Mar 132012

Stuart doing his great PhoneGap presentation at awesome OCAndroid Developers Meetup 45




  1. MKFPKR Summary

    1. MKFPP0 Meta: this section should purely quotes from  Definition via its history
    2. MGEM3E All info in this description applies to every occurrence unless noted.
    3. MKFR87 TBA!
  2. M0SMY9 Definition via its history, in order by when-start, bolding only in current-details):M0TLGF (so simply scan-for & read just the text with bold to quickly see all & only the current details in the order they began.)

    1. M0TARX Meta (about this list below)
      1. M0TAW3 Sources include several quotes from OCAndroid Hack Night 17 & OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Training 9 & OCAndroid General Meeting 19.
      2. M0VE70 Format: history list format M1BFMT -see that for pros&cons other details.
      3. MKFS48 Needs important work on cleanup & merging
    2. LG4OWH What are these codes as “LG4OWH ” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item.
    3. M0TDNG The creator & 1st director: (LTSU23  OCAndroid Head Destiny of Laguna Hills; joined 2010.10.26; grp head.)
    4. M0SNBY Location: a USA.California.Orange County.central meeting place suitable for each person to program on his/her laptop; exact location varies some as detailed below.
    5. M0TI34 (outdatedTarget audience: OCAndroid Developers=all-levels of Android developers in-or-by-or-visiting Orange County who are members of (OCAndroid=Orange County’s largest & oldest Android community group)
    6. M0TIDD Activities in-order: socializing & networking, introductions, News & Qs (news, jobs, announcements, Q&A), presentations, at-your-own-pace all-level developer training, user issues (getting your devices to do what you want WITHOUT programming), constructive hacking including coding/programming & building apps; plus eating pizza, the food of computer hackers world-wide!
      1. M0TJPA includes OCAndroid’s successful at-your-own-pace all-level developer training
        1. M6YEC3 both in (native code=Java) and (in portable code, notably in PhoneGap).
        2. M6YHZ7 hugely successful in both our 1st release for Java and our 1st release for PhoneGap.
    7. M0TBTL 2011.11.02: Food –available to everyone who RSVPs YES:
      -typically Quality 3-topping Round-Table Pizza, 
      “the nutrition of hackers world wide”, plus soda!
      -per “LU1W8A=So how about this..” of here.
    8. M0TCOF Cost: free except for the food you take unless someone is buying.
    9. (LO9QFO To attend, you must follow the latest version of “info for every event LEVW4X”), including:
      1. M0SVG5 If programming or learning-to, BRING YOUR HARDWARE & SOFTWARE for coding/developing Android (your laptop+Android devices+hookup cables)
        1. M0TCJ6 If you don’t yet have the software (Android IDE) installed, that’s fine, as we provide it and help you install it during our meeting.
    10. KEP2DU Outdated purpose: promoting & extending SoCalAndroid Hack Nights.
    11. M0SYLF initial outdated name: SoCalAndroid Hack Night’s OCAndroid listing
    12. M0TKXL (possibly extendingmeetup time: 7pm-~10pm to match SoCalAndroid, plus as we were meeting before.
    13. M0TL00 outdating meetup day: Wednesday to match SoCalAndroid
    14. M0TKW7 initial outdated-before-problems frequency: every Wed with several complex exceptions (not Wed before 2nd Thu plus other dates when SoCalAndroid’s leader regularly decided not to show) to match that of SoCalAndroid.
    15. M0SPKR initial outdated location: (same as SoCalAndroid)
    16. LTO3YC URL:
    17. M0TDGD past standard leaders (~5): to be listed here.
    18. (LT0DIS Discussion thread of All Additional Aspects for 1 to (3=next thread). )
    19. M0TK1D approximate # of members attending:
      1. M0TKB4 desired: 5 to 20 (if any bigger then everyone really meeting everyone else becomes difficult)
      2. M0TKCF actual: 5 to 15 with average 9 –at each of our 1st 17 meetups.
