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OKV8XZ:  SimulSquad™ rules for storage, interaction, collaboration, & especially creation-ownership, ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :http://1.JotHere.com/5826#OKV8XZ

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      7. OKVAWP:  location: originally until to here now: ‘additional regulation for SimulSquad™ :OII0OU’ :OKVAWP
      8. OKXFQM:  in this order, probably at/near time of OKV66D, realize one generally wants to state not just ‘collaborate/collaboration’ but ‘interact/interaction’ as that is more broad while still being applicable.:OKXFQM
      9. OI4YBK:  inspired especially by OI4RKQ,
    3. Reply. To reply & discuss, please use JotHere.com’s default methods (click) except: none.
    4. TOU(Terms Of Use) including {copyright © and info’s {confidentiality/privacy & allowed use}} is JotHere.com’s default TOU except: none
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        1. OKV98I:  ‘SimulSquad™ :O3QOOG’
        2. OKV98N:  ‘rule N0BY8E’
        3. OKV9A8:  ‘storage M5MEVI’
        4. OKV9BG:  ‘communication LRCGCO’ until ‘interaction’ category created
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      5. ‘motivation’
      6. ‘contributors including their {contributions & relevant background}’
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      8. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
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  2. OI4YI5:  SimulSquad™’s {interaction tools & storage} :OI4YI5
    1.  OL6CYR:   –use them  as much as practical! Indeed
      1. OKX88V:  OI4YDN requires this in many common cases. :OKX88V
      2. OL6C4R:  don’t skip storing your significant interactions in these tools because, by {in-person, calls, and/or private messaging}, (you think) you’ve handled it “well enough” forever or at least for now :OL6C4R
        1. OL6CN8:  as in-person sharing (plus other communications not fully including permanently recorded & shared)…
          1. OL6CNH:  is pleasing when productive & reliable so might seem to go on well enough (we sure wish it will) so one is tempted to do sharing just via one’s present regular meetings at {SimulSuqad or other in-person interaction spot}, BUT….
          2. OL6CQB:   is always only for the moment and never covers the long-term
            1. OL6CD9: especially when {that person, who has your data, later becomes unavailable, including from turning out to be here untrustable which happens especially if there isn’t this record {as we just experienced :OIIO9K}!}
    2. OKXDIT:  feature
      1. OI4ZEE:  are provided to every participant normally for free
      2. OI4YKG:  are carefully-selected and {established else potential} industry standards, so your  using & contributing to them will also be helping yourself by learning & benefiting from them.
      3. OIIMNJ:  are especially for interaction especially collaboration, including
        1. OL6BLA:  automatically else readily ‘keeping all items interacted and/or worked on where {all including future} interacting participants can readily access it for the foreseeable future :OIIQ9E’ :OL6BLA
        2. OL6BMG:  not just for remote interactions, indeed ‘don’t skip storing your significant interactions in these tools because, by {in-person, calls, and/or private messaging}, (you think) you’ve handled it “well enough” forever or at least for now :OL6C4R
    3. OI4YJZ:  from currently most important roughly
      1. OIJNXE:  document especially source code repos, from most important:
        1. OI4YQU:  GitHub (with appropriate slogan ‘Where software is built’),  :OI4YQU
          1. OIJNFA:  notably ‘JotHere.com’s GitHub :OAO907’ :OIJNFA
        2. OI4YRY:   ‘JotHere ..:OGQY36’ :OI4YRY
          1. OKXC5C:  We love you using your free account to directly add make comments & even posts here.
          2. OL65G5:  versions from most current
            1. OL65GL:  2.JotHere.com — not yet alpha; under active development
              1. OL65M3:  adds massive easy editing including collaboratively and more features.
            2.  OL65FF:   1.JotHere.com –current version
              1. OKXDQ0: Most SimulSquad regulars, including all leaders, already have an account.
              2. OL65UC:  As an author here, you get your bio featured on the right hand column of every page.
              3. OL65JI:  it’s core WordPress, so relevant notable pros thru cons:
                1. OL6BUW:  since ~2005, the leading small-scale web-publishing standard
                2. OL6BYA:  features text documents in the most portable powerful text language: HTML.
                3. OL6C1L:  a simple web-based WYSIWIG editor that I use as my primary text editor, which core features including basic outlines & every-minute auto-save
                4. OL65WA:  weak on collaborative editing including only 1 editor at a time
                5. OL65WL:  each save creates a revision which is kept for ever and {is not compressed}, so don’t explicitly save excessively especially for small changes to large documents.
              4. OL65TO:  account creation & signin is currently very tricky
                1. OL66CZ:  –to be fixed!
                2. OL66A2:  since primarily otherwise the site gets ~10x as many new spam account  (after making it tricky, it’s “down” to ‘~200 new (spam accounts) per week :OL62G2’) 
                3. OL66HR:  but once one has an account & knows the tricks, posting is easy & standard WordPress.
                4. OL66ES:  so if stuck, just ask as SimulSquad regular for help.  Now here’s the tricky instructions to get an account
        3. OL6DJR:  ‘Google (office suite) Docs :OBNW96
        4. OIJNWG:   ‘Google Drive :OBAZW5
          1. OKXDOJ:  with local client of your choice; our current preference is ‘Insync :OBAZY0
      2. OIJNYF:  collaborative IDE
        1. OI4YUR:  ‘Cloud9 IDE aka C9.IO  :O9QG43
      3. OIJO0B:  info license
        1. OIIOTF:  ‘CoComp :OIIOTF
          1. OL66QM:  ask me for more details.
      4. OKXCI2:  the Meetup groups re-listing our events
        1. OKXCIQ:  Meetup’s only reliable use is for advertizing (so Meetup’s normal appearance of being the or any home for community groups is actually long-term subtly destructive), as explained by NM20YE, ‘PROs thru CONs :LYUNVO’, and even more elsewhere on 1.JotHere.com.
          1. OKXCLF:  Consequently we’re {phasing out from using Meetup groups –slowly because naturally a big change} other than for {that use: advertizing us}, so,
            1. OKXCS0:  please aim to only use Meetup groups just to get notified of events when the group’s direct notifications are insufficient.
            2. OKXCT5:  if convenient for you, we do appreciate your joining our Meetup groups {and letting us know ideally via RSVPing to our events there} so we can add more profiled YES RSVPs to our events to attract more people.
        2. OKXCZE:  (these groups) by our preference but still join whichever best suits you:
          1. OKXD6K:  currently are,
            1. OKXD1I:  http://Meetup.com/OCJavaScript
            2. OKXD1S:  http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid
            3. OKXD37:   http://Meetup.com/AsianFriendster
          2. OKXD6W:  fromer ones are:
            1. OKXD7O:   http://Meetup.com/OCPython
            2. OKXDDK:  http://Meetup.com/Bernie-Sanders-Video-Production-Orange-County-Ca-Meetup
            3. OKXD8E:  http://Meetup.com/OC4Bernie
      5. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. OKXDXM:  brought this section’s polish from .3 to .7 increasing its words by ~3x.
    4. OIIOOA:  OIIOOA: (our tools) have goals  from roughly biggest 1st :
      1. OIINUX:  to ensure all participants get record-of, plus appropriate {credit-of & access-to}, their {interactions and especially contributions & developments} :OIINUX
        1. OIIO4M:  instead of say {only some participant getting this: only those holding the source materials or some other special power} so thwarting others involved from also appropriately having these abilities actually else potentially
          1. OIIO9K:  as we now 1st experienced happening at OII1VY, indeed that is the point where it became blatant so triggering creation of rule OI4YDN :OIIO9K
        2. OIIQ96:  as especially done via
          1. OIIQ1N:  foremost the group’s {VCS, per VCS especially providing these abilities}, which is currently ‘GitHub .. :OI4YQU
          2. OIIQ9E:  keeping all items including info interacted and/or worked on where {all including future} interacting participants can readily access it for the foreseeable future :OIIQ9E
            1. OL6BCH:  as all our ‘SimulSquad™’s {interaction tools & storage} :OI4YI5
            2. OIIQD8:  so NOT only in the storage of just one or some participants where other participants interacting or working on it at some time might not readily have access
      2. OIIPOY:  along SimulSquad’s inherit goals (to get good work & socializing done, optionally though ideally via interaction especially collaboration),
        1. OIIOIS:  to promote healthier interactions
        2. OIIPRV:  to promote good work done
        3. OIIWZK:  to promote bonding and further collaboration & learning using a common platform
        4. OIIOSE:  to select, develop, and even pioneer, these interacting tools for achieving {these ‘goals :OIIOOA’}
    5. OKV5DM:  OKV5DM: intend term ‘interaction’ to be very comprehensive
      1. OKV6QQ:  but as this is likely not readily obvious, to make it so, ‘& .. storage’ has been added to the name starting at/per OKV68H.
      2. OKV6Q1:  specifically including where interaction…
        1. OKV5FK:  is not planned but could be needed, including {including currently working solo, possibly with no plans to change that, but stores info in these tools as it reasonably may be later needed by future participant(s), including per every original creator’s (inevitable) {eventual incapacitation of death or otherwise}} :OKV5FK
        2. OKV5N0:  is a degenerate case, notably where the interaction is 1-way such as notable example of OKV5FK
    6. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’

