Feb 022017

OKOD6L: period 6 (2017.02(Feb) thru .07(Jul)~) in reverse order of ‘US.92654(Laguna Hills) BYOD SimulSquad™(portable Co-Working/Training&Socializing on Your Topics)’ ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5818#OKOD6L

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  2. OKODW4: more TBA here
  3. :
  4. OKX4FO:  2017.07.20-30 subset: SimulSquad visits Comic-Con 2017
    1. OKX4HF:  Comic-Con at ‘San Diego Convention Center’
      1. OKX4LM:  maker’s http://comic-con.org/cci
      2. OKX44O:  series entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego_Comic-Con#Events
      3. OKX4P6: 2017 show :OKX4P6
    2. OKX4V0:  more TBA here
  5. :
  6. OKX4CS:  2017.03.31-04.02: WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim http://comic-con.org/wca/2017
    1. OKX4W3:  more TBA here
    2. OKX4S0:  referred now by OKX4P6 :OKX4S0
  7. :
  8. OKPTLD: 2017.03.06MonPst meetup :OKPTLD
    1. more TBA here
  9. OKPTOZ: 2017.03.02Thu-05SunPst: SCALE15
    1. OKPTPI: maker’s SCALE 15x logo http://socallinuxexpo.org/scale/15x
    2. OKPTR5: entry 15x in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_California_Linux_Expo#Locations_and_dates
    3. OKPTX0: JotHere entry (for all years) /3999#MICGMC :OKPTX0
    4. OKPTRH: participation
      1. OKPTT1: by SimulSquaders & OCAndroid & OCJavaScript and all SoCal IT tech groups, I very much encourage if there is a chance you can get something out of it; more in OKPTX0
      2. OKPTRY: me Michael
        1. OKPTS9: aim to attend
      3. OKPTSH: Glen
        1. OKPTSQ: aim to attend
      4. OKPTYL: more TBA here
  10. OKODVZ: 2017.02.27MonPst meetup
    1. OLNW2U:  more TBA here
    2. OLNTZ6:  advertising
      1. OLNW4K:  SMS derived from last meeting upcoming announcement OLB277:
        me DRAFTING ‘OLNW4KHAPPENING TODAY & MONDAYS: Lkg fwd 2u joining us at Ur meetups Every Monday including {TODAY 2017.02.13Mon, as relisting http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237385189 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5818?N46Ref=OLB277#OKODRD }
        of SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics) BYOD(Bring Your Own Devices esp computers w/keyboards) in US.92654(Laguna Hills)
        happening ~weekly since 2014! (with last week’s pic attached), currently every Mon 4pm til midnite~ (join for as many hrs as u’d enjoy) at nearby Del Taco (home of the late nite coders!) on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball!
        RSVP A LITTLE! -esp ensure hosts Lucy or I know the times & duration to expect u: just click reply-to-{sender only, not group}. Then bring your devices, projects, & tech toys and prepare for friends, food, fun, & gettin’ a lot done!™
        See ya there! -Michael’ (1169 characters); additional in order it happened:
      2. OLNU08:  http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/237365231: additional qty 1: Bill
      3. OLNU3W:  http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237365234: additional qty 0
      4. OLNU5X:  http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/237365232: additional qty 0
    3. OLNU7Y:  participation by first name in alphabetical order
      1. OLNU87:  Sharone SMS
  11. OKODRD: 2017.02.13MonPst meetup :OKODRD
    1. OLNRZA:  this entry data was lost due to laptop Ir.s5 permanently dying. Backup notably rev diff doesn’t have the data as for some reason auto-save didn’t save it. So recovering it now from various sources.
    2.  OLNS1S:  advertising
      1.  OLB277: SMS derived from last meeting upcoming announcement OKPQCR:
        me Mon, 3:13 PM ‘OLB277: HAPPENING TODAY & MONDAYS: Hi!, Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ (regulars Lucy, Bill Z., & Dave, +newbies Greg, Gabe, David, Sharone, Joan, Vince, +to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Bill C., Marco, Eric, Chris, Scott, +our last mtg recruit Sean). How’s ur week been? What u been geeking on? 🙂
        Lkg fwd 2u joining us at Ur meetups Every Monday including {TODAY 2017.02.13Mon, as relisting http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237385189 with results to appear at http://1.JotHere.com/5818?N46Ref=OLB277#OKODRD }
        of SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics) BYOD(Bring Your Own Devices esp computers w/keyboards) in US.92654(Laguna Hills)
        happening ~weekly since 2014! (with last week’s pic attached), currently every Mon 4pm til midnite~ (join for as many hrs as u’d enjoy) at nearby Del Taco (home of the late nite coders!) on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball!
        RSVP A LITTLE! -esp ensure hosts Lucy or I know the times & duration to expect u: just click reply-to-{sender only, not group}. Then bring your devices, projects, & tech toys and prepare for friends, food, fun, & gettin’ a lot done!™
        See ya there! -Michael’ (1169 characters); additional in order it happened:

        1. OLNSIF:  group message thread aka ‘Group Message.dauexk6K4CPr7hVCrFj0kw’ to ph# qty 15
        2. OLNSBW:  me: Mon, 5:10 PM: Like the pic? Also Greg and Lucy and Joan et al, thanks for ur early RSVP yes! Everyone else, SimulSquad is already off to a great start and missing u. WHAT’S YOUR ETA??
        3. OLNSC1:  Lucy: Mon, 5:13 PM: You just phoned me and I have no idea how to answer it. What dud you want?
      2. OLNSR8:   http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/237382164 : additional qty 1: Bill
        1. OLNSTB:  Bill comments ‘Can’t make it today; I gots projects, but none of them can be done at Del Taco.’
      3. OLNSWR:  https://www.meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237385189/ : additional qty 0
      4. OLNSZ6:  http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/237382300 : additional qty 0
    3. OLNSTZ:  results
      1. Hi!, Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ (regulars Lucy, Bill Z., & Dave, +newbies Greg, Gabe, David, Sharone, Joan, Vince, +to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Bill C., Marco, Eric, Chris, Scott, +our last mtg recruit Sean). How’s ur week been? What u been geeking on? :-)’
      2. OLNUUC:  DRAFTING:  OUR 2017.02.13MonSimulSquad Meetup Went Well! Indeed this time it went from 4:30pm to 1:35am! 5 of u fine SimulSquaders joined in (from most hours attending: me Gabe Greg Lucy David):’ Lucy👩 made us another better flyer plus as always got a ton done as usual (this time making a video banquet program handout), Gabe got started on his 2016 taxes; I coordinated & hosted all plus volunteered again as Gabe’s personal coach this time finding him even better fixes so which I hope hear he does; David got his desktop diagnosed; and Greg again dazzled curious customers with his hot vids and projector + per his idea crafted us a SimulSquad promotional background vid + per my idea will now hit up portable video projector makers esp local to give else long-term lend us a hot projector in exchange for also promoting the projector at our events 😀.  We also got 4 curious customers, Michael & {Simon+Jessica+son}, ‘now also planning to join with us!
    4. OLNTGO:  participation by first name in alphabetical order
      1. OLNTGY:  Gabe SMS
        1. OLNTKK:  Me: Mon, 4:07 PM: Gabe, u saw the tribute covered u? Also RE the mtg starting now to midnight+, got my SMS OLB277 at 3:15 PM? -await ur RSVP. Also your awesome political bud here Greg just RSVPed YES ‘I’ll be there 7ish 3:58 PM’ 🙂 So what’s ur ETA?
