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LLWQQEM=human warm bedding recommendations _ )

  1. (LWQTWH=WHERE (in the title):
    1. (LWQV0P=warmth can be acheived via insulation and/or (power as electric-heated))
    2. (LWQV19=bedding includes blanket, mattress pad, and/or sleeping bag)
    3. )
  2. (LWQQIB=Insuring bedding is warm can make dramatic improvement & cost-savings as far as staying warm
    1. (LWQV4Z=because, unlike heating a whole room or house, the heat is targeted directly where it is needed: around the human’s body: at least while in bed, most notably during the ~8hrs/day of sleeping.)
    2. (LWQQT6=This efficiency can be key or essential in cases as:
      1. (LWQQWG=a home where there is no gas heating, only electric heating (which is about 5x more expensive), perhaps due to safety concerns as is senior living community such as Laguna Woods, CA
        1. (LWQT6R=I roughly-estimated a savings of ~$24 (in electricity) by using an electric blanket instead of a floor electric space heater; that pays for the blanket in just 2 to 3 months!)
        2. )
      2. (LWQQYC=when sleeping outdoors (camping or going homeless))
      3. (LWQQYS=when sleeping in a vehicle (such as a car or van, notably a non-motorhome or boat) where it is impractical or too expensive tun run the vehicle’s heater (as that would require the engine running) and the vehicle has no gas space heater)
      4. )
    3. (LWQUIC=This is not quite as efficient as keeping clothing warm (as for humans), but
      1. (LWQUMD=perhaps 2nd to that)
      2. (LWQUMM=seems necessary due to the fact
        1. (LWQUNQ=humans don’t like to wear heavy clothes (or any clothes) when sleeping)
        2. (LWQUOA=humans seemingly need more protection from the cold when sleeping as they are not moving nearly as much & can’t move nearly as much when sleeping)
        3. )
      3. )
    4. )
  3. (LWQQRX=ways to do insure bedding is warm include a combo of:
    1. (LWQR37=unpowered: making sure the bedding insulates the persons from cold exterior
      1. (LWQR5F=using a sleeping bag
        1. (LWQR5Y=to be continued)
      2. )
    2. (LWQR44=powered: Heating the bedding
      1. (LWQR6O=The only way I’ve heard this done practically is via electric heating woven into the bedding itself.)
      2. (LWQRVL=key features seem to me to be (from most to least important)
        1. (LWQRWJ=Adjustable heat setting)
        2. (LWQSIH=Machine Washer & Dryer Safe)
        3. (LWQRWS=a thermostat to automatically adjust the heat according to the room temperature
          1. (LWQSGM=so one would not have to rejust the heat setting according to room temperature (which wouldn’t seem easy as it might take 10 minutes before any adjustment becomes noticeable, especially bothersome when one is trying to sleep))
          2. (LWQSH7=Sunbeam calls this “Ambient Heat”)
        4. (LWQRXD=Auto-shut off after no more than 10 hours
          1. (LWQSWF=ideally select-able to as little as 6 hours to save more energy))
        5. (LWQS0R=Waterproofing if not unpleasant, as it would save the mattress from permanent damage/destruction from wine, urine, or other liquid.)
        6. (LWQRXX=For beds sleeping more than 1 people (as Full & larger), separate heating control for each person)
        7. (LWQS35=ability to target heat in certain areas for therapy: back heating, neck heating, leg heating, etc
          (LWQSZJ=Sunbeam makes a mattress pad with this))
        8. (LWQS4O=If a mattress pad, extra padding, but note  this could also be probably-better accomplished by other means, as additional pads below or (above as heat will rise thru them))
        9. )
      3. (LWQRNK=using an electric-heated mattress pad
        1. (LWQS8M= Possibilities, from best to worst roughly:
          1. (LWQS9B=Sunbeam-Waterproof-Heated-Mattress-Pad
            1. (LWQSAS=Maker URL)
            2. (LWQSUT=has all “LWQRVL=key features” except LWQS35)
            3. (LWQTNA=rated
              1. (LWQTNP=4.6 of 5 via 177 reviews from Walmart)
              2. (LWQTGA=5 of 5 via 2 reviews from Amazon))
            4. (LWQSM6=from Walmart
              1. (LWQT0O=Full is $60 but serious: is “Out of stock online” and no store-stock is listed and cannot be ordered at least online))
            5. (LWQSN4=from Amazon
              1. (LWQT14=Full is $85.89 but is “Temporarily out of stock.
                Order now and we’ll deliver when available. …”

                1. (LWQTK8=I now plan to order this for & test at my mother’s home where she has no natural gas, just electric heat.)
                2. )
              2. )
            6. )
          2. (LWQSF5=comparing top 3 choices by Sunbeam)
          3. )
        2. )
      4. (LWQR89=Using an electric-heated blanket
        1. (LWQR9P=this is a popular & well know solution)
        2. (LWQRAN=a electric-heated mattress pad seems to me better overall as:
          1. (LWQRFK=at least 2x more effective,  because heat rises)
          2. (LWQRFX=distriburtes heat more easily, because heat rises)
          3. (LWQRGH=won’t have match the decor (color & softness, etc) because it hidden; so instead any ordinary blanket(s) work fine and can be freely changed)
          4. (LWQRHR=potentially gives additional benefits as padding (need anyway to hide its wires0 plus waterproofing (say from urine & wine))
          5. (LWQRK3=doesn’t have to be washed nearly as frequently as it’s protected by the cover sheet)
          6. (LWQRYN=doesn’t move around, important when different areas (as left & right person) have different heating controls)
          7. (LWQRKW=Potential concern: heating elements/wires must be stronger & (better hidden, notably more comfortable) as now humans are lying on them)
          8. (LWQRQ6=Seem to cost about 50% more (initial purchase), oddly even though fancy aesthetic colors & fabrics (as plush) aren’t required, possibly due to LWQRKW but also possibly due to the what the market will pay due to is numerous advantages)
          9. )
        3. )
      5. )
    3. )
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