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  1. MKCJLT: Summary

    1. MJGYX9: Meeting+Eating+Workshop! Where big things get done & everyone participates. A very busy ~4.5 hours.
    2. MO5IX7:  Everyone, you may need a group & topic introduction which happens at the start, so don’t be late for your 1st one.
    3. MJGKGO:
      Activities, in order
      MO5FS4: start
      duration into event,  duration
      MO5FTO: description  
      MO5XHL:   begin of meeting setup, newcomer training, and socializing & networking
      0:00, ~25min
      Setup: attendance sheet creation & starting door persons, setup wifi & electrical equipment, setup of laptops & presentation equipment & brought-food, put up signage.

      1. MKNJ8A:  for leaders and anyone else willing to join & help
      0:25, ~1hr
      MKNHWT: if this is being done, anyone who hasn’t done this plus those wanting to help here
      1. MKNI28:  ~10min: Introductions, just like main introductions but shorter.
      2. MKNHGH:  ~20 to 50min: Orientation: introduction of the group & group topic (as a video) then basic Q&A
      3. MO5IP7:  if finishes early, sub-group merges into the other parallel activity.
      4. MO5IF3: -required for groups and/or topics
        1. MKNHO0: which typically require special explaining, such as:
          1. MKNK1S: for polyamory (indeed this was 1st pioneered for this OC-Polyamory meeting)
        2. MKNK6Q:  not for others, as not for OCAndroid nor for OC-Python.
      MKNJ58: all other attendees:

      1. MKNJRR:  ~15min: presenters only: presentation checks.
      2. MJGKI8: ~45min: Socializing & Networking,
      MO5XCE:   begin of single-speaker with all other attendees listening
      1:25, ~5min 
      Food ordering, based on the preference & vote of those present or else known for certain to be coming late.
      1:30, ~15min
      Introductions: every attendee introduces him/herself to the group present
      1:45, ~15min:  
      News & Qs of every attendee:

      1. MO5MHF: news, jobs, announcements, quick Q&A & discussion, presentation annoucements.
      2. MO5MHK: topics taking over ~3minutes be instead be done-in else continued in Presentation(s) and/or Building.
      2:00, ~5min
      Collect attendance fees if any.
      2:05, ~10min
      RSVP for & suggest & plan our upcoming events & topics; announce board meetings
      2:15, ~60min
      Presentation(s) –different for each occurrance

      1. MJGL39: from 2 minutes to 1hr, but can be up to 2hrs if the next activity Building is reduced.
      2. MJGL3Q: are requested & listed & done typically by own ordinary members stepping up to the plate, but sometimes by outsiders & group leaders seeking each other out.
      3. MO5P8W: Don’t expect presentations & topics to just come to you. You have to first ask for them and sometimes offer to present on them.
      4. M0TBQV: Announce (else ask for) and discuss every topic & presentation a-single/the possible event topic thread for it on a matching-event listing’s comments (typical) else on a matching-post its series (outdated) else on a matching-main listing for the series (as for OCAndroid).
        1. MO5OWG: and if enough advanced annoucement, the event hosts will also feature the topic in the event title, and in the event description linking to the thread of details, which dramatically attracts more interested attendees.
      5. MO5ODZ:  – announcing in advance
        1. MO5O9H: The more advanced annoucement, the more one can locate & bring to the event people interested in that topic. Announcing:
          1. MO5OL2: during the prior meeting RSVPing or before is most prefered.
          2. MO5OG3: >1 week before makes a huge improvement.
          3. MO5OGH: <1 day before will likely not find & bring any additional attendees
          4. MO5ODZ:  As last restort, can be 1st raised during the meetup in News&Qs as “I’d like to present at this meeting on x”).
      6. MO5MV2: -see additional presentation prep instructions
      7. MJH07T: Attendees not presenting who don’t want so much to participate in a presentation can skip ahead to instead do more of the next activity, Building.
      MO5XJM:   begin of breakout sessions
      3:15, ~60min

      All-level at-your-own-pace (in-person) training (agenda/format LUMDBI), with a sub-group for each topic/subject the meeting offers

