Jan 202012

LY4JM7: our group’s standard for the main picture on every member’s group profile http://1.JotHere.com/9va http://1.JotHere.com.767#LY4JM7

  1. LY4JPG:  Our Group Standard

    1. LY4L2J:  main-pic criteria: at all times, every member of our group must have a “good” main picture on his/her group profile, meaning, from most-crucial, specifically a picture:

      1. M4RCO3:   such as these
        1. M4RCP6:  EXCELLENT: 
        2. M4RCT7:  VERY GOOD: Ben's OCAndroid profile pic
      2. LY4LLS: where most anyone can link the person in-person with their profile
        1. MBSKEV: Specifically link in both directions: 
          1. LY4LNN: spot that person in-person after seeing this picture
            1. LY4Q34: as for instance, Meetup is about meeting-up and to meet-up one must be able to spot the other people
          2. LY4LTL: spot that person’s group profile after seeing that person in-person
            1. LY4Q3Q: as for instance, on Meetup and more, once you in-person meet an interesting person, you then quite appropriately want to read his-or-her profile to learn more about him-or-her
        2. MBSKYN: Why?
          1. MBSL4O: Allows attendees to dramatically connect more after the in-person events, as then after the event & even during it, they can then easily look up, learn considerably more about, and contact & build-links-with the other people they met at meetings.
            1. MBSLAF: Indeed so much that nobody has to have to have their business card to pass out to everyone else (though they still can), instead of theoretically everyone having to have this.
          2. MBSNN1: Dramatically better visualizes the event & group online (including tremendous for marketing), by making the online real, by, online, seeing everyone’s picture.
          3. MBSNTO: Enables attendance & membership to be tracked & regulated, ideally for good causes.
            1. MBSLGT: Allows attendance to be tracked & realistically reported, key for ideally-everyone tracking the performance of the events, the group, and of each member.
            2. MBSKZX: Enables membership to mean something, notably be kept to those who overall contribute.
              1. MBSLJ9: Helps avoid the few  persons aiming to do bad things, specifically the few persons NOT actually up to doing overall good
              2. MBSL3K: Including otherwise a person not allowed in the group (notably someone who won’t stop doing overall damage to the group) can’t be well-known not to be allowed as there is no IDing picture of him/her, so s/he can simply rejoin under another picture
            3. MBSLWY: Note that different leaders will be present at different events and at some events, no leaders. And most events do not require & check a photo ID (carried by the person) to track by the name on the photo ID. So the only way to inform everyone of a member is thru an IDing picture on the person’s profile.
      3. LY4MJ8: (so) which clearly IDs the person, so similar to the photo of a driver’s license or passport or other governmental photo ID, BUT where one can have a little more flexibility & fun within these constraints:
        1. M7YO5F: which is (of course) of the person, not something/someone else.
          1. M7YOVM: so NOT Sebastian Czarnecki's initial OCAndroid profile pic
          2. M7YOA0: so NOT 
        2. LY4KV4:  which fills the space provided for a main picture,
          including without enlarging it to where grain/pixilation can be seen
          1. M7YNZH: so NOT Mitzi's initial OCAndroid pic
        3. LY4K4U: which is a real unaltered photograph of the person for at least the face & hair-around-head.
          1. MBY9K9: so there NOT a sketch
          2. MBY9MF: so there NOT a silhouette 
            1. MBY9R4: so NOT Allan Hundhausen initial OCAndroid pic & main Meetup pic
          3. MBYWCK: so there NOT a photographic variation (besides red-eye removal) even if mild
            1. MBYWEP: so NOT Paul Magu's pic used for applying to http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid and also Meetup main profile
          4. MBY9KT: so there NOT a cartoon including cartoon-version
            1. M7YOF4: so NOT Preeti Pillai's initial OCAndroid profile pic
        4. LY4KE6: which is just of that person (plus optionally other life-forms provided all viewers know they couldn’t possibly be members)
          1.  MFVNGE: For most properly non-discriminating groups, the only life-forms who couldn’t possibly be members are babies and non-human creatures (as say plants & pets), though if being completely non-discriminating, they should be considered possible members, too.
          2. M6SV1K: so NOT: Byron's OCAndroid profile main pic as that shows 2 possible members (so which one is the member?)
          3. MFVM05: Why? Insures there’s absolutely no question, including no research required, about which life form in the picture is being referred to
            1. MFVM27: even if there’s nothing displayed but the member picture
              1. MFVMHL: as happens for the YES RSVPs on every event displayed on every Meetup group’s home page, as on http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/#upcoming
            2. MFVMEL: even when the member name is displayed with the pic, but nothing else from the member’s profiles
              1. MFVMEU:  –as happens on Meetup on every event page: all the RSVPs–
              2. MFVMLJ:BUT the member name doesn’t clearly enough say which of the 2+ people in the pic is being referred to, which would unfairly happen for:
                1. MFVMRS: where people of different sexes were pictured, but
                  1. MFVMWV: the member’s name’s happened to be unisex, as “Riley Cameron Jordan Taylor ..”
                  2. MFVMZ8: where the reader of name didn’t know what gender that name was generally for, as say for many foreign names.
                2. MFVMUP: where people of the same sex were pictured (as same-sex friends or same-sex couple)
                3. This would unfairly happen when happen for every same-sex couple pictured, but not h
          4. MFVFFS: Want to show off your romance or friends? Please do those, too — the right way!
        5. LY4KAB: which is a “close-up of the person”, meaning the picture frame is filled by the person’s head else head+chest
          NAVYBM section history in REVERSE order:

