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  1. the Subject=

    1. the lastMod_version_status=pst2012.01.21Sat0934 6.2 released
    2. the title=our groups’ visit to SCALE10x
    3. LX26NU: “SCALE10x” is the official abbreviation for “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo“.
      1. LXTXOE:  –a “fantastic event .. a convention of all things open source that keeps growing in size every yearsays William
      2. LY1L5X: –a “community organized event” “celebrating its tenth year”, the largest-by-far open source software conference in Southern California IMHO, with “over 100 seminars and presentation sessions, and an exhibit hall where non-profit and commercial organizations will demonstrate the latest developments in the open-source and free software realm” (quotes from official home page)
      3. LY5SLY: The SCALE Wikipedia page now gives its history and says it’s “one of five community run Open-source software events in the United States, as of Spring 2011. It attempts to maintain a balance between commercial and non-profit organizations.”
      4. LX7R55: The conference would be better titled say “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Free Software and Open-Source Conference=SCAFSOSC10” (changes in italics).
    4. LX27A0: “our groups” are OC-PHPOCDrupalOCAndroidOC iOS, Ubuntu Hour (of Lake Forest), and ideally more (indeed any Meetup groups which refers to this article for the details).


  2. the Details=

    1. LX2X6S: When: pst2012.01.20Fri0900-.22Sat1730

    2. LX23GM: Where: a hotel by LAX, Los Angeles, CA 90045

      1. LXTZXO:  RSVP on our Meetup event listings for exact location & our hotel room(s)..
    3. LX2WUA: Our Last Visit:

      our Meetup groups’ visit to SCALE9x (on 2011. 011.02.25(Fri)0900-27(Sun)1600)

      1. LX2X4T: Great conference, better than I expected, definitely would go again & for more!
      2. LX2X56: Seemed ~500 people attended and were all having a great time!


    4. LX24VH: OC-PHP+OC-Drupal+OC Android will be running a booth at the conference, staffed by our members, to promote our groups!

        1. LXXI6O: From the Special Events, here’s the official booth listing for OC-PHP, for OCDrupal, for OCAndroid.
        2. LX2554: FREE FULL-ACCESS PASS to the conference for all days, a $70 value!

          –IFF you RSVP YES on our Meetup event listings with the needed info and then we select you to help staff our booth & you agree & do so.

          1. LXX97B:  ” We do have a very limited number of full access passes to give out to those who help out…posts OC-PHP head William.
          2. LXXIJ5:  In order to qualify for the free full access pass, one would need, for the booth, to
            1. LXXPKV(staff-it “at least 2hrs”(formerly “a few hours”) and/or bring significant supplies) as agreed in advance
            2. LXXPL7: and/or do prep-work-for-it (including making announcements as this) for that amount of time (but much of that has been already done).
        3. LXTYC0: Intro on what helping our booth entails:

          1. LXXQZL: “…[At the “Expo”=Exhibits (on Saturday & on Sunday & not on Friday)],
            • LXXR05: ..[each ] volunteer would
              1. LXXR0I: [bring to our booth the supplies s/he offered for it and]
              2. LXXR0U: .. stand at [our booth ]table [for the ]scheduled hours [sh/e agreed to] [to
                • LXXR1V: oversee the booth ]and
                • LXXR2B: answer any questions pertaining to the groups or [their ]topics[ which booth visitors have].
            •  LXXR2Z: The .. booth is to 
              1. LXXR3Y: [market our] groups, 
              2. LXXR57: answer questions [about the group’s topics],
              3. LXXR5H: if you want to showcase something, and
              4. LXXR5Q: to have fun at SCALE.
            • LXXR6A[And ]when you are not volunteered to be at the booth, you are free to watch any presentations or walk the exhibition hall.

            LXXR70: ” —OC-PHP head William posts and again revised, with my rewrites & bolding as indicated.

          2. LXXS5B: Additional details are in William’s volunteer email below BUT, since the immediate details are included here, that you can read after you’ve scheduled your shifts & resources:
        4. LX5NGU: our latest schedule for our booth (which volunteer is working when & bringing what)

          –see this for what you & everyone’s volunteering for and to set what you’re doing.

