Feb 052011


  1. N10F0K Title
    1. N10F11 was q(http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/widgets.php) but that out of date as of 2014.01 so to present
  2. LG4BF5 In http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/widgets.php in  “Sidebar 1” a
    1. LG4RLA When this is empty (as it was) a default set of widgets is & were loaded, which were roughly from memory:
      1. Categories
      2. Links
      3. Recent Posts?
      4. Meta
    2. LG4SA5 Added this collection of widgets, in order:
      1. LG4YUT Google Translate
        1. N0Z0MY Title:
          1. N0Z0P5 Per #N0Z0LK, fr(Translate this Page) to q(N0Lang=Translate into Language:)
          2. N10BZ2 per #N103A0 & #N10BX6, to q([Translate into Language]LG4YUT)
          3. N10ETX per #N10EIA, to q(“Translate into Language”LG4YUT)
          4. N10GNL per 3374#N10GLK, change to q(“Translate into Language”N10GNL)
        2. LG4Z7C Put first because if it’s not in your language, then the rest is meaningless.
        3. LH8A2X Now (about 2 weeks later) In Firefox latest (but NOT IE & Chrome latest) Google Translate is loading & displaying a top translation bar (which gets in the way, as obscuring anchor refs) when no translation is requested (as English to English)
          1. LH8A8R Put that translation widget to the side, and indeed problem gone but now of course no translation.
          2. LH8AUN put a fresh translate widget in its place and translations back but now the problem’s gone: I guess it was a corrupted widget install.
          3. LH8AX8 Deleted the apparent corrupt widget.
      2. LG4YV3 Meta
        1. N10CHN Title
          1. N10GTC originally q(Meta)
          2. N10C53 to avoid problems, include description after name q( – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg)
            1. N10CFS the source “reg” is so short because it cant be a live hyperlink and folks might want to retype it.
            2. N10C6Y create Pretty-Link for this
          3. N10CI2 from default q(Meta); per #N10BX6 & #N10C53, to q([Meta]LG4YV3 – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg)
          4. N10EGU Per #N10EF3, to q(`Meta’LG4YV3 – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg) –reads poorly
          5. N10EKZ Per #N10EIA, change to q(“Meta”LG4YV3 – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg)
          6. N10GX3 per 3374#N10GLK, change to q(“Meta”N10GX3 – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg)
          7. N10R8L update ending (so title) with q( – – –if registering or using @Yahoo here, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg)
        2. N10GQQ Location
          1. LG4Z99 Now that you’re interested, please login/register.
          2. M7A5Z2 Seemingly all sub-components could be handled by notably Other Essentials
            1. M7A69V Now that this has been done, disable (delete) this widget
          3. N10C0Y per #N0ZRC3, at ~pst2014.02.14Fri10:00+/- 1hr, restore this (accidentally after categories)
          4. N11OFS a few hours later and including before ID time #N10C0Y, make it  up as possible: right after #LG4YUT but do#N10C53
          5. N12BH1 Now pst15Sat1617 inactivate this widget.
        3. M7A5TN Some of the sub-components & their issues.
          1. M7A5UJRegister
            1. M7A5VT Until that page can be customized with instructions, this needs to be instead Register/Create an Account to agree to TOS plus other alerts.
          2. M7A5YDLog in” else “Log out
          3. M7A64OSite Admin
            1. M7A65F Appears no longer to be necessary now that, once logged in, the site has a bar at the top.
          4. M7A66PEntries RSS” and “Comments RSS
            1. M7A67J Seem bad in that they are 2 separate feeds instead of just one.
            2. M7A683 Seem very bad in that they would defeat the advertising & nav on the site plus I understand wouldn’t be auto-updated if the content is updated.