      1. MKCS5D: pioneered by Destiny at OCAndroid
      2. MO5CLU: Who offers this when?
        1. MO5F9X: OCAndroid’s 3+ topic offerings at every Main meeting
        2. MO5CIS:  OCPython 1+ topic offerings at every Main meeting: 1st offering.
        3. MO5CS6: offerable by anyone who develops a similar sylabus and links to it from here.
      3. MJGO6I: If you want to do this, say so in your RSVP/attendance comment-else-thread
        1. MJGOS7: say the kind of training you want (can be current subject(s) offered or something else attendees might do) and your experience & skill level there (as if you have the IDE installed and what apps you have made)
        2. MJGOSR: so training leaders can prepare and participants can find & sort each other by experience level.
        3. MJGOTD: aside: prior version of this text.
      MJGKO3: Constructive hacking with a sub-group for each project/topic, including

      1. MJGMNQ: coding/programming & building apps
      2. MJGKMX: solving user issues -getting your devices to do what you want WITHOUT programming
        1. MJGM88: typically hosted by our user leaders as Lucy in OCAndroid.
      3. MO5XSN: other projects in the topic area
      MKNKVH: Open discussion: group where people who want to speak informally speak say under10 minutes and everyone else listens and typically one replies.

      1. MKNLAD:  Strongly recommended to me by John in our talk right after this meeting so I added it with the only difference is this only a portion of the attendees to keep the meeting shorter.
      MO5Y3Q:   begin of close-down where everyone helps
      4:15, ~5min
      Event review. Every attendee posts his/her review of this event on his/her attendance thread.
      4:20, ~10min.
      Packup & cleanup.
      MO5M9A: 4:30 end


    4. M0TBTL: Food
      1. MJGHD8: Meals and drinks are offered! –unless specified otherwise, which is rare.
      2. MJGLJ1: After setup, we drink & eat in the background throughout the whole meeting, as eating pizza, the food of computer hackers world-wide!
      3. MJGGR0: If the venue is provides us the space itself at no cost (nearly all cases), then
        1. MJGGJ3: if the venue does not sell meals, then food is,
          1. M0TBUL: typically pre-ordered for everyone who RSVPs YES.
          2. M0TBVL: typically Quality 3-topping Round-Table Pizza, “the nutrition of hackers world wide”, plus soda!
            1. M0TBWL: –per “LU1W8A=So how about this..” of here starting 2011.11.02.
        2. MJGGZ3: if the venue sells food and/or drinks, then to properly appreciate the venue,
          1. MJGGZY: please buy something from the venue, even if small, and/or have the group buy something to share:
          2. MFOI6S: outside food/drink is allowed only if it or a similar food/drink is not sold by the venue (rule inspired by “FOOD” rule mentioned here)
    5. M3BB40: Key stuff to bring:
      1. MJGNGL: Bring your devices for accessing Meetup & portable Internet if you have it.
      2. M6VJ4I: DEFINITELY BRING YOUR LAPTOP –VERY IMPORTANT, including for posting questions & announcements, RSVPing for  & suggesting future events & topics, and web research.
      3. M6VJ2P: Bring ALL DEVICES you may want to work on and/or have questions about..
      4. M0SVG5: If programming or learning-to, BRING YOUR HARDWARE & SOFTWARE for coding/developing (your laptop+mobile devices+hookup cables)
        1. M0TCJ6: If you don’t yet have the software (as Android IDE) installed, that’s fine, as we provide it and help you install it during our meeting (at least in OCAndroid).
    6. MKNJIH: Door persons:
      1. MKNJL6: Greets people on arrival, insuring this & all attendees each has a nametag on his/her chest, 
      2. MO5H3O:  Makes sure each arrival & departure signs in & out.
      3. MKNJLK: Takes attendance, identifying possible no-shows & SMSing-else-Meetup-Greeting them to reply-post the time range they’ll be here and what’s the problem.
      4. MO5H8V: job starts during setup & continues thru end of event.
      5. MO5HC4:  assigned as an additiol job to 2 attendees, one who’s done this at least 2x and one who’s done it less than that, including ideally to no attendee who is presenting or leading the event.
    7. MJGMSU: This section needs to be synced with the details section below which is older but goes into more detail..

    8. MKNLS7: history of this section, in order

      1. MKNLSU:  prior history kept elsewhere.
      2. MKNLVZ:  added #MKNLAD; especially to add #MKNHGH, added #MKNHSK; added #MKNMB3; pst2013.04.02Tue1750.
      3. MO5D7L:  #MJGKNU: update especially to fix & complete links including newest.
      4. MO5HWM:  updated  including cut q(MKNJ6R:  ~20min: any actrivity ) and (since not needed with parallel display) q(every attendee joins 1 of 3 adacent sub-activities happening at the same time:) & q(these 3 adjacent activities happening at the same time:);

      6. MO61UB:  convert #MJGKGO to a table, which seems to dramatically improve readability.
      7. MO7BLQ:  to do: ID links; developing a nodejs script; pst2013.06.10Mon1652.