    20. M0SNBA 2012.12.05– Frequency: weekly without fail (unless beyond all control of OCAndroid members)
      1. M0TEYC –more than SoCalAndroid (which always misses at least 1 week/month in a fashion that’s hard-to-calendar); indeed established before SoCalAndroid’s leader’s routine absence could ever cause this interruption for OCAndroid members & leaders –as its creation details.
    21. LTO5IC 1: 2011.11.16(Wed)
      1. M6YJ25 Source email announcement
      2. M6YJ2G took place with Beg-to-Int Dev[ Training] Meetup 1, hugely successful per this result post and integrated into this series starting 2012.03.12.
    22. LTO5NX 2: 2011.11.23(Wed)
      1. -NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK due to Thanksgiving Holiday, per LV3W7J of last Hack Night postRSVP for upcoming weeks & have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    23. LTO5RZ 3: 2011.11.30(Wed)
      1. Source email announcement
      2. Discussion start
    24. LTNLD1 A Standard Leader & Event Host:   Bill Z of Orange; joined 2011.08.10; 7+RSVPs,5+attend; a Hack Night ldr –per LVWEKF of this last mtg post.
    25. LTNLD2 A Standard Leader & Event Host: (LW5YIG  Kathryn F of Tustin; joined 2011.07.01;6+RSVPs,6+attend;a Hack Night Ldr –per LVWEKF of this last mtg post.)
    26. LV4ZQ0 4: 2011.12.07(Wed)
      1. Originally not happening (due to usual LTO4GA: OCJUG that week), BUT DID HAPPEN 1st time due to override:
      2. shared discussion thread.
    27. LV4ZQ0 5: 2011.12.14(Wed)
      1. Source email announcement
      2. Discussion thread
    28. LW63DK (6: 2011.12.21(Wed)
      1. Source email announcement.
      2. Discussion thread
      3. Combined with OC Android Beginner/Intermediate Dev Training #3. Includes leader Donna presenting the app she coded and published on the Market since joining OC Android.
    29. LW63MZ 7: 2011.12.28(Wed)
      1. Source email announcement TBA.
      2. Discussion thread TBA.
    30. LW63S7 8: 2012.01.04(Wed)
      1. Source email announcement TBA. Discussion thread TBA.
    31. M0SMRY instance 9 thru 16 (here to be listed & linked).
    32. M0SXVZ OCAndroid and SoCalAndroid separate.
    33. M0SQ8Q instance 17 titled OCAndroid Hack Night 17 on pst2012.04.07Wed1900-~2200
    34. M0SPZ9 Replacement (temporary) location: which is venue preference #2 since #1 is not yet available.
    35. M0SMZZ (new) Recurring-Agenda: recurring community meetup agenda M0TAGN
    36. M0SNTY Replacement name: “OCAndroid DeveloperMeetup (series)”
      1. M0SZ4J Per the new recurring agenda, since the event covers Sharing, Presentations, & Training & Hacking, but saying all that is a mouthful.
      2. M0T08J Yes, not as sexy as prior name “Hack Nights” but a lot more accurate.
    37. M0T0FE Standard Leaders & Event Hosts acquired per the event merging done by the new recurring agenda:
      1. M0T0I0 from OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Training 9:
        1. M0T0W8 (LTNLD1 1=(LTODE2  Donna of Aliso V; joined 20111006; I+B Dvprs Leader#1.)
        2. M0T0JO (outdated) “ Ken O’Guinn of Rancho C; joined 20110110,2+RSVPs,2+attend, a B-to-I Dvpr Ldr, Member since January 2011; Been to 2 Meetups
      2. M0T0SY from OCAndroid General Meeting 19:
        1. M0T0VK (LTNLD1 Destiny (also creator & director).))
    38. M0VA4T now RENAMED “instance 18+” to “instance 43+”respectively (so “18” becomes “43”, “19” becomes “44”, etc.) per new (broad) name “OCAndroid Developers Meetup” as is accurate: yes, OCAndroid has actually held that many in-person meetings which were each especially for its own Android developers!
      1. M0VA6U It now occurs to me with merging these 3 tracks under a new broader name, the # of each instance of this broader series would need to include the prior meetings of the other tracks as well;
        1. M0VABA specifically the name would be saying “this is the nth meetup of in-particular OCAndroid’s Android developers”
      2. M0VABI So counted those meetings:
        1. M0VABX Started from OCAndroid’s 1st meeting in (displaying 2 months) and incremented URL every 2 months.
        2. M0VAIN Counted other dev mtgs as “Meeting under name of OCAndroid” “OCAndroid Intermediate-to-Advanced Developers’ Meetup
        3. M0VAOO On combo meetings with more than 1 dev mtg (as Dev Hack Night plus Training), counted the additional mtgs 0.5 each.
        4. M0VBN2 Meetings which were regularly scheduled but had to be canceled as it turned out venue not available I counted as they were work, too, and only 2x.
        5. M0VBOQ I counted forwards then recounted backwards and came up with same result.
      3. M0VCFE Wow, OCAndroid & I have hosted a lot of OCAndroid developer meetings: 43!
      4. M0VCZC Announced this on instance 43 & on instance 44.
    39. M0SN7Z instance 43 pst2012.03.14Wed1900-2200
    40. M0SQ01 Replacement location: which is venue preference #1 since it’s now available.
    41. M0TM5X Meetup day: Monday
      1. M0TM9P Picked ~3 weeks ago as:
        1. M0TMDB only other day attend-able by all 5 active leaders (& if can’t be Fri-Sun).
        2. M0TMDK avoids overlap with SoCalAndroid enabling
          1. M0TMEC without overlap, the same venue to be used by both (but the venue owner nixed giving more days of his venue over to Android)
          2. M0TMGQ attendees to attend both meetings without having to miss either
    42. M1BQJ3 New venue fails, revert to prior venue, announced here.
      1. M41CGI CONVENIENT LOCATION with great food, just 0.6 miles from the 5 freeway exit, just south of the Irvine Spectrum Center, and with plenty of adjacent free parking.
        1. M41DA6 The above line is designed to be quoted in the post to sell readers on this location, especially since it’s in S. OC (though the north end), but with still only giving the exact location to members. 1st announcement.
    43. M15TNK If you have PORTABLE INTERNET, especially Internet you can share as a wifi-hotspot, please BRING IT. Want to learn how to create a portable Internet hotspot? Then BRING the equipment.
      As we share who provides us Internet among our attendees (for the regular case where our venue’s Internet is non-existent or not reliable; also gives us many more venue choices).
    44. M0SOKM instance 44 pst2012.03.19Mon1900-2200
    45. M0SOKU to repeat every 7 days.
    46. M1ID9A Update every standard leader’s title‘s to reflect the new combo agenda
      1. M1IDDF every standard leader of this series takes new title “Developers Leader”
        1. M1IDFK due to his/her expanded role as a std ldr of OCAndroid Developers Meetups which is so renamed as it has an agenda merging hacking+training+presentations so s/he handles all that.
        2. M1IDJM At leader Lucy‘s suggestion:
          1. M1IDK9 The leaders aren’t officially numbered (as #1, #2) as she suspected this would create non-constructive competition & judgment.
          2. M1IDM4 No article (“a ” or “the “) is included with the title.
      2. M1IE0T Dear retitled Leader,
        1. M1IE21 Please refer to yourself as “ Developers Leader”
          1. M1IE6R including whenever speaking & especially writing
            1. M1IE74 on stuff related to the group
            2. M1IEA0 on stuff related to the subject (Android) and especially to any alternative/related groups
              1. M1IEBJ For instance, in this post by leader Bill on another Android group, instead of signing-it/referring-to-himself as “OCAndroid hack night head” he would say “ Developers Leader” (note also the inclusion of the URL to promote our group)
        2. M1IEG8 Congratulations! -on your expanded title & role, plus continued attendance & success!
      3. M1IDPT Did this for:
        1. M1IDNA About 2 days ago, leader Bill on his Greets “Mar 22, 2012 6:01 PM”  & “Mar 22, 2012 6:01 PM”
        2. M1IDTO Now, did this for leader Kathy on her Greets  “Mar 26, 2012 4:04 PM”
    47. M1BRK8 instance 45 pst2012.03.26Mon1900-2200, including
      1. presentation on PhoneGap by Stuart