        2. OLNTKP:  Gabe (mobile) • Mon, 6:17 PM: Hi Mike, yes I did see the tribute. I’ll be there around 7:15.
      2. OLNULC:  Greg SMS
        1. OLNUMO:  Greg: 3:58 PM: I’ll be there 7ish
        2. OLNUMT:  Me: 4:02 PM: Yeah, Greg! And thank for RSVPing YES. Bring ur tech toys as hot projector & pics & laptop, k? 🙂
      3. OLNUHW:  Joan SMS
        1. OLNUJN:  Joan: 5:07 PM: Sorry. I need to stay home. I’m still not . Well..J
        2. OLNUJP:  Me: 5:09 PM: Bummer. Missing u. Take meds plus funny vids 😉
      4. OLNUDA:  Michael (not me) SMS:
        1. OLNUDH:  him: 6:04 PM: Hi this is mike
        2. OLNUDO:  me: 6:50 PM: Great 1st mtg u. Enjoy that session now. We’re here at SimulSquad so see us after and or next Monday 😀
        3. OLNUDU:  him: 7:36 PM: Hey Michael yea it was nice mtg u as well. I’ll try and make it next Monday
        4. OLNUE5:  me: 7:43 PM: I’ll let you know ahead of time
      5. OLNUOJ:  Sean SMS
        1. OLNUPJ:  Me: 2:11 PM: Sean, really great 1st meeting you at last SimulSquad! -at Del Taco on Monday. In a few minutes, I’m about to send you your first SimulSquad invite…(starting today!) -Michael
    5. more TBA here
  12. OK7XPH: 2017.02.06MonPst meetup :OK7XPH –constructing
    1. OKPNIH: advertising
      1. OKPQCR: SMS derived from last meeting upcoming announcement OKH2V6: CONSTRUCTING:
        Me: 05Sun 10:45 PM: ‘OKPQCR: Happy Super Bowl LI!, Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ (‘regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin & Dave, +newbies Greg, Joan, Gabe, David, Sharone, Vince,’ +to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Bill C., Marco, Eric) plus our 2 added recruits Chris & Scott’). How’s ur week been? What geeky mischief u been up to?
        Lkg fwd 2u joining us at ur meetups TOMORROW 2017.02.06Mon http://1.JotHere.com/5818?N46Ref=OKPQCR#OK7XPH & UPCOMING MONDAYS’
        US.92654(Laguna Hills) BYOD(Bring Your Own Devices esp computers w/keyboards) SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics),
        happening ~weekly since 2014! (with last week’s great pics in this thread already; if you don’t see them there, reply letting me know), currently every Mon 4pm til midnite~ (join for as many hrs as u’d enjoy) at nearby Del Taco (home of the late nite coders!) on Lake Forest Dr by Best Buy …where we always have a ball!
        RSVP A LITTLE, esp ensure hosts Lucy or I know the times & duration to expect u: just click reply-to-{sender only, not group}. Then bring your devices, projects, & tech toys and prepare for friends, food, fun, & gettin’ a lot done!™
        See ya there! -Michael’ (1150 characters); additional in order happened:

        1. OKXXFT:  SMS adding to thread last time’s thread ‘Group Message.ayG/M7UwVTA/HIiAuDPJ8w’ (to 17 people) sent now 05Sun 10:45 PM.
      2. OKPNSX: http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/237355046: 3 additional (Bill, Janin, & Dave)
      3. OKPPUJ: http://meetup.com/OCJavaScript/events/237355048: 0 additional
      4. OKPNVX: http://meetup.com/AsianFriendster/events/237355047: 0 additional
      5. OKPNXY: as last 2 times we’ve gotten 10 people, on each Meetup listing, set the max from ~6 to 10 so a target slightly above expected.
    2. OKPQ8K: results overall –more TBA here
      1. OKPQ7P: expect about 8 attending, so an excellent quantity
    3. OKOBZK: participation by first name alphabetical:
      1. OL3CJS:  me/Destiny: did all the hosting, as usual.
      2. OKPZ25: Lucy
        1. OKPZ2F: SMS and other remote communication
          1. OKPZ5E: Tue31
            1. OKPZ2V: Me: 7:29 PM: If you can bring me a standard Costco hot dog with all the fixings, I’d appreciate it.
            2. OKPZ3U: Me: 9:11 PM: As u again not hear my last sms so I’ve no dog, here is a test message to ensure ur ring is working as I think it is.
      3. OK7XPT: Bill C.
        1. OK7XQ4: planned per his SMS ‘1/21/17 .. 38 hours ago Bill C..: Traveling the next couple of weeks. 7:04 AM’
        2. OL35CR:  no replies!
      4. OKOBZV: Bill Z. :OKOBZV
        1. OKW7AV: invite to for banner lighting at OKOC0Q –see details there
        2. OL39WH:  He also notably helped David with his devices.
        3. OL39YG:  He arrived ~1.5hr later than usual he said because he was filling sick. Sharone diagnosed that it was because he hadn’t been drinking sufficient water. So he drank water and reported feeling better.
      5. OL35DB:  David
        1. OL39PZ:  got a lot done thanks to our help: he ambitiously planned to, for his tablet we sold him, figure out how to charge it (done via me), set it up so it can do Google Voice (done via Bill), and set up his laptop (actually a frighteningly old Pentium 4 which he got for an appropriate $35) with Linux (which Bill started on, via Marjamo XCFE(sp?))
        2. OL35DK:  Made a wasted 1st trip coming here a bit earlier than our arrival because {he didn’t follow instructions: again didn’t RSVP with his arrival time, again didn’t have his SMS working (so missed our announcement), and again on arrival and not finding us didn’t contact us until he’d already left) so then wasn’t covered in this unusual case where we started late. He’ll say he’ll work to fix this next time.
      6. OLNTME:  Gabe SMS
        1. OLNTS3:  Gabe (mobile) • Feb 6, 5:46 PM:  Hey Mike, I will not be attending this evening.
        2. OLNTS8:  me: Feb 6, 5:54 PM: Sorry to hear. We’ll miss u. What’s your thinking? Also, dId you like my tribute to you?
        3. OLNTSE:  Gabe (mobile) • Feb 6, 8:15 PM:  I’m just too tired. I didn’t see the tribute to me?
        4. OLNTSK:  me: Feb 6, 8:40 PM: Sleepy boy! Hey, we’re night owls. So get ur butt here! Also here’s your Tribute, SMSed out Wed: ‘See ’My tribute individually to every one of you our 10 local community persons participating in this happening : http://1.JotHere.com/5750?N46Ref=OKNO4E#OKNR00 ’ ’ ; like ur tribute?
        5. OLNTSP:  Gabe (mobile) • Feb 6, 10:53 PM: I did read the tribute. There Is a lot in there. It’s very descriptive.
        6. OLNTSU:  me: Feb 9, 9:04 AM: Glad u read. U saw it covered u, too? Hope u liked.
      7. OL3CI7:  Greg: missed this one, probably due to his usual reason: he has his kids every other weekened.
      8. OL0UH2:  Janin
        1. OL0UMA:  Very sadly, Janin strongly violated {our & other groups’ standard due-process rules, as long detailed in /MHMore}
          1. OL2HOH:  from her having a minor melt down, where sadly instead of reacting appropriately positive she instead did inappropriate strong child-like negatives towards me & SimulSquad, so really mostly negatives onto herself
            1. OL3AA8: so I gave her {immediate care: a detailed email back to hopefully put her back on the right course} even though that also caused {me to be unexpectedly 2.5 hours late starting SimulSquad, something which has never happened before, but when a member is need, I am to to always be there to help} and even though overall it was still…
            2. OL3AA5:  to where it appears she will no longer be joining us (though she’s still welcome)
              1. OL3BSW:  and only since Dave has only come if Janin comes, Dave may longer be joining us, too
              2. OL3BY3:  which hosts Lucy & I are quite saddened by
                1. OL2YJT:   but for Janin only, think it’s probably ok because, by this & more, much as we wish this weren’t the case, as eventually came out, she probably isn’t up to the challenge of bettering herself even where otherwise she has started hurting others, {seemingly foremost because she won’t really begin to face such things even where she’s hurting others :OL31HK}.