  2. M0T53K: consists of the following attendee group activities in order:

    1. M308XM: Every attendee on arrival, should, in order:

      1. M308YP: Get-else-make & wear his/her event nametag
      2. M308ZA: Help with the setup if not already done
      3. M3094M: Get and setup-to-use his/her else somebody’s laptop computer
        1. M309C0: Note the venue, event hosts, & leaders may have extras but don’t count on this.
      4. M3096J: Log into the event’s websites
        1. M3097J: typically and
    2. M308RZ: Setup (ideally a few minutes before the scheduled start time): do, in order:

      1. M308T3: Do all the setup that the venue may lack, including generally in this order:
        1. M308UO: Turn on all wifi hotspots (if the venue has insufficient wifi Internet)
        2. M308WK: Run power cords & outlet strips so everyone will have a plug for his/her laptop
      2. M309DY: Login-to & display the event’s expected attendee (RSVP) list
      3. M308ZZ: Make & layout a nametag for every expected attendee
      4. M309II: Put up event banners
      5. M309JA: Display the event name (else something to test) on at least 1 of the large computer/TV screens
    3. M0SN0J: In-processing and informal-(food-getting then networking)

      1. M308JW: In-processing by event hosts & optionally other group leaders
        1. M0T29E: Welcome each arrival
        2. M0T28Q: insure every attendee:
          1. M0T28N: is marked & posted as attending
            1. M0T5PK: Why? Dramatically helps (event & group planners, prospective future attendees, and everyone) have this a good record of what happened starting with who exactly was there.
          2. M0T2E9: is wearing his/her nametag
            1. M0T5J4: Why? Dramatically enhances attendees getting to know each other
          3. M0T2AE: has a group web profile with complete & current info
            1. M0T5UR: Why? Significantly enables later networking with attendees plus tracking every attendee’s attendance and contributions & issues. Helps keep attendees honest and meetups safe & productive.
        3. M0T2F4: For every member profile RSVPing YES but NOT here, record this & prevent it from happening again
          1. M30ANA: Do this during or shortly-after event?
            1. M30AO8: During?
              1. M30AQI: This is what Destiny generally did for meetings he ran
            2.  M30APK:  Shortly-after?
              1. M30ARJ:  At the 2012.04.16 OCAndroid Meetup, leader Kathryn said “During” was wrong and convinced the leaders to instead try  a day-after.
          2. M0T3IN: Mark as no-show.
          3. M0T2FZ: Post on the member profile a brief Greet (message) politely alerting of the problem and asking why
            1. M0T3V0: real example posted on a member profile(which led to a detailed email reply from the member):
              Scott, you RSVPd yes for Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers’ Training 9 and we’re here, but haven’t heard from you. Because of the RSVPs, we wound up with an extra pizza. If you can’t come, please change your RSVP, and let us know why if possible. This hasn’t happened before, can you tell us what happened?
              Mar 07, 2012 8:39 PM
            2. M30BC6: proposed example for shortly-after event:
              Scott, you RSVPed yes for Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers’ Training 9 but we missed seeing you there, so Meetup marked you as a No-Show. What happened? -Post an event comment explaining else email an event host. Also, whenever your plans change, so we can plan, too, please update your RSVP accordingly and especially if less likely you can make it then kindly explain why.
      2. M309QT: Informal (food-getting then networking): do in order:
        1. M0T2BH: for non-group-ordered food (as typically drinks, plus everything if none), get it for yourself & start consuming it
        2. M0T2BQ: do informal networking, especially on the topic
    4. M308NL: If there’s to be group-food (as pizza), group-select & order it

      1. M308QA:  Waiting until most everyone has arrived can make a better selection here
    5. M0SN1R: Introductions

      1.  M0T7GD: format M0TRSP
      2. M0T34X: Every attendee introduces him/herself, especially what what brings him/her here & his/her background on the topic, for no more than ~1 minute each.
    6. M0SN2V: News & Qs

      1.  M0T7GV: format M0TRSP
      2. M0T35H: Every standard event leader plus every attendee who wants to shares some (news & announcements & jobs & questions) on the subject of no more than ~2 minutes each.
        1. M0T7V5: If you have a job announcement (looking for or offering), a burning question which you might not know who exactly would have the answer, or a new product or service availability, this is your chance to to share it.
        2. M0T804: This includes the standard event leader(s) summarizing any relevant (news & announcements & jobs & questions) appearing on the group’s website since the last time this activity was done.
    7. M0SN4O: Presentations

