Jan 302012
  1. LYMPDL: On HBO-E Ch 501, ending at pst1230, I just saw portions of  His Way (2011), an bio on Jerry Weintraub, about which demonstrated the point of the title.
    1. LYMR94: Why I note this: an apparent successful example of Romance-Friends or polyamory or polygamy.
    2. LYMPOZ: Wife heavily controlled by telling Jerry that every bimbo he sleeps with he’d have to pay her $1 million.
    3. LYMRAP: Wife “I’m okay with that; I want you to be happy.” “I think I had a different view of how people should handle their marital relations than a lot of Americans do who haven’t experienced what I went though those years I lived in Europe.”
    4. LYMPM3: Well spoken by the daughter of the 2nd woman & the man “Jaimie Weintraub, Jerry and Jane Weintraub’s Daughter”: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized, you know, there can be different dynamic in relationships, and you know, sometimes it’s a lot more complicated than just `Well if you’re in love with that person, then you marry that person and when you’re not in love, then you divorce them and you marry someone else. You know it’s hard to do that, you know, it’s hard to do that, because you’re cutting someone out of your life that’s so important.’ ” and
    5. LYMQHP: Julie Wieintraub, Jerry and Jane Weintraub’s Daughter”:  “I find people are more upset about it than our actual families.”
    6. LYMPN8: Recent mixed reaction by various top celebrities.
    7. LYMQIK: George Bush: “He’s very mature, you might say.”
    8. LYMQIZ: As HBO segments on “real sex” and the like, the segment is well done with good quotes.
  2. LYMQ4W: While rather inspiring, much more positively inspiring to society would be real 1-woman multiple-men romance where everyone is happy and significant money is not involved.