        Stuart giving his awesome PhoneGap presentation

      2. M1KTU2 Member Stuart becomes a Developers Leader!

        Member Stuart becomes an OCAndroid Developers Leader!

      3. discussion of rolling in Users Meetups.
    48. M1KE1R Hour range: 6:00pm-10:00pm, instead of from 7:00pm. —final per here.
    49. M1KTUN Ken O’Guinn as a Developers Leader is no longer due to impossible work schedule conflict.
      1. M1KTWN Detailed on his profile in my Greets “Mar 27, 2012 8:37 PM” & “Mar 27, 2012 8:57 PM”
    50. M1MHCK instance 46 “Monday, April 2, 2012, 7:00 PM”
    51. M1MHFH instance 47 “Monday, April 9, 2012, 7:00 PM” and featuring “PhoneGap & custom ROMs”
    52. M5GOUF began creating a post for individual meetups
    53. M2A4FE instance 48 currently “Monday, April 16, 2012, 6:00 PM”; happenings.
    54. M2A4G3 instance 49 currently “Monday, April 23, 2012, 6:00 PM”; happenings.
    55. M3B91H Per PDT2012.04.30Mon at 13:59, rename series
      *fr “OCAndroid Developers Meetup”
      *to “OCAndroid Main Meetup (series) “
    56. M3B9E9 Per PDT2012.04.30Mon at 14:24, “now instance 50, 51, etc, become instance 54, 55, etc.”
    57. M3BBXA (new) Audience: only members of OCAndroid
      1. M3BE26 OCAndroid is Orange County‘s largest & oldest Android community group; and as that would suggest,
        1. M3BEED Members are Android software & hardware developers, users, managers, & entrepreneurs, at all levels, in-or-by-or-visiting Orange County, California.
        2. M3BE9L: The Android OS hardware includes: mobile computers (including smartphones & tablets), video game consoles as Ouya, plus other uses as embedded in high-end printers as by member James Jung and even in airplane seat entertainment systems as Panasonic Avionics right here in Lake Forest!
    58. M3BBXA Audience: only members of OCAndroid and their guests who RSVP YES here;
      1. MKCUHA for what OCAndroid & Android is, see our “About us..” on the left-hand column of every page.
    59. M2A4GC instance 54 (formerly “instance 50”) “Monday, April 30, 2012, 6:00 PM” “User Focus”; happenings.
    60. M3BA93 instance 55 pst2012.05.14Mon1800-2200, featuring topic COMPARE-YOUR-CODE”; happenings.
    61. M41BFG instance 56 pst2012.05.28Mon1800-2200, featuring topic “ALSO USER ISSUES”; happenings.
    62. M5FF0U instance 57 pst : event listing; happenings.
    63. M5FGMM see posts in this series for event happenings and major series changes beyond this point and some above
    64. M6VHMN starting on & after instance 58, repeating on the last Monday of every month.
    65. M6VJ2P Bring ALL ANDROID DEVICES you may want to work on and/or have questions about.
    66. M6VJ4I BRING YOUR LAPTOP –VERY IMPORTANT, including for posting questions & announcements, RSVPing for future events, and web research.
    67. :
    68. M8261W Volunteer to be a presenter, or an official event host or other leader!
    69. M0SMZZ Starting 2012.03.14Recurring-Agenda: recurring community meetup agenda M0TAGN -READ to know what we do & what to bring
      1. MKCRIT our all-level at-your-own pace in-person training
        1. MKCD2E subjects/tracks OCAndroid offers:
          1. M0TJPA our successful & original  Android programmer training
            1. M6YEC3 both in (native code=Java) and (in portable code, notably in PhoneGap).
            2. M6YHZ7 hugely successful in both our 1st release for Java and our 1st release for PhoneGap.
          2. MKCCWZ our original Android user syllabus training
            1. MKCD7H 1st created by leader Lucy adapting from her recent Laguna Woods Android class.
      2. M0TIDD Activities: see instead parent section M0SMZZ.
    70. MFOJTD 2012.07.30Mon: #59(including BEST TABLETS,OUYA GAME CONSOLE,GOOGLE JOB)
    71. M825VG Starting 2012.08.27,
      Cost: just $5 per regular member & guest and $0 per official leader or pre-announced presenter, plus any food you buy unless someone is buying.
    72. MFOJDR 2012.08.27Mon: #60(NOVEL USES OF ANDROID, as TV entertainment center PC)
