Aug 012017

OMQ9KU: text processing including editing/editor ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :

  1. ‘section’
    1. ‘‘‘Pretty Link’ entry’ ‘anew’’
    2. ‘history in reverse order’

      1. OU0FT1: ‘op’ publish 1 after {;date 2017.08.01TuePst0721 ;polish .80 ;version 1 ;words 10777 ;revision 3}
        1. after NY0WO6 with replacement qty {1951+skip+1154}
        2. OU0D59: after date 2017.08.01TuePst0622 after words 10779 after entry template is /5812#ON705D after ‘publishing my articles for James’ reference in his thesis starting with his Proposal :OTZUJB
      2. OMREE6: ‘op’ pause editing after {;date 2017.03.13MonPst0815 ;polish .7 ;version 1 ;words 1949 ;revision 1} after (in reverse order):
        1. OMQ9IL: create {this ‘document’ starting date .12SunPst1731 by following NXBIBI with ‘section’ template {/5907#OMPLS4 since {;post-with-template latest #1} where {;relation: none ;reuse: none}
        2. per realize a full post needed to properly-file topic here per 1st {move-in: none}+{copy-to-edit: none}+{redirect: none}+{create {q(Writer by LibreOffice :OMQ9RC)}}.
    3. Reply. To reply & discuss, please use’s default methods (click) except: none.
    4. TOU(Terms Of Use) including {copyright © and info’s {confidentiality/privacy & allowed use}} is’s default TOU except: none
    5. ‘remaining sections’ (manually maintained so may be out-of-date):
    6. ‘additional’
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      2. ‘post category’
        1. OMREB8: {q(writing LGYLMM) as it is pretty much always in text}
        2. OMRECW: information processing — category TBA
          1. OMREJF: entry
      3. image and caption or

        sample table
        col heading
        row heading linked value


      4. ‘advertising/lessening additional’
      5. ‘motivation’

        1. OMRBJO: unify ‘category :OMQ9MK’ as they have more in common than different
        2. OMRBLZ: provide a general topic including to be able to insert the stuff not deserving of its own post.
      6. ‘contributors including their {contributions & relevant background}’
      7. {to be put elsewhere} so ‘annex’
        1. OSHJL1: data editing
          1. OSHJLX: feature
            1. OSHJM3: WYSIWYG :OSHJM3
              1. OSHJN7: entry
              2. OSHJPB: is mostly used as a feature ‘software app for (text) editing :OMRBUS
              3. OSHJQE: notable pros thru cons
                1. OSHKL7: Would one consider doing non-trivial CAD without WYSIWYG? -Of course not! So once the software has been worked, no sensible point to do without WYSIWYG for natural languages or any other composing/editing via a computer. :OSHKL7
                2. OSHJRM: when quality WYSIWYG is readily available indeed increasingly, sensible people are appropriately not going to learn and/or write non-WYSIWYG, as that’s by definition readily much harder for all but very limited formatting & layout :OSHJRM
                3. OSHKIJ: not sensible to compose & edit via a computer but not also use it to assist you on something so mechanical as WYSIWYG, at least once the software to reasonably do that has been worked out :OSHKIJ
      8. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. .
  2. OMQ9GT: entry
  3. OMRBUS: software app for (text) editing :OMRBUS
    1. ‘post category’
      1. OMRBQS: ‘service to edit info aka editor MJ90PX’
      2. OMRE51: ‘textual editor app NOQP6K’
        1. OMRE57: ‘HTML editor NOQP8H’
    2. OC10U3: screenwriting aka {movie/play script} (software especially editor) :OC10U3
      1. OC10XE: entry
      2. OC10UL: (screenwriting software) instance :OC10UL
        1. OQ8UGU: comparison
          1. OC10XS: from most to least preferred —approximate
            1. OMRF15: q(Final Draft :OC10YZ)
            2. OMRF1K: q(Fade In :OC111K)
            3. OMRF47: q(Celtx :#OC12PE)
          2. OQ8R2V: unsorted & incomplete
            1. OQ8R1W: ‘Celtx :OC12PE
            2. OQ8R6W: ‘Fade In :OC111K
            3. OQ8RAX: ‘Final Draft :OC10YZ
        2. OQ8UG8: ‘in alphabetical order by model name’
          1. OC12PE: Celtx :OC12PE
            1. OMRF6N: category q((screenwriting software) instance :OC10UL)
            2. OC12VA: entry
            3. OC136U: entry –Likes currently 27 so 2 of 28~
            4. OC12U5: notable pros thru cons
              1. OC12R0: was the choice by the local college Saddleback
              2. OC12RH: open-source; no (now?) Freemium
              3. OC12R6: was low priced, now a tad pricy (>$8/mo) for completer versions.
              4. OC12RR: seemed slow when I 1x tried it 2013~
              5. OC13TW: cut open-source and getting bad reviews as
              6. OC12SS: see in OC12E6
          2. OQ8UD6: CinemaVision Fountain Editor
            1. OQ8U7U: entry :OQ8U7U –from OQ8F1J
              1. OQ8UB9: ‘CinemaVision Fountain Editor \ offered by \ 2.43 of 5 (7)\Creative Tools\ 568 users’
            2. OQ8UBS: I ref #1 by OQ8U7U
          3. OC111K: Fade In :OC111K
            1. OC12W4: entry
            2. OMRF60: category q((screenwriting software) instance :OC10UL)
            3. OC13AI: entry –Likes currently 1 so 6 of 8
            4. OC111X: notable pros thru cons
              1. OC112A: full featured except as noted
                1. OC12E6: per –waning: despite appearances, actually an UNFAIR ‘comparison’ as deliberately hides their bad points exposed at OC113M :OC12E6
              2. OC12LW: affordably priced
              3. OC112N: lacks all official storyboard & shot-list capability, indeed ‘doesn’t have the numerous pre-production elements native to applications like Final Draft and Celtx.’
                1. OC115Y: as well reported in –{warning: high CPU per OC0J5Y}
                2. OC121N: workaround
                  1. OC11WQ: have a ‘storyboard’ or ‘screen-shot’ character who, at say the beginning of one such, “says” ‘see URL’ where the URL is to the storyboard/shot stored where these CAN be created, stored, & organized
                    1. OC11ZH: my offhand idea 2016.08.16Tue09~.
                  2. OC11VZ: Index cards: ‘In Fade In, it is possible to create index cards (they are generated automatically based on the number of slug-lines, but you can’t add more, for instance to create a board with your scenes before writing them.) They’re also monochromatic and not as detailed as the color-coded options in Final Draft, where specific production elements can be marked and organized.’
                3. OC113M: and notably hides this lack :OC113M
                  1. OC12G2: –this really pisses me off
                  2. OC126I: indeed, even though they would certainly know this their lack per doing {extensive leading competitor comparison table OC12E6}
                    1. OC122T: silently absent from this comparison table then misleading me into thinking it has all key features so buying it!!
                      1. OC125O: moral: never trust a make’s ‘feature comparison’, yes even if long, unless perhaps they show themselves having at least a few cons.
                    2. OC12CR: finds 0, showing they even have the lack of integrity not to mention this problem anywhere on their website even to just offer workarounds.
                4. OC12MG: misleads indeed notably hides their own faults as exposed at OC113M
          4. OC10YZ: Final Draft :OC10YZ
            1. OC1110: entry Final Draft,
            2. OMRF3W: category q((screenwriting software) instance :OC10UL)
            3. OC10Z4: notable pros thru cons
              1. OC10ZH: strong professional industry leader
              2. OC12U0: see in OC12E6
              3. OC10ZY: pricey
      3. ‘‘section history additional’ ‘in reverse start order’:’
        1. OMREWD: location: originally until now q(ToFile to the (known) place indicated in parent :OBPAGO)
    3. OMQ9I5: general purpose

      1. OMQ9MK: extension :OMQ9MK in alphabetical order:
        1. OMQ9NT: mostly q(CMS(Content Management System) ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :
        2. OMQ9PS: ‘IDE(Integrated Development Environment) ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :’
        3. OQ8UEZ: ‘screenwriting aka {movie/play script} (software especially editor) :OC10U3
        4. OMQ9OT: ‘wiki ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :’
        5. OMRBWO: word processor
          1. OMRC00: entry
      2. OQ7XWJ: features
        1. OQ9GGM: desired by me
          1. OQ9GGY: basically a replacement for ‘‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1 [as]–discontinued’ (and only on Windows) :OQ8R4W
          2. OQ9EFL: (features) from important:
            1. OQ9GBT: still supported & developed
            2. OQ9FZW: especially if primarily for natural languages
              1. OQ9G0L: support of HTML
              2. OQ9G0Z: ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ editing else (if primarily non-HTML) Preview ideally live including
                1. OQ9GB4: support of custom CSS version of at least 2
                2. OQ9GF9: ideally JavaScript rendering
              3. OQBCD3: auto-save
              4. OQ9G2E: spell-check
              5. OQ9H4C: multi-user support: :OQ9H4C –ideally 1 or more:
                1. OQ9H4M: 3-way merging else flexible diffing
                2. OQ9OH1: collaborative :OQ9OH1
                  1. OQ9OP6: appears to be called ‘shared editing’ by OQ9NPS
                  2. OQ9OHD: entry
                    1. OQ9OF7: probably entry but that now IMHO-mis redirects to OQ9OJ8
                  3. OQ9H4W: especially real-time collaborative :OQ9H4W
                    1. OQ9OJ8: entry :OQ9OJ8
                    2. OQA3VI: :OQA3VI (from 8 of OQA3CU) has some leads
              6. OQBCAT: including pull page from most any URL
            3. OQ9G6V: saves via local files and/or Google Drive
            4. OQ9G8Y: code/outline easy-element selection
              1. OQ9GKB: ideally folding/collapsing
            5. OQ9G2P: support of JavaScript
            6. OQ9G35: support all 3 major platforms prioritized: Linux then Windows then Mac
            7. OQBC2W: advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W
              1. OQBDN1: doable via 1 or more, from most common
                1. OQBDPE: automatic regeneration of much of “sources”
                2. OQBDP2: extensions on content server
                  1. OQBDQQ: to store & drive indexes and/or server-side includes and/or web forms
                  2. OQBDUJ: most famously, FrontPage extensions from ‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1
                    1. OQBDW8: which was so popular it an open-source standard but just the server component
              2. OQBCJK: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQBCMJ: see each detail for the significant pros
                2. OQBCQ4: to do project & library & smart-component , require a format
                  1. OQBCR1: which for HTML is appears so far not part of standards officially if anywhere
                    1. OQBCRS: so unless some outside standard is used/created
                      1. OQBCTW: which is generally not the default
                      2. OQBCU4: then cause proprietary lock-in –CON :OQBCU4
                        1. OQBCVO: meaning you need the tool to maintain the site unless one can get good tool to convert to someone else’s format
              3. OQBC0X: only ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ HTML editors I’ve seen which have this seriously
                1. OQBBLU: are :OQBBLU: ‘Dreamweaver :OQ87VD’ +‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1’ + ‘Pinegrow :OQ866V’ –so reference ‘‘advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W’ per OQBBLU
                2. OQBBL0: ‘cause proprietary lock-in –CON :OQBCU4
              4. OQBBZO: including
                1. OQBC7K: multiple copies which are updated when the definition changes
                  1. OQBCM7: including
                    1. OQBC01: master page(s)
                      1. OQBCJP: big pro: can maintain a theme to static site
                2. OQBCYR: search engine generation
              5. OQBD0O: generally require else include
                1. OQBBZK: site view
            8. OQBCA1: automatic download/upload of full site :OQBCA1
        2. OQ9NPS: entry :OQ9NPS –so reference such as ‘has ‘collaborative :OQ9OH1’ per OQ9NPS
        3. OQ7XW7: a detailed list with some comparison: sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
        4. OQ84B0: search :OQ84B0

