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Version 1.0

  1. LXUZEF: Common motives:
    1. LXV1SG: With any new world comes some new responsibilities, including un-obvious ones, if it is indeed to be a better world:
      1. LXV25V: In the paper world, where nearly all records were in ink/print and personal copies (as a receipt or signed contract) were handed out as typically the only way to share the info, past history of written claims was kept automatically: all one had to do was save & file it.
      2. LXV27M: But in the digital world, where information is trivially permanently erased (a bad habit we got into as it was originally unavoidable when digital storage was expensive), and now even the www-world, where everyone increasingly depends on someone else’s websites for storing their info, this good record keeping is no longer automatic.  So
      3. LXV2IZ: Special mechanisms are then needed to keep these records, at least if we wish to continue continue to keep ourselves as consistent & honest.
    2. LXUZFY: You write a nice post on a website but then some admin causally & wrongfully deletes it because s/he can, costing you easily 10s of minutes or hours of work.  And this happens routinely in Web 2.0 sites as Meetup & Facebook where anyone & everyone can be an admin.
    3. LXUZHM: Via the web, you order a product or service, but you later find out the maker/provider either:
      1. LXUZQ0gave false advertising, which you point out them but then they immediately correct to make it unfalse and perhaps even now say you are in the wrong, and
      2. LXUZSO: decides to do something which is not in their original rules/terms of service; you point this out to them, to which they properly amend their rules (and typically without keeping a public record of their earlier versions), to which you respond “Yes, you can of course do that for future deals, but, no, those weren’t your rules for when I agreed” but

      LXV0KSnow you without an archive to show the world of what they originally told you, you have no proof; plus, with their updates “thanks” to your warning them, instead now you appear to in the wrong! -and no way to show otherwise.

    4. LXV02X:  You and other community members work years developing a quality Meetup.com group site, with hundreds of happy members coming to regular events. Then the Head Organizer goes on vacation for 3 weeks, not noticing that his/her pre-paid debit card (rightfully used to securely pay Meetup) has run out of funds, and Meetup goes unpaid for 2 weeks (yes, Meetup sends out 3 warning, but say no one sees it or knows they must act on it). Result? Meetup permanently deletes the entire website, and with no backup, per Meetup’s (hideous) standard policy here. And everyone’s years of work & history is permanently lost.
    5. LXV0S5:  You post a true & appropriate message/Greet on anyone else’s (Meetup profile or Facebook/MySpace Wall, or group page where you’re not the group owner). But even though it was your text,
      1. LXV14J: the owner of that page
        1. LXV1JJdeletes the message (because the system lets them because it’s their page). Why do they do this?
          1. LXV1AR: Usually it’s because it’s a truth the the person is ashamed of or, if known, a truth which would prevent them from taking advantage of others, so then a very thing which should NOT be deleted but instead dealt with.
          1. LXV1EG: Occasionally it’s because they are in the bad-habit of deleting-instead-of-archiving personal messages that they momentarily feel they have dealt with.
        2. LXV1KT: sometimes claims you are harassing them with this message and possibly takes counter-action against you (throws you off the group or reports you or blocks you, etc) –usually this action is wrongful; but in ether case, with no record of the message, nobody can ever know for sure.
      2. LXV18Z: and (as usual) the system keeps no record of your text.
      3. LXV110: Now you & others need to refer to this message (to let you & your team-makes know this notice was given, and/or to use the message as a template your next message, and to know who really is in the wrong here), but your text is gone.
  2. LXV2SXMotives against:
    1. LXV2TM No serious ones that I know of.

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