            3. OL4THS:  Still, learning from this, I’ve come with 2 new rules, from seemingly most important:
              1. OL3BDM:  so we can better handle similar overly sensitive people so to instead have them reacting appropriately positive without compromising our being forthright & documented & transparent: see in OL33YW.
              2. OL4TIU:  so we can expect political compassion {at a basic level, so where a little is generally automatic anyway}: OL4DHZ
          2. OL2YOC:  —this point above is the summary; beyond are the complete details…
          3. OL0VU5:  (she violated ‘due-process) by her
            1. OL0VUA:  {doing significant negative acts without clear warning she’d do any of this nor then discussion especially co-planning to work to avoid her doing such. Specifically the negative acts of:
              1. OL0VU0:  quitting us
              2. OL0VUG:  saying that, instead of us she’d set up another community group which would exclude people (starting with I wasn’t invited) and would be potentially competitive (though on Android coding very exclusively)
              3. OL0VUM:  that she wouldn’t read any responses to her negative actions here (at least that’s what emailed me)
              4. OL0V33:  and all mistakenly motivated by from taking my responses to her question not positive as would appropriate and was intended but in way I did not intend (to hurt her), which she should have known was the opposite of true but she failed to ‘to sufficiently see & appreciate the people, here me, who really trying to care for her OL0W4T
                1. OL0VH7:  so I suspect her real reason for getting needlessly angry is because, from my now knowing her so well, my reply, even though it was constructively attended, gave negative news about herself affecting us but, as her reaction showed, {she won’t face such news :OL0W4G}, possibly especially because it touched on something deep she doesn’t want to face, possibly {her apparent excessive ‘need for immediate pleasure’ :OL2JGJ’.
          4. OL0VXK:  Triggering this (her violation), I made the the serious mistake here of overestimating Janin’s ability/stability in 3 areas
            1. OL33YW:  OL33YW: and since {‘the clearest area/problem I witnessed is ‘Janin’s being oversensitive’  :OL31HK’, here reacting to my post in response to her even though as always that hides her exact identity from outsiders, but we do want to capture all details possible in posts, I think what I & we need to change going forward is:
              1. OL3421:  When we deal with a person who is likely to wrongfully try to escape from, as from being overly sensitive to, news about them even though they need to be told, still post what we need to say to them else about them, but don’t tell them about the post until their ready to see it (realizing in some cases that may be never) and instead tell them the matter verbally ideally in-person.
            2. OL2JKH:  specifically (Janin’s ability) in 3 areas, from {smallest & most immediate but least core} 1st: :OL2JKH
              1. OL0W4T:  Janin’s failure to sufficiently see & appreciate the people, here me, who really trying to care for her :OL0W4T,
                1. OL2IBQ:  as Janin & I have been buds for year plus, from when we 1st met at SimuilSquad, including her hearing  from me weekly, plus meeting with me most weeks when she shows, where she has long seen…
                  1. OL2IFE:  I’m highly reliable, never missing one SimulSquad and always there caring for everyone, including for her.
                  2. OL2HPS:  I go out of my to try to help her & everyone others on all sorts of stuff, even though I get no real gain other than knowing I’ve helped someone.
                    1. OL2I4Y:   For instance, she she knows most recently I just busted my butt and went I went hugely out of my way to show her Janin off to a successful friend of Dana including to sell Data on Janin.
                  3. OL2ICZ:  and I DON’T go around undeservedly hurting people even casually,
                    1. OL2IDC:  and indeed  even here where I’m upset with her (what she reacted to), my words & actions didn’t say they were trying to hurt bur rather actually suggested the opposite
                2. OL2I55:  But Janin apparently didn’t enough notice else quickly forgot this.
                  1. OL2XWX:  I suspect due to ‘Janin’s need for immediate pleasure appears not generally unmanageable but notably higher than normal :OL2JGJ
              2. OL0W4G:  Janin’s being oversensitive about, including not seeing & facing, some negatives about herself even potential and even when they were starting to hurt even others and especially me, as some were. :OL0W4G
                1. OL31HK:  this is the clearest area/problem I witnessed, so why I place it in bold. :OL31HK
                2. OL4DZ3:  What I saw…
                  1. OL4DF7:  in MOSTLY SMALL but real & increasing ways, she’s been hurting people, including beyond herself but also others in the community even other SimulSquad members, but refuses to really see & address it.
                  2. OL2Y0I:  (What I saw) from most upsetting to me that was caused by her:

                    1. OL4GQ6:  serious: her overreacting, indeed turning what should be positives into pretty bad negatives,
                      1. OL4HB8:  specifically 2 recent incidents:
                        1. OL4H1F:  {This, her this week’s melt-down: OL0UMA} costing me literally a few days of work in repair, and all in response to just my merely sharing my opinion, in response to her invite, on {a lesser one of these negatives: OL4HJA}
                        2. OL30ZL:  Last week when she minorly minorly blew up, calling me at 3am from her husband’s phone, from she mis-thinking her privacy was compromised her happening upon seeing me quote her messages, even though she saw I quite all SimulSquader’s messages and by default only using first names, as somewhere buried within one she happened to have made {a tiny joke, of something like ‘also voice calls are better than texting for sexting’ (apparently in OKIFQJ), so something that could have been just fine mentioned anywhere among American business associates} –details starting at OKKDB2
                    2. OL4E0F:  in her hurtful handling of governmental politics.
                      1. OL4DHZ:  OL4DHZ: Preface: As basic compassion/empathy, for everyone, to degree that what {one votes or/and gets others to vote} affects others, {what that vote is} is allowable (at least morally) provided, to & for these others affected by it, one {defends this vote, including {well justifying it, starting with say basing one’s vote by following creditable news sources}, where these others desire justification} and {shows compassion including weighting this and/else future votes according to the happiness & harm that vote causes these others}.
                        1. OL4EO7:  Consequently, if one doesn’t so {defend or/and show compassion} in one’s vote, one needs to here {abstain and stop one’s influence of others}.
                        2. OL4ECI:  This is required…
                          1. OL4EW6:  …as ‘basic compassion/empathy’
                            1. OL4EXT:  so why we want SimulSquad to do it
                            2. OL4FIQ:  indeed, most people , on both sides of the isle, even on the conservative side, already do this to at least basic degree without being told.