          1. LX5MT3: To pick what you’redoing, do in order:
            1. LXU0FJ:  RSVP YES on our Meetup event listings with the needed info.
            2. LXTZRA:  sign into your Google Account now
              1. LXU09W:  –required now to overcome a Google Docs bug: so the later “Sign in” button will give you a general Google Account login, not the odd ~”Sign in to your account at \ OCPHP | Orange County PHP \ Username:” which will be useless to you unless you actually have an account on
            3. LXTZSK:  see/refresh  our latest schedule for our booth
            4. LXU07B:  if the upper-left button still says “Sign in” (a bug in Firefox 9.0.1 but not Chrome 16.0)then click it and it will refreshed where indeed you are signed in from above.
            5. LXTZSY:  If you are still listed as a viewer, do File->Share and enter an email address for yourself (which is/will-be linked to a Google Account), and William will send you an email to there telling that email address now has edit access..
            6. LXTZT6:  When you’re viewing with edit access, in your columns, put a “1” in every box which you can do (a booth-time or -supply) or “0” if you definitely can’t do it, else William assign you
              1. LXXQFI:   Ideally give not just “your answer but also your reason as “0 as attending http://…” –see examples below and on the spreadsheet itself.
                1.  LXXQIX: An added benefit to you in the case of time slot answers: your “0” (no) answers with reasons (what you’ll be doing instead) then also allow you to keep track of & share of not just your booth staffing plans but everything you’ll be attending at the conference!
              2. LXXQ2H To make smart choices & detailed responses, for each time slot, first review the conference schedule as to what is happening now including “give yourself the chance to walk the exhibition floor”); then you can reply with say
                1. LXXQ51: “0 as attending”
                2. LXXQ70: “0 as will attend something on “
                3. LXXQA7: “1 as no sessions on”
                4. LXXQ7V: “1 as nothing on interests me.”
                5. LXXQAU: “1 as events on interest me but I need to put in some hours here.”
              3. LXU2NG:  In the 1st layout of this schedule, each person was assigned a unique color. But in this 2nd redesign by Destiny, every person has his/her own clear column(s), so it’s no longer necessary to know & use your color: just put a “1” or “0” in the boxes of your column.
          2. LX5NJ0: With your volunteer schedule in place, William will email you your private promo code so you can register without having to pay anything! As William says, “When you get the code, please do not share or use more than once.”.


    5. LX5KZY: Especially if you’re going, please RSVP & post those details to help everyone: 

      1. LX5MDI: What?
        1. LX5MFW: RSVP to our Meetup event listings (see below table) for all groups you belong to, and
        2. LX5MIS: As you figure out your attendance plans in more detail, post those details!  In particular, tell us:
          1. LX27HG: What hour range max you can be there, 
          2. LX5MBF: What events within the conference you will be attending,
          3. LX5MPT=Other relevant details (as carpools or rooms that you know of looking for more people)
        3. LX5LNZ: Just RSVP now with what you know now (such as what days you can be there, and for what hours) and post more (as what events you’ll be attending) as you determine that.
      2. LX5L7C: Why? So we can
        1. LX23FM: find each other & meet up there
        2. LX5LM3: arrange carpools & hotel-room sharing
        3. LX5LNB: figure out what hours you may be available to help staff our booth, if you want to do this and so get in free!
      3. LX5L7N: Where (to post these details)?  LX5LVY: Are you RSVPing YES to multipleevent listings for the same thing (such as when you belong to more than one Meetup group which lists this event)?
        1. LX5LZV: If YES, post on this article as comment(s) below (ideally create a free login).
        2. LX5M1M:If NO, does your public RSVP comment give you enough room for these details?
          1. LX5M2N: If YES, post there (on your public RSVP comment): the “hour range max you can be there” should fit no problem here.
          2. LX5M33: If NO, post as comment(s) on the event listing.


    6. LX23ON: As with all our events, follow Etiquette & Things-To-Know when RSVPing to any Meetup Event LEVV22;
      1. LX5N5V: for your convenience, the most important details of this which are relevant to this event we’ve tried to already cover above.


    7. LX24U3: Official URL: SoCalLinuxExpo.Org/scale10x including schedule –read this!

    8. LXIDIU=Scroll (horizontally=left or right) by selecting text range going left or right.

      LX37AZ: Hours & Why go & Event listings –per day & per group

      LX37MK: LX39T4: LX37DA: LX37DT: LX37JZ: LX3C5R: LX623L:
      LX37H6: Hours OC Android OC-PHP OCDrupal OCiOS Ubuntu Hour of Lake Forest
      LX37N2: Why go (besides being local) open-source-mostly programmers open-source-mostly programmers open-source CMS developers closest is open-source-mostly programmers Ubuntu is seeming the leading Linux distribution
      LX37O6: Day 1=Friday 0900-~2100 not yet; held-up not yet; held-up
      group head Linus may have limited interest
      LX37P8: Day 2=Saturday 1000-~1900 ditto ditto 44528392
      LX37Q9: Day 3=Sunday 1000-~1730 ditto ditto 44528402
      LX38WI: Discussion thread here ditto ditto use event comments ditto
      LX3C1K: Last time here here none here TBA


    9. LX5X4W: Instead of depending on the Meetup group heads to do this, we need you members to

      become event leaders! –for special conferences related to the group topic (such as this conference) or for this conference every time it occurs) –volunteer or nominate someone!


