expensive equipment and then the rest of the savings forever is yours. So please stop nickel-and-diming on the equipment and select equipment known to work well (at least until you’ve got a setup that works), especially equipment that I know & even offer you (as this Nexus 7 –appreciate that, as that hopefully gets you going with also low initial investment), and instead focus on finding inexpensive 4G Internet data plans (as that’s where one’s real costs are), then to match it get a hotspot (as that’s generally tied to the carrier) where again (for the hotspot) choosing equipment likely reliable at least until you’ve got the system up & working. Make sense?
        2. OKK2Z0: Sun 6:24 PM: OKK2Z0: Hope the cat hasn’t caught your tongue. Meanwhile, as an important addition to {my last 2 SMSes: ‘OKKF49: Me: Sat 11:15 PM: ..this is only ‘$12.00’ ..’ + ‘OKKF5Z: Sun 12:00 AM: Listen, David’},
          1. OKKKYU: in due respect, as it seems it might aid you & me & others you interact with, here’s 2 big goals I & seemingly most smart aim for and hopefully you do else will, too:
            1. OKKL5N: {please don’t be https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/penny_wise_and_pound_foolish , including as that net costs not just you but also others trying to help you}
              1. OKKM9C: for instance, I cover that in my SMS OKKF5Z; plus
            2. OKKL5T: {please ensure everybody-wins situations, notably by ensuring not just you but also {the other person(s) you interact with: here me & SimulSquad} are similarly {gaining else stand to gain} and know that}
              1. OKKMCF: For instance, here if you follow, your time should be well paid of with a ~$10/mo smartphone/tablet+hotspot, but how is my time paid back to me or SimulSquad or JotHere?
                1. OKKM9N: One good start would be for you especially to ensure our research & findings becomes {a well-written JotHere post to then help others, including then better written than {this discussion’s present location, well where I’ve been archiving it especially for such re-use, as this point at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKKM9N#OKKM9N}}.

            Sound good?

          2. OKKKZY: IMHO (and hopefully you’re seeing it, too), these 2 goals plus my last 2 SMSes appear key to ensure successful future interactions with me & likely lots of others, so I await your soon replies, ideally via SMS. 🙂
          3. OKKL0K: Also, on a positive note, other than on these points, you’re {trying to follow recommendations, especially to the degree you follow them, including via remotely communicating with me including even giving pro & con feedback on our remote communication} has been helpful to me, leading to improvements you’ll increasingly see for both me & SimulSquad & JotHere, so please continue the good stuff there, indeed…
      6. OKJX3Q: ‘Subject: Hotspots’
        1. OKJX9M: OKJX9M: From: David B.. <da..99@gmail.com>; To: Michael <Mi..81@jothere.com>; Date: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 11:05 PM; Checking my source in China – Would this work? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-150Mbps-Wireless-3G-4G-WiFi-Wlan-Hotspot-Router-AP-Client-RJ45-USB-Wireless-Router-for/32788057222.html?.. What should I know about what type of hotspot to buy?
      7. OKJXFE: ‘Subject: Why texting is a problem for me and how to solve it’
        1. OKKGHZ: ‘David: Fri, 1:01 PM: :OKH918’ [part 3 of 3]: Texting is much easier for me if you start a new conversation with each text, otherwise I may not see it when I look on the computer.
        2. OKJXNC: OKJXNC: From: David B.. <da..99@gmail.com>; To: Michael <Mi..81@jothere.com>; Date: Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 5:16 PM
          1. OKJYRE: 1) Below is what one stream of texts looks like at my end. Because of my reading problems, it is very difficult for me to not get lost in the middle. That is why I would like you to start new conversations when texting me unless it is in DIRECT response to something I asked or said.
          2. OKJYRI: 2) When I ask for information in order to make an informed decision, you have a habit of trying to make the decision for me rather than give the information. For example, I sent you information about a tablet and asked for your opinion. Having worked my way through your response all you needed to say was:
            “On paper, for that price it looks very good but I worry that its components will break. Did you notice how long shipping takes? I’ve seen inexpensive ones on Amazon that ship quickly. Would you like me to check out 7″ tablets for you?”
            I have made 4 distinct points in 4 short sentences. if you had sent something short like this I could enter into a meaningful dialogue with you but there is no way to respond directly to the masses of info that you sent.
          3. OKJYRP: 3) You are proving yourself to be a good friend by doing all this research for me but it will help me more if you stay terse and ask if I need more info or help before you inundate me with all this. I’ll look into what Amazon has to offer as well.
          4. OKJYRZ: quoted text:
            1. OKJYW7: [all copies of text captured in else via ‘period 5 (2017.01(Jan) thru 01(Jan)~) ..:http://1.JotHere.com/5750#OJ6EE0’ so abbreviated to just show what copied not full content, so ~10% the original size enabling one to see the forest among the trees :OKJYW7]
            2. [the 2 SMS of ‘OK8WCO: quote: David (OK8T5G) (949)..720 – Google Voice’]
            3. ‘me: 8:57 AM: David, regarding {your reply yesterday: 3 SMSes ‘1/22/2017 9:51AM – 10:06 AM 22 hours ago’}..:OK8RV9
            4. Michael ..: Regarding my SMS ‘8:57 AM :OK8RV9’: .. 9:54 AM
            5. Michael ..: Only after I created a phone contact entry for you, .. . 10:11 AM
            6. Michael ..: ‘OK7XAD: Morning!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ regulars .. 10:12 AM
            7. Michael ..: All quiet on SMS. -Where’s David? .. 11:52 AM
            8. Me: Being dyslexic, .. 3:22 PM
            9. Michael ..: Here is Tablet where I got the $10/5GB plan .. 4:12 PM
            10. Me: I’m looking at this tablet – Any thoughts?— https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Teclast-P80H-.. 6:05 PM
            11. Me: I’ve sent you 3 emails. DB 6:23 PM
            12. Michael ..: But isn’t this too big to fit in your pockets? .. 6:41 PM
            13. Michael ..: Looks like the usual no-name. .. 6:43 PM
            14. Michael ..: Thanks for the heads-up on the dyslexic. .. 6:51 PM
            15. Michael ..: 2 more problems on that tablet: .. 7:09 PM
            16. Michael ..: Also, though I hope we can do most things via electronic writing especially SMS & web posting,.. 7:13 PM
            17. Michael ..: ‘OKH90Q: Wed, 7:51 PM: You write: ‘I’ve sent you 3 emails. DB’ {Peeked at all 3; look good. ..}.
        3. OKJZQF: my reply –constructing

          1. OKJZR4: Interacting with SimulSquad members this week via Google Voice foremost, especially with you especially {this your message http://1.JotHere.com/5750#OKJXNC (to appear there)} has me remembering & further realizing not only {what you point out in your message: that my present GV use is not working well} but for detailed interactions of nested concepts, Google Voice (expectantly) won’t work well and, as I’ve long-published, neither will email.