          1. OQ888R: sub search :OQ888R
        5. OQ8F12: search Tools search ‘WYSIWYG’ (URL fails) :OQ8F12
        6. OQ8F1J: search :OQ8F1J
      3. OQ8QIV: (editor) as a complete app for desktop and/or web browser :OQ8QIV
        1. OQ8QKF: ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ especially for HTML
          1. OQ8QZ1: comparison
            1. OQ8QZD: (‘editor’ with ‘‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ especially for HTML’) my preference in from top 1st :OQ8QZD –constructing
              1. OQ9VB6: if authoring embedded ads and at least some animations, at least 1 of:
                1. OQ9J5E: ‘Google Web Designer :OQ9J0R
              2. OQ9V8L: only if real-time collaboration needed, then 1 of (unordered):
                1. OQA1VS: ‘Firepad :OQA1TK’ :OQA1VS
                2. OQ9V95: ‘Etherpad & immediate derivatives :OQ9RYX
                3. OQ8RNW: ‘Writely by Google :OLN7F6
              3. OQ8RDQ: ‘Pinegrow :OQ866V’ :OQ8RDQ –most features but a medium/low cost
              4. OQ8R17: ‘BlueGriffon :OQ87N3’ :OQ8R17 –FOSS & significant core for free
              5. OQBHDX: ‘Webflow :OQBGUN
              6. OQ8VOT: ‘Oxygen XML editors :OQ9ICN’ especially ‘Oxygen XML Web Author :OQ8VD8
              7. OQA60Z: ‘Edit++ :OQA5N3
              8. OQ8R4W: ‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1 –discontinued’ (and only on Windows) :OQ8R4W
              9. OQ8R3W: ‘Dreamweaver :OQ87VD
              10. OQ8RA3: via web page/browser of files
                1. OQ8R9T: ‘HTML Editor for Drive :OQ8HME
                2. OQ8RC6: ‘PageEdit :OQ8F2W
                3. OQ8RFG: ‘Simple Wysiwyg :OQ8GO7
              11. OQ8RLC: ‘WordPress: see ‘editor :OHMSVJ’ :ONHLGV
              12. OQ9RB0: ‘SeaMonkey Composer :OQ9QXF –‘likely pretty weak’’
              13. OQ8RPF: ‘Writer by LibreOffice :OMQ9RC
              14. OQ8RJH: ‘Word by Microsoft :OMQ9RN
              15. OQ8RHI: ‘Substance Composer :OQ8A9S
              16. OQ9HUW: ‘KompoZer :OQ9HTU’ -as ‘seems to be discontinued’
              17. OQ9QMQ: ‘Maqetta :OQ9QJL –discontinued 2013.05’
            2. OQ9Q9C: of top ones except {huge but problematic ‘Dreamweaver :OQ87VD’ & ‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1’}:,Oxygen%20XML,BlueGriffon,Pinegrow shows {4: ‘Webflow :OQBGUN’+‘Oxygen XML editors :OQ9ICN’+‘BlueGriffon :OQ87N3’+‘Pinegrow :OQ866V’} with {‘Webflow :OQBGUN’ growing thru 6x the others} and {the others reaching the same stable level starting 2015.05} :OQ9Q9C
          2. OQ8QN1: ‘in alphabetical order by model name’

            1. OQ87N3: BlueGriffon :OQ87N3
              1. OVNX5Z:  overall: bugs & incompleteness enough that serious use appears risky at least with significant nested tag<li>, per ‘notable pros thru cons :OQ87PX’ :OVNX5Z
              2. OQ87P9: with Likes 53 (so ~#3) of 277(Dreamweaver) :OQ87P9
              3. OQ9OZ0: entry
                1. OQ9OYV: ‘It is based on the discontinued Nvu editor, which in turn is based on the Composer component of the Mozilla Application Suite. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox
              4. OQ9PMR: make http://BlueGriffon.Org :OQ9PMR
                1. OQATRB: uses ‘SendOwl :OQATO4
                2. OQBF5G: site redesign 2016.05
                  1. OQBF60: notable pros thru cons
                    1. OQBF6I: graphically more pleasing & modern
                    2. OQBF6P: cut lots of details which are needed esp as the manual is also not public :OQBF6P
                  2. OQBF7Q: just prior –needed per OQBF6P
                    1. OQBF80: for .com: –gives missing add-on details :OQBF80
                    2. OQBFB9: for .org:
              5. OQASAH: entry ‘2 reviews \ 3.0 out of 5 stars’
              6. OQA7SZ: entry
              7. OQ9PDN: price: $0 for quite a bit, ‘Basic License: €69.99 (+VAT inside EU)’ adds manual + ‘Full screen mode’ plus 12 tools, ‘EPUB License: €195.00 (+VAT inside EU)’ adds EPUB support.
              8. OQ87PX: notable pros thru cons :OQ87PX
                1. OQATAQ: notable EPUB(so that XML) support in most expensive version
                2. OQ87S1: full ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ HTML editing
                3. OQ87QE: runs using browser engine: Mozilla
                4. OQ87Q3: open source except for manual: ‘Buy User’s Manual: €7.50 (+VAT inside EU). We sell our User’s Manual because selling it allows us to keep improving BlueGriffon, a software that is and will remain Open Source. Please note that buyers of BlueGriffon licenses get the User’s Manual for free with their purchase. Please note the manual is not open source or redistributable. ..’ says
                5. OQF2MO: understandably creates HTML docs where characters of ASCII code >127 don’t display right in {significant apps before full HTML 5, as MSExWeb}
                  1. OQF3IA: I saw #1 else #2 for OPALOA.htm :OQF3IA
                    1. OQF2TI: as it had problems throughout as OPAMOG as ‘  no, the preview stripped all emoji except ‘😐🙂😀😉✎✍⛳’ and {maybe 1 or 2 more but I checked 3x}.’ not ‘ no, the preview stripped all emoji except ‘😐🙂😀😉✎✍⛳’ and {maybe 1 or 2 more but I checked 3x}.’
                  2. OQF5XV: fix is to recode doc’s meta for the target app {as done for ExWeb :OQF54T}
                6. OQBUMA: silent source alternations (based on diffing OPUVQW.OQBTLE(just_before_BlueGriffon).htm ‘ (137,091 bytes)’-> OQBU1A(just_after_tiny_BlueGriffon).htm ‘(240,951 bytes)’ ) from best to worst:
                  1. OQBV3F: in img tag, swapped width & height
                  2. OQC5FC: apparently-needlessly rewrites href’s ‘(..)’ such as to ‘%28business%29’ from ‘(business)’ ‘<a href=”“>co-location</a>’
                  3. OQBY3D: rewrites ‘<br/>’ to improper XHTML ‘<br>’
                  4. OQBUMV: while keeping indent, wrapped (so inserted NL) in every line ignoring markup tags can have non-ending non-whitespace as short as 8 characters {per ‘..generally like<br/>that and<br/>participate..’}
                    1. OQBUWQ: here {and readily typically for my content} causing a file size increase ratio of ~1.73=240951/137091-0.03~
                    2. OQBYKK: so narrow it produces very long aka many-line source
                      1. OQBYKA: so say slowing down notably result scrolling of
                    3. OQC53U: prevention: Preferences.Source.Serialization
                      1. OQC572: Auto Indent: from default on to off (as pointless with the amount of I typically do)
                      2. OQC58F: OQC58F: Wrap long lines: from {on: 80} to off.
                        1. OQC78D: ‘off’ is best because notably it syncs with WordPress et al where (IMHO a bad choice) {newline after displayed text} means <br/> so <br/> is never used.
                    4. OQC656: cure: 1 of, from most preferred:
                      1. OQCIAT: do ‘set to my standard OQCMI0’ –seems to work :OQCIAT
                      2. OQC66F: Not setting ‘OQC58F: Wrap long lines’ to say some long length or off then edit then saving, as this doesn’t format lines to that length just chops them if above.
                7. OQDJJ8: when in source you type a start tag (say ‘<li>’) it doesn’t auto-insert the complete tag (as ‘</li>’) as done by MSExWeb
                8. OQDM84: ‘Maximum number of files in Recent history’
                  1. OQDM8M: defaults to 1 –way too low
                  2. OQDM8V: silently fails to save any non-default value –very bad
                9.  OVN96E:  ‘‘</li><ol>’ :OVN8XK’ does not detect (so also doesn’t fix)
                10. OQDKMK: when pressing tab before and/or in a li, indent/demotes the point iff possible
                  1. OQDKIP: with WordPress but not ExWeb, but not its kids, allowing easy creation of a sub point (and where, when I want to indent everything, I 1st select it by the bread crumb selector)
                  2. OQDKN8: including its kids, which makes tricky to insert 1st points and maybe more :OQDKN8
                11. OQA77G: likely turns off JavaScript when editing (so unlike Pinegrow per OQ869S) including per,
                  1. OQA7F4: no mention of it at & & OQ9PMR
                12. OQ9OWK: no ‘has ‘collaborative :OQ9OH1’ per OQ9NPS
                  1. OQA2PQ: seems confirmed by pages 1 thru 2
                13. OQC76I: source code view doesn’t wrap lines longer than window at least by default
                14. OQC9A1: insert link is not the usual Ctrl-K but Alt-I-L
                  1. OQDLPZ: workaround: Tools->Preferences->Shortcuts->Menu-bar->Insert->Link click then press Ctrl-K then click Apply.
                    1. OQDLWL: ‘Apply’ silently fails to save the setting –bug
                15. OQD2XB: {paste as plain text} strips even URLs (unlike MSExWeb’s)
                16. OQF2DA: allowed the same file to be opened 2x in different tabs without syncing so got out-of-sync
                  1. OQF2DL: 1st saw via http://C:\Users\L4MIKE\\url_archive_MAXUKI\com_\JotHere_\1_\5914\OPALOA.htm
                    1. OQF2E6: here it’s possible 1 instance was opened by File->open and the other by using Windows Explorer link for .htm to open the file.
                17. OQDJPH: undo aka Ctrl-Z seems to be ignored sometimes
                18. OQF69K: ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ insert problems:
                  1. OQF68S: in WYSIWYG, cannot insert at position ‘{2}’ only at ‘{1}’ in expression say ‘{1}</a>{2}<ol>’
                  2. OVNBKP:  for ol/ul, readily difficult to insert a new…
                    1. OVNBKY:  next point but 1 or more levels back, because pressing Shift-Tab or {indent left} icon, only works 1st time (remainder ignored) and ‘InsertedText’ after that results in incorrect ‘</ol>InsertedText<br><ol> </ol> </li>’ (which it mis-copies from Source as ‘</ol>InsertedText<br></ol>InsertedText<br><ol> </ol> </li>’) instead of ‘</ol></li><li>InsertedText</li>’
                    2. OQDJS5:  1st li at start, as all of:
                      1. OQDDDR: in WYSIWYG, when editing code as ‘<li>{1}<sup>{2}<a class=”aself_KEP2FG” id=”OQDCIH”>{3}OQDCII</a>:</sup> ’ can’t put cursor {into location ‘{1}’, which I do many times a day in order to press enter so insert a point before} nor in location ‘{2}’; can move into ‘{3}’ but almost never need to do that.
                        1. OQDKZP: workaround: everywhere selection is desired, have a &#8203; so zwsp
                      2. OQDJT6: inserting enter at {1} in ‘{1}text<ol>’
                        1. OQDK8V: sometimes creates HTML ‘<li>text</li><ol>..’
                        2. OQDKF1: when it creates correct HTML, properly creates ‘<li>text <ol>..</ol></li>’ but OQDKN8
                19. OQC970: defeats AutoHotkey within it
              9. OQAT2S: add-ons
                1. OQAT2Y: do not appear to be well-described by the public current web (per my check OQAT4R), including because the manual is not free, so see ‘missing add-on details :OQBF80
                2. OQBEJ8: for site management
                  1. OQAT3U: Project Manager
                    1. OQBFI6: description: ‘Project Manager .. add-on is a 1-click sync tool between a local directory on your hard disks and a remote directory reachable through FTP…’ quoting ‘missing add-on details :OQBF80
                    2. OQAT4R: search”Project+Manager” :OQAT4R
                      1. OQAT67: best intro find: very incomplete:!topic/bluegriffon/_qOXb6V7T0I
                    3. OQBDIT: issues
                    4. OQBDZ5: what it does
                      1. OQBDZB: ‘automatic download/upload of full site :OQBCA1
                      2. OQBDJ4: seems most likely where would be ‘‘advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W’ per OQBBLU’ but I’ve seen no mention of those features
                      3. OQBE01: nothing else I’ve found
                  2. OQBEJT: master page(s)
                    1. OQBEK5:
                      1. OQBELL: find 1 (very relevant)!topic/bluegriffon/Y2syvO3XBm0
                        1. OQBENC: ‘‘<!– –>..’ the project options .. click on “update all includes’ support says apparent official quoting here :OQBENC
                  3. OQBFL0: One-click Templates
                    1. OQBFMX: description ‘One-click Templates \ If you don’t have the technical knowledge – or the time and energy – to write your own document template based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript …’ quoting ‘missing add-on details :OQBF80
              10. OQE8UH: creators: main author: Daniel Glazman
                1. OQE8UA: per say ‘glazou 2012-01-18 12:04; .. I am the author of BlueGriffon. ..Daniel Glazman’ quoting
              11. OQAQBE: use by us
                1. OQAQBL: ~.5 day ago install as Lucy (on MSIris)
                2. OQAQC8: now install as L4Mike (Enki)
                3. OVNBFG:  test addition to OUFLQ9.htm producing to OUFLQ9.OVNBFG.htm
            2. OQ87VD: Dreamweaver :OQ87VD
              1. OQ87VK: entry with Likes 277 (so #1) of 277
              2. OQ9PTW: –dwarfs all competitors but is steadily declining recently ~20%/year
              3. OQAUMA: entry ‘383 reviews \ 4.1 out of 5 stars’
              4. OQ87WR: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ87X0: since its creation (~2000), most famous by far
                2. OQBBP2: in terms of features, either max or 2nd to ‘Pinegrow :OQ866V’ per OQASON
                3. OQBD90: ‘‘advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W’ per OQBBLU
                4. OQ87XG: pricey: $20/mo (with discounts if buy more apps) per
                5. OQ87ZX: no Linux support per
              5. OQA3CH: ‘multi-user support: :OQ9H4C
                1. OQA3LU: (from 2 of OQA3CU) says it will run a general command line file diff tools
                  1. OQA45W: details (from 5 of OQA3CU)
                2. OQA3PG: (from 2 of OQA3CU) says it will do file locking for Subversion & WebDAV
                3. OQA3CU: search :OQA3CU
            3. OQA5N3: Edit++ :OQA5N3
              1. OQA5PV: make :OQA5PV
                1. OQA5Q1: description ‘handy source code editor and image previewer’ +‘(WYSIWYG) on HTML’
                2. OQA5QE: notable pros thru cons
                3. OQA643: has no match.
                4. OQA5UL:”Edit%2B%2B” finds 0 related on page 1, possibly due to the odd name
                5. OQA5WS: OQA5PV is only 1 page indeed just a sub-page of product OQA5BF
                6. OQA5XX: price ‘$60/user/platform’ seems a lot given the other cons
              2. OQA5NA: I ref #1 now from OQA5BF
            4. OQ9RYX: Etherpad & immediate derivatives :OQ9RYX
              1. OQ9S16: entry
              2. OQ9UOF: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ9UOP: ‘real-time collaborative :OQ9H4W
                2. OQ9UQL: ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3
                3. OQ9V2N: records & colors who created each piece of content
                  1. OQ9V6Y: see ‘variant :OQ9RZR’ for more
                4. OQ9UQY: appears & very-likely is limited to HTML tags ol+li+b+i+u+del+{a-tag but only by typing a URL after which its implicitly created so no separate displayed-value}
                  1. OQ9UZX: so likely better to instead use ‘Writely :OLN7F6
                5. OQA1WO: Firepad is probably better per OQ9VPX
              3. OQ9RZR: variant :OQ9RZR
                1. OQ9S06: original
                  1. OQ9S3F: http://Etherpad.Org
                  2. OQ9SC4: my sample doc which by copy content into MSExWeb reveals HTML…
                    1. OQ9SCL: saying ‘ace’ so presumably using ‘Ace :OQ88SY
                    2. OQ9SEM: each section is tagged with the author
                    3. OQ9SF1: has nested indent by literal indent only, so for instance a level 3 nested point is really a level 1 with indent via HTML ‘<div id=”magicdomid107″ class=”ace-line list-start-number3 primary-author-a-z79zk6z77zcbpz90zz86zk6z67z9z85zz74zr”><ol start=”1″ class=”list-number3″><li><span class=”author-a-z79zk6z77zcbpz90zz86zk6z67z9z85zz74zr”>for&nbsp;</span></li></ol></div>’
                2. OQ9S1I: Lite
                  1. OQ9ST6: entry
                  2. OQ9V2B: notable pros thru cons
                    1. OQ9V5B: can export seemingly all its data it collects into a JSON .etherpad file
                    2. OQ9V3Q: records when each edit took place & can even reply the content’s creation
                    3. OQ9VGN: there are more modules available per ‘ (including the following modules: upload and paste images, headlines, run as slideshow, comment, insert signature, markdown, line numbers, show author on hover) run by NGO’ quoting OQ9STJ