      1. OKV655:  name
        1. OKV65E:  core
          1. OKV65R:  from most preferred
            1. OKV6IO:  ‘interaction tools & storage’
              1. OKV6JR:  I now create to generalize ‘info storage’ of OKV67N as yes storage {could eventually include for non-info creations and other physical property} and that would seemingly follow similar rules.
            2. OKV67N:  ‘interaction tools & info storage’ :OKV67N
              1. OKV68H:  I now invent then choose to address OKV6CY :OKV68H
            3. OKV66D:  ‘interaction tools’ :OKV66D
              1. OKV66S:  –is so far & for several months
              2. OKV6CY:  con: likely requires explanation OKV5DM :#OKV6CY
            4. OKV7H1:  ‘collaboration tools’
              1. OKV7HD:  during OIINBY; has problem OKXFQM
        2. OKV7AY:  of group, from most preferred
          1. OKV7CJ:  ‘SimulSquad‘s’
            1. OKV7D5:  for several months before & continuing
          2. OKV7C8:  ‘the group’s’
            1. OKV7EI:  during  OIINBY
  3. OIIMF6:  on (SimulSquad) involved person especially participant {interactions so including collaboration} :OIIMF6
    1. OKX839:  this section… (some intro) :OKX839
      1. OKZ4OP:  foremost, but also {this entire rules document OKV8XZ}, is here
        1. OKZ31J:  foremost to prevent any careless or selfish participant(s) from screwing over, especially stealing from, our {other participants and/or group} the {work, ownership, and/or credit} of {creations including improvements} made in part via participation in our group
          1. OKZ394:  as really recently happened, and ~50x more severely than we’d ever seen before,…
            1. OKZ4LW:  by thief Jerry who stole 6 months of weekly work by Destiny from {him & our group even {the world, as Jerry had promised it would be open-source}} (readily his plan all along for getting help from us {as, for 6 months, he dove {way far, 1.5hrs} for every visit to join us and get our help & feedback, but, even after all that, within minutes of Destiny really calling to stop putting off but now soon finally keep {his promises back to us: to store all the code Destiny had architected and enabled him to write, not only on his personal laptops but properly on our GitHub (so it could be properly shared) –just as has he immediately promised & demonstrated to us at the start but “just hadn’t gotten around to” continuing} well then suddenly he then wrongly turned on us, but still leaving saying he would return next week no problem, but instead really ditched us!) –fully detailed in OITQCB :OKZ4LW
            2. OKZ4MZ:  so motivating the creation of this document!  … as ‘What doesn’t kill you –if appropriately learned from– makes you stronger’.
        2. OKZ4P3:  and to make such interaction, collaboration, & creating go smoothly by using the best {tools: OI4YI5} & {agreements: OIIMF6} we know.
      2. OKX840:  has a lot of mildly-complex legal-ease details {in order to carefully & fully spell out the rules, necessarily}, but nonetheless…
      3. OKX7TX:  should be, and hopefully is, not only very fairly ruling but also {pretty intuitive & natural for those already working productively collaborating in {open-source else other community service}}.
    2. OIIUM7:  {These rules: within this section} are designed to serve just as a good basis… :OIIUM7
      1. OIIUO4:  notably to handle only general problems we’ve encountered
      2. OIIUTM:  so understandably can never cover all important cases, so
        1. OIIUFP:   forgoing specified {ones: rules here} is allowed iff per agreement… :OIIUFP
          1.  OIINKX:  by all {interacting participants + the event hosts + (if questionable) higher SimulSquad leaders who also can veto this}
          2. OIIBV1:  ideally & especially in writing
    3. OL85OD:  All (SimulSquad-related interactions) including communications… :OL85OD
      1. OL6HUJ:  …to be default & normally permanently publically posted {ASAP including within say 1 week and ideally immediately as/after they take place} except for the minimal redactions required to make that practical :OL6HUJ
        1. OL8ESC:  consequently, of this conversation & sharing activity, this is legal ‘written notification of all parties’ (per ‘Accepted forms of notification [of] recording’ of a telephone call (in the US) & of any communication anywhere)
        2. OL8V1C:  but fear not, indeed instead be pleased, as…
          1. OL8V2S:  ‘proven privacy protection always in place :OL8VBF’, and…
          2. OKKE53:  well-balances the needs of all: :OKKE53
            1. OL8VNF:  via careful redaction, every involved person’s needs for privacy (again ‘proven privacy protection always in place :OL8VBF’) plus
            2. OL8VNW:  via public permanent web posting,
              1. OL8VOV:  SimulSquad participants’ needs {to, where practical & fair, share participant knowledge so all, especially other participants, can benefit from it} plus
              2. OL8VQC:  everybody’s needs that {SimulSquad is transparent :OL86QY} just every quality group should be
            3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. OL8UTO:  location: originally until now OKKDSY kid ~1 with value ‘SimulSquad’s needs’ to share participant knowledge so all can benefit where practical, yet still notable redaction already done.’
        3. OLALTP:  with the practice…
          1. OLALU0:  to be done after-the-fact for all SimulSquad history, as soon as we’ve got the manpower & need
          2. OLALVA:  starting…  :OLALVA
            1. OLANTR:  real-time with our events & communications {after ‘2017.01.16Mon meetup :OJ70W1’, as the camel straw I didn’t my heavy comm work for ‘my follow-up here with Gabe so getting him into 4-year college :OJYOBB’ to be lost}
            2. OLANTW:  as finally a replacement for {‘our previous approach.. :OLA1TT’ which I had quit doing for about 1 year as it was giving ROI net a-bit-negative}
        4. OL85N1:  notable cons thru pros: :OL85N1
          1. OL85WT:  for an in-person talk, (unfortunately still) very unusual for community meetings & civil work …but not in other cases as OL866M :OL85WT
          2. OLA1TT:  {having those involved especially general participants contribute these writeups directly, by communicating foremost by appropriate posting} –our previous approach–  I well tried for ~5 years but it mostly annoyed participants and failed to generate significant writeups, as I fully detail at OLA2EJ :OLA1TT
          3. OL866M:  similar is done by OL866M
            1. OL86G4:  every {documentary movie/video & reality (TV) show, which are becoming increasingly popular & commonplace} which which may only give generally first names or, at the extreme, changes the names.
            2. OL86BR:  a {standard meeting held by government: court or congressional session or city & probably county council session} except there without the redaction so much more revealing
          4. OL6HQB:  to max ensure, from increasing important roughly: OL6HQB
            1. OL87FE:  historic record keeping for other including not-yet-foreseen purposes
            2. OKKE5A: one’s right to share one’s conversations, especially after name redaction
              1. OL8DLF:  notable cons thru pros
                1. OL8DME:  a significant % of people apparently don’t (yet) see this as a fundamental right (IMHO as it took humans 1000s of years for most person to see  every person has human rights!), indeed don’t even see one’s right to record one’s own conversations & interactions, such as implied by ‘require that all parties consent [to make acceptable for] one .. to record a telephone conversation
                2. OL8DVY:  I believe this is an intrinsic right: if one observes something, one should be allowed record & share it {by default, so say in absence of any non-disclosure agreement, where such agreements should NOT be the norm} :OL8DVY
                  1. OL8DZA:  per reasons similar if not identical to {parent ‘notable cons thru pros: :OL85N1’}
                  2. OL8F5F:  consequently, I’m strongly in favor of one-party consent for recording of telephones (US states) and everywhere
                    1. OL8F96:  And I make that the case, so legal, within SimulSquad by adding OL8ESC
              2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. OL8DE3:  location: originally until now OKKDSY kid 2
            3. OL86QY:  transparency :OL86QY
              1. OL87EX:   so enable review by as many practical (others, outsiders, oneself) to ensure & encourage