            1. OKK14A: including problems:
              1. OKK02V: OKK02V: you reply ‘(That is why) I would like you to start new conversations when texting me unless it is in DIRECT response to something I asked or said.’ but unfortunately {that’s not possible as SMS increasingly doesn’t do threads and indeed it may never have officially done them}.
                1. OKK0O7: I & apparently you thought SMS did as ‘Google Voice interface ..prior to ‘released <=2017.01.23MonPst ..’ :OKB2JV’ does show threading, but {even with SMSing between GV users, content would end up on different threads, as I discovered SMSing with Bill 2016.12~} and {the next interface has {no threads, well just 1 thread per person} as noted in its ‘notable pros thru cons :OKB32Q’}.
                2. OKKLG0: So: Me: Sun 6:28 PM: OKKLG0: Your suggestion for SMS of ‘start a new conversation[thread] with[for] each’ [new topic]} sounds great, indeed I asked my bud Bill to do for me few months ago, but found then & increasingly it’s impossible via SMS despite GV _appearing_ to have it, as OKK02V details.
            2. OKK0ZC: OKK0ZC: so, for a remote communication method especially on nested issues, starting with yours & mine, which should be notably better at little setup cost, as an experiment, I want you & I to now primarily remotely correspond via writing directly into JotHere post __ which I created for that task.
              1. OKK1E3: rules of post include:
                1. OKK1MM: no content is ever to be deleted with minimal exceptions of:
                  1. OKK1ON: redundancies which can be compressed {losslessly, notably no significant info loss}
                    1. OKK1X1: for example, as done at/per OKJYW7.
                  2. OKK1OB: fixing of {typos and {spelling & grammar errors} provided they don’t significantly change the semantics.
                  3. OKK1SH: privacy violations which then will be redacted by site administrator(s).
                2. OKK1F9: all content to be in an outline
                  1. OKK1FV: ideally one subject per section and 1 section per subject
                  2. OKK1G5: a section which is a question or statement should have its answers/comments in its subsections. :OKK1G5
                    1. OKK2BG: so where you where you & I can write what you & I want to ask me and what you want to tell/ask me and then I can insert the answers,
                  3. OKK1JH: for discussion functionality,
                    1. OKK1Z7: each comment has format, in order (and which itself may be outlined) of:
                      1. OKK220: speaker name, starting first name and just unique enough to be unambiguous
                      2. OKK23H: ‘:’ (for 1 point) or outline subsections (for multiple subpoints) :OKK23H
                      3. OKK25Y: the date & time of speaking, where the year & month & day each are omitted if inherited.
                      4. OKK281: ‘‘:’ (for 1 point) or outline subsections (for multiple subpoints) :OKK23H
                      5. OKK28Z: the comment body
            3. OKKH4T: Me: Sun 7:10 PM: OKKH4T: But due to OKKLG0 + your email OKJXNC & more TBA, SimulSquaders especially you have me remembering & further-realizing we need ASAP ideally immediately to heavily improve our remote communications on nested issues for {you & me and ideally all SimulSquaders}.
              1. OKKLLV: Sun 7:10 PM: OKKLLV: So I’d like you & me to try foremost corresponding via co-editing via {a 1.JotHere post, specifically new http://1.JotHere.com/5812#OKKNM, for appending & improving by {you foremost plus {JotHere editors foremost me}} per structuring details OKK0ZC}

                1. OKK2Z8: Sun 7:10 PM: OKK2Z8: So for that and more, I’d like you to {have, so create for yourself} a 1.JotHere.com account for authoring, indeed as many SimulSquaders already have, plus as I suggested in my earlier SMS to u ‘OK8R9G: Me: 2017.01.23Mon 8:35 AM .. as I & Lucy & Bill use, for this & much more, I recommend [authoring on] JotHere.com, where also we can help you; it’s tricky to get started but quick & worth it: ’; new regular attendee Sharone created hers at last SimulSquad, and you can create yours at upcoming SimulSquad, ideally tomorrow, plus ideally {remotely do else start via http://1.Jothere.com/4670?N46Ref=OKK2Z8#NUAFD2 } and to help here I’m here for you via SMS plus in-person at SimulSquads}. Sound good?
        4. OKLWQW: ‘David (OK8T5G) (949) ..720 – Google Voice’ thru ‘5:52 AM 5 hours ago’
          1. OKLWT4: 30Mon: 5:39 AM: I’ve looked at several of the JotHere links you’ve sent like: http://1.Jothere.com/4670?N46Ref=OKK2Z8#NUAFD2. they look like gibberish. Either you see something different or my mind cannot comprehend it.
          2. OKLWT8: 30Mon 5:47 AM: I would like to respond separately to each of your texts but I don’t know how. So I am stuck with sending one response to 6 or 7 of you texts. Most unsatisfactory type of communication.
          3. OKLWTC: OKLWTC: 30Mon 5:52 AM: I may or may not concur with what you say about the hardware for tablet communication. I won’t know until I’ve learned a lot more about their features and functions. Also the content of your text messages is so filled with gibberish that half the time I’m not sure that I even understand what you are trying to tell me. Very frustrating because I believe that you are trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what.
        5. OKLMVQ: Me: 30Mon 3:37 PM: OKLMVQ: David, RE {your last 3 SMS, so ending ‘OKLWTC: 30Mon 5:52 AM’: For much better message reading & even addition, my reply is starting at this very msg/pt at http://1.JotHere.com/5812?N46Ref=OKLMVQ#OKLMVQ but when opening that URL, BEFORE SCROLLING its window tab, 1st ensure ur web browser scrolls to that pt OKLMVQ; help at http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=OKLMVQ#NVTR95 . (Aside: this msg is a OKGEBL copy-then-edit.)
          1. OKLR98: Thanks for your replies; as well as being useful it’s good to hear something back from you to know you’re ok.
            1. OKM7GG: It’s key that one hears a regular “heartbeat” from each person s/he’s working with or friends with, normally at least daily.
              1. OKLRA5: …since perhaps most notably, when one doesn’t hear back from a person, IMHO commonly it’s because s/he has gotten into an emotional snit; but one generally {can’t correct that, even know what it is} with no meaningful replies.
          2. OKLVKC: ‘I may or may not concur with what you say about the hardware for tablet communication.’ -Not concurring where I say I know is unwise, unless {{you’re an expert on Android: I did MIT CS plus co-founded and head OCAndroid for now ~5 years; how about you?} plus {qualified on this unique VOIP technique that I and a few others independently developed}} both which do not seem likely, so {where you don’t here follow: ‘there you’re on your own’ as I wrote + you’re probably going to tick me off as there by default you have been still asking and/or needing my help!}, so overall {respect & heed those where they would appear to know}!