                  3. OQ9STJ: :OQ9STJ
                    1. OQ9SUC: find
                      1. OQ9SUN: new pad ‘OQ9SUN’ so
                        1. OQ9T09: using Inspect to get out HTML,
                          level 3 point is ‘<div id=”magicdomid149″ class=”ace-line list-start-number3″><ol start=”1″ class=”list-number3″><li><span class=”author-a-nz72zz66zme0dxuexhtz86z5j”>OQ9SYL:&nbsp; nested to level 3</span></li></ol></div>’
                          level 4 point is ‘<div id=”magicdomid211″ class=”ace-line list-start-number4″><ol start=”1″ class=”list-number4″><li><span class=”author-a-nz72zz66zme0dxuexhtz86z5j”>OQ9T87:&nbsp; level 4 point</span></li></ol></div>’
                          –so basically top-level with the specified indent.
                        2. OQ9T4A: author name from ‘’ to ‘OQ9T4A’: doesn’t seem to change the content except can set the content’s color.
                        3. OQ9TGP: it has a time-slider function that plays back recreation of the pad including displays all edit times, but edit times aren’t in the content HTML.
                        4. OQ9TML: export as Etherpad which downloads ‘OQ9SUN.etherpad’ which I renamed to ‘OQ9SUN.export_OQ9TML.etherpad’
                          1. OQ9TQH: in JSON
                          2. OQ9TQQ: seems to have full timestamp info
                        5. OQ9TX6: has ‘<script type=”text/javascriptsrc=”../javascripts/lib/ep_etherpad-lite/static/js/pad.js?callback=require.define“></script>’ which is same as latest archive of it
                        6. OQ9U9N: export as HTML which downloads ‘OQ9SUN.html’ which I rename to ‘OQ9SUN.OQ9U9N.html’
                          1. OQ9UHB: authorship & timestamps have not been included
                          2. OQ9UHS: li-tags have been grouped into proper ol tags not one-top-level entry per item
              4. OQ9RX5: I ref #1-else-again by OQ9OJ8
            5. OMQ9R1: Expression Web aka ExWeb by MS(Microsoft) aka MSExWeb :OMQ9R1 –discontinued

              1. OQ7Y5O: see also column ‘N7MXOS N7NRY7 use system ExWeb’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
              2. OQ9Q2G: dwarfs competitors {medium: 2nd to Dreamweaver} but {is in steady decline as would be expected}
              3. OQ87JX: entry with Likes 42 (so ~#7) of max 277(Dreamweaver) :OQ87JX
              4. OQ9I3R: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ9I3Y: pretty complete thru CSS2
                2. OQBD87: ‘‘advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W’ per OQBBLU
                3.  OVN8WZ: ‘‘</li><ol>’ :OVN8XK’  complains ‘In HTML 5, the tag <ol> cannot contain a tag <ol>.’
                4. OQ9I48: many or/and complex float-rights will slow to a crawl
                5. OQ9I5B: only on MS Windows
                6. OQ9I5G: discontinued
                  1. OQF54T: including does not support {HTML5’s ‘<meta charset=”utf-8″/>’ replacing the hold standard here, covered at} so have to instead use the old standard notably ‘<meta content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”/>’, else character with ASCII code >127 will be display readably and ‘ExWeb complains “In XHTML 1.0 Traditional the attribute ‘charset’ is not permitted in the meta tag.”’ –all as I discovered at OQF3GI :OQF54T
                  2. OSJ1DP: so bugs never fixed, including from increasing worse…
                    1. OSJ1ED: misspelling of certain words not detected (and apparently not from Custom Dictionary)
                      1. OSJ1F5: for misspelling ’RECEIPIENTS’ (protected from spell-check via ‘R-E-C-E-I-P-I-E-N-T-S’), 1st spotted now in ‘OSIWZ9’ & ‘OSITDK
                      2. OSJ48X: for misspelling ‘DEFINTELY’ (protected from spell-check via ‘D-E-F-I-N-T-E-L-Y’), 1st spotted now in ‘OSITDK
                      3. OTWVJA: for misspelling ‘threating’ (protected from spell-check via ‘t-h-r-e-a-t-i-n-g’), 1st spotted now in ‘career threating emergency’ of ‘OTWRQX
                    2. OSJ1E0: a-tag corruption TBA here
              5. OTIWTT: running under Linux
                1. OTJSP6: via an emulator as VirtualBox
                2. OTIWUS: search :OTIWUS
                  1. OTJSOS: via Wine & CrossOver looks bad
            6. OQ9VOJ: Firepad :OQA1TK
              1. OQ9VSJ: make https://Firepad.Io
              2. OQ9VMN: entry
              3. OQ9VNH: notable pros thru cons:

                1. OQ9VPX: likely & appears an improvement of ‘Etherpad & immediate derivatives :OQ9RYX’ so inherits same pros except as noted :OQ9VPX
                2. OQ9VSU: open-source except for Firebase for DB
                3. OQA25D: uses ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5’ likely although an odd use as I didn’t think CodeMirror did beyond ASCII formatting but indeed it has at least ‘Mixing font sizes and styles

                4. OQA1TK: appears & very-likely is limited to HTML tags of ‘‘Etherpad & immediate derivatives :OQ9RYX’’ plus img and style attributes {font-size+font-color+ font-style}
                  1. OQ9UZX: so likely better to instead use ‘Writely :OLN7F6
              4. OQ9VNN: I ref #1 when I 1st learned of Firebase for which it’s a leading demo app
            7. OQ9QJL: Maqetta :OQ9QJL –discontinued 2013.05
              1. OQ9QLE: In May 2013, active development of the Maqetta open source project stopped, and in February 2014, the free web hosting service for the Maqetta application at Maqetta.Org became unavailable.’ says
              2. OQ9QHM: I ref ~2012 as a ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ cross-platform editor then again from now from OQ9NPS
            8. OQ8HME: HTML Editor for Drive :OQ8HME
              1. OQ8HI5: entry
                1. OQ8K0J: description: ‘HTML [‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’] editor that provides you with an extended designing workspace to help you create your web pages(HTML,HTM) easily. ..You can open a HTML, text file to edit from your Google Drive. .. content for Google Drive’s publish website. ..full-featured HTML editor ..’ removing about 2/3rd repetition!
                2. OQ8HIB: ‘HTML Editor for Drive \ offered by \ 3.04 of 5 (28) \ Creative Tools \6,914 users .. Updated: February 26, 2015
                3. OQ8KZV: appears be 1 of ~20 extensions fabricated via from 2 of OQ8KKV
              2. OQ8K2P: make listed
                1. OQ8K8I: OQ8K8I: the web page is blank and*/ shows since 2014 it’s blank or ‘forbidden’
                2. OQ8KKV: gives results where content is in subdomains. :OQ8KKV
                3. OQ8KLK: make likely
                  1. OQ8L1X: has ‘Authorize’ with ‘Developer info \ Email: \ Choosing an account will redirect you to:’
                  2. OQ8L2H: has embedded ad on left column. :OQ8L2H
                  3. OQ8LJ1: from http://view-source: uses ‘<script src=”“></script>’ so ‘CKEditor :OQ89QQ ‘Jan 27, 2015’ (and as now 2017.05.19) is 2 yrs out of date
              3. overall:
              4. OQ8L6V: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ8L5L: could be ok because they’re getting ad revenue per OQ8L2H

                2. OQ8L59: suspicious as ‘OQ8K8I: the web page is blank’
              5. OQ8HFO: I ref #1 now by OQ8F1J & OQ8F12
            9. OQ9J0R: Google Web Designer :OQ9J0R
              1. OQ9ITQ: entry with Likes 38 (so ~#5) of 117(KompoZer)277(Dreamweaver) :OQ9ITQ –from OQ87JX
              2. make
              3. OQ9J0Z: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ9J1Z: great for {embedded ads} and {animations at least some}
                  1. OQ9J3R: so will tell Lucy now
                2. OQ9J30: $0
                3. OQ9J28: support for general purpose HTML likely weak
              4. OQ9J5E: I ref #1 now from OQ9ITQ
            10. OQ9HTU: KompoZer :OQ9HTU
              1. OQ9HSO: entry with Likes 115=7 (so #4) of 277(Dreamweaver) :OQ9HSO –from OQ87P9
                1. OQ9HZC: alert: ‘The project seems to be discontinued.’ ‘Latest stable version: 0.7.10 (2007-08-30)’ says
              2. make
              3. notable pros thru cons
              4. OQ9HUD: I ref again now via OQ9HSO
            11. OQ9ICN: Oxygen XML editors :OQ9ICN
              1. OQ8W07: make comparison matrix :OQ8W07
              2. OQ8VKP: entry Likes 17 (so #2) of 22 max
              3. OQAV1J: has none
              4. OQ9IEI: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ9IEW: strong XML support
                2. OQ9IFB: have been weak on CSS
                3. OQ9IER: have been pricy
              5. OQ8VD8: Oxygen XML Web Author :OQ8VD8
                1. OQ8VB6: extension for Chrome: from OQ8F12 :OQ8VB6
                  1. OQ8W6I: probably unnecessary
                  2. OQ8VFX: ‘Oxygen XML Web Author \ offered by ; 2.53 of 5 (17); Office Applications; 3,492 users
                2. OQ8W0D: make
                3. OQ9IIE: notable pros thru cons
                  1. OQ9IIS: missing CSS feature ‘Select and combine CSS styles to customize the look of the editor’ per OQ8W07
                4. OQ8VCM: I ref #1 by OQ8VB6
              6. OQ9ID2: I ref #1 ~2013; #2 by ‘Oxygen XML Web Author :OQ8VD8
            12. OQ8F2W: model PageEdit :OQ8F2W
              1. OQ8F4J: entry
                1. OQ8F4T: description: ‘Edit any HTML page into Chrome with this powerful [‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’] editor \ .. PageEdit uses ‘CKEditor :OQ89QQ’ as WYSIWYG editor and ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5’ as source editor. \ – edit files stored on HDD (i.e. all file:/// URLs) \ – basic embedded save dialog (otherwise close the editor and press Ctrl-S) \ known issues : ..’
                2. OQ8FPC: ‘PageEdit \ offered by gildas \ 3.03 of 5 (185) \ Developer Tools \ 51,041 users’
              2. OQ8FC0: make & source
                1. OQ8FWP: ‘Latest commit e674857 on Nov 1, 2012’ –so not maintained for way too long! :OQ8FWP
              3. OQ8G0P: overall: could be a good fixer-upper
              4. OQ8G08: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ8G1L: all the basic functionality of incorporating both types of ‘(editor which) runs within web page/browser :OQ88QA’ into something that can edit local files.
                2. OQ8G0F: open-source
                3. OQ8G4Y: ‘not maintained for way too long! :OQ8FWP
              5. OQ8FCD: I ref #1 ~10min ago by OQ8F1J
            13. OQ866V: model Pinegrow :OQ866V

