Jan 202012
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  1. LY3EUH:  For portable and small & scalable logo file, want to move from Photoshop to SVG, notably via popular open source editor InkScape.
  2. LY3EW6:  As starter image, find a computer keyboard key svg.
    1. LY3EYH:  Eventually pick http://openclipart.org/people/Anonymous/Anonymous_keyboard_key.svg
  3. LY3EYS:   In Inkscape, create  LY3DD4().svg
    1. LY3FR6:  Found out that
      1. Inkscape does save the the individual letters of a text string put into it
      2. The text string put into Inkscape can’t be found in the source file by normal search (however Inkscape can extract & reedit it).
      3. Inkskape is storing with each letter the graphic vector strokes to create the letter so a font-file need not be included with the the .svg file and another computer can display the svg without having the particular font.
  4. LY3H3D: In ExWeb4, create LY3H3D(choice1).htm to display various SVGs in a .htm
    1. LY3I6E: Use it to display LY3DD4().svg -cool!
    2. LY3I7O: Stumble upon background olive green “background-color: #808000;”
      which is nice.
  5. LY3I9O: Commit these 2 files decribed in http://2.loverules.info/765