      1. LX5XDQ: Just post that as comments on this article else on the event listing.
      2. LX5XE0: Before you begin the job, read its _ track leader requirements & responsibilities (at least for OC Android).


    10. LX5HIT: Other Meetup groups & similar community groups can super-easily list & advertise this conference as well

      –as I’ve designed the (above) Discussion Thread and 3 event listings of  OC Android as easy template for such!, with instructions below.

      1. LX5IDJ: By building on what’s already built here, another group can well-list this conference  easily & just-minutes and with very minimal text that needs posting & updating, as most all the work I’ve already done for here and made easily-sharable.
      2. LX5I3R:a organizer-else member need only copy-them exactly then, in the respective places within their group, create 1 new discussion thread and 3 new event listings respectively, and
        1. LX5IOZ: Be sure to copy the content with all its formatting including links, bolding, & sizing & coloring; this is trivial if you follow instructions below.
        2. LX5I8I:For the discussion thread,
          1. LX5IN0: the only thing which needs to be copied is the 1st paragraph of the 1st post.
          2. LX5IN8: To properly copy the content, if you’re a member, click “quote-in reply” to get BBCode else (it takes some skill: copy-and-paste the output and then manually rebuild the links & formatting).
        3. LX5IV1:For each event listing,
          1. LX5I76: you must also set to match things that don’t copy, including that it repeats annually on the 2nd Friday/Saturday/Sunday respectively.
          2. LX5IVC: Copy the displayed HTML text and paste into Meetup’s event listing description HTML editor in (standard=WYSIWYG) mode, then recreate the little remaining formatting not copied.
        4. LX5I69: In your copy, just appropriately update the links & dates & stuff (the text needing copied I’ve kept super short).
      3. LX5IFC: When you’re finished, post a comment here linking to your discussion thread (and, if that doesn’t already link to them as it should, to your 3 event listings), and I will update this table (above) with your information!


  3. the Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar=

    1. LX5J6P: I’m not familiar with anything like this intermediate shared post for event listings to link to give them their details, plus the templating  system it offers (for additional self-made listings), though it may exist.
    2. LX5J75:I don’t know of any other conference like this in Southern California like this on this topic. The closest:
      1. LX5J8J: happens ~3x per year, has about 10 sessions running at all times, and about 1 of them is usually on open source stuff.


  4. the Motivation=

    1. LX263T: Why this post? I’m creating this OCAndroid 2011.01.20(Fri) event (see 1st version of archive) but see most text will be essentially be repeated by 3x for Fri-Sun, and that triple will then be potentially repeated on other Meetup groups, so I want to factor out all the common text to an article (this one) and just have the various instances link to it.