              1. OQ85ZT: entry with Likes 50 (so #6) of 277 (Dreamweaver) :OQ85ZT
              2. OQ87GD: make
                1. OQATQA: uses ‘Paddle :OQATNR
              3. OQA7VS: entry has none
              4. OQASTS: entry has none incorrectly
              5. OQAS24: entry has ‘5 reviews [detailed] 4.5 out of 5 stars’ –in its alternatives there it’s {highest except for quite-different} :OQAS24
              6. OQ86TO: price: with ‘1 year of free updates’: from $39/min-features for 1 person to $207/max features for an org; or monthly for 1/10th that.
              7. OQ86LV: notable pros thru cons:
                1. OQ869S: full ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ HTML editing per ‘There are no previews: you can edit & test your page at the same time even if you’re using dynamic JavaScript elements’ says :OQ869S
                2. OQASON: notably most HTML features of any I’ve seen except ‘Dreamweaver :OQ87VD’ in probably narrow areas :OQASON
                3. OQBFX5: likely best underlying design as newest among its ~6 established notable competitors, hitting the scene 2014.04.09 per OQ9Q9C
                4. OQ86MR: support for all 3 major platforms plus Atom
                5. OQBDAJ: ‘advanced features (requires medium or highest $/mo) :OQAVBD’ –see that
                6. OQAW10: ‘use alongside your favorite code editor; when a page is changed in external editor, Pinegrow only updates the modified elements. This is fast & works great on pages with dynamic elements’ quoting
                7. OQ87FL: ‘How is Pinegrow different from Dreamweaver, Macaw, Jetstrap, Webflow? ..’ has some advantages
                8. OQAS3S: ‘advanced features (requires medium or highest $/mo) :OQAVBD’,
                9. OQA35T: no ‘collaborative :OQ9OH1’ features (so use say git) says from #1 & #2 of
                  1. OQA396:
              8. OQ868L: sync with ‘Atom :OMQB76
                1. OQ85QP: make from #4 of OQ84H5 :OQ85QP
                2. OQ85RM: appears to do just short of ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ HTML editing: syncing with source so far see no edit in WYSIWYG
              9. OQAVBD: advanced features (requires medium or highest $/mo) :OQAVBD
                1. OQBH05: so ‘‘advanced features especially for automatic regeneration of code :OQBC2W’ per OQBBLU’ –
                2. OQBH0M: includes
                  1. OQAVBJ: CMS mode: turn static websites into a multi-editor mini-CMS :OQAVBJ
                    1. OQAVCC: encourages use of ‘static HTML websites’ including ‘no generators’ thanks to Pinegrow; requires at least Pro to build then {for each updater of the site(s), a $20/user/‘1 year of free updates and optional yearly renewals’ ‘CMS license’}
                      1. OQAVBY: make :OQAVBY
                        1. OQHLW2: comments & forms :OQHLW2
                      2. OQHEV4: especially on ‘(GitHub) Pages :OAOUJI
                        1. OQHEUR: make
                          1. OQHEJY: indeed dogfood it: ‘Our main website is a static HTML website hosted on GitHub Pages.’ which (I note) they also use to online sell their own product :OQHEJY

                            1. OQHEKS: given this recommendation comes from the #2 WYSIWYG HTML editor, this seems a very big endorsement & testimony for ‘static (site) :OC1H5A’ especially ‘(GitHub) Pages :OAOUJI :OQHEKS
                  2. OQBBDL: WP site theme building (requires most $/mo level) :OQBBDL
              10. OTJSQG: trial
                1. OTJSUS: trial mode
                  1. OTJSU3: make: from 1.1 of OTJSS1
                    1. OTJSY1: ‘for 7 days (and even a bit more if you ask us at Pinegrow support email)’
                    2. OTJSYB: not clear if one can explicitly begin the trial so don’t install until ready to try :OTJSYB
                2. OTJSV4: try online
                  1. OTJSW5: make: app: from 1.2 of OTJSS1
                  2. OTJT2D: notable pros thru cons
                    1. OTJT0V: very impressive they have the basic app running within a web browser.
                    2. OTJT2T: no time limit
                    3. OTJT30: can’t edit one’s own files unless one copy-and-pastes into the browser
                3. OTJSS1: search :OTJSS1
              11. OQ867C: I ref # 1 by OQ85QP
            14. OQ9QXF: SeaMonkey Composer :OQ9QXF –‘likely pretty weak’
              1. OQ9QX4: entry :OQ9QX4
              2. OQ9R3L: make :OQ9R3L
              3. OQ9R93: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ9R6O: is likely pretty weak as it’s just 1 of a suite of average-user components and {official intro OQ9R3L} has only a few sentences of description.
                2. OQ9R5J: ‘ The generated code is HTML 4.01 Transitional.[11] SeaMonkey Composer is no longer actively maintained, but the underlying editor code is shared with the Mail component.[12]’ quoting OQ9QX4 :OQ9R5J
              4. OQ9QWX: ‘I ref ~2012 as a ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ cross-platform editor then again from now from OQ9NPS
            15. OQ8GO7: model Simple Wysiwyg :OQ8GO7
              1. OQ8GPD: entry
                1. OQ8H7C: description: likely like ‘PageEdit :OQ8F2W
                2. OQ8GX3: ‘Simple Wysiwyg \ offered by kzv \ 5 of 5 (3)\Accessibility \221 users .. Updated: October 7, 2015’
              2. OQ8GRY: OQ8GRY: make translation
              3. OQ8GST: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ8H93: OQ8GRY: make’ is just a forum post.
                2. OQ8GSF: in Russian
              4. OQ8GOJ: I ref #1 now by OQ8F1J
            16. OQ8A9S: Substance Composer :OQ8A9S
              1. OQ8A93: make: in ‘ :OQ8A6N
                1. OQ8BJY: description ‘a desktop application that let’s you create and share professional web-first publications.’
              2. OQ8BA6: source
                1. OQ8ED9: bad: README seems to be about the library not about this desktop app
              3. OQ8AB5: entry with Likes 0 (so #2) of 1 max
              4. OQ8ADQ: notable pros:
                1. OQ8ADX: JS editor but ‘ uses an earlier version of [Substance library :OQ8A3Z] and hasn’t seen updates in the last year.’
                2. open
                3. OQ8E6U: bad: seems the only file type this saves & restores is .json with a particular schema for a blog entry, inferring from OQ8BB2
                4. OQ8E9S: development appears to have discontinued due to new source path ‘-legacy’ with last update 2 years ago.
              5. OQ8BEO: file extension ‘sdf’
              6. OQ8E0R: default file name ‘content.json’
              7. OQ8E0Z: Save File popup is minimal including lacks a path bar –bug
              8. OQ8B0C: platform: Windows:
                1. OQ8BE0: install path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Substance Composer’
                2. OQ8B04:
                  1. OQ8B18: gives 0 of 64
                  2. OQ8BB2: I now run on L4MIKE :OQ8BB2
                    1. OQ8BTG: at appears to be a structured post editor including impressive multi-items as ‘author’ with several parameters each. Save to file OQ8BTG.json
                    2. OQ8BUL: just opened a new blank window when I tried to open OPUVQW.htm: probably didn’t like the file type.
            17. OQHBL8: Visual Web Developer :OQHBL8
              1. OQHBOU: entry
              2. OQHBPK: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQHBQH: I suspect is the maker’s replacement for ‘MSExWeb :OMQ9R1 [as]–discontinued’
                2. OQHBQ0: only runs on Windows
              3. OQHC84: In my mentioning ExWeb being discontinued, Bill wanted find this out at OQHC5K so I helped him find it.
              4. OQHBP3: I ref a few days ago by OQ9NPS
            18. OQBGUN: Webflow :OQBGUN
              1. OQBHCL: entry
              2. OQBH98: says ‘23 reviews; 4.4 out of 5 stars’ :OQBH98 (from OQAS24 as next (so 2nd) highest)
              3. OQBNRS: says ‘Freemium \ Online’ with Likes 33 (so #6) of max 1175(WordPress)
              4. OQBNZP: prices
                1. OQBNZG:
                2. OQBO6Q: start at $12/mo for ‘hosting’ or/and ‘code export’ of the sites designed with their tool –what they apparently sell
              5. OQBO8F: database capabilities from data stored in:
                1. OQBO91: Google sheets
                2. OQBO9B: else?
              6. OQBHCB: I ref #1 ~.5 day ago by OQBH98
            19. OMQ9RN: Word by Microsoft :OMQ9RN
            20. ONHLGV: WordPress: see ‘editor :OHMSVJ’ :ONHLGV
              1. OQBOOB: trends,WebFlow,Dreamweaver has WordPress dominate the others by 12x but very slowly declining
            21. OLN7F6: Writely :OLN7F6
              1. OLN7J5: initially covered by Writely ‘KKH0OT(Google Writely Doc)’
              2. OLN7PB: notable pros thru cons
                1. OLN7PM: painless basic collaboration
                2. OLN87G: auto-capitalizes the 1st letter of a point
                3. OLN7Q2: fixed margins so wider window wastes space
                4. OLWJAE: indent depth positions counting outermost: qty {10, ref #2 by OLWS9K} :OLWJAE
                  1. OLWSCX: and increasing page width doesn’t increase (or otherwise change)
                  2. OLWSCR: when ~15 is really minimum
                5. OLN96M: copy/cut then paste into ‘WordPress.Org instance :OLN7GN’ notably looses important formatting including from worst first
                  1. OLN97F: indent kept except
                    1. ON1JRN: one is really only safe if one {copy not cut} the original section, then paste it into WordPress, then rebuild the structure as detailed by section siblings here, then ensure point-by-point if the copied selection (in WP) is identical to the one in Writely fixing problems, then delete the Writely copy.
                    2. ON1JPQ: cannot be adjusted as lost is the li-tag wrapping around the whole section just its 1st point, so each point must be then (hand) {select then cut then paste} into its proper location rebuilding the structure
                    3. ON1JQ2: sometimes a sub-section’s top level point gets placed at the bottom of the section so also messing up the order
                  2. OLN97O: KCGUID sub-tag & anchor/id lost.
                    1. ON1JW9: to be efficient, this needs to be fixed with regular expression rewrites.
                6. OLN7RM: insert an anchor to a point: no known way, maybe with programming
                7. OLN7S6: to combine & link docs in a CMS: no known way; maybe with programming
              3. OLN85O: envelope addressing :OLN85O
                1. OLN0QK: creating ‘OLN0QK reusable pmail letter template _’ doc :OLN0QK
                  1. OLN85W: pick nearest matching template “Letter \Spearmint’ with no other close
                  2. OLN86L: see no envelope function :OLN86L
                2. OLN5E8: (from OLUA9R find 0)
                  1. OLN5TN: did within OLN0QK
                  2. OLU9JA: try option…
                    1. OLN5K8: ‘1. An envelope from a template’: following from New->Doc->from template but no ‘Select “Public Templates”’ listed! (see link to here) :OLN5K8
                      1. OLU6EF: ‘told Finally, narrow your search. Select “Public Templates”..’ but there is no selectable searching nor ‘public’ nothing
                      2. OLU6OR: problem seems to be Google updated the template function as part of new interface, as instructions show old interface
                    2. OLU6QY: ‘2. An envelope from an add-on’ but fails as {OLU9QA} and {the referenced app has ‘You can get it here. <Link to published add-on>’ so no link possibly removed}
                    3. OLU9JM: ‘3. An envelope from a Chrome web app’ but {‘use the Chrome browser, install the app[]’ gives 404 error} +
                    4. OLUA8W: ‘Other options’ TBA
                3. OLUAG2:!topic/docs/fBFRMv9CKSQ(‘Printing Envelopes in Google Docs by Joe Vigliano 2/5/2016’ (from OLUA9R find 3) has useful discussion & leads :OLUAG2
                4. OLUAPA: {OLN0QK or probably any} ‘Add ons ->search ‘envelope’
                  1. OLUAPT: 2nd attempt has 3 matches: OLUAPT :
                    1. OLUAXS: FREE \ Productivity\ (95) \ Envelopes \Synergy LLC \Envelopes will format your document to a variety of common envelope sizes or you can create a custom size.’
                      1. OLUAZ1: adding it gets URL saying primarily ‘{Developer Info: email:} Envelopes would like to: {View and manage your documents in Google Drive. {More info: Create new documents + View and modify existing documents + Share documents with others}}’
                        1. OLUBFX: is this too much? -as it sounds like
                          1. OLUBUI: looks like a legit small biz where ‘We specialize on the Google Apps Platform, where our products are helping more than three million people around the world. Our team builds custom software ’
                          2. OLUBG6:”View+and+manage+your+documents+in+Google+Drive” :OLUBG6
                          3. OLUBN1: ‘The add-ons will only work on the documents you enable it for, and when you uninstall the add-on, access will be gone.’ says!topic/docs/P66nNS9WOVE;context-place=forum/docs(‘How granular are permissions for Drive add-ons? by David_Liam 6/30/16 ’) from #2 of OLUBG6
                    2. OLUAY6: FREE \ Productivity \ (4) \ Mail with Mailform \ offered by \ Send your Google Docs via USPS First Class Mail without printing or an envelope. Never lick an envelope or stamp again!’
                    3. OLUAYH: FREE \ Productivity \ (192) \ Smartsheet Merge \ Smartsheet, Inc. \ Easily create custom invoices, letters or other documents from Smartsheet data using a Google Doc as a template’
                  2. OLU9QA: 1st attempt finds no matches :OLU9QA
                5. OLU9RP: appropriate finds: 1
                  1. OLUA3Y: find ‘Office Applications [3 of 5 stars](33) Envelope Maker \ offered by \ Make an addressed envelope PDF document that can be easily printed.’
                  2. OLUA4J: qty 1 so no other currently
                6. OLUA9R: (per OLN86L) :OLUA9R
                7. OLUJ0Z: from {in OLUAG2}+{suggested by OLN5K8}
                  1. OLUJ58: says ‘This gallery is going away soon. Check out the new template galleries in the Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms home screens. Learn more.’ :OLUJ58
                  2. OLUJ72:*/ (inspired by OLUJ58) says ‘Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.’ :OLUJ72
                  3. OLUJ88: archive now (inspired by OLUJ72) but fails to display content as requires login
                  4. OLUJBV: my archive now.HTML.Chrome.OLUJBV.htm(HTML viewer) :OLUJBV
            22. OTX2UY: Writer by LibreOffice or OpenOffice :OTX2UY
              1. OTX2Y5: collaborative editing
                1. OTX2ZO: search :OTX2ZO
              2. OMQ9RC: Writer by LibreOffice :OMQ9RC
                1. OMQ9WS: entry
                2. OQ7Y87: see also column ‘N7MXMT N7NRYH use system LibreOffice’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
                3. OMQBJA: HTML handling
                  1. OMUKUS: {source: HTML} code view & edit
                    1. OMUKUO:
                  2. OMQJJU: generates header q(<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>) not HTML 5 (so q(<!DOCTYPE html>))
                  3. OMQBK8: a li-tag gets rewritten into apparent-corrupt say q( <li/>
                    <p style=”margin-bottom: 0in”><a name=”OM3NQL”></a><sup>OM3NQM:</sup> &nbsp;it occurred to me </p>) :OMQBK8