                1. OL883E:  honorable actions (as none will be hidden), including…
                  1. OL86QM:  consistent & fair handling
                  2. OL87DQ:  accurate statements
                  3. OL87G8:  not repeating the same mistakes
                  4. OL87OC:  hypocrisy elimination 
                2. OL87GU:  and probably more
            4. OL86RT:  knowledge sharing & reuse
              1. OL86SW:  so core to why people attend SimulSquad
              2. OKKE3H: Indeed, as the primary event host, I’m spending hours every week remotely talking with SimulSquad attendees where {almost continually the talk is 1-on-1 conversation on stuff that could help the group,
                1. OL8UJ7:  such (to the only person complaining this posting) {our SMS thread covering the fine points of Google Voice & Hangouts :OKI7BD}, plus on many other topics with others}
                2. OL8UJA:  so I share my conversations to benefit other SimulSquaders plus JotHere plus the world
                3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. OL8U64:  location: originally until now at OKKDSY kid ~5
              3. OL86TF:  as discussions routinely & normally…
                1. OL86YN:  contain knowledge which others not immediately in the discussion can use
                2. OL86YQ:  phrase knowledge & event its development in the form which
                  1. OL8766:  is most intuitive, natural, and immediately usable for the case at hand, so which…
                  2.  OL8775:  {the overall generalizations (as rules) of knowledge, which generally factor out the particular persons/agents and items (for privacy & especially power)} need to refer to show their soundness plus to to provide the data to come up with accurate generalizations
                    1. OL8CVZ:  for instance, generalizing {actual recorded discussions: my recent writings to Janin} lead & were-used to create {this parent section ‘all SimulSquad communications… :OL85OD’} starting with OL6HM5 then so far about ~4 other such writing reuses.
          5. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. OL87Y0:  starting now, listed in this reverse order for persuasion, as {the leading con: OL85WT} is big enough to want to start with 1st (so readers know we haven’t missed it) then move gradually onto the positives.
        5. OL72PO:  such redaction includes rules:
          1. OL73JC:  every attendee of our meetings/events, if s/he remember the names or/and other contacts used for the person at our event/meeting, can use that to uniquely identify the person in our meeting/event records
          2. OL72ZY:  in the normal case so ‘the limited exception :OL74CW
            1. OL72TV:  no info is given/allowed which, individually or even collectively, can uniquely identify  the person referred to closer than 1 in ~100 {to an outsider, so to the outside world} :OL72TV
              1. OL74HG:  where outsider is anyone who is NOT an insider
                1. OL74JE:  where an insider is info reader/consumer is who already knows both {some of this info about that person, as that name or/and contacts for that person} AND {that that person was actually or at least likely attending else interacting there}}
              2. OL74DS:  consequently (by design) it also practically impossible for anyone to contact any of these people via this info unless that anyone is an insider who already has the contacts of the person contacted
                1. OL75F3:  this (along with only event hosts & other leaders being given the contacts of those involved) by design strongly thwarts all of the (many) non-leaders from doing any of common abuses as:
                  1. OL75J6:  speaking bad about anyone involved behind their backs especially remotely
                  2. OL75KZ:  {soliciting, including recruiting & marketing} to significant numbers of those involved behind leaders backs especially remotely,  so including
                    1. OL75PU:  so also readily stressing significant numbers of those involved from unwanted soliciations
                    2. OL75NK: pirating the membership list, which really happens, including:
                      1. OL7655:  many job recruiters have wanted to do plus
                      2. OL765D:  (in the days we depended on Meetup) one attendee of OCPython blatantly did this indeed automated this piracy (including from seeing Meetup’s software had gaping holes here and that Meetup was wouldn’t get around to enforcing their TOS & stop him as they under-staff to over-profit and would instead to just take his money for hosting his competitive group of pirated members}!
                2. OL75TD:  quite unlike Meetup groups where, to all group members and usually to the public, so every group member is listed to, and can be privately contacted by, effectively anybody without review.
              3. OL7321:  which means, except alteration needed to fully ensure OL72TV,
                1. OL73DV:  the name used to refer to each person includes only as many of certain components required to make a unique name/identifier
                  1. OL734C:  where ‘certain components’ are selected in this order:
                    1. OL737R:  first name, else abbreviation of it if it is more unique/revealing than the above criteria
                    2. OL73AP:  last name initial
                    3. OL73BL:  middle initial
                    4. OL73BT:  a single {GUID, especially KCGUID} for the person
                  2. OL73CV:  consequently most, indeed so far all, such people are referred to by just 1st name and when needed last name initial.
                    1. OL7Y4L:  this protects privacy perfectly so far & the foreseeable normal future
                      1. OL7Y63:  including possibly better than one would expect: as our attendee with the most unique name we’ve seen, Janin, who is also a professional Android coder, panic-ed she could identified by just her 1st name: but quick web search, which she had neglected, well-showed the opposite, that she was well-safe: well showed there were 11,000,000 results for various Janin & didn’t find her even in ‘the 1st 200 (so 20 pages!) (after which I got tired)’! –per OL7ZQW
                  3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL7YK7:  title: created from generalizing 2 of 2 of OKKE5N
                2. OKKE4A: no usable {phone numbers & emails & other contacts}
                  1. OL76IZ:  every username, especially those of profiles which allow direct contact (such as email & twitter & Facebook, etc), is given as ‘De..ct’ so giving only the first 2 & last 2 characters.
                  2. OL76LZ:  every phone number gives only the area code and the last 3 digits, such as ‘949..356’.
                  3. OL76O0:  9-digit zip code is allowed but not the 4-digit extension.
                  4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8T5A:  title from move out OL8D6W
              4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. OL732X:  created from generalizing 1 of 2 of OKKE5N; since that is no longer needed but related to here, I archive it here: quote:
                  1. OKKE5N: Yet even with them, by default, no uniquely identifying info is given on SimulSquad participants. Currently normally only first names are used. :OKKE5N
            2. OL8VBF:  which is proven privacy protection always in place :OL8VBF
              1. OL8PA9:  as so far and in the foreseeable future, this appears {successful: sufficiency protecting privacy}
                1. OKKE2J:  including no known substantial reason to worry
                  1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8PPC:  title: replaced from ‘And there’s no need for you or anyone to worry, for many reasons, including’ to {splitting out OL8PY4 & making remainder fully accurate}.
              2. OL8QV4:   First, before going into the details here, beyond your needs (your privacy), do you also see our group needs, too? They’re detailed starting at & within ‘well-balances the needs of all :OKKE53
                1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                  1. OL8QYZ:  now factored out of OKKE36 where it doesn’t directly belong, then added intro & conclusion.
              3. OL8PY4:  due to notable pros thru cons :OL8PY4
                1.  OKKE2S: Did you see the redactions we do? –see our event listing notes plus {rules OL74CW}  …as correct me if I’m wrong but it seems  all attendees privacy is already appropriately protected :OKKE2S
                  1. OL8TXM:   as especially IMHO essentially only other SimulSquad attendees would know who is being talked about and only if they remembered the other attendee by {name or had his/her contacts used}
                  2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8QEJ:  OL8PSZ plus cut  ‘you &’ and added ‘see our..’.
                2. OKKE2Z: For those who don’t already know, web posted content is so much today that, even with web search, seemingly most of never gets meaningfully human-read unless other person’s are pointed to it (including often requiring one to pay Google or other advertiser to advertise it!, where Google makes ~95% of it’s money)
                  1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8QIA:  OL8PSZ plus replace ‘if you’ with ‘for those who’ plus cut ‘ and so’
                3. OKKE36: If indeed JotHere still actually needs to be updated, all we have to do is work out a win-win fix and then do the update, so I’m also here to talk about that. :OKKE36
                  1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8QQR:   OL8PSZ plus
                4. OKKE2P: I’m here, as I always have been, to find solutions so everybody wins
                  1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                    1. OL8Q1E:   OL8PSZ plus removed ‘ (just don’t panic!), also’
                5. OL8S1Y:  until someone finds/writes the tricky code to automate it, the redaction is done manually. Consequently, it can have holes.
                  1. OL8S5M:  however none found so far and these can readily plugged by OKKE36
              4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. OL8PSZ:  OL8PSZ: location: originally until now at OKKDSY kid ~4,
            3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. OL8TBX:  all relevant content from move out OL8D6W  plus cutting (as already here at OKKE2S) quote:
                1. OKKE3Y: but only with notable reductions (did you notice them?) including by default:
                  1. OKKE42: {only those attending can know who’s being talked about, by {only minimal name: notably just 1st name plus, when still ambiguous, last name initial},} and
          3. OL74CW:  where the limited exception :OL74CW are, from most common so far:
            1. OL740V:   {uniquely identifying info for a person, such as full name, contacts, external profile URLs which are fairly uniquely identifying, or/and other unique identifiers} is given to the degree minimally needed for persons who are 1 or more of, from most common:
              1. OL7426:  event hosts & and other top leaders
                1. OL7562:  plus each can give more contacts & profiles as desired
              2. OL7452:  a person who has done or/and very likely will do a very serious disservice {to our group at any time} or {to elsewhere in the future or recent past}, for the purposes of appropriately {protecting from & punishing} them
                1. OL74VP:  most recent notable example is ‘thief Jerry .. :OKZ4LW
              3. OL744D:  a celebrity where leaders & celebrity agree to let the celebrity’s status be known most notably so we can promote each other.
            2. OL8GHR:  prior special non-disclosure agreement(s) taking precedence
              1. OL8GXK:  per…
                1.  OL8GKG:  {matching my desire :OL8DVY}
                2. OL8GMX:  already allowed per agreements ‘forgoing specified {.. rules here}.. :OIIUFP
              2. OL8GZD:  probably most notably, participants agreeing to develop a closed-source or other proprietary/trade-secret product for developments subsequent to this agreement, where the the developments before would still be bound by {the prior agreement which is typically uncustomized OIIMF6}
        6. OL6HRE:  consequently ideal is communicating via ‘web posting :OL6I66’ which also accomplishes OL6HUJ:OL6HRE
          1. OLAIZG:  overall: a great goal for everyone except
            1. OLA2EJ:  with known present technology, for non-leaders, should not be expected so depended-on :OLA2EJ
              1. OLA2HG:  where that’s based on my ~6 years (2010-15) of seriously directing and encouraging this as a primary solutions
              2. OLALQH:  due to the cons of ‘notable pros thru cons :OLA1W9
              3. OLAMEZ:  so {eventually causing me to do a replacement approach :OLALVA}
          2. OLA1W9:  notable pros thru cons :OLA1W9
            1. OLA1WI:  gets info archived well, as
              1. OLA24I:  in 1-step & 1 copy
                1. OLA251:  {dramatically cutting leaders work redact & to repost communications/interactions: as then minimal if any more work is needed to accomplish OL6HUJ} …WHERE it actually works as see OLA272
              2. OLA26L:  instantly
            2. OLA1X7:  instantly notifies indeed shows those actively interacting/communicating that their conversations are web posted (at whatever access level, generally public)
              1. OLA20Y:  so has them be more careful with their posts at the start instead of mistakenly angry that their interactions/communications got posted
            3. –(mixed)
              1. OLAMJM:  by definition, includes {general ‘web posting .. notable pros thru cons: :OL6I70’}
            4. OLA272:  in practice, has severe problems  from increasing worst :OLA272
              1. OLA96D:  the tools to do this many multi-author posting (as Meetup but not just), are still much weaker that say {minimal authors, as WordPress} in terms of comprehensive & organized results, including from increasing worst roughy:
                1. OLAAA6:  normally, or at least Meetup, lacked potential comment/message moderation before messaging it out to all involved, creating problem referenced from OLAAFA :OLAAA6
                2. OLA9B5:  lack of smooth tools the norm as also mentioned at OLA8UM
                3. OLA98W:  each post/comment being limited to say 1000 characters, using not HTML but BBCode or just pure ASCII, including lacking the ability to put an anchor to each point.
              2. OLA27U:  requires people involved especially participants to be prefaced & taught  about web posting :OLA27U