        4. N11NFP this widget causing spam especially spam registration?
          1. N11NH0 Appears within minutes of this widget being re-added, registrations went from (8 per 7 days) to  (48 per 22hrs)
            1. N11ORR Are these spam?: seems almost certainly
              1. N11OS8 ~3 of every ~4 appear to have 3+digits in email address or name so likely
              2. N11OT6 Nothing has been added to this site since but updating this page, so very likely.
              3. N11OYS No pending comments so I wonder why these spam accounts are being created: maybe to test if they can post?
            2. N11P0P So decide to create #N11P14
            3. N129S2 archive http://1.JotHere.com home page to std location
            4. N14AH4 Now pst16Sun1750: after having this deactivated for ~26 hours, got only 4 registrations, all likely Spam, so a HUGE reduction in the spam.
      3. N11P14 Signin alert text box to replace {any Meta, currently #LG4YV3}a
        1. N11P3E Location:
          1. N11P8B Same as Meta
        2. N11PA3 Title
          1. N11PAL From q() to ~effectively same as meta, so q(“Meta”N11PAL)
          2. N11PPI to (more accurate & less prominent) q(“custom meta”N11PAL)
          3. N12AYL seems more trouble than any benefit and can be referenced by content so to q()
        3. N11PGA Body
          1. N11PGQ content

            N11PKD Welcome to 1.JotHere.com !

            1. N11PLG Register, Signin/Login, et al: see below in this sidebar  the section “Powered by YOU!”M79SQB


      4. LG4YVC Categories (widget), with options [Show post counts] and [Show hierarchy]
        1. N0Z1FF Title
          1. N0Z1IX was q(Categories); per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0DCat=Display Category:)
          2. N10H4L (in order) to solve #N0ZOZX, add ending q( – – –over 250 categories, each with (its post count); use typing and up&down keys to scroll & select)
          3. N10CNH per #N103A0 & #N10BX6 & to q([Select & Display Category]LG4YVC – – –over 250 categories, each with (its post count); use typing and up&down keys to scroll & select)
          4. N10E8B per #N10E1L change to q(“Select & Display Category”LG4YVC – – –over 250 categories, each with (its post count); use typing and up&down keys to scroll & select) –looks much improved!
          5. N10H7P Per 3374#N10GLK, change to q(“Select & Display Category”N10H7P – – –over 250 categories, each with (its post count); use typing and up&down keys to scroll & select)
        2. LG4Z8I A good synopsis of what’s here, so 2nd.
        3. LH8B0R now (about 2 weeks later) make this inactive as it doesn’t help much (more just clutter) and the theme Suffusion already provides a category pull-down.
        4. M7ABMY The theme no longer lists the this for some reason so add it back.
        5. M7ABO0 Select  as the list itself it too long.
        6. N0ZRG1 “Show post counts “: from Off to On.
      5. LH8BC5 Recent posts :LH8BC5 -inactive
        1. M7AB5P main page and “calendar” lists but not in the same way, so kept.
        2. MKIEIL Move this to inactive per to new Recently-modified posts :MKIC1B
      6. MKIC1B Recently-modified posts :MKIC1B
        1. N0Z1Q3 Title:
          1. N0Z1R7 from(20 Most Recently-Modified Posts :MKIC1B); per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Arts=20 Most Recently-Modified Articles)
          2. N10FKI Per #N10EIA, change to q(“20 Most Recently-Modified Articles”MKIC1B)
          3. N10HDO Per 3374#N10GLK, change to q(“20 Most Recently-Modified Articles”N10HDO)
        2. MKICCE an instance of “Query Posts” with the following non-defaults:
          1. MKICFK Order by: Modification Date
          2. MKIEA9 count: from default 5 to 16 as empirically insures the present-10 most recent posts are all covered by this list.