                    1. OMUIIZ: search”<li%2F>” gives 0 relevant matches
                  4. OMUIMX: many more conversion erros detailed by MH2F5K(_scratch).htm#OMRHFK
                  5. OMQJXN: form element lableling by q(name) not q(id) but name has problem returns a collection
                  6. OMQ9XN: paste out
                    1. OMQ9XX: (HTML) copy/cut of more than 1 paragraph paste-out into WordPress editor is ignored –BUG
                      1. OMQA7F: occurrence: #1 now when trying to move MH2F5K(_scratch).htm content as q(OM1ORO: Enki) & siblings into q(our 1st one name :OBVHOL)
                      2. OMQBNB: cause: maybe OMQBK8
                      3. OMQAB6: workaround _: open up html file in text editor as Kate then copy content into WordPress post, extract out from there, then move remainder back into the HTML file. :OMQAB6
                        1. OMQACS: create post for this :OMQACS
                          1. OMQAJ9: its id since it can’t have content
                        2. OMQAKI: fails: all outline indent is lost! perhaps due to OMQBK8
                      4. OMQBRR: workaround _ : export to an HTML format: only offered is XHTML
                        1. OMQBST: try
                          1. OMQBTD: file creating MH2F5K(_scratch).OMQBTD.html
                          2. OMQC61: notable pros thru cons
                            1. OMQC61: strips off sup-tag
                            2. OMQC6D: makes a-tag span the entire section not just point
                      5. OMQCEH: workaround _: open the file in Firefox, then F6 to view and on the body tag do q(Edit as HTML) then copy it, then paste into WordPress continuing per OMQAB6
                        1. OMQCEU: notable pros thru cons
                          1. OMQCF3: li-tags are repaired
                          2. OMQCFN: each li-tag’s p-tag is not removed
                4. OTX30W: collaborative editing
                  1. OTX348: non-synchronized (except locked): maker: –from find 1 of OTX2ZO
                  2. OTX384: fully synchronized aka ‘synchronous’: maker –from find 1 of OTX2ZO
                    1. OTX3AA: says ‘Is it Ready Yet? No’ but apparently in alpha/beta. via ‘LibreOffice Online :OTX3SF’ :OTX3AA
        2. OQ8QKS: non-‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ aka code (editor) ideally with HTML Preview
          1. OQJ3QC: plus maybe-optional hosting
            1. OQJ3RD: in alphabetical order
              1. OQJ3RN: Ghost.Org
                1. OQJ3SO: entry with Likes 116 (so #3) of 1178(WordPress) :OQJ3SO from OQJ0BQ
                2. OQJ4BV: notable pros thru cons
                  1. OQJ3Y0: pro except as noted: ‘open-source’ and {all 3 major platforms} via Electron: ‘A Markdown based editing environment’ with ‘A live side-by-side allows you to always see how the post will render’ + ‘theming with [‘HBS(Handlebars) template language :OQJA1W’]’
                  2. OQJ4IJ: self-hosting possible but discouraged: ‘a base cost of around $20/month for a VPS, then you’ll need to pay extra for CDN, security and backups services…’ quoting
                  3. OQJ4AB: seems somewhat pricey at $19 to $199/mo per and no mention of ability to host elsewhere
                3. OQJ408: I ref #1 by OQJ3SO
          2. OQ9N0T: ‘my preference in order of those I’ve looked into so far: –constructing’
            1. OQ9NDQ: ‘Light Table :OQ8PRV
            2. OQ9N5S: ‘‘Cloud9 IDE, aka O9QG6W row O9KHLH, ‘.. /5565#O9QG43’ :OMQB3Z
            3. OQ9N1K: ‘Atom :OMQB76
            4. OQ9NN4: ‘Sublime Text :OQ8TKJ
            5. OQ9HN2: ‘Komodo Edit :OQ9H9B
            6. OQ9N30: ‘‘Brackets (text editor) ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :/5528#O85OB1’ :OMQB5F
            7. OQ9NK7: Google Drive + editors
              1. OQ9N7J: ‘Editey :OQ7KZU
              2. OQ9NKI: ‘ShiftEdit :OQ81Y2
              3. OQ9NFO: ‘Neutron-Drive editors :OQ7YD8
            8. OQ9NAD: ‘Kate :OMEZZQ
            9. OQ9N8T: ‘emacs :OMQBAS
            10. OQ9HLN: ‘Bluefish Editor :OQ9HJJ
            11. OQ9NBV: ‘Kwrite :OMF02A
          3. OMQ9QD: in alphabetical order by model name :OMQ9QD
            1. OMQ9QN: more TBA here
            2. OQ8T4M: Advanced Editor :OQ8T4M
              1. OQ8T39: make
                1. OQ8T54: description: ‘Full text editor based on ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ ’, to work on multiple projects. Requires Electron’
              2. OQ8SY5: I ref #1 now from OQ8T1F
            3. OMQB76: Atom :OMQB76
              1. OC9O14: entry
                1. OC9O1I: after install, wasn’t in Start menu but after reboot, it was
              2. OQ8SB5: underlying editor:
                1. OQ8SC2: ‘Atom uses its own editor’ engine? –likely :OQ8SC2
                  1. OQ8SLR: likely to unlikely indicators: :OQ8SLR
                    1. OQ8SEM: suggests by finding only ‘src/deprecated-syntax-selectors.js
                    2. OQ8SAY: quoted from from OQ8SAC
                    3. OQ8T1F: yes suggests from OQ8SAC (‘Atom is in competition with’ other code editors) :OQ8T1F
                    4. OQ8SKW: yes lightly suggests
                    5. OQ8SDN: likely implied by separate entry in
                2. OQ8SHP: used Ace
                  1. OQ8SI3: did initially per ‘an OS X app with Ace running in a native WebView control. That was the beginning of the Atom you know today.’ says
                  2. OQ8SNW: came to an end suggests ‘likely to unlikely indicators: :OQ8SLR
                3. OQ8SAC: search :OQ8SAC
              3. OC9O1P: notable pros thru cons
                1. OC9O1Z: GitHub is developing & promoting
                2. OC9O27: has GitHub integration
                3. OC9O2F: heavy downloads on
                4. OC9O2O: runs locally not cloud
                5. OQ8SPX: ‘‘Atom uses its own editor’ engine? –likely :OQ8SC2
              4. OC9O35: git & GitHub support
                1. OC9O40: apparently requires adding ‘extension :OC9O4D’ –well except for ‘extension :OC9O4D’s themselves.
              5. OQ84EX: with ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ HTML
                1. OQ84H5: search :OQ84H5
                  1. OQ84J6: early finds suggest it doesn’t have this ability but may be extendable to add it :OQ84J6
                2. OQ84FN: via ‘extension :OC9O4D
                  1. OQ85R0: Pinegrow
              6. OC9O4D: extension :OC9O4D
                1. OC9O54: is apparently called ‘package’ :OC9O54
                  1. OC9O5P: which IMHO is confusing & a poor choice
            4. OQ9HJJ: Bluefish Editor :OQ9HJJ
              1. OQ9HGW: entry with Likes 124 (so #3) of 277(Dreamweaver) :OQ9HGW –from OQ87P9
              2. OQ9MWG: entry
              3. make
              4. notable pros thru cons
              5. OQ9HJS: I ref again now via OQ9HGW
            5. OMQB5F: Brackets (text editor) ‘‘especially what I need to know’™’ :/5528#O85OB1’ :OMQB5F
              1. OQ8PM9: ‘uses ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5’ per OQ8PJZ
            6. OMQB3Z: Cloud9 IDE, aka O9QG6W row O9KHLH, ‘.. /5565#O9QG43’ :OMQB3Z
              1. OQ8TDX: ‘uses ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ per OQ8T9Y
            7. OQA4BU:
              1. OQA4DI: description: ad-supported collaborative code editor, 1st-look cheesy
              2. OQA4CF: I ref #1 now from OQA3VI
            8. OQ7KZU: Editey :OQ7KZU
              1. OQ7XQH: see also column ‘N7MXPP N7MYTO use system Editey’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
              2. OQ7VRA: make :OQ7VRA
                1. OQ7VYY: Bug: not obviously listed on once one is logged in
              3. OQ82FE: intro description & video: see Q7M2I
              4. OQ7M2I: Chrome extension –see description :Q7M2I
                1. OQ7M2P: ‘Editey \ offered by \ 4.09 of 5 (403) \ Developer Tools \ 44,119 users’
                2. OQ7MA4: Updated: September 4, 2015’ –BUT as SAAS, Backend could be updated any time.
                3. OQ7VX2: likely unnecessary
              5. OQ7LGY: OQ7LGY: example: (OPUVQW.htm aka
                1. OQ82I8: before using (editing) make archive copy OPUVQW.OQ82I8(before_Editey).htm
                  1. OQBTYY: diffing with OPUVQW.OQBTLE(just_before_BlueGriffon).htm: it only had changes that I made leaving all other text untouched: great
              6. OQ7L8N: price: $0 for editing except ‘If you are on the free plan you will not be able to publish your website!’ ; to publish {$5/mo or $50/yr w/o custom domain, $9/mo or $90/yr with custom domain} –per :OQ7L8N
              7. OQ7XFR: entry missing
              8. OQ7L0P: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ7L20: HTML ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ live display which apparently complete including all CSS, but
                  1. OQ83E4: including nicely horizontally not vertically arranged.
                  2. OQ83B8: including will stay scrolled to the same position across refreshes
                  3. OQ83BM: but
                    1. OQ838H: editing is not allowed
                    2. OQ83BT: function to map position (as cursor) in source code to that rendered output and visa versa –doesn’t exist
                      1. OQ83F6: workaround {search for characters in in 1 in the other via Ctrl-F} works but is slow and may have errors.
                2. OQ7L79: HTML source editing which is adjacent horizontally to ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3
                3. OQ7X2Y: ‘$0 for editing (just) :OQ7L8N
                4. OQ7L7U: works on Google Drive files
                5. OQ7L15: in browser
                6. OQ7LVP: displays as session title file name (but not path nor title)

