Feb 122012
  1. LZ7QSU:   Subject:
    1. Version 0.85
    2. Last mod pst2012.02.12Sun2242
    3. title=(Linux Live USB Creator=LiLi) for Kubuntu 11.10 with Portable-VirtualBox and (enough persistence for the OS to fully update itself) http://1.JotHere.com/LZ7QRL
  2. LZ85BC:   About (Linux Live USB Creator=LiLi)

    1. LZ85BM:   I pick it because LiLi appears to be the best on the List of tools to create Live USB systems for single-boot solutions, as it includes persistence (many don’t) and some seemingly unique features:

      1. LZ85IF:   “Auto-update: automatic updates when new Linux distributions are available” says http://linuxliveusb.com/en/features

        1. LZAZVX:   keeping code automatically up-to-date always a good thing when works.
        2. LZAZX6:  Though what exactly does it mean by this?
          1. LZB04B:  I could find no further explanation (this should at least be a hyperlink to more details).
          2. LZB01O:  Is this referring to
            1. LZB02D: the fact that the host on the USB drive made with this can update itself if it has enough persistence? (If so, say that.)
            2. LZB02X:  that LiLi will download the list of distributions and how to source & install them dynamically each time it’s run? (If so, say that.)
      2. LZ85IQ:   Very cool: ” run and view image through VirtualBox on Windows”

        1. LZAZQK:  Indeed this is so cool, it not only gets me to pick LiLi, but also spend 1 to 2 days debugging it when this didn’t work, including this post.
    2. LZ85J8:   Starting Wed Feb 08 2012 01:53:07 GMT-0800 (PST), I download & installed onto Windows 7 Starter the latest version, “2.8 Update 9” and

      1. LZ85O0:  I used it to create a USB with Kubuntu 11.10 with 1823MiB of persistence and Portable-VirtualHost

        1. LZB16W: Via normal boot of this,

          1. LZ85OD: GOOD for about the first 3 uses: the USB runs and the persistence works like a charm, including I was able to have the OS fully update itself and the updates stayed!
          2. LZB144:  A PROBLEM, NOT CLEAR HOW SERIOUS: “File Integrity Check” produced “Check finished. Errors found 1 files! [But doen’t say which]. Press any key to reboot your system!”, then after a 2nd OS-update, it said “2 files!”, then, after possibly more OS-updates, it said “3 files!”
            1. LZB1K8: Details are too skimpy to know if this serious. What’s going on?
          3. LZB4F3:  On about a 4th boot, started getting a serious error (in booting from the raw hardware and from Portable-VirtualBox):
            1. LZB4G5: Quoting from my admin log of it on the Win7 Home desktop via Virtualize_this_key (but also happened via raw-hardware boot),
              1. LZBJFO: “screen display” is

                Kubuntu background but (in at least the 2nd run, a popup saying “Logging in ubuntu<br/>authentication failed.<br/>OK” then) a panel saying “ubuntu<br/><username-icon/>:<blank/><br/>password-icon:blank<br/><down_button/><power_button/><date/>”. When the password fails, a popup appears with a big “!” in a yellow triangle plus a tall panel (truncated top & bottom on all but largest displays) saying “Logging in ubuntu…<br/>”root:x:0<br/>daemon:x:1:<br/>bin:x:2:<br/>….<br/>saned:x:121:<br/>ubuntu:x:999:<br/>sambashare:x:122:ubuntu<br/><br/>OK” (the list appears be a long list of usernames, one line each, as possibly the contents of /etc/password without passwords); pressing <esc/> clears this popup. From all this, the default login (as probably of user “ubunutu”) is no longer working, as the password has been changed.

              2. LZBJGJ: Also

                https://google.com/webhp?q=Kbuntu+OR+ubunto+Live+login+without+username+OR+user&pbx=1&oq=Kbuntu+OR+ubunto+Live+login+without+username+OR+user finds http://serverfault.com/questions/26185/whats-the-default-username-and-password-for-an-ubuntu-live-cd has further details on this & a related problem and repeatedly recommends “ubuntu” and no password plus other fixes.

