Jan 032012

(LX7QC2=created this doc) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

  1. Could the presentation of this info be improved? Of course! But I’m not being paid to do this document. So ahead of any nicer presentation, this document is dogfooding of my real love, semantic web research –where semantics first need to be 100% clean & machine-parseable. So if you have concrete improvement ideas which won’t lose any of that, post away! –as yes, it is my eventual goal that humans can easily read this, too. But in the meantime, my goal is to write, and figure out how to write, real things we humans deal with every day in a way that computers could also understand.
    1. LX7Q8R=to be used as a preface on certain documents
    2. LX7X69=Planned improvements for human readers:
      1. LX7Y2O=Mostly require CSS code which
        1. LX7Y4T=is possible on JotHere but not always possible, as Meetup strips it.
        2. LX7Y58=I had developed quite a bit but then stopped using it as it wasn’t portable to Meetup; but plan to resume & redo development as I now see increasing & significant ways where Meetup text can instead be placed on JotHere.
      2. LX7Y21=are
        1. LX7X6U=Make the ID on every point a lot less obtrusive & cluttering by (from most to least effective):
          1. LX7XBV=Making all of them flush-left else -right. –makes a huge improvement.
          2. LX7X93=Putting it in a color which nearly matches the background so it’s a lot less visible.
            1. LX7XAT=This is currently being done on most new documents.
          3. LX7XDI=Placing them in a fixed-width font (so constant width regardless of characters) enabling easy comparison (if one is directly above another) and less visual distraction
          4. LX7XG5=Insuring they are all in the same-sized font, probably small, regardless of the present font size.
          5. LX7XY5=Making them appear deleted (non-displayed)
        2. LX7Y9P=Minimize outline indent, as 2pix with dotted vertical line.
        3. LX7YA0=Additional improvements.

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