                          2. OL4EWK:  …tragically {not yet legally as legally one is allowed to vote maximally irresponsibly}: more at ‘Reply 3+ :OKG72T
                        3.  OL4FH5:  Janin essentially refuses to do this compassion and for reasons she has not made clear: she did strongly vote (for Trump) and appears to have caused 3 to 4 others to do so, and apparently without regret, but would do these responsibilities and was even upset and barely tolerant of having other attendees talk about voting even when results (from her vote) were now causing them daily pain.  More details:
                          1.  OL0W5S:  admittedly after literally watching 0 news indeed avoiding it, as is her policy, against us her friends plus even her outside family’s strong warnings not to, she voted for Trump plus, her being the alpha of her home, apparently caused her husband plus 2 to 3 of her 4 {kids: sons} to vote the same.  Then accidentally (from me) she learned she really failed to even significantly research her candidate (as even though she & husband are rightfully for protection against climate change, she just had assumed Trump would be likewise so hadn’t even significantly researched his candidacy (as in fact he’s doing nearly everything to effective nullify the EPA, as he famously suggested he would)). But even now when Trump is still office despite his loosing the popular vote and increasing majority of Americans disapproving if not hating him, resulting in most Americans (properly following the news) to be in pain (indeed anti-Trump protests happening daily plus the 1st day involving millions –a degree of US presidential protesting that has never happened before it appears), Janin “closes her ears” to this pain of even other SimulSquaders, and is unhappy by our attendees shouldn’t talk about their pain to where they’re pussyfotting around her; and despite my best efforts, she claims she still won’t watch any news.
                        4. OL4GBB:  In contrast, her husband Dave overall appears he DID do this, and even though my guess is it is new to him: at least wrote he me rather extensively explaining his political thinking, to where we started a discussion, and while at first he replied he would stop such discussions apparently from his mis-reading  was saying he should vote a particular way (when I was saying to just well-defend what you vote), it appears on quick look he continues his discussion.
                    3. OL4GOL:  her hurtful handling of texting/SMS messages.  More details:
                      1. OL4P1U:  it’s to where Lucy suspects here she’s deliberately pissing me off, perhaps as some nasty little displaced passive-aggressive habit.
                      2. OL0WUI:  her texting service is weak but but she’s apparently not really bothering improve it even though she can see improvement is not hard & needed
                        1. OL4OBV:  where ‘weak’ includes:
                          1. OL4OKQ:   can send large texts but only receive up to 600 character, so I painfully break my messages into <600 character messages but then…
                          2. OL4OKV:  (she only eventually reveals) her texts are displayed on a tiny screen which she doesn’t like to read (so generally just doesn’t without telling the sender!). So then I put my message on a web post so then only have to send her a URL but then…
                          3. OL4OL1:  (she only eventually reveals) can’t automatically open even just URLs to a big screen, and ‘she won’t bother to retype them ..:OL4OXV
                        2. OL4OFE: where ‘not really bothering includes’
                          1. OL4OLI:  routinely not fully alert us (so I think she’s read the message when she hasn’t really), even though she fully sees the problems; rather only tell me pieces as I ask her (play 20 questions), only some of which she answers.
                          2. OL4OXV:  even URLs are short, she won’t bother to retype them to where she can read: won’t even retyping a ~48 character URL after I is sees I’ve replied to her ~10000 characters! :OL4OXV
                        3. OL4OMN:  where ‘she can see improvement is…
                          1. OL4OTN:  not hard’ includes:
                            1. OL4OVC:   we’ve long given her a great free solution (adding Google Voice) which all other regular SimulSquaders happy long use, and I showed her how it addresses all her concerns
                            2. OL4P0V:  even ‘won’t even retyping a ~48 character URL .. :OL4OXV
                          2. OL4OSD:  needed’ includes:
                            1. OL4OOK:  She’s a techie indeed an Android coder, so should have fully communications as basic texting, most especially on her Android devices.
                            2. OL4ONL:  it notably very routinely inconveniences event hosts, especially since she’s a regular member so nicely texts me a lot but then making it hard for me to reply
                    4. OL4HJA:  participating in and even recruiting for an organization which strongly appears to overall do net harm at least long-term, and refusing to really justify that: :OL4HJA
                      1. OL0XFS:  Despite all those last points, apparently hypocritically she does still want to, so does, attend & recruit for Mensa meetings where attendees (all my experience) merely effectively boast about how “intelligent” they are…!  –which doesn’t significantly hurt SimulSquad but then was a “slap in the face” to my feedback to her to deal with these previous matters which do hurt hurt us, as essentially responding ‘no, but I’m going to go & recruit for Mesna’ so to a place of self-flattery over boasting how smart attendees are!  More at OL2NVF.
                    5. OL4HRV:  probably not well taking care of her own physical health in very visible way
                      1. OL2Y1O:  She apparently is doing the opposite of addressing her being severely overweight, at least as suggested by {her cookie ordering :OL2ZR6}

                      OL4HVQ:  –breaking line: above is increasing negatives; below is increasing positives:

                    6. OL4HSV:  physically being in a way that that I & probably others found upsetting but has instead has taught me otherwise:
                      1. OL31YY:  She is a woman who is heavily overweight even before being in old age.  And probably since men wired to be strongly visual (probably foremost for good mate selecting & hunting), many if not most men find such a person viscerally upsetting just to see, yes even when the woman is someone they would never be romantically interested even if she was thin …as apparently voiced by the crude but succinct bumper sticker ‘No fat chicks’ (which probably would be fairly popular if the men buying it could keep it posted exclusively on OTHER people’s cars). So I having few opportunities to be around such women (as, for good health & happiness, fortunately they are rare to begin with), I was naturally was (silently) quite upset by her weight upon 1st meeting her, and still worry some about how others will take her being so severely heavy, especially men or fitness-woman (as Dana).  But my hanging around her her through SimulSquad helped me heavily get over that upsetness, including helped me see other people even men could apparently be okay with her or another non-old woman being severely heavy, and even found me nonetheless starting to want her as a good friend. So this is a way where she, unknowingly, actually has taught me.
              3. OL2JGJ:  Janin’s need for immediate pleasure appears is notable to where it seems to eventually start causing her hurting herself & even others :OL2JGJ
                1. OL304N:  I list this as most severe of {her problems OL2JKH} even though it affected us most indirectly because, as noted in the details here, it seems to seems to {explain the other problems so be most core}. 
                2. OL2KEB:  Note partially justifying it, one would need a bit of pleasure –but hopefully not this much!– to offset {her heavy load: her being the breadwinner for an apartment of up to 6 people, including raising 4 kids, plus doing much of that alone, plus being a professional coder in that a nearly all male profession}
                3. OL2JKV:  as is suggested by 4 indicators of excessive need for immediate pleasure, listed here from the most hurting us:
                  1. OL2Z34:  refusing to see & hear unpleasant news, of  least 2 kinds, from most hurting us:
                    1. OL2Z8X:  news of how she was hurting us & others, as I detail in OL0W4G
                      1. OL30KY:  even though that was still just small hurts
                      2. OL2ZIT:  and even if it comes SimulSquarders, as me, so from people who really care for her, so then also apparently needing immediately pleasure above ‘ sufficiently see & appreciate the people, here me, who really trying to care for her :OL0W4T
                      3. OL2KQD:  full avoidance of indirect news: Janin admittedly & literally avoiding all news media ~‘because I can’t stand unpleasant news’ and  when she knows getting the news is actually essential to do proper voting which she’s doing plus would influence for her immediate family most especially in our last hugely important presidential election, and even though {people close to her: her outside family & us SimulSquad} are suggesting her planned vote choice (Trump) is strongly wrong.

                    OL2ZRW:  —note after this point the, the ‘hurt on us’ has been minimal if anything but her activities still does ‘suggest ..needing excessive immediate pleasure’

                  2. OL2ZR6:  apparently needing to eat excessive sweets and believe those around her wanted to the same :OL2ZR6
                    1. OL2JM3:  Janin at our SimulSquad always on her own motivation buying a plate-full of cookies for herself (which surprised me, because she is heavily overweight especially at her younger age, plus the cookies there are bit pricy and not notably good) and then also wanting everyone else to have some too even though nobody asked for cookies plus some of us, at least me, weren’t in the mood for cookies and could stand to use loose a few pounds.