          3. MKIE9L name “16 most Recently-Modified Posts :MKIC1B”
          4. MKIG37 update count & name to 20 just to have some margin & because 16 sounds odd.
        3. MKIEER now this replaces Recent posts :LH8BC5
      7. M7AB8W Recent comments
        1. N0Z1V1 Title:
          1. MKIEVS name “5 most Recent Comments :M7AB8W
          2. N0Z1VH from that; per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Cmts=5 Most Recent Comments)
          3. N10FL2 Per #N10EIA, change to q(“5 Most Recently-Posted Comments”M7AB8W)
          4. N10HID Per 3374#N10GLK, change to q(“5 Most Recently-Posted Comments”N10HID)
        2. M7ABCE Add now as it captures very recent activity
        3. MKIEQN don’t increase its default from 5 because it’s not interesting as it doesn’t include any of the comment text so lots of repetition of title.
        4. MKIFBH Move after Recently-modified posts :MKIC1B because it’s less interesting.
      8. M79Q90 1.JotHere.com HTML Widget “Other Essentials” -see that
      9. M7ADRZ Query Users for “Top Posters”
        1. N0Z2J8 Title:
          1. M7ADSV Name “Top Postsers”
          2. N0Z2K3 from q(Top Posters (not yet working due to http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD) :M8AO2Q);
            per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Tops=Top Authors –not yet working due to http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD)
          3. N10HPZ Per #N10EIA, change to q(“Top Authors”M8AO2Q –NOT yet working due to http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD)
        2. M8APLR Order: place this right after:
          1. M8APN9 originally Categories (originally)
          2. M8APOV now Recent posts since it changes the next less frequently
        3. M7ADSG Added a few minutes ago
        4. M7AKD4 Settings: Post Count Decreasing, list 20.
        5. M7AKDD Only sorts by “Display name” (or perhaps username), so must be some bug.
          1. M7AEO2 This is http://aquoid.com/news/themes/suffusion/widgets-stock-functionality-suffused-with-seasoning/#attachment_1172 from Suffusion “version 3.9.6 ” which is pretty out of date.
            1. M7AKCM Update to latest
          2. M7AKE8 Refresh: no change
          3. M7AKFY Replace widget with a fresh rebuild with this ID: no change
          4. M7AUGJ Report bug at http://aquoid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11663
          5. M8ANYXSuffusion You have version 4.2.5 installed. Update to 4.2.8.” says update: no change.
          6. M8AO2Q Replace widget with a fresh rebuild with this ID:  no change.
          7. M8AVP7 Until it works,
            1. M8APCN set “Number of users for whom all details will be displayed” from 10 to 4 (just enough to fairly clearly show the sort order)
            2. M8AVOE set “Number of users to display:” from 20 to 10.
        6. N0Z2YY Type of users to display:
          1. N0Z2ZU from q(Users) to q(Authors) as I’m not sure it queries comments, and while this doesn’t cover editors, it does feature authors.
      10. M8ASYS Query Users – listing each of them essentially by name
        1. M8AP8D “Type of users to display” is somewhat useless for any setting other than “All Users” as what really one wants is “all users above level x” not “at level x” (where say “x=Author”).
        2. N10IK5 Ordering is now (& probably always been): from lowest to highest privileges.
        3. M8AT0J Query Users for “Subscribers”
          1. N0Z34Y Title
            1. M8AT1E Name: q(Subscribers M8AT1E)
            2. M8ATVX Name q(Subscribers: last 5 (of 232+) M8AT1E); set function to match
              1. M8AU58 Failing due to  http://1.JotHere.com/87#M7AKDD)  SO:
            3. M8AU5T Name & function q(Subscribers: 5 (of 232+) M8AT1E) as a workaround until fix M8AU58
              1. M8AUP9 Name & function: q(Subscribers: first 5 of 232+ M8AT1E)
            4. M8AZLG Per Lucy’s suggestion, just list icons & add “hover” comment, so
              1. “Number of users for whom all details will be displayed:” q(0)
