Mar 052012

Version 1.2

  1. Definition:

    1. M0FHS0: These points here are essential but not obvious and often not easy, which is another serious bug.

    2. M0FM4V: Dealing with email from

      1. M0FI33: Know effectively spams every member (who belongs at least 1 group  holding regular events) with mostly unimportant email (especially numerous instant reminders & updates on every event of every group, even if you’re not interested), making the few important emails very easy to miss.

        1. M0FMMZ: And generally doesn’t allow you to on to minimize their spam, only mislead you into thinking you can while it actually & typically just makes it worse.

          1. M0FMI4: Meetup doesn’t
            1. M0FI6W: seem to allow to turn-off & minimize it’s unimportant email, only it’s important email
            2. M0FMGM: doesn’t tell users they can’t, rather falesly makes it look like they can –by giving them the option to turn off the important stuff (without telling them that’s the important stuff)
          2. M0FMH5: so members try to solve the problem trying to turn off what they can, which then means only accidentally unsubscribing to the few important messages, so ends up both
            1. M0FMLW: NOT minimizing Meetup spam significantly or at all
            2. M0FMMN: causing them to miss the important stuff even more!
        2. M0FP4A: Where Meetup’s spam is from: event listings and NOT discussion & person-to-person talk (unless a mailing list is used, but better & most groups instead use a discussion board)

          1. M0FP80: The spam is proportionate to the total number of events being held in all groups to which a member belongs, NOT to group discussion (except on an event one has RSVPed YES or MAYBE to, but then that talk isn’t generally spam)
          2. M0FP8Z: For every event in every group a member belongs to, every member is emailed by default & instantly & individually (not collectively)
            1. M0FPET: whenever the event is posted, plus a 2 week reminder, 1 week reminder, 1 day reminder,  plus every time the event is updated (as venue or time or description change)
            2. M0FPH2: even if this sort of event is too far for the member (no distance criteria) and/or not they sub-kind s/he likes (if it’s listed on the group, it goes to all members) and/or the member whats x-days notice  –no way for the member to filter it by these important criteria.
      2. M0FMPS: In your email client, insure message-threading and minimizing-quoted-prior text is turned on.

        1. M0FMQ3: This will make your email vastly more manageable, from Meetup and elsewhere.
        2. M0FMRC: It’s done exceptionally well on Gmail, indeed on of the top reasons to use Gmail.
      3. M0FHRN: Do “Make sure your communication settings are turned “ON” in each Meetup group you belong to, initially & periodically” –this will insure you get the important message, NOT generate you spam!

    3. M0FHTP: Be on the lookout for important emails detailed here.

      1. M0FI0C: including it’s best if you set your email client (as Gmail) to mark as “important” and/or “for followup=Star” these important Meetup email types.
      2. M0FI95:  To show what’s priority & to get one started, here are my relevant Gmail “filters”for emails (both as a member and as an Organizer) as of pst2012.03.05Mon1248, quote:
        The following filters are applied to all incoming mail:
        Matches: subject:(A new member just joined)
        Do this: Star it
        edit     delete
        Matches: subject:(Message from)
        Do this: Star it, Mark it as important
        edit     delete
        Matches: subject:(Posted a Greeting on Your Profile)
        Do this: Star it, Mark it as important
        edit     delete
        Matches: subject:(Meetup Message Board Update)
        Do this: Mark it as important
        edit     delete
        .. edit     delete
        Matches: subject:(just left)
        Do this: Star it
        edit     delete
        Matches: subject:(You’ve been removed from)
        Do this: Star it, Mark it as important
        edit     delete
        Matches: from:(Meetup HQ)
        Do this: Mark it as important
        edit     delete
        .. edit     delete
        Matches: from:( subject:(just uploaded a file)
        Do this: Star it
        edit     delete
        edit     delete
    4. M0FJIB: When you post a message on any (discussion=message) (board=thread)

      1. M0FJL6: Before pressing “submit”, insure you’re posting on the the right thread & in the right forum, as your post can’t be later moved to the correct or better location even by group Head Organizer (unless it’s the 1st post of a thread)