                      1. OL2YDR:  Rather the thing to do was (1) aim not to foremost buy sweets and (2) especially when buying for everyone, first ask everyone if they wanted it.  For instance, I sometimes say ‘Hey guys, want any nachos (with meat & beans)?’  But she wouldn’t do this because she prefers sweets and presumably because I think she knows many people would say ‘no’ to cookies but she wants to believe most everyone wants them so then she can falsely be ok with wanting them so much, too.
                  3. OL2NVF:  via apparently really wanting ‘mental {compliments, specifically self-flattery} even if {overall false ..} and at the cost of {excluding 98% of the population ..} …by her wanting to, so actually doing, regularly attending {Mensa, which to do that ‘foremost if not nearly exclusively’ per :OKX04K} and even recruiting friends.  Indeed Lucy mentioned she was at one time even on the Mensa board. :OL2NVF
                  4. OL2JYQ:   via romance: Janin wanting an extraordinarily high amounts of romantic attention
                    1. OL2LL6:  though NEVER, repeat NEVER, where that would be a direct problem (indeed almost never directly affecting us per OL2MVD), so including..
                      1. OL2LNB:  nicely never from/to me (as I have never had any romantic interest in her, purely platonic & intellectual)
                      2. OL2LO2:  and, as she works hard at, NEVER that I saw {where it could be inappropriate, as at/from her workplace or even our SimulSquads}
                    2. OL2L91:  plus, remarkably impressively:  she being amazingly successful at getting it, even despite all sorts of obvious obstacles which would suggest that would be quite hard for her.
                    3. OL2LC7:  so she being quite the opposite of what one would ordinary guess from a strong political conservative but, from my expensive studying & publishing on romance, actually our Orange County is among highest in the nation for {this ironic combo: conservative at the polls but very liberal in this way very privately behind the scenes}, so her high activities & interest here is actually quite secretly pretty common especially in our county.
                    4. OL2LR6:  Janin would almost certainly like no mention of this regarding her, but {especially in light of her recent negatives to us to also to her, it actually has relevance :OL2MWF} and I have to balance her negatives she’s here done onto us and so onto herself, too; still I’m only detailing this to the degree it affected us: as this affected SimulSquad…
                      1. OL2MVD:  (affected us) {never directly, so beyond :OL2LL6} (well other than a positive & very limited way: she delicately shared the details with me, which I quite enjoyed her doing so and learning about her and admire her for being successful at it), so I’m NOT revealing her particular romantic activities & pursuits. :OL2MVD
                      2. OL2MWF:  However, this indirectly (affecting us) negatively is a real possibility, as this appears her largest example of {her ‘need for immediate pleasure ..beyond the norm :OL2JGJ’}, so then indirectly may well have lead her to do her other {failings :OL2JKH} that apparently led her to do this negative to us & so here to her. :OL2MWF
          5. OL0VM7:  In response, upon learning this, in respect for her (which my have been too much given her sadly childish & destructive behavior above), I stopped everything, even though it was just hours before this meeting, to write her detailed reply email explaining of course this was not my intention and as I do with everyone, I am always wishing her the best.
            1. OL0VP5:  email message TBA here
            2. OL0VPE:  Unfortunately, as far gone as she appeared, I don’t expect this will work to get her to correct & undo.
  13. OKW7DF: Google photos embedded on {here or presumably on any normal website}
    1. OKW7EX: are being embedded via ‘save image address’ URL but, after a day or so, are mostly {disappearing: becoming a disallow symbol as here}
      1. OKW7GL: currently for ~50% of pics
    2. OKW7MQ: situation ‘How can I embed my images in another website using Google Photos …; http://productforums.google.com/d/topic/photos/55GTdl0ZSGE; Apr 25, 2016’ from #1 of OKW7K0
      1. OKW7OA: fix ‘”Create a Google photos folder“’
    3. OKW7K0: search http://google.com/search?q=google+photos+share+on+website+OR+blog :OKW7K0
  14. OKRJ1D: 2016.02.02Thu: https://i.engage.ms/App/msnbcdayside/daypulse020217 ‘Should Trump honor Obama’s pledge to take in more than 1,000 refugees held in Australia? Weigh in at http://PULSE.MSNBC.com
    1. OKRJ2Y: currently at ~88% YES; to offer national consistency, I now answer Yes.
  15. OKRB6J: invite deadwood correction
    1. OKRDPC: appears hard to handle the never-shows with those that have showed some.
    2. OKRC14: SMS: DRAFTING: me: 2017.02.04~
      1. OKRE94: TBA: ‘You BYOD SimulSquad invitees where we’re about to stop inviting you… because you told us you wanted to join us so we’ve been hand inviting you for weeks but you’re never showing and you’ve never honestly told us why: this is (+to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, .. Marco, Eric’),
      2. OKREHB: True good must be appreciated to be kept. You were fortunate to have stumbled across us but, but like anyone, you will still loose us if we’re no longer seeing appropriate gratitude of us from you, notably your joining us regularly. As, in case you haven’t noticed, BYOD SimulSquad invitees are NOT computer {mailing or “Friends” or “follower”} lists which have sadly become the norm today, with their socially-corrupting features as faceless remote {failure-to-reply and undiscussed de-friend} producing friend-“turnover”. Rather our invites are throw-back to be hand-invited group of local buds who can be trusted to be reliable, starting with the most basic: {if they give us hope they’ll do {X, as come join us some, continue coming}, they do, else they ensure we know the real reasons why not}.
    3. (except for 1-timer Vince; thanks)
    4. per your wanting to join us, we’ve been inviting you for weeks but you haven’t because you told us you wanted to join us but now weeks are going and you’re not showing and we don’t know why
    5. who we’re about to not invite anymore {are looking like you’ve become deadwood, as we’re inviting you but you’re not showing up and have give us no plans you will}: exact names given here.
    6. . with reliably showing, to invited and give (‘+1-timer Vince,’ and the others mentioned): we will be dropping especially those who haven’t been coming when they said they would be, especially those who have been never-shows
  16. OKRU2X: responses to SMS ‘me: 2017.02.01WedPst 9:52 PM: ‘OKNO4E: Wow, SimulSquaders™! including prospects (‘regulars Lucy, Bill Z., Janin & Dave, +newbies Greg, Joan, Gabe, David, Sharone, Vince,’ +to be 1st timers Tom & Codie, Jessica, Damon, Bill C., Marco, Eric) plus our 2 added recruits Chris & Scott. \ MONDAY 2017.01.30 WAS indeed ANOTHER HOT MEETUP of Laguna Hills BYOD SimulSquad™ ..’ :OKRU2X
    1. OKRU5A: Janin (which defaults to ‘ (949) ..500 – mobile’) all SMS & remote comm:
      1. OKRU9X: 02Thu: :OKRU9X
        1. OKRUF6: Janin:
          1. OKRUFE: 10:08 AM: What are the titles?
          2. OKRUFH: 10:11 AM: I can’t reply to the group messages \ Last message last word was “Looking”
        2. OKRUFM: Me: 11:25 AM:
          1. OKRUFR: Hi, Janin! Regarding your last 3 SMS msgs: Good to hear from you. In full response for you, 6 SMS: this & my next 5:
          2. OKRUFV: Hope all is well with u… as are u replying too fast? -as ur 1st SMS I don’t get and your 3rd took me a while to get from it missing it missing beginning word ‘Your’. To fix this & much more, whenever possible, I draft up all my thoughts before sending em, even for SMS & cmt posts, which works well, esp as I use awesome http://voice.google.com + use wherever possible {a full-sized keyboard + a non-mobile OS} + more complex stuff as this reply I draft in a separate editor, esp w/char counting, then cut-and-paste into SMS or cmt post; thoughts? -how well might any of these tricks work 4u?
