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(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.12.25(Sun)pst0210) (LT2VER version 1.0) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM=

LWQV8L=human warm clothing/dress recommendations _ )

  1. (LWQTWH=WHERE (in the title):
    1. (LWQV0P=warmth is achieved via insulation and/or (power as electric-heated))
    2. (LWQXRH=clothing/dress includes socks; more to come later)
    3. )
  2. (LWQXTA=Insuring clothing/dress is warm makes top & enormous improvement & cost-savings as far as staying warm
    1. (LWQXW4=because, unlike heating a whole room or house, the heat is targeted directly where it is needed: immediately around the human’s body, while the person’s dressed, which is generally all of the time except typically sleeping.)
    2. (LWQQT6=This efficiency can be key or essential in cases as:
      1. (LWQQWG=a home where there is no gas heating, only electric heating (which is about 5x more expensive), perhaps due to safety concerns as is senior living community such as Laguna Woods, CA
        1. (LWQXZL=Dressing warmly in doors, even when that clothing is powered (as electric-heated socks) can save $100s each month (in electricity) instead of a floor electric space heater)
        2. )
      2. (LWQY36=when spending time & sleeping outdoors (as when going between buildings & vehicles, and when spending time outdoors including camping and going homeless))
      3. (LWQY42=when spending time (including sleeping) in a vehicle (such as a car or van, notably a non-motorhome or boat) where it is impractical or too expensive to run the vehicle’s heater (as that would require the engine running) and the vehicle has no gas space heater)
      4. )
    3. (LWQY5X=This is the most efficient method of keeping warm by far as clothing is directly on the body.)
    4. )
  3. (LWQYC7=Socks
    1. (LWQYCS=I personally am interested in socks as my toes are the first part of my body to get cold
      1. (LWQYGK=even in 70F with 2-pair of standard cotton socks on, my toes are still chilly)
      2. (LWQYH8=I expect this is because I have poorer circulation than most, at least in my toes, fingers, and nose)
      3. )
    2. (LWQYIW=Super-warm non-heated socks
      1. (LWQYK5=The 1st avenue to try per LWQZDR)
      2. (LWR1R0=HeatHolder socks
        1. (LWR1TS=2.3 TOG rating, the apparently highest in the industry)
        2. (LWR1ZY=Heat Holder is a 50yr old sock brand with the goal & apparent-achievement to make the best heat-holding socks, much more so than any othercompany.)
        3. (LWR25F=I have been able to find only 2 possibly-independent reviews, but they were all top positive.)
        4. (LWR1RC=Most notably Heat Holders Men’s 7-11 Crew Socks black
          1. (LWR1RS=from Amazon for $13.59)
            1. (LWR6IW=now I plan to order these and give them a test.)
            2. )
        5. )
      3. )
    3. (LWQYLH=heated socks
      1. (LWQYNE=See the issues of “LWQYR5=heated clothing”, notably:
        1. (LWR17K=Cost ~2 to 4 times more than heat-holding non-heated socks
          1. (LWR05S=the least expensive heated socks (at least electric) cost $22 and get poor reviews whereas the most expensive common non-heated but heat-holding socks cost $14 and get top reviews.)
          2. (LWR19J=the “ultimate” heated sock costs $200)
          3. )
        2. )
    4. )
  4. (LWQYR5=heated clothing
    1. (LWQYSJ=in comparison to super-warm non-heated clothing,
      1. (LWQZDR=should seemingly only be used when non-heated clothing has really proven not enough.)
      2. (LWQYTB=requires notable power
        1. (LWQZWX=potentially up to the normal heat output of  a human adult: ~100watts)
        2. (LWQZSZ=this is much less than a 1500W room space heater, due to the fact that the clothing is right next to the body, but still significant, as more than the average laptop computer consumes in full-use.))
      3. (LWQYTB=requires portable power,
        1. (LWQZR4=can be a considerable problem
          1. (LWQZYE=bulky & possibly-heavy to carry on one’s person indeed as part of clothing)
          2. (LWQYXJ=requires refueling, which is trouble & potentially-considerable expense))
        2. (LWQZMZ=typical forms are:
          1. (LWQZHN=electric)
            1. (LWQZJX=con: heavy to store in notable quantities))
          2. (LWQZI6=non-burning chemicals
            1. (LWR1M1=popular example: HeatMax products)
            2. (LWQZL6=con: generally expensive as non-standard)
            3. (LWQZLR=con: difficult to regulate output))
          3. (LWQZII=burning chemicals
            1. (LWQZND=con: dangerous so close))
          4. (LWQZIX=pre-heated (heat storage pad)
            1. (LWQZOA=con: difficult/impossible to regulate output)
            2. (LWQZPX=con: generally (&unavoidably?) bulky))
          5. )
        3. )
      4. (LWR0OO=a good range of temperature output settings
        (LWR0QM=else the likely problem, from using power instead of just insulation, of being too hot or too cold))
      5. (LWQZ1F=the amount of power output needs to adjust especially to the outdoor temperature, which is ideally automatic for convenience (especially if constantly switching on & off a fixed-output heating element))
      6. (LWQZ89=For good or bad, heated clothing is very rarely used, so not well supported:
        1. (LWQZ57=Only a small amount of heated clothing has presently been developed
          1. (LWQZA9=Most notably, heated socks & gloves and pre-heated pads.)
          2. )
        2. (LWQZAE=can generally be only found online else at the largest department stores or rare camping stores)
        3. )
    2. )
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