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About (this site = http://1.JotHere.com) )

LL48G9:    “Got a Thought? Jot it Here!
(LT3Q05  “–to be a next-generation wiki” )

  1. LL48GX: This site, 1.JotHere.com, is the 1st of
    a series of increasing powerful http://JotHere.com websites: 

    1. (LT3PKD Purpose & capabilities, especially of this 1st site: see JotHere.com features )
    2. LL4DUN: 1st version of JotHere.com, 1.JotHere.com (this site):
      1. LL48MR: is based on powerful & standard & open-source WordPress, gradually pushing WordPress to its limits with all sorts of useful plugins & techniques.
      2. (LT3PO1 http://1.JotHere.com currently forwards to http://2.LoveRules.Info) but
        (LT3PT7 soon everything will just appear under http://1.JotHere.com and 2.LoveRules.Info will be phased out.)
      3. LL4DZY:  Even WordPress is still not flexible & scalable enough for us (after seriously reviewing & using it for months), especially to be JotHere’s goal “–to be a next-generation wiki” including much-better wiki-table support; so
        1. LL4DI3:  (replaced by LT3QL9) Effective 2011.04~ we are moving away from WordPress:
          1. LL4DJ3: so this site 1.JotHere.com will no longer be developed, and eventually all its content & future content will be instead moving to our next version.
        2. (LT3QL9 Effective 2011.09~,
          1. (LT3RI2 Due to WordPress’s notable benefits & ubiquitous nature, plus the success of a BuddyPress site we developed in 2011.08 and new super-portable guid-sectioning developed here)
          2. (LT3R2J  WordPress (1.JotHere.com) will serve a place to host all text posts possible
            until JotHere.com offers something better (which can do most-all the essentials WordPress can do) which will likely be a few years of development, at which time the WordPress documents will gradually be moved to this new service.)
          3. (LT3R3A In the meantime, non-paragraph content, especially tabular/table content, plus paragraph content that can be better represented in other forms as tables, will be increasingly put & moved onto other services, as Google Spreadsheets and increasingly JotHere own non-WordPress services for such data, as these are developed.))
    3. LL48UM:  VCS version of JotHere.com
      1. (LT3RW6 development status:
        1. LL48V8: as of the date of that ID, under active development
        2. (LT3RXM as ~2011.07, put on back burner
          (LT3S42 as it became clearer this would still require a lot of work but only be a basic improvement,  tabular/SQL basis is more key & more needed & would be deliver a notable improvement for not much more effort)
      2. LL48VQ: develops & offers a pure-HTML wiki via a Software Configuration Management (SCM)systems)
        1. LL4EUZ: Specifically this first release uses Subversion though, for later releases, other open-source SCM systems are being considered
      3. LL48WP:will offer much greater long-term capabilities over say WordPress and typical CMSes, including:
        1. LL4D5G:Not rewrite & filter & limit the users content without explicitly warning of such, including:
          1. LL4DAG:  support for full & unabridged HTML5 & JavaScript
            1. LL4F78: unlike WordPress, Drupal, Google docs Writely, Google Sites, & more, which all silently filter out good stuff, typically without warning
        2. LL4D2P:be able to uniformly handle most any file type, & even folders, so can be used to store &  share most any file data type including:
          1. LL4F78: a lot more than HTML, but
          2. LL4FAK: also most all audio
          3. LL4FB7: any pictures and small video
          4. LL4FBT: file based databases (as spreadsheets)
          5. LL4FC0: even software (both source code & releases
        3. LL4D3T: Provide a popular open-source standard for general data storage which is versioned.
        4. LL4D85: Support most any tool & program (for editing & composition) which operates on files & folders (top selection)
        5. LL4D6X: fully & portably support off-line composition & editing
        6. LL4EZE: Based on solid SCMtechnology, so already
          1. LL4F3U: very familiar to programmers (and increasing web-designers: Dreamweaver bundles SVN support) and
          2. LL4F3U: used to develop the world’s most complex software
    4. LL4DMU:  tabular version/extension of JotHere.com
      1. LL4DMU: is under active development
      2. LL4DOE:will extend existing JotHere offerings with
        1. LL4EJR: non-filesystem databases, as via XML DBs and/or Document-oriented DBs as JSON DBs
        2. LL4EKP:  powerful dynamic comparison tables (using those DBs)
        3. LL4EM3: –see for instance some of our research at Backend-Technology options for tables.
  2. LL486K: Change (to this section)
    1. LL487G: prior to this, this page contained.

      (About http://2.LoveRules.Info)

      1. LG5NWW: a prettier “About” page to come; in the meantime,
      2. LG5NVN: See the 1st post, This site to replace http://blogger.LoveRules.Info LFNJQ1
    2. LL48B5: now replacing this page with the site’s new 1.JotHere.com focus (and soon name).
    3. (LT3SAA: Significant updates, including:
      (LT3SGH adding slogan (quote=(LT3Q05  “–to be a next-generation wiki” )))
      (LT3SD1 section LT3QL9  taking 1.JotHere.com’s status from inactive to active)
      (LT3SD9 “2nd version” becoming “VCS version” and becoming inactive)
      (LT3SEV “3rd version/extension” becoming “tabular version/extension”))