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  1. M0689U: Thread Subject

    1. Title=(mobile OR portable) laptop (cart OR desk OR stand) M06MLC http://1.JotHere.com/M067S8

    2. M06ALX: IS & IS-NOT

      1.  M06AMQ: IS

        1. M0685F: an example:

          YOUR PRICE: $49.99
          OfficeMax Mobile Laptop Cart
          OfficeMax Mobile Laptop Cart,
          Avg. Customer Rating: 1.0 out of 5 1.0 out of 5
          Laptop Cart with ergonomic tilting top.

            • Item # : 22435777
            • Mfg # : OM04458
            • Ships in# : 1 to 3 days
        2. M06ANX: IS NOT

          1. M06AO9: without legs able to raise it desk height
            1. M06AP6: an example
          2. M06AQ5: without thin legs & base which can be inserted under a bed or couch or chair so to be used reclining
            1. M06ARU: an example


      2. M06AKG:  Google Search “(mobile OR portable) laptop (cart OR desk OR stand)” finds most of these but also others by the same name which are not these.
      3. M06BON: I term this “M06MLC

        1. M06BRS: where
          1. M06BS9: It’s a valid ID.
          2. M06BS1: “MLC” comes from “Mobile Laptop Cart”
    3. M06924: Experiences & opinion

      1. M06933: Of me:

        1. M0693T:  A very useful device which most any regular laptop user should know about
          1. M06962: I  love mine and use it all day! (whenever I’m using my laptop at home) –though I see room for improvement
          2. M069J7: I would like the table to be able to reach more over me when I’m in a reclining position
        2. M06971: I got my 1st one above M0685F pst2012.09.27Mon19 from OfficeMax for $50 and since till present been using it continually
        3. M069Y5:  While I’ve done computers for decades (ever since I head of them),  I’ve never really discovered this until now so
          1. M06A1D: I think I’ve been missing out big-time
          2. M06A1W: so I wonder why I haven’t heard of them sooner.
        4. M06CZW: See my comment posts below, including of my 1st presentation!
    4. M068CO: Uses

      1. M068DC: For an individual to very comfortably work on his/her laptop

        1. M069SZ: what it seems to be designed for
        2. M069U6: what seems to be its leading use
        3. M068EM: while the person is positioned
          1. M068JE: reclined
            1. M068K5: in
              1. M068F1: bed
              2. M068FI: a lounge chair
              3. M068K5: a couch
            2. M068P7: so the person is on the left-or-right side of the furniture (if long as a bed or couch) where the stand/cart is
          2. M068VY: sitting upright
            1. M0691I: on a char, bed edge, couch (where butt ~2ft off the floor)
    5. Additional Document History in order

      1. M067TQ: I realize I want to share my new mobile laptop cart at 7pm’s OCAndroid Hack Night 16 so as per that group”s custom, I create a threaded discussion for the presentation:
      2. M067S8: Now I create this post from scratch using this ID

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  1. M069X7:I will be 1st presenting mine at 7pm’s OCAndroid Hack Night 16
    1. M06D9Z:  Being pleased about it and since other members may like one, too!
    2. M06A3S: –leading me to create this thread!