              2. Name: q(Subscribers: first 18 of 232+ (hover for name) M8AT1E) -pick “18” to look like a lot.
            5. N0Z35J from that; per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Subs=First 18 Subscribers (of 1000s) –hover over for name)
            6. N10HVJ Per #N10EIA plus simplifying by removing “()” & rephrasing, change to q(“First 18 of 1000s of Subscribers”M8AT1E –hover over for name)
            7. N10ITG Per phrasing used at #N10IN3(for contributors), change to q(“Subscribers: First 18 of 5,000+”M8AT1E –hover over for name)
          2. M8ATSZ “Number of users to display:” q(All Users)
            1. M8ATAN Displays 39*6 icons.
              1. M8ATDA Seriously wastes space & page-load time
          3. M8ATPM Cannot put HTML name
          4. M8AUDDNumber of users to display:” 5
        4. M8AQF4 Query Users for “Contributors”
          1. N0Z3OB Title
            1. M8ASMS :Name: Originally “Contributors M8ASMS
            2. M8AUHZ Name & function q(Contributors: first 5 of 14 M8ASMS)
            3. M8AZWY Per Lucy’s suggestion, just list icons & add “hover” comment, so:
              1. Number of users for whom all details will be displayed:” q(0)
              2. Name: q(Contributors: first 6 of 14 (hover for name) M8ASMS) -pick “6” to look like a fraction (>=1/3) of Subscribers.
            4. N0Z3OV from that; per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Cntr=First 6 of 18 Contributors  –hover over for name)
            5. N10IN3 Per #N10EIA, change to q(“Contributors: First 6 of 18”M8ASMS –hover over for name)
          2. M8ASVLNumber of users to display:” q(All users)
          3. M8ASX9Number of users for whom all details will be displayed:” q(0)
          4. M8AUGZNumber of users to display:” 5
        1. M8APV0 Query Users for “Authors
          1. M8AQ0E :Title:
            1. M8AQDB originally q(Authors (does not include Editors & Administrators) M8AQ0E)
            2. M8AQDX now q(Authors M8AQ0E) since plan to list other categories.
            3. N0Z3X5 per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Auth=Authors)
            4. N10J7X per #N10EIA & #N10IN3 plus some custom, change to q(“Authors: All & With Bio+Stats”M8AQ0E –16 and increasing as of 2014.02)
            5. N12YB7 forgot to mention “Articles” so to q(“Authors: All, &their Bio+Stats+ArticlesM8AQ0E –16 authors and increasing as of 2014.02)
          2. M8AQ3A Number of users for whom all details will be displayed: (All Users)
          3. M8JXNL avatar size for “Gravatar size for users displayed in full:
            1. M8JXOH 24px (present) is too small to see for real pics
            2. M8JY2S 64px seems ideal size of choices  so select.
        2. M8AUTA Query Users for “Editors”
          1. N0Z40S Title & sometimes function
            1. M8AUVK Name & function: q(Editors M8AUVK)
            2. N0Z41D per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Edit=Editors)
            3. N10RXP per #N10EIA plus mimicking #N10J7X, to q(“Editors: All & With Bio+Stats”M8AUVK –5 as of 2014.02)
            4. N12YHK as #N12YB7, to q(“Editors: All, &their Bio+Stats+ArticlesM8AUVK –5 editors as of 2014.02)
          2. M8JY86 Set size same as M8AZWY
            1. MA0WU2Link profile to: ”
              1. MA0X27 Discovered was set to “Nothing”; correct (to “Author” page).
        3. M8AVAZ Query Users for “Administrators”
          1. M8AVC3 Name & function q(Administrators M8AVC3)
          2. N10UZ9 per #N10EIA plus some custom, change to q(“Administrators”M8AVC3)
        4. M8B0DV Text of “Administrators”
          1. N0Z44A Title
            1. M8B0EO Name q(Administrators M8B0EO)
            2. N0Z44S per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0Admn=Administrators)
          2. M8B3T9 Verify that only Administrators in WordPress can see the list of users by default.
          3. M8B31J body
            1. N0Z5HF

              M8B1IM Who all the site administrators are is confidentialM8B1J3 *primarily to further protect the site and its users & content from any unjust attack
              M8B34A **to make the site as safe as possible
              M8B1KY ***1st for unpleasant truths which need to be shared and
              M8B1LL ***2nd for site posters to speak freely without unjust repercussion.

