Jan 242012
    1. Version 0.5
    2. LYBMNK: Intro
      1. LYB8NQ:   http://support.dell.com/support/DPP/Index.aspx?s=dhs for says unit comes with:
        1. LYBVYV: Supply says output is “19.5V, 4.62A, center-is-plus”
        2. LYBW6X: GS(WK890 tip mm) says tip is 7.4mm*5.0mm
        3. LYBMGW: The power input plug on this supply is straight, sticking out of the laptop about 2 inches, which caused great stress when it was bumped, and eventually the male/external part of the plug failed.
      3. LYB8IP:   the power connector I fixed for it now lacks the LED and this small change seems significant enough that the BIOS complains its an invalid adapter and (probably from the BIOS) the battery won’t charge.
        1. LYFTJU: After BIOS startup, get message ”
          WARNING: The AC adapter type cannot be determined.\This will prevent optional system performance.\Please check AC adapter connect properly, remove \AC adapter and plug-in it again, thanks.
          Press <F1> to continue……\Press <F2> 2 times to enter SETUP\Press <F12> and Any Key to enter Boot Menu
      4. LYBMM3: Now I need to put the laptop to use again, so fixing this is urgent.
    3. LYD8VD:   What is the situation?
      1. LYD8ZP:   Why (the battery won’t charge)?
        1. LYD8ZY:  Until (KEP2DU ~8hrs ago), I thought it was just the motherboard being a bit picky about the voltage -NO (see next)
        2. LYD90O:  motherboard expects to receive a digital signal from power supply letting it know it’s the right type!
          1. KEP2DU:  Google Search “dell studio special power supply charge battery” find 3 says this is a signal pin not connecting.
          2. LYD8GV:   Google Search “Dell power adapter type cannot be determined BIOS” find 1 item ~3 says the power supply is transmitting a binary (1-wire) code thru the signal pin to identify itself.
      2. LYD961:   Possible options:
        1. LYD9DE:   Turn off this feature, specifically Set the computer so it accepts all power supplies for charging the battery even w/o this signal
          1. LYD9FF:   Via present BIOS A08: NO
            1. LYD9GC:   Has no option to turn off this insurance, just to disable the alert of the problem (which does only that)
          2. LYD9HN:  Via updating to latest BIOS? TBA
            1. LYD9KR:   http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19  list ”
              File TitleImportanceRelease DateVersionAdd to My Download ListActions

              R302080.exe (2MB)

        2. LYD96S:   Get a power supply which sends this signal.
          1. LYD97Z:   CON: likely not have the L-shaped plug so in the situation again.
          2. LYD9E4:   CON: Likely not to be universal
          3. LYD990:   PRO: obtainable by warranttee if still in effect.

    4. LYB8JW:   Which replacement?
      1. LYD9RP:   PREFACE: these adapters currently have not been checked for LYD8ZY.
      2. LYB8P9:   ebay search “WK890” finds several but they all seem to have the straight plug which caused the problem in the first place.
      3. LYB97X:  ebay search “(WK890,Dell 1737) (AC,power) (adapter,charger)” doesn’t seem any better.
      4. LYB9F0:   ebay search “Dell 1737 adapter” doesn’t seem any better
      5. LYBNAD: Look for universal power supplies:
        1. LYBNBL: This has the advantage that it can also power other laptops I may need to power as Asus EE PC 1000P.
          1. LYBWH5: Here is a good one which is NOT universal.
          2. LYBX4X: Google Search “Asus 1000P adapter tip mm” finds “Voltage:19V Output Current:3A Power:36w Tip:4.8mm * 1.7mm -appears wrong.
          3. KEP2DU:  Google Search “Asus 1005pe power adapter mm” finds here  saying “The adapter replaces ADP-40PH AB with 2.5mm x 0.7mm SMALL TIP. “
          4. LYCFX9: Center is “+” from looking at one
        2. LYBNSI: Found 1 but not clear if it supports Dell
        3. LYBNSX: Did eBay search “universal adapter Dell Asus”:
          1. LYBNUJ: Find RF-BPRAC3
            Item image
            Expedited shipping available
            Returns: Accepted within 30 days
            Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers Buy It Now $23.74 Time left:17d 20h 10m


            1. LYBNW2: Looks like it would do the job for Dell, not Asus
          2. LYBWDM: Find
            Item image
            Returns: Accepted within 14 days
            Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers Buy It Now $27.32 Time left:6d 6h 24m


            1. LYBWEB: For Dell: will need to do “Additional 7.4mm x 5.0mm tip for Dell Inspiron / Latitude series \ please contact seller to add it.” -hopefully that is enough even though this is Dell Studio.
            2. LYBX7O: For Asus, looks like “Tip 1 Ø4.75mm x Ø1.7mm” will work.
            3. LYBXBS: Right-angle plugs? Not clear from ad but from image looks unlikely.
        4. LYBNWV: Look for Rocketfish Universal laptop power adapters on RocketFish laptop accessories.
          1. LYBOUO: Use “laptop & netbook tip Wizard” to find matching tips:
            1. LYBOSCRocketfish tip for Dell Studio 1737.
            2. LYBP78: About 30 Asus are listed but not any # close to “1000PE”. Not available?
          2. LYBPDA: Use netbook & tablet tip wizard
            1. LYBPI9: find Rocketfish tip for Asus 1005PEB-RB
          3. LYBSBH: Complete http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/contact-us.html with the following:
            1. Related to=Other
            2. Name=Destiny Architect
            3. LYBSRF: Email=(Assigned a new email address just for RocketFish)
            4. Model number=RF-BSLAC & others of at least 90W output
            5. Product description=Single universal power adapter which powers both laptop or netbook (1 at a time): Do you sell one? LYBSBH
            6. Questions or Comments:
              LYBSAJ=I need an AC adapter to power both:
              * a Dell Studio( laptop) 1737 (so say using your tip http://configurator.battery-biz.com/productDetails.aspx?part=MT23&mfg=79&model=3927992&s=09f57ec1-f1cb-4813-b41f-d00a1fce5652 ) and
              * a Asus( Netbook) 1005PEB (so say via your tip http://configurator.battery-biz.com/productDetails.aspx?part=N5&mfg=443&model=3950251&s=241de0ce-3491-4073-8ed8-3f9c3bb92a31 )
              (1 at a time).(1) Do you sell a SINGLE power adapter with enough wattage, as say
              * http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/computer-accessories/RF-BSLAC.html or
              * http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/products/computer-accessories/RF-BPRAC4.html power ) which can do it? –I want the same power adapter to be usable for either.
              -It looks like NO (as it looks like each tip has a different connector-to-power-cable, and there are different tip wizards (though they’re both named “tip wizard”); however I wanted to ask to be sure plus suggestion.
              (2) And if this isn’t possible now, why not? And
              (3) When might you sell this? Thanks in advance-Your response I will also publish on //http://1.JotHere.com/776#LYBNAD to benefit others, too.

