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Jul 042017
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Basic Concepts of Investing

by David Bender (Retired)

In the America of today learning about
how money works will give you a greater return
on you education than almost any other study

Buying and Selling Stocks

Whether you are buying or selling a stock a transaction takes place. When you sell a stock somebody else just bought it. When you buy it somebody else just sold it. A transaction only happens when you have someone willing to sell and someone else willing to buy.

You will need a Brokerage account in order to buy and sell stocks. Investors often use Full-Service Broker[……]MORE

Mar 212017
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If you are eco-aware check this out. It’s really great:  https://www.facebook.com/IndigenousPeopleOfAmericas/videos/1341814892515727/


Mar 212017
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Michael was particularly helpful this last night.  He helped me with a number of issues around my new android smart phone and tablet. Will be exciting to try Google Maps out.