          3. OKLUZ8: You reply ‘I would like to respond separately to each of your texts but I don’t know how’: try reading what I just wrote you again as there I just addressed that: my SMS ‘Sun 6:28 PM: OKKLG0:’ is telling you ‘it’s impossible via SMS ’ and my next SMS ‘Sun 7:10 PM: OKKH4T’ is telling you {a possibly best alternative method to make it work: ‘co-editing via {a 1.JotHere post’} –indeed you’re reading that now! See our complete discussions within this post, already semi-organized and {ready to be nicely organized: I’ll handle that at least initially} plus {I want to set you up to {append your replies into this text specifically into ‘its subsections. :OKK1G5’ per that}: just {get your JotHere account as I told you ‘Sun 7:10 PM: OKK2Z8:’!}.
          4. OKLVCX: You reply ‘I’ve looked at several of the JotHere links you’ve sent like [URL]. they [display to me as] [gibberish]’. Make sure you’re not loading the URL with any punctuation attached its end (as that then prevents scrolling) as what happened when I tried to test that URL you just sent me given in ASCII you didn’t separate it from the following period. Beyond that
          5. OKLMVW: Yes, your assessment ‘I believe that you are trying to tell me something’ is totally on target, and, like all my writing, I’ve carefully written it; but reading it you‘re experiencing ‘I just don’t know what’. Answer:

            1. OKLMXE: OKLMXE: My writing is rich with carefully thought out & researched info. But there’s…
              1. OKLR3S: 3 bleeding-edge attributes of my writing & 1.JotHere.com :OKLR3S which
                1. OKLSPI: I’ve individually pioneered,
                2. OKLSF1: have great use & simplicity :OKLSF1
                  1. OKLU9E: as are extremely useful English/natural-language writing extensions that aren’t so complex of transformation,
                  2. OKLSOV: indeed give my writing great power especially as a reasoning tool, indeed {enables me think & develop well beyond my normal intelligence, as recent most notable example {for my ‘math foundations especially for {automating it ..} & knowledge’ .. OJ0OGI}},
                3. OKLRVU: but cause some people to initially have problems reading my writing & some of 1.JotHere.com,
                  1. OKLR42: but since my extensions ‘have great use & simplicity: :OKLSF1’, {they’re powerful and their reading problems easy to overcome} once the reader spots-else-is-shown their tricks…
                    1. OKLQB5: so {the general fix: to make reading easy & fun} is by doing 1 or more of 2 methods:
                      1. OKLPUN: The super-easy method: ASAP show up to SimulSquad {with BYOD so you can do this on your own computer so take it home with you –KEY!} and with at least 1 hour –it’s fun & interesting & useful– and, as I have with several others, I’ll step you thru it.
                      2. OKLQAA: The remote but tricky method possibly not fun unless you like challenges: carefully read & follow the info on JotHere. To diagnose, here’s the additional background on it…

                    2. OKLRO3: indeed I expected most people would on their own spot {the simple transformations and their notable utility :OKLSF1}, but have found many or if not most people don’t, even with as close-as-practical embedded explanation, due to s/he apparently being 1 or more of these 2:
                      1. OKLT1F: mostly mentally blocked to new extensions of English writing style, which seems seemingly-ironically especially true for…
                        1. OKLTKY: techies especially seemingly ironically programmers, probably because they {shied away{ from and/or {struggled on} English in school and have no interest in getting creative there, unlike me.
                        2. OKLTM0: English grammar experts but who, unlike me, {mastered it to the degree they then didn’t want any changes to it} and/or {most of their lives shied away from the technical} –most notably Lucy.
                        3. OKLTX7: NOT {those like me –I want to find some more! — where, for me, as well as doing my CS undergrad & grad at MIT, I was raised by two professional writer parents including one a college English professor who drilled English writing into me, too, so I then loving and integrating both the tech & humanities}
                      2. OKLT2X: sometimes also to not being sharp enough to spot the pattern & utility.
                4. OKLR79: {the ‘3 bleeding-edge attributes of my writing & 1.JotHere.com :OKLR3S’} are:
                  1. OKLMXK: OKLMXK: I being {a software specifically automated linguistics/knowledge architect, specifically somebody trying to get computers to understand so automate human knowledge} who fully dogfoods, I’m using {my own advanced extension of {our natural language: here English}, to ready it for computer understanding, plus better human understanding & processing if just spotting-else-knowing simple tricks} which features both:
                    1. OKLNSL: It uses {bracketing via ‘{..}’} plus {IDs specifically KCGUIDs} and
                    2. OKLNSQ: on {JotHere and other places capable} both
                      1. OKLNT8: I break sentences into advanced outlines (which, once you spot-else-know the pattern, makes for real easy reading & update) and
                      2. OKLNTI: at that URL you cited, I’m also using {‘NOLDef’, a language I invented last year which powerfully standardizes term & especially concept definition with change tracking} per its use of ‘‘name ‘in reverse start order’’
                  2. OKLN64: 1.JotHere.com has some bugs/advancedness which you may be experiencing, 3 items:
                    1. OKLNYW: needing additional layout/CSS improvements but those are mostly aesthetic
                    2. OKLNZ8: OKLNZ8: some tech bugs but I don’t detect any on this end.
                    3. OKLP12: Note 1.JotHere & better sites use advanced URLs: covering that, did you read, as you probably need to, my SMS ‘me: 23Mon8:57 AM: David, .. for help, see http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=OKLNZ8#NVTR95 .. :OK8RV9’ (N46Ref here appropriately updated)?
                      1. OKLP42: So one caveat is, due to{the page portion anchors: ‘#..’}, per standard web browser design, a page will load but fail to position/scroll w/o producing an error if the URL has {any extraneous character(s) at the end, which are commonly punctuation 1 or more of ‘.,})”’}.
                        1. OKLPF6: This is {why I and others put URLs possibly in pure ASCII with a space between the ending and any punctuation: so it won’t get included in the URL, as by the display technology’s auto-linking or by {auto-selection or accidental user-selection} copy-then-paste into a web browser} even though by English-grammar a space here is unpretty and not grammatically correct. I mention this because I notice the URL you site is in pure ASCII but doesn’t have this space between it and the ‘.’ didn’t scroll properly when I loaded it to test.
                  3. OKLN6C: I’m only minimally updating 1.JotHere.com’s shortcomings because I’m getting near to having {FunLogic :NVDE5G } developed which will then enable eventual replacement ~2.JotHere.com which will do all this & more differently & dramatically better.
      8. OKI5WS: more TBA here
    12. OKM1D5: section location originally until now the content of ‘SMS & calls & email :OKCZ7B’ :OKM1D5
  4. OKM1S0: for ‘2017.01.23Mon meeting :OJ70W6’ :OKM1S0
    1. OK8WP9: OK8WP9: quote: David (OK8T5G) (949) ..720 – Google Voice
      1. OK8WQD: David (OK8T5G): Which type of bulb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edison_screw ? David 11:09 PM
      2. OK8WQH: Me: Hi, David. U type that by ur non-smartphone? Ouch! U can find as well as I can by page search for use: I only find “E17 is also sometimes used, especially in small table lamps and novelty lighting, and occasionally the lights on newer ceiling fans.” But just Web search for “led ceiling fan bulb” 😎 11:35 PM 1/21/17 .. 34 hours ago
    2. OK7HYK: OK7HYK: quote: David (OK8T5G) (949) ..-720 – Google Voice
      1. OK8W1J: David (OK8T5G): I use G-Voice on my computer for texting. On Monday will talk about lites. 7:57 AM
      2. OK8W1R: Me: Morning, David. Yes, smart of you to use http://voice.google.com for texting; heck of a lot easier than even a smartphone. Looking forward to your tomorrow SimulSquad mini-presentation on lights. 🙂 Kind of you to look into that. 8:08 AM
      3. OK8W1Z: Me: Another that you could do for me & especially SimulSquaders, if you’re interested, that occurred me yesterday after I dropped you off: our Trumpers, at least Android coder Janin, seriously avoid any media news (I recall {since she detests media news as finds it’s just a downer} but I may not recall clearly), …thus her presidential pick. To improve {her & ideally her family’s} candidate voting, I’ve been trying for ~6 months to get her to watch the basics of at least US political news, even just the awesome news via HBO, even just the top-awarded comedy (John Oliver), but she hasn’t taken the initiative to even 1 full show as best I know, also in part because she didn’t have HBO though that may have changed with her new switch to AT&T’s internet et al. Anyway, to get her & ideally {her immediate family that’s Trumper: note 1 of her 4 kids does follow news & voted Bernie/Hillary} to consume at least US political news and ideally more, it appears that’s got to be remarkably painless, as no cost & just pop-in-movie. So since you share you love downloading {movies and other video} and where I’m getting you to switch to {legal or at least moral but still inexpensive video watching}, {I was wondering if you would get, for only her & hubby, {Michael Moore’s filmography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Moore#Filmography documentary recent of Where to Invade Next especially & Trumpland. And to compensate Moore productions, I’ll rent them if she watches them, as a gift to her.} You can start with just the video files delivered on flash or DVD, and if time & interest, also make playable DVDs; I here say DVDs as I don’t know if she has a Blu-ray reader but I expect she has a DVD reader on at least her computers. Thoughts? 🙂 9:01 AM
      4. OKLOMB: David (OK8T5G)
        1. OK8W27: 22Sun 9:56 AM: 9:51 AM: Do you think that she would watch them? I wouldn’t watch a video extolling the business prowess of Trump!!!
        2. OK8W2C: 22Sun 9:56 AM: My experience is that people, like her, say, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.”
        3. OK8W2I: 22Sun 10:06 AM: Since she is obviously intelligent, or you wouldn’t be wasting your time on this, I suggest that you take a more humble approach. Start with, “Since all logical conclusions are based on a set of premises, and I don’t understand why you like Trump, can you share with me the premises you used to come to this conclusion?” Then you can challenge the veracity of her premises by saying, ” heard that xyz wasn’t true. Can we check that?” My mother once told me, “David, you have to make a choice. You can either argue with someone or you can convince them but you can’t do both. Decide which is more important to you.”
      5. OK8RV9: OK8RV9: me: 23Mon8:57 AM: David, regarding {your reply yesterday: 3 SMSes ‘1/22/2017 9:51AM – 10:06 AM 22 hours ago’}: Thanks for your detailed thoughts plus question! On that & more, my complete {reply plus relevant follow-up} is too {{long: ~1480 words} & structured} to well fit into SMS, so, after {when it appears: a soon as 1hr} please see it starting at this very message which is at http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OK8RV9#OK8RV9 ‘–when opening that URL, before scrolling its window tab, first ensure your web browser scrolls to that point #OK8RV9; for help, see http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=OK8RV9#NVTR95 ’. Aside: this message is a copy-then-edit of OJYCAO. :OK8RV9
        1. OK7T40: OK7T40: I’m pleased you take an interest in how to best approach Janin for improving her voting. Per that, here’s some additional very relevant background on her, in 2 parts:
          1. OK7HYU: OK7HYU: in preparing my reply here to you, I located her exact 1st explanation to me on how & why she politically decides (finally, as it also took months before she would reveal her how & why): her SMS ‘OK7TZE: (2016.09.19) Janin: News does not delight me, it upsets me. I avoid it. I get what I need from [only] Dave[ her my hubby, a Trumper apparently heavy duty]. I don’t need downers in my life. I’m totally fed up with politics & avoid it. The same goes with any documentaries on the subject. 12:49 PM \ This state is in trouble, & I’m planning to move to Oregon in the future. No state is perfect. No telling what the future brings. 12:50 PM \That is why I want our {Android developer group[ she means SimulSquad]} to be apolitical. [Though]I’m glad you’re enthusiastic. 12:51 PM \ Overall, this country is an embarrassment. 12:52 PM \ I’d say 90% of people are unhappy right now. 12:53 PM 9/19/2016 4 months ago’.
          2. OK7LCK: OK7LCK: Foremost realize this is from 4 months ago, so 4 differences/clarifications/updates from what she says here which I found in the 2 months following that, notably right {before+at+after} our big ‘2016.11.08Tue US General Election 2016 :OGOYUB’:
            1. OK7LCW: (1) even though she notably ‘avoids’ ‘news’ and ‘politics’, on apparently all ~80 ballot choice options, she still voted! (and leaving only ~1 hours for ballot choice selection!) and apparently {had else reports} her family members vote similarly for the candidates at least US president (so for Trump)! –so a frightening combination (fully voting on quick impressions) especially frightening with she also having {quite a few: 4} kids (so reminiscent in part by the beginning of Idiocracy (2006)) so resulting in she & all possible of her immediate family voting for Trump as US President and I recall likely also voting for the other Republican candidates as well, and even though she & Dave (and the 3rd Trumper I regularly see) when I told them Trump’s anti-EPA pick to head EPA, were then all shocked as they were all for protection of the environment especially from human climate change so all 3 of 3 Trumpers terribly mis-assumed Trump was similar because they hadn’t bothered to check their own candidate …so a horrible (and in many ways common) mistake of being fooled into voting for {bad: here Trump & other Republicans} which, please always remember, would be properly nipped in the bud by epistocracy.
            2. OK7LD6: (2) on the positive side, on ballot issues only (as on the candidates, her mind was made up), at my offer & strong encouragement to go over her voting choices with me, she did specially meet with me at Starbucks about 1 hr before voting ended (when she was then going to vote), and listened to {my recommendations, which she knew are extremely well researched: see {my voting spreadsheet of-years http://1.JotHere.com/3757?N46Ref=OK7HYU#MCYFVR }} and while also thinking on her own she tended to almost entirely agree with me, so showing she can decide well if she puts thought into it (as would be expected) plus she’s open to some voter advice (well here on only the stuff which didn’t get big publicity, so unlike US president, where another likely big problem of such publicity media is that society especially media then hasn’t mis-suggested to everyone ~‘it’s a big entertainment game; which side do you pick?’), and
            3. OK7LDD: (3) she does like a little comedy so a few weeks before that vote I was able to get her to watch a few minutes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, only stuff picked randomly off of YouTube (which only offers episode fragments) since HBO requires subscription and I don’t yet have HBO Go; but, in part because she didn’t then have HBO, that was not enough to stick; other than that, that’s all the news I’m aware she’s watched…!
            4. OK7TRQ: (4) ‘she says she won’t like talking politics with us but then 2 months later actually did :OK7NL9
        2. OK7T5K: Also, David, thanks for your detailed thoughts. On each of your 2 key ones, some enhancement:
          1. OK7QR7: OK7QR7: As far as one of them, yes _on quick look_ your ‘more humble approach’ (of reason with, specifically ensure the other person (and one’s own) logic is solid) appears it would work and indeed is a reasonable 1st pass solution, so I’ve tried it many many times, but when it comes with Trumpers plus non-greedy Republican voters plus even most hard-core Hillary supporters (as opposed to Berners) (plus the supernaturally pious), it generally fails miserably (and indeed in Janin’s case, where I’ve tried that, from day 1 hearing she was a Trumper, she knows I know her response will be ‘I don’t want to talk politics’ (meaning especially candidates, especially US presidential)) , because these folks AREN’T thinking, and routinely don’t think they need to think, but rather just go by initial {instinct & impression} (often (mis-)believing then by constitutionally blessed American magic, everyone voting “will” pick the best choice) and definitely don’t need to discuss their vote with anyone,, as thinking & such discussion takes real work and as the law fully allows them not to (should we also hand out driver’s licenses & doctor licenses to everyone who just puts their legal name & contacts on a state form?), plus the law even always gives them ‘I voted!’ stickers fully publicly celebrating them even when they don’t investigate & discuss & think at all …notably because we don’t have epistocracy! Consequently, ‘Make America THINK Again’ needs to be foremost a message not to Trumpers but to the Democrats (who are most still in the delusion that getting every else as many as possible adult citizens to vote result in the most good done, because ‘well statistically it worked (well in THEIR favor) before…’ but, wake up, Dems, as it most certainly didn’t work when it came to the vote of Trump! …as clearly all sorts of unthinking people then used their voting abilities (many enabled by these “generous” Dem promoters) to instead vote for this new guy Trump (simply because {Things aren’t working and he’s the most different} -which is true), whereas usual democrat voters, with so many also registered, their thinking was only slightly more so still not enough (specifically they DID take little deeper, actually did look into the Hillary/Trump choices, and predictably on that quick look mostly just saw crap being flown in both directions, so then still MIS-thought {well I don’t like either choice so since {I can only vote FOR someone [another big flaw: no preferential voting!]’} I won’t vote at all}), so Trump wins. So the top fix so obvious (that a child could see it but an American adult would have trouble): don’t irresponsibly hand out voting ability: foremost don’t allow voting by people who aren’t researching & thinking about their vote much, i.e., epistocracy!).
          2. OK7SPF: OK7SPF: And as far as another of your thoughts, ‘either argue … or convince’ gets at something at good which IMHO can be better phrased as ‘Instead of argue, convince’. And indeed that is what I’m aiming to do here: NOT use the direct approach of ensuring good logic (as again that’s political {work indeed thinking & investigating & logically discussing} which shockingly top notably American democracy law does not require — see previous point), but instead approach as I’m proposing: indirectly, notably via humor; and on that note…
        3. OK7JX9: OK7JX9: Most urgent is, yes I think there is a significant, say 50%, chance she would watch these videos (else I wouldn’t ask you). For 3 reasons: (1) have you seen these 2 movies? …as Invade approaches it via issues not candidate (so subtle) and Trumpland literally speaks directly to hard-core Trumpers by full design. Also (2) while Janin & Dave’s candidate decisions are bad and that’s at least doubled since they apparently influence 2 to 3 of their 4 kids to vote similarly, for Janin (all I know for sure) it’s not as bad as ‘My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.’ (also well put, BTW, as a statement amusingly hypocritical), rather it’s more like ‘My mind is made up but I’ll listen to something funny’, hence comedy US politics, especially Michael Moore, appears ideal. And (3) I also sense she feels a touch of guilt for not keeping up with the political news, especially since she correctly realizes the problem is serious per the spirit of her 2 SMSes ‘Overall this country … unhappy right now’. So what would it take for you to bring these vids?
      6. OK8UDN: Me: Regarding my SMS ‘8:57 AM :OK8RV9’: until that post section I there link you to appears and you’re able to see it fine, to quote the most urgent: ‘OK7JX9: Most urgent is, yes I think there is a significant, say 50%, chance she would watch these videos (else I wouldn’t ask you). For 3 reasons:.. So what would it take for you to bring these vids?’ 9:54 AM
      7. OK8V4C: Me: Only after I created a phone contact entry for you, I now see (at internal point OK8UT7) you’ve given me 2 exchangeable phone numbers for you –eeks! So, urgent: As Google Voice is designed for, when {will else did} you have your Google Voice phone # auto-forward to your cell phone #? And when will you stop giving out your direct cell phone #? Both are key so one doesn’t {have multiple phone #s for oneself, especially texting numbers, as multiple is non-standard & highly confusing, including it now means I should so will resend our event announcements, so last one today’s OK7XAD, to both numbers instead of just to your GV}. Possibly helpful to you, this setting is covered by my to-be-updated http://1.JotHere.com/LZPSDV?N46Ref=OK8V4C . 10:11 AM
      8. OK8W38: Me: ‘OK7XAD: Morning!, Laguna Hills SimulSquad™ ..’ 10:12 AM 1/23/2017 +4 seconds ago; Mon, 11:52 AM: All quiet on SMS. -Where’s David? Delighted you’ll joining SimulSquads, starting today. Know you can probably even more work on there your nice projects for us & you, including you don’t have to be finished with em before you arrive. So most urgent by far, ‘what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you’? 🙂
      9. OKH7PQ: ‘Tue, 10:59 AM: ..:OKAM6U
      10. OKH7RQ: no reply until {next meeting’s ‘SMS & calls :OKCZ7B’}
    3. OK8WCO: OK8WCO: quote: David (OK8T5G) (949)..720 – Google Voice
      1. OK8WF3: David (OK8T5G): From Ted Smith- thanks! “For those worried about the imminent repeal of the ACA — After hearing about the midnight repeal of the pre-existing conditions clause, I called Senator Warren’s office. The woman I spoke to said they are being flooded with calls, as are the offices of Speakers Ryan and McConnell. “Senator Warren’s staff member told me what would help the most would be to call the five Republican senators who have broken away from the GOP to demand a slow down of the repeal. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts to stop the train wreck and share your story. “COPY AND PASTE to put on your timeline. “They need to hear from us… “IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste. Please DO NOT just share. Most of my settings are set to private. If you just hit “share” others will not be able to see the post (aside from mutual friends). “They are: Senator Bob Corker – (202) 224-3344 Senator Lisa Murkowski – (202) 224-6665 Senator Rob Portman – (202) 224-3353 Senator Susan Collins – (202) 224-2523 Senator Bill Cassidy – (202) 224-5824” 6:08 AM
      2. OK8R9G: OK8R9G: Me: 2017.01.23Mon 8:35 AM 105 minutes ago: Your last SMS (‘1/23/17 6:08 AM 2 hours ago ’) appears timely & possibly key per ‘midnight repeal of the pre-existing conditions’ but also {very much out of context, including I don’t know who ‘Ted Smith’ is and where ‘Most of my settings’ are and probably more} to degree I also don’t want to get into it until the context is pretty clear (also please don’t be sending out-of-context things unless life-threatening emergency). What’s the URL posting this with which gives the full story? If none, I suggest you make it one. Foremost, as I & Lucy & Bill use, for this & much more, I recommend [authoring on] JotHere.com, where also we can help you; it’s tricky to get started but quick & worth it: see http://1.JotHere.com/NUAFD2?N46Ref=OK8R9G [–link fails due to URL (Pretty Link bug) so instead use just http://1.JotHere.com/NUAFD2]; and share your thoughts. 🙂
    4. OKM1YU: section location originally until now the content of ‘my relevant SMS in chronological order per start time: :OK8WJQ’ :OKM1YU
  5. ON0WYV: 2017.03.17Fri- SMS
    1. ON197T: David (OK8T5G) (Google Voice) • 16Thu, 11:49 PM: Is anyone in our group experienced in HTML code? Will they be there this Monday?
    2. ON1980: Me:
      1. ON1982: Fri, 11:58 AM: Me, very much. Glad ur interested. See ya there. 🙂
      2. ON198A: Fri, 12:02 PM: Also generally all of what one needs to know of HTML is (expectantly ) available via the WWW. So until (& after) Monday and other SimulSquads, do web searching, even http://google.com/search?q=learn+HTML 🙂
    3. ON198E: David (OK8T5G) :
      1. ON18WH: Fri 9:16 PM: I wrote a page in Word. It looks fine when I review it but when I go to my website and look at it, it has little symbols showing up in it. Here’s the URL: www. DabtStacking.info , could you look at it and see if you know how to fix it?
      2. ON18WY: Fri 9:18 PM: By the way, it cost about $6 for the first a year to register the domain and host. I’m sure it will cost more when it’s time to renew.’
    4. ON6PCK: 2017.03.18SatPst
      1. ON198N: Me:
        1. ON18X3: Sat 9:00 AM: I get ‘dabtstacking.info’s server DNS address could not be found.’ . In my experience, don’t edit anything with MS Word; it’s outdated and is infamous for putting hard-to-crap in HTML; sadly, Word’s leading replacement, LibreOffice Writer, also corrupts HTML badly. For basic WYSIWYG HTML editing I long-use & recommend the editor built into 1.JotHere.com (so WordPress) even when not posting there though posting there is usually best: also we need a few more local 1.JotHere.com users as that helps debug & improve it; get an account via my SMS to u http://1.JotHere.com/5812#OKK2Z8 .
        2. ON18XD: Sat 9:01 AM: Many domain services offer ~1st yr deals; usually that’s an entrapment. If it moves me forward (a big iff), I can hosting for u on DreamHost for free. However, more important than the price of the hosting is the type, and hosting is generally hard, so it’s usually best to instead else 1st post on http://JotHere.com else WordPress.
        3. ON18XI: Sat 9:02 AM –clarification: on http://JotHere.com (WordPress customize-ably hosted and steadily getting even more powerful) else http://WordPress.com .
      2. ON18XN: David (OK8T5G): 9:17 AM http://www.debtstacking.info/ is the website. WordPress is a 1.000 times more powerful than I need. Try to go to my site.
      3. ON0WZJ: http://web.archive.org/save/http://www.debtstacking.info/ -> http://web.archive.org/web/20170318183722/http://www.debtstacking.info/
      4. ON18XT: Me: Sat 11:57 AM: Ok, regarding ur site, which I’ve now 1st archived at http://web.archive.org/web/20170318183722/http://www.debtstacking.info/ (as it will hopefully improve, so I can be clear in my comments which version here I’m referring to): Overall, on the positive side, it’s good u’re putting up web content on stuff u apparently know; on the big negative side, __u need to respect so generally follow web experts most esp if (as here w/me ) u asked one_,, else u’ll do poorly almost definitely plus piss the experts off. In detail, u’ve got ‘Â ’ characters all over the place; not worth fixing as AGAIN Word is very definitely the wrong tool to author web pages. Plus, from the site obviously not using the modern web authoring tools (plus even offering Word downloads, …OMG! -a practice smartly quit in the late 1990s!), the site immediately looks like an unknowing somebody and readily fly-by-night most esp since it deals with people putting in $1000s of their personal dollars, so gives the impression of not-at-all to be trusted rather stay away! More importantly, why do u arrogantly/rudely not respect my advise, esp since I’m an MIT CS grad and I’ve been hosting websites _since the web began_?! -u reply to me ‘WordPress is a 1.000 times more powerful than I need’?! -why don’t u also tell ur doctor practicing 20yrs ‘no, I actually don’t have cancer’! -moreover, u are so shockingly off in such claim, as rather WordPress is the MINIMUM power needed by any general web author, else I wouldn’t be recommending u start with it! So, as one best do with any expert, where I’ve expertise, pls read & esp follow my recommendations until u show the proof showing doing otherwise is better.
      5. ON1PL1: David (OK8T5G): 2017.03.18SatPst
        1. 5:14 PM: Thanks for you insights.The ‘Â ’ characters are the problem. I can’t see anything in the code that would produces them. I am reluctant to use WordPress for a couple of reasons. 1) I have had no experience with it. 2) If I use it my web hosting fee will double. I would like to know what makes a website compliant \ Smartphone complaint.
