Jan 092012
  1. LXK3X8: Problem: http://StashIt88.DreamHosters.com/L8IPUB (and generally its parent folder) is JotHere material, including where JotHere’s CSS is to be stored, but is not under the JotHere domain.  Caveats:
    1. LXK44X: http(|s)://StashIt88.DreamHosters.com/(4 folders) is daily use for Subversion and would take about 1 day of work to convert to another domain after the repositories were moved there.
    2. LXK44F: StashIt88.DreamHosters.com has its own IP, and it & any manifestations need this for secure Subversion connections.
  2. LXK4CW: A solution: Add a *.JotHere.com CNAME to StashIt88.DreamHosters.com
    1. LXK4D4: Use 0.JotHere.com
      1. LXK4EA: as it’s maximally short, available, logically comes just before existing 1.JotHere.com, and indeed StashIt88 came before JotHere and nothing notable came in between except possibly http://Blogger.LoveRules.Info but that is to be migrated to http://1.JotHere.com .
      2.  LXK4I9: now choose this.
    2. LXK4JP:  in https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&current_step=Index&next_step=ShowZone&domain=jothere.com
      1. Name=0.JotHere.com
      2. Type=CNAME
      3. Value=StashIt88.DreamHosters.com
      4. Comment: Creation notes http://1.JotHere.com/685#LXK4JP
      5. LXK4RR: Submit gives “Success! \ We have now added the CNAME record for 0.jothere.com with value StashIt88.DreamHosters.com.. Our DNS servers will start serving this record within a couple of minutes.”
      6. LXK4YI: http://0.JotHere.com/L8IPUB indeed browses, so http is working!
      7. LXK51O: https://0.JotHere.com/L8IPUB
        1. LXK523:: On Chrome, produces a security warning (expected as the certificate not signed by a trusted 3rd party) which appears the same as https://StashIt88.DreamHosters.com/L8IPUB –good! And still browses (without login).
        2. LXK597: still need to test if accessible via Subversion, as that should eventually be needed without having to instead say “use StashIt88.DreamHosters.com”.

  3 Responses to “Create 0.JotHere.com as a CNAME to StashIt88.DreamHosters.com LXK3QU”

  1. While it has worked reliably since the creation, now “ping 0.JotHere.com” and “ping stashit88.dreamhosters.com” are failing, including pinging the raw IP: quote(
    $ ping
    PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
    C-c C-c
    — ping statistics —
    9 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 8064ms).

      • the removal attempt produces a warning q(Are you absolutely certain you want to remove the unique IP from the domain stashit88.dreamhosters.com?
        You won’t be able to access your domain at http(s):// or run any services that require a unique IP.
        It will take a few hours before your domain reverts to a regular shared IP as DNS propagates. We will keep working during the transition to avoid downtime.
        If applicable, We will credit your account for unused time on any Unique IP add-on plan you had for this IP.
        Because secure sites (https) require a unique IP, we must kill the secure site you have on stashit88.dreamhosters.com.

        I’m sure I want to remove from stashit88.dreamhosters.com!

        I also understand my secure site will break immediately!)
        -this seems too drastic. Decide to first wait say 12hrs to see if the problem goes away.