Jan 112012
  1. LXNL5C: Problem: Dates are currently being displayed as pictured in LXMOWS: ” January 11, 2012  Posted by DestinyArchitect at 2:24 am”. This could be cleaned up considerably.
    1. LXNL6B:  Ideally Date+time & author would be separate.
    2. LXNL77: At least date+time should be together.
  2. LXNKX9: In http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/themes.php?page=suffusion-options-manager
    1. LXNLEI: in Skinning -> Date Box
      1. LXNLZF: Shows the date is being displayed (“Theme default”).
      2. LXNLER: there is no option to display the time, just the date w/o it.
    2. LXNLFU: in Other Graphical Elements -> Post and Page Bylines ->
      1. LXNLHZ Posts (Default/Standard post format) -> “Posted By” format
        1. fr=Posted by {author} at {time}
        2. to=Posted by {author} on {date} at {time}
        3. as=LXNLER
      2. LXNLJQ: Pages -> “Posted By” format
        1. op=same as LXNLHZ
        2. as=do same for pages as posts.
      3. LXNLMQ: Save changes
    3. LXNLO0 Did http://2.loverules.info/?s=LEVV22&searchsubmit= showing http://2.loverules.info/140 which had been edited & reposted over several months, however the original post date, “February 8, 2011”, is the only thing which is displayed in both cases, thus showing the Suffusion “date” is the original post date and NOT the last revision date, so safe to remove one of the dates.
    4. LXNM4A: in Skinning -> Date Box -> Hide date box?,
      1. fr=”Theme default”
      2. to=”Hide”
      3. save changes
    5. LXNMUO:  Because the author span got wider, this made it display pretty crappy, so fixing:
      1.  LXNMWM: Used Chrome F12 to find the  corrupting CSS in this file:
        span.author {
        	float: left;
        	display: inline-block;
        	color: #aaa;
        	max-width: 250px;
      2. LXNN1A: :Create file Suffusion_fix_LXNN1A.css included in Makefile__LXK61X
        1. LXNNYQ: Do this fix:
          span.author {
           display: inline /*Fix LXNNYQ */;
      3. LXNO2A: Testing will require a checkin, so wait on that.