                7. OQ7M8C: no support for non-Google drive.
                8. OQ7L9D: ‘multi-editors of the same file\ seriously buggy per ‘No :OQ7LMG’’
              9. OQ7W3T: underlying editor
                1. OQ7W5A: almost certainly ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ per ‘September 19th 2016 \ ..\Updated ACE editor component to 1.2.1’ of OQ7VRA
              10. OQ7LPG: multi-editors of the same file
                1. OQ7MOP: by another instance of itself
                  1. OQ7MD0: ‘ Real-time collaboration’ says Q7M2I
                    1. OQ7MMU: official details at
                2. OQ7MOA: by some other editor software
                  1. OQ7LQP: seriously buggy per ‘No :OQ7LMG
                  2. OQ7LTC: external change
                    1. OQ7LFC: detection
                      1. OQ7LEW: causes popup ‘File changed on drive! The file has been modified on drive! Please reload the page to get the latest version of the file. \ Load changes|Ignore’
                      2. OQ7LFS: situation
                        1. OQ7LGB: on restart of browser causing reload: yes as seen now for ‘OQ7LGY: example’
                        2. OQ7LLW: without reload of page session
                          1. OQ7LMG: No :OQ7LMG
                            1. OQ7LQ8: including even though its File Revisions display could see it, as shown ~.5hr ago for ‘OQ7LGY: example’
                    2. OQ7LUK: merging
              11. OQ7W83: usage: by me
                1. OQ7W8G: use #1: 2014.10.23~
                  1. OQ7WLW: learned of via Google Drive app offering
                  2. OQ7WM5: used to create ‘‘Editey.HTML only.NDWGBO’ MVDest Oct 23, 2014
                  3. OQ7WN4: quickly quit using from me being unhappy with it possibly from me being perfectionist -I don’t remember more.
                2. OQ7WPG: use #2:
                  1. OQ7WRW: starting 2017.05.18- from happening on :OQ7VRA when exploring ways to open the file within Google Drive
            9. OMQBAS: emacs :OMQBAS
              1. OQ81V0: see also column ‘N7MY16 N7NSGQ use system emacs’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
              2. O9UW11: MIT’s Richard Stallman, founder of FOSS & much/most of open-source, originated it 1980~
              3. O9UW4W: MIT taught me it ~1985 as their recommended editor, and after the normal small pain to learn, I’ve loved it ever since, including still to this day, and I consider it among one of the tOC73S0op most comprehensively brilliant pieces of software ever written.
              4. O9UUHR: as IDE, notable pros thru cons
                1. O9UUI5: in terms of essential basic text editing features, most comprehensive editor ever, including
                  1. O9UV2W: full tiled window layout w/o 0 overlap waste
                  2. O9UV0I: the fastest ever to control, including 0 mouse/pointer dependence
                  3. O9UVIN: still unbeaten today by any editor I’ve seen:
                    1. O9UVH1: convenient forward & back incremental search, even for regex: including, for touch typers, it’s just ‘go to where you’re looking’
                    2. O9UVHJ: search, select-&-copying, saving, including auto-saving, of everything
                  4. O9UV5H: any number of windows onto the same text buffer ‘–foresight which is still shockingly rare today’
                  5. O9UV87: except for JavaScript extension, the best extension language (elisp) found in an editor
                2. O9UUV1: –except for O9UUJG, terminal sessions are unbeatable
                  1. O9UVV0: foremost because each runs within, so fully inherits from, an ordinary text buffer –foresight which is still shockingly rare today
                3. O9UUZV: runs fast, even remotely
                4. O9UUIZ: works on most every platform, including via running in any respectable terminal session, so both remote & locally
                5. O9UVCP: impressively documented including self-documenting –a pioneer & still-leader here
                6. O9UVB8: unbelievably implementation-bug free: in decades of use, found 0
                7. O9UVNB: FOSS, indeed pioneering here

                8. O9UVM3: multi-cursor edits may be weak
                9. O9UURS: collaborative editing –none that I’ve heard of
                10. O9UUVH: code folding possible but appears underdeveloped
                11. O9UUJG: O9UUJG: serious: 3rd party tool integration, especially for modern tools, is generally possible but increasingly very hard, including, from increasingly bad

                  1. O9UUQJ: container as Docker & deployment support I haven’t seen
                  2. O9UUPQ: live/interactive linting
                  3. O9UUMB: Node.js (running within it) is very hard
                  4. O9UUT0: debugger integration
                12. O9UUMV: hard to get started compared to a GUI :O9UUMV, including about ~1 hour to start getting comfortable using, at least for its first ~20 years, so I think most people wrongly give up learning it
                  1. O9UWKH: And while 1 hour is nothing compared to the 1000s of hours of incredibly productive use it then gave
                    1. O9UWP0: so why I expected I and most whole learned it never when back to try to improve this
                    2. O9UWP6: with the popularization of the GUI (starting w/ Mac 1 in 1986~), came the common misconception that good software didn’t need a manual and even training, at least for common act ivies as text editing certainly ways, so any software which a user didn’t find easily near instantly productive (so then emacs most certainly) when was then mostly dismissed (with the exception of classes requiring learning it, but with everyone getting into computers even without a class, that’s not enough)
                13. O9UWYU: increasingly few number of users compared to other styles of text editors, I expect due to ‘hard to get started compared to a GUI :O9UUMV’, causing the shortcomings to increasingly not get fixed, so even slowly knocking off the users as me who love it.
            10. OMEZZQ: Kate :OMEZZQ
              1. OQ81SZ: see also column ‘N7MXSG N7MYM0 use system Kate’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
              2. OMF01I: notable pros thru cons
                1. OMF00W: it & KWrite are standard KDE editor
                2. OMQBH6: has line length limit of say 30K so sometimes encountered
            11. OQ9H9B: Komodo Edit :OQ9H9B
              1. OQ9H6S: entry with Likes 196 (so #2) of 277(Dreamweaver) :OQ9H6S –from OQ87P9
              2. OQ9O6E: entry
              3. make
              4. notable pros thru cons
              5. OQ9H9W: I ref #1-maybe now via OQ9H6S
            12. OMF02A: Kwrite :OMF02A
              1. OMF0UZ: use instead as ‘Kate :OMEZZQ
                1. OMF0RB:
                  1. OMF0XG: find 1 has apparently-unofficial q(basically they use the same core except Kate has more advanced functionality:)
                  2. OMF0XO: find 2 has apparently-unofficial q(Kate is basically a combination of the features found in Kedit and Kwrite,)
              2. OMF04J: current version very similar to it including q((c) 2000-2016 The Kate Authors)
              3. OMF02N: notable pros thru cons:
            13. OQ8PRV: Light Table :OQ8PRV
              1. OQ8PRO: entry
              2. OQ8PP5: ‘uses ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5’ per OQ8PJZ
              3. OQ8PSB: entry with Likes 42 (so #5) of 277(Dreamweaver) max from OQ85ZT :OQ8PSB
              4. OQ8PZZ: I ref #1 ~.5 day ago from OQ8PSB
              5. OQ8Q90: notable pros thru cons
                1. OQ8Q9W: for a code editor, looks extremely rich featured including dynamic injection in the live preview & live watch points
                2. OQ8TGT: not ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3’ per
            14. OQ7YD8: Neutron-Drive editors :OQ7YD8
              1. OQ81BY: make
                1. OQ81CM: now redirects to ‘ :OQ7ZDQ
              2. OQ7YG3: search
              3. OQ7ZLD: price
                1. OQ7ZLI: now $0
                2. OQ7ZLO: income from
                  1. OQ7ZLZ: donations per
                3. OQ7ZII: shop –all T-shirts & cups
              4. OQ8GFQ: uses ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ per
              5. OQ8170: component Beam

