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Version 0.5

  1. LYUSVT: The list:
    1. LYUMUS: PRO: Anyone can easily create their own calendar,
      1. LYUMW0: HUGE PRO: if using this calendar for their own calendar, the person can get notified of events by by having them appear on his/her calendar with a different color, MUCH more clean & non-disruptive than being constantly emailed individual events.
    2. LYUN02:  BIG PRO: Supports RSVPs of YES/NO/MAYBE and with reason.
    3. LYUN1S: BIG PRO: one of the top calendaring systems everywhere, that lots syncs with
    4. LYUMO3: BIG PRO: Immediately syncs (indeed is the same Calendaring system) of
      1. LYUMSB: people who already use Google Calendar for their business and/or personal calendar
      2. LYUMS1: Android devices
    5. LYUMT6: BIG PRO: allows calendars (of different organizations say) to be overlayed.
    6. LYUTO2: BIG PRO: anyone with an email can be invited/added/listed-as-included, not just members of the/a group
    7. LYUMNB: PRO: Free for everyone.
    8. LYUN16: PRO: allows attending-list to be hidden.
    9. LYUOM5: PRO: Already used community groups
      1. LYUOOI: Including some I’ve encountered (UU churches, plus http://ocuuc.org/adults/young-adults used to use it then switched to a private Facebook group).
    10. LYUODH: PRO: can also be used to journal what happened at a particular time within the same nice calendaring pages, except for again lacking HTML text.
      1. LYUOF3: I use it this way for my private journaling notes.
    11. LYUUAW: CON: Lacks ability to collect money (at time of RSVP)
    12. LYUUCL: CON: Lacks ability to ask fielded questions (at time of RSVP)
    13. LYUTSC: CON: http://Calendar.Google.com interface does not display both the name & email address of each address invited.
      1. LYUTUF: Workaround is to keep a duplicate complete list in the event description which one then copy-and-pastes this into the emails-to-invite field, but then also to deletions from both.
        1. LYUTXC: For Journaling, I use this workaround.
    14. LYUN2Z: NOTABLE CON: event descriptions are pure text, no formatting nor HTML, though this is fixed (and seemingly made even better) by having the event description be essentially just a link to a web page with complete details.
    15. LYUTQK: SERIOUS CON: Does not track who actually attended, just who was invited.
  2. LYUSW2: Additional History, in order:
    1. LYUSWL: The content here I originally wrote for point LYUMLS
    2. LYUSZ8: Now created its own post with this ID.