Mar 272012
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LWUJQF  , last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst2056, version 1.3, 100% 1st draft (LT2NAM=

member promise-keeper LTY9HS )

  1. (LSZDEF Definition

    1. M1KTE1: See (LTY9HS=member promise-keeper, an important group leadership position)
      1. M1KTF1: That text will eventually be moved here.


  2. (LSZCMP Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar


  3. (LSZMOT Motivation


    1. (LWTYZS=Originally to be used for but also designed to be usable by most any in-person group and possibly more.)
  4. (LT2HIS Additional History, in order

    1. (LWUJ5X=at time of next ID, created (quote=
      DestinyArchitect 2 16 [Last update ]8:37 PM
      Dec 23, 2011
      by: DestinyArchitec

      ) but that has the problem that the 1st post, which defined it, was limited to OCAndroid and had no more characters left and wouldn’t keep an edit history.)

    2. (LWU19G= I (not already having JotHere article for this subject)
      (created (this post )

      1. copying ((LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst2056) (LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA 100% 1st draft) (LT2NAM=LWU0BK=_ event leader/host requirements & responsibilities ))
      2. then set its ID to LWUJQF a new ID
      3. then removing all that didn’t apply and correcting the rest
      4. ))
    3. .


  5. (LT2PLN Additional Planned Changes, in order