    73. MFMGD1 Starting 2012.10.25, repeats on the last Thu every month at the time range specified above.
      1. MFRHR2 From here, will likely be changed to Mon or Tue.
    74. MFOIVV 2012.10.25Thu: #61(Android as a controller of other devices)
    75. MFOJ5Z 2012.12.06Thu: #62(canceled including for the holidays)
    76. MFMA8R Starting 2012.12.27, VENUE
      1. MFMAI1 CONVENIENT: right by Irvine Valley College (between 5 & 405 freeways) and with plenty of adjacent free parking
      2. MFMAIW features free wifi though it’s sometimes flaky and/or overloaded, so still PLEASE BRING portable hotspots if you have some.
      3. MFMAZH has no TVs nor projectors, so PLEASE BRING portable displays (as a LCD panel/TV and/or projection display+screen) if you have some.
      4. MFMAKD COOL: typically features a spirited diverse smart crowd of mostly IVC students plus some UCI students.
      5. MFMAWE offers a full selection of non-alcoholic drinks plus pastries, with several good restaurants next-door.
      6. MJIHZD We’ll likely be in the:
        1. MFMDRL patio room which is
          1. MJII8T big
          2. MJII9B not well-insulated so if cold outside, HAVE/BRING warm clothing.
          3. MJII1C noisy if other patrons are also in the room.
            1. MJIIA8 so last done 2013.01.31Thu: #64(Android auto-interfaces & custom ROMS).
        2. MJII41 inside & close to the bathroom.
    77. MFOJ7K 2012.12.27Thu: #63(including Android rooting & custom ROMs)
    78. MFOJ9I 2013.01.31Thu: #64(Android auto-interfaces & custom ROMS)
    79. MHQ8ST Want more folks attending, plus this & more great events totally suiting you?
      Google Image Search(Bring your laptop) image ~36*6+4
      Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here!
    80. MFRGJO 2013.02.28Thu: #65(including Linux-on-Android,Miles’ Dynamic Forms,+cmt)
    81. MIYKGY 2013.03.28Thu #66(all-level training4 coders+users,&more via cmts!)
      1. MKC0VB definitely our classic at-your-own-pace all-level training, for programmers & for users
    82. MJGDV3 2013.04.25Thu~ #67(comments suggest topics!)
      1. MKFJN9 Chris demos his Android game he coded
      2. MKFK43 our classic at-your-own-pace all-level training, for Android Java & Android users
          *As we’ve successfully done may times before
          *offering FOR BOTH USERS & CODERS, threads TBA.
          *WE’RE FIRING THIS UP AGAIN, due to the many member’s requests for it(see coder thread)
          *if u want one of these training sessions, be sure to follow the RSVP instructions
    83. MNCJTD Reserve & select new venue, also at new time range to accommodate its open hours:  “2013.05.30Thu1730-2145” per point MMZ8ZX 
    84. MNMZ2O Starting 2013.05.29the high-speed reliable relocating 802.11 (wifi/wireless) affordable Internet hotspot(s), each with a free LAN with free local filesystem storage, for use by many of my associates !
    85. MJGF5M 2013.05.25Thu1730-2145 #68
      1. MNMZ8G announcing our super Internet service now & our every meeting! –discussion thread.
      2. MNCJSO our classic at-your-own-pace all-level training for Users & for developers
      3. MNCLYJ Best of Google I/O 2013 -details thread.
        1. MNMYSN including we’ll be recapping the best of what we saw as part of our recent “MIComm’s Orange County Google I/O Extended 2013(6th annual)”
      4. MNCLZH More topics via event comments -post there
    86. MNCK5C 2013.10.21Mon~ #69(training4 coders+users, hacking, &more via cmts!)+ -rated 5of5 stars!
      1. N201AQ Originally scheduled 2013.06.27Thu; when thread details moves.
    87. MNCKIH 2014.03.06Thu~ #70(Try Google Glass demo, all training,&more via cmts!)+
      1. N201D5 Originally scheduled 2013.07.25Thu; when thread details moves.
    88. MNCLL2 2013.08.29Thu~ #71(topics via cmts!
      1. N201MDaccidentally canceled so series # resued.
    89. N201WP 2014.04.14(Mon#2)~ #71(topics via cmts!)
      1. N203A0 Boot ISO from phone
  3. .


