Jan 102012
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  1. LXLYSB: In http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-blog-features.php ->Custom Includes -> Stylesheet
    1. LXLYWB:  Additional 1 is set to http://docs.google.com/uc?id=…
      1. LXLYWB:: I ~2 days ago, recalling this didn’t work reliably, I tried it in incognito mode to view http://2.loverules.info/140  and it worked fine (putting IDs float-right).
      2. LXLZ29: While this in theory should provide versioned & scalable-cloud storage, it’s certainly not its intended use (for CSS stylesheet hosting) and I don’t have a means to automatically write to it (as via a Makefile)
      3. LXLZ5G:: So intend to phase it out, once its content has been moved over, with this next approach:
    2. LXLZ6L:: Additional 2 is not set; Set it to new http://0.JotHere.com/L8IPUB/JotHere_LXK5OS/info_distros_LPCDST__LXK5Z4/LXKDST.min.combo.css
      1. LXLZ9R:: as
        1. LXLZFS http://0.JotHere.com/L8IPUB storage is
          1. LXLZH0: PRO: public
          2.  LXLZG5: PRO: versioned, and via standard Subversion
          3. LXM022: PRO: writeable via a Makefile
          4. LXLZH9: Tiny con: via 1 server, which is also shared hosting, so won’t scale for CSS to over say 100 users accessing for the 1st time at the exact same second which is fairly rare, so still will scale to 10,000s of readers.
        2. LXM030: File LXKDST.min.combo.css is generated (properly=automatically via a Makefile) which:
          1. LXM05A:: NOTABLE PRO: Combines css from several files instead 1 source file, allowing more modular & maintainable CSS development.
          2. LXM06T:   PRO: Minifies the CSS
          3. LXM08LNOTABLE PRO: Could do other essential-else-useful operations including:
            1. LXM0A5: CSS preprocessing (needed for Sass & often Less)
      2. LXM2IITesting needed. No problems initially but all I know is initially I see no changes to existing posts.