          3. OKRUG0: Also, to fully address each of your 3 SMS in order, you here SMS me…
            1. OKRUG8: (1) ‘What are the titles?’ –I don’t know what you’re referring to including I haven’t SMSed ‘titles’ recently. Did you mean ‘Tribute’s[ that I mentioned in my message of OKRU2X]? -if so, what problems did experience opening my URL for that?
            2. OKRUGA: (2) ‘I can’t reply to the group messages’Why do u mention that? -did u think u sd, from not seeing I just SMSed ‘ensure you reply-to-{sender only, not group}’? (So here that limit is a benefit.) -Or r u saying ur phone/carrier gives no type of ‘reply’ option on received group msgs, not even ‘reply-to-sender’, so then harder to reply? -if so, what’s additional work? -as have to start a new msg, or find an existing msg thread, for the group-msg sender? Also thx4 sharing this info as useful to know. Is this a limit of ur carrier (MetroPCS) or phone? If phone, which make & model r u using?
            3. OKRUGE: (3) ‘[Your] Last message last word was “Looking”’ -That means you got 1997 of my 01‘Wed, 9:52 PM’ ‘2066 characters’ SMS, so almost all of it! -tells me ur group-SMS and/or MMS receiving has a char limit 3.3~ (=1997/600) times higher than ur normal SMS limit: congrats & great to know! BTW, the last portion of my msg u didn’t get is just ‘Looking forward to our next adventure together… SEE YA MONDAY! -Michael’ but more importantly, did u try the included URLs to read the full msg? -what problems if any did u get when u try to get the text pointed to by each of those URLs?
        3. OKRUGV: Janin • 1:44 PM: No, I really don’t want to be reading all that on my phone. An email would be better and more practical for me
        4. OKRUSR: me: 4:25 PM:
          1. OKRUSY: Useful to know. I grown to really dislike & almost never use email (for detailed reasons I’m happy to share, but that takes {~940 char SMS: OKRV5G} & u just said u ‘really don’t want to be reading all that on my ph’). But since u prefer email, so we can find something where all win, pls elaborate …including What is ‘all that’? -‘my 01‘Wed, 9:52 PM’’ SMS? -my last (6) ‘11:25 AM’ SMSes? & what makes email better 4u than SMS? –likely including: On what devices do u mostly read email, as opposed to SMS? &Did u note http://Voice.Google.com enables SMS via any web-browser so now EASIER than email?
          2. OKRV2X:  as/also IMHO potentially much better than email, How about discussion via web posts? For instance, say I posted u custom text to reply to then just SMSed u the link? And/or, [‘What web discussion systems do u like for general involved (as nested) discussion? :OL6WND’ –see that for full Q] :OKRV2X
          3. OKRV4U: NOT sent, at least not now, only to not overload:
            1. OKRV3O: On that, ‘ideal is ‘web posting from the start’ .. :OL6HRE’ :OKRV3O
            2. OKRV5G: OKRV5G: [‘.. I’ve grown to hate email, replacing it with {SMS, that also points to custom posts if big} for many reasons, … OL6XTW’]
        5. OKVI7I:  OKVI7I: Janin: 2/2/2017 4:31 PM 46 hours ago: All that is so much. Easier to read on a bigger screen.
      2. OKVIAB: Janin: : 2017.02.03Fri 6:16 PM 21 hours ago: Mensa open house tomorrow, interested?
      3. OKVIG7: me: .05Sun: 12:30 PML OKVIG7: Janin, per ur wish to read this & all SimulSquad SMS on a ‘bigger screen’ +many more benefits, using any of ur big-screen web browsers see my reply custom 4u (“just” 2625 words/15387 chars!) starting at this very msg/pt at http://1.JotHere.com/5818?N46Ref=OKVIG7#OKVIG7 BUT when opening BEFORE SCROLLING its tab, 1st ensure ur web browser scrolls to that pt OKVIG7; help at http://1.JotHere.com/5037?N46Ref=OKVIG7#NVTR95 . Pls reply via SMS else email or, best, use, so get, ur free 1.JotHere.com acct so u can urself append full HTML replies there. (Aside: this msg is a OKLMVQ copy-then-edit.)
        1. OKVIGF: Sorry for slow reply. Now Saturday afternoon I just checked my SMS, as I’ve been busy on ‘our (geeky) banner lighting :OKTQPO–fun stuff; will be working with Bill on that. Then, per this reply’s complete answers, it took me a few hours to write.
        2. OKVK40: Thanks for sharing {you can’t easily (so don’t? –as it seems) read bigger SMS because you don’t have ‘a bigger screen’ for it}. Well, because you’re in SimulSquad, you’re in luck both short & long term:
          1. OKVJJP: Short term: SimulSquad already heavily solves that for SimulSquad messages, including for this very message. For, as something u hopefully increasingly grow to love, (thanks to many extra hours work for by me) SimulSquad-related remote communications are reposted onto the web (usually slowly but I can occasionally expedite it as I do here), which among its many benefits, enables u to read all your SimulSquad messages in any web browser so on any size screen!

            1. OKWT8M: Indeed you should now be able to easily read all SMSes I’ve sent you since {I started 100% archive of SimulSquad SMS: right after ‘2017.01.16Mon meeting’ OJ70W1’}, so I would kindly like & await you now {complete, or at least more than just tiny} replies to the much stuff I’ve SMSed you, especially {stuff since last meeting: so beginning with my message of OKRU2X} especially {the many questions in response to your replies starting ‘02Thu: :#OKRU9X’}.
          2. OKVIIH: And long-term, because you’re in SimulSquad, you’ve got a great solution already in front of you! Indeed so much that your reply reporting the problem is a tad comic, as I just gave you the a hot long-term solution. As {right at the start of my last SMS: OKRUSY} I point you to how, for free & easy, you & anyone can read & reply-to all one’s SMS on any size screen one owns! —Google Voice, as again I ask ‘Did u note http://Voice.Google.com enables SMS via any web-browser so now EASIER than email?’ I am doing a big-screen for this SMS this very second! So as most other SimulSquaders have, again why haven’t you gotten your free GV or better?
        3. OKVKS1: OnMensa open house’, thanks for sharing your plans.
          1. OKVL6J: Sure, you can SMS a link the details if convenient.
          2. OKX125: However, by here seeing you my bud continue to attend that, plus what I have, and most anyone could, see & deduce about Mensa, plus me being from {MIT which holds a very strong unofficial view of Mensa: OKW6KK}, you touched a small nerve in me, causing me to draft {a {small: currently ~ 2142 words/12593 characters} article on Mensa: next} …as despite my recent local meeting visit (thank for telling & taking me)…
          3. OKW5G4: My reaction to Mensa International plus your regularly attending.
            1. OKVL6M: To get right to the point, overall my reaction to Mensa is joining & attending such a group looks bad, and, per OKVNK2, probably is a little bad at least long-term especially if then one mis-thinks one is moving forward doing it.