                1. OQ81LC: make ‘Beam’
                  1. OQ81LW: also
                2. OQ817B: Real-time collaboration announcement:
              6. OQ80GH: model IDE
                1. OQ80G7: entry with Likes 3 of current 673 max
                2. OQ80IZ: make
                  1. OQ80JG: now redirects to ‘ :OQ7ZDQ
                  2. OQ80XE: last valid archive I can find:
                3. OQ80LD: is probably the potentially-money-charging version of ‘hosted :OQ7YJW
                4. OQ825S: source
                  1. OQ8237: before it was closed
              7. OQ7YJW: model hosted :OQ7YJW
                1. OQ7YBK: see also column ‘N7MXRI N7NRVL use system Neutron-Drive’ in ‘sheet ‘MR2EVG=features’ :OQ7XW7
                2. OQ7ZZF: make
                  1. OQ804G: opening now gives ‘Your connection is not secure \ The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Learn more…’ :OQ804G
                3. OQ7ZX6: seems to being replaced by ‘Super :OQ7Z9O’ though apparently still available as OQ7ZB6 + OQ804G
              8. OQ7Z9O: model Super :OQ7Z9O
                1. OQ7ZDQ: make :OQ7ZDQ
                  1. OQ7ZR5: description: ‘The open-source, cross platform code editor’ running offline as Chrome extension and accessing Google Drive & more via Beam (FTP?) supported by donations
                2. OQ7YJK: in Chrome (as extension)
                  1. OQ7YKC: ‘Super Neutron Drive \ offered by \ 3.17 of 5 (29) \ Developer Tools \ 7,603 users’
                3. OQ7ZB6: replaces ‘Hosted :OQ7YJW’ as OQ7ZDQ calls it ‘the old’ :#OQ7ZB6
                4. OQ82AH: source apparently –may be outdated :OQ82AH
                5. OQ807U: notable pros thru cons
                  1. OQ8083: likely don’t have to give maker access to one’s files
                  2. OQ808M: claims ‘open source’ but best I found is OQ82AH
            15. OQ81Y2: ShiftEdit :OQ81Y2
              1. OQ8208: entry with Likes 26 of max 88
              2. OQ8EHP: make
                1. OQ8EHZ: description: ‘a powerful online IDE for developing websites’ including HTML ‘Preview’ (so not WYSIWYG editing) + ‘Realtime collaboration’ + ‘Git Client’ + ‘Compare files’ + ‘Terminal Client’
                2. OQ8EOH: C9 is probably better
                3. OQ8EP9: price: $6 to $15/mo per
              3. OQ8TCW: ‘uses ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ per OQ8T9Y
            16. OQA400: SquadEdit
              1. OQA3ZV: make
                1. OQA3YK: description: ‘a web-based ‘real-time collaborative :OQ9H4W’ IDE’
              2. OQA3YD: I ref #1 now from OQA3VI
            17. OQ8TKJ: Sublime Text :OQ8TKJ
              1. OQ8TIN: entry with Likes 3876 (so #2) of 3876(Notepad++) :OQ8TIN
              2. OQ8TLY: I ref again now from OQ8TIN
      4. OQ88QA: (editor which) is a JavaScript library to run in a web page/browser :OQ88QA
        1. OQ88V9: non-‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3
          1. OQ8PE2: comparison
            1. OQ8PEP: ‘my preference in order of those I’ve looked into so far: –constructing’
              1. OQ8PF8: ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5
              2. OQ8PFR: ‘Ace :OQ88SY
            2. OQ8PCR: entry –currently ~9
          2. OQ88WK: in alphabetical order
            1. OQ88SY: Ace :OQ88SY
              1. OQ8T92: entry
              2. OQ8T9R: ‘software using’
                1. OQ8T9Y: :OQ8T9Y –so reference ‘uses ‘Ace :OQ88SY’ per OQ8T9Y
            2. OQ88T5: CodeMirror :OQ88T5
              1. OQ8GBP: make http://CodeMirror.Net
              2. OQ8PIM: entry
              3. OQ8PJS: software using
                1. OQ8PJZ: entry :OQ8PJZ –so reference ‘uses ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5’ per OQ8PJZ
        2. OQ88VW: ‘WYSIWYG :OSHJM3
          1. OQ8NFY: comparison else list
            1. OQ8OQU: my preference in order of those I’ve looked into so far: –constructing
              1. OQ8ORN: ‘Substance library :OQ8A3Z’ when it’s complete enough
              2. OQ8ORV: ‘CKEditor :OQ89QQ
              3. OQ8OSC: ‘TinyMCE :OQ88RP
            2. OQ8NFE: (currently 19) –from pg1 of OQ8NZB
            3. OQ84CV: –warning: DRAM hog per OQ897Z ;from 3 ofOQ84B0
              1. OQ84E1: Editor’s choice is confusingly Atom claiming it is ‘the best WYSIWYG HTML editor’ but ‘suggest it doesn’t have this ability but may be extendable to add it :OQ84J6
            4. OQ8NXY: gives some trends and picks CKEditor over TinyMCE per that –from pg1 of OQ8NZB
            5. OQ8NZB: :OQ8NZB
              1. OQ8OPP: sub search seems to favor CKEditor :OQ8OPP
          2. OQ88QN: in alphabetical order
            1. OQ89QQ: CKEditor :OQ89QQ
              1. OQ8G9L: make CKEditor
              2. OQ8LXV: npm
              3. OQ8LLX: entry
              4. OQ89QZ: entry with Likes 28 (so #2) of 37
              5. OQ8MY2: for source, using ‘CodeMirror :OQ88T5
                1. OQ8MXX: search
              6. OQ8OWZ: ‘real-time collaborative :OQ9H4W
                1. OQ8OX5: planned for v5 per + { from OQ8OPP}
            2. OQ8A3Z: Substance library :OQ8A3Z
              1. OQ8A6N: make :OQ8A6N
              2. OQ8AJ8: NPM
              3. OQ8A72: notable pros thru cons:
                1. OQ8AJE: looks really powerful including collaborative data sites via ‘dependent .. stencila
                2. OQ8AK1: built with npm
                3. OQ8ATB: ‘Realtime collaboration’ indeed 4 of OQ888R :OQ8ATB
              4. OQ8A5S: I ref ~5min ago from OQ8ATB
            3. OQ88RP: TinyMCE :OQ88RP
              1. OQ89MN: entry with Likes 37 (so #1) of 37
              2. OQ8ODM: npm
              3. OQ88RZ: the most famous
              4. OQ89IA: (TinyMCE) in WordPress :OQ89IA –see OHMSVJ
    4. OMQEQ0: software tool not full editor
      1. OQA56R: diff/compare
        1. OQA56C: entry :OQA56C
        2. OQJEL1: of HTML
          1. OQJEIC: DiffHtml.Org
            1. OQJEI7: npm ‘
            2. OQJEG8: I ref #1 now from OQJE6A
        3. OQA4O5: and merge
          1. OQA4OU: entry
          2. OQA4FL: 3-way (merge)
            1. OQA4FU: of HTML
              1. OQA4G2: search
          3. OQA549: ‘in alphabetical order by model name’
            1. OQA5BK: Compare++
              1. OQA5BF: make :OQA5BF
              2. OQA5E9: price: ‘a fully functional Compare++ FREE for 30 days without any license key’ then $30
              3. OQA5B9: notable pros thru cons:
                1. OQA5AE: 1 of only 2 of OQA56C that does ‘Structured comparison[26] : (C/C++,C#,Java,Javascript,CSS3)’ :OQA5AE
                2. OQA5C1: available for all 3 major platforms per downloads
              4. OQA573: I ref #1 now by OQA5AE
      2. OQCMR5: HTML cleanup
        1. OVN8XK:  error‘In HTML 5, the tag <ol> cannot contain a tag <ol>.’
          1. OVN92L:  as ‘<li><sup><a class=”KENC7Z” id=”OUZ2DZ” href=”#OUZ2DZ”>OUZ2DZ</a>:</sup> 2017.08.20SunPst</li> <ol>’ so ‘</li><ol>’ :OVN8XK –see link
        2. OVNADT:  Page Valet –from
          1. OVNADN:  make –from OVNAAK
          2. OVNAF2:  now I 1st try on OUFLQ9.htm : only would get giving ‘<body><h1>Bad Request</h1><p>Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.<br></p><hr><address>Apache Server at Port 80</address></body>’
        3. OVNAN6:  opening in a web browser then copying out the parsed content
          1. OVNAND:  via Firefox
            1. OVNAU7:  now I 1st try on OUFLQ9.htm giving OUFLQ9.OVNAU7.htm
              1. OVNB15:  it mis-replaces ‘<br/>’ with ‘<br>’
              2. ‘</li><ol>’ :OVN8XK’ is not signaled as an error and isn’t alternated
        4. OVN59K:  tidy :OVN59K
          1. OVN5CC:  entry :OVN5CC
          2. OVN684:  entry with Likes 2 so #1 of 3
          3. OVN5JY:  make per OVN5CC
          4. OVN9XG:  docs: make:
          5. OVN888:  notable pros thru cons
            2. OVN87X:  “break-after-br” can’t be turned off
              1. OVN88M:  as verified by ‘{tidy –wrap 0 –break-after-br 0 OUFLQ9.htm >OUFLQ9.tidy.htm 2>OUFLQ9.tidy.txt
                2 ms:1.000e+000 (2017.09.02Sat01:03:42-08:00)OVN7Q7}{#the *.tidy.htm is size 0 likely because *.tidy.txt contains ‘Config: unknown option: break-after-br<br/>Error: Ca
                n’t open “0”’
                2 ms:1.000e+000 (2017.09.02Sat01:10:00-08:00)OVN80P}{tidy –wrap 0 –break-before-br 0 OUFLQ9.htm >OUFLQ9.tidy.htm 2>OUFLQ9.tidy.txt
                1 ms:1.000e+000 (2017.09.02Sat01:10:10-08:00)OVN80Z}{#*.tidy.htm still had “break-after-br”
                1 ms:1.619e+005 (2017.09.02Sat01:12:52-08:00)OVN85G}’
            3.  OVN8FP:  ‘</li><ol>’ :OVN8XK’  does not detect an error (so also doesn’t fix)
              1.  OVN8WZ:  MSExWeb complains ‘In HTML 5, the tag <ol> cannot contain a tag <ol>.’
            4. OVNAAK:  ‘not a validator. It is not a substitute for Page Valet to verify that your code meets W3C standards. Neither is it a substitute for AccessValet to carry out a detailed accessibility analysis. But it usefully complements both these tools.
              The output generated by Tidy Online should be correct, but comes with no guarantees. For users with more demanding requirements, Code Valet offers more rigorous processing.’ says OVN9ST :OVNAAK
          6. OVN5D0:  online
            1. OVN5DI:  search :OVN5DI
            2. OVN64Z:  ‘online service’ of :OVN64Z from #5 of OVN5DI
            3. OVN9ST: :OVN9ST –from last of OVN64Z
            4. OQCMH9: via :
              1. OQCMLD: 1st find at time of id from find 1 of:OVN5DI (so also a top ref)
              2. OQCMO1: adds ‘<meta content=”HTML Tidy for Linux (vers 25 March 2009), see” name=”generator” />’ so (warning) seems quite old
              3. OQCMI0: set to my standard OQCMI0
                1. OQCIFL: with settings
                  1. OQCIRG: ‘Char encoding’ to keep all sorts of special characters from being encoded, where testing on ‘<title>SimulSquad™💃💃..’;
                    1. OQCJST: from most preferred:

                      1. OQCJSA: nothing good –tried all
                      2. OQCIV4: ‘ascii’ & ‘latin1’ & ‘win1252’ causes ‘SimulSquad&trade;&#128131;&#128131;’ –not great
                        1. OQCJWH: BlueGriffon auto-converts this back to their characters, making this choice usable. :OQCJWH
                      3. OQCIYI: ‘utf8’ causes ‘SimulSquad�💃💃’
                      4. OQCJ54: ‘mac’ causes ‘SimulSquad&ocirc;&#128131;&#128131;’
                      5. OQCIGL: ‘raw’ & ‘iso2022’ causes ‘SimulSquad™ƒƒ’
                        1. OQCK4F: use this setting temporarily to get rid of all the warnings as ‘5 Warning: replacing invalid character code 153’ so you can see what the real errors are; when they’re resolved, then go back to the desired mode.
                    2. OQCJRQ: finds 0 results
                    3. OQCIHO: ‘Wrap’ to say {a big # as ‘99999’} as 0 turns off wrap adjustment
                  2. OQCIK0: ‘Indent’ from ‘auto’ to ‘off’ to save space.
                2. OQCMIX: implied: put tiny result into BlueGriffon to do OQCJWH
        5. OMQEQ7: my regex & tag replacer
          1. OMQER5: attempt 1 :OMQER5
            1. OMQERP: create via Writer OMQERP(HTML_edit_).html
            2. OMQJH3: input
              1. OMQFRQ: text box
              2. OMQFYF: option
                1. OMQFW3: delete p-tag
                2. OMQFYM: invisible nbsp cut
                  1. OMQLE9: count
                  2. OMQKQ7: replace per & :OMQKQ7
                3. OMQG0G: set href paths relative for
                  1. OMQM6R: count
                  2. OMQM9J: replace from copy OMQKQ7
                4. OMQG54: id fix 1
                5. OMQG70: id fix 2
              3. OMQGBM: convert button
            3. OMQJOR: include .js
            4. OMQJPN: main js
            5. OMQJHB: alert
            6. OMQJD8: per
            7. OMQKO2: HTML_DocumentFragment_N5BRXR
            8. OMQLKG: function replace_OMQLKG
              1. OMQLNJ: declare
              2. OMQLQG: tst_OMQLQG
              3. OMQLO9: fr_OMQLO9
              4. OMQLOY: to_OMQLOY
              5. OMQLRM: out_OMQLRM
              6. OMQLB5: replacement count var
              7. OMQLYD: replace per
              8. OMQLZW:
  4. OQJEXK: language
    1. OQJEXU: for natural language
      1. OC1OE1: markup language :OC1OE1
        1. OQJF0L: entry
        2. OC1OF3: my requirements, from biggest 1st
          1. OC1OFM: nested {sectioning or/and lists} where _
            1. OC2H4H: where all of
              1. OC2H4N: unlimited levels