          1. M5H8R8: so NOT  Jonsen's 1st OCAndroid pic as face else head+chest doesn’t fill frame.
          2. MFVH45: This is crucial for quickly seeing & identifying by face all attending, including quickly assessing if everyone’s there & who’s missing.
          3. MFVH72: Don’t get us wrong: We also love additional images showing the rest of one’s body besides head & face; please do those, too– the right way!
        6. LY4MRD: which shows the person’s face clearly & accurately& fully (including all sides), including:
          1. M7YLCB: where no portion of the face is covered-or-unclear except:
            (as minimally required for verifiable medical reasons)
             or (as naturally covered by hair except that required-visible-below)

            1. LY4K6A: NO sunglasses nor dark-glasses over the face.
              1. M7YMBR: so NOT Sehwan's initial OCAndroid profile pic
              2. M7YQC4: so FINE  DestinyArchitect's profile pic as sunglasses are not covering face (as are fully in hair on head)
            1. M7YLH4: Clear glasses with frames no thicker than 1/5th inch are allowed iff medically required.
              1. M7YM8M: Real example: M4RCP6
            2. M7YLKP: A small eye-patch or closed-eye is allowed over an eye iff that eye is entirely non-functional.
              1. M7YOYS: No real example nor violation witnessed so far.
            3. M7YLNN:Bandage(s) are allowed but only over the minimal area really requiring a bandage for healing.
              1. M7YOZC: No real example nor violation witnessed so far.
            4. LY4NBZ: which fully-shows every operational-eye fully-open
              1. M7YM5Z: Also implies LY4K6A
                1. M7YP1L: Other than that, no real example nor (violation, as eyes closed) not witnessed so far.
            5. MFVO9Y: shown are both eyes (& open if functional) and plus both (left & right) sides of face
              1. MFVOBG: so NOT main pic used on Arpad M application http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/43373032
          2. LY4K7I: which fully shows the person’s hair-around-the-head, eye-brows, nose, and mouth.
            1. M7YP2Z: so NOT Anil Pattni (OCHackerz) profile pic as hair is not clearly shown.
          3. LY4NGY: which fully shows at least 1 ear except as naturally covered by hair
        7. M7YNB9: which is ideally in color (so a black-and-white picture is acceptable but not preferred)
    2. MFV8Y8: NOTE every member DOES have the option, and is encouraged to, have on his/her profile unlimited additional non-main images (of him/herself and/or other related people & things)

      1. MFV94I: So if you’ve got such image(s) which are good but don’t meet the main-pic criteria, no problem: please keep them, ideally of them, on your profile as your additional, non-main images.
      2. MFV9HH:  Indeed we’d prefer you’d never remove your or any images from your profile or the website, unless you put them there AND so far they’ve only been seen by you, or unless they violate a site or group rule or other limited exceptions.
    3. LYI4XW:  NOTE on the group website including profile, every member DOES have the option of giving just his/her first name else handle/stage-name/pseudonym, and NOT give his/her actual & full name, especially if privacy is a concern

      1. LYI53O:  –because full & real/legal names are NOT necessary for persons to find each other & have a good & productive time and at least start most any important relationship.
      2. MFVAPQ: Doing this is strongly encouraged if would then enable to the member to better participate and speak more candidly, something especially key for controversial & personal subjects.

