Jan 112012
  1. LXMN32: http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager&tab=theme-options-visual-effects.php -> Post and Page Bylines -> Post (Default/Standard post format) -> Position of meta information (including date)
    1. LXMNAH: Was “Theme Default” which caused posts to appear with meta info on left, which wasted all column below it, for example this post except:
    2. LXMO5N: Now considered all additional options, from worst to best, & picked best:
      1. LXMOBF: “Single line (above|below) post” 
        1. LXMOKZ: appeared most space efficient
        2. LXMOL8: the line/paragraph was centered, which looked ok.
        3. LXMOEY: “below”
          1. LXMOLP: was not good as some of this info (especially date and sometimes author) is essential for context so needs to go to top.
        4. LXMOF4: “above” 
          1. LXMOMA: seemed best so picked.
      2. LXMOHR: “Show in corners above/below content”
        1. LXMPTU: SMALL CON: “Date box” was missing (this appears correctable by adding it back by the “Posted by”)
        2. LXMOJ3:  CON: Always taking 2+ lines, this was not quite as efficient.
        3. LXMOJR: CON: Put “author” & “time” at bottom, and sometimes this info, especially author, is essential.
      3. LXMOB4: “Pullout on (left|right) (this will reduce your main column width)”
        1. LXMOMO: appeared to be the current setting (left) and
        2. LXMOMT: BIG CON: did terribly reduce the main column width.
    3. LXMOWS: Result is much more space efficient including a (wider=normal) body column -yeah! For example, the same post excerpt: