Feb 202012

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  1. Motivation (for this post)

    1. LZPRUC: Initially on response to Lucy’s email: Will You Share Your Expertise with Android Users?, yes, I can create & present for this the short talk, “LZPRJD=Google Voice is great for most everyone”.
  2. LZPRV1: Why you need it (Google Voice)

    1. M22W4W: In a nutshell: A few of my smart tech friends, who also often spot future tech before anyone else does, were getting onto g Google Voice & suggested I get it. But for ~2 years, I put that aside (as it looked a little complex & I THOUGHT I knew everything a phone line could do).  I couldn’t have been more wrong! I should have gotten it back then, As Google Voice gives a whole new dimension having a phone line, things everybody needs, including becoming your phone line (it’s not a phone line add-on, but the center); and does this all for free. Indeed anything else I’ve seen which does what it does is <1/3rd as popular and costs at least $20/mo.
    2.  M22VWS:  is FREE, totally free for most users -at least thru this year
      1. M22VYB: free to register, no monthly, and free for all calls in the US (&maybe Canada), free to store unlimited recordings, voicemails, texts, & notes forever
      2. M22W0H: But owner Google says after this year, they may stop giving it away free, at least to those who haven’t yet signed up, so sign up now!
    3. M22W2C: does bucketloads of great stuff (I could go on pages)
      1. M22WMK: Example: for SMS=texting.  Before Google Voice, I didn’t like and avoided SMS=texting. I didn’t get the popularity, just found a pain, especially with how hard it was to type messages.  After Google Voice, SMS=texting not only replaced 90% of my phone calls, it but (thanks to the extras Google Voice adds, as sending & receiving them from a desktop web browser, plus full archiving, search, & comments), well SMSing became better than I & most people ever dreamed. If you know how to use it, in 1 day Google Voice can turn a SMS-hater as I was, into an SMS guru & and power-SMS. In fact now with Google Voice, I readily out-SMS even young women! “How can you SMS so fast & much?! You’re 3x faster than me!” they say.
      2. M22XWJ: Most everything is free. Specifically the only things Google Voice charges for is (and has always been):
        1. M22XX7: Changing your Google Voice #: $10
        2. M22XXP: Calls outside of the US (& maybe Canada & Mexico), but at very low rates.
      3. M2307D: Dramatically cut your telephone service bills (both landline & mobile-cell phone) from typically $150/mo (for cell phone with unlimited mins + landline) to <$50/mo (with a mobile phone), or to even $0 (if no mobile phone, and where you use only common free Internet)
        1. M2311L: You give people your Google Voice number, which they typically think is a mobile # (as it does everything a mobile phone # does, and more), including they always reach  you at this number and when you call/SMS them it’s always from this number, BUT
          1. M230Y7: Instead of using up cell phone minutes, use somebody’s free landline to take (& even place calls), to & from your “mobile” Google number, all for free
          2. M23154: Even bettter, with merely any broadband Internet connection and (a desktop web browser, or a smartphone with the right app),  except for international, place & receive your calls & SMS totally free.
      4.  M22XEU: You can instantly place & receive calls plus SMS from most any web browser, plus add notes with each, plus search all these records going back forever, at http://voice.Google.com
        1. M22XV1: This web page becomes like your normal phone device.
        2. M22Y1H: Note that if you have free Internet access to your web browser (as free wifi access), except for internationalyou can do all these calls & SMSes for free!
          1. M22YA8: And when you’re mobile (including when driving –I did it yesterday)  if you you simply have mobile 3G or 4G Internet (which can be had unlimited for as little as $30/mo: show up to http://Meetup.com/OCAndroid !)
        3. M22XVM: Unless noted elsEverything you do here costs