  5. the Additional (DOCUMENT) History, in order =

    1. LX2689= I  (did not know of any JotHere article on this subject) so created this post by:
      1. copying ((last mod=2011.12.30(Fri)pst2031)(version=1.0)(status=1st draft 100% complete)
        (title=I _ converted & moved our conversation from private-messages to post(s)
      2. then set its ID to LX26CM which is a new ID
      3. then remove all that didn’t apply and correct the rest.
    2. LX369V=Around right after LX2689, decide to remove from status the #s as “1st” in “1st draft” and “30%” in “30% complete, as this is implied by a version number as “1.3”.
    3. (LX28UY: regarding the header section (last mod thru where), rather than make it not part of outline, make it part of numbered main body outline.)
    4. LX29DY=Make the where it’s own 1st section, to also to hold last mod thru the title.
    5. LX30QW=starting ~10 hrs ago, cut the “()” when the list-item does the nesting.
    6. LX30GH: take the title out of bold as it will already be featured by the WordPress theme: nah, worth bolding as it has key links.
    7. LX30W0=For the major headings plus the title, drop the parens per LX30QW except first replacing the “(” with “the“.
      1. LX3141:Why?
        1. LX314O: The highlighted “(” looks ugly & asymmetrical.
        2. LX316I: If one copies the “(” to make a link, because it’s a 1-character link, in WordPress 3.2.1, one can’t edit the text without dropping into HTML.
        3. LX3192: In English, “the ” is what’s implied already and so what you would say if not being terse.
        4. LX31B9:the” is what one would generally would start with if copying to make a link as “the title
        5. LX372B: Putting “the” not “The” calls less attention to a secondary and repeated word and is per the growing convention to write text in lower-case.
        6. LX31H0: By doing “the ” and not “the_“, with default formatting it makes it much clearer that the next item is a separate link
          1. LX31T2: more important than, in WordPress 3.2.1, saving few characters typing when creating a copy that’s named say “the title” (which generally requires inserting between say “th” & “e”).
    8. LX34MK: From LX30W0, “(where” becomes “the Where” and no longer makes sense
      1. LX34RN: reads awkward and as if it was referring to geographic “where” which is not the case.
      2. LX34US: consider “the Givens”. That makes sense, but “givens” is a much rarer & unexpected than “Subject”.
      3. LX34WF:consider “the Subject” -yes, but it’s a different meaning so needs its own ID
        1. LX35L9: Pro: familiar & expected.
        2. LX35MH: Pro: more than “where” or “givens”, logically includes (the items included in it per LX29DY =”last mod thru where“)
        3. LX35IO: create link “Subject, complete & context-free” -nice but wordy
          1. LX3631: “Complete” is important because in the most frequent use of the “Subject” field, email, it’s usually half-thought & incomplete & bad.
          2. LX364Z: “Context-free” is accurate but a complex & unfamiliar idea. “Complete” is enough to say “Hey, there’s something special going on here so pay attention here when that could be important”.
          3. LX3600: rename link to “Complete Subject
        4. LX35VM: replace “Where” with “Complete Subject
    9. LX36KJ: Realize LX369V gives its own new meaning for status, so create new link “status” replacing the former.
    10. LX3BM7: Re this line (q=(last mod=2011.12.31(Sat)pst1455)(version=1.4)(status=constructing actively))-also it’s present value.
      1. LX3CD8: Small con: ugly in that “(” is a link but “)” is not.
      2. LX3CEC:several (3) individual fields which are pretty much taken as a unit but still separate is
        1. LX3CGR: Con: Cluttered since each has to be enclosed in “()” and have its own “=”
        2. LX3CI7: Con: can’t use & be symmetric with the  “the ” convention.
        3. LX3BPN: In copying this into OCAndroid day 1, was a pain the links to all 3 fields had to be rebuilt.
      3. LX3CKU: Conceive & consider a single field-variable “lastMod+version+status” –yes!
        1. LX3CPD: looks cluttered, so
        2. LX3D0J: consider lastMod,version,status but still looks cluttered so
        3. LX3D19: consider lastMod_version_status -yes!
      4. LX3D1W: Convert to this, so line now reads
        the lastMod_version_status=2011.12.31(Sat)pst1539 1.5 constructing actively
    11. LX6X4E: In the prior version, changed official date format to say “pst2012.01.02Mo0228″
      1. LX6X6D: from say “2011.12.31(Sat)pst153″
      2. LX6X88: Includes time zone as “pst” in the start as
        1. LX6X9U: time zone determines not just hour and sometimes-minute, also day of month and (on edges) month of year and (on ages) year (for instance in any year x, in some time zones when it’s Jan 1st of year x, in prior time zones it’s Dec 31 of year x-1), so time zone would belong before even the year as it sometimes determines even that.
        2. LX6XCO: time zone typically also says “time” (via it’s “T”), so makes sense to put at start of whole time (which includes the date).
      3. LX6XG6: Day name is abbreviated to 2 characters to make it shortest while still standard.
      4. LX6XIX: Day name is capital-letter then lowercase-letter as a CamelCase shortening.
      5. LX6XY=Drop the parens as “()” around the named-day as this is only adds that it’s determined based on the date (YMD) which isn’t sufficient to justify the extra & special characters.
    12. LX61JA: Cut the URL from the title pasted into the WordPress title field
      1. LX61LX: Per the recent convention (last few posts here) of hiding the IDs whenever possible, especially as already done for the section headings
      2. LX61QU: Tiny con: might hurt search indexing if one was searching for just that ID but it’s not in the title.
      3. LX61OD: Pro: cuts down the clutter notably
      4. LX61NE: URL is still in (the title which is part of the initial body) where it is needed (should one want to reference the post in a non-formatted environment as SMS) and for indexing.
    13. LX7O8M: consider replacements for “Definition
      1. LX7O9J: consider “Answer
        1. LX7OA6: My idea
        2. LX7OAF: Mixed: Makes good sense when “Complete Subject” is replaced with “Question” or “Query” but not much sense otherwise.
        3. LX7ODP: Con: Sounds arrogant, especially as “the Answer“.
      2. LX7NFP: consider “Description
        1. LX7NOD: Lucy proposes it (after a painful 2 hours getting her to understand the topic)
        2. LX7NPJ: Pro: More familiar & expected
        3. LX7NQQ: Pro: seems more appropriate when “Definition” couldn’t realistically be done (for say something which isn’t readily uniformly formally defined, say an organization or a person)
        4. LX7NQ8: Mixed: Seemingly a superset
        5. LX7NU7: Con: could allow “alternatives” (as “2x bigger than alternative y”) instead of putting that in (the section for it=Comparison with Alternatives, from most to least similar)
      3. LX7O1C: consider “Details
        1. LX7OHD: Pro: I & Lucy see this is better than “Description
        2. LX7OI7: Pro: sounds like it doesn’t include alternatives, unlike “Description” may
        3. LX7OK8: I do this replacement.
    14. LX7VLT: Did these plans:
      1. .LX321F=LX2XL1 needs to be its own post.
      2. LX36ZH: after LX321F, in the subject, put “SCALE” definition before “Meetup” (per new the title) and move “<!–more–>” link right after “the details“‘s “When & where”)
    15. LX7VW2: renamed “Complete Subject” to “Subject
      1. LX7VZH: at Lucy’s certainty that it was notably more aesthetically acceptable and the system still can define “Subject” to include “lastMod_version_status” w/o confusion.
      2. LX7W14: The underlying ID LX3SUB remains the same as the concept renames the same.