                1. OLA89B:  I did excellent intro & instructions
                  1. OLA2LW:   for instance MHMore instructions /3975#MKDX9S plus, on every event listing an alert ‘foremost post’ linking to & summarizing these & similar details :OLA2LW
                  2. OLA2AF:  still even with {these: excellent intro & instruction} this, from increasing worse, participants, even other leaders, indeed everyone besides {the person, here me, directing it} didn’t significantly collectively contribute enough, so not enough good, to make this approach something a group can depend on or even should feature at least with present known technology
                    1. OLALGP:  showing {event & its prep} minute-taking, & even comprehensive review writing, is NOT task which is distributable practically (at least with present known technology)
                    2. OLAJCW:  due to the drawbacks :OLAJCW of probably (where I don’t know which is more important):
                      1. OLA8PQ:  many if not most having {stage fright} and {not wanting to be 1st on the dance floor} when it comes to posting to a group & in public
                      2. OLAJGB:  this interruption telling them how to communicate,  especially as
                        1. OLAJHP:  don’t like to switch their basic communication tools from {those they know are comfortable with, and readily love:  SMS, email, phone calls, and/or other voice} to some new system, here web posting, especially if they’re unfamiliar with it as is normally the case
                        2. OLAJEK:   they (overly) expect the direct path to the topic per our western society society increasing expecting & delivering fast gratification