        2. 5:20 PM: For me the end product is less important than the path. I have worked with HTML in the past. I’m relearning it. Unfortunately my old 16-bit HTML editor will not work on my machine. The new ones are too high tech for my liking. I may just have to start from scratch without Word. Although in the past I was able to do the setup in Word and then in my mini-editor strip out all the junk. Alas, my eyesight makes it really hard for me to see the source code lines in these new editors.
      6. ON1OTP: Me: 2017.03.18SatPst 9:49 PM: RE all ur latest SMSes, what follows 4 SMSes to fully reply:
        1. ON1P2A: 9:50 PM: It still sounds like u’re not fully trusting me (grrr) as yes, I already generally anticipated those common concerns of yours, so they don’t change {my advise: build ur site on http://JotHere.com (WordPress & better) else http://WordPress.com }!
        2. ON1P30: 9:52 PM: However your sentiments phrased as you now do, notably ‘I am reluctant to use WordPress [because]..’, is now respectful (thank u) so I’ll address those concerns…
          1. ON1P9N: 9:52 PM: The short answer is: ur concerns are the sorts I expected, so with my recommendation, all your concerns should be handled fine … so u’d save us both time if u’d trust me fully so you can just get started with what I recommend…!
          2. ON1P33: 9:53 PM: …as for each of ur 5 concerns in the order you gave them:
            1. ON1P3A: (1) I expected u have no experience, but it’s the small-publishing leader since 2005 and u’re attending SimulSquad where I use it daily and Lucy + now even Sharone use it weekly (yes Sharone is already ahead of u here, with already 2 posts on JotHere per her http://1.JotHere.com/author/doctorgingee , as (in pleasant contrast to u here) she readily heeds experts as me & Lucy). Also
            2. ON1P3F: (2) unlike ur other offer, these 2 WP hosting sites I recommend are fully free, well except for notably {full hosting under a custom domain name: that defeats the hoster’s self promo, so JotHere won’t do it & WordPress.com charges, but for small sites it’s generally unneeded: just {have ur DNS provider do a non-cloaking else cloaking http redirect of ur domain name to ur hosting location –the redirect is normally free}; if u really really want it then yes pay for WordPress hosting, via WordPress.com or elsewhere}.
            3. ON1P3L: (3) Making a website mobile-OS compliant can be complex in terms of the underlying code, so nearly all people it means instead picking a theme that does it for them plus a little testing & tweaking; expectantly WP has serious & increasing support here; 1.JotHere.com should already have such a theme else will it if u report say to me any problems there u discover.
            4. ON1P3R: (4) WP requires 0 software to buy or install, only a ideally-desktop web browser; plus there even free phone apps for editing posts.
            5. ON1P45: (5) WP rarely ever has one looking at source (so no eye sore) (though readily gives the option when one needs it), as WordPress is forever WYSIWYG; and, being in a web browser, for both WYSIWYG & source, one can instantly enlarge/shrink all type by just pressing Ctrl-+ / Ctrl– respectively.
      7. ON6OKC: David: 2017.03.18SatPst
        1. ON6OKJ: 10:10 PM: I just looked again at Jothere. Once again it looks like a very steep learning curve. Unless somebody shows me how to use it, I will pass.
        2. ON6OKO: 10:11 PM: I willing to look at WP , especially if it is free and you show me how to host my work for free.
        3. ON6OKS: 10:27 PM: My experience of you at the SS meetings is that you are too busy to really help me learn any new stuff. Ever since you insisted that I buy the 7″ tablet, I feel that you will push what you think is right on other people without regard for what they might want or need. I’m sorry but that experience has made me wary of accepting your advice without a demonstration of proof. If you find that attitude offensive, I’m sorry, it’s just the way I am. So in short you show me how these things work and there’s a better than 50-50 chance that I will agree with you and use them.
      8. ON6OKY: Me: 11:43 PM: David, DONT ask me or anyone for help if (very rude) u are not going to respect the careful answers u get!! Due to ur apparent paranoia or passive-aggressiveness/harassing or similar, u r unbelievable difficult to help, and when u r paying for my time 0! Who do u think u are? As u talk like it’s my job to sell u, indeed act like I’m getting paid serious money if u follow my advice …when one can guess I get paid 0 regardless of ur choice! Plus of course u fret getting started on JotHere LOOKS too hard: for more not heeding, seemingly shows u didn’t read/hear my telling u weeks ago {that APPEARANCE, so just do startup in person} AND u ignore I keep telling u all regular Squaders BUT u are already posting there!, so yes it works! Moreover again here 1st just gave u evidence in spades to all ur concerns u told me including 3 u didn’t even bother to number; but now instead of any thanks(!), u psychotically claim I “will push what you think is right on other people without regard for what they might want or need” after I just {did opposite: fully heeded and addressed u every concern u shared} PLUS now u spit out even more key worries for u also didn’t bother to tell me when u just “told” me …WTF! David, wake up: again every regular Squader BUT u trusts so readily posts on JotHere plus readily WP.com, including Sharone with notably less tech knowhow. So now my real Q for u is What are u doing to see & correct ur routinely offensive behavior of {not well trusting so heeding those u should _even_ after regularly asking for their help(!), or/and pleasuring urself with disrespectfully questioning so harassing them on their best advice _and_ while u simultaneously are paying them 0(!)}?
    5. ON6OL6: David (OK8T5G): 2017.03.19Sun 6:21 AM: You are both a knowledgeable and nice guy. We are just mis-matched in that you do not like to talk and I do most of my learning by way of listening and asking questions. I would appreciate both your knowledge and your help in building this website but if you just put me at a table and say, “work on it”. I will find it very frustrating.
    6. ON6PF4: 2017.03.20MonPst
      1. ON6OLC: Me:
        1. ON6OLH: 2:06 PM: David, did u really hear my last response? -doesn’t seem u did, but my Qs there are real, yet u barely if at all seem to answer them, just drive on with ur present not-respecting viewpoint, and in which u hypocritically still want me to hear & heed u…give all sorts of answers to ur tech Qs…no! …including no, we’re not mis-matched, unless u want to be matched to those u can take advantage of (do u?) which I’m hoping u don’t & will seek to stop it if u do. As nobody at SimulSquad is getting paid or significantly compensated to work on ur website & projects, yet u’r still acting like they’re ur labor. But how possibly can u respectfully expect them to invest significant time doing that? Until u want to pay for extra Q&A for just u, , expecting that to be done is wrong, most especially when u don’t seem to be heeding/respecting what even I’m telling u here (both technical AND social) including even well or at all answering my Qs to u. Why? Don’t u know: Self-respecting people will sometimes invest more in another person uncompensated, but ONLY after they’ve seen & continue to see what they have given the other person has well respected & appreciated.
        2. ON6OLT: 2:09 PM I think & hope I have clearly said what I mean, but since not everyone reads & writes like they talk or intend or is intended, u’re welcome to also talk with me, firstly about the social issue, at our SimulSquads.