              1. OKW6JM: and this is despite your nicely taking me & Lucy {recently: around 2016.06} to Mensa meeting again (thank you), which I went to with an open-mind to double-check if anything has really changed in a few decades: no change, other than I could read people a heck of lot better now –when I first (and only joined), as a high-school student, I had 0 clue how out in left-field I was heading…
              2. OKW6KK: indeed {it, well how to {non-members, so ~99.99% of humans}} is my same reaction I’ve had for decades: the reaction I got, causing me to fast quit Mensa, when 1st arrived at MIT and proudly shared to my new classmates ‘What do guys do in Mensa! I love it!’: ‘Whatever, Man! And please get a [social| clue!’ :OKW6KK
                1. OKW6WG: –as seemingly all MIT students could qualify for membership but there was absolutely no Mensa on campus (nor other high-IQ group I’ve heard).
                  1. OKW1Z9: Interestingly I just Googled and found the relevant Q asked at/by http://quora.com/Which-percentage-of-MIT-students-are-part-of-MENSA ; I could answer that: from 5+ years studying there, nobody, not just 0% but 0 I saw, and by design for… :OKW1Z9
                2. OKW1HN: as at MIT, I instantly was shown anybody saying ‘I’m in Mensa!’ would be social disaster for them, as in ‘Get the heck away from us, you arrogant prick!’ (and delusional: as again likely everyone at MIT qualifies), so there (and IMHO elsewhere!) rather the point is not {boasting, as ‘hey, I’m smart’} but answering ‘what are you doing with your life and especially for the world?’
            2. OKVM9M: As to why this is, it’s both deductible and observable, as…
              1. OKVM9M: It appears to me Mensa’s own definition, specifically for membership, is fundamentally socially overall flawed:
                1. OKVM9Z: OKVM9Z: specifically Mensa membership criteria (merely upper 2% of IQ) has definitional flaws, notably these 3 from increasing worse:
                  1. OL2OY8:  it has a heavily arbitrary cut off, including why not 99% or 97%? :OL2OY8
                  2. OL2P5Q:  it excludes 98% of the people of the world :OL2P5Q
                    1. OKVMA6:  so it excludes most of the good people in the world –hard to imagine that being a good thing!  :OKVMA6 And why would it exclude most of the good people…
                  3. OKVMCA: OKVMCA: it foremost is celebration of pure intelligence, which misses core intelligence realities, indeed apparently hides attendees from other including more important abilities of good life, including likely foremost that:
                    1. OKVMEK: being good-hearted is NOT automatic & normally far more important than being especially smart
                    2. OKVMG8: whenever a poor/negative attitude or morals, intelligence is pointless or a weapon, as then creatures routinely do 1 or more:
                      1. OKVMHE: do things that are as bad as their perpetrators are intelligent: For example, Hitler’s “accomplishments”; or bringing down the twin towers (9/11); or the folks notably killed in 9/11 (money traders) whose predecessors went on to abuse their high IQ to scam including render-homeless millions of less smarter Americans (including 1 well knew who lost her home) as exposed by the 2008 housing crash.
                      2. OKVMH9: even more common indeed daily is turning off one’s intelligence. Indeed people switch off their intelligence daily, blocking intelligence including healthily handling certain matters due to their emotions there being messed up.
                        1. OKVMKZ: For instance, I being born to two pack rat parents, while being shipped to war taught me to stop collecting junk, I still nearly always put off getting rid of it, the tune that it costs me ~$300/mo in storage rental –for decades! –even though I never once look at it! And even if, to keep my storage rates this “low”, storage has to be in the next county so 1.5hr drive away, and endure including worry about a storage landlord from hell!
                        2. OKVOPV: Or you: look at how admittedly fast you turn off wanting to think & even know when it comes to watching any news especially political news, even today when what’s happening is hurting those around you, and tragically when, {in America’s present decline, including understandable protests against the new president now happening every day}, we could use intelligence & leadership here, such as what may well be inside you.
                  4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL2OVS:  {title ending after ‘ definitional flaws,’: ‘notably these 2:’} replace with present, so from OKVMA6 {factoring out & extending ‘it is not only an arbitrary cut-off but worse’ into new OL2OY8 }  OL2OY8
                2. OKWX3I: OKWX3I: the result: measuring people, plus {excluding 98% of people :OL2P5Q}(!), and by a single, {very limited: OKVMCA}, and ‘a heavily arbitrary [criteria], including why not 99% or 97%? :OL2OY8’, plus even boating about it.
                  1. OKWXGI: thus Mensans by their own definition appear to be, and by this effectively are, here overall highly indeed damagingly arrogant plus apparently {unaware or at least undiscussing} of these wrongs so, also here hypocritically acting {the opposite of intelligent: foolish & ignorant}!
                    1. OKWXKI: …indeed to the point of harm even destruction should Mensans also insist even mildly that the only or even the best or even the better quality people are other Mensans –as what happens when one belongs to most any group!
                      1. OKWXU2: however my guess is, whenever they try, {the other overwhelming group: {‘the 98%’, well alluding to the 99%}} fast isolate & criticize them and especially ensure their powerless, so shutting them down cold
                        1. OKWY05: so probably the only reason this Mensans’ inherit childish bad behavior doesn’t turn out to be the disgusting ‘Erudite (the intellectual)’ coup of Divergent (2014).
              2. OKX04K: Even Mensa’s official purposes expectantly apparently is a boast …by suggesting the opposite of {what Mensa apparently really does foremost if not nearly exclusively: getting its attendees mental {compliments, specifically self-flattery} even if {overall false :OKVMCA} and at the cost of {excluding 98% of the population :OL2P5Q}’} :OKX04K
                1. OKWZFQ: as while yes ‘Mensa’s constitution lists three purposes: “to identify and to foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members”.[13]’ so admirably including 2 of 3 very non-self-centered goals plus {ordered with them first: from the most world good to the most self-centered},
                2. OKX01J: yet at {all meetings I’ve attended: all common local ones: 1 last year and ~2 decades ago} I’ve found the priority of every attendee quite the reverse of the official (including if attendees even knew the official purposes, which I doubt they did), including strongly & usually only focused on the that last most-self-centered goal
                  1. OL2PL8:  Plus our SimulSquader Sharone, who seems to be a fast accurate read of character, at our last our SimulSquad told me ~‘I also one time went to one Mensa meeting then quit because I found the attendees snobbish’.
                3. OKX03Q: and that’s just as one would expect from its very limiting & strict membership criteria, as membership criteria, especially if very limiting & strict, then overrides any mission statement and (in contrast to the mission statement) was naturally universally known by ever attendee, and (plus because) {membership criteria is literally extremely arrogant :OKVM9Z}.
                4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. OL2OF8:  {title portion ending of ‘boasts the opposite of the self-centered majority reality’} does not seem to make good sense so replace it with present
              3. OKW1SH: And while Mensa has been since 1946 and well known for at least all my lifetime, who is really in it? As even outside of MIT, you’re the only person I’ve met who is involved in it. So rather in experience it seems almost all smart especially successful people {stay clear of Mensa: aren’t members, don’t talk about it, and indeed virtually never bring IQ limits up especially not hard ones}.
                1. OKW5OT: Additionally, it’s not just MIT & what I’ve seen; as this Mensa’s negative side would explain, Mensa membership is actually low, not high, in areas which ‘have a very active university community’ says the top answerer of {the Quora Q OKW1Z9}, so at least among the academics (and I suspect generally everywhere), the top smarts are generally staying clear of it.