                          1. OLAJY6:  including don’t like having to read instructions especially when it comes to computers (after Macintosh), even if well written, especially if they’re involved even if that complexity is justified because the tools aren’t great
                            1. OLA9DE:  indeed (arrogantly but normally) seemingly {never read {my great instructions :OLA2LW} just found them clutter}
                      3. OLAL4Q:  (at least some) uncomfortable with reading plus writing, especially writing for the public/group
                    3. OLA8E4:  including (‘participants, even other leaders’)
                      1. OLA8FI:  were immediately annoyed by this process
                        1. OLAK5L:  indeed within Meetup.com/Node-JS-OC I had other leaders just delete {my great instructions :OLA2LW} if given the opportunity probably because they they thought the clutter of that small extra text offset all its potential or actual value.
                      2. OLA8FV:  would do the posting poorly, including 3 notables from increasing worse:
                        1. OLA9FU:  still ~20% of the time each post would still require leader prefacing/suffixing and/or redaction
                          1. OLAAFA:  which then if {the tools didn’t support this pre-moderation, as is the norm per :OLAAA6} :OLAAFA
                            1. OLAAIK:  then (as here posting is the primary communications} this is  immediately automatically messaged out to participants regularly causing undeserved mis-information including reputation damage
                          2. OLAAD7:  as from biggest problem
                            1. OLA9RV:  they (especially recruiters & other marketers but not just) would post direct contacts for {themselves and occasionally others}, so then (badly) allowing & encouraging both
                              1. OLAA00:  some indeed typically all follow-up conversations not be archived & shared (such as see what leads marketers especially were getting, so they would appropriately compensate the group plus so everyone could really see what this marketer (who was often unknown) was doing & telling leads behind the scenes) compromise
                              2. OLAA0S:  failing of participant {privacy: non-exact identification} from these public records
                            2. OLAA4Z:  would say {inappropriate negative statements especially from lacking the additional needed context that a good moderator would insert}
                            3. OLAA36:  potentially more though none I remember.
                        2. OLA8S9:  if no automated tools to smoothly direct it properly & correct mistakes
                          1. OLA8UM:  which is the norm, on Meetup (as unable to move a misplaced post, & more) but also problems seemingly everywhere :OLA8UM
                          2. OLA8VS:  (would post) mistakenly ~50% of the time
                            1. OLA918:  including most notably
                              1. OLA8X5:  in the wrong locations, as mistakenly starting new threads & not breaking up into threads
                              2. OLA8YI:  answering only ~1 or 2 of the ~3 or 4 questions asked, seemingly mostly because there wasn’t structured field for each answer which also prompted them if their answer was bad.
                            2. OLA91U:  and then with ‘no automated tools to .. correct’ it then would also take leaders {notably the person directing it, me} more time to correct than if I had had just done the reposting myself.
                        3. OLA8GO:  very little if no info at all (except from perhaps the person directing it per OLA8D5)
                          1. OLA9JN:  including generally never wrote/posted, especially without also individual in-person pressure from me,
                            1. OLAKSW:  (pretty much never) an overall write-up of how the event went what was presented
                            2. OLA9K6:  (almost never) their review of how the event went and what they individually did, just sometimes would merely click Meetup’s annoyingly-anonymous star rating
                            3. OLA9M4:  (rarely) what they were planning to do at the event
                            4. OLAKUJ:  (almost never) a complete reason, if any reason, their RSVP when it was MAYBE or even when it was NO
                          2. OLALDX:  indeed to the degree that…
                            1. OLA8D5:  with 10s involved in an event, only {I the person directing it} was still actually doing the majority of the posting :OLA8D5
                              1. OLA8JM:  which then looked negative {here others especially non-leaders are expected to post, especially on Meetup.com where that’s the norm (per the also even worse norm to have no permanent & deep event “minutes”}} 
                            2. OLA2EV:  it generated only ~10% of the minute-taking (of all significant communications & interactions)
                          3. OLA9NH:  in stark contrast to an event host getting {their: involved persons’} feedback & answers via {normal means, especially verbal & SMS & email} then reposting this, which then is  easily very comprehensive & organized & reflective.
        7. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. OL8D6W:  starting ~2 hrs ago, moving the knowledge & as possible content of ‘OKKDSY: reply’ into here  :OL8D6W
          2. OL8TI5:  originally: this section created from other content implied
      2. OL6X6T:  if remote (communication), should be via (not counting archive) 1 or more of, from most preferred:
        1. OL6I66:   (via) web posting  where that can be made practical :OL6I66
          1. OL6I70:  notable pros thru cons: :OL6I70
            1. OL6ICX:  we can then send out complete but still super-short messages, especially ideal for SMS & tweeting, as just a link to the post plus the context to indicate when to open it, for instance ‘please reply to [URL] before Fri’.
            2. OL6HY4:  brings us notably closer & including possibly does ‘ideal .. communicating via ‘web posting ..’ which also accomplishes OL6HUJ’ :OL6HRE
            3. OL6XIC:  every participant must have a login, which can be tricky
            4. OL6XQ6:  easy to operate from at least a smartphone, which is tricky to find.
            5. OL6XIV:  no system I’ve seen does really {good nested conversations, IMHO essential for conversations of significant complexity}
              1. OL6XPK:  …unless say it well supports have multiple editors of an outline plus also supports HTML editing including anchors plus {thwarting of significant deletions} which I’ve not found.
            6. OL6WSK:  not using Facebook, as, even w/ me having nothing to be ashamed of, I abhor FB’s {social network monopoly}+{maximum legal invasion of all users’ privacy}+{discrimination policies of {only 1 real-named account, so vastly aiding their privacy invasion}+{no sex offender}} & all w/o govt oversight. :OL6WSK

