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(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.12.30(Fri)pst1520=LX1I46)(LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM=

LWTU1D=_ group leader requirements & responsibilities

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LWTX66=Note that these requirements & responsiblities are incomplete and very-occasionally overridden; in particular, every job/title (as track leader) has more requirements & responsiblities, including some which (could but rarely do) override these, but still these are used as a starting-point/basis to avoid repetition.)
    2. (LT35H7 By default, a leader does NOT need to be technically skilled in the topic of the group, as while such technical skills are desirable, they are secondary and never a requirement to be leader, as other leader qualities are essential to this job of leadership:)
    3. (LT35TG=Within the group, the leader lives & promotes the published values of the group, most importantly
      1. (LT34OJ Serves as a dependable, reliable, reachable leader)
      2. (LT38MI Reasonably answers-else-gets-answered all members’ reasonable questions in a timely manner.)
      3. (LWTXRF=works a team-player)
      4. (LT38PL Promotes member communication & discussion, especially  (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W (especially on the group’s web pages)  “and avoid[s] private-messages & calls when possible to avoid”.)


    4. (LWTVJE=For any event s/he is expected to attend, s/he either:
      1. (LWTVLW=RSVPs “YES” & attends, the always-prefered choice) else
      2. (LWTVMD=RSVPs “NO” and
        1. (LWTVSV=give the reason why “NO” (in the RSVP comment))
        2. (LWTVYG=insuring an adequate replacement is made,by a combo of:
          1. (LWTWAF=scheduling possibly-additional replacement meeting(s) soon where everyone needed will attend)
          2. (LWTW45=finding someone else to appropriate to attend in one’s place
            1. (LWUFD0=In the case of (more leaders than necessary LWU8C2), (this part is generally easy LWU39M))
            2. )
          3.  (LWUFC0=announcing one’s appropriate replacement (in one’s RSVP “NO” comment))
          4. (LWUFCI=and insuring the leader’s replacement does the job)
          5. ( LWTW84=giving enough notice of the RSVP “NO” situation so that others insure corrective action is done without too much trouble to them)
        3. )
      3. )
    5. (LT398K=Leaders are able to (and highly encouraged to) delegate their responsibilities provided onlythat rules are followed and not reduced is quality and group-longevity & -scalability.
      1. (LWTY09=This generally means getting others to take on more leadership roles that they successfully handle.)
      2. (LWTY4T=Especially during meetings, leaders should solicit & encourage others, especially non-leaders, to take on leadership roles.)


    6. (LWU8C2=For every event & other task which is important, at all times at least 2 to 3x more leaders than needed should be assigned to lead it.
      1. (LWU8D5=Pro: significantly increases reliability by better insuring there will always be someone to do the task –see LWU6FG.)
      2. (LWU8GB=Pro: notably helps (divide the work load, per LWU8KE), especially important when leaders are unpaid volunteers)
      3. (LWU8TJ=Neutral (short-term negative, long term positive): generally requires a good thing:
        (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W and avoid private-messages & calls when possible to avoid” says LTECO0 of OCAndroid “Read more about us”

        1. (LWU97J=especially whenever there are more than 3 leaders, which happens even with just 2 leaders normally (whenever 1 or 2 are transitioning in so 1 or 2 can leave, so then actually having 3 to 4 leaders at once)
        2. )
      4. (LWU8HW=Con: ups the complexity of deciding who will fairly run it each occurrence: see LWU8KE)
      5. )
    7. (LWTYFI=Our original book probably also contains additional rules for leaders.)
    8. (LT392V There are plenty of other good things a leader can do beyond this (as coming up with clever meeting activities, being entertaining, insuring exceptional meeting notes are kept, being skillful drawing out members getting them; and these all wonderful & quite encouraged. But none ever replaces these few simple basic responsibilities, essential for smooth operation, which all leaders must do.) )


  2. (LSZCMP Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar


  3. (LSZMOT Motivation


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  4. (LT2HIS Additional History, in order

    1. (LWTTVR=now I wanted to post a rule about “If one is a leader for an event, then one MUST give the reason (in the RSVP comment) when RSVPing NO to the event” (now rule LWTVSV).)
    2. (LWTU0Q= I (not already having JotHere article for this subject)
      (created (this post )

      1. copying ((LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.12.14(Wed)pst1355) (LT2VER version 1.2) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM(LT34FB=_ track leader requirements & responsibilities )  ))
      2. then set its ID to LWTU1D matching the original source
      3. then removing all that didn’t apply (but a good portion did: it’s being moved here) and correcting the rest
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    3. (LX1I46=the anchor LWU8C2 wasn’t working so fixed it (putting every “id=” on the li-tag).)


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