      3. LYI51L: This well-protects the member’s privacy,

        1. MFVCBC: especially from the person being found/correlated by text search engines (searching for other names the person uses, as legal names)
          1. LYI568:  solves it for all traditional public web search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) that just do text searching.
        2. LYI57P:  for public web image searching engines that match another image by image not text
          1. LYI59Z:   admittedly the main-pic criteria does not protect this privacy
            1. MFVC6V:  as if someone gets a picture of the person, his/her profiles not meant to be revealed could be found IF they contain similar-enough pictures
          2. LYI5B1:  however such search engines are not main-stream and may not index most of the web pictures including I heard the one Google developed Google tabled because it compromised user privacy too much.
      4. MFVB4Z: And with regards to insuring one’s privacy on Meetup.com in particular:

        1. MFVDZD: regarding user/account name
          • MFVB9W:  using just first-name else a pseudonym is & always-has-been the practice for many users
          • MFVBB8:  signup used to ask for your “Real name” but now appropriately only asks for your “name”.
          • MFVBCR: a user can freely change his/her name at any time. However,
            1. MFVBI0: a user doing this should & is rare.
            2. MFVBJU: legitimate motives are:
              1. MFVBKH: to go from your legal name or business name to just-first-name else your pseudonym in order to share & participate & speak-on more things.
              2. MFVBPQ: to go from your pseudonym to your business name or (do with caution) legal name as because even your controversial things you are happy (& hopefully not crazily) comfortable to share under those names.
              3. MFVBRH: to change a name because you realize the name itself gives destructive suggestions.
              4. MFVBXW: NOT to hide your generally-accurate reputation established under one’s existing name.
        2. MFVBEE: Having multiple accounts is allowed and is occasionally done
          1. MFVCJS: for privacy: allows say one account for business, one account for personal, and one account for controversial.
            1. MFVEJL:  For those who must maintain a reputation with organizations and general public who may not be appropriately understanding of the controversial, such as appropriately understanding of being socially pioneering, doing this would seemingly be worth the effort.
          2. MFVF0U: (and for massive, easily excessive, leadership, as a single account can only head max 3 groups)
          3. MFVCK2: A reasonable amount of work & trickiness to maintain.
            1. MFVEA9: including some groups & events may cross over into multiple worlds so then tricky to share.
            2. MFVEB5: including I had the plan to have potentially controversial personal profile link to my non-controversial business profile (and not the reverse), but that then still gave two profiles to have to read & maintain.
          4. MFVCL9: Since I’m involved in some unfortunately controversial groups (the groups being socially pioneering), tried doing this: creating a subsequent business account for my business groups, separate from my personal account. but decided it this best for me: it was easier & more powerful & more open to just to have one account and reveal my personal life within my business life when people cared to explore & know; this also resorted in good advertising for my personal life to make what shouldn’t be controversial less so.  However, I’m in the small business world and not presently soliciting new clients/employers.
        3. MFVCPM: Making all one’s groups and/or interests hidden/private
          1. MFVD2J: is typically done by:
            1. MFVDTD :bad-doers (as people trying to cheat on their romances especially spouses  sex offenders, criminals, others commonly finding themselves doing bad to others & trying escape the blame)
            2. MFVDTR: and/or those not knowing there are better ways (as using a pseudonym and, if still necessary, multiple accounts)
          2. MFVD6G: is allowed by Meetup.com BUT is not the-default and NOT recommended indeed seemingly should NOT be allowed
            1. MFVCQX:  as it completely prevents most everyone from seeing the other groups & interests a person is involved in, dramatically reducing how much can be known about the person, typically
              1. MFVCZF: preventing healthy connections from being formed for the person and
              2. MFVCZU:  enabling the bad-doer to the same/similar bad in many groups without the groups being able to inform each other to protect themselves from & correct the person’s bad.
            1. MFVD7F: can be easily defeated (specifically every Meetup account’s groups can be easily seen by anyone who knows how, even if the account hides them)
              1. MFVD8H: I have figured out a way for anyone to do it but am keeping the workaround secret for fear that might result in this workaround being defeated instead of removing the ability to hide all one’s groups and/or interests in the first place.
    4. LY4NMZ:  Like most rules of the group, if ever a profile does not meet any of this criteria, the profile (person):

      1. LY4NP3:  is not to be allowed to join the group
      2. LY4NPT:  (if already a member), is to be given 7 days to correct the situation after being given polite public written notice (usually a posted greet) of:
        1. LY4NYX:  what the standard is
        2. LY4NZB:  and roughly what the problem is
      3. LY4O4P:  Aside: by merely having leaders do these 2 simple enforcements, I have been able to bring this desired photo compliance up from ~70% (C grade) to near 100% (A+ grade) and raised good membership experience considerably –for OCAndroid; and it would seemingly work for most any group.
  2. LY4LHX:  Some additional background

    1. LY4LJP:  Most every group & website and its members love having members profiles, and members, with pictures up to this standard.