              1. OLAOQL:  so ‘post category’ ‘Facebook MT2SS0’
          2. OL6WND:  Meeting the above criteria & other good ones, we haven’t yet found a very good near/at off-the-shelf web discussion system.  So, as something SimulSquad might adopt/model after, What web discussion systems do u like for general involved (as nested) discussion? :OL6WND
          3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1. OL6WIC:  move creating OL6WND + OL6WSK content originally at ‘OKRV2X’ starting at ‘as something’ to the end, which there was originally {before factored apart here} quote:
              as something SimulSquad might adopt/model after, What web discussion systems do u like for general involved (as nested) discussion? (except Facebook, as, even w/ me having nothing to be ashamed of, I abhor FB’s {social network monopoly}+{maximum legal invasion of all users’ privacy}+{discrimination policies of {only 1 real-named account, so vastly aiding their privacy invasion}+{no sex offender}} & all w/o govt oversight).
            2. OL6J00:  formed by factoring out content of OL6HM5
        2. OL6X4H:  (via) SMS/texting then email

          1. OL6XTL:  Why?
            1. OL6XTW:  Increasingly starting 2009~, I’ve grown to hate email, replacing it with {SMS, that also points to custom posts if big}  :OL6XTW
              1. OL6Y5Y:  for many reasons, including 4 I think now, from biggest 1st:
                1. OL6Y6C:  email it gets spammed so much, indeed has become mostly machine-copied/generated text, so many folks, including me, no longer read it; plus
                2. OL6Y8C:  not me but many/most ppl get lost in email threads & don’t answer Q or reply at all if no short interactive talk; for instance {put all Qs in an email and people freeze up but ask individually via SMS and they mostly answer them}
                3. OL6Y8N:  ppl seem notably more appropriately accepting to their textual conversations being publicly posted if they SMSed than emailed (–ironic given email conversations are dramatically more easily forwarded & shared behind one’s back!, but if it works, use it), and
                4. OL6Y8W:  {email’s norm of copying the whole prior conversation thread in every reply} is gross & readily overloading.
              2. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
                1. OL6Y1A:  content originally until now at OKRV5G which is now a redirect to here.
            2. OL6YA9:  Note starting ~2012, I usually don’t check so see my email unless, via some other communication means, I’m pointed to search for an email.
        3. OL6XEG:  (via) phone call and other remote voice
      3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’

        1. OL6HM5:  location: originally until now at OKRV3O which now changes to redirect to here, broken up into ~3 points noted in the original OL6J6N :OL6HM5
          1. OL6J6N:  It read {before, where now just factored apart} ‘On that, remote discussion foremost via web posting is naturally ideal because (as u’ve noted) I aim all SimulSquad remote communications by default to be ASAP publicly posted (to max ensure: transparency, consistent handling, knowledge sharing, and historic record keeping, and probably more)[OL6HQB], so if we can have messages be a post from the start, and just messaging a link to that, that is of course ideal. At the extreme then, SMS & other direct messages could be super short, as ‘please reply to [URL] before Fri’.’ :OL6J6N
    4. OI4YDN:  Participants must interact via appropriate use of ‘SimulSquad™’s {interaction tools & storage} :OI4YI5 whenever such is practical else readily can be made so :OI4YDN

