Jan 162012
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Considering options for a JotHere.com logo, the first thing that comes to mind is the now well-established trend to have a very small “bug” for such sites, usually square in shape. Think Facebook and Twitter. So how about a “J”? Is “J” already taken?

Indeed it is, we learned, although that won’t stop us.

We found a New York Times article in the “Media Decoder” column of their Media & Advertising section titled “Online Sharing: The Why, What and When of 2011.” Author Jennifer Preston cites the research of Clearspring’s AddThis, “which provides sharing tools and analytics on 11 million domains from publishers to e-commerce sites.” Following that lead took us to the AddThis Blog where we learned which of the top social networking sites experienced the most sharing during 2011 and which were expanding or declining.

There we learned about a Clearspring service, Address Bar Sharing Analytics, which “measures how often users share your site,” and generously provides a cornucopia of social media site names AND LOGOS. Hundreds! Most of which we’d never heard of. Among them, using “J” for a logo, are Jamespot and Jappy Ticker (in German). But I think we can do better.

More later… Below are some of our other considerations.

But what about the need to emphasize the “H” in “Here” as well as the “J” in “Jot” in order to avoid reading the name as “Jo There”? (An easy mistake to make when the name is written all in lower-case — “jothere.”)