            2. N0Z5NK “Automatically add paragraphs” turned off for new content:
            3. N0Z5JB new content in outline now that that is tightly displayed, plus improved wording:
              1. M8B1IM who the site administrators are is confidential

                1. M8B1J3 primarily to protect them, so the site, so its users from unjust attack:
                  1. M8B34A to make the site as safe as possible
                    1. N0Z4ZN for users to appropriately speak up:
                      1. M8B1KY sharing unpleasant truths needing sharing and
                      2. M8B1LL peak relevant accurate truths freely
                    2. N0Z514 without unjust repercussion as “getting to” site administrators so to mess up these postings and/or compromise the users
          4. M8B3M4 Now made confidential change stored in email M8B3XA.
      11. LH8BCH Tag Cloud
        1. LH8BD2 Now I restored this from inactive & set it for “Categories” instead of Tags.  It looks a bit more cluttered with the IDs in the categories but it is more interesting that the Categories (widget) (which I just removed as it redundant and mostly clutter).
        2. M7ABPY looks very messy & big, not providing much useful info, and dropdown provides this info much more neatly, so made inactive.
      12. M7AAO0 Calendar
        1. M7AAOK Added now as it’s entertaining, small, and captures recent posts via hover-over
        2. N0Z5LV Title
          1. N0Z5MA from q(); per #N0Z0LK, to q(N0ACal=Articles in Calendar of Month:)
          2. N10V6F per 3374#N10GLK & #N10EIA & #N103A0, change to q(“Articles in Calendar of Month”N10V6F)
      13. LG4ZAP Archive
        1. N0Z5UG Title
          1. N0Z5UT from q(Archive); per #N0Z0LK to q(N0APMo=Articles per Month for all History)
          2. N10VKE per 3374#N10GLK & #N10EIA, change to q(“Articles per Month for all History”N10VKE)
        2. N0Z5YB Show Post counts
          1. N0Z5YP from Off to On.
        3. LG4ZB5 Listed (near) last because, well, it’s archive.
      14. M7AAYT Follow me
        1. M7AB0B Added now
        2. M7AAZB Mostly listing a person’s accounts on other social networks: that not a match for here
        3. M7AB0Y Turned on “ 
        4. N0Z6A2 Title
          1. N0Z6AJ from q(Follow Me); per #N0Z0LK plus that it’s multi-user, to q(M0Foll=Follow Us)
          2. N10VMP per 3374#N10GLK & #N10EIA, change to q(“Follow Us”N10VMP)
        5. N0Z6DQ “Show FeedBurner reader count”
          1. N0Z6E4 from Off to On (
            1. N0Z6G9 displays “1631 Readers<br/>BY FEEDBURNER” -whoa!, what’s all this? Probably spam somehow but sounds impressive.
      15. M79QT8 additional section history, in order
        1. M79QUU First order in  place as of the dates of the items
        2. M79QVJ Updated to match present order of last several months.
        3. M7AUIB latest version, a work in progress.
        4. MKIBMK add Recently-modified posts :MKIC1B  plus add “:” before every ID in the widgets that have ID in the title; pst2013.03.30Sat2249.
      16. N0Z0LK name all, not just some, titles with an ID;
        1. N0Z7KR Especially because the ID can’t be minimized and these names are featured on every page, contrive an ID which is somewhat meaningful, by using the first 2 ID characters plus some name with mixed case
        2. N0Z7MZ Debatable but use the present ID for naming since that was when the name, though not the item, was created, plus (a bit unfair) “N0” sounds better than “LG”
        3. N0Z7OP The old ID I remove but it gets saved in the former titles here so probably still could still be found via web search.
