Jan 272011
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  1. LFNOQ3: It was only today I heard of powerful & impressive Pretty-Link (Google Search[URL shortener software] found 2nd http://esev.com/blog/review/host-your-own-url-shortener-10-php-apps-reviewed with top choice  Pretty-Link )
  2. LFNORH: On a test WordPress site I ran some tests of it and was quite impressed.
  3. LFNOSQ: Now I install it on this site version 1.4.55 & activate.
  4. LFZN8V: On the Pretty Link control panel and on the dash board I’d sometimes see displayed this ad

    Get 20% off Pretty Link Pro

    1. LFZN9G: Not ready to purchase so soon but saved to know to look for the deal when/if I was.
  5. LFNP3Y: Create 1st Pretty-link
    1. to http://blogger.loverules.info/2010/05/l2pfgy.html#L2ZOUX
    2. permalink L2ZOUX
    3. Title[Protect content & membership from every possibly-negative change, link LFNP3Y]
    4. Description[This is one of the most important sections of (free eBook “Universal Rules & Guidelines for Meetup.com L2PG1L” http://bit.ly/bIisdV). This content will definitely move, a great reason to have it as a Pretty-Link, and a leading reason why I’m moving away from http://bit.ly .]
    5. It creates http://2.LoveRules.Info/L2ZOUX (mixed case I added, but upper-case path just as I specified, unlike the rest of WordPress which requires all lower case), and it works, yeah!
  6. .