      1. M0T5CR: format M0TRSP
      2. M0T380: Every attendee who wants to present something on the topic presents it.
      3. M0T8NV: duration:
        1. M0T7PE: maximum: All the presentations combined cannot exceed the allotted minimum time for Building.
      4. M0SNGY: Optional meaning each attendee, if not presenting, can at-any-time decide to instead participate in the next activity.
    8. M0SN5B: Building

      1. M0T3HQ: Every attendee does his/her choice of (and can change between) either:
        1. M0SNL5Training on the subject matter
          1. M0SNLV:  In particular, does what we did at hugely successful OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developer Training 1
            1. M0V85A: In particular, using agenda LUMDBI
        2. M0SNLV: Producing, especially Doing Real Projects.
          1. M0V8EV: If computer-related, positively working in it is affectionately called benevolent hacking (including not black hats)
          2. M0SOGF: on either the subject matter else on anything which is work & doesn’t detract from those working on the subject
            1. M0V8OL: so creating a productive co-working environment which is topic-focused but not exclusively & offers some variety.
            2. M0V8LG: this allows for more & longer attendance as some/many who just wants to focus on the meetup’s topic for a shorter time (as a few burning Qs) then work on other things now has no problem coming & staying
          3. M0T3KA: Every attendee works on his/her  own project and/or helps with others’ projects.
          4. M0SO0C: in particular, as we did at at OCAndroid Hack Night 17 & prior but taking only the good parts.
      2. M0T83Z: duration:
        1. M0T8II: minimum ~1/3 of the duration of meetup’s (activities for except After-Party)
        2. M0T8IW: maximum for an attendee is ~double the minimum via the attendee choosing not to participate in presentations and presentation maximum.
    9. M304SY:  Before each attendee leaves (ideally just before), s/he should (from most important down):

      1. M305U2: if s/he’s offered/proposed to present/share something at an upcoming meetup, then s/he’s properly posted that.
        1. M306BB: Why essential now? It’s typically impossible to get an attendee properly do this later outside the meeting from many real attempts, as this recent example, not because it’s hard but because it’s a tiny hard for one who doesn’t yet know how and this work is unpaid.
      2. M304UR: RSVP for all (or at least 1) of the group’s upcoming events for which they can give some answer, especially if the answer is YES or MAYBE.
        1. M30525: A goal is to get at least 1 RSVP YES-else-MAYBE out of each attendee, so to maintain & build future attendance.
      3. M305PE: insure s/he has a working account, notably has done create a account.
      4. M30549: post his/her review/rating of the event
        1. M30621: on the event’s Meetup listing (example), just click “RATE THIS MEETUP” & complete the form; note you can edit your answers later by just rating it again.
      5. M3055H: (metadata)
        1. M3059X: This should be done for each attendee-group which leaves early, then for all attendees remaining at the end of the main meetup, just before the person(s) pack up their laptop.
        2. M305BQ: This is fairly easy & painless to do for every attendee who has brought his/her laptop computer and is already online.
        3. M305DS: Why now? If not done now, the chances of attendees later doing this seems to reduce to about 1/4th
        4. M30566: The job of event hosts & group leaders especially is to insure every attendee does this.
        5. M3057G: I had OCAndroid start doing this a few weeks ago, specifically about the 2nd instance of using this agenda.
    10. M0T4SV: After-Party

      1. M0T4TJ:  optional
      2. M0T8F7: not part of the meetup’s formal time-span.
      3. M0T4VT: typically at another nearby location which is more social, but may be same location
      4. M0T4UD: socializing with other attendees, talking about the meetup topic or most any other topic
    1. M0T6FG: Additional:

      1. M0T6G0: format M0TRSP

        1. M0V795: is a situation where:
          1. M0T73E: Never is there more than 1 person talking at once.
          2. M0T6HY: In turn, every attendee speaks (presents) while all other participating attendees are listening
          3. M0T6MK: The other attendees are allowed to & encouraged to ask questions and make comments to the presenter and have the presenter answer & respond provided:
            1. M0T6UM: They are relevant to wait the main speaker has just talked about.
            2. M0T74Y: The Q&A and comments don’t increase the presentation length (if without them) by more than double the time.
              1. M0T1Z2: If exceeding this time, attendees must cut it sort saying “Save this for the upcoming activities of the meetup, as Prresentations or Producing or Training
            3. M0T6PA: If formal,
              1. M0T6YS: if these are saved to the end of the presentation if the presenter so desires
              2. M0T6W1: if the other speaker first raises his/her hand and doesn’t begin until called upon by the presenter
    2. M0T93M: Motivation