  6. the Additional Planned Changes, in order=

    1. LX7W4D: none (other than global improvements on all docs, as mentioned here)


  13 Responses to “our groups’ visit to SCALE10x”

  1. LX5VPP=Attention Meetup leaders especially mine (OCAndroid) (including most recently Bill Z. as we talked about this duringHack Night (7=last one)), 
    About this new event listing format:

    1. LX5VR9=How do you like it, especially in contrast to the ones I’ve used recently, as for Hack Night 6? Note in contrast, This listing (for SCALE10x)
      1. LX5VXR=Uses a shared (JotHere) post for the listing details, instead of putting them on the event listing description
        1. LX5W32=Pretty essential for this case (since the event will be listed on several Meetup groups and spans a few says, but also quite useful for (events on one group but repeat, as Hack Night and many of our other tracks)
      2. LX5W5R=Indeed moves-to-the-shared-post all content which is NOT unique to this one listing (so would be repeated)
        1. LX5W9I=Including the list of other listings, so now one has to go to the shared post to find other listings (2 steps) but with the benefit of a much shorter & simpler listing
        2. LX5WB1=Except I’ve kept the discussion thread link, here “LX24SZ=discussion thread for all 3 days”, even though IN THIS CASE the same thread is used by all days of the ONE conference instance on THIS group site, as
          1. LX5WEW=usually the discussion thread would be unique to the 1 listing (this case is fairly rare)
          2. LX5WGN=taking an additional page load then search thru that page to find the event’s discussion thread would seem excessive work
          3. LX5WJH=The fact it’s the same within all listings (on our group) hasn’t been an update problem since it hasn’t needed to be updated.)
      3. LX5WL9=I’ve used a new cleaner format for the first status line, combining the 3 fields into one, as “lastMod_version_status=2011.01.01(Sun)pst1031 2.5 not yet Announce-emailed but please now comment & RSVP!”
      4. LX5X2I=Still not done here is to handle how the event listing evolves over each occurrence of the event (as each occurrence of this conference, or say Hack Night).
        1. LX5XQC=In this case (SCALE10x) I did that by starting a new post which was NOT a copy of the prior post (for SCALE9) but a fresh start (was a copy of another post using the later text format). This was kind of okay since this only does annually.
        2. LX5XTD=But for frequent events, as Hack Night which happens weekly and doesn’t change too much week-to-week but still does change (as leaders come & go, format evolves some), I’m thinking of doing this by using‘s ability to version posts, along with say the WordPress plugin Revisionary which displays all prior versions to the public with date-stamping so would allow one to see what version was in effect when the event took place. More details of this to be worked out.
    2. LX6WT6=Given no resonable objections, I’m going to start converting Meetup event listings I oversee, including OCAndroid, into this format.
    3. LX5X1P=To create a new Meetup event using this new format (or any new format), just select a best (as recent) example of an event listing with the desired format and pick “Copy” then edit to suit.
  2. LXTX2T: Reposting the following email I got:

    On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 8:34 AM, William Estrada wrote:
    Hey Everyone,

    You are receiving this email because you showed interest in helping out at our SCALE booth.

