Feb 062011


  1. LG6LLG: Creating a category to classify posts on “Google Analytics” plus all on most-all reasonable parent categories (creating if they don’t exist), done using WordPress category & especially subcategory (definition LG5DEF) and, for simplicity, presented here nested in the same nesting as the categories are nested (their parent relation).
  2. LG6VXP: category[company LG6VXP]
    1. LG6W4W: category[(definition LG5DEF) of (company LG6VXP) LG6W4W]
    2. LG6W3P: Add these as as http://2.loverules.info/category/
    3. LG6LUY: category[Google LE2OX3] -ID from existing eTag.JotHere.com
      1. LG6WBI: category[(definition LG5DEF) of (Google LE2OX3) LG6WBI]
      2. LG6WDR: Add these as as  http://2.loverules.info/category/
      1. LG5I7A: category  q[Google product LG5I7A] –named with this ID
        1. LG5IAS: With this ID & name,
          1. LG5IBE: Add this as a http://2.loverules.info/category/
          2. LG6LPA: Create category[(definition LG5DEF) of (Google product LG5I7A) LG6LPA]
            1. LG6LTE: Add this as a http://2.loverules.info/category/
        1. LG5HLF: category q[Google  Analytics LG5HLF] –named with this ID
          1. LG5I4X: With this ID & name,
            1. LG5HS8: Add this as a http://2.loverules.info/category/
            2. LG5I2Y: Create an http://eTag.JotHere.com email
          2. LG6KMN: create subcategory[(definition LG5DEF) of (Google  Analytics LG5HLF) LG6KMN]
  3. LG8PGT: done. See the results of this in the nested category view/widget.