Dec 302011
(last mod=2011.12.30(Fri)pst2031)(version=1.0)(status=1st draft 100% complete)
(title=I _ converted & moved our conversation from private-messages to post(s)

(where=in the title and the definition,

  1. (LX1O7E=“I” & “our conversation” are defined by the context referring to this article.)
  2. (LX1MPD=“_” stands for the article ID in the title; in this use it’s an adverb (as “specially”, so describing how the “converted & moved” took place) defined in the definition.)


  1. (Definition=

    1. (LX1MIG=the title says overall what I did.)
    2. (LX1HCS=I did this to so our communication would be in compliance with:
      (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W so avoiding private-messages & -calls when possible
      as this is at least one of the following:
      1. (LX1IDK=required by the group(s) I’m involved in for topics related to that group (as perhaps this situation), including for event planning & reports
        1. (LX1IDY=typically for many reasons, including
          1. (LX1IJC=enables the leaders (plus interested members) to effectively collaborate without calling a meeting, especially when the group and/or every important event & task has multiple leaders (for reliability & dividing the work load): via posting, no longer is important planning & decisions lost in 1-to-1 private messages!)
          2. (LX1TDZ=a leading cause for a group to florish, especially on Meetup & similar Web 2.0 sites, and especially when the posts are not from (only) the group head(s).)
          3. (LX1IQG=enables & helps-insure fully-transparent & democratic administration and several other motivations mentioned on that page.))
        2. (LX1ITI=For instance, as OCAndroid, The Orange Co. Android Developer+User Community Group, requires: on it’s “Read more about us” see point LTECO0.)
      2. (LX1IMR=What I personally believe in for all my communication. (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W gives several reasons why.)
    3. (LX1JFD=In doing this, I insured everyone’s privacy is still reasonably protected, including by:
      1. (LX1NMC=Insuring that minimal notice of these posts will be sent (as emailed) out, most notably only only immediately involved persons will be notified, at least until all immediately involved persons have gotten a reasonable opportunity to post corrections.)
      2. (LX1JT6=Posting on a site which
        1. (LX1JUB=allows the post content to be fully edited after the initial post, in case something further needs to be redacted)
        2. (LX1JW5=does not email out the content of the post, except possibly for the post titles, so content does not get off the site and (permanently) into users email boxes where then it CAN’T be removed-else-corrected)
      1. (LX1JGS=For every person mentioned, replacing any real/full name with the person’s username s/he uses on the posting site (often just the first name plus, when not unique enough, a middle initial) which (at least the first use) I’ve also made a link to the person’s related group profile.)
      2. (LX1JQ1=For every phone number, replacing the area code and prefix both with “XXX”. For instance, “1.XXX.XXX.4234”.)
      3. (LX1JQA=For every email address, replacing all but the first say 2 characters of the username, as “LC..@LoveRules.Info”)
      4. (LX1JKL=Redacting (replacing with say “..”) any additional information which I was fairly sure was sensitive.)
      5. (LX1K56=Promising I will promptly do further redaction you ask for if they are reasonable, else will discuss & see: simply say what you would like changed (by a follow-up reply post there, else, when absolutely necessary, via a private message to me).)
      6. (LX1TPM=And if all the above is still not enough to make public posting safe (though it usually is), I will also make the posts private (possibly after discussion) and will explain this privacy, including who all has access, there in the posts themselves and/or by their private location.))
    4. (LX1KKI=In doing this, I insured I gave every content-contributor their proper credit, including by:
      1. (LX1KNZ=For all text/content which was not mine, making sure it
        1. (was in some fairly clear form of quotation structure (as “” or quote-block)) and
        2. (specified where exactly it came from in including the URL when known, plus (especially if not specified by the URL)
          the author and the date&time of the message else, if taken from a source which changes, the date the source was sampled.)
        3. )
    5. (LX1KXH=These insurances should be complete enough to achieve a happy transition from private-messaging to posting! But if there any steps left out, please post comment(s) here.)
    6. (LX1QVV=This article is designed to be referenced as a link in a post (to replace posting its explanation there, just give a link to here), where the link to this article comes before (notably prefaces) a post of someone else’s private-message (as SMS, email, or chat) content, especially where someone might be upset to see his/her or another person’s private message posted by someone other than the creator.)
    7. (LX1KYZ=As I did, where effective, please also convert & move your other conversations from private-messaging to posts, including citing this post to justify your actions (important since the transition is still new for many people).)