    I have shared a Google Doc with you ( For those who did it last year this is the same doc but basically put the corresponding color next your name in any open boxes where you can help. If you can volunteer at least two hours that would be great. More would be good but solely up to you and not requested. Be sure to check the schedule.

    Below is some information. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    – William


    When scheduling, be sure to check the SCALE10x presentation times so you can still watch any presentations you would like and give yourself the chance to walk the exhibition floor. I will only be there on Saturday. Sunday is usually a slower day for exhibitions so if we have more volunteers Saturday that is fine.


    I will be sending a code to register for SCALE. This will give you access to all 3 days of the event. Its a $60-70 value. When you get the code, please do not share or use more than once.


    As being in proximity to LAX and in LA (, parking is around $9 to $16 for the day (if I recall correctly). You have the option to park at the Hilton which I heard last time which goes up to 6 floors underground and is tight spacing or park next door at the parking structure. The structure is in the higher price range.


    We don’t have any demonstrations planned yet but you are welcome to demonstrate anything technical that you have done. We may have a monitor with a vga cable (that I can bring in Saturday). Its an older monitor. Although it would be nice, we will not have a projector.


    Basically, just answer any questions pertaining to any of the technologies you know. Promote the Orange County technology user groups. We had several swag last year that we don’t have this year. Swag helps attract passer bys for conversation so always nice to have. Nicer swag gives us a chance to tweet that we are giving them out. If your company has left over swag that can be donated let me know. I don’t care if it is self promotion for themselves and they can have any job posting placed on our table. If you have somewhat newer technical books that you have no need for, we have handed those out in the past too.


    We get one ethernet cable and an extension cord. Bringing small amount of snacks to share among volunteers is up to you.

    • LXUTJW: My notes & study on (this=LXTX2T=William’s email “because you showed interest in helping out at our SCALE booth”)

      1. LXTTZY:  I view  logged into my_usual_Google_account. I get  (so it’s a spreadsheet) but that says:

        You are signed in as my_usual_Google_account, but you don’t have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or sign-in as a different user. Learn more

           Sign in as a different user

      2. LXTU06:  He shared it with  LDD..@LoveRules.Info which doesn’t now have a linked Google Account. 
      3. LXTU0W:  In Incognito window not logged in  it displays:

        Welcome to OCPHP | Orange County PHP

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        1. LXTU8K:  This is confusing as if you don’t have a login it gives no option to create one.
      4. (item LXTU92 not relevant to attendees).
      5. LXTUJU:  Sign into “Google Account LDD..@LoveRules.Info” <>,  
        1. LXTUZB:  View 
          1. LXTUZO:  -it works & gives edit access; lists 6 accessors:

            Who has access

            Private – Only the people listed below can access

            LDD..@LoveRules.Info (you) 
            John Brasher 
            Rolando Granadino 

            Add people:Choose from contacts

              – Add message

            Share & save




            Editors will be allowed to add people and change the permissions.

    • LXVVF9:  My notable changes of the Google doc of (this=LXTX2T=William’s email “because you showed interest in helping out at our SCALE booth”)

      1. LXVVMW:  on ~2012.01.14Sat, done in order:
        1. LXVVGD:   make the document publically readable
          1. LXVVHV:  as it seems it contains no confidential info (the booth’s public after all) and many editors, including me, will be put off as far as figuring out how to log in to edit if they can’t even see what they’re logging into.
          2. LXTV1O:  Do File->Publish to the Web for Sheet 1 & get this URL but that lacks an update link.
          3. LXTVMS:  Change sharing from Private to “Anyone with the link”. 
            1. LXTVVU:  This gives link to share but the 1st one works fine.
            2. LXTVWA:  Viewing in this mode gives more view possibilities including Download & view formats plus, when signed in, Tools -> Notification Rules  (of changes) -quite cool. But doesn’t reveal the people it’s shared to (good).
        2. LXVVRB:  Layout improvements
          1. The present layout pros & thru cons
            1. Nice start.
            2.  a nice idea assigning everyone a color,
            3. gets confusing as to
              1. how to paste colors (I didn’t now how at first, and I’ve used spreadsheets for years) and
              2. where to paste colors (not clear who has what cell)
              3. that the person needs to select to bring resources both days, not just the 1st day.
              4. how to quickly look up who has what color
              5. problems if one is color blind or printing on black&white or runs out of obviously-different color choices.
            4. not obvious place if one wants to put notes in their cell if the goal is only that the cell only contains their colors.
          2. LXUT4W:  Do an improved layout giving each person a column for that day (Sat & Sun), so each person having a color is no longer needed.
            1. LXVVZ6:  thus also lays out the page into 2×2 (4 big rectangles)
            2. LXVW12:  Tested the design on booth-volunteer Lucy and she figured it out immediately w/ no problem & no explanation.
        3. LXVW2N:  based on (the login bugs mentioned in the prior comment) and other new details, update & write instructions for this at
    • LXWO3N: RE 

