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  1. M00PGO: What/Subject

    1. M00PHW: text displayed by a GUI in/on a window/screen: copying it to the clipboard and searching for it: why & how

    2. M00SKL: Closely related & sometimes involved:
      1. M00SLA: Screen scraping
  2. M00PMS: Why?

    1. M00RGL: for reasons I’m guessing most people don’t automatically/intuitively realize

      1. M00RHE: as the need & benefit seems high but I find little support for this
      2. M00RNC: so why I’m listing this motivation section first!
    2. M00S1K: The need & benefit seem high

      1. Why? See next point
    3. M00PNZ: To conveniently capture, via text rather than say Windows clips, what you or one did & does and what was displayed

      1. M00QFX: without having to rekey & transcribe what is displayed (time consuming & error-prone)
      2. M00Q5N: to search for it,

        1. M00PNCNotably to web search, as Google Search, for an error message
      3. M00PSI: to create a log of things done on & by the computer

        1. M00QT6: This is my #1 motive
        2. M00QCF: in case
          1. M00PT0: something goes wrong including you need to report a bug or undo or redo what you did
          2. M00PUM:  you want to share what you did, as to create training/instructions & collaboration
          3. M00QQ0: you may have trouble remembering what you did
          4. M00QRL: you want to automate what you did
        3. M00PP4: which can be:
          1. M00PQ2: found via ordinary text search
          2. M00PQZ: itself easily be copy & pasted for further search & reentry of it, including portions of it
      4. M00PWY: to store what you did in formats which

        1. M00PYS: don’t have easy/great/any image storage ((such as spreadsheets & most-databases)
        2. M00PZ8: don’t take much storage (being text not images) as where
          1. M00Q1I: bandwidth & screen size is limited
      5. M00QKT: to automatically read it (via notably text-to-speech software) for:

        1. M00QMF: safety (such as when driving where one can listen but can’t easily read)
        2. M00QNF: disabilities (one has impaired vision)
        3. M00QOB: convenience (as reading a manuscript/book/article say in the background)
  3. M00PKD: How

    1. M00RCS: Has been & is a big question or me as

      1. M00S7U: the need & benefit seems high but
      2. M00RT4I find little support for this
        1. M00S9C: including
          1. M00RIV: rare software to do this (unless the GUI is web based so search is already included)
          2. M00RLL: No common term/wording to describe this need
        1. M00S9R: Why?
          1. M00SBR: See my guess.
    2. M00RTY: Was & is generally easy & automatic with text-based command-line / text- terminal/console systems,

      1. M00T0S: text-based terminal/console apps
        1. M00T1V: Nearly all allow one to copy & paste the text
        2. M00T2T: Most allow scrolling thru prior text
        3. M00T39: A few allow searching thru prior text
          1. M00T3U: Including running a terminal session within Emacs
      2. M00SZS: notably before the popularity of GUIs, but now with GUI’s this need appears to have gotten overlooked
        1. M00RYZ: as if with they goodness & hype of what a GUIs provide this common deficiency here  was overlooked.
    3. M00PL2: Using disability/accessibility tools as a screen reader

      1. M00QUN: Possible example: qt-at-spi
    4. M00QW8: In Linux

      1. M00QZD: On about ~.5hrs search, I’ve found 0 tools, only accessibility tools. I’m still searching.
      2. M00TR5: Some of the many searches I’ve made:
        1.  M00TRI: https://google.com/webhp?q=capture-assistant+Linux+OR+ubuntu finds nothing relevant it seems
    5. M00QX3: In Windows

      1. M00QY4: About 1yr ago I found ~4 Windows tools
      2. M00SXT:  Capture Assistant does it
        1. M00T6L: found now via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screen_readers#Contemporary_screen_readers
    6. M00QXF: In Mac

      1. TBA
    7. M00R5D: In Flash

      1. M00R5P: Every Flash app I’ve seen doesn’t allow one to select & copy & search for the general text displayed
        1. M00R6S: –why I hate them and why I refuse to code Flash.
        2. M00R7S: To fix this:
          1. M00R89: I’ve heard of & know no solution
  4. Additional document history

    1. M00PF6: Now created this post from scratch using this id

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  1. RE How-to for Llinux above, I just asked the Ubuntu Hour Lake Forest leader (on the listing on OCAndroid for the upcoming event), and he else I will post the answer here (by replying to this comment) -yeah!