Jan 082012
  1. LXI1B4=Problem: on http://1.JotHere.com, search results, results of all posts in a category, and sometimes the home page listing (of recent posts) are messed up frequently to the point of being largely usuable because post “summaries” are too long, mostly because they are listed in full because the author (including often me) didn’t put in a “<!--more--> tag” so WordPress lists them here in full.
  2. LXI14Z=Goal: For 1.JotHere.com, have code, ideally a WordPress plugin, which automatically generates a readable short max-length excerpt for every post, even with no  “<!--more--> tag” nor custom-excerpt and even when the post uses & requires elaborate formatting.
  3. LXG9L5=Research
    LXIDIU=Scroll (horizontally=left or right) by selecting text range going left or right. bb


    LXGA5R=possiblities, from most to least important roughly
    LXGA4J= official name & link WP 5star rating downloads found via compatible up to additional notable
    LXHZRW= Goal LXHZRW 5.0 this search here From most to least desirable:

    1. LXI0QZ=TOP PRO: Automatically add a “read more” link after your excerpt, linking to the full post.
    2. LXI0JV=TOP PRO: “It tries to display your custom excerpt text and if it doesn’t find it it will show an automatically generated excerpt.”
    3. LXI0JJ=HIGH PRO: “show the_excerpts [everywhere: ]in your homepage, archives and search results
    4. LXI0KJ=HIGH PRO: “You can also define excerpt length, ” in displayed characters.
    5. LXI0LN=HIGH PRO: “Keeps HTML markup in the excerpt (and you get to choose which tags are included)”
    6. LXI0M5=PRO: “You can also define excerpt …read more link[ text]
    7. LXI0MV=PRO: Constrain excerpt by height, not just characters or words (important when heavy indent or tables),
    8. LXI0TD=PRO: Makes sure the excerpt is always truncated to defined lenght, even if generated via “<!--more--> tag” or via custom-excerpt.
    9. LXI55E=MED-SMALL PRO: acheives the excerpt via an iframe which loads just the body and sized accordingly
      1. LXI599=My idea just now; never heard of it thus far.
      2. LXI59X=PRO: allows the client browser to dynamically load only what’s necessary & even resize
      3. LXI5BE=PRO: when clicking on excerpt to open, if page-assembly done on client, client doesn’t have to download content again.
      4. LXI5XN=NOTABLE CON: A not-optimized browser may, in background, download several times more content than needed.
    10. LXI0NY=Small PRO: “supports multibyte language (such as Chinese).”
    11. LXI0NI=Tiny PRO: “You can [optionally] attach a thumbnail.
    LXG9HC= Google Search=wordpress more auto OR automatic self
    LXGCBI= WordPress.org tag experts LXGAX8 tag see finds
    LXGCE7= Auto Excerpt everywhere 5.0 8,194 LXGCBI find 1 3.* show the_excerpts [everywhere: ]in your homepage, archives and search results
    It tries to display your custom excerpt text and if it doesn’t find it it will show an automatically generated excerpt.”
    “You can also define excerpt length, custom read more link and attach a thumbnail.
    LXGD1H= wp-utf8-excerpt 4.4 27,320 LXGCBI find 14

    1. It supports multibyte language (such as Chinese). It will not produce gibberish as some other excerpt plugins do.
    2. The html tags in the original posts, i.e., the font styles, colors, hyperlinks, pictures and such are preserved in the excerpt.
    3. For better readability, it displays 300 characters for each post on the homepage and 150 characters for each post on archive pages.”
    LXGAX8= Advanced Excerpt 4.1 116,358 LXG9OF ref
    LXGCBI find 11

    1. Keeps HTML markup in the excerpt (and you get to choose which tags are included)
    2. Trims the excerpt to a given length using either character count or word count
    3. Completes the last word or sentence in an excerpt (no weird cuts)
    4. Ignores custom excerpts and use the generated one instead
    5. Theme developers can use the_advanced_excerpt() for even more control (see the FAQ)”
    LXGBSE= Post Teaser 4.1 63,679 LXGBPG ref 1
    LXGCBI find 50
    3.0.5 generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time.
    LXGDEF= DP Excerpt 4.0 3,100 LXGCBI find 41 3.1.4

    1. Keep HTML markup in the excerpt(Optional)
    2. Keep Shortcode output in the excerpt(Optional).
    3. Cut off the excerpt to a given length using either character count or word count.
    4. Customize the excerpt length and the ellipsis character.
    5. Automatically add a “read more” link after your excerpt, linking to the full post.
    6. Can ignore <!--more--> tag was used before the summary of a specified length.
    7. Can ignore manual excerpt.
    8. The real excerpt length, HTML markup and shortcode output is not counted.”
    LXGBD8= Auto More Tag 4 1,210  LXG9HC find 3 3.2.1 “Add More tag after x Characters or Words”
    “Break on (Space or other choice)”
    “I have two kids. Buy me beer” seems amaturish.
    above from here
    LXG9PG= Except Editor 4 60,981 2 refs by LXG9OF 2.9.2
    LXG9OF= WordPress.org support post  LXG9HC find 1
    LXGB5I= WordPress.Org support automatic-more-link  LXG9HC find 2 “Topic Closed”
    LXGB80= Displaying a_.22more.E2.80.A6.22_link without_a_.3C–more–.3E_tag LXGB5I ref 1 Official doc on how to code it in PHP
    LXGBPG= wordpress.org support auto read more  LXG9HC find 4 see ref
  4. LXGDRG=Install (above #1 choice=”LXGCE7=Auto Excerpt everywhere“) latest=1.2 at http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/plugin-install.php
    1. LXGE1F=In http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=auto-excerpt-everywhere/options.php
      1. Excerpt length” is “” and “(default is 500)“says here so keep.
      2. Read more text“: change from “” to “MORE”
      3. Include post thumbnail” is not set; set to “Thumbnail 
      4. Disable in rss feed” is off. Leave.
      5. LXGE8P=Select “Update settings”
    2. LXGECX=View http://1.JotHere.com
      & http://2.loverules.info/?s=OCAndroid&searchsubmit=

