Jan 262012

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  1. LYF67F: For me,
    1. LYF65N: This happened for 2 of my 2 units, both within ~1 month of buying them new
      1. LYF6D2: How did the cracks happen?
        1. LYF71Y: I don’t know exactly.
        2. LYF72D: Did NOT happen when the unit was hit (as by a fall) as a hit never happened.
        3. LYF73F: My best guess is it happened when the unit was in my back pocket while I driving (sitting in the driver’s seat, which are always cushioned)
          1. LYF8EM: Official page Sanyo.com for model features pic of camera being conveniently stored in back pocket of even-woman’s tight jeans.
            1. Archived this page HTML-only to std location.
            2. LYF8OE: Archived this page complete to std location (just in case they didn’t keep pic URL).
    2. LYF68W: This did NOT happen for all my prior Sanyo VPC models (about 4, dating back to about 2005)
    3. LYF6A8: All my Sanyo VPC I handled the same way: carried in my front or back pants pocket, or in any of jacket pockets.
  2. LYFAL0: The maker’s warranty
    1. LYFDKJ: official page US.Sanyo.com for model.
      1. LYFALJThe manual in English does not mention anything about a warranty.
    2. LYFAUW: Official press release for the camera says “SANYO offers a one-year warranty on all Xacti Dual Cameras.”
      1. LYFB2S: Archived to here.
    3. LYFE3K: Google Search “Sanyo xacti warranty”
      1. LYFE8Y: find 2 of someone asking the general public what is it with 2 of 2 answers quoting 3rd parties, NOT the vendor, suggesting it’s hard to find.
      2. LYFE9A: didn’t seem to have much more useful detail.

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  1. LYFDQC: As far as contacting the maker, from official page US.Sanyo.com for model it appears one goes to http://us.sanyo.com/Customer-Support-Service-Center-Locator

    • LYFDSZ: Nearest service center is ”


      4260 Lankershim Blvd
      West Toluca Lake, CA 91602
      Tel: (818) 508-0947
      Distance: 52.32 mi 
      Map It

      • LYFDV5: On 2012.01.25 called; Tania answered. Asked “Could the screen be replaced? And if so, could you do it or could we get the parts?”. She said she would check with supervisor. The caller said she would call back and find out the results.

      • LYFHWV:

        1. LYFIPJ:  I called: fr xxx-xxx-1968: Guy (Ara) answers.
          1. I say I’ve got 2 Sanyo VPC-CG20s with broken screens.
          2. I ask where the warranty is. He says in the manual. I say I looked there. He says then to call Customer Relations 800-421-5013.
          3. I ask Are you an authorized repair center: he says Yes.
          4. He asks when were they bought: I say about 2 months ago.
          5. He asks from where: I say Fry’s Electronics & Radio Shack.
          6. He says the units will be covered in warranty. Just mail them to him with the receipts and & they’ll fix/replace and mail back.
          7. I ask what is your website: he says http://CCCMidValleyTV.com -I confirmed.
          8. He couldn’t hear me well not he line so hung up.
        2. LYFIQ0:  I redialed to get his name. Toni (sp?) answers, and says his name was Ara.
        3. LYFIQ8:  Calls saved to msg_.._26_Jan_2012_15_16_30.wma
        4. LYFIWK:   http://cccmidvalleytv.com/Services-Electrical.html says

          Digital Cameras

          We are a factory authorized service center for Sanyo digital cameras, covering Southern and Western States. 

          Manufacturer’s warranty for Sanyo Digital Cameras is one (1) year for parts; ninety (90) days for labor.

          It is advisable to contact us prior to bringing in or sending your unit.

          Out of warranty units are always welcome, but please contact us prior to sending.

          For all other brands, please contact us prior to sending.