      1. LXWP4E:  starting at revision “Jan 15, 3:30 PM PT
      2. LXWP38:  Per my design, works very well for writing entries as “0 as attending“: the answer, “0”, is displayed immediately and the rest of the (undisplayed) cell has arbitrary room for the reason and further details.
      3. LXWP5N:  Works very well as the value of 1 cell can replicate or extend another , avoiding duplication & further illustrating constraints.
      4. LXWNLH:  Time slots
        1. LXWNO0:  are currently every hour from 0800 to 1700 (plus 1730-1800) but this doesn’t match
        2. LXWO03:  I set to start at the same start times of the Saturday sessions , so one either attends the session and  it’s break after for Qs & discussion about the session, or one staffs the booth.
          1. LXWO96:  No significant secheduling has been done on this sheet yet so it’s easy for me to adjust the about 3 that are there.
          2. LXWO7L:  Results in deletion of some slots, as 12:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, but no problem due to LXWO96.
          3. LXWORT:   Works well for Sat
        3. LXWOZG:  For Sun it doesn’t work as well as Sun has a somewhat different schedule yet the current design uses exactly the same parameters for each day, doesn’t allow a day to overridden.  Realize it’s more important to customize the events of the day rather than the people, suggesting a different layout: for each day (Sat & Sun), the events of each day repeated instead of the volunteers.
          1. LXWP8O: Plan to make this change soon. Paused at revision “Today, 11:26 AM PT“.
    •  LXX2SG:  RE 

      1. LXX2UA:   starting at revision “Today, 4:29 PM PT
      2. LXX2VP:  do #LXWP8O
        1. LXX4I0:Again use array formulas to do & maintain the duplicate headings.
        2. LXX4J0: Works great.
      3. LXX4JH:  add the pseudo-resource “instructions at:” with link to details
      4. LXX4U9:add the pseudo-resource “(grp) profile URL” for each person’s Meetup group profile URL else other web profile.
        1. LXX7RC:  When the person belongs to multiple participating Meetup groups, pick the group which 1st brought him/her to the conference (unless the person doesn’t share groups, then list all URLs).
        2. LXX7TE:  For persons where it’s not clear, put an entry as

          Which? Probably 1 of the 3 “Rolando”s of as attended 4x or as attend 1x or as attended 1x.

        3. LXX7V5:  There are about 2 entries which I’m not clear on where whomever put them there (William) will have to answer this.
      5. LXX4K8:  For each day, add general question “attending” which also is able to specify where that info from as event-post URL RSVP.
      6. LXX817: stop at revision “Today, 6:23 PM PT
    • LY4CPM:  RE

      LY4CPR:  In response to William making this unwarned deletion of this row, I posted into the talk panel

      william.e. has opened the document.
      me: Yes, field (email(s) semi-sensored LY2S4R) IS needed else I wouldn’t have added it: to know who these people are on the sharing list (who has access, some only have email addresses). You seem to forget, you’re not the only one bringing in people – I don’t know which email goes to the people you bring in and visa versa. Fortunately I caught this quick. If not, it would be royal pain to rebuild. One should kindly propose removing data before actually removing it;
      william.estrada has opened the document.
      william.estrada: Don’t get what you mean but whatever really. Thought you opened this form public. Doesn’t matter.
      william.estrada has left.
      me: Don’t get? It’s simple: put yourself in my shoes: Just as you probably wouldn’t know the people I add, I don’t know most of the people you add. So I look at the emails you shared the discount code to and shared this spreadsheet with and so I don’t match them with the names here. For instance, it’s not obvious Miguel has email address mig… as I don’t know him. Then it’s hard to get a big picture, and remember it looks like I will have to be overseeing the booth on Sunday since you won’t be there, and indeed anyone might need to oversee it and ask “Where’s my replacement”. But, yes, I did open this as public, that’s why I’ve made the usernames with “..” so we’re not revealing full addresses, just enough to make this small matchup internally; I recall Google Groups has this convention as well.