        4. N0ZSGS Placed in front as in q(N0Edit=Editors)
          1. N0ZSH7 Problems I see a bit after: #N0ZXCL & #N0ZSJ8
      17. N0Z7QN starting ~now for ~10min, Review by Lucy:
        1. N0ZOJ9 She says the bar overall looks notably improved -I not sure why, maybe because of ordering
        2. N0ZPY7 Immediately mis-reads “N0” as “N0DCat” instead as “NO” as “NODCat” (and I don’t tell her and she doesn’t self-correct)
          1. N0ZQ0K also a problem as “no” is a negative.
          2. N0ZQ2L Possible fix would be to use “N1”
        3. N0ZOKF She says she would strongly prefer instead of new naming as “N0DCat=Display Category:” the names be done as done in categories as “Display Category: LG4YVC
        4. N0ZOZX (see also links to here) Serious: I notice in her Firefox the categories list (“Display Category: LG4YVC“) is not showing scroll-bar and just appears a window of about 20 items not the many more it is.
          1. N0ZPAW Now see the problem is Firefox is putting the scroll bar on the right but also widening the list to the longest entry (rather than left-right scroll or truncate) so often it is off-screen so the user doesn’t see it’s a scroller)
        5. N0ZP3H In “N0Arts=20 Most Recently-Modified Articles” and similar she (again) notes she doesn’t like the heavy underlining (of the links). I suggest she, as a graphic designer, look into a CSS fix.
        6. N0ZRC3 says she doesn’t like having to search for the signin & register buttons, etc.
        7. N0ZPW4 additional at 3374#N0ZPOV
      18. N0ZRKS Create a version with a full variety of name display formats
        1. N0ZRLH Real samplings in the order they occur:
          1. Translate into Language: =LG4YUT
          2. Display Category: LG4YVC
          3. N0Arts= 20 Most Recently-Modified Articles
          4. N0Usin=How to Use this Website
          5. First 18 Subscribers (of 1000s) –hover over for name=M8AT1E
          6. M8ASMS=First 6 of 18 Contributors –hover over for name
          7. M8AQ0E= Authors
          8. M8AUVK= Editors
        2. N0ZWCS My relevant-here thinkings on ID:
          1. N0ZWR7 letters
            1. N0ZWRR being the timestamp (so seemingly random)
              1. N0ZX5Q BIG PRO (often): very quick & non-interruptive to generate
              2. N0ZWSN Pro: for humans, generally unparsable so quickly read over
              3. N0ZWT2 BIG CON: Ugly
            2. N0ZWUS including some useful summary of what is being referred to, as N0Lang
              1. N0ZWVS Is this ID frequently going to be referred to manually by humans, especially by just the ID?
                1. N0ZXBO Yes?: Then BIG PRO: much more memorable & easier to repeat for humans;
                  1. N0ZXC3 Example: Meetup group profile Qs.
                  2. N0ZXJK Certain functions frequently called as MLCall
                2. N0ZSI7 No? Then CON: slows down the reader to parse the name when the reader generally doesn’t have to memorize this name.
                  1. N0ZXCL Example: N0Edit
              2. N0ZSJ8 CON: In some cases as q(N0Edit=Editors ..), this appears as if “N0Edit” is being defined as a shorthand for the word “Editors”, instead of what it is (a name for the section)
              3. N0ZY0H CON: Much more likely a naming conflict.
              4. N0ZWXF BIG CON: Regularly can make a bad choice & have to fix:
                1. N0ZWYH For instance, after picking N0Tran, a few hours later I changed to N0Lang
            3. N102Y6 Lucy reports agreeing.
          2. N0ZVT4 position:
            1. N0ZVN6 first, pros thru cons:
              1. N0ZVQK PRO: label first expected for a label
              2. N0ZVPR CON: initially unpleasant
                1. N102PK Lucy reports it extremely unpleasant, nearly unthinkable: but maybe if there was some notable separation between code & what it was for.