      1. OL8FMM:  including rules of ‘all SimulSquad-related communications… :OL85OD
      2. OKXEI0:  including in that effectively including permanently storing {the info of their creation(s) meeting conditions}
        1. OL8FVC:  where ‘the info’ includes
          1. OL8FRT:  main data/info including current plus relevant historic, including both results & source, including source code & documentation including planning & discussion
          2. OL6DSY:  all possible SimulSquad-related & derivative interactions, do degree they are significant, {shared as widely as can be made practical, so also redacting as needed to increase sharing}, to degree such record making is practical, including:
            1. OL6DXD:  per ‘don’t skip storing your significant interactions in these tools because, by {in-person, calls, and/or private messaging}, (you think) you’ve handled it “well enough” forever or at least for now :OL6C4R
        2. OKXETA:  where ‘their creation(s) meeting conditions’ of  1 or more:
          1.  OKXEM1:  contributed to SimulSquad™ –thanks!
          2. OKXEO7:  interacted on with other SimulSquad™ participants except here the participant {is NOT required, at least by this, to include his/her whole creation but} must include at least the documentation of every {change so made} including any discussion, reasons, & credits plus snapshots of everything affected by the change both before & after
            1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. OKV780:  added foremost  as still stuffing from {Jerry reneging on this: I make numerous overall re-design contributions, which he followed successfully, but then failed to give me any credit nor give anybody else any of the code, not even the before & after} & so far getting away with it
        3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
          1. OKXFIZ:  added ‘effectively including’
          2. OKXEY2:  finished factoring this out to its own section, dramatically increasing readability
          3. OKV88H:  move ‘creations’ ahead, not after, it’s qualifiers
          4. OKV7Y5:  as more inclusive: ‘’ replaces ‘collaborated-on’ replaces ‘joint’
          5. OKXF98:  starting ~10min before OKV5DM, added this clause, now originally by inserting {just before the reference to OI4YI5} ‘, including permanently store {{the info, including main including current plus relevant historic, including results & source, including including source code & documentation including planning & discussion} of their joint else SimulSquad-contributed creations} in, ’ in order to emphasize the importance such storage especially for source code
      3. OIINTV:  the reason: {those tool’s ‘goals :OIIOOA’} especially OIINUX(currently 1st).
      4. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. OIIMSJ:  title

          1. OIIP0M:  add limitation ‘whenever..’ plus rewrite to ‘must’
          2. OIING7:  ‘help .., participants’ generalized to ‘interacting’
          3. OIINCD:  ‘& contribute-to’: cut as excessive plus that opportunity is already presented by OI4Z4Z
          4. OIINC6:  ‘To get significant’ is replaced with ‘If accepting’ per OII0QC
          5. OIINBY:  original ‘To get significant help on a topic, participants need to use & contribute-to ‘the group’s collaboration tools :OI4YI5’ appropriate to the topic.’ :OIINBY
    5. OIIP6G:  Participants who interact on a topic beyond a short time
      1. OIIPBL:  where short time is about 1 hour
      2. OIIPF8:  must spell out a common agreement of what each participant is expecting the other participant(s) to do in exchange
        1. OIIPF8:  ideally in writing
        2. OIIPM6:  which must be arbitrated by other non-involved but interested participants, else event host(s), else higher leadership
          1. OIIX4Y:  as the participants must self-manage their disagreements at the lowest level practical
        3. OKV4U2:  which is an extension of basis {this agreement: ‘on participant interactions especially collaboration :OIIMF6’}, indeed per {its intent OIIUM7}
          1. OKV4VW:  including that basis {is the default, specifically will serve as the entire rules if no extension has been given}.
      3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. OKXFYB:  now per OKXFQM plus to be consistent with OIIMF6, replace to ‘interact’ from ‘collaborate’
    6. OI4ZRG:  on helping and accepting help by others here
      1. OII8F3:  summary possibility
        1. OI4YCP:  Get help to the degree you help.™
          1. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1.  OII8DV:  Lucy doesn’t entirely like this, finding it exclusionary and unfriendly and not enforceable, but doesn’t have a better suggestion.
            2. OII8CT:  I invented this.
      2. OII80U:  helping the group
        1. OII81W:  method
          1. OI4YYU:  contributing needed money, labor, or/and resources

            1. OII8BL:  –always possible
            2. OII8BP:  by (contributing) to…
              1. OI4ZAE:  the group organization directly.
              2. OI4Z2G:  the group participants, foremost those attempting to help you where you accept
              3. OI4Z4Z:  running the group, including (contributing towards) hosting group meetings & events or/and ‘The group’s interaction tools :OI4YI5’ :OI4Z4Z
          2. OII82M:  our tiny admission fee
            1. OII83X:  is required unless given a hardship waiver by event hosts
            2. OIIXUG:  helps cover the administration expenses, just material not labor, to run the group
            3. OII845:   does NOT compensate for {topical help or even attempts at it}, but does seem to scare off some freeloaders and suggests more commitment and respect for the group.
      3. OII8HE: if {unpaid, specifically without remuneration} per original agreement

        1. OKV557:  —currently handled elsewhere here
      4. OIIB1L:  accepting help
        1. OIIBIX:  specifically creature c1 accepting effort e1 by creature c2 appearing to help c1
        2. OIIBMK:  intended to help
          1. OIIBNF:  specifically c2 intends to help c1 by e1
            1. OIJN78:  where c1 and c2’s responsibilities here can also be handled by their superiors or peers as allowed by their respective organizations with regards to e1
          2. OII8N6:   endebits/obligates the acceptor c1 to the help-attempter c2

            1. OIIT0C:  else his/her c1’s organization which authorizes c1 to make this acceptance
            2. OIIBPI:  even if by this the acceptor c1, notably the project, gets no significant help or even overall harmed
              1. OIISOW:  except only standard exceptions of, the effort e1 else resultant work caused overall damage/loss or has no value and at least 1 of:
                1.  OIISPJ:  all involved agree the to-be-helper is working by-the-job.
                2. OIISV6:  the effort e1 fairly clearly falls under c2’s {profession or/and professional certification} so making c2 professionally liable due to negligence here
                  1. OIJLGD:  though the liability here might usually be limited a multiple of the compensation, especially money, that c2 would likely have gotten had e1 been fully successful.
            3.  OIIUVP:  roughly since the acceptor has ‘then formed a team so is obligated to be a team player so including giving an an appropriate degree of’
              1. OIITRY:   by default, ‘collective ownership’ & control of the project as detailed at OIITKV
              2. OIIV4G:  else/and separate ‘compensation’
            4. OIIS6Q:  so the acceptor should be giving back
              1. OIIS8G:  including proactively

                1. OIISAS:  including to degree that the attempting-helper shouldn’t have to ask to get back appropriate treatment
                  1. OIISEV:  so regularly ask yourself ‘How am I appropriately giving back even without being asked?’
              2. OIJMRZ:  specifically for  having accepted c2’s help attempt, c1 must…
                1. OIJMYK:  for the period from the start to end of accepting
                  1. OIJM9U:  where starting and especially ending should be clear ideally irrefutable
                2. OIJN8E:  do both
                  1. OIIU95:   keeps {agreements-with and suggested promises-to} c2 about the work & interaction
                    1. OIJNCN:  for example, from the present real case:
                      1. OIJNIF:  the work collaborated on is, from most important:
                        1. OIJNE0:  is open-source :OIJNE0
                        2. OIJNE8:  uses ‘SimulSquad’s interaction tools :OI4YI5’, so especially source stored in‘GitHub/JotHere :OIJNFA
                    2. OILY56:  where, as  minimum, this includes
                      1. OILXVP:   OIITKV (if that’s done, which per OIITSC is default), especially OILXIQ
                      2. OILYPF:  suggested promises-else-direction as to who will have what level & affordability of access to the efforts and/or progress 

                        1. OILYZP:  so later limiting this is violation of, else debit to, all those {{significantly attempting to help or justly counting on this} still wanting this direction.
                        2. OILYRI:  perhaps most strongly, an agreement before, and especially for, trying to help, that the project is open-source ( example OIJNE0); trying to take away open-source readily, including readily deservedly, results in large uproar & resentment.
                      3. OILY89:  to the the degree practical & reasonable, a physically & emotionally safe work/interaction environment
                        1. OILY8M:  as perhaps most notably covered by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupational_safety_and_health
                        2. OILYBW:  nothing the division of responsibility here, between the helper & helped, is generally constant for each collaboration or interaction but generally varies between them
                          1. OILYIG:  For example, generally the major else larger responsibility here is given to:
                            1. OILYM1:  venue providers and secondarily selectors
                            2. OILYK9:  employers being helped
                            3. OILYLY:  contractors helping
                  2. OIIB2J:  appropriately pay else compensate c2
                    1. OIIS6F:  (compensating) via resources of: :OIIS6F
                      1. OIITKV:  {partial {owernship plus {control while involved}}}  what they attempted to help help/improve :OIITKV
                        1. OIIVB6:  so then the acceptor’s project & work then also partially belongs to the attempted-helper, too
                        2. OILXIQ:  including {especially given OILZSY} giving c2 for all foreseeable future… :OILXIQ

                          1. OIJOAB:  acknowledgement/credit to c2 for e1 which is accurate and appropriately featured :OIJOAB
                          2. OILXC1:  access to e1 where that can readily be made practical…

                            1. OILXIA:  including all e1 affected (which if architecture advice, commonly is the entire core creation)}
                            2. OILXI2:  including at least for private {reading, copying, & modification}
                        3. OILZP1:  including equity
                          1. OILZR0:  whenever that’s practically roughly computable
                            1. OILZSY:  where it’s generally not for projects which are small & have results which are hard to track or divide :OILZSY
                          2. OILWRU:   which is likely the same as sweat equity :OILWRU
                            1. OILXK0:  –a term commonly used to name the partial if not entire compensation commonly given to pay {for, to those doing} much if not all of the labor to help projects {with limited funding, so instead of paying ‘separate compensation :OIJOH3’, equity is given} :OILXK0
                        4. OILWU7:  this is the most straightforward so most natural compensation
                          1. OILWVW:  as here helpers {get benefit directly from what they help, aka informally ‘enjoy the very fruits of their labor’} not from {separate compensation :OIJOH3} :OILWVW
                          2. OIITSC:  so this is the agreement by default. :OIITSC
                      2. OIJOH3:  separate compensation :OIJOH3
                        1. OIJOLY:  this is optional and assumed to be 0 unless special agreement defining it.
                        2. OIJONB:  this can replace all or part of ‘partial {ownership plus {control while involved}}.. :OIITKV’ but only by explicit special agreement.
                        3. OIJOWB:  consisting of giving resource(s) of 1 or more:
                          1. OIIB31:  money, so via remuneration
                          2. OIIC00:  intangible (resources) other than money, including:

                            1. OIIC64:  labor, measured foremost by the time the laborer actively spends laboring
                            2. OIIC72:  knowledge
                            3. OIICAD:  probably more
                          3. OIIB8D:  tangible transferrable (resources)
                        4. OILWSF:  called ‘seperate’ not ‘other’ compensation to make more emphasis that {this is not the natural, as say shown at OILWVW &  OILXK0}
                      3. OIJP92:  bonuses for e1 doing a particularly good job, better than statisfactory or standard
                        1. OIJPA5:  By default, like tipping, this is not required but is generally {expected and a mistake not do}
                        2. OIJPDG:  it consists of an appropriate amount of additional {compensation ‘resources :OIIS6F’}
                          1. OIJPFT:  including normally at a minimum appropriate additional ‘acknowledgement.. :OIJOAB
            5. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
              1. OIISL8:  originally at least, motivated & heavily based on OIHAS6
        3. OIICU4:  includes
          1. OIICIH:  not refusing it when reasonably afforded that opportunity
          2. OIID8U:  allowing it even though afforded reasonable opportunity to stop it
          3. OIIDTD:  the potential helper likely not wanting to do it but nonetheless does it because the receiver wants it
          4. OIICJF:  revealing a problem one has
            1. OIIECY:  and as far as help on the problem, not necessarily but especially doing 1 or more:
              1. OIICLG:  asking for it
              2. OIICLO:  apparently waiting-for or otherwise expecting it
              3. OIIDB2:  encouraging it
              4. OIIDBD:  soliciting it
            2. OIICR2:  and getting some net attempts to solve it
          5. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
            1.  OIIDLJ:  I now create based on OIHAS6
      5. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. OKX7KT:  location: from before to after ‘SimulSquad™’s {interaction tools & storage} :OI4YI5’  as {really using that handles for this section {it’s  ‘#2  :OI4YDN‘ (as now emphasized by OKX88V) so & which is much of it:} and ‘this section… (some intro) :OKX839’}.
        2. OII0QC:  OII0QC: now realize that, in at least {here so where detecting contribution}, {ask help} and even {get help} needs to instead be {accept help}
          1. OII13R:  as using ‘asked for & gotten significant help’ (of my SMS ‘12/19/2016 .. 7:45 PM’) then exposes the user to fake rebuttal of contribution
            1. OII1IU:  via retorts of 1 or more:

              1. OII1J8:  {you have not given me significant help} -per actual fake reply claim OII1VY
              2. OII1J3:  {I didn’t ask for your help} especially if that is true
            2. OII4MB:  as seen in my first correction OIHAS6