  2. (Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar=

      1. (LX1MFV=I’m not familiar with anything else like this though it may well exist.)


  3. (Motivation=

    1. (LX1QH2=Why do this & how to to it right won’t be obvious to many people without this explanation here.
      1. (LX1QPH=Millions of people have gotten into the habit of phone calls & private messaging (SMS & emailing), frequently to the point of addiction.)
      2. (LX1QQE=And fairly new (only since say 2005) is this idea of seriously communicating via electronic posting, especially with the new Web 2.0 capabilities which also allow easy access & editing of posts plus just getting notified of what you’re interested in.
      3. (LX1QQS=So many people, not realizing why & how, will likely be upset, maybe even shocked, if someone posts his/her private-message (emails, SMS, or chat) without prefacing the first re-post with an alert such a link to this article.
        1. (LX1RBT=Even technically very smart people may not clue in: see example LX1OD8.)
        2. (LX1RCN=unless perhaps the person is already leading in a multi-leader operation (including multiple-leaders on each task) which DOESN’T meet in person for the planning and DOES operate via modern Web 2.0 technologies (notably via posting) and the person takes the time to think that the methods used there would apply here, too –but that is a lot of conditions!)
        3. )
      4. )
    2. (LX1WCD=Originally designed for but also designed to be usable by most any group, in-person & remote, and more.)
    3. (LX1OD8=How began? William, the head of OC-PHP, emailed me, the head of OCAndroid, about planning for our combined booth at the SCALE 10x conference, still not recognizing that OCAndroid follows this rule so communicates primarily via posts, so then causing me have to:
      1. (LX1QF0=find-else-create an appropriate discussion thread then repost his email there following the policies above) and
      2. (LX1QFV=prevent him (and potentially others) from overreacting as he did last time when I reposted his email (seemingly from his not having thought & realized he should have instead posted (the need for for any any group, or at least to respect the rules of ours), as he is happily running  a group in a way which doesn’t scale and isn’t democratic nor transparent, indeed he is the only leader and he doesn’t seek any more) and instead comply, for which I created this article.)
    4. )
  4. (Additional History, in order=

    1. (LX1C4S=now have to convert another email (again from William, the head of OC-PHP) to a post and need an explanation so he doesn’t overreact again.)
    2. (LX1C6Z= I (not already having JotHere article for this subject)
      (created (this post )

      1. copying ((LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst2056) (LT2VER version 1.3) (LT2STA 100% 1st draft) (LT2NAM=LWU0BK=_ event leader/host requirements & responsibilities ))
      2. then set its ID to LX1C9S which is a new ID
      3. then removing all that didn’t apply and correcting the rest
      4. )))
    3. (LX1CF4=converting the visible codes into links
      1. (LX1CGY=such as
        (fr=(LT2MOD last mod 2011.12.26(Mon)pst2056))
        (to=(last mod=2011.12.30(Fri)pst1955)))
      2. (LX1UYQ=Why & what changed?
        1. (LX1UZ8=Cuts the display of the code, as “LT2MOD ” in the beginning, plus when it’s repeated at the end, vastly improving readability)
        2. (LX1VDG=what is the left-hand side of the equals?
          1. (LX1V15=If a field/variable name, that is now a link to more information of what it is, under its ID, as (q=href=”LT2MOD”))
          2. (LX1VFC=If another ID (a 1-of), then it is a “#” link to that.)
          3. (LX1VGQ=This inconsistency may well be a problem.))
        3. (LX1V6J=the “(…)”, including parens, is now an official HTML section, wrapped in either:
          1. (LX1V7C=a span-tag if single-line)
          2. (LX1V8D=a div-tag if multi-line)
          3. (LX1VA5=a li-tag if a list-item))
        4. (LX1V8Y=the section is now IDed, as (q=id=”LT2MOD”))
        5. (LX1VJL=“LSZPOS” is cut from display (as it seemed only clutter), but otherwise exists internally in the above format (as a div-tag)).)
        6. (LX1V2Z=The “=” is a link to the section. NO, replaced by LX1VCL).
        7. (LX1VCL=The left-paren, “(“, is now a link the section.)
        8. )
      3. )
    4. )
  5. (Additional Planned Changes, in order=


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