            2. N0ZW5I at end, pros thru cons:
              1. N0ZW3P PRO: initially pleasant
              2. N0ZXM6 Sometimes PRO: can be the noun with just description coming first, similar as “Person 45” except here with an ID (instead of “45”) the adjectives wouldn’t be needed.
              3. N0ZVR8 CON: for longer descriptions and for most short trunctations, the ID gets lost or confused to be linked to other stuff
              4. N0ZW4V CON: Interrupts flow with following section
          3. N0ZW6P having an adjacent punctuation, as “=”, pros thru cons:
            1. N0ZW85 BIG PRO: Helps show the ID as being defined/labeling here, not being referenced
            2. N0ZWHE PRO: Given symmetric punctuation as “=”, combined with a ” “, makes even more clear what is the label being defined and what is the definition.
            3. N0ZW95 CON: adds a new different symbol
            4. N1035G Lucy reports not liking “=” as doesn’t speak to her.
          4. N1030D separated what it defines/labels by
            1. N0ZW9X a ” “
              1. N0ZWAZ BIG PRO: adds considerably to readability
              2. N0ZWBH CON: uses an extra space, which also can be confused with the content
            2. N1030Z something larger as ” . . .” or ” – – “
              1. N10320 Lucy reports really wanting this.
        3. N0ZWCH Based on those thinking about all these factors, for formatting IDs, my latest preferred preference order roughly;
          1. M8AQ0E= Authors
          2. M8ASMS=First 6 of 18 Contributors –hover over for name
          3. Translate into Language: =LG4YUT
          4. First 18 Subscribers (of 1000s) –hover over for name=M8AT1E
          5. N0Arts= 20 Most Recently-Modified Articles
          6. N0Usin=How to Use this Website
          7. Display Category: LG4YVC
            1. N0ZVKI This has the problem that the ID can be confused as the value, why it then seems so important to have punctuation
        4. N102NX Starting now, run this last thing by Lucy -see links to here; also:
          1. N1039L work ~1hr with her.
          2. N103A0 (see refs to here) In names “Translate into Language:” wants “:” removed as “less is more” as the context expresses this.
          3. N103D3 About .5hr ago, tell her we will need references as q(Please see the side-bar “Display Category – -LG4YVC” aka “LG4YVC- – Display Category”)
        5. N103E3 Archive a copy of http://1.JotHere.com to std MKIC44(_HTML_Chrome).htm
        6. N10719 putting the description in parenthesis plus an adjacent space-less ID (1) clearly delineates the item and (2) in doing so, {pre-quotes the name=allows the whole thing to be referred to by copy & paste without having to add quotes}
          1. N10738 I see this is a notable advantage.
        7. N103VJ Try some more forms
          1. N103W6 “LG4YVC(Display Category)”
            1. N1064A picks up the analogy of defining a term, for instance Lucy gives “NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)”
            2. N1068M Lucy reports liking this form the most of ID in the front, still prefers ID after.
          2. N103WV “[Translate into Language]LG4YUT”
          3. N1040T “[ Meta ]LG4YV3”
            1. N108JR decide on this form.
            2. N108KV add q(–[registering or using @Yahoo.com? -1st see http://1.JotHere.com/2741#M1PJMK ]N108KV)
          4. N106SR (Translate into Language)LG4YUT
            1. N106UW Lucy reports disliking this form as it starts with a parenthesis.
            2. N1074P I decide on this form: -no.
        8. N106E5 “[..]”
          1. N106FP is the form used in quote modification to suggest an alternate wording
          2. N106G3 Lucy reports she notably does not like “[]” as they are not familiar so imagines it would be offputting.
        9. N106CI Lucy suggest form “Translate into Language (LG4YUT)”
          1. N106T3 Says she likes a tad better than “Translate into Language …LG4YUT” or similar as more familiar looking (I guess) plus a tad shorter.
