Dec 262011

(LSZPOS (LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst2056) (LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA 100% 1st draft) (LT2NAM=

LWU0BK=_ event leader/host requirements & responsibilities )

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. (LT35J9=For every meetup/event s/he schedules and/or oversees, the leader
      1. (LWU2ZH=is expected to attend 100% of the event except as noted here
        1. (LWUF1L=This leader attendance expectation then implies responsiblities LWTVJE.)
        2. (LWU39M=the leader may not attend (may RSVP “NO”, including change to “NO”) iff all the following are true:
          1. (LWU8M4=NOT including this leader, already RSVPing “YES” are at least li leaders for this event)
          2. (LWU8KE=this leader has led more than (his/her share=li*e/la) of these events
            1. (LWUEWJ=Implied by this, a leader is always expected attend the 1st time the event occurs after they have become a leader for it,
              1. (LWUHTY=as “this leader has led [0, which is NOT ]more than (his/her share= li*(e=0)/la=0) of these events”)
              2. (LWUHUI=This much like “one doesn’t miss (or even be late) to one’s first day on the job.”)
              3. (LWUHVL=The first time this violation was referred to is LWUH1T of here.)
              4. )
            2. )
          3. (LWU6CJ=where
            1. (LWU6DV=li is minimum number of leaders the event needs during any given occurrence
              1. (LWU6ID=this is typically 1 for common, small events)
              2. (LWU82P=this is 0 for events which are just being shared to the group, with no designated leader)
              3. (LWU6J7=for an event over say 50 attendees, 2 or more leaders may be needed))
            2. (LWU6FG=la is the number of leaders presently assigned to the event –see LWU8C2.)
            3. (LWU6CT=e is the number of events which have happened since the person became a leader)
            4. )
          4. )
        3. )
      2. (LT35SP=insures the event’s published tasks get done & the event’s agenda gets followed.)
      3. (LT3868=Insures only qualified persons attend per any published rules & waivers on who can attend.)
      4. (LT39RI=Insures that, every attendee, on entry into the event else ASAP,
        1. (LWUAC4=conforms to any restrictions on who can attend.)
        2. (LWUAE5=is aware of and heed any special rules)
        3. (LWUAG3=is, as much as possible, members of the official group (if hearing of the event thru the official group and are already RSVP’d YES, as detailed here.
          1. (LWUAII=If this isn’t immediately true on entry, then
            1. (LWUAN0=Did the attendee primarily hear of this event from some other group advertising it?
              1. (LWUAQ5=If Yes, encourage attendee to officially join our group and refer attendee to the leaders of the the group where they primarily heard about it)
              2. (LWUAKT=If no, then insures the attendee has joined our group and is RSVPed YES for this event before leaving this event, as a condition of staying at the event.)
            2. )
          2. (LWUB22=Pro: this builds membership & official attendance plus gives credit to the primary group bringing the attendee.)
          3. )
        4. (LWUACO=is given a name tag which displays the attendee’s name as it appears on his/her online profile.)
        5. ).)
      5. (LT35S3 Via the group’s website (as Meetup), creates & publishes, during the event, exact attendance records kept which individually naming every attendeewith link to his/her group profile
        1. (LWUBEY=How?
          1. (LWUDXX=The group’s website (if Meetup) automatically maintains an RSVP list.
            1. (LWUE02=An event host or any group Organizer has the ability to edit this list except to set & change the RSVP comment.  When it’s edited, iff before the event, the changed attendee is emailed immediately.)
            2. (LWUE2K=This list should be edited to match the actual attendance, including:
              1. (LWUE3Z=Every attendee which RSVPed YES but didn’t show need to be marked “No show”.)
              2. (LWUE4V=Every attendee which attended but didn’t RSVP YES, but has a group profile else can be made to have one, should be marked as attended.)
              3. (LWUE7G=Every attendee who didn’t bring the # of guests they said the would, this # should be adjusted.)
            3. (LWUE9Z=Note if anyone later leaves the group (which eventually happens), including leaving Meetup, Meetup will tragically replace the the member’s username & profile link with “A former member”, causing the record of who it was to be completely erased.)
            4. )
          2. (LWUE9F=A post on the event’s discussion thread giving the attendance list (ideally in order of seating) plus function during the meeting, plus sometimes additional details.
            1. (LWUEJW=See 2011.12.14 example.)
            2. (LWUEET=Pro: This solves the problem of LWUE9Z)
            3. (LWUEFL=Pro: records the seating arrangement, seriously helping tag photos)
            4. (LWUEGV=Pro: captures the function of the person during the meeting and sometimes additional details.)
            5. (LWUEHZ=Captures the total attendance when 2+ meetings are held in the same room
              1. (LWUEP2=1st example is (OCAndroid routinely combining a developer meeting with SoCalAndroid Hack Nights via OCAndroid detailed at LTO4A3))
              2. )
            6. )
          3. (LWUDXN=More details on this coming soon.)
          4. )
        2. (LWUB77=Pro: shows care to attendees: insures every attendee is personally noticed (if they actually showed or not), and that their RSVP matters.)
        3. (LWUB8X=Pro: enables the group to do accurate planning for future events based on past attendance)
        4. (LWUBBB=Pro: insures event leaders, the group, and the attendees all get credit for attending & the attendance)
        5. )
      6. (LT35VM=Insures contact info which members provide (numbers & addresses) gets entered & updated to the master group database
        1. (LWUBG5=Each member gets an a Google Contact, as Meetup offers no support here (for additional fields as phone #) beyond crudely collecting it).
        2. (LWUBHH=How? Further details to be developed.)
        3. )
      7. )
    2. (LWU1DN=Also group leader requirements & responsibilities)


  2. (LSZCMP Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar


  3. (LSZMOT Motivation


    1. (LWTYZS=Originally to be used for but also designed to be usable by most any in-person group and possibly more.)
  4. (LT2HIS Additional History, in order

    1. (LWU14U=now many (LT34FB=_ track leader requirements & responsibilities ) are general to any event.)
    2. (LWU19G= I (not already having JotHere article for this subject)
      (created (this post )

      1. copying ((LT2MOD last mod LT8K31=2011.12.26(Mon)pst1358) (LT2VER version 1.1) (LT2STA 100% complete 1st draft) (LT2NAM=LWTU1D=_ group leader requirements & responsibilities   ))
      2. then set its ID to LWU0BK matching the original source
      3. then removing all that didn’t apply and correcting the rest
      4. ))
    3. .


  5. (LT2PLN Additional Planned Changes, in order