      5. M231JC: Your callers & SMSes love you because
        1. M22XCC: Loose/damage your mobile phone, or have the carrier shut off your service, and callers typically don’t even know it, nor need to know it! Because:
          1. M22XFI: 0 of your phone records are lost.
          2. M22XGL: If on Android (and maybe iOS & Blackberry), in a matter of a few hours you can switch to another smartphone and have all of your records there, including SMS & call logs, with 0 data loss.
        2. M231BA: instead of them having have a home, work, & cell #, and maybe more phone #s for you, you give out 1 phone number to reach you at, and:
          1. M231L1: which you always contact them from,
          2. M231LS: which also serves a top # for sending & receiving SMS
          3. M231ME: which always has voicemail, indeed so good it automatically translates it to text.
          4. M231DS: And this number is much more permanent, including not only can you switch between phone carriers & services in minutes,  you can have multiple phone services & carriers at the same time, and without troubling your callers with any of this.
          5. M231NS: this # is a custom/vanity #, as spelling your name or a cute handle for you, as aka, 1.949.DESTINY (NOT my actual #, but an example)
      6. M22XKM: 1 button to record an incoming call. Tragically outgoing calls cannot be recorded.
      7. M22XNL: Never have to dial in to get your voicemails again (so 0 minutes used here). And mostly read your voicemails instead of having to listen to them (much better if you’re in a meeting), as every voicemail is automatically transcribed to text, including effectively a text message; you can still also listen to it if you want, but you mostly don’t anymore.
      8. M22XJH: Every call, SMS, voicemail, & call-recording is saved chronologically and forever, including ability ability to search it all instantly (as “What was that phone # John left in my voicemail 3 years ago?”)
        1. M22YYL: With the free Google Voice app (available for at least Android), you can even search this from your smartphone.
      9. M22XBO: Calls & SMSes fully integrated with your Google Contacts which then syncs with top popular services:
        1.  M22YD2: Gmail
        2. M22YDP: Android
        3. M22YWB: iOS (iPhone & iPad)
        4. M22YWT: Google+
        5. M22YXE: probably some more
      10. M22XA1: All logs & recordings of your calls & SMSes are saved for ever & instantly searchable, even from your smartphone.
      11. M22WZ3: Works with most everything: Compatible with the popular smartphones, and every standard phones. The better the phone, the more you can do. But it works with everything. From best down:
        1. M22X0T: Android: top support (not surprising as Google owns Google Voice & more-than-anyone-else owns Android)
        2. M22X39: iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc).  I understand support is nearly as good as Android.
        3. M22X45: Blackberry – reasonable support I hear.
        4. M22X4L: Windows phone: phone plus support for phone
        5. M22X7J: Non-smart mobile phones: voice & SMS-incoming support.
        6. M22X6H: Standard telephone lines  & phones. voice support.
        7. M22X56: VOIP phones: some supported for voice.
      12. M231SI: And more features.
      13. M231T2: leading disadvantages (from least to worst):
        1.  M231UV: Some other minor bugs
        2. M231VM: “phone-software” (to operate a Google Voice line) is available on most devices, but still limited usually just 1 choice, but slowly growing.
        3. M231TY: (MOSTLY a good thing) Cannot block your caller ID.
        4. M232OG: A person having multiple Google Voice #s (for different personas) is possible but still fairly tricky & with problems
        5. M231TJ: Cannot record OUTGOING calls.
      14. M22WXT: Overall, I know of nothing which delivers as much bang for the buck: the next closest is $20/mo, but Google Voice is free!
    4. LZPTKK: So anyone using Android (and more) pretty much should be using Google Voice –or you have something better, please comment here!
  3. M234ES: Who uses it?