      1. M0T9RR: To have an agenda which:
        1. M0T9S8: Enables meetups which are
          1. M0T9T3: Very productive
          2. M0T9TG: Covers & does everything which would be practical
          3. M0T9U4: Built a strong & tight-knit community
        2. M0T94K:  combines both Presentations and  Building
          1. M0T97Z: as
            1. M0T9KA: especially for smaller groups
              1. M0T9A9: It seems very hard, when trying to do both, to separately hold & get attendance for both of these.
              2. M0T9DW:  avoids having to know/decide ahead-of-time how many meetups to schedule for each, and either over or under-budget and/or have irregular meetings.
            2. M0T98L: In most community tech meetups I’ve seen, they are weak in at least 1 of these areas (usually Presentations)
            3.  seems simpler
        3. M0T9PH: is useful for multiple group & topic types so can benefit from “pooling” & “economy of scale” (better & less-costly)

-end of WHAT & WHY


  1. .

-end of WHEN


  1. M0T323:  can be used for recurring in-person meetings of community groups on most any topic with <~20 attendees.
    1. M0V7WX: initially developed for OCAndroid Developers Meetups starting 2012.03.12

-end of WHERE


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-end of COST


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  1. MJN094:  All that’s described here.

-end of WHAT TO DO




  1. M0T9MD: Some History

    1. M0T9VV: Mostly based on OCAndroid‘s Android-specific meetings from the 1st one (2010.10~) to present (2012.03.14): approximately 40 meetings.
  2. .


MDE167:POST ADDITIONAL TODO, roughly in order:

  1. none
  2. MKCHZL: ee the end of the post history for status.

-end of POST TODO


  1. MEMPEO:The author

  2. MEMPF1:No one else unless attributed.

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M31R7R:POST HISTORY, in order:

  1. M0T2KQ: Composed at but saw it could have other uses and was overloading that post.
  2. M0T2N7: Now created this post with this fresh ID and gave it new M0TAGN
  3. M0V7EN: Officially emailed out to 4 relevant OCAndroid (Android development) leaders here.
  4. M30AWA: Version 1.2: a significant extension of this, notably adding sections:
    1. M30B4K:  “M304SY:  Before each attendee leaves (ideally just before), s/he should (from most important down):”
    2. M30B5N: “M308XM: Every attendee on arrival, should, in order:”
    3. M30B6H: “M308RZ: Setup (ideally a few minutes before the scheduled start time): do, in order:”
    4. M30B7I: “M0SN0J: In-processing and informal-(food-getting then networking)” -renamed & extended
    5. M30B8W: “M308NL: If there’s to be group-food (as pizza), group-select & order it”
    6. M30B9Y: “M30ANA: Do this during or shortly-after event?” notably adding option “M30APK:  Shortly-after?”
    7. last mod pst2012.04.24tue1622; Version 1.2officially emailed out to OCAndroid leaders; used now for 7+ meetings.
  5. MKCDI8:now 1st editing using WP3.5 so <a id=”..”></a> tags will be corrupted (collapsed) until WP fixes this.
  6. MKCDTN:  Updating to latest format using latest version MJPZSB; pst2013.03.27Wed1805.
  7. MKE3ZQ:  imported history:
    1. MJGNJG: RE “M0TIDD: Activities“, lots of improvements, including new sections:
      1. MJGNOR:MJGKGO: in-order:” with each item it’s own li-tag plus new points “MJGLAG: Setup:” and “MJGKZ0: RSVP for & suggest our upcoming events & topics” and “MJGKRC: in parallel, and can be started early by those who don’t want to so much watch the presentation(s):” and “MJGLE5: Post your review of this event on its event listing.”
      2. MJGNVE:M0TBTL: Food ” and “M3BB40: Key stuff to bring: “
    2. MJGQT2: 1st use of links to items within the description when Meetup doesn’t support them, via “devices for accessing Meetup” example; pst2013.03.10Sun1414.
  8. MKCSGA: done MKCHP3:  move to here the contents of OCAndroid Main Meetup #66 “M0TIDD: Activities” to here.; added 2 “ADDITIONAL” in headings; 2013.03.27Wed2143; added imported history, pst2013.03.28Thu1514.
  9. MKNM7U:  added #MKNLVZ; pst2013.04.02Tue1807.
  10. MO7BRC:  see updates starting #MO5D7L; pst2013.06.10Mon1658.


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