            2. LZBJHD: The drive has apparently gradually become somewhat corrupted.
              1. LZBJIT: Indeed the increasing file integrity failure would suggest this.
              2. LZBJKC: But how & why? –I have no idea.
        2. LZ85Q0:   Running F:\VirtualBox\Virtualize_This_Key.exe (the VirtualBox mode), there are problems, 1 killer:

          1. LZ865E: MINOR I GUESS:  VirtualBox warns that it is out-of-date
            1. LZAVFB:  This is a shocker, as LiLi said it just downloaded this, so why would it then be out-of-date? But as it is, what version is this then? And why would latest LiLi download an outdated version? What’s going on?
              1. LZAVRD:  What version DOES LiLi download then?
                1. LZAWN0:  From VirtualBox -> Help->About, “4.0.10 r72479”
                2. LZAWH9: “Product version: 4.0.10.r72479” says both “C:\Program Files\LinuxLive USB Creator\tools\VirtualBox\Portable-VirtualBox\app{32,64}\VirtualBox.exe” Properties -> Details.
                3. LZAWJU: “” says the download link, which is right (agrees with the above) except for the last “.0”.
                  1. LZAWMO:  LiLi puts this “.0”
                    1. LZAX63:  Why? -as that’s not part of the official VirtualBox version #.
                    2. LZAX4P:  If for a variation, it would seem better to say “_variation_1”.
              2. LZ86CV:  After some digging, the problem here seem to be that No, LiLi is downloading an outdated version of VirtualBox, and NOT from the official  source, as seen in the line:
                of C:\Program Files\LinuxLive USB Creator\tools\settings\updates.ini .
                1. LZ86PI:   Why is this?
                2. LZ86PY:   When will this be fixed?
                3. LZ86PY:   What will be done to prevent it happening again, as by downloading from the official site.
              3. LZAVZJ: More on this at LZ9YPD.
            1. LZAV9D:It alerts this by “Popup=VirtualBox – Information \A new version of VirtualBox has been released! Version 4.1.8 is available at virtualbox.org. \You can download this version using the link: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.1.8/VirtualBox-4.1.8-75467-Win.exe  \OK”
              1. LZAVHX:  So I download that.
            2. LZAVL1:   Rerunning, this version gets run even though the version the USB isn’t updated (I guess Portable-VirtualBox is smart  here) so  I don’t get the popup again.
          2. LZ8693:   But, the killer problem, when Kubuntu starts up (which all seems to go fine), after selecting Persistence Mode, it fails totally. Here’s The failures & initial diagnosis:
            1. LZ85US:  Failure 1 (on some boots)
              1. LZ85VD:   At first  I see long stream of debugging output streaming the the console this time seems seems to include a number of errors (it rushes by so I can’t capture it)
              2. LZBJM8:  Still my guess is startup passes login, because in the later case when auto-login fails the screen had no corruption so seemingly the next step wasn’t reached.
              3. LZ85X7:  Then the window (signifying the computer display) seems to change resolutions and becomes a screen/window where the top 1/4 is purple and has text mal-formed (so very unreadable) embedded in it as if the pixels were being written to wrong broken areas of ram, and the bottom 3/4ths is blank, and there is no mouse nor apparent control of it
              4. .LZ9T71: Tested on 2 Windows computers: a Win7 starter netbook and a Windows 7 Home desktop, with identical results.
            2. LZ861G:   Talking to VirtualBox, when going to Machine -> Settings, things seem wrong:
              1. LZ8733:   it warns “Non-optimal settings detected” and
              2. LZ8733:  indeed also displays “Version: Linux 2.6” (too generic) instead of say “Ubuntu” (since “Kubuntu” is not an option there)
              3. LZ8733Portable-VirtualBox official home page says a key point of it is with it “All settings becomes automatically made. It’s nothing to edit manually.”, but apparently this isn’t happening, so Portable-Virtual box appears likely messed up so seemingly causing this problem.
                1. LZ9TBLIs Portable-VirtualBox really up-to-date? –as VirtualBox wasn’t. Hard to tell, but no it’s NOT.
                  1. LZ9WLD: Downloaded http://vbox.me latest http://files.vbox.me/files/Portable-VirtualBox_v4.1.6-Starter_v6.4.8-Win_all.exe
                    1. LZ9WLS: Figuring out this rather (involved &confusing) http://vbox.me download file name,
                      1. LZAY7G:  it would be more-clearly named: “Portable-((VirtualBox_v4.1.6+)-Starter)_v6.4.8-Win_all.exe” (with additions underlined) and (partially implied):
                      2. LZ9WM4:  It is for VirtualBox 4.1.6 or later-I’m-guessing, but does NOT include VirtualBox.