            3. OKW2AW: Including since there are plenty if not seemingly limitless alternative local groups with the intellectual challenge & companionship but without as much if any of {the bad: the excluding of good people and minimization other even more important life activities, and proudly, {which Mensa literally delivers to the extreme of 98% :OKWX3I}!}, so IMHO routinely much healthier especially long-term. For example:
              1. OKW2S2: Most immediately, SimulSquad™. We aim to ideally exclude nobody, and rather let them the first to self-exclude, and so far, since our founding 2014, we’ve pulled it off. Yet still we’ve regularly got smart showing. And if you want more meetings which you will show to, just tell event hosts.
              2. OKW2VE: Also anyone can just joining up with any group, or create one, working on a hard problem, for profit/work or/and social, and if it requires much IQ, it will readily attract such. But note for every real world problem (as opposed to an IQ test), it becomes clear it requires more than IQ to solve it indeed usually IQ is NOT the tope thing.
              3. OKW313: Plus one can just go to tech events plus university events to hang & find other smart people.
            4. OKVLKM: And my guess is somewhere inside, you & many if not most other Mensans already realize this core negative of Mensa. But are dismissing it, rationalizing it, or otherwise under-appreciating it.
              1. OKW35T: I’m guessing 1 or more of 4+ core reasons, all of which are mostly if not entirely unhealthy:
                1. OKW36G: because they have a high need for attention, probably especially have people notice them for being smart. So if they happen to qualify for Mensa or at least can pretend to, joining & attending Mensa is an easy way to get attention: ‘Oh, I’m so smart! Only the upper 2% can get in here!’
                  1. OKVNJ8: You seem to fit this. Lots I’ve seen, including the stuff you showed me on Thanksgiving, indicate you long for A LOT of attention, arguably almost like a quiet addict. But why so much? I have one longshot guess. But I don’t yet know.
                2. OKW3HE: because they want to feel like joining a group so getting out and doing something, but with not actually have to do any work for the world –well other than to flatter each other. As that is what it seems Mensa meetings do! -just flatter each other, which is arguably key if attendees are in otherwise risk of say depression; but not actually do anything to help the outside world… which IMHO is still a big waste of intelligence, despite Mensa celebrating it.
                  1. OKW3U5: I could see you fitting this possibility.
                3. OKW3M1: because they feel alone/lonely/isolated/picked-on, and/or were picked for being smart at school and just haven’t gotten over that.
                  1. OKW3US: In joining that the Mensa meeting last year, it sure felt like a lot of attendees there matched this.
                  2. OKW48A: And this loneliness could be because, smart as they are, they aren’t appreciating certain people around them who are noticing & trying to care for them, but the Mensan tunes them out at least doesn’t appreciate them enough because of some emotional block the Mensan has, such as not wanting to improve where it’s painful (but ‘no pain no gain’) but this appreciate person is indeed trying to appropriately raise their bar and challenge the Mensan to be better.
                    1. OKW4G9: –such as my attention to you & Dave?
                4. OKW3XV: because they have 1 or more of the above attributes (none of which are really healthy), so they want to find other people with these attributes so to 1 or more: feel ok (even less health) or work on fixing them (is healthy but doesn’t seem to happen except for the mentioned flattery exchange)
              2. OKVNK2: OKVNK2: But all of these reasons are merely catering to only one’s own emotions and in ways which probably don’t actually really help anyone else (except only short-term via the flattery exchange) and may even take the attendee away from constructive time & attention spent on others. So for this case & more,…
              3. OKVNK7: by joining & attending Mensa I’m suspecting for you and probably most if not all attendees, is actually turning off your/one’s intelligence here (amusingly ironically: readily NOT smart to join & attend Mensa!) if your/one’s goals are, as they are for me, {to help others especially foremost: including per the often (“philanthropy”) truth that there’s no better way to help yourself than to truly help not you but others with your abilities where that help is appreciated}.
                1. OKVNML: Consequently, I have much better many-people helping things I’d prefer to do & prefer to see you doing, to make use of our intelligence plus much more, and hopefully you’ll get more curious about them.
      4. OKXV32:  Janin: Sun 2:39 PM: Ok, please send me the links in an email, making it easy to click
      5. OKXV46:  OKXV46: Me: Sun 9:50 PM: Well, thanks for the feedback… on ur lazy bum! -Uggg, I type for u ‘15387 chars!’ but u can’t type even one ~48 char URL?! Plus, u say u r a coder -so get {this: ur easy transfer of SMSed URL to decent web-browser} fixed! And yes GV fixes even that, too,… so again get GV! …Eeeks! Ok, after 1 min, search ur j..bv@gmail.com for message OKXTX3.
      6. OKXVBZ:  email: Subject: OKXTWK: Email to compensate for lazy coder
        1. OKXVC9:  From: Destiny Architect http://1.JotHere.com/M6Dest <MV..st@jothere.com> Date: Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 9:53 PM To: Janin Vann <JaninBV@gmail.com>
          OKXTX3: Relevant SMSes now also via email, quote: [5 SMSes: OKVI7I thru OKXV46]
      7. OKXVFG:  Janin: 10:00 PM: Lol \ Lol
      8. OKXVFM:  Me: 10:00 PM: 🙂 But it’s true…!
      9.  OKYOK4:  2017.02.06Mon08 (~10hrs later): no further reply from Janin, and she usually replies quick)
      10. OKYON9:  Me: (drafting) :OKYON9
        1. OKYONO:  Have you read my message for you I link you to?
          1. OKYPBP:  It jumps on u, too.
          2. OKYPBT:  But I’m hard including accurate on you for the hopefully obvious reason that I hope you’ll assume: I care about you & the world, especially because:
            1. OKYOOW:  In ways I strongly admire and am impressed by you, as u hopefully saw in writing when {I told: SMS 2 weeks ago ‘12:13 PM’} how much I talked you up to Dana including {me just telling Dana: SMS ‘11:20 AM’} of you: ‘And speaking of someone having inner drive[ and ability], did I neglect to mention, she pulls off her happy h..m, plus raises 4 boys [plus turtles plus & fish], plus a hubby, and is the breadwinner, and as an Android coder? :-)’’} –because that shows you’re very intelligent plus remarkably indeed admirably capable, even well breaking the glass ceiling of women stereotypes in not only career but even romance.
            2. OKYOR9:  so then it of course upsets me when I see you casually not living up to your potential especially on things when it starts notably hurting me & likely if not definitely others:
              1. OKYP0Y:  (1) making {me and possibly others interacting with you} suffer a {little but regularly} because, unlike the other SimulSqud regulars, you won’t get free Google Voice or equivalent and for no reason I know (though thank you again for your feedback on your phone limits, we DO need for the many less capable than you so indeed unable to fix them},
              2. OKYP3X:  (2) more upsetting, fortunately unlike at 1 of your 4 sons, you’re adamantly literally forever avoiding all political news so voting for Trump and letting all of your immediate family do likewise, against all warnings to you including me & the rest of your family, which by his win, is now, as we told you, causing me & much of SimulSquad plus Americans to be frightened way beyond any other past president, even anti-Trump protests & rage happening daily –which you’d know if you watched reliable or perhaps any news}, and without 1 word of apology or making amends.
              3. OKYP4R:  And (3) when you also continue to go to & recruiting for Mensa, which rather appears just boasting & promoting the actual {mis-use: waste} of intelligence (above),
            3. OKYP8B:  would you not think that touches a nerve?  That it would be wrong, especially as your friend, to not to speak up & try to fix that?  –as at least with your Trump, your family already has.
          3. in short, because ,.. To be continued
      11. Janin gno further reply as of 2016.
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