Feb 042011
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LG3YFT: : http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/options-permalink.php

  1. LG3YYG: From http://2.loverules.info/lfnj0t#LFNJ1L we currently have the setting q[/%postname%] with special instructions to set it to special post name.
  2. LG3YZE: Change to q[even shorter q[/%post_id%]] as set at http://1.schaible.loverules.info/4#LBTFKN as (pros thru cons):
    1. LG413J: big pro: Auto-generated (generating the other Permalinks were tricky without some extension, which I’d have to write)
    2. LG41A2: pro: Seemed to work on very brief test at http://1.schaible.loverules.info/4#LBTFKN
    3. LG41XI: pro: what Permalink defaults to anyway when the setting q[/%postname%] but %postname% is empty.
    4. LG3Z0M: tiny pro: shorter, indeed near-maximally short (other than going say base 36)
    5. LG410Q: tiny pro: Meaningful – tied to post ID.
    6. LG416H: tiny con (or pro): does not give post date but this would be hard to parse out of an ID anyway and may not be desired.
    7. LG4115: seemingly small con: NOT site-independent (entirely site-dependent) so on a different site it would be different and could not & would not be generally preserved, however to help us out here, we still have alternatives plus sometimes anchor(s) a universal ID.
  3. LG41HU: As with both systems,
    1. LG45EX: One could suffix (unfortunately only manually) “?nam=%postname%” to add the post name.
    2. LG45FJ: the ID is constant.