Dec 282011

(~31% complete 1st draft) (LW1LW0=My phone LAGCEP disappears )

  1. (LW1RRQ=Starting 2010.09~ I got LAGCEP, my 1st Android phone, a Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile for just $25/mo with unlimited data+text + 300 min.  I set this up with which is overall awesome and allowing me to handle most voice calls from the computer also keeping my minute usage down.)
  2. (LW1RSI=On 2011.10 I placed on this phone a label saying “If found, call (my phone #) and leave message.”)
  3. (LW1RSV=On 2011.12.03(Sat)~ I noticed my cell phone disappeared. I and my 2 romance-friends (Debbie & Miyuki) did an extensive search but could not find it.  No one contacted me having found it.  My guess is it fell out of the car somehow.)
  4. (LW1RT7=On 2011.12.11 it is still not shown and I’ve gotten a break so I absolutely must get a replacement.)
  5. (LW1RTH=The only viable options I’ve seen are, roughly from best-to-worst:
    1. (LW1RVJ=This T-Mobile 4G data plan on a phone or tablet
      1. (LW1RW4=Details from  (quote= Unlimited Web & Text with 100 minutes Talk

         $30 per month 

        100 minutes

        *First 5GB at up to 4G speeds

        Great for video chat, streaming music/movies/TV, playing online games, and more.

        New activations only. Available exclusively in-store at Walmart, on, and

        1. This Walmart item, favored by this review.
        2. )
      2. (LW3TIN=news announcement in PCMag says “The plan will launch on October 16”)
      3. Pro: provides serious 4G
      4. (LW2DGT=Search for reviews
        1. (LW2DJA=doing search
        2. (LW2DGO=Favorable review saying you can turn an older 3G ph into a hotspot, found via LW2DJA)
        3. (LW2DK0= says additional mins cost ($.10/min))
        4. )
      5. (LW1ZMV=phones applicable from T-Mobile: of prepaid Android, just these 2 2. have 4G, from $330-$350)
      6. (LW1ZWQ=From Walmart
        1. (LW20LL=TMobile Ad sometimes on ”


          “says “T-Mobile monthly4G(r)  \ No Annual Contract \ Unlimited web & text and 100 minutes of talk \ New activation and phone purchase required. \ $30/mo \ Learn more \\ New at Walmart \ *Compatible device required for 4G speeds; network not available everywhere.”
          (links to
          (LW217O=saved html_only to here; doesn’t display key text but has the ad text in HTML.)
          (LW21M5=saved complete to here; displays ad fineprint but not bulk))

        2. (LW2DOF=Possible phones
          1. (LW2DOT=given by (ad above=
          2. (LW2DQ4=”Android No-Contract Phones” is a superset of Android)
          3. (LW2TCB=Samsung Exhibit II from Walmart: $189
            1. (LW2TCK=Tethering & hotspot
              1. (LW2TD2=Mixed results found here)
              2. (LW2TJP=App for Samsung Exhibit (I?))
              3. (LW2TNW=says it features “Wireless hotspot”)
              4. )
            2. )
          4. )
        3. )
      7. )
    2. (LW1RTW=Continuing my existing contract with Virgin Mobile with another phone.
      1. Pro: easiest.
      2. Pro: lowest monthly price, just $25/mo.
      3. Con: Using Sprint 3G service, it lacks 4G speeds and HSPDA’s low-latency.   This hasn’t proven  a problem with my present usage. Possible concerns:
        1. Biggest: VOIP usage due to high latencies. but I haven’t needed that with the existing 300 minutes.
        2. Enough performance if using as a hotspot for several people.  Haven’t had to use it that way. Closest was as a hotspot for OCAndroid meeting but that hasn’t happened.
      4. (LW1RZF=Which phone to choose:
        1. Full possibilities list at
        2. (LW1S5H=option:
          1. Seems the best option
          2. Flash, Max display (4.1 inches), EVDO Rev A
          3. (LW1S8X=Where to buy?
            1. (LW1SET=From Amazon new: $240 w/ MBG “30 days of delivery for a full refund”)
            2. (LW1SJK=From eBay used sources $197, maybe $170)
        3. (LW2CJW=LG Optimus V;
          1. (LW2CKE=$65 from Best Buy)
          2. )
      5. )
    3. (LW1RUX=Pure 4G data plan
      1. As T-Mobile with $30/mo (find ref)
      2. Pro: provides serious 4G
      3. Con: semi-complex setup without clear clear results it will work acceptably.
      4. )
    4. (LW2CWU=T-Mobile “$50/mo unlimited talk, text, web” plan
      1. (LW2CX9=BestBuy newspaper flyer (present=A001P1) seems to mention this plan when listing their Wildfire.)
      2. Has a limit of 4G for the first 100MB, then 2G after
      3. )

The plan will launch on October 16