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LX7QS4=doc id; (under construction)

  1. LX2XL1=The conference would be better titled say “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Free Software and Open-Source Conference=SCAFSOSC10” (changes in italics)
    =The conference would be better titled say “10th annual Southern CAlifornia Free Software and Open-Source Conference=SCAFSOSC10(changes in italics), as

    1. LX2XU9=the conference seems to focus in general on “Free Software and Open-Source” and especially the combo, FOSS=Free and Open Source Software.
      1. LX2YOE=By at least _Meetup groups visit SCALE9x, plus by the official conference Home description of “LinuxOpen-Source, and Free Software conference”
      2. LX2YTF=Yes, the conference may have begun focusing on Linux (since Linux is the biggest name in open-source, and was once seemingly the only name) and yes it seems all the software presented there runs on Linux, so yes Linux is a core in those ways; but in actuality Linux seems to be one of the many topics of this conference, and a lot of software presented here, as a full-day on PosgreSQL runs on all platforms, not just Linux, and by official description, the software need not run on Linux (just be “Open-Source” or “Free Software“) and indeed it need not be even software but just “Open-Source” and indeed there is talk here too of Open-Source in all areas (not just software). So it would make sense by this to just cut “Linux” from the conference name.
    2. LX2ZBU=It is a “conference” not just an “expo”.
      1. LX2ZCS=again by LX2YOE.
      2. LX2ZDX=“Expo” may have been used instead in the name as perhaps in the beginning it was just an “expo” and/or someone wanted to force the cute abbreviation of “SCALE”.
    3. LX2ZGE=The “x” in the abbreviation, as “SCALE10x”, can be cut, so just “SCALE10”, as the latter is shorter and notably clearer.
      1. LX2ZJZ=The “x” was probably added to be cute, to contrast with “SCALE” (as in scale by 10-times), but it hurts clarity enough that I don’t think it’s a good idea.