      2. ON6OM8: ON6OM8: David: 2017.03.20MonPst 2:30 PM: To respond:
        1) “Due to ur apparent paranoia or passive-aggressiveness/harassing” – The first time anybody has said that about me.
        2) Went to link [‘]Sharone is already ahead of u here, with already 2 posts on JotHere per her http://1.JotHere.com/author/doctorgingee[’] – I could see nothing
        3) [‘]So now my real Q for u is What are u doing to see & correct ur routinely offensive behavior of {not well trusting so heeding those u should _even_ after regularly asking for their help(!), or/and pleasuring urself with disrespectfully questioning so harassing them on their best advice _and_ while u simultaneously are paying them 0(!)}?[’] — I apologize, I taken advantage of you all in order to learn new things. You told me when I came that it was a place to do projects and that is not really what I want. All I really wanted was to learn from people who know more than I do about a lot of things. That is not the same as working on a project.
        4) So thank you for everything that you have taught me so far. I appreciate it.
        5) I did finally remove those annoying A’s from my webpage. But I still don’t know what makes it smartphone compliant.
        5) Just got an Android Phone[ –}a gift from his client: a new Verizon Samsung smartphone with unlimited data} he later tells me at that day’s meeting], I need to figure out how to make it into a hotspot for my tablet
        6) I think you can see from this that I am too scattered in my needs for SS. My hope was to be able to ask questions and get answers but preferably not in writing. It takes me forever to make sense of complex written responses. So thanks again for you efforts to both befriend and help me. We are, as I said just mismatched.
      3. ON6OMK: Me:
        1. ON6OMS: U SMS ‘I should arrive around 7pm David (OK8T5G) B’. Glad to hear it. See ya there. Note u SMSed to the Group SMS, normally not ideal but ok esp since ur message is short & positive, thanks! 6:23 PM
        2. ON6ON3: Bring ur projects & devices so u can get a lot done! 6:24 PM
      4. ON6ON9: (SimulSquad ‘2017.03.20MonPst meetup :ON38AS’)
      5. ON6ONO: Me:
        1. ON6ONT: Delighted u created a 1.JotHere.com account: db999. I’ve never seen that sign-in problem u had: ‘unused’ at http://1.jothere.com/wp-login.php?action=rp&key=..&login=db999 ; perhaps it was from that non-standard & possibly buggy web browser QupZilla on4 that incomplete Linux. Regardless, I’ve seen that ur password has been reset to b..r plus that ur account has been upgraded from Subscriber to full Author. So ASAP sign in at http://1.jothere.com/wp-login.php (remember this URL as it’s hard to find to keep spammers out) then go to ur profile and complete it some & change ur pw if u wish & start making posts! And let me know how it goes 🙂 10:51 PM
    7. ON6PGO: 2017.0321TuePst
      1. ON6ONZ: Ahh, I see u’ve been working on that -great! As ur new profile http://1.JotHere.com/author/db999 now has ur bio (note it’s also featured on the right column of every 1.JotHere.com public page!) plus u’ve put up 2 tiny posts! See how easy 1.JotHere.com is! Keep working at it, including try putting more formatting in ur posts; and put up more stuff, as copy over http://www.DebtStacking.Info then get it looking ok then repoint ur domain forward to ur main post here for it –should take u just a few hours if that, and will get u more posts under ur author page. In my SS mtg results to SMS out this week, I’ll be sure to mention ur new author page http://1.JotHere.com/author/db999 so also get u some free advertising 🙂 10:53 AM
      2. ON6QHS: RE ur SMS ‘ON6OM8: David: 2017.03.20MonPst 2:30 PM: To respond:’ –Thanks for that. I read it now, not sooner as (1) there is a lot of material there (…including showing how u think, so thanks) (2) its formatting has problems esp as u didn’t put {quote characters ‘…’} around my writing so hard to tell what is ur/my writing, (3) u happened to write me just before that yesterday’s SS(SimulSquad) I head and just as I was sending out it’s announcements (so when attending to 27+ people, not just u) so a very very bad time. Ur replies most core point IMHO is ur answer in ur point ‘3’ (as telling how u are thinking here); but my addressing that would seem to bring up some surprising notable negative things about u; so to first get on better footing, I will continue & complete addressing that message from you soon but not for perhaps a few days, especially after first bringing up some core positive things about u I including in my next message…
      3. ON6OO7: {RE your appreciation for me & SimulSquad(SS) in ur, via that, asking me for help on ur website and then in-person also on ur Android
        (heads up: my words here are on matters u may be sensitive about, but as they’ve affected me I ask u about them, esp as it seems better to be direct & nip any problems in the bud):
        what I saw from ur Thu-Mon in SMS was IMHO not respectful including appearing very selfish, as I detail above. BUT in-person yesterday at our SS mtg IMHO u _were_ overall respectful.
        {How did I see u as respectful at yesterday’s SS:
        {Unfortunately not by what I was hoping for foremost: ur explaining & ideally apologizing for ur apparent bad tone in SMS, indeed u seemed u notably didn’t want to do that. Why did u not do that? -Do u think it is mostly a mistake to admit fault when true? –a common rule but IMHO mistaken and increasingly thought wrongful. Note I now see {an apology & explanation from u in ur SMS ON6OM8} so thank u, but since that explanation is super short & shocking, I ask here as well.}
        {Still overall u were respectful IMHO by being that way on new matters, notably:
        {(1) (finally) showing u really following my advise, first by saying ~‘Ok I’m going to give a try WP notably 1.JotHere.com, I just want to finish my 1st attempt using Word [since that’s almost done]’, then actually doing that notably there creating ur account, and then creating ur author page http://1.JotHere.com/author/db999 –yeah & congrats!} and
        {(2) giving back to our SS & me, by:
        {saying to a venue customer who showed interested in joining us ‘Yes I might be able to help u get ur malware off ur computer’} and
        {listening a while to Greg, as he apparently wanted to vent & share} and
        {bringing me a little something that I actually needed and even when I didn’t know it: a business-card sized thin Fresnel lens} and
        {offering to {inexpensively: $1.50/ea} get me another Qi receiver since (not ur fault) the one u gave me broke: yes, at that price, I’ll take 2 more, thanks!}}.}}
        {So I saw u doing a ~3/4ths turn to the good and where, at least for new stuff, that is the sort of David B. I like!}
        {Why your sudden flip to being respectful? –because there we were in-person not remote or/and by SMS? -or/and because u caught yourself in a snit, so wanted to fix that? And why were u not like this in our SMS?}
        {As those parts I note were good, please also that good to ur SMS & everywhere. :-)}
        {Aside: this message may be hard to read as GV may run the lines together; but in few minutes u sd soon be able to see it online in our post at http://1.JotHere.com/5812#ON6OO7 }}
  6. OKKNT1: more TBA here