                        1. LZAXZ2:  –per (looking at the download contents) and LZAUVY
                        2. LZAY3V: latest VirtaulBox is 4.1.8, so this is fairly current.
                      3. LZ9WMI: Its own version is 6.4.8.
                    2. LZ9WMT: Searching for “6.4.8” in the sources, I see the version # is stored in Portable-VirtualBox/source/Portable-VirtualBox.au3 on line 5 beginning with “; Version        :”(in this case, as  “; Version        :”).
                  2. LZ9YOP: C:\Program Files\LinuxLive USB Creator\tools\VirtualBox\Portable-VirtualBox\source\Portable-VirtualBox.au3 has, on line 14 this time, “; Version    : 6.4.5“.
                    1. LZAUHZ:  From http://vbox.me/archive/ this is download “Portable-VirtualBox_v4.0.4-Starter_v6.4.5-Win_all.exe
                      1. LZAUHZ:  –-NOT the most current release but 5 releases earlier –that’s disappointing.
                      2. LZAUVY:  What version of VirtualBox —
                        1. LZAXK2 is included? None, looking at the contents of the .exe with 7-zip.
                        2. LZAXDC:  is supported? I would guess by the file name,  “VirtualBox v4.0.4” and above.
                      3.  LZAUVY:  LiLi’s distribution of it says “VirtualBox-“, not an exact match
                        1.  LZAXQW:  so my guess is  LiLi is including a later version of VirtualBox as, by above, Portable-VirtualBox could support a later version.
            3. LZ9YPD: Then what (Portable-|)VirtualBox DOES LiLi download & install, from where and what version & variant?
              1. LZATEV: –as for both,
                1.  LZATQ5: it’s
                  1. LZATM6: NOT the latest version (seen for Portable-Virtual Box and for VirtualBox)
                  2. LZATRL:  NOT from the official source (as seen from here)
                  3. LZATTZ:  NOT apparently unabridged but LiLi does some modifications (from some inspecting of the files)
                2. LZATQP:  and apparently without LiLi saying this and what IS going on instead.
              2. LZ9YQV: I originally (mis-)thought LiLi was downloading the latest version.
                1. LZ9ZZF:  Why? Not from false advertising but from innocent things that could easily mislead one to think this, as:
                  1. LZ9ZBB: the features page says “Auto-update: automatic updates when new Linux distributions are available” (as I wasn’t careful to note it was “Linux distributions” and not “software” in general).
                  2. LZ9ZBZ:  LiLi asked in its main menu “Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows (requires internet to install[ and 140MB])” and said it was downloading VirtualBox, so then why wouldn’t one get the latest version when going to the trouble of downloading?
                    1. LZ9ZG9: as an afterthought, I see there could be a reason: since it is component of larger app, LiLi’s USB created, the latest version may stop working due to LiLi’s dependence on something which has been changed.
              3. LZ9ZGR: Well digging a bit thru the sources, I finally found it’s downloading from it’s own outdated copy of the distribution, this includes both Portable-VirtualBox and VirtualBox, combined by some custom-brew seemingly with some additions.
            4. LZA00W:  To answer & solve these mis-impressions, I think LiLi should clearly declare, in docs and during downloading, something as quote:
            5. LZA0TM:Downloads/downloading from URL ___ a custom mix & extension of Portable-VirtualBox version ____ and VirtualBox version __.
            6. LZA0TV: These are probably NOT the latest versions because of ___.
            7. LZA0U3: On date ___ I downloaded these from the the official sources at URL(s) …., then combined them by doing ___, then added modifications ___, then ziped them up into this distribution.
            8. LZA0UN: If these versions are too-far out of date and LiLi headquarters hasn’t updated our distribution, you may create & update-to a fresh mix by
              1. LZAYM6:  downloading the latest versions
              2. LZAYMK:  then repeating this mix procedure,
              3. LZAYN6: then having this replace replace every old copy, which are the contents of:
                1. LZAYNN: “C:\Program Files\LinuxLive USB Creator\tools\VirtualBox\Portable-VirtualBox\”
                2. LZAYQ5:  “F:\VirtualBox\Portable-VirtualBox\”  where is “F:” is the every USB drive you created with LiLi.

              LZAYVY:  Sound good?

            9. LZA0Y1:  This diagnosis is only the beginnings.
          3. LZA0W6: So how to fix this problem??
  3. LZ7QTE:   Additional document history
    1. LZ7QPX:   Having problems with the Portable Virtual Box and it looks like I’ll need to get support,
    2. LZ7QRL:   so create this post with this ID

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