Feb 052011
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  1. LG5SHM: What is this?
    1. LG5JQE: This is the category (a meta-category) used to tag every post which defines a WordPress category.
      1. LG5JX4: Hence, every post which defines a WordPress category should belong to this category.
    2. LG5K2N: Every WordPress category should have at least 1, and ideally only 1, post which defines it.
      1. LG5M0T: A post which defines a category should:
      2. LG5M5N: be a member of:
        1. LG5M1J: the category it defines.
        2. LG5M2O: this category, really a meta-category, (declaring that it defines a category)
        3. LG5M7Y:
      3. LG5M4R: Not a member
  2. LG5P58: Usage:
    1. LG5P5N: In 2.LoveRules.Info
      1. LG5P6F: About an hour after coming up with this, a potentially more powerful method occured to me
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