        1. M0FNFY: Real recent example mis-positioned followup-post which the couldn’t be correctly moved.
        2. M0HJ2Z: The top of the 1st post of a thread (the title plus 1st few words) should define the topic of the thread and ideally disambiguate common misfilings.
          1. M0HJ4R: Real example of this of this -note “OVERALL” in the title and disambiguation in 1st point.
            1. M0HJ9V: Real example where this accidentally wasn’t followed.
      2. M0FK0G: Manually notify the persons who need to see the post (or latest edit of  it)

        1. M0FKQV: Do NOT depend on’s notification method as it sucks & will likely fail.
        2.  M0FK29: by posting on each person’s group profile a Meetup Greet (which is logged on the person’s profile & public & shared) of say
          “<profile name/> <profile URL/>
          I’ve put info for you at <post or thread URL/> and am awaiting your reply posts there.”
          1. M0FK9R: All key details should be in your discussion post; the Greet is just to alert & get someone to look that. So
            1. M0FKAK: don’t put in your Greet any important details which and/or:
              1. M0FKBF: are not already in your post unless you copy the Greet into your post
                (as otherwise other readers of the post likely won’t see the Greet)
              2. M0FKBP: which might change but you didn’t say they might change
                (as otherwise you’d have multiple places to update the changing info)
          2. M0FKTB: Yes this is a royal pain & major time-waster (plus a point people regularly miss), but do you have something better (including as comprehensive) as
        3. M0FKGQ: If the recipients still don’t reply post, send them an SMS (a private message) asking if they got the Meetup email of your Greet and including the date & profile URL
          1. M0FKLE: As say
      3. M0FJPK: know a post can be later freely edited but software

        1. M0FJRE: allows editing by only the creator & group Organizers of a certain higher level(s).
        2. M0FJTE: keeps no prior versions, only the latest.
        3. M0FJU9adds “Last edited by <user/> <date/>” to the bottom of the post
        4. M0FJYC: sends out no notification that edits were done.
      4. M0FNMM: know Meetup offers no post-auto-save so put “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” in the head of your post and “Post” then “Edit” it.

      5. M0FKX8: Know Meetup will send out almost no notice of your post

        1. M0FLSK: The only advantage:
          1. M0FLTP: It’s pretty fine to store post drafts & under-construction items here (just mark them as “under construction”) as no one will likely see them unless you actually Greet or message them to the URL to look at.
        2. M0FKXY:  specifically Meetup will:
          1. M0FL0X: List your post as a new activity by you on the group’s home page, which will only stay listed there as a short time until about 8 more new activities appear (usually just a day or two)
            1. M0FL1J: Good place to check if you are expecting activity very soon
            2. M0FL28: But almost no one is going to see this (and likely not the intended persons) unless they are actively chaecking there, which is not practical in general.
          2. M0FL3S: Only at midnight, to every Meetup member, send out just one email “Meetup Message Board Update” containing just the name & link-to every new post in every forum which the member is subscribed to in every group which the user belongs.
            1. M0FL87: BUT the intended recipients will likely not see this as:
              1. M0FL91: members are subscribed to no forums by default (very wrong on’s part)
                1. M0FLCB: including any new forms added: you’d have to notify & get every member to join it (typically impractical)
              2. M0FLBK: members generally don’t like to subscribe to forums, rather like to unsubscribe, because both Meetup wrongfully:
                1. M0FLHI: is already spamming them
                2. M0FLHY: makes it mis-look like the member will get a huge amount of email if they join a forum when actually they’ll get generally 0 more messages/day in practice (or in absolute worst case, just 1 for all of Meetup)
              3. M0FLM3: The email combines updates of all forums of all groups, so, especially given the rest of Meetup’s spam, even the email is opened, the news is often lost in the shuffle.
  2. Additional document history, in order:

    1. M0FH6D: Shortly before, was replying to “just found this thread \ sorry for the delay” of a member posting.
    2. M0FH3L: Now created this post from scratch using fresh ID M0FH4L.