          2. N106Y8 I point out that except that generally something in parenthesis after something like this designates a non-unique property of it (such as in the categories pull-down, after each category name is the count of its posts in parenthesis), not some unique property standing for the whole thing.
        10. N10A5R after much experimenting, find pretty good samples, with my preference towards the first & last title format:
          1. [Translate into Language]LG4YU
          2. [Meta]LG4YV3 – – –if registering or using @Yahoo, 1st see http://1.JotHere.com/reg
          3. Display Category (LG4YVC) – – –over 250: use typing and up&down keys to scroll
            1. N10BPK Lucy reports only liking this one, but says to run by others.
          4. [20 Most Recently-Modified Articles]MKIC1B
        11. N10AAY Review these by Lucy -see links to here.
        12. N10BX6 Decide to stick with style “[Translate into Language]LG4YU”
        13. N10E1L idea: use instead of “[]” use double-quotes ““”
          1. N10RDN BIG PRO: emphasizes what is quoted rather than seemingly all other parentheticals, even [], which deemphasizes
            1. N10E3K so PRO: less oppressive than “[]”
          2. N10E31 PRO: familiar here, as titles are often quoted.
          3. N10RFV PRO: ID (if at end) comes off as a footnote mark (though a big one) at the end of a quotation, so familiar & downplayed.
          4. N10E6M Try it at #N10E8B & it notably improves!
          5. N10EIA Now make this the standard:  -see refs to here.
          6. N10RV5 I’m jazzed about this solution: worth the better part of day of hard work coming up with it.
          7. N10RIH ~20min ago, run these by Lucy and she indeed finds this the overall best solution and approves: not quite as pretty as #N10BPK but pretty good and when adding #N10719 (which hadn’t before occurred to her) is an overall best solution.
        14. N10E4Z idea: use instead of ““”” use single-quotes “`'”
          1. N10EBS PRO: even less oppressive than ““”
          2. N10ECC Mixed: rarely used quoting style
          3. N10ED4 CON: often open & closed quotes here don’t match well.
          4. N10EE1 CON: these symbols traditionally used for abbreviation which isn’t the case here.
          5. N10EF3 Try at #N10EGU: reads poorly so #N10EIA.
  3. MKIG8P post history
    1. MKIG96 change title from q(http://2.loverules.info/wp-admin/widgets.php -added 1st custom widgets (5, in the sidebar)) to present; pst2013.03.30Sat2251.
    2. N0YYAI https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B307OJ9W4BnBRmlva3VaWnpOc2M/edit (create) as draft storage for better editing in say MSExWeb.
    3. N0YYGF applied here regex N0T3FD
      1. N0YYH5 1st time: did same as 3374#N0WBU3: “129 replacements”
      2. N10WEX To handle new WP-editor-corruption forms here as q(..M7A5Z2</a></sup> :  Seemingly), improve to: from q(( | |&nbsp;)*<sup>(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|KEP2FG|[^0-9A-Z]))@{[0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z][0-9A-Z]}(~(<sup)(KENC7Z|KEP2FG|//[A-Za-z0-9.\-/]+/KM37RH/KEUBLL\(html_\)/templates_with_Ids_LJKDDO\.htm|\1|[^0-9A-Z]))@</sup>( | |&nbsp;|\:+( | |&nbsp;))*)
    4. N10WQN add to category q(WordPress theme Suffusion LXMQ30) as the user reports are from its widgets
    5. N10WZI in category q(WordPress LGVU5T) add category:
      1. N10WZS q(WordPress Widget N10WZS)
    6. N10X20 significant improvements; proofed; updated now pst2014.02.14Fri2210.
    7. N12Y26 added #N11P14(Custom Meta); add to category q(spam M1EQXG)
    8. N14AP8 now publish pst2014.02.16Sun1800.


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