    1. LZPRZA: Seemingly all our OCAndroid group leaders & many of our members are using Google Voice. Including:
      1. LZPS1T: I lead & chiefly-founded OCAndroid and I’m a big user. Some reasons:
        1. LZPSXD: It cut my phone bill from ~1400min/mo to <100min/mo!
        2. LZPSXK: It what made me fall in love with text messaging (suddenly it’s easier than a call, if you’re at a computer); indeed
        3. LZPSXV: it allowed me to outtext even most young women.
      2. LZPS5V: At my urging, User leader Lucy & her friend Joan uses Google Voice, though not yet routinely.
      3. LZPS6ZHack Night Leader Bill just started using Google Voice, and will hopefully be soon using it to consolidate his 3#s.
      4. LZPST8: I believe leader Donna uses Google Voice.
      5. LZPSTVJames Turner uses Google Voice.
  4. M232A1: Set up steps (in order)

    1. M232IG: about
      1. M232JV: This is a rough draft
      2. M232JI: The more you do here, the more functionality you get.
    2. M232BC: Choose what Google Account you will use.
      1. M232SE: Seriously consider using a Google Account (for this and most of your Google data & operations) which is secret (only you know it) and is NOT linked to your (NOR any real person’s) real legal name
        1. M2331H: As
          1. M23318: Especially when linked to a smarthone, your Google Account knows about you than the government-mandated livingroom spy cameras of the book “1984”. It knows when & where you are at all times and most of what you’re communicating (and now including your phone & SMS contacts and they calls & SMSes you make, including often recordings). So all you have left to hide is your name.
          2. M232UK: Protects you:  No one at Google is likely to compromise your account if no one (even at Google) knows which is your account.
          3. M2331R: Protects Google (though they MAY or MAY NOT want this protection): if you are accused of doing bad things, it would be hard to publish Google for helping you if they can’t be found to have your data
        2. M233FJ: Having such a Google Account is NOT against Google’s Terms-of-Service (last I checked & understood); indeed I heard that the Google CEO  said that having multiple Google accounts would be necessary in any system that truly protects ones identity, which I strongly agree with.
          1. M233J4: Aside: this is markedly against Facebook’s Terms-of-Service and culture-that-they-can-enforce, which I strongly disagree with.
        3. M2337A: If you’re really using a Google account but it has gotten tainted (by being linked to your real legal name)
          1. M23388: Do either:
            1. M2338X: Untaint it IF POSSIBLE, by removing all links to your real name.
              1. M233AI: Note Google makes it impossible to change your gmail address. It’s forever saved in Google, even if you close your gmail account.
            2. M233BV: Create a fresh untainted Google Account, then transfer all your data to there
              1. M233DE: The transfer seems it may be possible, but seems complex and taking hours and I’ve never done it.
    3. M232AN: Sign up at http://Voice.Google.com
      1. M232C8: Pick your Google Voice vanity phone #, ideally carefully (more details TBA)
      2. M232L0: Have your Google Voice # to forward to all the phones you use
    4. M232M8: Give out your Google Voice #
    5. M232DI: On every web browser you use, install plugins:
      1. M232E1: Google Voice
      2. M232EP: Google Video & chat
    6. M232FJ: On every smartphone you use, install/setup
      1. M232GG: Google Voice App
      2. M232H5: Groove IP or equivalent.
    7. M233XE: Stop calling from your other phone #s, call only from your Google Voice #.
    8. M232MV: Stop giving out your other phone #s; tell callers & SMSes to only use your Google Voice.
  5. M31R7R: Some Additional document history, in order:

    1. LZPSBU: A few min ago, I started composing post but then realized this
    2. LZPSDV: I realized that was not the best storage place so I created this post from scratch with this ID
    3. M233YH: Creating version 1.0 (from 0.2), I drastically completed this, increasing its size ~3, to reference it in an email to “ redcharlie” in response to his call (about his comment Apr 6, 2012 07:58 AM) in which he mentioned he didn’t do SMS because ~”it was too hard to type, including how many times to press each character to get desired key”, so I told him about Google Voice SMSing and emailing him this post.
    4. Version 1.0
    5. M72EIN: Title renamed fr q(While still free, Google Voice is great for most everyone! http://1.JotHere.com/LZPSDV) to q(Most every individual should get Google Voice while still free and only give-out their GV phone numbers http://1.JotHere.com/LZPSDV)
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  1. When you set up your account, Google Voice will give you a list of phone numbers available in the area code you want to use. If you would like to use an alpha phone number that conveys a message, there are several websites that will help you do this by giving you possible combinations of letters for a given phone number. Check these out:




  2. “February 21, 2012 7:00 PM – 7 attended”: I 1st presented this as part of OCAndroid Users’ Meetup 2 -my announcement there.