      LY4CST:  I notice the talk panel content doesn’t stick around (from the last time one opened it), so why I make the prior post here.
      LY4GLS:  Donna called & RSVPed YES for Sat & Sun & I just sent her this to make her booth schedule:

      On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Destiny Architect (Google Docs) <> wrote:

      I’ve shared OC Meetup groups’ SCALE 2012

      Message from LCD..t@LoveRules.Info:
      Dear Donna at, ,
      Thanks for RSVPing YES on & and being willing to help out at our booth to get in for free. So I’ve now given these email addresses edit access so you can pick your volunteer schedule. Open this link and see the instructions in the upper-left corner of this spreadsheet (currently in cell C2). Once I’ve seen you’ve scheduled yourself for at least 2 hours and/or bringing significant stuff, I’ll email you the code so you pay $0 when you go register.
      to open OC Meetup groups’ SCALE 2012

    • LY4VW2:  

      More details on our booth, & getting your discount for helping with it.

       –Email sent to me (which the sender should have posted here instead of me):

      On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 6:17 PM, William E.. <> wrote:

      You are receiving this because you registered for our booth at SCALE. Below is the information for registering. Please only use the code once and if you have any trouble let me know. 
      Access Code:  *********[only distributed via direct private email] (use only once and not to be used for anyone other than yourself unless you check with me first)
      [comment on this post] if you have any questions. 
      Michael, please forward this email and registration code to Lucy. Confirm back you have done this. I never received her email to keep her posted on the updates.
      – William
      Organization: Orange County PHP and Orange County Drupal (obtained booth before OCAndroid confirmed)
      Booth #(s): 81
      1 x 500W Electrical Outlet 
      1 x 6′ table
      2 x chairs
      1 x Ethernet Ports
      Exhibit Hall Room(s): Hilton International & Pacific Ballrooms
      Exhibit Hall Hours: 10am – 6pm
      [Just use mapping software as ]

  3. Putting into production the new JotHere-style event post (description) template created on OCAndroid Day1

    1. LY1LM4: I wanted to polish this more and make sure all the field names had good links, but since it’s just 1.1 days away and it should be listed on at least OC-PHP, there definitely no more time.
    2. LY2154:  a few hours ago, tried to list on OC-PHP & OC-Drupal but ran into & reported a roadblock.
    3. LY1SMM: On OCiOS,
      1. LY1SNW: Create day 1, archived to LY1UFU(_HTML_only_Chrome).htm
      2. LY1V4J:  Create day 2, archived to LY1W4M(_HTML_only_Chrome).htm
      3. LY1WDP:  Create day 3, archived to LY1XGK(_HTML_only_Chrome).htm
      4. pause
      5. LY229Y:  Let leaders know of the event listing to announce.
        1. LY22AC:  Message: (LY21OG=Dear “OCiOS” leaders (choosing a few randomly since so many). This Fri-Sun is the big SCALE10x (open source) conference -which is very tied 2Unix which iOS uses, so I’ve carefully listed each day on ur calendar: see (this OCiOS column Today,pls click “announce” on each u of the 3, else let me know what any prob. If u’d like, pls do a custom announcement: easy: use as a template. Lkg fwd2hearing fr u!)
        2. LY22B1:  I sent to:
          1.  LY22GY:  Jan 19, 2012 12:07 PM Carl
          2.  Jan 19, 2012 12:13 PM John James.
          3. LY22LH:  Jan 19, 2012 12:15 PM Kevin
    4. LY212U:  To all OCAndroid members, email annoucement.
  4. LY2HSI:  ROOM SHARING OFFERS (as hotel/motel rooms)

    1. LY2HTS:  Reply to this comment with your room-sharing offer.
      1. LY2HUQ:  Your respondants can then reply to your comment else contact you direct.
    • LY2IFT:  I have reserved A NEARBY MOTEL ROOM FOR JUST ~$60/nite for 2 queen sized beds, to ideally share this Thu, Fri, and/or Sat nites. Non-smoking, includes free wifi & free parking. Just 2mi from the venue direct down Centry Blvd, via bus 117 or cab or pay $9/day self-park at the venue. Reply to this comment else contact me direct

      • LY2KQ2:  Update: I canceled Thu as I no longer will need that nite. (LY2KVI:  Why? & Background, for those curious: I reserved the room today as I was planing to drop by the nearby & en-route Long Beach VA then stay at this motel. But I won’t be able to make the VA today before they close at ~4:30pm, so I’ll just drive direct to the conference in the early morning. If the VA opens early enough & the conf starts late enough, I’ll drop by the VA en-route. Else I’ll go to the VA on Monday right after the conference, that nite possibly car-camping :-).)

      • LY2KXW:  More rooms are available at this price on Thu & Fri plus some on Sat. Reply here and I’ll message you the details.