  1. MKFNBB Based on OCAndroid‘s Android-specific meetings from the 1st one (2010.10~)

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  1. MKCHZL see the end of the post history for status.

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  2. M0SYAV instead use for this ( used for all prior-instances and cause that to redirect to here.)
  3. M0VDA8 10hrs ago, I emailed alert of this to OCAndroid dev leaders.
  4. M1MHTI Pictures: formerly 2 generic; added 3 where were real from instance 45.
  5. M3BHQR Version 2.7:
    1. New title.
    2. new general audience.
  6. M41BP8 Updated heading to format of latest
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  10. M6YDV0 Updated Activities M0TIDD
    1. M6YJE9 Updated M0TJPA includes hugely-successful OCAndroid Developer Training“ to cleanup & include PhoneGap
  11. M6YJLN Updated Title & heading to doc standards of
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  18. MNMZIF Updated MJGF5M; added MNMZ2O; pst2013.05.30Thu1719.
  19. N1ZYAF create draft file 965.N1ZYAF.htm
  20. N1ZYG7 1st time do regex N14GGJ & Regex repl N1ZZ1G plus ID cleanup including rename a dup of #M0TIDD to #M0TIED; spell-check; publish pst2014.03.05Wed2059
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  22. N203TK publish pst2014.03.05Wed2210


  4 Responses to “OCAndroid Main Meetup (series)”

  1. M0UMYW:Yesterday I posted 1st reference of this post on instance 18 and just now there commented asking attendees to post their feedback to this as comments here.

  2. Just received my Username/Password for WordPress. I’ll try not to post so liberally on, be more verbose here. First topic,I wanted to let everyone know about an excellent networking opportunity. If you want to learn more about Agile SW Dev disciplines, check out this info about a meeting I attended last week in Irvine:

    In a nutshell: + Free food & beverage
    + networking opportunity
    + an informative presentation on some Agile SW Dev topic
    + door prize(s) if you RSVP
    + they do NOT use
    + free parking, convenient location.
    More info on the SoCalAgile group: AgileSoCal is your community for all things agile. Find us:

    On Yahoo! Groups (group name “xpsocal”) at

    On Linked-In (group name “AgileSoCal”) at

    On Twitter (timeline name “agilesocal”) at

  3. Short notice, but worth considering if you can attend “Linux Days” on Thursday May 31 in Irvine. register for the event.

    Free breakfast and lunch, informative presentations, door prizes including an Android phone. They even validate parking. I hope to see some of you there.