      1. LXGEIQ=Pro: “MORE” looks good.
      2. LXGEJ0=Pro: Appears to be working as intended.
      3. LXGEJA=Easily fixable: Present default (500?) makes truncation about 55% of what it should be for present theme Suffusion due to per-post side-box
      4. LXGEM0=Con: Thumbnails are not appearing.
      5. LXGEJK=Serious con: all formatting has been stripped, even line breaks, making a mess of run-together characters.
    3. LXGEMG=redo LXGE1F with
      1. Excerpt length” from “” to “895” (after about 10 tries of binary search)
      2. Include post thumbnail” to “Large”
    4. LXGF36=redo LXGECX but no change except:
      1. LXGF3U=Excerpt length” appears to be 100%=exactly what it should be +/-4.
    5. LXGF61=Because of LXGEJK especially, deactivate plugin & continue searching.
  5. LXGFAQ=Install (above #2 choice=LXGD1H=wp-utf8-excerpt) latest=0.6.2:
    1. LXGFQM=redo LXGE1F
      plus view http://2.loverules.info/category/company-lg6vxp/meetup-com-lfflfn/definition-lg5def-lg6x84

      1. LXGFSZ=Notable pro: overall does what one/I want
      2. LXGGY5=Con: present settings seem to produce experts ~150% than desired.
      3. LXGFRH=Overall small con: No GUI settings, one can just edit the code (“Edit” link on the plugin list)
      4. LXH7P7=Con: Puts in excerpt of every post which has the more-tag say “UTF8_EXCERPT­_HAS_MORE” or “UTF8_EXCERPT_[……]” or “UTF8_EXCERP[……]” –apparently a bug due to code “remove UTF8_EXCERPT­_HAS_MORE at the end, which has 21 characters”
      5. LXI4IV=Con: bug: If the (text=post body) already contains  “UTF8_EXCERPT­_HAS_MORE” (such as this post does), it seems it won’t insert the breakpoint and instead breaks at first occurrence.
        1. LXI4LP=I doing the workaround to encode this as HTML “UTF8_EXCERPT&shy;_HAS_MORE”
      6. LXGQHJ=Notable Con: “more” appears to be displayed as not ”  MORE” but “<br/><br/>MORE” (actually close-tags then <p>MORE</p>) which wastes typically 2 lines.
      7. LXI1ME=Con: lacks desired features LXI0MV & LXI0TD & LXI0NI.
    2. LXGP4M=change settings via code
      1. LXGXIK=“define (‘HOME_EXCERPT_LENGTH’, 600);” works best for 1024pix wide window in latest Firefox (~.9 line too long) and Chrome (~1 line too short), based esp. on the exerpt of this post.
      2. LXHYZQ=New changed code (with original)
        /* default option values */
        /* LXH87B=UPDATE (original=
        define ('HOME_EXCERPT_LENGTH', 300);
        define ('ARCHIVE_EXCERPT_LENGTH', 150);
        define ('HOME_EXCERPT_LENGTH', 591 );
        /*) per LXGXIK but also for http://2.loverules.info/583 , readjusted for (just-prior bug fixes LXGXRV & LXH7UT; also did "define ('ARCHIVE_EXCERPT_LENGTH', HOME_EXCERPT_LENGTH )" as Suffusion theme makes minimum post height already so might as well fill-it.*/
        /* LXH9NE=UPDATE (original=
        define ('ALLOWD_TAG', '<a><b><blockquote><br><cite><code><dd><del><div><dl><dt><em><h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><i><img><li><ol><p><pre><span><strong><ul>');
        define ('ALLOWD_TAG', '<a><b><blockquote><br><cite><code><dd><del><div><dl><dt><em><h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><i><img><li><ol><p><pre><span><strong><ul>
        /*) to also display tables (as 1st http://2.loverules.info/282) by adding the 10 table elements of http://www.w3schools.com/html5/tag_table.asp */
        /* LXGXRV=UPDATE (original=
        define ('READ_MORE_LINK', __( 'Read more', 'wp-utf8-excerpt') );
        define ('READ_MORE_LINK', __( 'MORE', 'wp-utf8-excerpt') );
        /*) to make the link shorter & more prominent */
        					/*LXH7UT=Update (original=
        					//remove UTF8_EXCERPT­_HAS_MORE at the end, which has 21 characters
        					$text = substr ($text, 0, -21);
        					//remove UTF8_EXCERPT­_HAS_MORE at the end, from position found
        					$text = substr ($text, 0, $more_position);
        					/*) to fix bug LXH7P7 based on this line being used below.*/
      3. LXHZBK=Verify by redoing LXGFQM: Good.
      4. pause several days
      5. LXT5V2:  There are problems with addressed in next post on it.
    3. LXI1RE=Overall usable for now.