              Aside: a small but troublesome bug in this your webform I’m completing, http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/contact-us.html : it thankfully gives the ability to enlarge the “Questions or Comments” section but at least in latest Chrome browser it doesn’t work entirely right as the field is enlarged but not the gray box around it.

            7. LYBSVF:  now Submit and get “Your email has been sent successfully. \ We’ll respond to your inquiry within 72 hours.”
        5. LYBXKO: eBay search “universal Dell Asus” (note “adapter” removed because some say “charger”)
          1. LYBXN4: Finds
            Item image
            Expedited shipping available
            Returns: Accepted within 14 days
            Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers Buy It Now
            Free shipping
            Time left:13d 1h 37m


            1. LYBXRZ: SERIOUS CON: straight-plugs, not right-angle.
          2. LYBY5Q: Finds
            Item image
            Expedited shipping available
            Returns: Accepted within 60 days
            Get fast shipping and excellent service when you buy from eBay Top-rated sellers Buy It Now
            Free shipping
            Time left:28d 6h 35m


            1. LYBY6N: Looks solid, 90W, features USB
            2. LYBY8D: 12 to 24v DC input, so wd need LYBYD6.
            3. LYCDIH: Since this looks so quality, look at the seller’s site -> Laptop power adapters
        6. LYCCU4: Possibility
          Item image
          Buy It Now $25.32
          Time left:9d 4h 22m
          1. LYCDKI: Found via LYCDIH -> this item listings & some others sorted by increasing price
          2. LYCEJF: “M4: 4.8×1.7mm Replace HP Compaq 18.5V Max. 90W Laptop AC & DC Adapters” looks like it would work with Asus 1000P (if center is “+” which usually is the case)
          3. LYCFZM: “M9: 7.4×5.0mm Replace Dell 19.5V Max. 90W Laptop AC & DC Adapters” would work for Dell Studio 1737.
          4. LYCG1K: Having the 12V option would be an advantage as one wouldn’t have to carry a separate DC-to-AC inverter.
          5. LYCG3D: Having the USB could easily be handy especially when laptop is off.
          6. LYCGHR: Tiny pro: LED looks cool.
          7. LYCGMT: Some additional tips can be bought for $2 ea from SIIG if these compatible as they appear by looks.
          8. LYCIV3:   Amazon search “universal laptop 90W USB LCD” finds 10 listings of this there, but all at $27.59 to $34.99 including 1 cust review 4 of 5 stars  and 1 cust review 4 of 5 stars.
        7. LYCG93: Possibility
          Item image
          Buy It Now $15.35
          Time left:27d 23h 43m
          1. LYCGAD: Found via LYCDIH -> this item listing & some others sorted by increasing price.
          2. LYCGD8:  Same tips as LYCCU4 so same chances of working: good.
        8. LYCHHM: Possibility Item image
          Returns: Accepted within 3 days
          0 Bids
          Buy It Now

          Free shippingTime left:5d 8h 24m

          1. LYCHIO: PRO: dozens of of iGo tip possibilities
          2. LYCHQ0: PRO: apparently turns itself off when not needed
        9. LYCJMA:   Possibility

          Emerge Technologies Retractable Universal 90 Watt Notebook Charg…

          1. LYCJOA:   NOTABLE PRO: Long retracting cables.
          2. LYCJT7:  Official Mfg page lists at $99
          3. LYCJX9:   PRO: Small
          4. LYCJXK:   PRO: 2 USB ports.
          5. LYCJWN:   CON:  Most helpful reviews (3) of 12 say it breaks easily though I note it comes with a lifetime warrantee.
          6. LYCKJF:   Says it’s compatible with Dell XPS and a Dell XPS power adapter has the same dimensions so should be fine.
          7. LYCKTA:  Says it’s compatible with many HP-Compaq laptops and looking at an HP-Compaq laptop power adapter it has ” 18.5 Volts, 65 Watt, 3.5 Amps, 4.8mm x 1.7mm Connector ” same dimensions plug as Asus 1000P so should be fine.
      1. LYBYD6: ~120V AC to 12V DC cigarette lighter adapter of at least 90W output LYBYD6.
        1. LYBYDE: Like this but more W output.
        2. This

          8 Amp 12 Volt Ac Power Adapter with 3 Prong Plug with 5 Mm Dc Ou…



          1. LYBZBL: 8A*12v=96W, maybe enough to drive a 90W-output converter
          2. LYBZCL: Smallest doesn’t use transformer (others as this are bigger)

universal laptop 90W USB LCD