                1. OC2H9N: relatively,
                  1. OC2HN4: {so else such that}, unlike absolute specifiers, notably both:
                    1. OC2H50: common text editors easily select & move any section including where that changes the section’s depth
                    2. OC2HPN: it’s easy for computer especially CSS to know for sure {for every section, where it ends, not assuming that is always at the start of the next section heading} equivalently {for every piece of content, if it belongs under last section heading else it’s parent’s}
                  2. OC2HYM: by 1 of, from most preferred:
                    1. OC2H9U: parenthetical nestings, as done by {HTML except h-tags} & JSON & Lisp/Scheme
                    2. OC2H9Z: maybe indent as done by YAML & Python
                2. OC2HA3: NOT (having to do) absolutely, as done by HTML h-tags & Latex section names
          2. OC1OG3: anchors notably each a KCGUID especially tied to every section
          3. OC1OH3: at least basic HTML support at least for inclusion of snippets
        3. OQJF6G: non-‘lightweight :OC1OE4
          1. OQJF6S: instance in alphabetical order
            1. OQMOLQ: ‘SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language) especially ‘top: (X)HTML & XML :OQMIUH‘‘especially what I need to know’™’’ :’ :OQMOLQ
        4. OC1OE4: lightweight :OC1OE4
          1. OQJF5D: called quote lightweight markup language :OQJF5D
          2. OC1OEG: entry
          3. OQJLB9: vs. ‘HTML/XHTML :OQJF98
            1. OQJLFC: many most lightweights were apparently invented as a replacement for hand writing ‘HTML/XHTML :OQJF98
              1. OQJL8N: probably due to the lack of convenient & good WYSIWYG HTML editors
            2. OQJLID: now ‘convenient & good WYSIWYG HTML editors’ are common & increasingly improving, still certain lightweights likely especially ‘Markdown :OQJF2O’ are commonly heavily preferred, for why I don’t know.
            3. OSHIGR: for natural language expression, I always strongly prefer {this: ‘HTML/XHTML :OQJF98’} plus best-as-possible WYSIWYG editor of it over {(any lightweight markup language) or any other solution} at least for scalable/non-trivial uses so especially for beyond short-term :OSHIGR
              1. OSHIFK: due to the inherent power & long-term good design of HTML plus WYSIWYG-results being the final product anyway.
              2. OSHJ6Z: I’m very & increasingly confident of this choice :OSHJ6Z
              3. OQJLL8: as I recall I’ve written elsewhere on,
          4. OQJF1M: instance in alphabetical order
            1. OQJF29: BBCode :OQJF29
            2. OQJF2O: Markdown :OQJF2O
              1. OQJF40: entry
              2. OQJF48: currently seems the most popular in its class
    2. OSS4EH: for data serialization
      1. OSS4I1: called data serialization format/language
      2. OSS4KB: note: may go beyond ASCII characters though increasingly it doesn’t
      3. OSS4K3: entry :OSS4K3
      4. OSS4LM: instance
        1. OSS4LX: comparison
          1. OSS4MM: entry
        2. OSS6Y3: (data serialization) ‘human readable :OSS6WH’: see ‘instance :OSSACH
      5. OSS668: which-is/feature…
        1. OSS6WH: (data serialization format which is) human readable :OSS6WH
          1. OSSAAB: entry from most preferred: :OSS4K3 search for ‘human’
          2. OSS6YX: usage appears to be notably increasing, probably especially as storage and bandwidth costs have gotten cheaper
          3. OSSA9Q: all that I see use only normal ASCII characters
          4. OSSBNW: feature from most preferred by me –constructing
            1. OSSBOI: associative array {content, so entry 1} can begin with {whitespace-possibly}-then-{its separator typically ‘,’} :OSSBOI
              1. OSSBR1: notable pros thru cons:
                1. OSSBRB: strong symmetry: allows every entry, not just {all but 1st} to begin with separator character
              2. OSSBTR: ‘associative array {content, so entry 1} can begin with {whitespace-possibly}-then-{its separator typically ‘,’} :OSSBOI’ missing/failing :OSSBTR
                1. OSSBVB: workaround from most preferred by me
                  1. OSSBW8: begin with an entry which can be made to always be there
                    1. OSSBXO: specifically 1 of from most preferred:
                      1. OSSBYK: an entry which declares the syntax language
                        1. OSSC2K: specifically 1 of. from most preferred
                          1. OSSC4H: ‘OSLang: [language]’
                            1. OSSC6T: where name ‘OSLang’ is from 1st 2 digits of this KCGUID + ‘Lang’
                            2. OSSC89: where [language] is 1 of, from most preferred:
                              1. OSSC8E: the name of a language w/o the version, number, in its normal casing
                                1. OSSC9D: so for example ‘JSON’ or ‘YAML’ so expanded as say:
                                  1. OSSCK6: ‘OSLang: YAML’ :OSSCK6
                                2. OSSCAG: I invented starting now.
                          2. OSSC34: ‘YAML: ’
                            1. OSSC3L: I conceived at OSSBIQ but then came up with the better here
                      2. OSSBY3: a dummy entry,
                        1. OSSC0E: specifically 1 of, from most preferred:
                          1. OSSC11: ‘nop: “”’
                            1. OSSC1S: nice for YAML as ‘””’ is omitted
                          2. OSSC0T: ‘nop: 0’ :OSSC0T
                  2. OSSBVX: give up the symmetry
          5. OSSACH: instance :OSSACH
            1. OSS71V: comparison
              1. OSS721: entry
            2. OSSAP3: (‘(data serialization format which is) human readable :OSS6WH’) preferred by me :OSSAP3 , in order:
              1. OSSARW: ‘YAML :OSS4OD’ :OSSARW
              2. OSSAPZ: ‘JSON :OSS4O5’ :OSSAPZ
              3. OSSAQU: ‘XML :OSS4QW
            3. OSS4RQ: from currently most popular roughly :OSS4RQ
              1. OSS4S2: ‘JSON :OSS4O5
              2. OSS4SE: ‘XML :OSS4QW
              3. OSS533: –notable gap–
              4. OSS4TM: ‘YAML :OSS4OD
            4. OSS4NQ: in alphabetical order, the details
              1. OSS4O5: JSON :OSS4O5
                1. OSS4WW: entry
                2. OSS5BC: verification/lint
                  1. OSS5BO: online
                    1. OSS5EH: from my most preferred, with details
                      1. OSS5GL: :OSS5GL –from 1 of OSS5DS
                      2. OSS5FF: –from 1 of OSS5DS
                    2. OSS5DS: search :OSS5DS
                3. OSS5J4: standard
                  1. OSS5JH: instance
                    1. OSS5L9: in preferred order (constructing) with details
                      1. OSS5LG: ‘ECMA-404’ –from OSS5GL
                      2. OSS5NM: ‘RFC 7159’ –from OSS5GL
                      3. OSS5OX: ‘RFC 4627’ –from OSS5GL
              2. OSS4QW: XML :OSS4QW
              3. OSS4OD: YAML :OSS4OD
                1. OSS6N5: entry :OSS6N5
                2. OSSTAF: make http://YAML.Org
                  1. OSSTAY: (YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY
                    1. OSSTB5: is itself correctly parsing YAML!
                3. OSSV21: spec
                  1. OSSV26: 1.2
                    1. OSSV2C: is latest and is ‘3rd Edition, Patched at 2009-10-01’
                    2. OSSV1S: make (official) :OSSV1S
                      1. OST293: (‘7.4. {Flow Collection[: using ‘,’]} Styles’) :OST293
                        1. OST2FW: in English, {where there are {any number of, usually multiple} entries per line}
                        2. OSSWGL: (‘7.4.2. Flow [Collection]]{Mappings[: using ‘:’]}’) :OSSWGL
                          1. OSSWLW: mapping {..} separator ‘,’ not just ‘,[whitespace]’ is ok
                            1. OSSWJS: per example ‘six,seven’ :OSSWJS
                4. OSS515: notable pros thru cons:
                  1. OSSAS6: my choice #1 {since 1st discovering it: ~2014}
                  2. OSS51Q: appears the best design on quick including incomplete look
                  3. OSS6KM: unlike leaders ‘JSON :OSS4O5 ’ & ‘XML :OSS4QW
                    1. OSS6CO: ‘‘supports references’ :OSS694’ natively
                    2. OSS6KU: prettier to read especially as ‘Strings (scalars) are ordinarily unquoted..’
                  4. OST9FK: symmetrical, as allows a ‘,’ after last entry of array or map/association per ‘The final “,” may be omitted.’ of OST293

                  5. OSSGKG: {in format {any number of entries per line} ‘:’: spec ‘(‘7.4.2. Flow [Collection]]{Mappings[: using ‘:’]}’) :OSSWGL’} cannot occur unquoted in a scalar in by certain (buggy) converters :OSSGKG
                    1. OSSV4B: but spec says otherwise as
                      1. OSSR2M: ‘YAML requires that colons and commas used as list separators be followed by a space so that scalar values containing embedded punctuation (such as 5,280 or can generally be represented without needing to be enclosed in quotes.’ quoting OSS6N5, leading to test YAML ‘[5,280,]’
                        1. OSSWO5: ‘and commas’ apparently incorrect per OSSWJS
                      2. OSSUXX: ‘Normally, YAML insists the :” mapping value indicator be separated from the value by white space.’ quoting ‘(official) :OSSV1S
                    2. OSST71: test data: ‘[12:45,]’ (from in and ‘{OSLang: YAML,Qty: 143,File: {OSLang: YAML,LastWrite: {Date: {OSLang: YAML,Max: 2011.11.26Sat01:21:52-08:00,Qty: 141}}}}’ (from a reduction & fix of OSSD42) :OSST71
                    3. OSSGK3: it appears from testing in {‘ :OSS90V’ per OSSVVJ}and {‘ :OSS6TS ’ per OSSXBT}
                  6. OSS9I7: associative array separator ‘:’ must be followed by whitespace :OSS9I7
                    1. OSS9II: else will get error such as ‘<pre id=”output”>ERROR:<br/><br/>while scanning a plain scalar<br/> in “&lt;unicode string&gt;”, line 1, column 2:<br/> {name:John Smith, age: 33}<br/> ^<br/>found unexpected ‘:'<br/> in “&lt;unicode string&gt;”, line 1, column 6:<br/> {name:John Smith, age: 33}<br/> ^<br/>Please check for details.</pre>’ from ‘ :OSS90V’ :OSS9II
                  7. OST9SP: cannot put datatype declaration on same line, instead must be {at least 3 lines, such as ‘%YAML 1.2<br/>—<br/>{OSLang: YAML}’
                    1. OST9Z7: else will get an error such as {‘ERROR: while scanning a directive in “<unicode string>”, line 1, column 1: ‘%YAML 1.2 —’ .. expected a comment or a line break, but found ‘-‘ in “<unicode string>”, line 1, column 11:’ from ‘ :OSS90V’} or {‘YAML directive accepts exactly one argument at line 2, column 1: ’{OSLang: YAML,Qty: 143,File: {OS …’’’ from ‘ :OSSU89 ’}
                    2. OSTA4T: so best workaround I’ve got is using ‘‘OSLang: YAML’ :OSSCK6
                  8. OSS9ST: ‘associative array {content, so entry 1} can begin with {whitespace-possibly}-then-{its separator typically ‘,’} :OSSBOI’ missing/failing :OSSBTR
                    1. OSS9TT: else will get error such as {‘<pre id=”output”>ERROR:<br/><br/>while parsing a flow node<br/>expected the node content, but found ‘,'<br/> in “&lt;unicode string&gt;”, line 1, column 4:<br/> { , 1: 2,2: 3,3: 5}<br/> ^</pre>’ from OSS90V }
                  9. OSS520: appears not nearly as popular per OSS4RQ
                5. OSS6IX: converter/verifier/lint/parse
                  1. OSS5BO: online

                    1. OSS6TF: instance from most preferred with details
                      1. OSSU89: :OSSU89 –from :OSSWTC
                        1. OSSU8O: notable pros thru cons:
                          1. OSSWTC: JavaScript recommendation latest & only on ‘(YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY’ :OSSWTC
                          2. OSSUA2: ‘(http://YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY’ parses w/o error
                          3. OSSV70: passes OSST71 except ‘12:45’ strangely parsed into 765
                          4. OST1K2: passes ‘‘six,seven’ :OSSWJS
                          5. OST1NV: warns (well errors) on duplicate key, such as saying ‘duplicated mapping key at line 1, column 327: … Max: 2011.11.26Sat01:21:52-08:00}}},Fldr: {OSLang: YAML,Qty: 2,B … ’
                      2. OSSY0J: –below this level are notably flawed
                      3. OSS90V: :OSS90V –from 2 of OSS6QX
                        1. OSS9MS: gave ‘associative array separator ‘:’ must be followed by whitespace :OSS9I7’ as shown at OSS9II
                        2. OSSVPX: notable pros thru cons:
                          1. OSSXYT: ‘(http://YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY’ parses w/o error
                          2. OSSVQS: fails on ‘Example 7.17. Flow Mapping Separate Values’ quoting ‘(official) :OSSV1S
                          3. OSSVVJ: fails OSST71 with ‘<pre id=”output”>ERROR:<br/><br/>while scanning a plain scalar<br/> in “&lt;unicode string&gt;”, line 1, column 2:<br/> [12:45,]<br/> ^<br/>found unexpected ‘:'<br/> in “&lt;unicode string&gt;”, line 1, column 4:<br/> [12:45,]<br/> ^<br/>Please check for details.</pre>’ and similar for the next (except say ‘column 96’) :OSSVVJ
                      4. OSSTUJ: :OSSTUJ –from pg 1 of a search like OSSTGM
                        1. OSSTYB: notable pros thru cons
                          1. OSSTXV: OSSTPT
                      5. OSS6TS: :OSS6TS –from 1 of OSS6QX
                        1. OSS780: try 1: on OSRAGR: got cryptic error ‘(<unknown>): found unexpected ‘:’ while scanning a plain scalar at line 1 column 2’ –was really ‘associative array separator ‘:’ must be followed by whitespace :OSS9I7
                        2. OSSWZJ: notable pros thru cons:
                          1. OSSX5L: slow, probably because it’s doing the computation not client-side
                          2. OSSX0M: ‘(http://YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY’ fails with ‘(<unknown>): found incompatible YAML document at line 1 column 1’ so doesn’t recognize ‘%YAML 1.2’
                            1. OSSX2D: but when 1st line is removed, it passes.
                          3. OSSXBT: OSST71 fails with ‘(<unknown>): found unexpected ‘:’ while scanning a plain scalar at line 1 column 2’ and ‘.. column 81’ respectively :OSSXBT
                      6. OSSTLQ: –from 2 of :OSSTGM
                        1. OSSTQ0: notable pros thru cons:
                          1. OSSTPT: fails on ‘(http://YAML.Org) home page :OSSTAY’ with spurious error ‘Error : Unable to parse. \Line : 6 standard for all programming languages.’ :OSSTPT
                    2. OSSW1C: –from 10 of OSS6QX
                      1. OSSW2G: –currently without best online recommendations and immorally ‘closed’
                    3. OSSTGM: search :OSSTGM
                    4. OSS6QX: search :OSS6QX
        2. OSS694: ‘supports references’ :OSS694
          1. OSS69M: entry
          2. OSS6A0: a very important feature IMHO as data structures internally typically are not a pure tree structure.
  5. OQMPWU: formatting/presentation
    1. OQMPXA: language
      1. OQMPXT: is called quote: style-sheet language :OQMPXT
      2. OQMPYG: entry :OQMPYG
      3. OQMQDC: instance
        1. OQMQD7: in Wikipedia: :OQMQD7
        2. OQMQ3D: from most popular
          1. OQMQ3L: ‘CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) :OQMJW2’ :OQMQ3L