      1. LY4OGH:  including several Meetup groups ask or require this this as part of their criteria for membership.
      2. LY4OJ2:  And by at least one group enforcing this, that member, and all the other groups they are in, are benefited.
    2. LY4LUZ:  From my experience in processing 100s of Meetup group membership applications in various groups, this works well for ~80% applicants

      1. LY4MDL: A 50% of  people on the technical groups, and ~70% on the non-controversial social groups, seem to follow & do this merely by the website asking to ~”provide a picture of yourself”, probably because they intuitively get these needs & appreciate them;
      2. LY4MDR:  For the remainder,
        1. MFVH15: that’s why have had to spell out each of these details.
        2. MFVH1A: once being asked again (if promptly), they mostly then comply.
      3. MFVFPB: The persons who don’t comply
        1. MFVG5D: Some will be legit, but
        2. MFVFT0: Some of them will be those who have something bad to hide
          1. MFVG9S:but then the group likely doesn’t want them as members, at least as long as they do this.
        3. MFVFT3: From my experience, those who unkindly attack these standards seem to mostly be those with something bad to hide (and also willing to even hurt others in this way to keep it a secret!)
          1. MFVGRO: apparently thinking/learning that acting incensed will get them a waiver when here rather it gets them appropriately suspect of hiding something bad or otherwise being bad or unstable.
  3. LY4LHF:  Additional History of this Document, in order

    1. LY4JSA:  Prior, for this answer, there was not enough space nor area for formatting, where it was at http://2.loverules.info/422#LR4J71
    2. LY4JXJ:  “Version 2.0” So now moved it here, creating this post http://2.loverules.info/767 LY4JM7
    3. M4RC1C:   Updated to the formatting standards of http://1.JotHere.com/3214#M4PL3U version M4PLUL.
    4. M4RCMH:  Start adding good & bad example pics.
    5. M5H9CW:  Added counter-example pic M5H8R8
    6. M6SVCD: Added counter-example pic M6SV1K
    7. M7YN3W: Added constraint M7YLCB; added constraint to LY4K7I
    8. M7YOL0: Resort criteria list from largest to smallest detail roughly
    9. M7YOL3: Cut M4RDIW as it violates multiple criteria: M4RDIW:  
    10. M7YPCO: Made LY4NGY  more flexible to “at least 1 ear” as that was fine (plus if not, then my own pic Destiny's profile pic would be in violation!)
    11. M7YPYD: Make sure for every violation seen on at least page 1 of http://meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/?op=pending, an example picture is given here.
    12. M7YQ6K: Update heading to present titling standard.
    13. M7YQK2: Fixed boarder M7YNZH so displays on black; sized down the many negative-example pics for readability.
    14. MBSKG0: Responding to James comment: notably adding MBSKYN.
    15. MBYABM: LY4K4U: broke into subsections, notably to add example MBY9R4.
    16. MBYWOU: MBYWEP & it’s parent (situation): added.
    17. MFV9NF: Auto-edits done by latest WordPress 3.5 editor: mostly corrupting <a id=”x”></a> which is presently not-undoable.
    18. MFV9UI: Prepping for reply Greet MFTDRH to Brady, extended violating point LY4KE6 including adding section “Please do those, too — the right way!”; extended LYI4XW about 3x more; added MFVO9Y; possibly other small improvements; 2012.12.30Sun2132.

  17 Responses to “our group’s standard for the main picture on every member’s group profile”

  1. What to do when a person’s profile is not to standard –so is/would prevent them from being part of the group

  2. James Hegi put on his OCAndroid application profile http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/members/62529782/ the following answer to the Q for this,

    Does your group-profile’s main/featured picture meet standard http://1.JotHere.com/9va ? –required for all members at all times so required to join and/or attend. Or if you’ve good reason for a waiver (none granted so far), explain here.
    maybe (how do I know… who would actually read all of those rules?)…. but regardless this is disgusting… talk about anal… this sort of micromanagement of profile pictures makes me not want to join… until I think about the kind of weirdos with whom I went to engineering school, then I decide I’ll just avoid those people at the meetups. What this communicates to me is that someone is too weird to just say “hi” at a meetup unless he has cyber-stalked me through my profile. Side note: being called anal is not normally a complement. Forgive me if I misunderstood and there is some crucial reason people need to be able to ID me by my face at the events… I think name-tags work quite well.

    • (under construction)
      *On http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid we’ve processed ~150 using this question, and
      *Ur reply is the rudest, by a notable margin, of anyone we’ve ever seen; yes, you do have some good feedback, but it is rudely phrased. I recommend removing the rudeness as it would not reflect well on you nor anyone.
      *”how do I know… who would actually read all of those rules”
      **You know like most everyone else has known, by just reading the rules. The rules are carefully written in newsprint style so just have to read a few sentences to get two example pictures, which enough for most people to get the idea. If you want to vary from those examples, then you can keep reading. The rules are just as about as concise as they could be given the fact that it’s apparently not obvious to a few what an ID picture looks like & needs and a few will try to push the envelope.